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Funkiest CD player ever? Technics SL-DZ1200

  • Published on Mar 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • One of the most unusual CD players made wasn’t created for people like me - but that doesn’t stop me from having fun with one now.
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    A selection of the music used in this video.
    As you fade away - NEFFEX
    Losing my mind - NEFFEX
    Dusk til dawn - TRACKTRIBE
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    Candy Apple Blue’s music can be found here: candyappleblue.bandcamp.com/a...
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Comments • 1 632

  • Rufus White
    Rufus White Month ago +1206

    I used to use these as a professional DJ in Ibiza. I loved it, as it definitely gave more of that vinyl feeling than the Pioneer CDJs that were around at the time. As you mentioned in your video, it was not without its shortcomings though, the dead-zone was definitely an issue for a lot of people, and refers to the ‘wiggle’ between the top ‘vinyl’ platter and the control platter underneath, due to them making the holes that attach to the two silver pins too big. I managed to work around it for the most part, as I’m more of a mix DJ than a scratch DJ, but yeah this would have made the unit near enough impossible to use for scratch guys. The other features on the unit were ahead of their time, but fell short of what was needed in a professional environment. 192Khz MP3s sound awful when played on a big club system, and the fact that you needed proprietary software (which barely worked) to put them onto a SD card was a nightmare. The looping features would have been great if you were able to match the loop to the tempo of the music you were playing, but as it was, you were just stuck with them at their original tempo, and had to use the platter to keep the music in time to the loop, rather than the other way around. Like you say, it was a solid idea, and I think if Technics/Panasonic had worked these issues out for a mk2 version, it would have done really well, but by that time, there were already much better solutions on the market (Timecode vinyl and more integrated laptop DJ hardware). BTW - I’d love to see you do a video on timecode vinyl, and thanks for taking me back down memory lane with this one! 😁❤

    • Enrique A Menendez
      Enrique A Menendez Month ago

      ​@Auggy pioneer is a plastic piece of shit feels like it's going to break cheap as expensive shit .

    • Enrique A Menendez
      Enrique A Menendez Month ago

      ​@djsherz it is if you try munark ns7 feels like your using a 1200

    • Enrique A Menendez
      Enrique A Menendez Month ago

      The truth bro as expensive as the dj are they feel like a piece of shit plastic you turn them and they make noise Numark ns7 3 are solid steel don't feel cheap like DDS

    • planchetflaw
      planchetflaw Month ago

      @F3rny That may also have been the drugs

    • Christian Terrill
      Christian Terrill Month ago

      @Kaitlyn L spinning with vinyl is Harder then cdjs but not much, even more so with mixing software they use threw abilton. Your platers can be used with MP3 and wav files.

  • InSaNe HuSs31n
    InSaNe HuSs31n Month ago +153

    I love the fact that Techmoan always throws in his love for 80s and 90s hiphop in his videos.

    • metallicarabbit
      metallicarabbit 10 hours ago +1

      Techmoan is a real one

    • SteveWonda
      SteveWonda Month ago +5

      @JokerfleckCast I love it. In one video he had a Godfather Don cassette.

    • JokerfleckCast
      JokerfleckCast Month ago +13

      Man knows his stuff. The fact that he has a copy of Paris The Devil made me do it is sensational

  • Robert D
    Robert D Month ago +16

    You might not be an actual DJ, but your "crate" diversity definitely harkins back to old school DJs who prided themselves on having many types of music in the pursuit of having esoteric samples no one else did. Props

  • Jason Bechard
    Jason Bechard Month ago +296

    You have a better grasp of the technical side of being a DJ than most new DJs. I'd say you should go deeper into DJ tech and let that part of yourself play. A lot of companies are willing to send gear to people to explore and review. DJ Techmoan is born.

    • pompeyjim
      pompeyjim Month ago +1

      Yeah if it doesn't have beat sync and basically do everything for you, the kids won't be interested

    • RK LMBD
      RK LMBD Month ago

      haha that would be brilliant! Seconded!

    • Gabriel V.
      Gabriel V. Month ago

      that made remember him singing i dont want to get lucky, lol

    • AutPen38
      AutPen38 Month ago +10

      They say that DJ Kool Herc invented hip hop DJ-ing at a party in NYC fifty years ago, but I reckon Techmoan was doing transformer scratching in Huddersfield in 1938.

    • Shane Cashin
      Shane Cashin Month ago +6

      @JC Me too! When you think that Techmoan isn't a dj yet everything he touched on was correct, that's pretty awesome.

  • matthew swider
    matthew swider Month ago +19

    There are lots of DJ’s that have kept up with updating these. They’ve gotten them to near modern standards of use, including fixing the looping features and moving the platter controls to a completely different place, making for a bigger control platter and less latency from the wobble of the moving platter over the motor. They’re really great! Glad to see these getting some shine in 23’.

  • JR channel
    JR channel Month ago +29

    Matt isn't a DJ but you can tell he's having lots of fun with this thing

  • mazda9624
    mazda9624 Month ago +755

    This thing is absolutely insane! While I can understand why professionals didn’t love it, man I can only imagine the countless hours I would have spent messing around with one of these in the mid 2000s

    • Tomi Slav
      Tomi Slav Month ago

      The thing is ...
      When you have a toy like that you start using it like professionals do as you do not want to reinvent the hot water ( I hope you get the expression)... and you bump into the same problems pros face.
      So... It's interesting BUT not for me.
      I have a Traktor kontrol S2 which I use as a mixer and DAC.
      I play flacs through it.
      Quality- value I don't see a better option

    • MUMS-Universe
      MUMS-Universe Month ago

      I agree & same here. Fun for days!

    • fouskalini
      fouskalini Month ago

      I think it was the sound quality that was the worst part of this. For the price it was unacceptable!

    • RandomnessTube
      RandomnessTube Month ago

      Technical djs were reluctant around that time of the new technology they knew it was coming and that pioneer was pretty must the go too's if you were turning digital Dave Clake was one of the big dj's that praised this thing to the vinyl fans I've always liked the SL-DZ1200 and they got a lot more credit than people think in the early days just very expensive.

  • Jan F.
    Jan F. Month ago +16

    As a DJ myself, I found it interesting to hear a little bit about the history of dj gear, this might appeal to other DJs as well.

  • Lawrence Hansen
    Lawrence Hansen Month ago +42

    Ah, one of my all-time favorite tracks from *Candy Apple Blue* starting ca. 6:09 - "Mad About You"! A very appropriate choice, in context. And do-able because CAB lets guys like VWestlife and Mat use their songs in videos without hammering them over copyright. Thus, they get the attention of folks like me, who would never discover their music otherwise, and who have consequently *bought* several of their CDs.

    • Quentin Wolf
      Quentin Wolf Month ago

      Came to the comments to try and see if anyone would mention the song so I could find out what it was as the clip wasn't quite long enough to catch, Thanks! Definitely checking out their music myself now too. Unfortunate with the situation about some artists and their insane copyright nonsense as it would definitely help them get further discovered but nope.

    • Jeckler
      Jeckler Month ago

      I haven't even gotten that far. I went down a rabbit hole as soon as the first NEFFEX song started playing and I heard Heather Sommer's voice.

    • justastripe
      justastripe Month ago +3

      It's sad that people like yourself have to repeatedly highlight this. It feels like a lesson that should have been learned with Napster.

  • Trance88
    Trance88 Month ago +35

    I remember seeing a lot of Trance DJ's in videos from the mid to late 2000's at festivals, night clubs, etc. using these. These look so much cooler than what Pioneer was selling at the time and continues to sell today, as far as I know. By the early 2010's, everyone had moved on to the Pioneer CDJ's or smaller MP3 controller decks hooked to a laptop.

  • Chris P
    Chris P Month ago +10

    You MUST do the Denon DN-S5000. It can PLAY TWO DIFFERENT tracks off the same CD at the SAME TIME through separate outputs. It was my deck of choice!

    • Gabriel V.
      Gabriel V. Month ago +1

      it would be cool!

    • simon hanlon
      simon hanlon Month ago +1

      Yes I have a pair of the SC5000'S and they are amazing, I had the S5000 before and found it wouldn’t really lock on speed.

  • Cameron Gray
    Cameron Gray Month ago +66

    Absolutely loved this video! Also blew my mind with the Missy Elliot demo, not quite sure why I'd seemingly never realised that the "gibberish" was actually "I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it" in reverse (and not just her singing nonsense), but here we are!

    • Apps Juragan
      Apps Juragan Month ago


    • P4boot
      P4boot Month ago

      Definitely just finding out now too lol Better late than never!!

    • Cameron Gray
      Cameron Gray Month ago +1

      @NorthernMonkeeUK I literally paused the video and did exactly that! 😉 (I'm very easily entertained)

    • OldUKAds
      OldUKAds Month ago

      Yeah that was eye opening!

    • Mia Lemon
      Mia Lemon Month ago

      It only took me 20 years too, don't feel so bad 🤣🤣

  • blue_jm
    blue_jm Month ago +484

    DJ Techmoan in the house! Presenting us all the classic mixes trying not upset the Clip-Share algorithm. HOT STUFF! 🔥🔥🔥

    • Gabriel V.
      Gabriel V. Month ago +1

      Haha yeah

    • DTD110865
      DTD110865 Month ago

      Every time I see his reviews of equipment like this, I start to reconsider picking up my own models and using one of them to remix my copies of some of my own tunes. Then again, I look at them myself, and I doubt I can do the things I want with them.

    • Jim Dayton
      Jim Dayton Month ago

      @Markus Birth Lol was thinking the same.

    • M B
      M B Month ago +4

      D-D-D-DJ M-M-Mat-att is in the houuuuuuuuuuuuse!! *air horns*

    • demofilmpuntnl
      demofilmpuntnl Month ago +2

      he shure doged some content hits there :)

  • CJC 3636
    CJC 3636 Month ago +25

    It came out about 10 years too late, IMHO. If Technics could have gotten it to market in the mid 90s, then they might have made an imprint on the DJ world, and had another "Stratocaster" success (IE, the 1200) on their hands. That said, Matt, that deck is incredible!!! Thanks for sharing that with us!

    • cchavezjr7
      cchavezjr7 26 days ago

      @up n here And then it turned into mp3 DJs lol

    • up n here
      up n here Month ago +2

      In my parts, djs were still buying vinyl until 2005ish. It wasn't until that time that club djs started taking cdjs seriously -- and the pioneers were not without their quirks. It was then that two camps were born: control vinyl and cdjs. I belonged to the former group, but cdjs eventually overtook control vinyl as cdjs further improved and tech1200s further degraded; and serato kinda dropped the ball e.g., SL1 was actually more reliable than later products like SL3. .

    • AutPen38
      AutPen38 Month ago +1

      It's sometimes the case that a company that makes the "industry standard" device (in this case the SL-1200) is very reluctant to get involved in being part of the paradigm shift of a new technology, since they might "kill the golden goose", but by waiting around too long while claiming that vinyl was still best, Technics allowed Pioneer and others to breed a better goose! We see this with social media and search engines (and even cars). You can't sit on your laurels when you are number one. You have to adapt and try to preempt competition from rivals, not ignore it and hope it goes away.

  • Anthony Merchant
    Anthony Merchant Month ago +9

    My older brother used these to make his own mixes as a DJ. If you find this interesting check out the DVD mixers for VJ's or the equipment I have, which is the Korg Entrancer and Kaptivator. I think you would be interested in the way that equipment works in syncing the music bpm to video playback. I did a few shows with my brother using my Korg equipment and a projector in the early 2000's when I was in the Army. I've been a big admirer of your content for years BTW, in fact, you inspired one of my videos, sir.

  • Star-K Adventures
    Star-K Adventures Month ago +7

    I remember wanting a set of these so badly when I had my recording studio. Had completely forgotten they were ever made until I saw this video today! Thank you for the nostalgia!

  • House of Shadow
    House of Shadow Month ago +6

    This piece of equipment is amazing. I had no idea something like this even existed. Thank you for showcasing this!

    • Christian Terrill
      Christian Terrill Month ago

      Unless you DJ legit the average person wouldn't know anything about the equipment

  • Record-ology
    Record-ology Month ago +20

    This thing is incredible. Mat you did an amazing job using it!

  • digital discharge
    digital discharge Month ago +161

    Your matching of the sample and the CD was quite good .especially for someone who isn't into dj'ing.

    • KBtube
      KBtube Month ago +2

      @Kaitlyn L he's just got to learn how to cue it up and drop it on the down beat and adjust the pitch until it holds. re-cue and wait for your spot to make your mix.

    • Kaitlyn L
      Kaitlyn L Month ago +14

      Yeah it wasn’t that far off

  • Hayashi Iemori
    Hayashi Iemori Month ago +7

    As someone who just recently got into DJ'ing with a DDJ-FLX4, I am always intrigued by how many of the DJ functions were well established even back in the days and is still very prevalent in today's DJ world.

    • Christian Terrill
      Christian Terrill Month ago

      I mean the techniques aren't thay old. Cdjs came around like 20 years ago

  • C.J.
    C.J. Month ago +3

    This thing is AWESOME! I always thought the dots on the parameter of the wheel were aesthetic. Thanks for teaching me that! I'd love to learn more about DJ turn tables!

  • HellJustFroze
    HellJustFroze Month ago +6

    Mat, I watch these videos because I enjoy your narration and I do enjoy _weird_ tech.
    This is the first piece of audio gear you've ever shown that I would really, really want -- and am now considering getting -- just to *play* with. And it even looks cool!

  • LiK
    LiK Month ago +1

    This is really cool. Didn’t know there were CD versions. Amazing tech.

  • 606
    606 Month ago +163

    I used to DJ on these but the sound was very digital when slowing down the platter/CD. I sold them to head into Pioneer territory. I saw an update for the firmware for the SL-DZ1200 that eliminated the awful digital artifacts, which made me want these again. They do look stunning.

    • dwindeyer
      dwindeyer Month ago

      @Alex Atkin Have to agree, without the pitch lock enabled it seemed pretty good

    • Alex Atkin
      Alex Atkin Month ago +1

      @Obin Robinson Is the one in this video on latest firmware as it seems pretty good. Its not easy to pitch digital without it sounding synthetic, or at least its wasn't in the early days.

    • Auggy
      Auggy Month ago +1

      @Obin Robinson are you using stock PC and IC?

    • Obin Robinson
      Obin Robinson Month ago +22

      I have two with the latest updated firmware and it is a world of difference. I love using them now.

      HOLLA SOUNDS Month ago +1

      I'd use it for sample beats which usually is ripped from Vinyl.

  • Sirena
    Sirena Month ago +4

    I remember when these came out. Very cool looking and worked pretty well, except for the limitations. Granted when they came out, most people weren't using flash drives as 2gb was cost prohibitive for most, and CDs were still the main way to buy pre-recorded music. Technics also made these to visually complement the SL-1200 series. The CD players at the time were quite poor in features and aesthetics comparatively. I think the CDJ 200/300s were pretty common place with the CDJ-800 on it's way out, if not owned by the highest of spenders back then.

  • Keith D
    Keith D Month ago +1

    I purchased one a couple years ago just to be a neat cd player to sort match my normal record turntable. I was pretty amazed what it does. Wish the SD card functions weren’t so limited other wise I’d use it a lot more.

  • geekdomo
    geekdomo Month ago +5

    I always wondered if there was something like this. I even dabbled at trying to DJ once and would have loved a machine like this (was during the height of CDs). Thanks Mat!

  • Wisteela
    Wisteela Month ago +1

    That's awesome. Who else would love to hear a Techmoan DJ set? He could scratch with all the weird stuff he has.

  • kerzwhile
    kerzwhile Month ago +2

    Very well done. I worked in Music retail for years and sold bunches of these. Your demo and description was excellent. They are very fun machines!

  • Grunions
    Grunions Month ago +121

    I'm something of an expert in these, having been a DJ in the 2000's. Clubs were pretty quickly swamped with "CDJs" as everyone called them (after the Pioneer version). I used various versions of these for years until Serrato technology superseded them. The DZ1200 never got anywhere near the Pioneers in terms of market saturation - they were seen as much less able to withstand the abuse that shared decks have to endure, although I suspect that was more to do with the aesthetics than actual sturdiness. CDJs were rock-solid though.
    The main benefit of the larger platter on the DZ1200s was really only relevant to 'turntablist'-style DJs (scratching, juggling etc) and in those days you wouldn't be allowed near a scratch competition with a CD player, so they just weren't useful.

    • Pac Z
      Pac Z Month ago

      @Auggy Total. Plus FuzzMug, sLAPPY pAPPY, Liquid-diuqiL, and that dude from Morocco with the neck tattoo (before anyone else had one), Sabhad Repo, and and also the Korean guy, Ho Li Fuk.

    • Auggy
      Auggy Month ago +1

      @memespace the only musicians imo that are worth the big bucks would be Jeff mills, aphex twin, sometimes Richie Hawtin .. Some lesser known djs from Detroit and Europe as well. … though this “dj”. I’d probably never have an interest to listen too. Let Alone go to her show..

    • Auggy
      Auggy Month ago +3

      @memespace and that’s why my friends in the industry would never conduct themselves like that. This person will be a flash in the pan. Dang. Doesn’t even know how to connect a rj45?. I’d tell her to figure it out and walk away. If it’s not in the contract for the booking. Let em rot. Word spreads fast. She will be gone in a year or two tops. That’s absolutely disgusting.

    • memespace
      memespace Month ago +16

      @Auggy I did the sound for a gig a bunch of weeks back, and the DJ, who had clearly spent hours and hours dressing up elaborately and putting on makeup, was flustered that we didn't have headphones for her. Then she was flustered that the ethernet cable wasn't already set up for the house digital decks because she didn't know how to do that. I asked her why she didn't bring her own headphones and she said she didn't want to bring a bag, just her usb key and bank card.
      These DJs are paid 2-3x more than any performing musicians I know and can get 3 or 4 gigs a week easily. It's a pretty sad state of affairs! I have to laugh or I'd cry 😂

    • Auggy
      Auggy Month ago +7

      same for techno or house music parties.... for the serious music crowds one was silently booed out of the booth for bringing in a laptop.. they called those people email djs...Ironically.. with the pioneers of now a ethernet cable and a click of a button and one is automatically beat matched.. though this is ok.. hilarious!!

    WIKISYNTH Month ago +1

    It was very beautiful and the feeling of mixing with a vinyl turntable was very realistic, but it was insanely expensive and not so fast reading the CD compared to other "club" CD players.

  • MistaKay90
    MistaKay90 Month ago +1

    I had this choice!
    I was coming off vinyl and needed some CD decks and it was these or the CDJ's - I REALLY wanted these as they matched my 1210's - but unfortunately the "club standard" was and still is with pioneer equipment. And considering you were using them at the club - you really needed the same gear to practice on! I have had a good play with these in the past and they were great fun, but i'm glad i went the way I did!
    Great video mat, a one close to my heart!

  • Bernardo Rosado
    Bernardo Rosado Month ago +1

    As always, excellent video, not only it managed to keep me completely interested and amused but it also shed some light on the intricacies of the DJ labor. Really, I can't say enough about how good this channel is.

  • Leeartlee
    Leeartlee Month ago +3

    Yeah, I always found it odd that Technics sat on the sideline for as long as they did with the digital shift in DJing. The reality was, the Pioneer set up became the defacto club setup around the world. That’s how it goes sometimes. Plus, those Pioneer’s are hardy af.

  • UsJoe
    UsJoe Month ago +2

    As a former '70s DJ, I never knew these existed. WOW💥 What a great episode - Thanx 👍

  • Gappasaurus
    Gappasaurus Month ago +93

    12:54 The article mentions the very first thing i noticed: the “laggy platter response” ☹️ The 1200s were renowned for getting to speed nearly instantly once the platter was released, a MUST for accurate scratching and cutting… this seems to have response on par with a mid-budget belt-drive 😳
    Edit: Outstanding Golden-age track selection as always, Mat 😎

      BLITZKRIEG Month ago +1

      depends on the slipmats you use

    • dwindeyer
      dwindeyer Month ago +2

      @StoneCut That was what stood out to me, is that they implemented the slip mat physically (The control surface moves independently to the "platter") but it uses the motor ramp curve when you let go which doesn't make sense. If they separated the platter ramp from the surface ramp it would have been way more useful.

    • RTM
      RTM Month ago +3

      I don't know about that, the 1200 MK2 definitely had a noticeable ramp up! I've got some more modern turntables that have virtually no ramp up in comparison (eg Reloop RP7000 MK), although I still prefer Technics decks overall

    • StoneCut
      StoneCut Month ago +2

      The ramp up on a 1200 mk2 turntable is quite similar. That‘s why DJs use slipmats and leave the motor running but then release the record on the beat. No ramp up needed. I bet the same could be done with this.

    • FroPro
      FroPro Month ago +6

      @robni7 What is really odd is on the Technics they added the brake control to determine how fast it should stop but didn't think, "You know maybe we should add the exact same function but for coming up to speed!"
      Like if you sat around a table and brainstormed ideas for the features of a project that would be like two minutes in!

  • DutchFreeman
    DutchFreeman Month ago +1

    It is such a shame that Technics stopped this project and didn't evolve this great piece of equipment. It would have been good for competition on the market. Fortunately Denon is doing really good with their new line of media players these days.

  • James Beckerton
    James Beckerton 22 days ago

    After watching this video I was inspired to acquire a pair of more useable Denon DN-S3500. Something I've been wanting for years.
    I can confirm they're great and using a pair of CDJ's to be lots of fun.
    Also very good for me learning to play synth/piano as I can cue and repeat the sections I wish to play (as well as the DJ-ing fun).

  • DJ_PaulTUK
    DJ_PaulTUK Month ago +2

    Many of the features on this unit are still on modern DJ players today. I personally moved onto the latest DenonDJ kit which is cutting edge compared to the likes of Pioneer that have been dragging their heels for the last 10 years.

  • Dan Wood
    Dan Wood Month ago +1

    Always loved the look and feel of these, I have had Technics 1210s since the late 90s and these felt very similar. I already had Pioneer CDJ-500S units by the time this came out, so could never justify buying one, they look really slick though.

  • gbrading
    gbrading Month ago +88

    Perhaps the most fully featured CD player I've ever seen. And just aesthetically I love the idea of the CD player which looks like a record player.

  • Coroa
    Coroa Month ago +3

    17:04 I'm glad to see that you included the Denon DJ brand of media decks in your video. They had the first motorized stand alone DJ deck about 23 tears ago, about 4 years before the DZ. It was called the DN-S5000. Denon's more recent models, the SC5000M and SC6000M (both with motorized platters), are at a whole new level. Their Denon DJ Prime series of all-in-one controllers are also pretty cool. It's simply amazing what is now available to DJ's around the world.

    • lcaise
      lcaise 4 days ago

      @Mentski still have pair of dns3700. One record is broken and needs to be replaced, but it is hard to buy one novadays.

    • Coroa
      Coroa Month ago

      ​@Mentski I can't remember the last time I played CD's at a gig. 🤔Anyway, for the S5000 there was a couple of mods back then that helped improve the platter's torque/feel and scratch disc (the Rubber Band mod and the Tape Trick). As for the 39's (and also the 37's, which I still own and use), they are still great decks, but if I had the cash, I would already own a pair of SC6000M's.

    • Mentski
      Mentski Month ago

      The problem with the early Denon's like the S5000 was the belt drive. I still use a pair of SC3900s to this day. The newer decks are cool and all, but the 3900 was the last CD model with the heavy oldskool platter, supports USB storage and networking so I don't really feel like I'm missing out on the essentials.

  • Kenei Kiprono Kipchumba

    This is my favorite video by you so far....was an aspiring DJ back in 04! Gonna get me one of this, thanks for sharing!

  • Marcelo Henrique Almeida

    This video was quite funny. The jokes were spot on. I laughed out loud a couple times. The only thing I missed was an explanation on how you can play your CDs backwards and how can this device imitate vinyl scratching so well on a digital file.

  • Jesse Tannehill
    Jesse Tannehill Month ago +1

    This is so great looking, and I loved watching you play around with it. In 2004 I was in my sophomore year of college and had just gotten very interested in instrumental hip-hop. I wanted to buy some DJ equipment to have fun with, no real plan but it was very exciting. While researching models, I learned about the upcoming "Numark CDX mp3 cd turntable". It is in many ways exactly the same as this Technics model from the video, but with more features and came out a year earlier. What really set it apart, at the time and I think still, is that the platter is a full 12" vinyl record. A real record, bolted into place, for maximum "authentic feel". You could install any record you wanted onto the CDX (it had no way to play the audio from the record, it was just for aesthetics) and I installed two picture disc records onto mine. I loved that the platter had the same torque as a regular turntable, so many of the CDJ type players had tiny platters that didn't even spin under their own power, let alone replicate a full record. It pretty much had all the same features you showed here, with the other biggest difference being it could play an mp3-cd, giving you a large library to work with. I had a lot of fun playing around with them for a few years, but in 2007 or so I had to face the fact that I was never going to be any kind of DJ. So I managed to sell them for basically exactly what I paid for them 3 years prior. It was the right choice, but damn if they weren't fun to play with, and watching you use this Technics model was very nostalgic. Such cool technology!

  • Ben Taylor
    Ben Taylor Month ago +1

    Great video - always thought you would enjoy this device! A lot of these problems got fixed in firmware updates but by that point it was too late. Technics were already too late to the CDJ party and releasing a device that didn't even perform to the standard of the CDJ1000 they were trying to tempt DJs away from was never going to work.

  • Nathan Chojnacki
    Nathan Chojnacki Month ago +73

    So weird to see this on Tech Moan this is still cutting-edge DJ tech in my old-ass eyes lol

    • AutPen38
      AutPen38 Month ago

      Yeah, I'm in my fifties and gave up DJ-ing with vinyl in the early 2000s and have no experience of CD decks, let alone digital/laptop mixing, but seeing Techmoan using a varispeed control and backspinning a compact disc almost seems like magic!

    • KBtube
      KBtube Month ago +2

      @David i still have my pioneer RT-909 reel-to-reel. it still looks like the future to me.
      those blue meters, auto reverse, pitch control . . ..

    • David
      David Month ago +3

      I'm no DJ but I know that feeling of some old-ass thing being forever cutting edge in my mind.

    • lucas Rem
      lucas Rem Month ago

      We DnB, only used pioneer players next to notebooks

  • Michael Bennett
    Michael Bennett Month ago +1

    One of my favourite Techmoan videos so far, what a fascinating device. I never imagined that a CD DJ deck would work so well.

  • Keri Szafir
    Keri Szafir Month ago +1

    Very interesting! The idea of transitional devices that make it possible to step into new technologies without having to re-learn everything has been around for decades. For example, when Monotype Corporation introduced their Monophoto phototypesetting systems in 1950s/60s, the machines were based on old hot metal typesetting equipment's construction, with the typesetting machine (a.k.a. keyboard) virtually unchanged.

    SCOTT SHEPARD Month ago

    This is the most gorgeous of all the turntables/CDJ//DJ Media players imo. An updated version of this from Technics would be a gamechanger.

  • Trevor Milde
    Trevor Milde Month ago

    I believe there was a software update for these back in the day that resolved most of those issues, yours may have been updated! Also being a Technics I imagine it's sound is first class when just playing a CD! Would love to get one.

  • Franko Walker
    Franko Walker Month ago +1

    I am so impressed with the technology that's gone into this. It's an amazing piece of equipment.

  • James Clarke
    James Clarke Month ago +102

    I really like the videos where you show tech that I use in my daily life (cameras, music players, dash cams, things like that) but I also really enjoy seeing things like this. It's something I didn't know existed a few minutes ago, but now I want one for no reason at all.

      HOLLA SOUNDS Month ago +1

      @Psythik True however I dont like the units with the built in screan, I bought a low budget Digital desks but still looks good and functions well it's the Hercules Impols 500. My one looks cool because limited edition its gold, what makes it advanced in the software Serato DJ because of the new stems function to single out drums, vocal and bass, basically now I can mix anything with anything. I intend to remove elements from pop songs and then play them live on a small sythersizor.

    • Psythik
      Psythik Month ago +1

      If you're amazed by this thing, you should look into modern digital DJ equipment! The tech has come a *long* way since this CDJ first came out. There's just so much more you can do along with everything this device can (loops are an instant one button press now, and you can see not just the BPM but also the key of songs as well, on top of dozens of other neat features) and you don't have to spend a ton of money on a 20-year-old device that may or may not still be fully functional from all the wear and tear. You could start at the DJ section of your local Guitar Center.

    • whyyoulidl
      whyyoulidl Month ago

      +1 (for wanting one, not 'not knowing about it') 👍

    • Jamesenator
      Jamesenator Month ago +1

      Its a nice cd player, i have a “knock off” cdj and i use to play my cds, works great and i like to have fun with the scratch function and the effects.

      HOLLA SOUNDS Month ago

      Did I hear Techmoan sample the same sample from Riana Umbrella?

  • Lee Vuong
    Lee Vuong Month ago

    Thanks for your brilliant presentation. I bought my minty DZ1200 for 25% of current resale price (or 10% of original price), but that was 8 years ago when everyone was on Pioneer devices. I knew the Technics deck was ultra cool and I still hold on to it. Being used beside my SL1200Mk2 and 3s.

  • ¡Jay Hill!
    ¡Jay Hill! Month ago +1

    Matt, you inspire me as a Hip-Hop artist more than 80% of gear videos I find on youtube. This thing has crazy potential and I almost regret knowing it exists because I have to touch one now

  • Sam Cadwallader
    Sam Cadwallader Month ago +1

    I own one of these and used it in tandem with my SL1200s for sampling and mixing a long time ago. It lives on as It's a really nice piece of kit that sounds better than my old Marantz CD52-SE for playing the limited amount of CDs I bother with these days. I paid 200 euro for mine when it was new and heavily discounted.

  • adrian solis
    adrian solis Month ago +1

    I really dig the Candy Apple Blue you threw in there! From someone who is a DJ (and plays synthwave) I really appreciate that.

  • Lance Uppercut
    Lance Uppercut Month ago

    This is sooo badass!! I started DJing in 2006 and knew stuff like this existed but never would have ever had the money have the money to pay for something like this, but I may have to seek something like this out, if anything to scratch the itch. Great showcase of some awesome equipment! :D

  • Peter Linck
    Peter Linck Month ago +22

    As a younger DJ, these things are wild. I learned to mix on some budget friendly Numark CDJs that cost about $200 or $250 each in 2008 or so. Pretty crazy that the cost came down so quickly with this type of gear.
    Also, I do love the chrome look. There are a few older Vestax DJ mixers from the early 2000s that have a similar look. I always figured they would get covered in fingerprints and need constant cleaning!

    • A Trunk of Soul
      A Trunk of Soul Month ago

      I had the Vestax PMC 05, mostly for the faders, soundwise they were overrated imho. Loved the look though in champagne

    • 0510eris
      0510eris Month ago

      Me too!! I had the cdx. Reconnected with them last year because it’s just pure nostalgia for me.

  • Martin King
    Martin King Month ago +3

    The platter is going to be a bit more complex than just simply controlling the CD, It's likely not playing from the CD directly but the CD is read into a sizeable buffer which gets topped up/updated from the CD as necessary.

    • P4boot
      P4boot Month ago

      Of course, my thoughts too.

  • Matt R
    Matt R Month ago +1

    My cousin used to do CD DJs like the Pioneer CDJ because he recorded lots of music on CDs and he’s not a fan of vinyl because of its bulkiness and high costs. Those things were really fun to use at events!

  • Tom Hayes
    Tom Hayes Month ago +1

    In genres like Deep & Chicago House and Drum´n´Bass, the more technical DJs play double drops, which means cueing and mixing both records in order to match their track structure. When track A enters into the break, track B starts the intro, so both track beats drop at the same time. The technique was hard to pull off on SL-1210 MK2 and required a lot of skill and good ears, not only because both tracks play alongside for minutes, but also because the Technics drive and pitch fader required constant adjustments. These problems never existed with digital turntables. Although I played in a lot of clubs over the years, I never had to use the DZ1200 because the CDJs were pretty much industry standard.

  • The Real DJ A.P.
    The Real DJ A.P. Month ago +1

    Great review. I love what you do. I hated those things because the sound was full of artifacts ESPECIALLY when scratching. The top of that thing was taped because it wobbled like crazy. I actually had 10 inch vinyl fitted on mine. The sound was the killer for me. It is a beautiful unit but the sound and the platter wobble was a killer.
    You are great man.

  • SteamMachine
    SteamMachine Month ago +1

    I love it. Admittedly I'm no dj. But for someone like my father who grew up on vinyl and wants something more modern that reminds him of those style of turntables he would also probably love it. Its high time that dj's stopped hogging the interesting looking tech and they made their way to the home.

    BOOMAN Month ago +91

    As a former Pioneer warrenty repair tech in the early 90s, i did work on the dj model that u have shown. Most repairs were replacing the lazer block because they had been dropped and the lens was no longer at a 90 degree angle to the disc.

    • A Generic Account
      A Generic Account Month ago

      @DJ STU-C Nah son

    • Auggy
      Auggy Month ago

      @DJ STU-C once you open a spot be it a warehouse for one night or venue and SQ is one of the main focus. You’d be surprised how many people will support you in the future.

    • Auggy
      Auggy Month ago

      @ApexDuBB THANK YOU!!!!!
      If I ran a spot. Everting would be spdif, a proper DAC, tube linestage. Passive speakers and class a/b Amps.

    • ApexDuBB
      ApexDuBB Month ago +1

      This is very much true and dependant of what file structure you use… I found playing WAV to be the most dependable and tried to stay clear of MP3’s that had been ripped at lower bitrates

    • Auggy
      Auggy Month ago +1

      @DJ STU-C with a discerning ear you can hear the difference between a pioneer mix vs ableton / tracktor mix..

  • Ashley Cox
    Ashley Cox Month ago +1

    I used to enjoy mixing on these, though they weren't always the most reliable of things. The dead zones were something that tended to develop if I remember rightly, they were always great new in my experience but occurred later down the line.

  • lymskiUK
    lymskiUK Month ago +1

    I used to work at a lot of raves all over and as we went from 1210 mk2's the pioneer cdj's quickly asserted themselves as the industry standard. Amongst hundreds of household name dj's accross the genres Techno Legend Dave Clarke was the only one who had these on his rider. Pioneer first to market changed the game. Technics became the Nokia in a world of apple and Samsung in the DJ equipment game.

  • OperationPhantom
    OperationPhantom Month ago +3

    What a funky machine! Looks fun to play around with, for a while. Also helpful for scanning your CD collection for backwards satanic messages!🤘BTW, nice "shout out" to Facebook! 😅

  • Mister Matix
    Mister Matix Month ago +1

    Even a completely knackered one would make gorgeous wall mounted tech art in a mancave, that's testament to great design. Love the look. If I had one, I'd use a proper SL1200 rubber mat, cut appropriately and adhered to that platter or a plastic lookalike, keep that classic Technics lineage. Brill video. I even commented about this video on the video for Breathe by Blu Cantrell!

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +57

    Back in 2005 when I was in the market for a CD DJ device to accompany my vinyl turntables, I was amazed when I saw this in the showroom. I wanted one so badly, but the price was insane at the time. I ended up settling for a Pioneer CDJ-200. Seeing this again bought back so many memories of my bedroom DJ'ing years.

    • Mr_B_HHC
      Mr_B_HHC Month ago +1

      Ahhh the 200's with their lovely orange glow...

    • lighttricks
      lighttricks Month ago +4

      @Giovanni Facci I had a rich friend who bought them as his personal decks in 2005. His job was as a club technicisn. When the clubs Cdjs went away for repair, he swapped in his SLDZs rather than hire replacements. There were so many complaints from djs, he had to go hire Cdjs to plug the gap!
      I also knew an R&B DJ who bought his own SLDZs around 2012 and used them with serato at his residency in a large vip bar. He was quite a stylish fellow and he wanted unique looking decks. He didn't do much beatmatching so I guess they worked well enough for him and they looked the part.
      I also have owned 2x pairs through the years but I paid next to nothing for them. I just bought them because they look cool.

      SPINNING MY WHEELS Month ago +2

      it looked cobbled together back then like an afterthought.. and still does.

    • lighttricks
      lighttricks Month ago +3

      Same. I remember going along with a friend as we'd heard our local music tech shop had some in. We went along and fawned all over them - but I think they were around £825+ each in 2005, way more than the Pioneer CDJ equivalent.

    • Giovanni Facci
      Giovanni Facci Month ago +6

      Exactly my experience!!!
      I literally just sold my 2 CDJ 200 few minutes ago. After many years.
      I remember in the shop seeing these, but were sooo expansive. CDJ 100S was still widely used in clubs but were not sold anymore, so I got the CDJ 200.
      But when Pioneer came out with the CDJ 1000MK2 the just nailed it. Display, the controls, build quality.
      All clubs I was going to switched to them.
      I’ve never ever saw this Technics in the wild , just in the shops

  • Matt S
    Matt S Month ago

    I've had one of these for years. It's actually pretty solid and has a lot of features. As others have said, it has some oddities with digital artefacts but I believe they fixed that with a firmware update. It also takes SD cards. It sits next to two SL1200s and a SH-MZ1200, all gathering dust.

  • Fantastic Plastic
    Fantastic Plastic Month ago +1

    I had a pair of these back in the day and you where spot on with the problems with these units. Gutted I got rid of them because many years later someone made a software mod to update them to a higher standard and of course the display you also featured.

  • Chase The Hype
    Chase The Hype Month ago +1

    As a wannabe-DJ over the years, I’d have loved this! I might even consider picking one up at some point just to scratch the itch. Looks fun, and seems to have a community that still support it too.

    • Enrique A Menendez
      Enrique A Menendez Month ago

      If you think this is good check out the Numark ns7 controller they actually have a record that stays on it and spin like tables closet thing to 1200 and solid steal not plastic like the very over prized pioneers that feel like they will break they like this thing except no CD

  • Atakdragonfly
    Atakdragonfly Month ago +1

    It is a beautiful machine. Nice to have that mechanical rotation. Something visible, on a CD player. And I agree, it's a nice looking player with extras features that looks great. I think it's better as a CD player like you mentioned. I wouldn't care about full on DJ use. I might be interested in this...

  • Ivan Burrows
    Ivan Burrows Month ago +6

    Been a fan of Aznavour for 40 years so it was a bit random to see his work pop up on one of the best old tech channels on Clip-Share . Instant memories out of nowhere are the best kind, thank you.

  • Soy Reco
    Soy Reco Month ago

    This would be super useful for creating samples from CD’s. Thank you for sharing and great music taste

  • Frieslick14
    Frieslick14 Month ago

    Great video, and a piece of kit I drooled over when it came out, but could never have afforded at the time. So glad to see a review!

  • Tony Steel
    Tony Steel Month ago +1

    My mate had two of them but untold problem's when it came to tight mixing....Pioneer just hit the sweet spot....keep up the good work my man.

  • Tempest Frost
    Tempest Frost Month ago +1

    Great video Mat! I know I don't need it but GOD do I want one now! lol. I know you've been dealing with some stuff, health wise and such, and I really hope that things are on the up tick for you. I really just wanted to say thank you for years of entertainment & education, the likes of which you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else. I know about the countless hours you've put into this wonderful library of content to make it the very best it can be. And for all that I just wanted to say, thank you. Take all the time you need between videos... we aren't going anywhere. ♥

  • John R
    John R Month ago +8

    I found a pair at a local second hand store in the states, complete with fight cases. Did some research on Facebook groups and turned it into a pair of serato decks by loading the timecode on an SD card. Nice video as always.

    • Waxer UK
      Waxer UK Month ago +2

      Exactly what I did. I got an old windows xp laptop out of retirement and bought the white card writer then some wii sd cards and wrote Serato and traktor timecode to them, works a treat!

  • Les Kaighin
    Les Kaighin Month ago +42

    You keep finding these amazing and very different devices. Thank you for your hard work, always worth watching.

  • florbela
    florbela Month ago +1

    Techmoan being better at being a DJ than most of the "DJs" i know nowadays lmao

    • Anthony Thomas
      Anthony Thomas Month ago

      I suppose that is a "diss" of DJ's that play stuff you don't care for???

  • Philip Schweter
    Philip Schweter Month ago

    I'm looking forward to buy one of these so I did a bit of research: Many of the issues when the device came out should have been fixed later, but most DJs have already switched to Pioneer (and Denon).
    Another thing: The platter shouldn't be useless when switched to CD-Mode, you can use it for quickly adjusting the tempo (pitch bend like the Pioneer CDJ 1000s with a non rotating platter).
    However, thank you for creating this very interesting video and keep up the great work!

  • John Tammaro
    John Tammaro Month ago

    Loved your DJ skills. Have to say I'm more familiar with the Pioneer line of CD turntables so this was nice to hear a practical usage review of this deck

  • scaper8
    scaper8 Month ago

    If I had the money to drop on, I would absolutely buy one _just_ to use as a CD player. (And maybe play around with a CD once and a while.) It has the perfect mix of useful and superfluous features for that and a definite "WOW" factor with just enough retro- and current- ascetics.

  • ReactoR691
    ReactoR691 Month ago

    Love your videos for several years. A few months ago started to learn about DJing. And voila - you are making these video! Thank you :)

  • Jem TheWire
    Jem TheWire Month ago +62

    Amazing. You seem to have the knack of making me interested in things I previously had no interest in! Yet another great video.

    • 77slevin's Video Channel
      77slevin's Video Channel Month ago +4

      It's called the techmoan effect. Made me get into minidisc. Downside is the featured tech prices on eBay go through the roof after a video drops 😄

    • Jon Patrick
      Jon Patrick Month ago

      Me too. I was looking on eBay before the video finished!

    • Crewman Greene
      Crewman Greene Month ago +5

      I'm the same, had a fancy minidisk player with loads of disks given to me years ago. It sat in cupboard for ages and I ended up giving it all to a charity shop.
      Techmoan came along and I've regretted it ever since.
      He's great.

  • Carlos Medrano
    Carlos Medrano Month ago

    I was a DJ for 30 years and when these come out I thought it was the coolest thing ever. However, in the DJ community, you wait for feedback and what others use. The technics DZ1200 never became the CDJ standard. Soon I saw everyone and clubs have Pioneer CDJ's so I bought a pair of Pioneers. In the last 5 years I bought me a few of these and fixed them because they are beautiful. I really bought them as repair projects but now I'm stuck with 3 when I only need one.

  • Gabriel V.
    Gabriel V. Month ago

    Awesome stuff!!! These tech electronics I didn't even imagine was possible to exist!

  • Dj Shaggy
    Dj Shaggy Month ago

    If you want a really impressive cd player check out the denon s-5000. That thing had 2 outputs, you could be playing a track and then play another track off the same cd through the second output, or even take the disk out and put another one in. Dj equipment then was very interesting. Numark (or was it Gemini, I don't remember) did a hybrid cd/vinyl turntable in those days too.

  • neurokinetik Music
    neurokinetik Music Month ago

    It took three iterations, but Denon took this concept and made it work well back around 2010 with the SC-3900. I still have my pair, and two of them originally sold for the price of one of these Technics.

  • KiwiPokerPlayer
    KiwiPokerPlayer Month ago

    I remember this well. I was DJing as a hobby at the time. At the end of the vinyl DJing era you could walk in to almost any club in the world and find the same DJ setup; a pair of Technics SL-1200 mk5 turntables and a Pioneer DJM 600 mixer. From memory, Pioneer brought out the CDJ 1000 digital turntable first and it was proving popular so the Technics version was highly anticipated since they had monopolized the vinyl turntable market for decades. DJs were expecting a digital version of the vinyl 1200 but the processing speeds weren't quite there yet and playing them felt like a sloppy imitation of the vinyl version. It was a disaster for Technics, it failed to beat the CDJ 1000s in almost every area. Overnight, Technics lost their turntable crown and crashed out of the market they had dominated since the beginning of hip hop and now Pioneer dominated both the turntable AND mixer markets.

  • Remco Slotboom
    Remco Slotboom Month ago +19

    I don't know, with a few more hours of practice you'll be a hip hop DJ god. I loved that Aznavour loop!

  • Edward Barger
    Edward Barger Month ago

    Super interested in the mixer this was intended to go with. The Technics sh-mz1200! It seems good, has the same innards as the world championships mixer with extra features :)

  • Candy Apple Blue
    Candy Apple Blue Month ago

    What a very interesting piece of retro DJ gear! This Technics device is so aesthetically pleasing. It looks like a lot of fun to tinker around with too. As always, thank you, Mat, for including our music to demonstrate the features of this unit. This CD 💿 player is a real standout, with all of its unique features, for sure. 🍬🍎🟦

  • Abdel Ali
    Abdel Ali Month ago

    I am more used to see the Pioneer CD turntables but this vinyl looking CD turntable from Technics really looks cool, and for a cool piece of Hi-Fi and ofc no longer a professional piece of hardware it's something very interesting to show off and to mess around with, BTW I have a great urge to listen to early 2000's dance hits

  • alkafrazin
    alkafrazin Month ago

    DJs did some pretty cool stuff.
    You know what? This whole channel is an absolute treasure.

  • Kramster
    Kramster Month ago +1

    I should have left this comment a while ago. You are wonderful. You take me back to the 1990s. I'm in my mid50s now. I was living in Nottm at the time and we'd spend time, at least once a week in Richer Sounds, window shopping. Sometimes buying. They always seemed to have decent hardware in. Thanks for what you do and, whilst I know you're not necessarily a nostalgia channel, thanks for the nostalgia. Just investigating hardware like you do, however modern, triggers that for me.

  • Thunder Chunky
    Thunder Chunky Month ago

    Mate had a pair of these and they were EXCEPTIONALLY good fun to play with.
    Not the kind of thing you'd use in a live gig, but so much fun for house parties when you have a few friends into that kind fu thing. Like a proper grown-up toy!

  • Tomi Slav
    Tomi Slav Month ago +12

    Techmoan videos are always very well made and with great quality. You can almost get a feel for the devices he is testing. Love the channel

      HOLLA SOUNDS Month ago +2

      That's why He is so successful as a Clip-Sharer.

    • Brascofarian
      Brascofarian Month ago +2

      He is the most based of Clip-Sharers.