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5 positive ways LIVING IN GERMANY changed me as an American

  • Published on Jun 7, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Hey Guys! After 5 years straight years of living in Germany as an American expat my life has changed for good. From self-care to being more empathetic, I will discuss how these aspects of German life have changed me. Join me as I explore the benefits of living in this beautiful country.
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    0:00 Intro
    0:14 Reliability
    2:02 Empathy
    3:54 Appreciate Simplicity
    6:05 Health
    7:41 Environmental Awareness
    09:24 BONUS

Comments • 127

  • Cap. LuisFigo
    Cap. LuisFigo Month ago +2

    Ja, liebe Stacy. Ich habe mir jetzt sehr interessiert beide Clips zu Deutschland angeschaut. Mir sind einige Sachen aufgefallen, die interessant sind. Ich habe lange überlegt, ob ich das alles hier ausführen will. Nein, aber ich will Dir ein Fazit meiner Eindrücke geben. Als Erstes frage ich mich, warum hast Du die Clips nicht auf Deutsch gemacht? Du lebst in Deutschland, Deine Clips beschäftigen sich mit dem leben in Deutschland und Du kannst wohl auch Deutsch sprechen. Aber alles ist in Englisch. Und meine lieben Landsleute reagieren, wie sie immer reagieren, sie antworten in Englisch. Das ist sehr nett, bringt aber niemanden (Dich) in seiner Entwicklung weiter. Ich habe den Eindruck, Du bist immer noch sehr amerikanisch. Möchtest auch weiter so leben, aber mit den erkannten Vorteilen, die Deutschland im System so bildet. Und das ist doch OK. Du bist so, sei Du. Du darfst das hier. Bei vielen negativen Dingen, die es immer noch gibt. Deutschland ist so bunt geworden, insgesamt viel toleranter. Es wird niemals perfekt sein. Und Du auch nicht. Warum auch. Bleib so wie Du auf mich wirkst. Liebenswert und nett, aufgeschlossen. Mit einem wachen Verstand. Deutschland braucht Menschen wie Dich. Liebe Grüße aus Berlin 🇺🇸🇩🇪💕☮⚽

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  Month ago +4

      Liebe Luis,
      vielen Dank für deine nachdenkliche Nachricht. Für mich geht es in diesem Kanal nicht nur darum, das Thema Leben in Deutschland zu teilen. Es ist offensichtlich ein großer Teil meines Lebens, deshalb ich darüber spreche, aber ich beabsichtige auch, Themen zu teilen, die sich auf andere Orte beziehen, an denen ich gelebt habe oder die ich besuchen werde, Lebenserfahrungen und Erkenntnisse. Ich werde auch mehr über meine Aussichten auf die USA erzählen. Deshalb habe ich mich entschieden, es nicht auf Deutsch zu machen. Ich habe darüber nachgedacht, ob ich in Zukunft einige Videos auf Deutsch mit englischer Übersetzung produzieren werde, aber noch nicht. Es war ein Ort, an dem ich meinen Gefühlen freien Lauf lassen konnte, um mich mehr mit Menschen verbunden zu fühlen, und das hat es bisher erreicht. 🤗
      In Bezug darauf, immer noch sehr amerikanisch zu sein, stimme ich halb zu. Auf dich und andere Deutsche wirke ich immer noch sehr amerikanisch. Auf Freunde und andere Amerikaner zu Hause wirke ich sehr deutsch. Ich persönlich weiß nicht mehr, wie ich mich identifiziere, weil ich mich beiden verbunden fühle und auch keinem. Sollte ich noch viele amerikanische Qualitäten haben, habe ich aber auch deutsche adaptiert und aufgegriffen. Natürlich denke ich, dass jeder, der in einem anderen Land lebt, das tun würde.
      Danke, dass du sagt, dass Deutschland Menschen wie mich braucht, das spüre ich in meinem Herzen.
      LG, Stacey

    • Geronimo 63
      Geronimo 63 Month ago +2

      In Bezug auf die englische Sprache, denke ich, daß sich das Video an ihre amerikanischen Landsleute in erster Linie richtet und deshalb englisch gesprochen wird. Mit Deutsch als Sprache, würden die meisten Amerikaner es wohl nicht verstehen.

  • Herztöne
    Herztöne 2 months ago +25

    It is beautiful to have someone from "outside" tell us this and make us ourselves more aware of all those blessings that we too often do not recognize the way we should. Thank you!

  • Harry Dehnhardt
    Harry Dehnhardt 2 months ago +29

    Hello Stacy, nice to hear that Europe/Germany has changed your view of life and the world a little. Greetings from Frankfurt.

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago +7

      Hi Harry, thank you for the nice comment. I feel thankful to have the opportunity to live here. 👋🏼 🙂

  • john e Lawler
    john e Lawler 2 months ago +6

    i am a happy Englishman an even happier European, i lived in Germany in the 70s & loved every single second of my time there

    • Richy
      Richy 2 months ago +1

      From the way you phrased that... My condolences for the Brexit. I'm sure you didn't vote for it.

  • Emil Sinclair
    Emil Sinclair 2 months ago +3

    With the helping issue - i've never been to the US but i've met a lot of US citizens and i have the impression it strongly depends on the region. The country folk seems to be more ready to help, for example when its about repairing thinks. Its like this in germany - if you live in a small village you can ask your neighbor for tools or to help you repair your roof or whatever, while in bigger citys like berlin nobody really gives a shit.

  • DR Au
    DR Au 2 months ago +19

    About the helping thing. I was shocked when I saw traffic-accidents in the US - and nobody stopped to help. That' s just a little, but anyway it is a sign for a more egoistic society.

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago +13

      Yes, it definitely is. From my experience in Germany, you even need to do the CPR course when you get your drivers license and you’re required to help people, but in the US many people are scared to help someone because they can get sued if the person ends up getting hurt in the process. The every man for themselves mentality can be really sad sometimes.

    • King Bob
      King Bob 2 months ago +1

      On the village if u Start building youre house every neighbour will come to help. Making electric etc.

    • Skeptix
      Skeptix 2 months ago

      There are nearly 350 million citizens in this country alone, more if you count illegal migrants. If we all stopped on the highway every time there was an accident, we would never get anything done.
      In smaller communities, people will stop - but this comparison isn't even logical simply because the size of and scale between Germany and America is so much different.
      Not to mention since our political system isn't as nationalized as yours, if we are late for work we will get fired, lose our health insurance, have no access to state welfare, and will be royally screwed.

    • King Bob
      King Bob 2 months ago +4

      @Skeptix germany hast 82 million ppl und is way way WAY! smaller then the USA...
      Youre argument doesn't work at all.

    • DR Au
      DR Au 2 months ago

      @Skeptix But your political system is christianized like no other. Compassion and belonging to God and his rules is something you start your day with. Your System is based on God. Fe just read your cashnotes. Does God allow to look beside if someone is involved in an accident?
      I don't know a single part of the bible where it's written: "If you ignore the need of help bc you may come late for work you are forgiven..."

  • Martina Carrasco
    Martina Carrasco 2 months ago +6

    Glad to hear you love Germany so much.I was born there now I leave in the State and I miss it so much. I want to go back this year to see my Family. Can not wait to see what has changed.

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago

      Hi Martina,
      Ich drücke dir die daumen! 🤞Hopefully you’ll get to go back this year. 🙂✈️ It sounds like it’s been a long time since you’ve been back. That must be so hard. I don’t think I could manage if I couldn’t see my family at least once a year. I would be interested as to why you chose to live in the US over Germany.

    • Martina Carrasco
      Martina Carrasco 2 months ago +1

      @Stacey Minks Hallo Stacey. I meet my Husband in Germany when he was in the Army. After the 9.11 he wanted to go Home because he was thinking it was saver for us. My Family was coming every year to visit me. Lucky I Facetime every day with my dad and I talk with my brother a lot too.. It's not the same but it's helps a little bit. I will go this year for 3 Month back to visit my Dad n Germany.

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago +2

      Dear Martina,
      Aww that makes sense, there are many Americans in the military here. It’s never the same to not be with your family in person and it gets harder over time. At least for me. It’s great that you get to come back this year. I wish you the best time. You finally will get to hug them again. 😍

    • Martina Carrasco
      Martina Carrasco 2 months ago +2

      @Stacey Minks thank you so much and I will have fun and you so true I can not wait to hug my family. Was nice to write to you.

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago +2

      Same with you. 🙂

  • Marco Engelbracht
    Marco Engelbracht 2 months ago +8

    Glad to hear that you enjoy your life in Germany, but also curious about what you find to be negative 😉
    Left a sub to not miss this.

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago +3

      Thank you for subscribing. It’s coming soon. 🙂

  • Tina Lasquety
    Tina Lasquety 2 months ago +7

    We've had a difficult time in Hamburg as Expats. I've also been here for 5 years. But I appreciated your video and am hoping to see the brighter side of things. That part on the environment I laughed at ... it's so true. Thanks!

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago +4

      Hi Tina. Thanks for message. I’m sorry to here that. It’s a constant rollercoaster for me. Part of me making this channel was to build a larger community. I miss that from back at home. I hope that you can find the beauty and build connections whenever possible. Don’t let anyone ruin your sparkle. If you haven’t already, check Facebook for English speaking groups in your area. It’s a great way to make friends and also meet open-minded German people. 🙂💓

    • Tina Lasquety
      Tina Lasquety 2 months ago +3

      ​@Stacey Minks 💗💗 Well put and lovely comment, thank you! 💫I tried the FB idea when we first arrived. It's worth giving another shot as new people are coming in all the time ... Best wishes to you!

    • Andy W.
      Andy W. 2 months ago +2

      Hamburg is Hamburg. This town even sucks other Germans moving to Hamburg or working in Hamburg.

    • Tina Lasquety
      Tina Lasquety 2 months ago

      @Andy W. Interesting. Thanks, Andy. Good to know it's not just in my head 😅We're hoping things will improve ...

    • Andreasarno Althofsobottka
      Andreasarno Althofsobottka 2 months ago +4

      It's just an educated guess, but the cause for you not making Hamburg your home is the way you see yourself; as an expat. That's what all english speakers do to avoid saying "(illegal) immigrant". But that's exactly what you are, an immigrant, who has some obligations to be wellcomed: learn the language, blend in, work for your living, and pay taxes. Hamburg is actually the most anglophile city in the entire country. Try Stuttgart and you will see what I mean.

  • versicherungs1x1
    versicherungs1x1 2 months ago +1

    Hi Stacy, greetings from north-germany - nice to hear how you feel the german culture and how it changed you.

  • Roger
    Roger 2 months ago +11

    Hello Stacey
    Personally, I think there is hardly any good reason left to want to live in the US at all costs unless you are at least a millionaire. It has unfortunately changed a lot for the worse in the last decades in the USA.
    But it's nice that you think living in Western Europe has changed you for the better.

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago +3

      Hi Roger,
      I agree that the cost of living in the US is quite high, although since the pandemic there is a steep increase here as well. Like every country the US has its strengths and weaknesses, but I’m thankful for where I’m at. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  • jumpingjacks64
    jumpingjacks64 2 months ago

    Hi Stacey! Great to hear that you like your life here in Germany so much. I agree with all you say, but one could also say that germans can be very egoistic too. I know enough to be able to say that. Certainly do a video on the negative aspects too. Okay, I see that you have done it already. For me, I love Germany so much, it is now home for me (British expat), so I don't go home anymore, I'm there!

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago

      Hi. 🙂 You’re not the first person I’ve heard mention German’s being egoistic. From my experience it heavily depends on the person.
      I couldn’t imagine not going home anymore because I’m still so connected to people. Can I ask how long you’ve been in Germany? I would be curious how it worked with your community back at home? Did it fade over time or you never built such a strong bond there. I notice over time it’s slowly shifting which is a struggle for me to grasp.

  • Steve Skywalker
    Steve Skywalker 2 months ago +4

    There is a really cool german saying that shows how we dont care when the weather isnt as good as u would want it.
    The saying: Es gibt kein schlechtes Wetter, nur schlechte Kleidung.
    Which means that we germans go out even when its windy/rainy/foggy/snowy, because we know how to prepare with the right clothing.

    • Steve Skywalker
      Steve Skywalker 2 months ago +1

      Greetings from Düsseldorf 😎

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago +3

      Greetings from Freiburg. 👋🏼 And I’ve never heard the saying, but it’s nice.

    • First Last
      First Last 2 months ago +2

      @Stacey Minks We have the same saying in Denmark - it even rhymes:
      "Der findes intet dårligt vejr - kun forkerte klær" :-)

  • Baccatube79
    Baccatube79 2 months ago +1

    By the way: it's not that we can't afford dryers or A/C here, neither are they unheard of. It's just that we deliberate whether we really need these things. A family with multiple kids and two working parents will most certainly own a dryer because the sheer amount of laundry and the lack of time renders the investment a necessity. But if you have space enough for hanging lines, and not too much laundry - why waste good money on something that heaven offers you for free?
    Same with A/C. The climate in Germany was not such that it made A/C necessary for more than, like, 3 weeks in a year, if ever. It has become a little bit worse over the last 2 decades, but still: in well-built houses, A/C is just not necessary when you can open the windows twice a day to cool down the area.

  • bearenkinder cool
    bearenkinder cool 2 months ago +3

    how great and openminded, german-friendly you are. great to hear that in those harsh times. thx.

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago +1

      Germany is a wonderful place to live.

    • Joseph o'neill
      Joseph o'neill 2 months ago +1

      I don’t think we are that different from what you said depends on location and individual circumstances. Enjoy your time there and I hope you see the Germany Alps.

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  Month ago

      Thank you. Luckily I’ve gotten the chance. 🙂

    • bearenkinder cool
      bearenkinder cool Month ago

      @Stacey Minks you are on track, and i love you for being so openminded. not everything is perfect here - and there... thanks for your response.

  • RascalFascal
    RascalFascal 2 months ago +2

    germany all the way!!! I am 0,00000001% patriot..so this video makes me really proud. feel free to reach out,girl. glad you enjoy it here. 😆😉

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago +1

      Saaaame girl same! Lol. Where are you located?

  • Anton
    Anton 2 months ago +6

    Glad that you enjoy it here 🇩🇪🤝🏻🇺🇸

  • Stephan der Norddeutsche
    Stephan der Norddeutsche 2 months ago +5

    good video, nice to see that you like Germany and German culture, thumbs up. Greetings from Kiel.👍👌😘

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago +1

      Hello 👋 from way down South. :) Germany has many wonderful things to offer.

  • stephanie Mayorga
    stephanie Mayorga 2 months ago +2

    I love the idea of having your door open all summer!

  • Frank Dombrowski
    Frank Dombrowski 2 months ago +5

    Hi Stacy,i hope you enjoy the real "freedom" in europe :)

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago +4

      Hi Frank, I do. :) Lebensqualität is a real thing that I didn’t realize existed on such a high level before.

    • Arno Nühmer
      Arno Nühmer 2 months ago

      Must be comedy.

    • Richy
      Richy 2 months ago +1

      ​@Arno Nühmer What must be comedy? The original comment? Have you ever left your country, even for a day?

    • Arno Nühmer
      Arno Nühmer 2 months ago

      @Richy Everyday!

    • Arno Nühmer
      Arno Nühmer 2 months ago

      @Richy Und selbst?

  • Arno Dobler
    Arno Dobler 2 months ago +2

    Wasn't that more than 5-6? On the negatives, I would also be curious! Whatever negative also means.

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago +4

      Maybe it felt like it because I talked about numerous points underneath each topic. Of course, negative and positive are subjective to a person. This is just how I personally felt impacted. I will share the "negative" in the near future. :) Thanks for watching.

  • EmiliaJojo
    EmiliaJojo 2 months ago +4

    This channel will grow that fast.and I'm here right from the start!

  • this is me
    this is me 2 months ago +1

    Love you video... What😂 you find something negative here in germany😂, just kidding, I know it's not easy staying that far away from family and friends.. Greaatings from Rheinland pfalz❤

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago

      Thank you. 🙂 No, nooo never. 😉 Overall Germany is great, but as every country does Germany it’s things and being away from the people you love is at the top of that list. Greetings from Freiburg. 👋🏼

  • Jagertal Waldemar
    Jagertal Waldemar 2 months ago +1

    Problem is, most of what she is describing there will most probably be useless soon, for industrial power and wealth are leaving Germany RIGHT NOW... And why is it so? Because of all the Conversationists who tell us all the time how to work, how to live, how to warm our houses etc.

  • king komodo
    king komodo 2 months ago

    glass bottles or jars are 8 or 15 cent. plastic are 15 or 25 cent and can´s (for drinks) are 25 cents PFAND

    • king komodo
      king komodo 2 months ago +2

      this reduces the trash in the nature and streets, and poor people can collect some, to have little extra money. some people can live with like 2-3€ a day just by collecting some bottles when walking around.

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago +2

      I see this all the time in the summer where I live. Especially by the river. Everyone leaves their bottles right next to the trash that makes it easy for them to pick up.

  • mona515
    mona515 2 months ago +2

    Thanks for your interesting video

  • EmiliaJojo
    EmiliaJojo 2 months ago +3

    Environment is important to far left all the way to far right.just not a partisan issue.

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago +1

      I agree with you. :) If everyone made a small change then it would be a big difference.

  • Thomas Erdmann
    Thomas Erdmann 2 months ago +4

    Liked you video and views! Welcome to Germany from Karlsruhè!

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago

      Thank you from a fellow Baden Württemberger! 🙂

    • Thomas Erdmann
      Thomas Erdmann 2 months ago +1

      @Stacey Minks Let me guess... Freiburg?

    • Ochala
      Ochala 2 months ago +2

      ​@Thomas Erdmann would match the river and the pretty bikeable city

    • Thomas Erdmann
      Thomas Erdmann 2 months ago +1

      @Ochala Yep, these were my clues

  • Matthias S.
    Matthias S. 2 months ago

    Negative is not necessary because out of lack of self proud and confidence germans are negative thinking enough.....

  • Hans-Jürgen Oberfeld
    Hans-Jürgen Oberfeld 2 months ago +2

    Wenn man nicht seine Muttersprache spricht, dann ist man ein anderer Mensch.

    • Gerhard Ma
      Gerhard Ma 2 months ago +2

      Was meinst Du damit? Ein schlechterer Mensch? Ein mehr offener Mensch, weil man sich an die jeweilige Situation anpassen muss/darf? Also für mich ist es kein Problem und verändert hat es mich auch nicht. Bitte erkläre uns Deine Gedanken

    • Hans-Jürgen Oberfeld
      Hans-Jürgen Oberfeld 2 months ago

      @Gerhard Ma Was gibt es da zu erklären? Weshalb möchtest du den Menschen kategorisieren?

    • Gerhard Ma
      Gerhard Ma 2 months ago +2

      @Hans-Jürgen Oberfeld Kategorisieren???? Ich verstehe nur Deinen Aussage nicht. Vielleicht trifft sie auf Dich zu aber sicher nicht auf alle. Ich verändere mich nicht wenn ich Englisch spreche

  • roberto manz
    roberto manz 2 months ago

    it rarely gets hot in germany such a s we have i n the usa and its not humid, ; nights have a natural cooldown. you dont need a c in germany; many o f the thngs you are comparing are comparing apple s and oranges. ; many aspects of life in germany are not comparable to the us which operates on a much larger dimension. r.

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago

      Thats true it’s hard to compare curtain things, but I’m just speaking off of my feeling and things I’ve noticed. The thing about Germany not getting as hot, I live in one of the warmest places in Germany and in the summer even with the fan on it’s miserable at night. Of course you can’t compare it to somewhere like Florida, but to Los Angeles it’s comparable.

  • Mari S
    Mari S 2 months ago +1

    Das ist ja auch unhöflich, nicht Bescheid zu geben, dass man sich verspätet.

  • Chris
    Chris Day ago

    Maybee you should not curl your hair all day, then you would be on time 😅

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  Day ago +1

      🤔 That’s a thought! That sounds Bo fun though. 😂

  • norwolf
    norwolf 2 months ago +6

    Good for you , now stay there. I left the states 20 years ago and and live in a different and better country and would never ever go back....yuk!

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago

      I’m glad you found your own corner of the world that makes you happy. 🙂 I felt that way at first, but as time goes on I become more indecisive.

  • Samuel Bird
    Samuel Bird 2 months ago

    Even though ww2 was a long time ago Everytime I go to Germany I get uncomfortable especially what happened to my people there. I'd rather stay away from Germany you never know when they will go crazy again.

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago +3

      I’m sorry to hear you feel that way and can understand why you don’t want to visit there. The war was over 75 years ago and the country and its people have done many things to provide refuge not only to Germans, but for many ethnic groups around the world. They are very aware of what they did wrong and constantly take measures to make sure that’s not the case again. I wish you peace.

    • Gerhard Ma
      Gerhard Ma 2 months ago +3

      I would be much more concerned about the Nazis and racists in the US. They are heavily armed and ready to use violence, and under the guise of Freedom of Speech, even Republican politicians are allowed to openly express their hatred of Jews, blacks, Latinos etc. You should reconsider your racism, even if it has an understandable background.

  • Zentralrat der Schwaben
    Zentralrat der Schwaben 2 months ago +2

    German bureaucracy is not nice. Rather confused.

    • Ursula Smith
      Ursula Smith 2 months ago +4

      Not as bad as the media makes it out to be.

    • Wolfgang Preier
      Wolfgang Preier 2 months ago +1

      You have clearly no experience with other buerocracies. Like Italy, Romania, Turkey, India etc.

  • DR Au
    DR Au 2 months ago +4

    About the helping thing. I was shocked when I saw traffic-accidents in the US - and nobody stopped to help. That' s just a little, but anyway it is a sign for a more egoistic society.

    • Florida cargocat
      Florida cargocat 2 months ago +1

      When it comes to first aid during a traffic accident, the legal situation in the USA is totally different to the one in Europe / Germany. A small example: when you go for your driving license in Germany, you have to attend and pass a First Aid course. This concept does not exist in the USA, and you can obtain your driver's license without any knowledge on First Aid.

    • DR Au
      DR Au 2 months ago +3

      @Florida cargocat I know, but what I expectet was a little sign of emphaty, Just care about someone, perhaps without the big first-aid- action, but just asking wether someone is ok, that should be possible for anyone....

    • Stacey Minks
      Stacey Minks  2 months ago +2

      @DR Au ​ you are right that people usually don’t stop, instead we normally just call 911 to make sure someone is on the way. However, I would say this really depends where in the states you are living as I lived a few different places and the way people respond was different.

    • Ursula Smith
      Ursula Smith 2 months ago +2

      No solidarity, no president ever encourages this or even introduce it. Loser politics like always.