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Rory McIlroy feels like 'a sacrificial lamb' after PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger | Golf Channel

  • Published on Sep 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Rory McIlroy speaks to the media for the first time following the PGA Tour's reported merger with LIV Golf. #GolfChannel #GolfToday #LIVGolf #PGATour
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    Rory McIlroy feels like 'a sacrificial lamb' after PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger | Golf Channel
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  • Alley
    Alley 3 months ago +146

    Rory handles himself so well. I wish him all the best and I hope he gets his fifth major sooner than later. He's a class act.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 3 months ago +12

      Many don't agree. Rahm, Morikawa, Scheffler should be the face of the PGA. Recent major winners with much better personalities. Hasn't won a major in almost 10 years. Why do we care?

    • jeffex1
      jeffex1 3 months ago +8

      @Daniel time to return to your planet

    • jeffthewhiff
      jeffthewhiff 3 months ago +5

      Yes, Rory, certainly is a class-act and a very intelligent guy, and I wish him all the best in this week's Canadian tournament.

    • TheHopetown
      TheHopetown 3 months ago +2

      The PGA gets holes 1-8 and 12-18 LIV gets 9-11

  • Always Want More
    Always Want More  3 months ago +4

    I have a ton of respect for Rory, he's truly good human being. My buddy hosted him back when he was a kid in Connecticut he was a genuinely nice dude. When a man says he Hates LIV golf on national television something is up.

  • Daniel Edwards
    Daniel Edwards 3 months ago +58

    Rory is now my favorite golfer ever. He is handling this with grace and professionalism.

    • C Snide
      C Snide 3 months ago +2

      and a lot of 💩 on his shoes......

    • Five Pillars
      Five Pillars 3 months ago +1

      bro he got paid fat and owns stake in pga because he owns gold tv wih tiger. ofcourse he is going to act like liv wanted this more, no PGA went to that table

    • The BK Pets
      The BK Pets 3 months ago


    • David Aaaa
      David Aaaa 3 days ago

      my mistake he was not my favorite golfer until 2009. @Not Kimi Räikkönen

  • Matthew
    Matthew 3 months ago +39

    Rory is pure class. Always has been and always will be. the greatest ambassador for the PGA tour in this moment hands down.

    • Von Lobo
      Von Lobo 3 months ago +6

      Hahahahahaah he’s carried in like a petulant brat for 2 years . Class? Not even close

    • MarkSmith
      MarkSmith 3 months ago +1

      Lol and where did it get him? The tour made him.look like a fool

    • Jackie - IG jackielikeskillersmiles
      Jackie - IG jackielikeskillersmiles 3 months ago +2

      @Von Lobo no. He has. If you watched his interviews. You just take clips from Liv bait social. I bet you haven’t once watched his interviews all last year and heard his poignant answers to the media! You only see what Phil and Greg say. And if Rory took cheap shots at them it’s because they mentioned something first

    • Jackie - IG jackielikeskillersmiles
      Jackie - IG jackielikeskillersmiles 3 months ago

      @MarkSmith he was part of a chess tactical move that will end up benefiting him.
      Jay is lining all the players pockets. Don’t be naive. He played the long game and it worked! jay is a smart businessman and in that position for a reason.
      Yea about money from the beginning and how it was invested. Pif came too hard the first round and wanted to invest and change golf structure. pga said, “no, you can invest and we spend the money how we want.” That’s why they listened and went with Greg and Phil to poach, thinking Liv would be better received than it actually was. Pif getting no ROI from Liv, shareholder’s not happy, forcing their hand back to the table to do thing pgas way if they want a seat at the table! Black and white. Jays taking a hit now. But in the long run Jay played and won the chess match against PIF and pga wins. The Liv players were the real pawns here! The end!

    • G. Wills
      G. Wills 3 months ago

      Nope, his opinion was hateful. Which is not acceptable in golf!

  • Troy66
    Troy66 3 months ago +6

    💡🙏🏌️‍♂️ I just get MORE impressed with Rory .... This interview was close to Perfect under the circumstances and his integrity, Honor , And all around respect for the PGA TOUR,EUROPEAN TOUR , And the game of Golf as a whole ... Rory along with others were put in a ridiculous situation and fought for what they believed was RIGHTEOUS and then LEFT on the battlefield ALONE 🤯 I have MAD RESPECT for those Athletes that stuck to there guns and DID NOT bend the knee ... This GAME is about INTEGRITY, HONOR , RESPECT , And when it becomes ONLY about MONEY 💰 It TAINTS the game of Golf and all the LEGENDS who have left there mark on the sport ....Rory you are a Warrior Brother and a Man with Wisdom beyond your years... God Bless 🙏

  • Byron Fowler
    Byron Fowler 3 months ago +20

    What a pure man !! All respect to you Rory

    • N17
      N17 3 months ago

      Pure cry baby

  • hdtwaddell
    hdtwaddell 3 months ago +73

    A very dignified media conference for a courageous player who did his best to fight a losing battle.

    • officer nasty
      officer nasty 3 months ago +1

      I would have added "friendly reminder, the saudi royal family helped finance the 911 attacks"

    • Jackie - IG jackielikeskillersmiles
      Jackie - IG jackielikeskillersmiles 3 months ago +1

      He was part of the chess game and it wasn’t a losing battle. He saw this from the beginning and will be okay. Did you know of Rory’s statement last July. Where he said their investment was inevitable now if they let us handle how the money is spent. But that didn’t happen. So here we are now!
      Jay is lining all the players pockets. Don’t be naive. He played the long game and it worked! jay is a smart businessman and in that position for a reason.
      Yea about money from the beginning and how it was invested. Pif came too hard the first round and wanted to invest and change golf structure. pga said, “no, you can invest and we spend the money how we want.” That’s why they listened and went with Greg and Phil to poach, thinking Liv would be better received than it actually was. Pif getting no ROI from Liv, shareholder’s not happy, forcing their hand back to the table to do thing pgas way if they want a seat at the table! Black and white. Jays taking a hit now. But in the long run Jay played and won the chess match against PIF and pga wins. The Liv players were the real pawns here! The end!

    • Aidan Griffiths
      Aidan Griffiths 3 months ago

      They won the battle though

    • Eyan Arel
      Eyan Arel 3 months ago

      Courageous.....he plays golf. LOL.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 3 months ago +1

      The LIV guys are courageous. They jeopardized their golf careers. Yes many were paid alot of money, but with Koepka winning a major it shows he's the one who really took the risk.

  • bike_pimp
    bike_pimp 3 months ago +3

    What an ambassador. Legend, that is all 🎤

  • Kurt
    Kurt 3 months ago +60

    Rory is a classy human being. So thoughtful and well spoken.

    • Nautical
      Nautical 3 months ago +3

      MICKELSON 🐐🐐

    • fishingolf
      fishingolf 3 months ago

      ​@Nautical hell yea!

    • Lynn Allen
      Lynn Allen 3 months ago

      ​@user-jr3kb8qy8e Sold his soul for money... Regardless of his golf abilities, he's a horrible human being for taking blood money🤦‍♀️, and my family USED to agree with you on Phil...

  • Frank Pestana
    Frank Pestana 3 months ago +94

    I feel for you rory and its absolutely disgusting that the pga sold its soul

    • Doogster D
      Doogster D 3 months ago +6

      Like NIKE?

    • Alex Jones
      Alex Jones 3 months ago +11

      Lol i don’t feel for him at all. He made his choice to be a puppet. I feel sorry for phil. He’s the one that’s been thrown through the mud for doing nothing different to now what those who were criticising him the harshest are. Rory should be on his knees apologising to phil.

  • DrSauce
    DrSauce 3 months ago +4

    When I first heard this news, I immediately thought of Rory and how screwed he was re: this issue. He is the sacrificial lamb for the PGA tour and I really feel badly for him. He will get over it, he is a classy guy.

  • Davey Deluxe
    Davey Deluxe 3 months ago +27

    I can't believe how well Rory is handling this. He's such a true professional on and off the course

  • Brady
    Brady 3 months ago +50

    16:23 so happy to see Rory get to smile at least once and really talk GOLF! It’s understandable the earlier questions and his answers look like they make himself uncomfortable. I appreciate all of his answers. Your still one of my favorite Rory!! Good luck this week/end!!

    • Metalheads Golf
      Metalheads Golf 3 months ago

      His eyes lit up when the actual golf was the topic. Was fun to see and how it should have been. Unfortunately he was in the middle of everything that was happening.

    • G
      G 3 months ago

      He's a sellout. He just put some frosting on it. Everyone these days is a soulless sellout.

  • Lenny
    Lenny 3 months ago +19

    Hats off to Rory, couldnt have said it in a better more thoughtfull and honest way!

  • Chris Snape
    Chris Snape 3 months ago +18

    Rory is so well spoken and honest !

  • Bruce Dixon
    Bruce Dixon 3 months ago +66

    Impressed with the way Rory handled the questions. In my opinion, he has always wanted to keep the integrity of the PGA

    • D M
      D M 3 months ago +5

      Lol....seems hypocritical to me.

    • John Seow
      John Seow 3 months ago +4

      I dont agree that Rory handled the matter well at all. He now admits that money talks but then in the past had blastered those players who went over to LIV for looking only at money. And for him to defend Jay Monaghan is absurd…but he has no choice as he would otherwise himself looks like an idiot. If only he focus on his golf and try not to be too clever and political outside of golf…

    • vince hew
      vince hew 3 months ago

      He is on the board of the PGA tour. What do you expect him to say? He can't just go around saying 'no comments'.

    • lee
      lee 3 months ago

      he was ok for him and loads of others to leave the european tour for money though wasnt it.

    • AJ Gumpper
      AJ Gumpper 3 months ago

      @John Seow People's views change. Not a hard concept. My opinions on things are always changing when I find a more logical reason to support something or whatever.

  • Jrampino1
    Jrampino1 3 months ago +41

    Think that Rory is a tremendous leader of the game. Compared to Tiger who gave us basically 20 years of non-answers it is refreshing to hear someone be so thoughtful, articulate and shares his feelings so clearly. He stuck up for what believed in and in today’s day and age that’s a rare quality.

  • David Todd
    David Todd 3 months ago +18

    Well done Rory, impressive interview with thoughtful answers

  • BigA's Top 5
    BigA's Top 5 3 months ago +17

    The love this guy is going to get now is going to be off the charts. What more can you say about him. Class act!

    • Anthony Gollan
      Anthony Gollan 3 months ago

      When will he publicly apologise for the hurtful things he said about the LIV players? Then he'll get some respect.

  • Kim Dahl
    Kim Dahl 3 months ago +44

    Rory is indeed a class act and represents the PGA amazingly well. I wish more American golfers were like him. I'm a big fan!

    • andrew c.
      andrew c. 3 months ago

      hows the way he said the pga mob, are , in his head anyway ? the best to spend Saudi cash, doing it the right way.!!!! by keeping the game in america no doubt.

    • 🧌SkuzzleButt🧌
      🧌SkuzzleButt🧌 3 months ago

      @andrew c.liv golf is better than pga. PGA is American blood money, pga is Islamic tear money.

  • Chuck Helson
    Chuck Helson 3 months ago +9

    Kudos to Rory for being a Class Act and keeping a level head about this change of course in the PGA.
    It doesn’t matter who you are … when the Foundation of your Professional World gets rocked, there’s going to be members that are pissed off.
    That’s usually what happens in these circumstances.
    Level heads will prevail, after they’ve had a chance to digest these changes and how it’s going to effect the game.
    Not everybody is going to like it, but it’s for the overall benefit to the game.
    It’s pretty well a done deal and it’s time to get on with it.
    Nothing ever stays the same. Nothing.

    • AmazonEnforcer
      AmazonEnforcer 3 months ago

      >Class Act
      >"&*$& you, Phil!"
      >keeping a level head
      >Sunday Meltdown at Memorial
      >ball lands straight in the middle of the bunka

  • Maureen Dumbaugh
    Maureen Dumbaugh 3 months ago +32

    Rory is an absolute class act.

    • You can just call me Dude.
      You can just call me Dude. 3 months ago +3

      If the PGA players wanted to stop this, they could do it by all retiring. Within one season, a new tour would be formed. But they love money too much.

    • Bobby hanly
      Bobby hanly 3 months ago +2

      Are you sure you're spelling crap properly?

  • Jim Ray
    Jim Ray 3 months ago +48

    Props to Rory for thoughtful answers and taking the time - really impressive

    • Dale Viker
      Dale Viker 3 months ago +3

      I've never been a fan of Rory's, and I find him very hard to warm to. As much as anything, he was the reason I had no problem with LIV. But credit where it's due, he handled this press conference incredibly well in my view. I don't necessarily agree with everything he said, but he did not shirk any question, and he answered honestly, whether the answer was in his interests to or not. I'd love to see politicians made to answer questions as honestly as he did.

    • Jim Ray
      Jim Ray 3 months ago +3

      Well said Dale! Politicians and celebrities could take a lesson from McIlroy on handling press conferences

    • hb
      hb 3 months ago +3

      Seriously?! Now he's a double-standard person. He's a emotional slave to Monahan's wishes. Trashes everybody who went to LIV and now he also submits to the PGA Tour like nothing was said. Thoughtful answers my butt! Money talks LOL

    • Nautical
      Nautical 3 months ago +1

      Rory and tigger are lovers

  • Jamie Bulloch
    Jamie Bulloch 3 months ago +2

    a class act.... well handled Rory....

  • coastalBrake
    coastalBrake 3 months ago +240

    The problem with this deal for Rory and others is that it has exposed a double standard: a) their previous position against Saudi money, and b) their inability to do anything about incoming Saudi money now (refusing to be part of the new tour would be sticking to the initial position). No one, not the fans, not Brandel, not Monahan, not the board, the players, no one is in a position where they can refuse Saudi money, except to quit. So in that sense, it's actually NOT the greatest thing for golf -- they only say that because well, there is no choice.

    • Bryan Baumgartner
      Bryan Baumgartner 3 months ago +22

      There is one choice, for the fans to realize we are not getting any money. I for one will not watch pro golf anymore, I dont think the LPGA is involved. I will watch that. Go Rose. And more WNBA too.

    • Adrian K
      Adrian K 3 months ago +3

      Will G.Norman be fired before the end of the yr?
      Will J.Monohan still be the tour sitting commissioner by the next time the Ryder Cup is on US soil?

    • agradoville
      agradoville 3 months ago +21

      How about getting a large group together and just refuse to play. Stand on principles...be MEN! Start something on your own, I'd imagine there would be money out there to start a true tour based on solid principles

  • Phoebe Butler
    Phoebe Butler 3 months ago +6

    So professional. Utmost respect.

  • Seen48
    Seen48 3 months ago +11

    What a tough presser this would have been for him. He explained it quite well, and supported his hatred towards LIV. It’s still quite confusing and “LIV” is obviously dissolved but still around. The animosity the PGA players will have against the LIV guys is going to be crazy. Same locker room, playing with them. I’ll be watching all four rounds this week for sure. Great job Rory.

    • Jackie - IG jackielikeskillersmiles
      Jackie - IG jackielikeskillersmiles 3 months ago

      Which will make the game greater now with in-house rivalry’s not only reserved for majors. I’m there we’re already some anyway bc not everyone gets along to begin with! This will be great

    • Jack Reacher
      Jack Reacher 3 months ago

      Not so sure there will be any animosity between players of different tour. I suspect the great majority of players who aren't as successful as Rory, which is 95% of the players on Tour are more envious of the guys who crossed over to Liv, and got their hands on practically easy money.
      We need to remember
      Pro golfers do this to earn a living, not for the spirit of the game or noble aspiration and honor. And in that sense, going to Liv is the best business decision.

  • LoneHiker
    LoneHiker 3 months ago +6

    This man is a pro, very well spoken, and good ambassador for players.

    • Nautical
      Nautical 3 months ago


  • Rick liners
    Rick liners 3 months ago +18

    Class act. Not only incredibly physically talented as an athlete, but also very smart, eloquent and insightful. Rare combination in an athlete. My favorite golfer, period. Dealing with the situation as tactfully as possible. I am no longer watching PGA tour events, there's lots of other golf to watch. But will keep an eye on any PGA related news in the future to see how all this is really going to shake out in the next few years. I can understand how this can be frustrating for guys like Rory who stood on principle and turned down insane amounts of money. I'll miss watching these guys play.
    As for those other F'ing sellouts, Mickelson, Koepka, Garcia, Dechambeau, and all the others who took blood money to play for Saudi Arabia, they claim to do this for the good of golf, they destroyed the professional arm of this wonderful sport. F them.!

    • Nautical
      Nautical 3 months ago +2

      How he could be smart??? He never finish highschool

    • DN10
      DN10 3 months ago +1

      ​@Nautical sorry but how does that mean he's not smart. If you think completing high school means you're smart, then maybe you're not very smart. After all, passing exams or tests at school is test of your memory, not your intelligence.

  • Dan Downing
    Dan Downing 3 months ago +10

    What an unbelievable ambassador, professional and advocate. There are politicians around the world that couldn't more truthfully answer difficult questions and remain honest to their ideals than this. You don't have to like or agree with the answers, but he IS honest and being responsible with the status that he has earned. Nothing but respect for someone in a difficult situation handling this press conference, when what he needs to be thinking about and planning for, is the tournament.

  • Rich
    Rich 3 months ago +10

    good conference ... Rory earned my respect ...he said what he had too

  • mairoo22
    mairoo22 3 months ago +2

    You're a great man Rory a role model for young kids and all of us to follow

  • SC2point0
    SC2point0 3 months ago +125

    Rory handled this press conference about as well as anyone could have.

    • Brian E. C.
      Brian E. C. 3 months ago +9

      Yeah, he legitimately seems to have just found out in the last 24hrs, then has to speak on camera for the PGA who just got finished f u ck ing him

    • Anthony Gollan
      Anthony Gollan 3 months ago +10

      Except he hasn't apologised for the spit and bile directed at the LIV players. At least not publicly.

    • mrybkr
      mrybkr 3 months ago +8

      Why should Rory apologize!!! He wasn’t the one to make the decision to whore out the PGA to Sadi Arabia, LIV, seems to me the PGA commissioner made that decision, then sprung it to the ones that tried to stay.

    • Anthony Gollan
      Anthony Gollan 3 months ago +5

      @mrybkr the boy could have kept his personal attacks to himself or in private. Telling Phil to F himself was poor form.

  • Janet Schwarz
    Janet Schwarz 3 months ago +1

    We're behind you Rory!!! Good luck this weekend. I hope Jay does not let the deserters back into the PGA, traitors all.

  • Jim V
    Jim V 3 months ago +4

    I am impressed. I cant think of anyone else in the golf biz that could have handled this any better.

  • Jon Gaskins
    Jon Gaskins 3 months ago +2

    The sad thing about Rory's feelings is that he honestly thinks we care more about them than we actually do.

  • Golf Fanatic
    Golf Fanatic 3 months ago +88

    Rory really comes across as a smart, thoughtful and yet passionate individual. I can see why he has become the unofficial face of the PGA - this can't be easy for him to deal with this everytime he arrives at a tournament and yet he handles it with great class and insight.

  • John Martin
    John Martin 3 months ago +2

    Mad respect Rory

  • leopard seal
    leopard seal 3 months ago +19

    Rory is very impressive. honest, doesnt go on but answersdirectly and to the point. i feel for the players who were asked not to leave. i assume thise players who did sign a three year contract will have to wait out another two years before they are allowed back onto the European and American Tours. but u can feel the hurt tho and that will take awhile to get over if at all. a new commissioner maybe will help. would love to hear from Jack.

  • Brent Weir
    Brent Weir 3 months ago +2

    I'll always be on the side of a TRUE professional. F!@$% LIV and everything that it "stands for".. So sorry what has happened to my sport. If only Ouimet, Hagen, Jones, Snead, Hogan, etc could see this now. Thanks so much to Rory, Tiger, Rahm, Day, etc. etc. etc (the good guys). So so so sad.

  • Dennis Shoup
    Dennis Shoup 3 months ago +5

    It is amazing to me the man that Rory McIlroy has become from what seemed to be the little kid so many years ago with the British Open it's just amazing

  • Matt Terrell
    Matt Terrell 3 months ago +33

    Respect to Rory.

    • AmazonEnforcer
      AmazonEnforcer 3 months ago

      >"PHIL, SAVE ME--AACK!"

    • Qqqq
      Qqqq 3 months ago +1

      He has to quit now. Can’t accept Saudi money

  • kozmosnotgay
    kozmosnotgay 3 months ago +13

    The way Rory’s face lit up @ 16:00 made me so happy. The dude was put out there to suffer the slings and arrows of a feud he’s found himself involved in. Glad he can still manage to enjoy the game he loves despite all of this.

    • aaron singer
      aaron singer 3 months ago +1

      At 16:00? I don't see it.

    • Conor Barry
      Conor Barry 3 months ago

      More like 16:17

    • YourBestGolf
      YourBestGolf 3 months ago

      he put himself out there.

    • vertstang123
      vertstang123 3 months ago +2

      No one made him be the mouth of the PGA Tour, except his ego. I hope he misses every cut the rest of the year and loses every Ryder Cup match.

    • JP
      JP 3 months ago

      people have some perspective - all these guys that you are referring to - are extremely wealthy and live privileged lives beyond the average persons imagination

  • Mark G
    Mark G 3 months ago +199

    I get it, Rory saw LIV as weakening the PGA, so he fought against it as they gobbled up players. Unfortunately, it got personal. I'm sure the LIV guys will gloat, and these players are going to be in a group with Rory at some point. I don't blame Rory for protecting his turf, but he was kind of screwed by the PGA and he probably will have learned a lesson - you can love the company, but they will never love you.

    • Marc Schmidt
      Marc Schmidt 3 months ago +6

      The one thing I think the biggest thing I think is the money go ahead Rory say it

    • Alex Jones
      Alex Jones 3 months ago +23

      I hope the liv guys rip on rory until he retires. He went after THEM personally, that’s undeniable. He can’t expect mercy now, not after how he conducted himself. The guy showed his true colours, he’s a coward puppet that will do whatever daddy tells him to do.

    • @Toronto Golf
      @Toronto Golf 3 months ago +2

      very well said

    • MarkSmith
      MarkSmith 3 months ago +2

      ​@Alex Jones I agree

    • Irvin Lee
      Irvin Lee 3 months ago +5

      @Alex Jones feel especially for phil. lost all respect for rory when he said f-ck u phil on full swing documentary

  • Kathryn Leaser
    Kathryn Leaser 3 months ago +1

    Rory is being pretty frank with his feelings. Well done interview. I keep thinking concerning the PGA " if you can't beat em join em " follow the money , that shows the path the PGA's is following. Could it be the....the money?
    PGA shows it true color and Rory as diplomaticly as he can is giving us his feelings.
    Hats off to Rory you have a backbone.

  • Steven Stefnik
    Steven Stefnik 3 months ago +4

    Rory is an old soul,where tradition means everything. Protecting that tradition in golf should come to the forefront of these conversations!

  • CSKS
    CSKS 3 months ago +14

    Rory “we can’t let these guys just come back they took the money”
    Also Rory “those guys that turned down money should absolutely be made whole and given that money they turned down”
    Literally back to back answers

    • T R
      T R 3 months ago +1

      @cadeks8940 They're going to have to let them back in because their anti-trust claim is actually stronger now. When LIV existed, the anti-trust claim was flawed because they were playing pro golf for a lot of money for the tour of their choosing.

    • D. Head
      D. Head 3 months ago +3

      Noticed Rory didn't turn down that NIKE money.

    • Jackie - IG jackielikeskillersmiles
      Jackie - IG jackielikeskillersmiles 3 months ago +2

      @D. Head why would he have to Dolt!!? Your confusing jays comments with moral high road. Rory never took that stance. He was always saying if we let Saudi invest just let us control the game. But pif got greedy and wanted to change the games structure. That’s why Rory hates Liv . Buuutttt
      Jay is lining all the players pockets. Don’t be naive. He played the long game and it worked! jay is a smart businessman and in that position for a reason.
      Yea about money from the beginning and how it was invested. Pif came too hard the first round and wanted to invest and change golf structure. pga said, “no, you can invest and we spend the money how we want.” That’s why they listened and went with Greg and Phil to poach, thinking Liv would be better received than it actually was. Pif getting no ROI from Liv, shareholder’s not happy, forcing their hand back to the table to do thing pgas way if they want a seat at the table! Black and white. Jays taking a hit now. But in the long run Jay played and won the chess match against PIF and pga wins. The Liv players were the real pawns here! The end! Rory was the sacrificial lamb as he claims as part of the chess game

    • mmadchef808
      mmadchef808 3 months ago +3

      @D. Head What is he supposed to wear? Pick a brand….any brand. Everything is made overseas with slave labor.

    • michael delaney
      michael delaney 3 months ago

      Yes because if they all had taken the money there would be no merger - LIV would have gone on it’s own and PGA would have died. They fact many big players stayed meant a merger had to happen and PGA tour survived.

  • Paul Adamson
    Paul Adamson 3 months ago +4

    Very impressive press conference from Rory. Honest answers , he must feel incredibly let down by what’s gone on in the background.

    • Comments Board Referee
      Comments Board Referee 3 months ago +2

      Wait, what? Now he's ok with Saudi money? Don't hurt your back with those mental gymnastics you're doing!

    • Alice Onaka
      Alice Onaka 3 months ago +1

      Rory didn't just dip his toes in this, he did a cannonball. Now he doesn't like the water temperature. He's finding out, it's hard to un-ring the hypocrite bell. Funny to see how he's singing and dancing trying not to sound like one. He "hates" LIV still, but not the investing body. Huh? He's clueless and can't hear himself. He's a main character that caused all this trouble. Whether he realizes it or not he's French kissing LIV now.

  • A
    A 3 months ago +9

    Respect for Rory and how he held his ground. PGA chase the money

    • K C
      K C 3 months ago

      Agree and it's not like the PGA or players weren't incredibly wealthy already.

  • Kalle
    Kalle 3 months ago +52

    Everyone will remember what an absolute gentleman and true to himself Rory is. I think less will remember those who sold out. Legends live on.

    • indkeith
      indkeith 3 months ago +7

      lol...too funny

    • bill guthry
      bill guthry 3 months ago

      Legacy is all that matters

    • Dustin Johnston
      Dustin Johnston 3 months ago +8

      if he continues to play and takes that saudi money now hes just a hypocrite. He should step away from the league and find somewhere new to play after being so high and mighty a year ago, just to cave a year later.

    • KCH
      KCH 3 months ago +1

      @indkeith too funny? i’d say spot on

  • Emilio Yepez
    Emilio Yepez 3 months ago +10

    Very honest, very professional - nothing but respect

  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller 3 months ago +2

    His face at 5:27 says everything.

  • SCSmith
    SCSmith 3 months ago +17

    This is a lesson for life in these times. You can either sell out or someone will sell you out if there is enough money involved.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 3 months ago +2

      Didn't Rory sellout to go to the PGA tour? I thought he was on the European tour...?

    • JP
      JP 3 months ago +1

      @Daniel No sweat if there is one thing for sure ignorance is welcomed here and there are plenty to keep you company

  • Andreas Sandgren
    Andreas Sandgren 3 months ago +12

    It'll be interesting to see how many of the LIV players who didn't switch because of the money but because of the fewer and shorter events, so they could spend more time with their family, start booking out their calendar with PGA events.

    • John Serrano
      John Serrano 3 months ago

      More relaxed enjoying 3 day events! And showing up strong and fresh 4 majors!

    • Michael
      Michael 3 months ago

      They have a real off season not the fake 1 week off season the pga tour has

  • Diego Delgado
    Diego Delgado 3 months ago +78

    I went to high-school with Monahan. Long time ago. But even back then he was a snake. He was in the chess club like me. We all watched him cheat multiple times. Yes it was just a silly match that meant nothing. And he lost almost all the time. So nobody really cared. But that was his character then and he is still a snake now. Its crazy how people don't change. Your first impression is usually correct.

    • Tyson
      Tyson 3 months ago +5

      Although his character is certainly very questionable, the decision to merge is the correct financial decision for the game,the players,the advertisers,the executives and all involved.
      We only need to look at the NFL with the afc/nfc scenario as well as the nhl/wha scenario from the past.
      It was either get eaten alive and bleed cash or join forces financially .
      This is capitalism at work.

    • John Hoie
      John Hoie 3 months ago +12

      Capitalism at work? An autocratic monarchy deciding to take over professional golf by throwing money at it is not capitalism.

    • Working From Home Today
      Working From Home Today 3 months ago +4

      My guess is he took your gf or you're full of shit. But if not, then this is an interesting anecdote.

    • Logan Wolverine
      Logan Wolverine 3 months ago +9

      I was in pre school with Monahan. He took a toy I was playing with pooped on it and handed it back to me. It's made me a better man til this day.

  • jrromman
    jrromman 3 months ago +12

    What incredible poise and professionalism from Rory. Wow! Great player. Very intelligent man. Impressive.

  • K E
    K E 3 months ago +21

    Man I love Rory. So happy he actually answered the questions with respect but also honesty and transparency. This is what press conferences could always look like if the news didn't exploit the players' answers.

  • William Morrison
    William Morrison 3 months ago +59

    Its ok Rory youve proven your true character and you seem like just a good dude...there is no pricetag for that

    • Remo Evans
      Remo Evans 3 months ago +8

      Unless he’s not going to take any money, there’s definitely a price tag. Otherwise the last few years has been nothing but virtue signaling.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 3 months ago +6

      He throws tantrums and clubs. Dumped his fiance Wozniacki. Acts like he's the face of golf when he hasn't won a major since 2014. Not sure what you're seeing.

    • William Morrison
      William Morrison 3 months ago +4

      @Daniel anger is a form of honestly and doesn't make you a bad person...and there are 2 sides to any relationship I mean was she like your family member or something?...if these are the only reasons for someone not being a decent person then you need to lower your standards

    • Daniel
      Daniel 3 months ago +3

      @William Morrison Plenty of nice people on tour, who also win majors. Morikawa, Scheffler, Rahm are all nice people and they are much better players than McIlroy when it matters. Hovland too (he just caddied to help his college teammates). Don't get why so much time is spent on Rory. He's a good player, but not better than those players.

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller 3 months ago +14

    What is Rory talking about? He thinks they are going to punish the player's who left for LIV? He's still not getting who owns this entity. Jay answers to the guy who started LIV, regardless of what it's called in the future. All of those guys will be coming to the new entity with fatter wallets and no repercussions.

  • alma walker
    alma walker 3 months ago +3

    Well done Rory for standing your ground. At least you stood by your principle and not be bought by money. Never was a fan but I am now. Hope you go out there and win more majors.

  • Mike Day
    Mike Day 3 months ago +3

    what a stand up guy......much respect

  • Kato Fakatoumafi
    Kato Fakatoumafi 3 months ago +8

    Rory handled this press like a champ!! Let’s hope the bigger picture will be beneficial for all players but only time will tell! 👏🏽🤙🏽

  • Duckoff
    Duckoff 3 months ago +10

    I love Rory so much. All this screwed him over more than anyone other than tiger and yet he is still a team player. Sometimes I wish he would just truly say what he feels. He’s the modern day Arnold Palmer.

    • Michael Angell
      Michael Angell 3 months ago


    • David
      David 3 months ago

      He's got his morals and that's worth more than money

    • TheAboriginal
      TheAboriginal 3 months ago +1

      I mean, he did say Jay was a hypocrite right in the interview. It's not like he's doling out praise for how this was handled.

  • Dermot Coyne
    Dermot Coyne 3 months ago +8

    Rory shows his class big time today.

  • kat king
    kat king 3 months ago +64

    The mental gymnastics Rory has performed for this interview is a 10 in the Olympics!

    • Edward Branscomb
      Edward Branscomb 3 months ago +7

      Whoever is supplying, the money is actually in charge

    • Matt Webb
      Matt Webb 3 months ago +2

      Masterclass from McIlroy here

    • G. Wills
      G. Wills 3 months ago +7

      What? A masterclass of hate speech?

    • kat king
      kat king 3 months ago +2

      @Matt Webb more like someone that got screwed realizing he was duped!

    • JarJar Binks
      JarJar Binks 3 months ago +3

      He is trying to lick the boots of his new overlords with his suddenly favorable opinions of merger. Rory is now indirectly supporting women’s rights abuse in Saudi Arabia via the money gravy train bandwagon he is on known as golf aka the Saudi owned sport. The game of golf will never be the same and now we will all turn a blind eye and pretend it is all good when we watch the golf channel and pay for golf tournament tickets. Also, turns out Phil Mickelson is a genius.

  • Lynn Lapchak
    Lynn Lapchak 3 months ago

    I love Rory and he is definitely a class act! All the PGA tour players were screwed by the PGA. I know it is always about the money...but - all the players who stayed and backed the PGA, could've jumped ship to LIV, made a lot of $$ and now have the ability to come back? Just unfair to those that stayed!

  • Plastpackad
    Plastpackad 3 months ago +175

    PGA did what it take to avoid a public trial where they had to open the books. PGA and 95% of all sport journalist has handled all this in a very bad way.
    Funny how PGA suddenly found nearly $1 billion extra for the remaining PGA players and caddies. PGA management has obviously a lot of rot.

    • james fitzgerald
      james fitzgerald 3 months ago +14

      You don’t understand it seems! The Arabs lost a court case in London and LIV wasnt getting big TV. The Arabs didn’t want to disposed either, Poulter has 8 Ferraris? with a mediocre career. Caddies are millionaires FGS

    • Jacob Plourde
      Jacob Plourde 3 months ago +21

      ⁠@james fitzgerald I wouldn’t exactly call 12 European tour wins, 7 Ryder Cup appearances and a career high of fifth in the world a mediocre career.

    • Mike Minster
      Mike Minster 3 months ago +6

      IMO! You are correct. I believe this played a huge part for both sides, more so with the PGA and their non-profit status. I think that opening their books would have opened a whole can of worms with not only the IRS but with the tour players as well. And as far as the PIF they didn't want to be diposed and potentially open a door to more suits and litigation.

      HTHAMMACK1 3 months ago

      LOL! This comment is so off base.

    • LRN_News
      LRN_News 3 months ago +4

      @james fitzgerald Poults a mediocre career? Hardly

  • Ian Lawrie
    Ian Lawrie 3 months ago +4

    I just hope that, with all the drama going on, Rory can still concentrate on playing his best golf.

    • Free Scotland
      Free Scotland 3 months ago +1

      Not a chance,,,, his head is totally minced!

    • C K2
      C K2 3 months ago +1

      Ten years of Major chokes? Here's to 10more

    • AJ Gumpper
      AJ Gumpper 3 months ago

      @C K2 I love how a lot of people say this yet he's just enjoying his time on the course, making more money than most people will ever see in their life. Dude's chillin'.

    • N17
      N17 3 months ago

      @C K2🍻

  • travis
    travis 3 months ago +53

    So much respect for how Rory has handled the entire situation, especially now!

    • JJ G
      JJ G 3 months ago +10

      You’re easily impressed.

    • David Dunlop
      David Dunlop 3 months ago +7

      Ha ha! Respect? You're joking! He's been like a petulant child and now he's in a huff and even completely delusional in his response to this.

    • james armstrong
      james armstrong 3 months ago +2

      @David Dunlop ur so sad haha

    • Zac Woods
      Zac Woods 3 months ago +3

      @james armstrong nah you just cant differentiate denial from proper response. He’s in denial. Saudi Arabia bought golf. There are no two ways about it. If he stays on tour he is TAKING THE BLOOD MONEY. The only thing he could’ve said to truly save a bit of face is that he’s retiring.

  • John McGrath
    John McGrath 3 months ago

    Janey he's well spoken! Every answer is considerate, thorough... Even how he handles questions where he shouldn't comment (DOJ question). Absolute class.

  • S B
    S B 3 months ago +6

    Rory clearly saying it is not a "PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger" and Golf channel still naming this video "PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger" , lol. Overall, the whole interview is great and shows that Rory is a super straight shooter and loves golf - he has a bright future ahead. I hope he joins the tour leadership after retiring - we need more leaders like him.

    • Alice Onaka
      Alice Onaka 3 months ago

      He's singing and dancing trying not to sound like a hypocrite. Punish the LIV players? The PGA tour just did exactly the same, and yes, that would also be you. Does he know what just happened? He's clueless.
      And he ends with "this is the greatest thing for golf"?Huh? Sooo, his panties are in a bunch, when the greatest thing for golf just happened, huh?

  • Duane Oldfield
    Duane Oldfield 3 months ago +13

    He has a right to be pissed. The PGA handled this whole situation very poorly. They had a monopoly and we're determined to keep it. The players that remained loyal and turned down huge money got royally screwed by ol' Jay...

  • Matt Utley
    Matt Utley 3 months ago

    what a great presser, still being vague and optimistic (not trashing the sport) but still getting the point across that he personally still has issues with these decisions. So nice not to hear the regular PR mumbo jumbo statements

  • Tara Gorman
    Tara Gorman 3 months ago +3

    I have always loved him ❤️❤️❤️. Smart man 😀😀😀😀

  • Rob the Builder
    Rob the Builder 3 months ago +5

    Bless the Reporter at 16:15!!! Gave Rory a break from thinking about all that BS and talk about Golf... Of course everyone knows he has to talk about the BS but that doesn't mean he wants to

    • Metalheads Golf
      Metalheads Golf 3 months ago +1

      Yeps, .. his eyes lit up and all became very much more relaxed for him.

  • Kehl Petersen
    Kehl Petersen 3 months ago +5

    Class Act Rory - honest and principle based

  • Aria Valencia
    Aria Valencia 3 months ago +3

    Rory handled this press conference with exceptional composure and grace. 👏👍

  • GanjaNoMoney
    GanjaNoMoney 3 months ago +3

    Rory is one of the most intelligent and well spoken athletes of all time.

  • hb
    hb 3 months ago +8

    Rory: "PIF is different than LIV"
    Everybody: "??!!"
    Rory: "No, really!"
    Everybody: "Hahahahahahahahah!!!!!!"😀😄😁🤪

    • N17
      N17 3 months ago


  • Jimbo Jimbo
    Jimbo Jimbo 3 months ago +2

    He is truly a class act!!! Kick butt Rory!!!

  • Mikael Lindroos
    Mikael Lindroos 3 months ago

    Goodwill ambassador for the proffesional golf, thanks Rory.

  • javan miller
    javan miller 3 months ago +6

    hats off to Rory! open and honest... well handled

    • N17
      N17 3 months ago

      If he’s true to his word, then he need to retire as he can’t possibly accept “dirty Saudi money” now ? Right ???

  • Rene Jean
    Rene Jean 3 months ago +8

    Rory's fine legacy and his self-respect are secure. The LIV players will never be able to say that.

    • pettydeadhead
      pettydeadhead 3 months ago

      What legacy? What has he done? Nothing lately except cry and complain! Using vulgar language to the greatest left hander of all time and not to mention the use of the word Hate? Really? OK! At least Phil got his cake and now gets to eat it! Haha!

    • Daniel
      Daniel 3 months ago

      You don't think Koepka and Mickleson won't be considered greater players than Mcilroy? You sure about that? Majors matter and Rory has won one since 2014....

    • Patrick Desrosiers
      Patrick Desrosiers 3 months ago

      You must've forgotten who won the most recent Major

  • Philip
    Philip 3 months ago +4

    Rory's reflections are most sober and integrous. Kudos and bravo Rory. ~Doc Phil

  • James Keane
    James Keane 3 months ago

    Rory you are class mate.
    You stood your ground on ethics and those old boys at the PGA have taken blood money. Disgusting!!

  • Boskey10
    Boskey10 3 months ago

    This guy will be the 6th Career Grand Slam winner. Just a matter of time.

  • David Robillard
    David Robillard 3 months ago

    Rory, you are a class act and have been a role model your whole life. Themerger situation is unfortunate and is a complete cave it by commisioner Monahan.

  • Will Gray
    Will Gray 3 months ago +1

    I really feel for all the golfers who sacrificed financially while they were being sold out by the PGA. The PGA will continue to capitulate to the reality of big money. I have to give it to Rory. He has stood on principle throughout and turned his back on huge money from the Saudis. But I think the PGA executives showed their true colors and I will never respect them as an organization again. The golfers, yes, but the people running the PGA, no.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 3 months ago

    Say what you want about Rory, but at least he has opinions and expresses them in a mature way (90% of the time - we are all human). It's more than you can say about other players who hide away or say nothing. It's good to have somebody be open about what they believe in. That's my pointless two pennies anyway 👍

  • Patrick94
    Patrick94 3 months ago +127

    This is only happening because nobody wanted to open the books and reveal the true wealth the tour has.

    • SiLo Mixing and Mastering
      SiLo Mixing and Mastering 3 months ago +7


    • Bill Hutchens
      Bill Hutchens 3 months ago +20

      i think opening the books and proving they are not non profit. that would end the pga tour period

    • J Wild
      J Wild 3 months ago +3

      Pga tour was was lots and lots of millions short going into the rest of this season.

    • Mikey T
      Mikey T 3 months ago +4

      @J Wild the F are you talking about?

    • J Wild
      J Wild 3 months ago +4

      @Mikey T I’m talking about the pga tour being 50 million dollars short on funding for the rest of the season which is why they just accepted the funding they did.

  • Tyler Palmer
    Tyler Palmer 3 months ago +16

    Well done, Rory. Said what you needed to say, and were so diplomatic. Go get 'em on the course tomorrow!

  • Prodigy Highlights
    Prodigy Highlights 3 months ago +21

    PGA threatens players not to leave to join LIV. PGA leadership secures their buyout position after stabilizing PGA just long enough to maintain its value. PGA negotiates their payout from LIV for months behind the player's backs. There needs to be many many lawsuits.

    • Jackie - IG jackielikeskillersmiles
      Jackie - IG jackielikeskillersmiles 3 months ago

      Jay is lining all the players pockets. Don’t be naive. He played the long game and it worked! jay is a smart businessman and in that position for a reason.
      Yea about money from the beginning and how it was invested. Pif came too hard the first round and wanted to invest and change golf structure. pga said, “no, you can invest and we spend the money how we want.” That’s why they listened and went with Greg and Phil to poach, thinking Liv would be better received than it actually was. Pif getting no ROI from Liv, shareholder’s not happy, forcing their hand back to the table to do thing pgas way if they want a seat at the table! Black and white. Jays taking a hit now. But in the long run Jay played and won the chess match against PIF and pga wins. The Liv players were the real pawns here! The end!

  • In cala’s mind
    In cala’s mind 3 months ago +4

    Go Rory. Support you all the way. Someone who stands up to these LIv-jerks should be praised.

  • Tony Papas
    Tony Papas 3 months ago +70

    Rory handled this press conference pretty damn well. I appreciate that he actually voiced his continued displeasure with certain things, but was pragmatic enough to say he's "come to terms with it".

    • Zac Woods
      Zac Woods 3 months ago +4

      Lol because he is in denial that he got snaked out of $500,000,000. He’s come to terms with the fact that he’ll never be able to get over losing that amount of money. He sounded out of sorts.

      ALEJANDRO SOSA 3 months ago +1

      Blood money over integrity. Even Rory could not resist in the end.

    • John Laird
      John Laird 3 months ago +2

      It's actually oil money lol

    • Gomer Pyle
      Gomer Pyle 3 months ago

      Great follow up to the shit-show that Jay put together yesterday.
      But I disagree when he says it isn’t a merger with Liv. There will be a come to Jesus moment in the next few years when the new organization will have to figure out how to un-silo the two groups.

    • Golf Fanatic
      Golf Fanatic 3 months ago +2

      @ALEJANDRO SOSA How did he capitulate if he had nothing to do with the merger? I'll wait.

  • Shaun Strange
    Shaun Strange 3 months ago

    After watching this , Rory has more to offer the world than being a great golfer ! make of that what you will

  • MainmanNorm
    MainmanNorm 3 months ago +5

    This man should be knighted immediately. What an absolute stand-up leader. Best of luck Rory and thanks for your immense integrity and moral leadership of the entire game’s legacy.

    • Daniel
      Daniel 3 months ago

      Leader in what sense? He got the PGA tour to create the PIP scheme and then he goes and skips a tournament after tanking at the Master's. How is that leadership?

  • William Murray
    William Murray 3 months ago

    I really like Rory,hope he wins the Masters before he retires

  • Seenote
    Seenote 3 months ago

    It always comes down to money! These players stayed loyal to their bosses and company when we all know that the business comes first and will do anything to protect the business.

  • Rob Sniffen
    Rob Sniffen 3 months ago

    PGA owes Rory an apology. And those who remained faithful to the PGA deserve an explanation.

  • David Stevens
    David Stevens 3 months ago

    Rory is the winner in my book. The guys who went to Liv, will never have my respect again. Rory never lost it. For what it’s worth.