Joey part 1

  • Published on Sep 26, 2010 veröffentlicht
  • Just a video with a few clips from the american sitcom "Joey" This is part 1 and it contains clips from the first episodes of season 1. Hope you enjoy it :)
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  • Rosecelina Ward
    Rosecelina Ward Day ago

    3.19 is that Charlie from Friends ?

  • The Sneha Pandey
    The Sneha Pandey 3 days ago

    Where can I watch all the episodes of this show?

  • joel Santana
    joel Santana 6 days ago

    Where can I see the full episodes?

  • ??G??
    ??G?? 6 days ago

    He still has the etch a sketch that they had on their apartment door.

  • /////////////
    ///////////// 6 days ago

    I hate this

  • shadow_of_ Origin
    shadow_of_ Origin 15 days ago

    This is so shit

  • R
    R 15 days ago

    Man this show was a desperate attempt , huge flop. People can feel inauthenticity and they don’t like it.

  • Diamond Black
    Diamond Black Month ago

    I am definitely in the minority on this but I would of given this show a chance. It isnt like the network wouldn't of brought no one back. I miss joey too 💕 I even chuckled at some of the lines. 😂

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas Month ago

    This show sucks no wonder it didnt succeed

  • Kassem Jaber
    Kassem Jaber Month ago

    Where is the rest of the gang I meant why isn't there an EP or 2 about them but why doesn't Joey mention them I mean he knowed them for like 10 years and more this is not just stupid this is meaningless I love Joey tribiani but in freinds not in Joey

  • Kassem Jaber
    Kassem Jaber Month ago

    This chow is stupid freinds is a thousand times better

  • Day And Night Confusion

    Parallel world exists

  • Kay Alyssa
    Kay Alyssa Month ago

    At least now we know that Joey ends up with someone! Alex lol

  • Molly Cutpurse
    Molly Cutpurse Month ago

    Loved this!

    JOKER Month ago

    I'm guessing joey cost too much so they had to get some cheap ass supporting characters

  • Shaquala Robertson
    Shaquala Robertson 2 months ago +6

    We’re so used to watching him on friends that this won’t even catch anyone’s attention. I did not know this existed until today after searching Friends Bloopers

  • Logan Jones
    Logan Jones 3 months ago +1

    I swear this is joey playing himself on a series he plays in friends

  • vani
    vani 3 months ago

    NOPE .

  • Kişisel Gelişim
    Kişisel Gelişim 3 months ago +1

    2:13 hey is that adriana from sopranos

  • Joseph Arceda
    Joseph Arceda 4 months ago

    I miss Joey from Friends. That's all I can say.

  • rjallali 22
    rjallali 22 4 months ago

    Yeah nooo

  • Shane Canavan
    Shane Canavan 4 months ago

    Didnt know this existed. Just heard about it... wish I didn't

  • Allen Steik
    Allen Steik 5 months ago

    When he said Raisin the subtitles said Rusian

  • Eman Muhammad
    Eman Muhammad 5 months ago +1

    I never knew about this show 🙃

  • Franco Aires
    Franco Aires 5 months ago

    Alguien que hable español ?
    Que tal es esta serie? Estoy viendo friends con mi novia y la amamos, desde ya muchas gracias

  • Mohammed Raqeeb
    Mohammed Raqeeb 5 months ago

    where to watch this?

  • Isi R
    Isi R 5 months ago

    Come on y'all, have some sense of humor. That "then what are you doing in Dallas" bit on the taxi was hilarious and so were a few more. Love FRIENDS but you gotta admit he still funny, and YES, I agree, this ain't FRIENDS quality.

    • Montavious Gray XX
      Montavious Gray XX 3 months ago

      I would have preferred a Monica and chandler being spin off

  • 0% Serious
    0% Serious 5 months ago

    Why did this show fail? Oh probably because it had subtitles in a different language.

  • julia sundberg
    julia sundberg 5 months ago +7

    "If you want to make it as an actor, you've got to move to L.A" "then what are you doing in Dallas?" Ookay, i can agrree that witout the rest of the characters, this is useless.. but that one was funny..

  • JNV
    JNV 5 months ago +114

    it mustve been so hard for matt to film this. Imagine working with a group of people who you become very close with over 10 years and then the show ending and you do this other show, as the same character but without your best friends. Im getting depressed just thinking about it

    • itsjustsami
      itsjustsami 7 days ago

      well he could have said no

    • J•
      J• 3 months ago

      At the time of the show of course

    • J•
      J• 3 months ago

      Not that hard he’s still getting paid and the others aren’t 😂

  • Otto Man
    Otto Man 6 months ago +8

    It made me unhappy and unconfortable to see Joey without Chandler's protection and Ross's friendship.

  • madre Entanga
    madre Entanga 6 months ago

    I kind of like it... Its not that bad...

  • Earth of Space
    Earth of Space 6 months ago

    So Adriana left Chris and went with Joey. Well of course, what would you choose: "How you doin' " Or "I Didennt" ?

  • Dina Hanizam
    Dina Hanizam 6 months ago +1

    this tv series failed, wonder why... i want to watch more😭

  • Div1nity
    Div1nity 7 months ago

    This feels like two and half men but joey and no friends :c

  • Méabh Mckenna
    Méabh Mckenna 7 months ago +1


  • Amy Ter Avest
    Amy Ter Avest 8 months ago

    This is so weird its not with his bestfriends i hate this show

  • Suraya Ranjber
    Suraya Ranjber 8 months ago

    No wonder no one knows about this show. You can tell from these clips it sucked

  • T Shah
    T Shah 8 months ago

    Who is this guy? The real Joey lives in a room above Monica and Chandlers garage.

  • bel suwarsono
    bel suwarsono 8 months ago

    Friends should really make a spin-off like Fuller House...

  • Bad Wilf
    Bad Wilf 8 months ago +1

    I almost feel like this show would’ve been better, if it wasn’t a Friends spin-off.
    Personally, I don’t think any of the Friends were strong enough to carry their own show. They all needed each other. I’d have given a spin-off to Gunther, or Carol and Susan. Character we know, but whose stories we don’t.
    Joey was doomed before cameras rolled. Make too many Friends references, you’ll get shit for it. Make too little Friends references, get shit for it.

  • Tommah1000
    Tommah1000 8 months ago

    Is it the writing? Is it the new cast?

  • łmc
    łmc 9 months ago +24

    Geez at least mention the other friends cast. It shouldnt even be called 'joey' if his life just changed so much and no flashbacks or anything is shown. This just makes me miss friends so much more.

  • Davis’ Exotics
    Davis’ Exotics 9 months ago

    This looks really bad

  • georgie
    georgie 9 months ago +17

    i lOve joey but he’s just not main character material 😫

  • Nick Jasper
    Nick Jasper 9 months ago +2

    I never saw this show, but was the audience to believe that Drea de Matteo was the mother of a guy 6 years younger than her? WTF?

  • Sommertime42
    Sommertime42 9 months ago

    I can’t believe this show didn’t last!

  • deedee val
    deedee val 9 months ago +1

    I like this show! I don't understand why people don't like it. It is pointless to compare it to Friends. Nothing can beat Friends! But this show is great!

  • ft Sodami
    ft Sodami 9 months ago


  • sanjay rohra
    sanjay rohra 9 months ago

    What no chan chan

  • Jamal Cayman
    Jamal Cayman 10 months ago +2

    the script is dreadful, joey was still joey

  • Sydni A Underwood
    Sydni A Underwood 10 months ago

    I just found out this existed (after loving friends for years) and I wish I could forget it already 😂😂

  • Tommy The hospital fish
    Tommy The hospital fish 10 months ago +3

    I didn’t know this show even existed
    And I’m so confused about who these people are and why Joey is in some big house and the original Friends aren’t even mentioned

    • PrincessA
      PrincessA 10 months ago +1

      Chandler was mentioned, his sister Gina said he and Chandler should have moved to L.A sooner, since it had a vibrant gay scene. Joey was annoyed and said he and Chandler were never a gay couple.

  • Pauline Rose
    Pauline Rose 10 months ago

    He is Joey in this show like the Joey we knew and loved. But I guess they never found the perfect cast. Or maybe because it is hard to beat a show that is aired for a decade and loved and supported by everyone.

  • LySandra Grace
    LySandra Grace 11 months ago

    How did I not know this existed

  • Sahil Shaikh
    Sahil Shaikh 11 months ago

  • Ellie DePrima
    Ellie DePrima 11 months ago +2

    I don't know if I'm happy or sad to say that I never tuned in to see Joey.


    Matt is a fine actor no doubt. here is my thought: He and the cast of Friends were lucky cos they got to deliver first class Jokes and story line that were created by the team of amazing and Brilliant SCRIPT WRITERS. Thx to those high quality of the Jokes and the strong story line, all the cast got to deliver rib tickling Humour and heart warming moments to the maximum effect. The SCRIPT WRITERS for JOEY series however are nowhere at all near that. I know they tried very hard.... but the jokes and Story line are simply not good enough for Matt to deliver the goods. Even if you put all the 6 cast of FRIENDS to act out the jokes and story line seen here in JOEY series.... it still wont work. It is all about the quality of the Jokes and Story line first.,..which was severely lacking. Also, JOEY got to deliver most of the punch lines...yet those punch lines are weak. Not his fault, Folks. The material simply was not good enough to begin in the first place

  • news dissection ceremony

    Joey with Chandler would be the best

  • ms . butterfly lady

    Omg I love Joey