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$100,000 Go-Kart Grand Prix! Ft.

  • Published on Sep 30, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • 🚨 $100K LIVE GO-KART GRAND PRIX FEAT @RDCworld1 @MMG @Deestroying @ImStillDontai @ImDavisss @Jesser @Agent 00 @Jenna Bandy @Bree Green @Cam Wilder @Kristopher London AND MORE!
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  • ZoovilleTV
    ZoovilleTV Year ago +1224

    For all the trash talking Mark does this guy is actually nice at everything lmao, he came in 1st 2nd and 3rd in 3 showdowns 🐐

    • KR6 Productions
      KR6 Productions 4 months ago

      @ZadeFN that's on you nigga

    • Rifqi S
      Rifqi S 6 months ago

      mark the goat

    • ahmet dieng
      ahmet dieng 9 months ago

      @gaoda cheese uuvuvuvuvuvuuvuuvuvuvuvuvuviuvuvuvuvuvuvuvuvuvuvuvuvuvuvuvuuvuvuvuv u

    • Isaiah Johnson
      Isaiah Johnson Year ago

      that's why he's able to talk so much shit bc he's nice at everything

    • Howie
      Howie Year ago

      @Muh. Arham Muharram Arif L

  • Ronaldo Nwoke
    Ronaldo Nwoke Year ago +1188

    There is no way Jenna’s car should be that fast in the first race and I don’t wanna hear “ur mad she’s just good” nah man she had 3 mushrooms, a star and a bullet bill

    • KR6 Productions
      KR6 Productions 4 months ago

      @Popo 🤓

    • Mob
      Mob 4 months ago

      She warmed them tires

    • EpikPsych
      EpikPsych 4 months ago

      There weren’t time trials

    • donn
      donn 4 months ago

      shes probabaly lighter than everyone else so she was able to go a bit faster

    • Daikon
      Daikon 4 months ago

      @Quincy sanders why have a race if the winner is determined in the time trial.

  • Pancakes plays games
    Pancakes plays games Year ago +378

    Whenever the race starts whoever is at the front always wins it is unfair they should make a straight line and spread them out evenly like Mario cart

    • BLVCK
      BLVCK 4 months ago

      You start staggered in Mario kart lmao the o yo thing that makes it fair is items. U want some red shells nigga?🤣🤣

    • Chencho
      Chencho 6 months ago

      They should have gotten super fast cars, these have a top speed that you can easily drive without breaking or anything. If you were able to go fast af, a lot of people could have caught up because it requires more skill to maintain that fast speed and still make turns

    • Chunky Baller
      Chunky Baller 6 months ago

      In Mario cart there are speed boost and shells to stop the person in first place.

    • Dio
      Dio 8 months ago

      @Most underrated black Clip-Sharer alive I’m reporting you. Stop spamming comments under others videos, go get it out the mud pus sea.

    • Rillo Rolla
      Rillo Rolla 8 months ago +2

      Like Mario Kart?…you don’t start in a straight line in Mario Kart, tf.

  • Canti-$ama
    Canti-$ama Year ago +161

    Standing ovation for the drone pilot. They did their thing, those shots were 🔥

  • Golden_eye21
    Golden_eye21 Year ago +504

    Supreme dreams are straight up goated 🐐, shout out to Mark and Dp for holding it down. Ggs!

  • Zangetsu.
    Zangetsu. Year ago +285

    Everybody did they thing, proud of rdc and dontai especially. Good shit y'all.

    • Zangetsu.
      Zangetsu. Year ago

      @Jungle The fact that Dontai could even be included in something like this is enough of it's own feat for me to be proud of him. He's come a long way.

    • Mo Su
      Mo Su Year ago

      @Most underrated black Clip-Sharer alive your vids are actually funny lol i subbed

    • Jungle
      Jungle Year ago

      Why you proud of Dontai he was dead last

    • Jul Yet Feniza
      Jul Yet Feniza Year ago


    • Most underrated black YouTuber alive
      Most underrated black YouTuber alive Year ago

      @Zangetsu. thanks man!

  • Enzo Constantino
    Enzo Constantino Year ago +595

    When the RDC race was better than every race here......

    • Layton
      Layton Year ago

      No it wasn't

    • Foreign_maddogma Morris
    • OG Ceddy
      OG Ceddy Year ago +3

      No cap 💯

    • Enzo Constantino
      Enzo Constantino Year ago +5

      @Sleazyty Facts but tbh, it was more so the collision they be having to actually win 🤣, no passive shii but thats my opinion

    • Sleazyty
      Sleazyty Year ago +6

      Because they were all lined up equally instead of a having everyone spread apart

  • Leanna Lee-Lee
    Leanna Lee-Lee 8 months ago +9

    Most of us came here to see RDC and they didn’t disappoint … lowkey the last race was predictable

  • Dynamite
    Dynamite Year ago +137

    Rdc always shows out man! They deserve every bit of applause!

  • em.
    em. Year ago +555

    tbh first place wasn't fair they should've at least put the back in front one time to give fair chance but Wark still got his place and a medal and Wontai still tried so that's all that matters

    • jbxzy
      jbxzy Year ago


    • HumanoidFrog
      HumanoidFrog Year ago


    • em.
      em. Year ago +2

      @D O R I A N maybe you and I didnt watch the same race even the first place winner Jenna said it was truly because of where she was placed

    • Roasting Camp
      Roasting Camp Year ago

      @SSJay it does she's just skilled

    • SSJay
      SSJay Year ago

      @Roasting Camp Still doesnt make it fair

  • Asa Dawson
    Asa Dawson Year ago +28

    Mark just said “Leland if you get lapped I’m bout to take your cousin card away” 😭😭😭

  • Thomas Matthews
    Thomas Matthews Year ago +274

    It seems like if you start in first, you’re finishing in first.. They should’ve gave first place starting to whoever averaged the fastest lap time overall. At least make it competitive. The girl literally had to not crash and she wins because the track is too narrow to make a pass around the corner 🤦🏾‍♂️ it was cool to watch but I already knew the end result once I saw how it was set up

    • Yvng S3UCE
      Yvng S3UCE 4 months ago

      @outsider2.0 yea and cam was way in front during the second race because he started first to smh

    • Yvng S3UCE
      Yvng S3UCE 4 months ago

      Exactly it's some bullshit

    • Si si
      Si si 6 months ago

      Thats what the time trials are for dude its not random

    • ItzShy
      ItzShy 8 months ago +1

      @Himiko My problem was the competitiveness, not the difference in skill. I also never said that the other competitors were skillful, I just mentioned that no matter who is in first they have a slight advantage whether they're good or not. I just wanted it to be more of a nail biter instead of a peacful cruise. That was the problem. Jenna literally just had to hold off one person and that's why she won so easily, it wasn't a contest of skill and didn't showcase her capability as a racer. Since you believe that the difference in skill was too great, I would have loved to see her go up against competitors who were just as good or even better than her. You could argue that they should've just got better racers, but how do we know if that would even change the outcome. Would've been more fun and suspenseful to see an actual race.

    • Himiko
      Himiko 8 months ago

      @ItzShy Everyone in the back had no chance regardless because they were worse racers. They had worse time trials and they failed to prove through multiple races that they deserved a high placing to start the final race. It was already over for them because they were simply worse from the beginning. Through all the time trials and actual races, we can clearly see who the good racers are and that’s what matters; the competition served it’s purpose.

  • Fakemerald
    Fakemerald Year ago +115

    Being first position is too much of an advantage. Whatever tho, good job to RDC Mark and Dylan!

  • Anesu Gotore
    Anesu Gotore Year ago +331

    Kinda hard to lose when ur in first place in every race

    • Ghost-WhiteSand
      Ghost-WhiteSand Year ago

      @A J that’s how every track works in karting. Could you imagine Dylan Patel, who is my favourite on RDC, being third on the row? That isn’t gonna be racing because whoever is in first is gonna get away clean because of the pileup that’s gonna ensue in the first few corners... Dylan would have knocked everybody from 3rd and down. Then 1st, maybe 2nd if Dylan didn’t hit that person too, would have a huge gap because everyone was in a big crash.

    • A J
      A J Year ago

      @Bryce Gayan funny thing is, if it was possible to phase through other players ( I know it's impossible), the dude would have beat that jenna girl. He was always on her ass and even bumped her so many times that it slowed him down. Being first place doesn't mean you're the fastest.

    • JA
      JA Year ago +1

      @Bryce Gayan only if the karts are equal weight which i doubt they were, jenna is 130lbs and cam is say 200lbs, 130+180lbs (cart weight) vs 200+180lbs is 18% lighter, let's see she can do it with 70lbs worth of dumbells in her cart

    • JA
      JA Year ago

      @Bryce Gayan she's also 100lbs lighter than a lot of the competitors buddy

    • T
      T Year ago +2

      She did get the fastest time in trials, but they(3 people) did mention how some one coached her and that shes the only person that asked for racing gloves. Im just sayin it sounds kinda funny.

  • JTB Podcast
    JTB Podcast Year ago +34

    Bro mark is literally good at everything the definition of back up what he says

  • RighteousChris
    RighteousChris 9 months ago +12

    I was going for RDC, shout out Mark and Dylan, but I was hoping Cam would’ve passed jenna. Ain’t no way she would’ve won if they all started in the same spots.

  • Byrron Mobley
    Byrron Mobley Year ago +75

    The only reason I even wanted to watch this was because of RDC and Imstilldontai. But the time trials pretty much made any race vs actual competition pointless. If your placed 1st at the start, as long as you don't crash and hug the corners, you can't lose. Especially when you take into consideration how the karts line up and this particular track. This shit was gonna be Mickey for whoever got 1st in the time trials.

  • SOAR Comedy
    SOAR Comedy Year ago +14

    I enjoyed the entire thing but it was clear that every race, Whoever started in first had a clear advantage. Even with the RDC game first still came top 3.

  • P J
    P J Year ago +127

    That RDC race was lit asff 🔥🔥

    • Arian Asistin
      Arian Asistin Year ago

      clip-share.net/video/21vPaI4Y_Zc/video.html this lowkey funny😂😂😂

    • Most underrated black YouTuber alive
      Most underrated black YouTuber alive Year ago

      I make extremely entertaining videos. I had to make you laugh and if not my mom will send me back to africa Fr

    • B
      B Year ago +1

      what time does it start

  • Segkid Films
    Segkid Films 8 months ago +3

    Always love to see my boys RDCWorld1 on the channel, truly hilarious group!

  • AdiZERO650
    AdiZERO650 Year ago +6

    Dontai never fails to crack me up 😂😂

  • Dio
    Dio 8 months ago +2

    It’s relatively easy to win if you start at the front, regardless of if you get a boost or not. Make the track wider and start everyone at the same spot and I guarantee it will be more entertaining. Also the drone footage was amazing, big shout out to the pilot!

  • Nicky Jeanty
    Nicky Jeanty Year ago +2

    Now this is something I'd 💯 want to be a part of well done

  • Suri Kibrom
    Suri Kibrom Year ago +8

    Jenna getting the headstart every time

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel Gonzalez Year ago +1

    Yoo, watching that event was dope! Well played by everyone. 👍🏾👏🏾 But I can't believe Ben outta nowhere tho! Lmao 🤣 Congrats! Lol, gotta love RDC. 🤣

  • Dāv1d!
    Dāv1d! Year ago +16

    Predictions: Jenna is in the first position so she will get 1st and win the whole thing alr I'll come back if I'm wrong
    Edit: I was correct so if you're in first you can't lose

  • Saim Malik
    Saim Malik Year ago +31

    Liked the vid just cause of RDC 🔥
    Mark and Dylan the bois 💯

  • dekayla
    dekayla Year ago +31


  • KIGO
    KIGO Year ago +158

    if y'all voted cam on the last one he would've won, that's tough

    • A J
      A J Year ago +1

      @Hang Hand Dylan did his thing with the power boost tho. He started at 8 and then he came at 5th place.

    • Josiah Brady
      Josiah Brady Year ago

      honestly the power boost was a stupid concept, and it's a shame that it didn't naturally cycle throughout the game

    • dondoe
      dondoe Year ago

      cam been takin mad Ls

    • Most underrated black YouTuber alive
      Most underrated black YouTuber alive Year ago

      I create extremely entertaining videos. I had to make you laugh and if not my mom will send me back to africa Fr

    • Most underrated black YouTuber alive
      Most underrated black YouTuber alive Year ago +1

      I make extremely entertaining videos. I had to make you laugh and if not my mom will send me back to africa Fr

  • L. Lawliet
    L. Lawliet Year ago +32

    They literally let Jenna go first every time so by logic she has a huge advantage. Who thought this was a good idea?

    • T
      T Year ago +4

      She did get the fastest time in trials, but they(3 people) did mention how some one coached her and that shes the only person that asked for racing gloves. Im just sayin it sounds kinda funny.

  • UHHH E
    UHHH E Year ago +5

    I find it funny that jenna called cap about hiring a coach and then Agent tells a different story about all that on peer to peer podcast 💀

  • 070 Nikhil vadamalayan

    They should have had staggered finish lines for each person.great video though💥💥💥

  • Vickram Singh
    Vickram Singh Year ago +14

    I think the setup with the whit stickers make a huge difference and thats why the rdc race was more competitive. cause with the white stickers number 1 is uncatchable. 🏳

  • ImperiumFlow
    ImperiumFlow Year ago +228

    Jenna’s kart was definitely faster than everyone else’s…

    • Fraydizs
      Fraydizs Year ago

      @Real Nigga In most go kart tracks there is a terminal that controls the maximum speed of the drivers, and for emergency purposes they can also be shut off remotely. Hers was most likely set slight faster than the others.

    • InfiniteShake
      InfiniteShake Year ago

      @TooSmooveEli Sound? We're typing, lol.

    • JA
      JA Year ago +1

      @ImperiumFlow its not cheating, the event is run by people who know jack shit about actual racing, usually weight needs to be uniform, then grid position is determined by timed laps from fastest to slowest, not mini races determined by whoever starts at the front, with 100k on the line this is actually retarded

    • JA
      JA Year ago +1

      if jesser is 155lbs and the gokart is 180lbs (335lbs), jenna is 130lbs (let's say), that's 7% less weight it's hauling around, 7% weight reduction is 300lbs off a 4300lbs car, if you had a sumo wrestler in your passenger seat when doing a timed lap i imagine you'd feel the difference

    • Priyanshu Singh
      Priyanshu Singh Year ago

      @Real Nigga it does

  • TeddeFDN
    TeddeFDN Year ago

    Great show, great competition.

  • O K
    O K Year ago +1

    What a race 🔥🔥🔥

  • Terrance Hartley
    Terrance Hartley Year ago +4

    Nelson has bars when introducing them straight 🔥

  • Brendan Davies
    Brendan Davies 8 months ago

    come on we need to have Jesser win the whole damn thing so give him the pizza hut power boost

  • Lightskin #6
    Lightskin #6 Year ago +1

    We came in expect Mario Kart but got the disappointing reality of Go Kart Racing 😂

  • Akash Giri
    Akash Giri Year ago +19

    Isn't being in first kinda really big advantage? I mean they already has big lead in start and seems way too easy for them to win

  • DreamySteezy
    DreamySteezy 8 months ago

    Dylan Patel, Lightning McQueen's prodigy, tennis prodigy.
    Mark 6'0 🤣
    The RDC race was the best part, Mark's commentary was great.

  • Pain
    Pain Year ago +13

    Nobody wanted Jenna to win lmao

  • george Wyche
    george Wyche Year ago

    It’s wild that I’m watching this because of my 6 favorite Clip-Sharers S/o to RDC,AMP, Deestroying, & 2Hype

  • King Ceez
    King Ceez Year ago

    Marc always coming thru for his boyz

    AMBIENCE Year ago +5

    literally when your already in 1st from the start of the race, your gonna win if you have basic driving knowledge...

  • DookyButt27
    DookyButt27 Year ago +164

    So who’s ever starts in first wins 100k…. Noted.

    • T
      T Year ago

      @EJTHEGOAT She did get the fastest time in trials, but they(3 people) did mention how some one coached her and that shes the only person that asked for racing gloves. Im just sayin it sounds kinda funny.

    • Jit Trippin
      Jit Trippin Year ago

      @Rob Austin I'm just saying it was kinda predictable that if the fastest is in the front then they'll win

    • Rob Austin
      Rob Austin Year ago

      @Jit Trippin if you randomized, the most skilled person wouldn''t win like she did today.
      If they would have done only time trials, Jenna would have won, so what does that say?

    • Jit Trippin
      Jit Trippin Year ago

      @Rob Austin well good thing I put randomize there. That makes more sense

    • Rob Austin
      Rob Austin Year ago

      @Jit Trippin if they put fastest in the back, then everybody would just try to be the slowest.

  • Joseph Lisbon
    Joseph Lisbon Year ago

    I was hoping they all started at the same distance so it really shows who could drive but good work rdc

  • xSkadush
    xSkadush Year ago +15

    RDC race @ 49:45 , we are all here for these G.O.A.Ts 🐐🐐

  • UpstateRemy
    UpstateRemy Year ago

    How is the RDC world race more entertaining than the actual races?
    That last race was so intense

    WPIII Year ago

    The only way this would be fair was to give the W to the fastest time each race cuz if you start 1st its almost impossible to loose, you just need to not crash

    [BTG] GXRLA Year ago +35

    Jenna getting happy after getting favorited to win😂

    • Tom Speed
      Tom Speed 5 months ago +1

      Whoever voted her must have been simps. I’m not mad that she won but come on. Stop simping, get some help. I’m not joking

    • Anal Hair
      Anal Hair Year ago +7

      @Kas if cam was in first at the start he would have won. so would have anyone else

    • Kas
      Kas Year ago +1

      @Anal Hair Lets be real. If she messed up she would’ve lost but she didn’t. Cam had multiple chances along with the boost which I’m surprised he didn’t get. She played defensive driving and won.

    • Anal Hair
      Anal Hair Year ago +12

      @Cole nah he’s just right. whoever started in first ended in first. not mad. just facts

    • Most underrated black YouTuber alive
      Most underrated black YouTuber alive Year ago

      I make extremely entertaining videos. I had to make you laugh and if not my mom will send me back to africa Fr

  • zealqq
    zealqq Year ago +31

    That first place starting position was so rigged, they should’ve lined up 1st and 2nd to make it more even

  • Mayo Sama
    Mayo Sama Year ago +2

    Ben sold the shit out of Desmond 😂😂😂

  • Generation Sigma
    Generation Sigma Year ago +7

    Mark really fumbled second place with a speed boost given!...

  • Classically Christion

    Hearing Pierre from TTW announce with RDC AMP and ImDontai compete is amazing. I watch all of these guys and they're some of my favorite content to watch.

  • Amnesty Sports
    Amnesty Sports Year ago +1

    This whole production was dope!

  • Karen Claud
    Karen Claud Year ago

    Now we need all the through the wire dudes part of this

  • Joseph Lisbon
    Joseph Lisbon Year ago

    We need more of these no cap

  • Prince Vegeta
    Prince Vegeta Year ago +2

    You start from the front you have a 99 percent chance at staying up front lol

  • Jor.Swiffty
    Jor.Swiffty Year ago +1


  • OP_Doom
    OP_Doom Year ago +7

    We gotta keep In mind how bad this track is cause if your in 1st from the beginning you not gonna get caught cause there's no competition on that turn for 1st place

  • ART
    ART Year ago +4

    They should’ve managed the speed on the vehicle on were it’s lined up cuz whoever was lined first is usually first unless they lose to the person wid the boost 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Rifqi S
    Rifqi S 6 months ago +1

    We all here for RDC. No cap

  • 4ktTrollGoat
    4ktTrollGoat Year ago +9

    How did they magically make the cars go 10km fast with the pizza boost???

    • Xooks
      Xooks Year ago

      Speed cap raised

    • J. SHEP
      J. SHEP Year ago +5

      Lol, the control panel.

  • Mob
    Mob 4 months ago

    It seems like first place has a permanent power boost
    They always looked like they were moving faster

  • Micah Scott
    Micah Scott Year ago +26

    Whoever started in first won first place that should obviously say something about the start

    • King Gam
      King Gam Year ago +1

      Exactly, not fair tbh

  • Apache Prime
    Apache Prime 9 months ago

    Bro she admitted it at the end I respect her for that

  • GeekGod
    GeekGod Year ago +3

    Someone give the Drone Pilot an award!

  • Xphyxia 19
    Xphyxia 19 Year ago

    Everyone likes to watch rdc compete at everything

  • Darnell Seymour
    Darnell Seymour Year ago

    Lol you can tell dude was annoyed with Jenna judging his reaction but had to keep it professional 24:40

  • Brendan Davies
    Brendan Davies 8 months ago

    come on Kristopher London you can win this even though you are the tallest person in this event

  • Joseph Aliyu
    Joseph Aliyu Year ago

    Mark should have gotten the first power boost, that would have helped more cos he was closer then

  • Jungle
    Jungle Year ago +1

    Agent mad mark took off 😂😂when it’s about money anything goes

  • Kayla P
    Kayla P Year ago +97

    RDC the best group on Clip-Share🔥‼️🐐

    • Layton
      Layton Year ago

      Are you sure about that

    • Trollingjason
      Trollingjason Year ago

      @Kuza uh no.

    • TOP
      TOP Year ago

      That’s facts

    • Petrified 00
      Petrified 00 Year ago +2

      AMP close

    • 0DUWA 3D
      0DUWA 3D Year ago +5

      @MarcoFrm DaTrap I know you ain’t talking about RDC

  • JLB
    JLB Year ago

    If only Cam came this prepared against k showtime

  • Adam Richmond
    Adam Richmond Year ago +4

    Most rigged event I’ve ever seen

  • Generation Sigma
    Generation Sigma Year ago +3

    Lmao...This was only 20% skills...70% just pure luck of getting speed boosts or if you just start at first every race in the lead...Jenna can never flex this win!...💀💀💀

    • ShiftZzlol
      ShiftZzlol Year ago +1

      She got the fastest time trial so that’s why she went first she won fair and square

  • Davion Hall
    Davion Hall Year ago +2

    I wonder what rdc worlds conversations was after they found out mark picked who to give the power boost too

  • Lanz Paqueo
    Lanz Paqueo Year ago

    Shouts outs to everyone & congrats to Jenna

  • Malcom Mind
    Malcom Mind Year ago +11

    I dont understand how you're supposed to pass someone who starts in first in this type of race they dont really have to worry about trying to pass other people.

    • Rob Austin
      Rob Austin Year ago +2

      That's how nascar works too, it's pretty silly

  • FishXF
    FishXF Year ago +1

    Damn they really just handed Jenna 100k for doin pacelaps, first place starting pos isn’t fair

  • Chase Richardson
    Chase Richardson Year ago +1

    well Jenna gets the easiest 100 grand ive ever seen lmao

  • Daniel
    Daniel Year ago +10

    Whenever I go go carting, one cart is always way faster lol same thing here

    • Nutelko8
      Nutelko8 Year ago


    • 1700
      1700 Year ago +4

      @Most underrated black Clip-Sharer alive man nobody cares about yo trash content stfu

  • Abraxas99x
    Abraxas99x Year ago +2

    That immediate turn at the start is bogus. The pace kart was cheap product placement and them karts weak! 😅😅

  • Malik Floyd-adkins
    Malik Floyd-adkins Year ago +5


  • JBrown TV
    JBrown TV Year ago

    I feel like they all should have started side by side

  • Prodijayy._ _
    Prodijayy._ _ Year ago

    They should’ve Broke them off in groups smaller and the winners of them go head to head for top3 and then the top 3 race cuz it’s all positioning , Jenna was gone win jus from her being so far ahead from the jump

  • JShwayze Gaming
    JShwayze Gaming Year ago

    When you work your tires before the race it makes the go cart stick to the track and go faster

  • Joseph Buggs
    Joseph Buggs Year ago +13

    The track is built for the car positioned in the #1 spot to win.

  • ant
    ant Year ago +6

    Everyone in the front got the dub most likely so this was kinda rig

  • Yo
    Yo Year ago +3

    Cam was the best driver he just needed to be in 1st at the start

  • Saber
    Saber Year ago +3

    The broadcast boys are so good that you just got to hate them and Love them

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent Year ago +1

    I watch this video for 1 hour and 50 minutes only for the person I was rooting for to lose

  • Rich Cordova
    Rich Cordova Year ago

    I would even dare to say I could start from the back and win.

  • Pascual Torres
    Pascual Torres Year ago +1

    Lol gotta love my Dude Dylan tho 😂😂

  • MJ
    MJ Year ago +2

    I went to Pizza Hut and they had this on live 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Edouble22 Plays
    Edouble22 Plays Year ago

    The whole thing was fun to watch, but I'm glad Cam kept it close at the end. Props to Jenna though.

  • Jamil King1
    Jamil King1 9 months ago

    Best commentary 😂😂😎👍🏽

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent Year ago +1

    $100,000 just for winning this piece of cake

  • Asa Dawson
    Asa Dawson Year ago

    Also, Mark is the funniest commentator