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Game Of Thrones - The King Is Tired

  • Published on Jun 9, 2013 veröffentlicht
    Scene from Season 3 Episode 10 Mhysa.
    Games Of Thrones The King Is Tired
    Games Of Thrones The King Is Tired
    Games Of Thrones The King Is Tired
    Games Of Thrones The King Is Tired
    Games Of Thrones The King Is Tired
    Games Of Thrones Scene
    Games Of Thrones Scene
    Games Of Thrones Scene
    Games Of Thrones Scene
    Games Of Thrones Scene
    Small council
    Tyrion Lannister
    Tywin lannister
    The king is tired
    I am the king
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Comments • 772

    THE_BOLSHEVIK 3 years ago +5035

    One of the amazing things about this clip is that Tywin only speaks three times, and yet he dominates the scene. That's presence.

    • imamaxmedgurey School
      imamaxmedgurey School Month ago

      Technically he spoke two times

    • jthornt01
      jthornt01 Month ago

      I love how Joffrey insults Tywin and the room goes silent. Even the King doesn’t mess with Tywin Lannister.

    • денис любченко
      денис любченко Month ago

      I ll surprise you. No matter how many times he speaks. He dominated always because he was the most powerful character

    • Ofon
      Ofon Month ago

      @Tatiana Flucker hotd socks in comparison

  • Drew
    Drew 8 months ago +2846

    I like how Tyrion literally threatens the life of the king in front of the entire small council and yet the part where the scary, ominous, “oh shit” music plays is when Joffrey insults Tywin.

    • Cid
      Cid Month ago

      Yep. Even Cersei gave him that "you done fucked up" look.

    • christian mascagni
      christian mascagni Month ago

      Tremendous comment.

    • njmfff
      njmfff Month ago +1

      Tywin was always the real power behind the crown, he could care less about Joffrey, he even though of him being stupid, he just used him and his daughter as proxy.
      One of my favorite scenes with Tywin is when he speaks with Joffrey in throne room, it clearly shows power dynamic between two of them and how much Tywin does not give a shit about Joffrey being a king. One of the best and funniest lines is when Tywin says he's gonna move council meeting to his chambers and Joffrey is complaining that he will now have to "walk all the way up there", and Tywin is like "we can arrange to have you carried there". Tywin did not give a shit.

    • Copy Right
      Copy Right Month ago

      Yes. And people still fall for this basic editing trick, they think Tywin is the protagonist of the scene.

    • Earlgent Paul Melchor
      Earlgent Paul Melchor 2 months ago +1

      @Zamoshi i am gotham's reckoning

  • Argumemnon
    Argumemnon 11 months ago +3879

    I love how Tywin didn't feel he had to intervene when Tyrion threatened the king. The brat deserved it.

    • dametreusp ppp
      dametreusp ppp Month ago

      I hate that he quit that role he played it perfectly wanted to beat his ass everytime I saw him lol

    • Moonlight
      Moonlight 2 months ago

      Joffrey did start talking shit about Tywin, so that probably set him off.

    • Christopher McManus
      Christopher McManus 2 months ago +2

      It wasn't because Joffrey deserved it, it was because he wasn't a Lannister & Tyrion was. Lannister's being able to threaten & bully kings shows their power which Tywin loved to have. When Joff tries to punish Tyrion he intervenes because Tyrion is a Lannister & therefore should be considered above reproach

    • Geoffrey Bronson
      Geoffrey Bronson 2 months ago +2

      Yeah imagine if you threatened someone that Tywin cared about in front of him...oh boy....

    • TheBlobik
      TheBlobik 2 months ago +5

      @FantasyMangaComic Visionary And no matter how much he disliked Tyrion, he knew he was right and that Joffrey was not fit to rule

  • Ire92
    Ire92 6 months ago +2762

    I love Tyrion's opening line.
    "Killed a few puppy's today?"

    • Tamerlane
      Tamerlane Month ago +2

      He killed a young wolf

    • Jean Xza
      Jean Xza 2 months ago

      Few m
      ore like a dozen

    • Rip Trojans
      Rip Trojans 2 months ago


    • Incizor1
      Incizor1 2 months ago +2

      @unathi silo I know it’s been years but… too soon! 😢😅

  • tanasinn
    tanasinn 3 years ago +2718

    Things Joffrey isn't:
    1.) Tired
    2.) Alive

  • Bryan Paul
    Bryan Paul Year ago +1321

    The look on Joffrey's face at 2:25 is priceless. And Cersei's look in the next shot is even better. It just screams "kiddo you just mouthed off to the wrong dude"

    • paris beech
      paris beech Month ago

      @Chris Dawson cry some more your really good at it 😂

    • paris beech
      paris beech Month ago

      ​@Chris Dawson 😂😂😂 triggered I see

    • Chris Dawson
      Chris Dawson Month ago +1

      @Simon-peter WilliamsonSmart by being a coward…. Okay buddy

  • Damion Hayde
    Damion Hayde 5 months ago +933

    Joffrey saying everyone is his to torment and Tywin just dropping the paper on the table and slowly rolling his eyes is the perfect representation of how done Tywin is with his whole family

    • Esther Hulst
      Esther Hulst Month ago

      @Olof Acosta i love that comparison with Lex, bith complex characters genius, a bit cruel but does what they deem needed

    • Esther Hulst
      Esther Hulst Month ago

      Omg I never noticed that moment

    • Jorge Bersabe
      Jorge Bersabe 2 months ago

      @K H And it was because of his obsession with not suffering the same fate of his father, Tytos: Tytos was a good and kind man, but weak and eager to please. His vassals mocked him and defied him openly, so Tywin took it upon himself into elevating House Lannister into greatness.

    • PERSIvAlN
      PERSIvAlN 2 months ago

      ​@Rafay G lawful neutral would be his best characterisation. He indeed took advantage in his enemies given the chance, but he also spared Arya despite all evidences, he did honour the deals made truly one of best characters in the show.

    • AotO
      AotO 2 months ago

      @Olof Acosta That's Reynes of Castamere, which is an adage to the House Reyne that he ended back in his prime days.

  • 발티푸스
    발티푸스 Year ago +2438

    Any man who must say "I'm not tired" is no true "not tired"

    • christian mascagni
      christian mascagni Month ago

      😂😂😂😂 that’s funny.

    • ayanna
      ayanna Month ago

      A favorite line of parents everywhere.

    • MegaLotusEater
      MegaLotusEater 2 months ago

      The more you say something, the more ironic it becomes.

    • sungeni maloya
      sungeni maloya 2 months ago

      Any man who says "am not broke" is no true "not broke"

    • sungeni maloya
      sungeni maloya 2 months ago +1

      Tywin almost said that, only that he didnt want to roast his nephew completely

  • King Creedo
    King Creedo 5 months ago +857

    Tywin was like a dragon there. Majestic and intimidating. Commanding the entire room with both silence and the words he chooses to use.

    • Kyrø
      Kyrø 2 months ago

      Ferdi Kılınç™🔥 Very contradictory considering dragons really are slaves, Daenerys chained hers, and the others controlled theirs and ordered them around. What is it again? The lion shits, and the dragon wipes.

      ESHAN JUST SING 2 months ago

      @Matthew Riley That's why tywin was the most powerful person remaining in westeros lasted longer than any powerful men of his era... younger ned and robert died before him so stepping on his tail might not be wise but wisdom can't be expected of ANY son of xersei lol.

    • Matthew Riley
      Matthew Riley 2 months ago

      Then Joffrey steps on his tail, rubbing in his face how much of a fence sitting opportunist he was while Robert and the others did the work.

    • Cherylle Johnson
      Cherylle Johnson 3 months ago

      Nah, a lion.

      ESHAN JUST SING 3 months ago

      Ferdi Kılınç™🔥 I never said it was, it's a massive beast, but unlike the lion, it still serves.

  • Andrej Mancevski
    Andrej Mancevski 5 months ago +520

    You can see the regret and mistake in Joffrey eyes... the acting is superb... Jack Gleeson was a fantastic actor

    • Dr
      Dr Month ago

      Gifted to be sure.

    • Vitulus
      Vitulus Month ago

      @65firered Well something like that. Joffrey has a big ego tho, so I like mine better lol.

    • 65firered
      65firered Month ago

      @Vitulus That was an act to make himself look confident.

    • 65firered
      65firered Month ago

      @DaCrazySlav He retired.

    • Vitulus
      Vitulus 2 months ago

      For a bit, but then it seems liked he was proud of what he said when he shifted himself a bit higher.

  • wuraola olagunju
    wuraola olagunju 3 years ago +1462

    Tywin: The king is tired, see him to his chambers
    Translation: Cersei, if you don't get him out of my sight, I will not be responsible for my actions

    • Bmobmo64
      Bmobmo64 Month ago

      @Thomas Foolery Honestly? Yes, he probably did. If nothing else he could have just blackmailed or frightened literally everyone in that room into claiming Tyrion did it, or even that Joffrey just had a heart attack or something. And Joffrey wasn't more afraid of him because he's a vindictive little fool who thinks he's all-powerful because he's the king.

    • Jeremy Owens
      Jeremy Owens Month ago

      Tywin: Note to self- call the wedding caterers...

    • FBI-sama
      FBI-sama 2 months ago +2

      Tywin: Get him out of here before I turn Tyrion into a prophet.

    • Azrael Knightquest
      Azrael Knightquest 2 months ago +1

      Pretty accurate translation, lol!

    • Héroeus
      Héroeus 2 months ago +1

      @Thomas Foolery He saved the kingdom within in grand return in the capital
      Even robert baratheon was indebt to lord tywin
      That's why he couldn't just dispose off the lannistairs
      Joffrey knew that he was messing with the wrong man
      Tyrion was worthy of tywin's strategic abilities
      Certainly if tyrion was normal
      Tywin would have been much more incline to forget the past
      And tyrion would truly be one of the most feared man in the seven kingdoms
      Remember what tywin said to tyrion
      "Do you think that a crown 👑 makes someone the leader?"
      "It's within an army that reside it's true strength".

  • Animated Ink
    Animated Ink 3 years ago +822

    3:01, I honestly just love Tywin's reaction there. Gets me every time. Such an ambiguous expression. Is he amused by Joffrey's remark? Is he annoyed? Threatening him with his eyes?

    • Jorge Bersabe
      Jorge Bersabe Month ago +1

      @MasteroChieftan Except for the fact that Tywin caused this mess in the very first place, by barely acting as a father.

    • Jeremy Owens
      Jeremy Owens Month ago

      Bored. Its bored him. He's bored now.

    • MasteroChieftan
      MasteroChieftan Month ago

      I would imagine it's mostly digust that this is the next generation of his progeny. He clearly favors Tommen and barely puts up with Joffrey.

    • than man
      than man 2 months ago

      Definitely NOT amused

  • MrSamuel539
    MrSamuel539 5 years ago +1128

    You cut out the best part....
    Tyrion- "You just sent the most powerful man in westeros to bed without supper"

  • Kolton Whitmire
    Kolton Whitmire 2 years ago +308

    This is both the most intense and also the funniest scene. When Joffrey screams he's not tired I laugh every time.

    • khfan4life365
      khfan4life365 Month ago +1

      He sounded like a fit-throwing toddler who didn’t want to take a nap during nap time.

    • Tony Almonte
      Tony Almonte Month ago

      @AlkalineAjayAnyone who’s had a kid act like a brat knows this pathetic howling 😂

    • AlkalineAjay
      AlkalineAjay 3 months ago +4

      Bro you said it!! I laugh at jofferys “ I’m not tired”

  • Anthony Rocco
    Anthony Rocco 3 years ago +431

    I love Varys face when Tyrion says monsters are dangerous and Kong’s are dying like flys

    • allwrighty100
      allwrighty100 Month ago +1

      'Kong’s are dying like flys' lol, you mean 'flies'.

    • M.E. Nyman
      M.E. Nyman Month ago

      @nappa and he plays ping pong before he sings a song

    • nappa
      nappa 2 months ago +1

      Damn imagine king Kong hearing that. He is a king AND a Kong

    • Clayton Bigsby
      Clayton Bigsby 2 months ago

      @David WolfishI actually cried as a kid when King Kong died

    • Eugene Wattson
      Eugene Wattson 2 months ago

      @Denboix bruh u just won the internet

  • yeany christanto
    yeany christanto 5 months ago +119

    This scene clearly shows how GREAT these actors are. Only through their faces we can see all those emotions.

  • Nick Cara
    Nick Cara 5 months ago +134

    With the subtle haunting music in the background and the sinister look on Tywin’s face, you can’t help but think back to those days at the end of the rebellion, visualizing images of the defenseless capital being needlessly sacked and the queen and her children being raped and butchered, all on Tywin’s orders.
    This short scene gives us a rare glimpse into the true visage of the man behind the veil of stoicism and wisdom. A vicious and ruthless psychopath who will do anything and everything to maintain the flawed power structure he has spent his entire life stepping over bones to achieve.
    That’s the real Tywin Lannister, and all the pretentious and contradictory speeches about family, legacy, and leadership won’t change the true nature of his actions.

    • Wolf10media
      Wolf10media Month ago

      @Olof Acosta He did admit to Tyrion that he'd cast him into the ocean if he hadn't bared the Lannister name. And note I said if they were useless to him. Family is all that is keeping the useless/incompetent alive.

    • Asher Reich
      Asher Reich 3 months ago +4

      He is all those things but I don’t know where u see it in this scene

    • Olof Acosta
      Olof Acosta 3 months ago +7

      @Wolf10media idk. Tywin is many things but I'm not sure he is a kinslayer.

    • Wolf10media
      Wolf10media 3 months ago +9

      Yea, very haunting indeed. One often question would he ordered many family members killed he found useless if it so suited him in better circumstances. If it meant keeping the family name strong. Would he had Geoffrey die in a freak accident? Cause it very well looks that way.

  • Aart de Graaf
    Aart de Graaf 6 years ago +403

    The faces of everyone at 2:24. So powerful.

    • Dann Wan
      Dann Wan 7 months ago +4

      @Dylan McCabe Very impressive acting!

    • Dylan McCabe
      Dylan McCabe 8 months ago +17

      My favorite is tyrion. Having lived under tywins cruelty and threats his whole life that slight bit of amusement of it being pointed at someone else. And the infinite more amusement when tyrion realizes, that Geoffry realizes, that EVERYONE in the room is looking at him like he just goofed. All in one second. Grade a acting lol

    • Konnor, Rock Konnoisseur
      Konnor, Rock Konnoisseur Year ago +23

      Joffrey’s look of instant regret 😂

    • mosesmosestv
      mosesmosestv 5 years ago +42

      Yep. They're all: Joffrey, you screwed up royally

  • Whip
    Whip 6 months ago +96

    The silence in the chambers and then the ominous strings that start playing along with the way Tywin looks at him are just brilliant. Even a part of Joffrey realises “I just fucked up”!

  • James hiawo
    James hiawo 3 years ago +417

    As soon as when Joffrey broke eye contact and looked down. He lost.
    Tywin is so domineering

    • Still Born
      Still Born Month ago +1

      "Youre a fool if you believe hes the most powerful man is westerous"
      "A treasonous statement, joffrey is king!"

    • Hannibal Barca
      Hannibal Barca 3 months ago +1

      The only victory that Joffreys had ever made in his life was the possibility of an heir. Oh noo...

    • Henrique Oliveira
      Henrique Oliveira 3 months ago +21

      He lost the second he was conceived

  • Noam Aviv
    Noam Aviv Year ago +181

    2:03. Varys' reaction tho. What a great detail!

    • Christopher Girardi
      Christopher Girardi Month ago +1

      Would've been better if Varys literally wiped his cheek 😂

    • Cindy
      Cindy 3 months ago +2


    • Mike Parson
      Mike Parson 5 months ago +54

      “Say it, don’t spray it.”

  • Declan M
    Declan M 3 months ago +34

    The actors for Joffrey and Tywin are amazing. I almost wish we got more of them together but at the same time the little we have is made all the more special

  • Chocodrago
    Chocodrago 2 years ago +103

    I especially like tyrions expression after Joffreys outburst. You can tell he is humorously intrigued to see what tywins reply would be, everyone else is like "oh no he didnt*sassy finger wag*"

  • Ida Säntti
    Ida Säntti 6 months ago +67

    This scene is a masterpiece. The actors, the dialog, the music. 10+

  • Darkz0m
    Darkz0m  9 years ago +86

    Tyrion is a wonderful character, I just hope he doesn't die. It's sad what happened to Rob, I was speechless. But that is why I love this series so much you never know how things are going to end.

    • Big Man Tommy
      Big Man Tommy Month ago


    • Matro
      Matro Month ago

      Tywin's death was the turning point in the show for me.

    • Significant Twat
      Significant Twat 2 months ago

      @Daniel Tenner They didn't over-estimate anything and they were both competent writers. Any change from the expected and especially how shortened the final seasons were would have made viewers angry. The weird thing is I don't see as many people mad about the awful Hobbit movies compared to the original trilogy.
      The first 4 seasons of this show are amazing, the next two were decent and the last two were milquetoast. It's entirely to blame on Martin and his inability to finish a book.

    • Daniel Tenner
      Daniel Tenner 2 months ago

      @Significant Twat Well, sure, but given their budget, they should have hired someone to tell them how bad the plot was and then hired someone else to help them improve the plot, instead of going all Dunning-Kruger on the entire world.

    • Significant Twat
      Significant Twat 2 months ago +1

      @Daniel Tenner The inept script writers wrote the same scenes you loved from the first 4-6 seasons. It's not their fault George doesn't know how to write more than a page a month.

  • Logan Gropp
    Logan Gropp 3 months ago +26

    Man tywin is awesome here. The king starts to go off on a rant and then when he insults him everyone looks almost expecting him to kill Joffery right then and there lol it was very clear who held the true power.

    • Brandon Layne
      Brandon Layne Month ago

      It reminds me of when Roose and Petyr were discussing the Lannister in season 5 after wedding Sansa. They bring up Tywin’s death then Jaime’s hand, and only then bring up King Tommen. It’s clear Tywin was more important than the king

  • ode maj
    ode maj Month ago +6

    Tywin's character is just so charismatic,controversial, uthoritarian,strategic,decisive,manipulative etc
    He never needed a title to command such a level of power,The world was his chessboard and everyone in it,a potential pawn
    UNFORTUNATELY, even with such qualities, he allowed blind hatred towards tyrion become is downfall instead of utilizing tyrion's genius

  • General Maul
    General Maul 2 years ago +79

    Acting, writing, down to the camera work was perfect... man these people have so much skill. Well done.

  • Rico Pena
    Rico Pena Month ago +1

    2:06 one of GRRM’s all time lines. And Charles Dance delivers it perfectly!

  • Alex
    Alex 4 years ago +151

    Tywin is the only man in the world to make the king going in his room and think about what he said like the little brat he is.

  • Evgeni Tantikov
    Evgeni Tantikov 3 months ago +23

    What a insanely good performance from the entire cast at this scene. I'm glad they didn't pick some celebrity actors for the series

    • Worldmind
      Worldmind 3 months ago +1

      You've got to be joking.. 🤦🏿‍♀️

  • Dan Butch
    Dan Butch Month ago +4

    Despite how hated Joffrey was jack played him absolutely phenomenally. Gutted he lost his passion 😢

  • Sawrattan
    Sawrattan Year ago +82

    1:12 Love those moments when Cersei sees Joffrey for the monster he really is.

    • Jeremy Owens
      Jeremy Owens Month ago +1

      @PandaPirate🏴‍☠️ • 25 years ago Dang, maybe banging my brother hasn't been the best idea...

    • PandaPirate🏴‍☠️ • 25 years ago
      PandaPirate🏴‍☠️ • 25 years ago 2 months ago +4

      Yes, she's like "wtf did I give birth to?"

    • Kibatsume1
      Kibatsume1 3 months ago +1

      Oh no
      reading the book she knows what he is , she even told Sansa what her son is.

    • Brandon Ratcliff
      Brandon Ratcliff 6 months ago +5

      @DysonSphere your interpretation is the correct one.

    • DysonSphere
      DysonSphere 6 months ago +19

      I always saw it a bit differently, personally. The remark "A joke! Joffrey did not mean it" came off as damage control. I feel like she knew what Joffrey meant, but wanted to tell him that he shouldn't be saying such things in front of his council. Any remotely capable person would have taken the hint and rolled with it, but Joffrey being the idiot he is, doubled down instead.
      If anything, I figured Cersei was more so questioning the lack of intelligence her son possessed xD

  • Vishrut Rao
    Vishrut Rao 8 months ago +46

    'I AM NOT TIRED! '
    'Any man , who says he isn't tired, is truly tired'

  • BoardWalkToke
    BoardWalkToke 3 years ago +570

    Gods the writing was strong then

    • Ann B
      Ann B 5 months ago +2

      @Raindeux they should have enlisted help and made sure they gave the show, viewers, and Martin enough respect to end it like it deserved... Instead they the threw together some hot garbage and called it done...losing Star Wars as a result of their haste.

    • Raindeux
      Raindeux 6 months ago

      @Hevosmaailma One one hand I don't envy D&D for having to follow this up, like obviously matching this quality was basically impossible... But I'm still pissed about the final seasons lol.
      Like even GRRM has set the bar so high he's like fuck I don't want to finish it because I know it won't live up to expectations.
      It was literally a no-win situation. GRRM didn't want to be a part of the show after it passed the books so it wouldn't influence his writing. But there was no shot they could match his level of writing.
      So sad. :(

    • Dann Wan
      Dann Wan 7 months ago +1

      @Ian Fink hahaha

    • Hevosmaailma
      Hevosmaailma 7 months ago +2

      @Ian Fink Sadly yes. Imo they had a mission impossible in their hands. It seems that even GRRM himself cant finish the story anymore.

    • Ian Fink
      Ian Fink 7 months ago +6

      @Alec Eisener yea they were so good at adapting material. But when it came to coming up with new plot lines. Gods were they horrible

  • King James
    King James 9 months ago +35

    Tyrion by far had the best face….sitting back just sippin his tea face lmao he was so eager to see that exchange once Joffery crossed the line. He cuts his eyes immediately to his dad to see his reaction. Man what great writing lmao

  • Black Dog
    Black Dog 5 years ago +104

    2:41 she jumped on that, i love how even Joffrey saw that he messed up.

  • cadejosv
    cadejosv Month ago +1

    Charles Dance's acting is magnificent! He looks like he is actually a lion, his unforgiven and merciless gaze upon the "king" is priceless!

  • Michael Felagate
    Michael Felagate 2 months ago +5

    The one thing I truly love about this scene is Tyrions face when Jeoffry mouthed off everyone else looked shocked or scared, Tyrion just looks like “what are you going to do next, Father?”

    • RamesesBolton
      RamesesBolton 2 months ago +1

      I think Tyrion looked very interested in how Tywin would respond. I can almost see a smile, like he has happy that a boring council meeting has just become exciting 😂

  • Andrew Dean
    Andrew Dean 4 months ago +36

    Varys’ face at 1:32 is priceless.

  • I am Everything
    I am Everything 8 months ago +30

    Know how this scene is made of Tywin... But when Tyrion delivers his, "Speak softly then, monsters are dangerous beasts and now kings are dying like flies." That was a hard rap on Joffrey.

  • Joe Rodriguez
    Joe Rodriguez 7 months ago +13

    So many great moments in this scene, perfect acting all around

  • Dan Whitaker
    Dan Whitaker 6 months ago +10

    Charles Dance absolute boss in every scene! This one is my favourite, the power and menace he exudes is breathtaking

  • MaizeAndBlueWahoo
    MaizeAndBlueWahoo 3 months ago +4

    The funny thing is that even after being a horrendous psychopath for a solid 90 seconds here, Joffrey gets in one piercing dagger of cold hard truth. And everyone knows it, which is why none of them rush to correct Joffrey and instead wait to see what Tywin will do. And Tywin's answer is frankly as lame and cowardly as can be, but delivered with his usual steely arrogance to jolt everyone back to reality and remember who they take orders from.

  • CammedFox
    CammedFox 2 months ago +2

    I miss when the show was at this caliber. The writing and performances were absolutely incredible

  • EndOfSmallSanctuary
    EndOfSmallSanctuary Month ago +1

    The look of pure hatred in Tywin's face after Joffrey's insult is terrifying to behold. Charles Dance's performance as Tywin was pitch-perfect, captured the true spirit of his character better than anyone else in the series.

  • Alex G
    Alex G 3 months ago +17

    the amount of respect and fear joffrey have for robert is amazing. he trully believe thats his real father and the way he killed targarien prince and took the crown is like a wet dream for him. He thinks hes like his "father", but we all can see they have nothing in common.

    • EndOfSmallSanctuary
      EndOfSmallSanctuary Month ago +1

      That's maybe the one positive aspect of Joffrey; his respect for Robert.

    • Jeremy Owens
      Jeremy Owens Month ago

      Like either of them, frankly; guess Joffrey was really a mama's boy.

  • TyTimeIsAwesome
    TyTimeIsAwesome Month ago +1

    Coming off someone who's never read the books and don't have a good history of these types of show, this scene really showed me what "power" is- it's not a title or what you can do. It's who you can command. Tywin is a monster on the battlefield, and everyone knows that.

  • SealDude
    SealDude 8 years ago +104

    Joffreys one redeeming moment. He has the balls (or stupidity?) to Yell at Tywin Lannister.

    • Jeremy Owens
      Jeremy Owens Month ago

      @hi The man he believed, and by all rights was, his father. (Sure, WE KNOW the biology, but both logically and legally Joffrey had no reason to not think he was Robert's trueborn son.)

    • hi
      hi 3 months ago +1

      @Olof Acosta “father”

    • Olof Acosta
      Olof Acosta 3 months ago +3

      Say what you want about joffrey but atleast he respected his father lol.

    • T984e37 S
      T984e37 S 5 years ago +3

      Technically he's psychology impaired

    • SealDude
      SealDude 8 years ago +5

      Tom H Exactly - which is why creds to Joff to >trying< to stand up against him for what TYWIN is... which is a scheming opprotunist.

  • Duane Jasper Cabriga

    I like how on 2:25 when Joffrey mouthed to Tywin he knew he shouldn't have done that and Cercei and Tyrion, being Tywin's children, knows that Joffrey is in trouble

  • vic 2x
    vic 2x 8 months ago +14

    Lord Varys subtle face expressions are the best things about the small council scenes

  • Sith Lord
    Sith Lord Month ago +2

    You know, I think if Tywin didn't die, he would've eventually grown tired of Joffrey and his increasingly irrational cruelty and he would've had Joffrey conveniently "removed". Practically every interaction between the two of them is tense with Tywin dominating and telling Joffrey what to do, and Joffrey getting more and more angry. At some point Joffrey would've lashed out at his grandfather and try to assasinate him, and Tywin would've sensed this coming and eliminate Joffrey first.

    • Peter MJ
      Peter MJ Month ago +1

      Tywins flaw is that he treated his own family as assets. If he was a good family man and kept everything the same he would have dominated Westeros. Him treating his family bad killed him and ruined the good legacy he always wanted.

  • zupergozer
    zupergozer 9 years ago +83

    It seems that Joffrey doesn't know the one rule of Westeros, "Do not fuck with Tywin Lannister"

    • CRASH
      CRASH 3 months ago +2

      except Tyrion did fuck with him, and Now he's dead

  • Jeremiah Anderson
    Jeremiah Anderson 2 years ago +16

    Love how tywin encourages conflict to consolidate power

  • Joshi van Rijswijk
    Joshi van Rijswijk 3 months ago +3

    The subtle, yet powerful tones of ‘The Rains of Castamere’ in the background represents perfectly how Tywin dominates this scene and in particular the “King”. Joffrey might’ve been the king, but it was Tywin who ruled.

  • Suchomimus
    Suchomimus 2 months ago +3

    Tywin is such an amazing character. Just a sheer commanding presence. He just seems kingly and lordly, like you could slip Charles Dance into a real, medieval court and he would feel right at home.

  • Jolly Rancher
    Jolly Rancher 6 months ago +11

    The tension in that room after Joffrey made that I'll advised statement is legendary.

  • coco fresh
    coco fresh 2 years ago +21

    am I the only one who noticed tyrions smirk at 2:29 after goffreys face off with tywin. That was brilliant

    • CRASH
      CRASH 3 months ago

      @Konnor, Rock Konnoisseur No he's glad he told Tywin off, He hates tywin

    • coco fresh
      coco fresh 9 months ago

      @King James YEA it was my favorite!! Tyrion has an awesome character

    • King James
      King James 9 months ago +3

      So happy you noticed it, I think that’s by far the best face made at the table lol

    • Konnor, Rock Konnoisseur
      Konnor, Rock Konnoisseur Year ago +10

      That’s the smirk of “boy you’re about to learn” 😂

  • Austin R
    Austin R 3 years ago +60

    just so refreshing watching this scene after sitting through season 8 and 7's mediocre writing

    • EndOfSmallSanctuary
      EndOfSmallSanctuary Month ago +1

      This scene was taken directly from the book, almost word-for-word. That's why it's so good.

  • Kayal Draknys
    Kayal Draknys 2 months ago +4

    This scene showed who was REALLY in charge in the kingdom.

  • Will L
    Will L Month ago +1

    You can see the look of absolute relief on Joffreys face that he doesn't have to face Robb if it comes to it

  • Wulf-Jäger91
    Wulf-Jäger91 3 months ago +3

    These dialogue scenes in season 1-4 even today have me on edge. The tension is tangible.

  • Gley
    Gley 2 months ago +3

    It’s funny how Book Tyrion was enjoying every moment of this. He found it all very amusing

  • Sean Lann
    Sean Lann 3 months ago +3

    Jeffrey had the gull to make fun of Robb
    He lost the war, but he was still undefeated in battles
    Joffrey had trouble shooting rabbits with a crossbow

  • Kainalu Bachiller
    Kainalu Bachiller 3 months ago +5

    I love how everyone got serious when Joffery snapped at Tywin, they were ready to see that boy get dragged in that moment.

  • Nick Palumbo
    Nick Palumbo 2 months ago +2

    Sometimes I go back and watch these episodes and cry because of how bad the last few seasons were.

  • Elthenar
    Elthenar 3 months ago +3

    "You just sent the most powerful man in Westeros to bed without his supper. "
    Tyrion sums the scene up fairly well in this next line after this cuts off.

  • Ser Jaime Lannister
    Ser Jaime Lannister 2 months ago +14

    Joffrey was basically king in name only. Everyone in the court knew he was a little shit, but they put up with him because the rules of succession.

  • Fabo
    Fabo 2 months ago +2

    “Killed a few puppies today?” Is one of the most underrated burns on the show 😂😂

  • DragonPanda&BearMeme
    DragonPanda&BearMeme 3 months ago +7

    Joffrey: " everyone is mine to torment!"
    Tywin: * Tyrion is not yours to torment. you are all mine to torment and i can torment Tyrion alone*

  • Hannes Scheepers
    Hannes Scheepers 3 months ago +6

    As much as he was hated, Tywin was still one of my favourite characters. This was probably one of the best lines from the series.
    "Any man who must say I am the king is no true king"

  • Mar C
    Mar C 2 months ago

    Love Tyrion! Entire cast was phenomenal!!

  • Eignoshuile
    Eignoshuile 4 months ago +5

    Joffrey's not wrong
    The great deeds of Tywin during The Rebellion :
    - Bringing an army to siege a city passing as a ally
    - Ordering to kill targaryen children
    Late, because waiting to see what side had the upper hand, to join in. He can play the tough guy skinning a deer, but we see through it

    • Jeffrey Samson
      Jeffrey Samson 3 months ago

      @Eignoshuile he's not that messed up. He would know joining the nk would mean the death of his family and he only sides with reason. So the living it is for him.

    • Eignoshuile
      Eignoshuile 3 months ago

      ​@Jeffrey Samson I bet the guy would have joined Night's King side ( if it were possible to ), in order to fulfil his goals. He has no qualms

    • Jeffrey Samson
      Jeffrey Samson 3 months ago

      Tywin and aerys had a falling out which is why tywin wasn't quick to assist aerys. He waited to see who wins the war. But had rhaegar was alive and joined with jon arryn and the others and rebelled against aerys , tywin wouldve supported him and ditched aerys and wouldn't have ordered the murder in kings landing.
      In terms of a ruler and a leader he was pretty logical in his decision. Though killing the princes family was..... Barbaric and not worth it. He couldve shown mercy to them. They weren't his to kill. Robert and ned were meant to decide their fates.

    • CRASH
      CRASH 3 months ago

      THANK YOU!! seems like most people here missed the point

    • Randy
      Randy 3 months ago +1

      This just shows how brilliant Tywin really is. Either way the war ends up, he's going to be in the same position.

  • Michael Colgrave
    Michael Colgrave 3 months ago +2

    You gotta admit, whenever Tywin spoke, he commanded fear and respect.

  • Darryl Wolfe
    Darryl Wolfe 3 months ago +3

    Even if Joffrey orders the guards to kill Tywin, they won't do it. They know who's the real Ruler.

  • Fabian Schmidt
    Fabian Schmidt 4 months ago +6

    At 02:32 Varys' expression is like "Boy you have no Idea how fucking mich you messed up right now." The other's faces are pure perfection as well.

  • Lance Yarbrough
    Lance Yarbrough 29 days ago

    This is the scene that made me watch this show other than “now I’ve struck a king did my hand fall from my wrist” a couple months ago binged it with my love and I’m so happy I got on the GOT bandwagon now I’m caught up and waiting on house of dragon season 2

  • Rumpelstiltsk!n
    Rumpelstiltsk!n 3 months ago +2

    ...Lord Tywin is and always will be my favourite character in this show.

  • Γρηγόρης Πανούσης

    "any man who must i am the king is no true king"
    *scares the king without saying a word 5 seconds later*

  • wwg_mt
    wwg_mt 2 years ago +12

    2:29 until the end is such great work by the actors/actresses its all about the eyes. Looking to see how both sides would respond, Jeffory shows weakness looking down Tywin stares a hole through him until he knows, its time to send him to bed go give him something

  • CactusCulo
    CactusCulo Month ago

    Everybody mentions Tywin though its Pycelle's comments, suggestions rather, that served as the fulcrum of this interaction as a whole. Extremely well delivered by actor Glover. Also, the inclusion of him "dropping" the note due to old fingers is great foreshadowing towards the actual pestilence that is Pycelle. Great scene.
    Edit: comment continued

  • S Ѳ L M Λ N
    S Ѳ L M Λ N Month ago +1

    Everybody at that table is disgusted by the thought of Sansa eating from her brothers head… even his mother.
    Tywin speaking up, it’s an act of reminding him who he is… even as acting hand. Not because he got sick of Joffrey.

  • Conor Gregg
    Conor Gregg 5 years ago +160

    I still love this series but it went down a grade when tywin died

    • Tate Anakov
      Tate Anakov 2 months ago

      Tywin was far too competent and experienced. If he were left alive I believe he could have managed kings landing properly and recruited assets to help in the war against the starks. He also would have shattered the night king with the piercing stare he has.

    • Olof Acosta
      Olof Acosta 3 months ago +1

      @Haku tywins death is meant to be a turning point in the story. In the books the war of the five kings had been going on for a while and tywin was firmly leading. However his hypocritical and cruel treatment of his son had caught up to him and after his death house lannister falls apart with tyrion becoming a cruel imp,Cersei getting a psychological breakdown and Jamie wanting nothing to do with his family. Unfortunately the show only touches on of these storylines

    • Haku
      Haku 5 months ago +10

      @Graham Turner he was too powerful as a character. you can't have a character in a show named Game of Thrones who is more powerful than the person who sits on the throne

    • Graham Turner
      Graham Turner 10 months ago +1

      @Iván Melkovich why would he need to die?

  • Jonathan Dooley
    Jonathan Dooley 3 years ago +51

    Tywin's internal monologue at 1:36: Not bad. Not bad.

  • Across
    Across 2 months ago

    i love scenes like this where it emphasizes how little power Joffery actually had. when sitting in private with the bigboys his lack of respect and power is evadent. everybody disrespects him

  • Video Games And The World
    Video Games And The World 3 years ago +39

    Tywin: Why you little shit!
    Joffrey: Oh crap!
    Cersei: I cannot protect you Joffrey!
    Tyrion: Now THIS is going to be interesting.
    Pycelle: Oh dear!
    Varys: I ain't saving your ass!
    Joffrey: I am the King, I can say whatever I want!

    • Adeon55
      Adeon55 2 months ago +3

      Tywin: -Get this impudent little shit out of my sight immediately.- _"The king is tired."_

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman 7 months ago +7

    tywin might not be a king, but he is the conqueror every scene

  • Wisdom prevails
    Wisdom prevails 6 months ago +7

    "Any man who insists he is not tired, is indeed tired" 😎

  • Noah Crowley
    Noah Crowley 2 months ago

    i like how Varys gave a little chuckle at 1:30 when Tyrion threatened Joffrey

  • Keiron
    Keiron 18 days ago

    I think Tywin was low key impressed Tyrion told Joffrey “no” and stood firm. Maybe that’s the reason he didn’t take the threat as seriously as everybody else. Cersei certainly never did that lol

  • Jakob B.
    Jakob B. Month ago +1

    incredible acting from all of them

  • James M
    James M 3 months ago +2

    Notice how Pycelle betrays himself. Disrespects Tyrion by fumbling the message exchange and blaming old fingers, but deftly picks it up as he's leaving.

  • darkuser999
    darkuser999 10 days ago

    This scene shows there is no true king here. Tyrion's comeback was extremely clever. Cersei never really defends Joffrey because she knows where the real power lies and her son can go over board. Tywin realizes how ridiculous Joffrey is and when Joffrey proceeds to insult Tywin everyone goes silent.

  • mleeper45
    mleeper45 3 months ago +1

    I like how Tywin spoke only when needed and was the most effective

  • 1 down 5 up
    1 down 5 up 3 months ago

    I love how joffrey turned his head to tyrion, while tyrion said NO. It was exactly at the same time.

  • Laughingtree
    Laughingtree Month ago

    The look that Tyrion gave Pycelle when he dropped the note lol. He knew he was faking it like Tywin did

  • House of Matrix
    House of Matrix 3 months ago +7

    When Ceresi, Tywin , and Tyrion all agree you really messed up

  • desolatefox
    desolatefox Month ago

    I know he's a bad guy, but I just can't help loving Tywin. He don't take shit from nobody.

  • Sassy
    Sassy Month ago

    i love Jeofferys body language, such brilliant acting. It adds so much more to his arrogance.

  • W.T.C 1990
    W.T.C 1990 2 months ago +1

    The minute Joffery insults tywin you see everyone go silent and just stare at him which made it more uncomfortable and made Joffery think "oh shit" and break eye contact