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THE NIGHT SHIFT: lana rhoades gets wisdom teeth removed!

  • Published on Jun 17, 2020 veröffentlicht
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    on today's episode we work on our healthcare chops as lana gets all four wisdom teeth removed, plus we take a trip for a mukbang at ihop and do our best to make dwarf mamba a happy lad.
    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  • Gavi Shapiro
    Gavi Shapiro Year ago +4919

    I love how we can all say with confidence that Mike has never played 60 seconds of Raid Shadow legends.

  • Cf1991
    Cf1991 Year ago +11

    This is literally gold. I’m so happy she let him film this.

  • Not Your Average Joe

    Mike, I know how hard it is to overcome addiction, props to you bro!!.....you not only overcame it, you made something of yourself.........👍👊🏻✌🏻

  • Pug The Rescue
    Pug The Rescue Year ago +4

    I had all my 4 wisdom teeth taken out all at once
    and they impacted on both sides and crushed my other
    tooth. I feel her as I got a total of 4 out and 2 root canals done
    in about 5 hrs. Trust me, the drowsy and drunk feeling is real!!!

  • Young Aspect
    Young Aspect Year ago

    Congrats to the Night Shift on year ONE!! Killin it.

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa Year ago +2421

    Ok but logan and evan switching bongs was adorable lmao

    • Laura Vittadini
      Laura Vittadini Year ago


    • Bad Morty
      Bad Morty Year ago +2

      Yeah that was pretty dam cute tbf 👌

    • C+J exotics
      C+J exotics Year ago +5

      I fucking loved that! It was so fucking cute!

    • B M
      B M Year ago +1

      I know yeah hahaha, true friendship 😂

      LIL UZI VERT Year ago

      I’m ur 666th like

  • Ibra
    Ibra Year ago +879

    Lana goes to a real doctor
    The entire porn industry : 😮

  • Joshua Shook
    Joshua Shook Year ago +1

    Mike, you keep totally murdering these vlogs in the greatest way. Keep it up!

    DAJERO KENNETH Year ago +1

    i really can't get enough of mike talking it's so entertaining don't know if it's just me

  • Krit Kratt
    Krit Kratt Year ago +560

    “You have to push me around all week you SIMP”

  • Subscribe to an Egg
    Subscribe to an Egg Year ago +2943

    Imagine the dentist is Johnny Sins

  • Caorlum
    Caorlum Year ago

    keep inspiring sir mike!!

  • Alan Song
    Alan Song Year ago +472

    That's for sure not the most chocolate Lana's ever had in her mouth

  • Matt Fielding
    Matt Fielding Year ago +151

    My favourite part is where Lana says “Ohhhhhh noooooooo”

  • Manuel Vazquez
    Manuel Vazquez Year ago

    Your content is amazing bro I think your the best you tuber out there mad respect bro my brother was an addict as well I got your book for him and he liked it. amazing stuff bro wish you the very best every single day.

  • Chris Gorman
    Chris Gorman Year ago +1856

    Everyone knows that mike has never played that game for a second

    • Bubblegum Brownie
      Bubblegum Brownie Year ago +1

      He’s too old to even know what the game is.

    • Cynthia
      Cynthia Year ago +3

      @TanWam pretty sure they have to sometimes read a script in their video about the product

    • Ajay Mahara
      Ajay Mahara Year ago


    • Seth Grant
      Seth Grant Year ago +4

      LMAO how much u wanna bet that he didnt even download it.

    • Michael Williams
      Michael Williams Year ago +6

      Because he is busy playing with Lana

  • Logan Rooker
    Logan Rooker Year ago

    Mike! The night shift definitely needs to turn into a foodish type vlog. Love the content but we all love food, gotta throw it in there!

  • Aryan Shrivastava
    Aryan Shrivastava Year ago +11

    At first i wanted lana as my girlfriend because how physically attractive she was, now I want Amara as my girlfriend because she has a perfect personality. I mean these are the girls that make your life 100x better and makes you a better man, an understanding, intelligent human. Salute 🙏🏻

  • Chewbakkah
    Chewbakkah Year ago

    bro i love and respect that you're serious with your sobriety

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers Year ago

    Laura seems like a really nice girl and so down to earth

  • SchäbigerLappen
    SchäbigerLappen Year ago +1470

    Mike: "This Video is sponsored by...."
    everybody: "don't do it"
    MIke: "RaiD ShAdoW LegEnDs"

    • Zz Z
      Zz Z Year ago

      Cora Tine I saw you before

    • Amanda
      Amanda Year ago

      Me exactly

    • no
      no Year ago


    • Vincent Feist
      Vincent Feist Year ago +2

      Ich glaube in Amrerika juckt das die Leute nicht so wie in Deutschland haha

  • Matthew Gounder
    Matthew Gounder Year ago +23

    Never before have I been so happy to see, 1- the boy getting a sponsor and 2- when an ad pops up. Cause we now that means the dudes making bank... Prompts to you man... From one ex druggie to another

  • carla tirado
    carla tirado Year ago

    i seriously hope they get married they're perfect for each other

  • Jeffrey Occhinero
    Jeffrey Occhinero Year ago +1

    This crew looks like they have the best life mike proud of you for being sober I have almost 6 years sober it’s a beautiful thing

  • Tec
    Tec Year ago

    Dude I love you guys from the bottom of my heart

  • Xelsworthx
    Xelsworthx Year ago +5

    I’m so happy for you man! I have made some of the same bad decisions you have made and I know you never thought you would be where your at now and I just think that it’s fucking awesome that your life has turned in to this dream become reality! Good for you man! Keep it up Big Mike! 🙌🏻

  • Beautybeez
    Beautybeez Year ago

    I honestly LOVE how both Logan and mikes vlogs are all about their relationships now . I feel like they’ve both found the” one “ for them and @ the same time . I love this 💖 babies & marriage and FAMILY CHANNEL 😂

  • q T
    q T Year ago +73

    Love when Lana’s voice turns so cute when so wanted a horse 😇

    • Monje Zooma
      Monje Zooma 8 months ago

      @erlend yall have never had a girl lmfaooo if she doesn’t act like this around you then she’s cheating on yous if you even got one 😂

    • Mandatory
      Mandatory Year ago

      @Sherin Funmes it’s really cringe agreed

  • Ali Tunc
    Ali Tunc Year ago +5

    I love how lana acts like a baby and gets sad so fast

  • Aleksey Chernozubkin

    Hit Like button just for Lana. She's super cool, dude!

  • Tekkers back
    Tekkers back Year ago +63

    The night shift and Mike Majilak have been getting me through this tough time you are the best

  • Sean McLachlan
    Sean McLachlan Year ago +9

    Boys I’m gonna be honest. If mike and amara don’t get married im gonna be really pressed. I’ve come to the conclusion that if a 35 year old you tuber mike can pull a beautiful woman like Lana rhoades than there’s hope for us all. You are living the life bro enjoy every second of it - I just hope I find someone like that to spend all of my time with 😔

  • Dom
    Dom Year ago

    I just got 4 wisdom teeth out on Monday. Ouch! Lana seems to be doing much better than I am.

  • Tyler Donnelly
    Tyler Donnelly Year ago

    Mike's laugh is hilarious😂😂

  • Harbin Rawdon
    Harbin Rawdon Year ago

    Oh shit, watching night shift and logan's videos just makes my day. Lol

  • mohammed suhaib
    mohammed suhaib Year ago +49

    Evan is so underated ffs we need more of Evan 🥺

  • Quinn Moran
    Quinn Moran Year ago +1

    Must be pretty awkward when someone recognizes her in public

  • What's That?
    What's That? Year ago

    Mike helped turn around Logan’s career.
    And the both of them have *inspired us to try our best to entertain people on our Clip-Share Channel.*
    Keep up the awesome work guys!

  • Cosmos Gaming
    Cosmos Gaming Year ago +10

    I love how Mike explains his sponsor with a thor suit and a stormbreaker

  • The Corlee Family
    The Corlee Family Year ago +5

    The night shift, the only shift that takes place during the day, while saying the night!

  • Carbs
    Carbs Year ago +591

    *Lana* : “Riding horsie better”
    *Mike* : *Sad noises*

    • Akuma
      Akuma Year ago

      @k f

    • Frazer Milled
      Frazer Milled Year ago +1

      What's the point of taking random lines out the vlog and turning it into a comment. We all just watched it

    • k
      k Year ago

      Sad MC villager noises

    • Akuma
      Akuma Year ago

      @2850 subs before Tomorrow bruh

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel Year ago +28

    “There is only a small problem” 😂😂😂

  • Just Joss
    Just Joss Year ago

    Loved this vlog and food eating as well 🥰🥰

  • William Larder
    William Larder Year ago +4

    When Evan couldn't light the bong with his mouth over it AHAHAH

  • Kailee
    Kailee Year ago +7

    What I like about lana rhoades, she doesnt wear a lot of makeup or any. Just a beautiful girl.

  • Florentino Carreno Jr

    Amazed by your life comeback and happy to see you succeeding, you give me hope, i myself been through some rough shit. Thank you so much Mike :)

  • Block
    Block Year ago +2

    Mike saying raid shadow legends is his go to game made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Various Layerz
    Various Layerz Year ago

    This team is amazing haha!

  • kaleb sabel
    kaleb sabel Year ago +4

    Adds Lana to videos = millions of more views on every video 😂

  • Lilrash
    Lilrash Year ago

    I just love mike no matter what he posts

  • abayomi mendoza
    abayomi mendoza Year ago +810

    Hahah bruh I was dead when Evan said “we got a problem” *he couldn’t reach the bong💀💀

    • Noscope
      Noscope Year ago

      Why why raid shadows legend pls nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I’m sry I have to dislike

    • Cynthia
      Cynthia Year ago

      I didnt even think of that loll

    • Nerf
      Nerf Year ago

      figured thatd be a problem lool

    • Dan P
      Dan P Year ago +2

      🤣😭😭 knew that was going to happen when they was in the store buying it

  • C Fuggi
    C Fuggi Year ago

    Watching these videos high af is the best thing ever, you guys are literally best fucking duo

    T-VIRUS Year ago

    Jaja ver a lana aqui es tan increible, se ven muy felices, aunque detras de camaras no sea asi

  • PeaNuts
    PeaNuts Year ago +10

    "family channel, babies, kids, marriage" mike stay calm

  • Ryan Welter
    Ryan Welter Year ago

    I love that mike is wearing a Thor costume 🤣

  • sad
    sad Year ago +243

    No one:
    Mike: making everyone’s day a whole load better

    • Big Ben
      Big Ben Year ago +2

      You misspelled l... ohhhhhh well played my friend... well played...

    • Unknown Boi
      Unknown Boi Year ago +1

      Perplex you salty he has more subs than you huh

    • Zakhatik
      Zakhatik Year ago +1

      i see what you did there

    • Bashir_
      Bashir_ Year ago +2

      Perplex how is he begging for subs?

  • Alejandro Sanchez

    That was hilarious!!!! He couldn't reach the bowl to light it!!!! 😂

  • last one
    last one Year ago

    she deserves a sub.. we all know the cause 😉😁

  • joe mama
    joe mama Year ago +9

    i love how they were judging ihop like its a 5 star gourmey restuarent

  • You
    You Year ago +9

    I didn’t realize “jacuzzi” is the brand name and not just another name for a hot tub my whole life has been a lie😂 did you guys know that??

  • Deepanshu Parihar
    Deepanshu Parihar Year ago +261

    Mike's face when Lana started talking about her sex story 😂

    • Idisxgic
      Idisxgic Year ago

      Deepanshu Parihar 1st response

  • Quixotec_ YTvoid
    Quixotec_ YTvoid Year ago +1

    I’m gonna be honest. If I’ve ever seen Lana in Public I would yell, “lana I love your vids”.😂

    • Andrew Futterman
      Andrew Futterman Year ago

      She'd probably respond with "Thanks, I love Logan Paul!" 😂

    BUNNYHUNTER 09 Year ago

    I loved it when he mentioned that he couldn't light up the bong🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Blake H
    Blake H Year ago +1

    Lana: Babies, Kids, Marriage...
    Mike : 👁👄👁

  • Armando Ayala
    Armando Ayala Year ago +2

    Well I know where Mike's new car came from now lol. Big respect man wish I could do the same for my mom one day❤

  • Oliver Keely
    Oliver Keely Year ago +11

    Her calling him a simp is the first funny thing I’ve seen in one of his vlogs

  • Ponti.lee_360
    Ponti.lee_360 Year ago +4

    I’m late but get Evan a grill lighter lmao for those few inches he needs for the bong 😂😂

  • 808krshna
    808krshna Year ago

    mike’s expression at 10:27 priceless

  • Manhattanking
    Manhattanking Year ago +6

    The raid ad by mike was some of the funniest shit I’ve seen in a while.

  • ZeOtSkiE
    ZeOtSkiE Year ago +1351

    Mike: This video is sponsored by RAID SHADOW LEGENDS
    Me: aight, time to skip that and pretend i didnt see it

    • ZeOtSkiE
      ZeOtSkiE Year ago

      j a n g w o n y o u n g oten

    • j a n g w o n y o u n g
      j a n g w o n y o u n g Year ago +1

      Theo bakla ar jay ey

    • ZeOtSkiE
      ZeOtSkiE Year ago

      davenz atleast you pay him tho. Its good and he is really entertaining

    • ZeOtSkiE
      ZeOtSkiE Year ago

      W01F's STUFF jay ar HAHAHAHA

  • Ian Chambers
    Ian Chambers Year ago

    Mike you low key almost made me download that game 😂

  • tycoonajv
    tycoonajv Year ago

    I am loving the content both yours and logan paul..

  • Taytay Queen
    Taytay Queen Year ago +4

    Dude Lana is fucking hilarious
    ‘Whose your favourite dog’

  • evan wallace
    evan wallace Year ago +2

    Lmao shes so shocked when she heard him stay for the whole thing, making me think something else happened in that room

  • michael young
    michael young Year ago +623

    Mike: “I don’t smoke weed” Also mike: *on a first name basis with the weed store guy*

    • Shawn
      Shawn Year ago

      It’s just easy to mention “we got the homie ______ from _______” and then he gets the bongs free lol, he’s a businessman not an idiot.

    • W01F ____
      W01F ____ Year ago +3

      @Shopekua X yeah he buys them for the bois and only for the bois :thinking:

    • Shopekua X
      Shopekua X Year ago +9

      michael young Maybe he is the one that buys the weed for the bois

  • Revizen
    Revizen Year ago

    Mike sounded like he just wanted the sponsor to be over with 😂

  • Lakshmi P
    Lakshmi P Year ago

    Aww that hug that Evan gave Amara😍

  • Angela Withrow
    Angela Withrow Year ago

    I liked the new intro and other editing changes you implemented! Great vlog

  • alexandra chenoa
    alexandra chenoa Year ago +1

    The cutest couple ever! She’s the fucking sweetest ever and she’s sooo beautiful! Mike definitely suits her well!! Please In the future get married and have kids they will be the beautiful 💓🥺

  • kEnNy
    kEnNy Year ago +1

    he didn’t look so happy when she talked about babies and a family 🤣

  • JellyGunner
    JellyGunner Year ago

    just got my wisdom tooth removed aswell. but i was not even 0.01% as "drugged" as lana. it took litterly under 2 minutes to pull out. what do they do over in america O_o

  • Dylan Ford
    Dylan Ford Year ago

    100% love that intro 😂😂

  • Aeddan White
    Aeddan White Year ago +1

    We know Lana is going to eat one pancake and Mike is going to eat the rest!

  • Edal karvel
    Edal karvel Year ago +26

    I hope all of them take a second to realise how much happy they are, these are very rare moments in life, i'm a dude from the 3rd world and watching people being happy really puts a smile on my face.

  • solo gent 7💜
    solo gent 7💜 Year ago +4

    imagine if they get a kid how its gonna look

  • owen woods
    owen woods Year ago +1

    Should of gotten him the chilled bong. Really didn’t think about the length and pure girth of that one. Even I did and he’s not my best friend. But all worked 😂

  • Fern Buduen
    Fern Buduen Year ago +7

    It’s an honer to know I got my wisdom teeth out a day after lana did

  • B m.h
    B m.h Year ago +16

    Mike you could actually make and sell a "clock in" or "buttery toast" grill/toaster that leaves it's print on it... 👌🏻

  • Pistol Parkway
    Pistol Parkway Year ago +31

    Regardless of the porn shit she shows how she feel emotional and females like that make great girlfriends so far what I’ve seen she’s a good girl to mike keep going 💪🏼

  • brianń
    brianń Year ago +4

    i used to hate this mike dude, but he’s actually cool asf. i fw all the vids

  • Alyssa Alvarez
    Alyssa Alvarez Year ago +2

    “Horsie better 🥺” I loved that lol

  • Samuel
    Samuel Year ago

    Evan just needs a fire work lighter !! Lol

  • luke mcleod
    luke mcleod Year ago +2

    Imagine being the dentist

  • 50k Subscribers No Videos Challenge

    Mike's face when Lana started talking about her sex story 😂

    • Ryan Miller
      Ryan Miller Year ago +5

      @Cora Tine like flat stanley

    • Andrews
      Andrews Year ago +1


  • Jordon smith
    Jordon smith Year ago

    Should’ve had them test out the bongs mike cmon! Haha

  • Officially Wizkid
    Officially Wizkid Year ago +11

    Dude, Logan and Mike are my bestfriends and their girlfriends are hilarious

  • Godofredo Melchor
    Godofredo Melchor 10 months ago

    Me gustaría conocer a lana Rhodes pero sin pensar en su antepasado sino como es ella realmente soy mexicano

  • Zayn Ali
    Zayn Ali Year ago +1

    when a youtuber does a raid shadow legends ad, you know they’re doing bad

  • Chelsea Nino
    Chelsea Nino Year ago +4

    The fact that they have to keep the other chick on a separate house 😭🤣

  • Anita H
    Anita H Year ago +2

    I like watching you guys Lana is beautiful 💖