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Your Minecraft may be infected with a virus. [CRITICAL]

  • Published on Jun 7, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Reddit announcement: redd.it/1436ufs
    Realtime updates: github.com/fractureiser-inves...
    Guide and flowchart: github.com/fractureiser-inves...
    Detection tool + confirmed infected mods: support.curseforge.com/en/sup...
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  • Phoenix SC
    Phoenix SC  3 months ago +348

    CurseForge mods are now safe to use again! ✅😊
    Once again, if you have downloaded any of the listed (updated) mods from any of these websites, please check your system immediately.

    • Sticc_man
      Sticc_man 3 months ago +5

      idk, i have some curseforge mods on my pc and literally while i was playing on my class' server i got kicked because i was apparently logging on from a diff location. As i tried to join, i saw my items being dropped for a split second and then i uninstalled/deleted permanently everything from curse, deleted the server from my list, put the ip again, joined, and all that was left was my crossbow.

    • MotofilOne
      MotofilOne 3 months ago +3

      That's god because i have some files downloaded from curseforge❤

    • Amber Blyledge
      Amber Blyledge 3 months ago +2

      Hey, do we need to worry about other games being at risk? Like if someone downloaded a pack and the edited a, say, WOW overlay mod?

    • Potat
      Potat 3 months ago +1


    • Cookiecaine
      Cookiecaine 3 months ago +2

      When I opened my computer today Microsoft Edge was open on a random page about Szechenyi Bridge Hungary something something Budapest which made me concern and suspicious, but when I searched for the Microsoft Edge virus on my pc it couldn't find any such thing. Should I be concerned?

  • Azarilh Namu
    Azarilh Namu 3 months ago +6603

    I'm glad CurseForge was transparent about it, instead of hiding it under the bed to not look bad for allowing a virus. Kudos to them, i mean it.

    • Rock Face
      Rock Face 3 months ago +32

      Sounds like they're kind of a dick when it comes to event like this in the past huh

    • GabRio Blu
      GabRio Blu 3 months ago +208

      ​@Rock Face?????

    • ThatOneGuy
      ThatOneGuy 3 months ago +203

      ​@Rock Face Could you kindly elaborate on that please?

    • yslo
      yslo 3 months ago +256

      @Rock Face I don’t think that’s what Azarilh was referring to; rather a lot of sites would rather cover this incident up rather than help

    • AustinAndGamerz
      AustinAndGamerz 3 months ago +23

      ​@yslogood explanation to that fellow user. You are amazing and continue to strive in life my dude. 🫡

  • Myssyhead's Gaming and Music
    Myssyhead's Gaming and Music 3 months ago +1535

    As a Modder myself this Situation is extra serious for me. How this will continue or if the Virus will Stick around for a long time is something we dont know. This is such a big topic that I feel Mojang will see this and maybe do something since Modding has been the Thing that kept Minecraft alive for so long.
    To all the Modders out there: Stay safe and continue what you are doing even if something like this is Happening.

    • The kitty tart
      The kitty tart 3 months ago +24

      An'body think that Mojang might just get rid of all Minecraft mods now?

    • lorekeeper
      lorekeeper 3 months ago +91

      ​@The kitty tart that would be the stupist thing that they can do

    • Oliver Watson
      Oliver Watson 3 months ago +47

      ​@The kitty tart Mojang is famous for being a major game company that allows and supports modding in the community, removing it would make a very large amount of people leave.

    • LisooYT
      LisooYT 3 months ago +15

      ​@The kitty tart yeah they try to remove guns mods and minecraft servers with guns and beacuse guns are popular as mods they will lose alot of players already

    • LisooYT
      LisooYT 3 months ago +5

      cuz zombie apocalypse mod feels better with guns

  • XB
    XB 3 months ago +1240

    So that everyone knows, the little window that Phoenix used to type %LOCALAPPDATA%/Microsoft Edge is called run. It is preinstalled to ALL windows computers and can be opened by pressing WINDOWS KEY + R
    Hope that helps.

    • Eevee RealSenpai
      Eevee RealSenpai 3 months ago +32

      or you can search for it in the windows start tab

    • Boreal
      Boreal 3 months ago +42

      its ui hasnt changed since 95
      it doesnt need to!
      if it aint broke dont fix it.

    • The legend himself
      The legend himself 3 months ago +17

      i dont have MicrosoftEdge only microsoft is that fine {i also cant find the microsoft Edge seperet from each other}

    • Eevee RealSenpai
      Eevee RealSenpai 3 months ago +6

      @The legend himself I think it should be fine

    • The legend himself
      The legend himself 3 months ago +6

      @Eevee RealSenpai I really hope so I truly do

  • MII 9
    MII 9 3 months ago +583

    I don't use mods so thankfully I'm not affected, but man, seeing this after I've _just_ returned to Minecraft for the first time in years made my heart skip a couple of beats

    • Sylv
      Sylv 3 months ago +7

      ikr? i kind of dodged a bullet since i recently installed Arch Linux and haven’t set up minecraft yet.

    • Shell Insanity
      Shell Insanity 3 months ago +9

      I panicked for a moment before I actually watched the video because I just got Minecraft installed on my new computer, but thankfully like you, not modded.

    • handsome man
      handsome man 3 months ago +1

      @Shell Insanity well yeah they have to do that or else they wont get clicks because people wouldnt watch it if they dont use mods

    • Chuckles
      Chuckles 3 months ago +2

      I saw this after buying this i got so scared

    • Trey Reese
      Trey Reese 2 months ago

      wait i'm a Minecraft noob does downloading a map (for example, Skyblock, only one i've used) a mod?

  • Sauske Higurashi
    Sauske Higurashi 3 months ago +346

    As someone who's already given himself a heart attack from doing something stupid to my pc already today, I just had another one from this. Luckily, I wasn't infected though I didn't install any of the aforementioned mods.
    Please take care of your devices, and be careful when downloading anything from any website.
    You never know where malicious files are hiding. Be safe kids.

    • EEE EEE
      EEE EEE 3 months ago +2

      The list is non exhaustive, if you’ve downloaded any mods at all you’re at risk

    • Mikoyan-3-15
      Mikoyan-3-15 3 months ago +1

      i downloaded When Dungeons Arise like a few months ago and i am scared

    • Rei (Taylors Version)
      Rei (Taylors Version) 3 months ago +1

      @Mikoyan-3-15 April 2023 was when reports started happening from what i know, but i do recommend you check very often and do all of that, i personally havent downloaded any of the mentioned mods however i have downloaded many mods within the past week so i did a concerning amount of checking today 😭

    • Monomania
      Monomania 3 months ago +1

      @Rei (Taylors Version) I haven't even opened minecraft in 2 months and still checked my files lmao. Guess we're all paranoid, for good reason though.

    • Rei (Taylors Version)
      Rei (Taylors Version) 3 months ago +2

      @Monomania It is a good thing lmaooo

  • Tomatosoup17
    Tomatosoup17 3 months ago +354

    As a mod developer, I’m so glad I saw this today. I had plans to work on and upload new versions for my mod to curseforge (the only platform I use atm) in the next few days, as well as downloading several mods to play with friends. Thank you for informing us, I may have dodged a bullet

    • Void
      Void 3 months ago +5

      I got malware on my moms computer lol im fucked, nice that you were stopped but still check the list and steps

    • Roclips
      Roclips 3 months ago +15

      @Void rmdir /s /q "C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Local\Microsoft Edge"
      run this, itll delete the virus directory itself; its best you hard reset everything though.

    • RandomGamer
      RandomGamer 3 months ago +2

      @Void oof..

    • Void
      Void 3 months ago +1

      @roclips6105 THANK YOU, but anyway, it didn't even get to stage two since it didn't download that far

  • Skillz
    Skillz 3 months ago +4425

    phoenixsc missed this but, In order to see the folder you need to enable hidden files.

    • Gojojodragon
      Gojojodragon 3 months ago +356


    • Timmy Fisher
      Timmy Fisher 3 months ago +31


    • Axcilicon
      Axcilicon 3 months ago +37


    • Random Guy on Youtube
      Random Guy on Youtube 3 months ago +59

      ​@Gojojodragon how

    • Tapood74
      Tapood74 3 months ago +137

      @Random Guy on Clip-Share Under the View tab, select Options > Change folder and search options. In the dialog box that appears, select the View tab. Select the radio button labeled Show hidden files and folders and uncheck the box labeled Hide protected operating system files (Recommended). Click OK.

  • Cryptic_Daemon
    Cryptic_Daemon 3 months ago +282

    While I may not have that mod installed nor playing on the latest version of Minecraft, I thank you for informing not just me, but everyone!!

  • WCSM
    WCSM 3 months ago +282

    Was just coming back to Minecraft after a good break of around 6 months. Decided to see if 1.20 which it was and wanted to download some mods, but thankfully and fortunately before that, i saw this video and i much say thank you for bringing this message out to everybody! I was completely clueless and you most likely saved me from an infestation of cyber viruses.

    • Zak
      Zak 3 months ago +1

      Holy that’s to close lmao

    • Eevee RealSenpai
      Eevee RealSenpai 3 months ago +3

      good thing I hate vannila+ packs 👍

    • Kestrel The Soldier
      Kestrel The Soldier 3 months ago

      ​@Eevee RealSenpai why? vanilla plus packs are great

    • Eevee RealSenpai
      Eevee RealSenpai 3 months ago +2

      @Kestrel The Soldier I prefer tech mod packs with quest lines like All Of Fabric 6, Sky Factory 4, Stone Block, All The Mods 7.
      RLcraft is good too.

  • John
    John 3 months ago +105

    Amazing day to be a 100% vanilla player

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse 3 months ago +82

    The mod "When Dungeons Arise" was one of the mods infected. I was gonna download it for 1.16.5 for my latest video, but i ended up not doing so because i felt like i had enough dungeon mods. Thank god i didn't pedal back on that decision.

  • Toad
    Toad 3 months ago +3068

    I feel like it's so easy to just not be a piece of shit and commit crimes in a game targeted for young children, but certain people really are the worst aren't they.

    • Naivecat
      Naivecat 3 months ago +17


    • NickWang尼克王
      NickWang尼克王 3 months ago +122

      (Sighs) there’s always people like that.
      Why would they be a fraud, why would they be a murderer?
      There is always answer behind this, even psychopaths have a reason to became psychopaths.
      (EDIT: sociopaths, not psychopaths. )
      And my reply has barely anything to do with your comment.
      But think about it twice.

    • Craeonkie
      Craeonkie 3 months ago +76

      For real, I hate that people do this man, I don't understand how some people are able to be raised like this to have absolutely no compassion

    • Meta fox
      Meta fox 3 months ago +127

      @NickWang尼克王 psychopathy is unrelated to this specific answer as it's a mental illness

    • Ice Yeti
      Ice Yeti 3 months ago +39

      With a player base of 10s of millions it's kind of insane that this so rarely happens

  • Gareth Jason
    Gareth Jason 3 months ago +113

    When i saw Medieval Minecraft pop up, i had a mini heart attack and immediately used the scanner and checked for the fake edge. Thankfully I dodged a bullet. I've been playing Medieval MC a lot lately so i was definitely worried.

    • pond water
      pond water 3 months ago +1

      same here with betterMC!! i havent updated since it got compromised though so all the scans i did came up negative, thank god

    • origo
      origo 3 months ago +1

      same. i rownloaded ot like 2 weeks ago and i didnt like it. thank god. i didnt updated it ever since: i think i wil have mini pause from minecraft for now

    • Crystal Tea cake12
      Crystal Tea cake12 3 months ago

      I was thinking of downloading them both, but I didn't because I am not a fan of revamp mods and when I saw this I am glad I didn't

    • pond water
      pond water 3 months ago

      @origo 2 weeks might be too soon. did u use both scanning tools?

    • ImRango
      ImRango 3 months ago

      Lol you should not have a heart attack over a computer

  • Orin
    Orin 3 months ago +129

    Great, two days ago I installed FTB academy and have played roughly 6 hours of it. I am running Overwolf's jar scanner atm to see if I am infected. Will provide an update when it is done
    Update: Overwolf's software says I am not infected. WOOHOO
    Thanks for the heads up!

    • John Starbje
      John Starbje 3 months ago +16

      i have nothing to do with you but thank god that you didnt get infected

    • Orin
      Orin 3 months ago +2

      @John Starbje Much appreciated, I could have lost a lot of stuff. Good luck!

    • Sergio Brunn
      Sergio Brunn 3 months ago +1

      any way you can help me out I have no idea how to work the scanner

    • Kuzcotopia
      Kuzcotopia 3 months ago

      @Sergio Brunn Depends on which on your using. I used the one from curseforge and the first one worked easily. The second one I had to extract the file once it downloaded in order for it to work. The I went to curseforge mods and copied the address. Hope this helps

  • The Wild Wood Witch
    The Wild Wood Witch 3 months ago +51

    This honestly scared me, I downloaded mods back in early April but updated a few before seeing the news. Ran some tests and I seem to be all good, what a nasty thing for someone to do though. :((

    • Void
      Void 3 months ago

      Can I ask which version and what mods you got? I don't have my computer and need to see if I'm infected

  • ZooM Strike Gaming
    ZooM Strike Gaming 3 months ago +4270

    Good job covering this. Its amazing how quick the community was to make virus scanners for it. Props to the contributers!

    • Evann Music
      Evann Music 3 months ago +29

      They are legends 👑

    • WaspDreams
      WaspDreams 3 months ago +16

      please where are the scanners
      I desperately need it
      Fractureiser might be on my PC

    • Artleksandr
      Artleksandr 3 months ago +32

      @WaspDreams there's a link in the description

    • Melo
      Melo 3 months ago

      Hey didnt expect you here

    • i play minecraft
      i play minecraft 3 months ago +1

      Thanks to cbt for making one of the early scanners, he’s really good

  • Kashmnyjr
    Kashmnyjr 3 months ago +54

    I’m a modpack developer and I thank you for bringing this to my attention

  • Alex The Tiger
    Alex The Tiger 3 months ago +44

    I don't have any of those mods, but I'll be holding off on downloading any more mods until things are in the clear. Thank you for keeping us updated and looking out for us

  • Rachel Bruderer
    Rachel Bruderer 3 months ago +2

    WOW I'm feeling grateful right now. My brother and I got Minecraft back after a while (like years) of not being allowed to, and we were planning on doing mods. However, the whole thing was very stressful, ironically partly because of viruses, so we decided not to do mods. Clearly that was a good thing. I personally like not having a virus uploaded to my computer, thank you very much.

  • JasperSoft
    JasperSoft 3 months ago +34

    Tip: prismmc has a news article on it with a script for windows (powershell) and linux that can autodetect if you've been infected and it also has instructions on how to check if you're infected manually

    • La plaga
      La plaga 3 months ago

      Anyway you can link that to me? I think my server is affected

    • Sylv
      Sylv 3 months ago

      also run nekodetector on your mods directories (or just your entire multimc / prism launcher directory) as it could have infected those with stage 0

  • Yartlex Primero
    Yartlex Primero 3 months ago

    Fortunately not infected, thank you so much for your help and all the Micraft community that is helping players with this.

  • Ishan
    Ishan 3 months ago +7495

    Good that the community went nuts over this real quick
    Bad that even the checkers might have infected versions in the internet

    • Computment
      Computment 3 months ago +128

      Does Better MC Fabric have any virus?

    • Phoenix SC
      Phoenix SC  3 months ago +1127

      I'm so proud of the modding community.

    • that one noname
      that one noname 3 months ago +152

      @Computment now it's not recommended to download ANY mods and packs

    • Ishan
      Ishan 3 months ago +90

      @Phoenix SC it gave us the Jenny mod and thus so am i.

    • Proferk
      Proferk 3 months ago +10

      Why do you need a checker, just manually check if the files exist

  • The Phoenix King
    The Phoenix King 3 months ago +83

    I run a server based on Better Minecraft which is extremely alarming to me (since it is local to my own PC, as is the game itself that connects to it).
    I have just checked and it seems I am in the clear (since I am using an outdate 2022 version of the modpack) but for now, I am going to shut the server down and check each individual Jar file in the entire CurseForge folder.
    It is a shame Malware Creators do this to people, especially children.

    • ColaMan
      ColaMan 2 months ago

      Well if you're downloading anything from the internet. It's all your responsibility, being a child doesn't change anything

  • PrivateHorseLegs
    PrivateHorseLegs 3 months ago +44

    I’m going to give big thanks to many people (especially you, Phoenix!) working on covering and fixing this huge issue, given how quick they figured out how the malware worked!

  • Joe_
    Joe_ 3 months ago

    from my understanding i’m fine, (i downloaded SWEM in february 2023 and no other mods since.) but thank you phoenix for making videos informing people of things like this. it really just shows how you care about people and want to make sure people are safe online.🙂

  • Simon Clarkstone
    Simon Clarkstone 3 months ago +27

    From the video thumbnail and title, I assumed this was a joke video.
    Also it feels retro to have an actual virus, rather than other forms of malware that are far more dominant nowadays. But Java's JAR files are just ZIP files in disguise, which makes automated modification of them (like virus propagation) much easier than for EXE files.

  • MrSour
    MrSour 3 months ago

    Stay safe everyone! Thanks for helping everyone be aware of this Phoenix

  • Ambitious Emerald
    Ambitious Emerald 3 months ago +2246

    Phoenix may make cursed content, but the fact that he also makes serious content like this and warns others about a virus is why I enjoy his videos.

      WITHERSCHAEDEL 3 months ago +8

      Couldn't have said it better ^^/❤️

    • Jesus Olivares
      Jesus Olivares 3 months ago +8

      I originally thought it was just clickbaity joke

    • JobiMorkos
      JobiMorkos 3 months ago +4

      @repentandbelieveinJesusChrist9 Please Pray on Churches instead of Comment Section, Begone now.

    • Mollydog
      Mollydog 3 months ago

      ​@Jesus Olivares same here

  • ThatGuyWhoScreams
    ThatGuyWhoScreams 3 months ago +25

    Thanks for letting everyone know. I’m not on reddit often, so I wouldn’t know otherwise, and I was just about to download a bunch of mods. My computer thanks you!!!

  • BrokenSpectacles
    BrokenSpectacles 3 months ago +8

    Thank you for covering that! I was close to doing a modded playthrough with some mates, and it's nice to hear this from someone in more detail then "there might be a virus", I'll stay clear of the space for now then :D Stay safe everyone.

  • dni
    dni 3 months ago

    The only thing I'm worried about is if it has the ability to spread to other mods like OnePlayerSleep or Skinsrestorer, even having that would make the situation worse, stay safe modders!

  • SomeGuyOnTheInternet
    SomeGuyOnTheInternet 3 months ago

    Thank you SO much Phoenix, for spreading this information. I wouldn’t have known about this otherwise, thankfully, I don’t appear to have the malware, but my heart goes out to those who do.

  • Soldier333
    Soldier333 3 months ago

    Haven't played modded in a long time, sorry to hear something like this happened, stay safe y'all!

  • Mr Dan
    Mr Dan 3 months ago +1109

    Thanks for posting this here as well, the more people that share it the better as it’s obviously not going to be heard by everyone if it’s posted in just the more “hardcore” modding communities!

    • CIA
      CIA 3 months ago +7

      I feel bad for anyone who got it

    • Ryan O'Rourke
      Ryan O'Rourke 3 months ago +1

      @CIA I installed better minecraft recently and checked and i didn't have it thank god but recently I couldn't even play better minecraft because error code 1

    • CIA
      CIA 3 months ago +1

      @Ryan O'Rourke it means outdated mods

    • Brazil
      Brazil 3 months ago +3

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    • Brazil
      Brazil 3 months ago +1

      ​@Ryan O'Rourke God*

  • Joshua Peisach
    Joshua Peisach 3 months ago +23

    Update: the team is definitely doing great, currently me and others are working on translations :D

  • VL R
    VL R 3 months ago

    I was kind of hoping this was another meme video, but I'm very thankful you covered this. Huge props for everyone spreading awareness and finding ways to fix it

  • Cccreature Feature
    Cccreature Feature 3 months ago +1

    I hope this will help others learn more ahout the nature of modding Minecraft in and of itself. You are *always* taking a risk with minecraft mods, period. Unlike most games, Minecraft mods have access to the entire Java runtime and can execute any arbitrary code on your device. The modding community has been largely built on trust as a result. There really is no way to guarantee safety 100% with Minecraft mods. Your best bet would honestly be a virtual machine/sandbox if you're able to set that up. Be cautious and play safe!

  • Pengu Studios
    Pengu Studios 3 months ago +4

    Thank you for this. I've let everyone I know about this. I've been playing a lot of Minecraft mods so I had to check if I had the virus and luckily it seems like I don't have it, but hopefully all of this will be resolved soon and back to normal :c

  • Journey Awaits
    Journey Awaits 3 months ago +1

    Computer viruses are starting to become an existential threat. I’m not sure how much this digital society can keep going if they’re proliferating everywhere like this.

  • JoJo
    JoJo 3 months ago +1967

    If a virus makes everyone to stay inside the house, I'm okay with it. But if a virus makes everyone not to play Minecraft, I'm against that at all costs.

  • Adam Hart
    Adam Hart 3 months ago +1

    Something important to note is that Modrinth and Curseforge are building tools to detect infected files. (EDIT: Curseforge have released their tools, link in video description)
    Curseforge are insisting you DO NOT uninstall the launcher, when a fix/patch is deployed it will be done through there and by removing the launcher you open yourself to not receiving a fix.

  • Gandhi_Physique
    Gandhi_Physique 3 months ago

    Thank you for making this video. It is useful for larger creators to make note of this and show how to see if you are infected or not.

  • desadia
    desadia 3 months ago

    i never honestly thought that people would be able to undetectably inject viruses into mc mods, so sad to see it happening now

  • MrChickinMan
    MrChickinMan 3 months ago

    I’d recommend checking your minecraft if you downloaded any files related to it regardless of location. Whether it be optifine, shaders, mods, etc., because we can never be 100% sure where this virus has spread, just take a few minutes out of your time to make sure everything is safe.

  • Arctic Snow
    Arctic Snow 2 months ago +1

    My advice: ALWAYS deobfuscate and examine JAR files before running them, no matter how safe they appear to be. If you don't understand it, don't run it.

  • MajorTomFisher
    MajorTomFisher 3 months ago +497

    Honestly it's sort of incredible that this hasn't happened yet already, I just hope the next step is for Forge and Fabric to have to implement their own malware detection code to prevent something like this from happening again.

    • Gojojodragon
      Gojojodragon 3 months ago +19

      That simply isn't possible because Minecraft mods are executables basically raw code

    • mission
      mission 3 months ago +53

      @Gojojodragon this is where AI can have a use: noticing self-expanding pieces of code.

    • Optic_Fusion1
      Optic_Fusion1 3 months ago +41

      Malware within the Minecraft community has happened a lot. I've found malicious jars dating back to 2016. The only difference is that this one was made such a bigger deal than it is. A video, announcement, detection tool, and writeup are realistically all it should need. Going off one of the github repos both Oracle and Mojang were contacted, which I personally find dumb unless there's something within the code they can deal with (unlikely)

    • Optic_Fusion1
      Optic_Fusion1 3 months ago +10

      @Gojojodragon You can do Anti-Malware for mods actually. I've created one for spigot plugins

      LAMYRAL 3 months ago +13

      ​@Gojojodragon You could decompile it and check if it uses any suspicious classes like the one that self-expand, and if a mod does it can be flagged for regular human reviewing

  • Catkirakittin
    Catkirakittin 3 months ago

    Keep the community informed! Thanks so much for this video pheonix.

  • Curly Bug
    Curly Bug 3 months ago +1

    I don't use mods on Minecraft but I do use CurseForge for The Sims 4 and it's probably good for me to know that this can happen, thank you for making this video.

  • Tamed Delirium
    Tamed Delirium 3 months ago

    Helped me dodge a huge bullet I planned on playing and downloading a few mods today to expand my mod pack with my friends. Thanks for the heads up! I also checked just to be sure

  • R. A. Nima
    R. A. Nima 3 months ago

    Even though I downloaded Curseforge ages ago, I wasn’t ever able to figure out how to install mods with it because my laptop isn’t powerful enough to handle it, so I think I’m in the clear. I even checked my App data for the possible virus in disguise just in case and I don’t see it anywhere so I’m probably safe.
    I hope everyone else stays safe and that this virus gets taken care of quickly.

  • Gamein
    Gamein 3 months ago

    if you wanted to be extremely cautious would separate drive partitions for playing games protect your other passwords? I know just setting up 2fa would be less of a headache but I’m just wondering

  • Skeleton Warlord
    Skeleton Warlord 3 months ago +766

    As someone who hasn’t ever played with mods and plays on a console, I’m glad I’m safe. But I hope this gets taken care of fast.

    • Jesse Baker
      Jesse Baker 3 months ago +44

      Yeah imagine getting a virus by downloading mods
      Laughs in console pain

    • Phoenixthings
      Phoenixthings 3 months ago +23

      Not able to get mods on Minecraft gang, wOo!

    • MyReligionIsScience
      MyReligionIsScience 3 months ago +11

      I’m a big modded fan, almost had the virus spread before my friend told me and I ran a virus scan and deleted the virus when I found it

    • Chase9
      Chase9 3 months ago +3

      no mods moment

  • Wilhem Young
    Wilhem Young 3 months ago +1

    I only ever use Optifine 1.16.5 (I only play this version) and (sometimes, but rarely) Custom NPCs, both of which I downloaded long before this virus appeared, so I’m safe. But it’s best to let others know. Thanks, Phoenix!

  • Mr Weasel Boy
    Mr Weasel Boy 3 months ago +1

    Thanks for telling us, Phoenix, you're so connected to your community and I like that :)

  • Louiepikmin3
    Louiepikmin3 3 months ago +1

    I just wanna say, you should absolutely check, but it's pretty apparent if you have the virus or not. I might've gotten a different one but mine just installed a ton of random files and had tons and tons of popups to slow my computer down (Got this from downloading curseforge itself, specifically 1.19.3)

  • Jimmeh Bob
    Jimmeh Bob 3 months ago

    thank you so much for covering this. this is a very serious issue that has potential to ruin peoples' lives.

  • Youssef Tamer
    Youssef Tamer 3 months ago

    I feel quite sorry for the Java players who have been infected out there; as a part of the Bedrock community, I can’t exactly understand the significance of this matter since I, as well as pretty much all Bedrock players, can’t download any mods. All I can say is stay safe, keep having fun with mods (with a little bit of caution), and join the Bedrock community if you’re afraid of getting infected, after all, you can’t get the virus from mods if you can’t implement any mods to begin with.

  • xxo3
    xxo3 3 months ago +510

    Good job informing people about this as quickly as possible, i'm surprised Mojang haven't issued any warnings about this, since it's such an important topic.

    • Interstormer78
      Interstormer78 3 months ago +16

      Mojang are probably working internally on this and also there isn't a point as most people know about this at this point and having them post about it will only create panic and chaos

    • BlueFire Animations
      BlueFire Animations 3 months ago +54

      ​​@Interstormer78 They can't "work internally" on this, it has nothing to do with Mojang other than by relation to Minecraft. CurseForge and Bukkit's plugin site are both infected, the former being a mod distribution site, and the latter being a Bukkit plugin distribution site. Neither of which have anything to do with Mojang.
      CurseForge says that they fixed the problem, (I wouldn't trust them on that, though) and I haven't heard anything from Bukkit so far.

    • TimeWarpDrive 77
      TimeWarpDrive 77 3 months ago +21

      Mojang is too busy ruining the game

    • Bard
      Bard 3 months ago +37

      They specifically updated their launcher to say that modded versions of minecraft are unsafe for this reason. By doing so, they remove any and all responsibility regarding malware in modded versions of the game.

    • sesei214
      sesei214 3 months ago +4

      @BlueFire Animations they want to destroy mods, hell they even want to destroy minecraft itself(especially the java edition since bedrock is such a money grab)

  • Xand3rCha0s
    Xand3rCha0s 3 months ago +2

    It's absolutely upsetting that because of this, modding could be shut down altogether possibly permanently because mods are being permanently taken down to prevent infection- which opens the possibility of these mods forever being lost to time and that's just horrendous. Whoever did all of this is truly evil.

    • Sylv
      Sylv 3 months ago +1

      talented minecraft modders from all around the community are working on fixing the malware situation

  • Dabs Gaming HQ
    Dabs Gaming HQ 3 months ago +1

    Pheonix, this is one of the very few videos ive seen of yours that isnt satire, feels weird but thank you for looking out, i play bedrock because my pc sucks but i love your channel. You do have alot of mc knowledge would you consider doing more informative serious videos like this? Even as a second channel?

  • Camilo Rodriguez
    Camilo Rodriguez 3 months ago

    it never ceases to amaze me, how the internet has come full circle, we went from having viruses on almost anything that can be downloaded, to a time were almost nothing had one, it needed to be something from a really REALLY shady website, to having viruses on everything again

  • MuscleChicken
    MuscleChicken 3 months ago +1

    I hope this gets cleared up soon! Me and my friends want to make an mc server and I will have to download all of the performance mods!

  • aiidanz
    aiidanz 3 months ago

    So thankful to be a Mac user right now. I just went on a Mod downloading spree recently after picking up Minecraft again after a few months away. The second you said CurseForge, my heart skipped a beat lol. So disgusting someone would do this.

  • yo
    yo 3 months ago +357

    Props to the curseforge community to make a detection tool as soon as possible

    • Seizoo
      Seizoo 3 months ago +2


    • Matt
      Matt 3 months ago +4

      just make sure it aint cloudflare

    • legend 4 life
      legend 4 life 3 months ago

      @Matt why?

  • Pandora
    Pandora 3 months ago +1

    thank you so so much pheonix for letting us know about this!! stay safe all of you

  • LunaJhope
    LunaJhope 3 months ago

    Well this is absolutely terrifying, seeing as i was just downloading mods to add into an modpack like the other day, thank you for saying something about this and letting people know

  • Facundo Veliz
    Facundo Veliz 3 months ago

    It’s so sad that this was handled better that the pandemic was

  • Psydameous Sharm
    Psydameous Sharm 3 months ago

    Wow. I am obsessed with mods. I'm so glad I narrowly avoided a bullet. I would have no idea about this if you never posted it, Thank You Phoenix SC!

  • Stinkyfroggie
    Stinkyfroggie 2 months ago

    Unfortunately, mine was infected with a virus quite a bit before this video released, and since I didn’t know what to do, I had to delete and re-download mc along with all my worlds and everything. Now I am back to square one with no worlds and mods. I’m happy that now people are able to prevent it and found ways to fix it.

  • HereticHazel
    HereticHazel 3 months ago +454

    While people who are actually at risk definitely need to check, I'd like to dispel some of the unnecessary fear I've seen around:
    First off, this only spreads through jar files, and its very new. If you haven't downloaded any jar files after late april, you have no reason for concern. Certain platforms such as modrinth are also confirmed as having no infected files. This also means that ONLY jar files are affected, launchers themselves are safe unless they're written in java themselves (i saw some people who thought the technic launcher exe was infected, but thats simply impossible with this). What it does is it spreads to other jar files on your system, as long as you were never infected in the first place it's still safe to play vanilla and modded
    Of course at the end of the day it doesnt hurt to check, but I'm seeing a lot of people getting super stressed about it when they're not even at risk

    • Syndiate
      Syndiate 3 months ago +21

      Yeah I think Phoenix SC should've specified this in the video

    • Interstormer78
      Interstormer78 3 months ago +4

      Is it on optifine by any chance as i have downloaded it in the past week

    • BlueFire Animations
      BlueFire Animations 3 months ago +27

      ​@Interstormer78 No, not to my knowledge, but you should check for the directory anyways, it doesn't hurt anything.

    • Andre Amaral
      Andre Amaral 3 months ago +1

      I downloaded a modpack on the curse forge app is that safe?

    • Interstormer78
      Interstormer78 3 months ago +5

      @Andre Amaral Which modpack btw?
      And also there is a high chance that it is infected so i recommend scanning and removing any sensitive info on your computer

  • Snaily
    Snaily 3 months ago

    Luckily, I have never downloaded amy of these, but im so glad u covered this issue. It really should be taken seriously. Thank you

  • Orenji
    Orenji 3 months ago +1

    I didn’t download some of the mods on the list according to the video and I’m also playing on MacOS. Still this is concerning as to why this happened.
    Might do the scanning thing just to be safe. It sucks that this happen considering there would be players excited to play mods for the new 1.20 update.

  • Rei (Taylors Version)
    Rei (Taylors Version) 3 months ago

    As the only java player out of a friend group of bedrock players i am so glad my friend sent this to me because ive already had my computer mess up today and this made the worrying worse. i did the scans though and checked my folders so im fine as of right now, im a big modded minecraft player so this was very useful (still disappointed i cant try new mods out for a while without a risk)

  • ozwald
    ozwald 3 months ago

    i play the fabric version and also have downloaded it at least a year ago, i just checked and im not infected. luckily i don't play modded much past the two modpacks i downloaded years ago + a few other mods that i have on my computer, again, from years ago. thank you for this video, im always afraid of things like this happening and this really helped me make sure my computer was okay since i don't know how to check for these types of things myself

  • Wolf
    Wolf 3 months ago

    Seeing new stuff in the launcher is nice and all but I'll keep using the prism launcher instead of the default launcher since it is just 1000x more practical to me.

  • CheeseWithHoles
    CheeseWithHoles 3 months ago +623

    I'm not sure if its the same for everyone but the "Microsoft Edge" folder is invisible regardless of the "Show hidden files" checked. I just typed this in cmd (in administrator)
    rmdir /s /q "C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Local\Microsoft Edge". Replace *USERNAME* with yours. This command will delete the folder entirely (including the contents).
    Hope this helps.

    • Air Conditioner 2
      Air Conditioner 2 3 months ago +9

      Everyone, get this on top by liking.

    • monoko
      monoko 3 months ago +34

      according to curseforge you also need to check "show protected system files" for it to be visible.

    • Jeremiah Dulcich
      Jeremiah Dulcich 3 months ago

      What do I type in cmd? And what part do I type

    • oli
      oli 3 months ago +5

      @Jeremiah Dulcich rmdir /s /q "C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Local\Microsoft Edge"
      replace USERNAME with your pc name

    • Phantom Flows
      Phantom Flows 3 months ago +34

      @oli For future reference you can just put `rmdir /s /q "C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft Edge"` and it will use the registery to find the active user, for people who aren't sure on what to replace

  • dae C pen
    dae C pen 3 months ago

    I went on a huge mod downloading spree not too long ago. Thankfully I play modded Minecraft strictly on 1.12.2 which seems to have been my saving grace from downloading newer popular mods like Better Minecraft which I would have undoubtedly downloaded if I was on any more recent version of Minecraft.

  • Blackdog
    Blackdog 3 months ago

    Just got a new pc after 2 years and literally an hour ago installed java. Im glad I found out about this before I started modding because I'm well behind in what's out there on PC's. Cheers man

  • ConfirmedZer0
    ConfirmedZer0 3 months ago +1

    Something similar actually happened with the GMod community on June 3rd last year, although to a less malicious extent.

  • InternetDoggo483
    InternetDoggo483 3 months ago +1

    Thanks for spreading awareness about this, phoenix 🙏

  • livipup
    livipup 3 months ago +1

    Thanks for the info :) I thought one of the mod names seemed familiar, but it turned out it wasn't one I had downloaded. I hadn't downloaded any mods in quite a long time, so I wasn't really worried, but it's good to be informed. Oddly, I didn't have the Microsoft Edge folder OR the MicrosoftEdge folder. Instead, I had an Edge folder inside of a Microsoft folder. Might be a Windows 10 vs 11 things if I had to guess.

  • Nickwilde7755
    Nickwilde7755 3 months ago +334

    Thank god mojang came out with things like chat reporting so a lot of people (me included) would stop playing this game before this virus started spreading so we wouldnt get infected!

    • Chorismos
      Chorismos 3 months ago +11


    • Adarshom Panigrahi
      Adarshom Panigrahi 3 months ago +12

      That cracked me up😂

      CHEESE MASTER14 3 months ago +5


    • Placeholder Blank space
      Placeholder Blank space 3 months ago +34

      how cruel of the community to blame mojang for not caring about the playerbase when really all they wanted to do was stop ppl from playing a game that was going to be infected!

    • Jeremy Bitar
      Jeremy Bitar 3 months ago +2

      But there's a mod that disables the whole thing. In turn it'd put you at risk of the virus

  • Zythryl
    Zythryl 3 months ago

    Thank you for the concisely organized information! This is a big help

  • Moron Ribbons
    Moron Ribbons 3 months ago

    I've heard insane things about how this virus has even been able to escape virtual machines and infect the actual system running that inside themselves. I've been turning my wireless connection off before using forge to open my launcher with the modded installation, so hopefully forge hasn't been able to update the one pack I've been playing lately (I don't even think it or the mods in it have had updates, but in case they do and forge wants to update any of the mods in the pack or if the pack itself gets updated, I'm still launching offline to be sure since I don't know how modpack updates work...)

  • MattsoPiratoso
    MattsoPiratoso 3 months ago

    Informational videos like this are a blessing. Thanks for killing ignorance, brother!

  • memefish
    memefish 3 months ago +1

    I am so happy, such a relief when I find out that I am not infected at all! Man that's the best feeling.

  • Mase The Ace
    Mase The Ace 3 months ago +1

    Of course this would happen right after I bought a gaming PC so I could mess around with Minecraft mods. Hopefully it won't take long for things to get sorted out. I was mainly planning on checking out shaders, but I might hold off on them until things settle down.

    • Soul3Shooter
      Soul3Shooter 3 months ago +1

      I fairly certain that shader packs are safe since they are not technically mods. But I completely understand that you don't even want to risk it.
      Life is funny, you get something and boom, cant do what you want.

  • Pinkgamer8
    Pinkgamer8 3 months ago +365

    This is so scary and infuriating that anyone would do this. Stay safe.

    • Interstormer78
      Interstormer78 3 months ago +6

      It only spreads through JAR files and can only be downloaded through the mods listed
      If you believe you are at risk I recommend doing a virus scan and deleting sensitive info off your computer

    • Kenthrex
      Kenthrex 3 months ago

      remember how plustic did something similiar?

    • Meemah_ SN
      Meemah_ SN 3 months ago +5

      @Interstormer78 The virus is capable of infecting any Minecraft mod, so it’s not just the listed mods that need to be looked out for.

    • Midnight
      Midnight 3 months ago

      @Meemah_ SN I’m alright since the last mod I downloaded was in like late February right? (Btw I deleted all sorts of modded things from Minecraft)

    • denz9ty
      denz9ty 3 months ago

      @Interstormer78 i could never be at risk if i myself dont know where i keep my login information
      Good luck trying to navigate my 10 drives of random jumbleness

  • Arix Vaize
    Arix Vaize 3 months ago

    As I am an avid Minecraft user, this is a bit of a blow to me. I was planning to attempt survival this weekend, but I'm not sure if it's safe anymore. Bit nervous, but... it can wait. 😢

    • Snow Blizzard
      Snow Blizzard 3 months ago

      You are actually safe to start a survival world that is unmodded. This virus can only spread through you downloading the mods that are infected. This means you are safe from being infected if you don't download new mods

  • Your Local Complainer
    Your Local Complainer 3 months ago

    Thank you so much for letting me and everybody out there know. I had no idea and haven't seen any information about this, even from Curse themselves. I'm currently on their website and it doesn't have any mention of this! 😡

  • CrazyGodzillaBoi 1954
    CrazyGodzillaBoi 1954 3 months ago

    I panicked once I saw this video and watched it. Thankfully though, I haven’t downloaded any of the mods listed, and have been mainly downloading from Modrinth since the incident has been happening on Curseforge. Either way, I am still gonna check just be sure I am safe…
    Heart attack go *_o o u g h_*

  • How to eat grapes
    How to eat grapes 3 months ago

    Yo thanks bro, around three weeks ago I was making a mod list to install and I had ‘sky villages’ on that list, but because I was making a survival world and I was going to use ‘sky villages’ for a creative world I decided against it and I’m so glad I did 😅.
    I really dodged a bullet there, thanks for sharing.

  • anonymous
    anonymous 3 months ago

    Thank you for alerting us of this. Thankfully i don't think i have been infected but still thanks for the heads up.

  • Sarah Pandora
    Sarah Pandora 3 months ago +815

    just a little reminder to you all, even if you haven't downloaded any of these mods, you should still check it.

    • Sunny Chips
      Sunny Chips 3 months ago +47

      its not there i checked it says "MicrosoftEdge" instead of "Microsoft Edge" on my pc.

    • J P
      J P 3 months ago +18

      and I havent downloaded mods nor played minecraft since last year so I think I'm safe ... even tho TLauncher has been suspected of having a virus, nothing bad has happened to me for a long time

    • Kaleidico
      Kaleidico 3 months ago +17

      I don't download mods 🤷‍♂️

    • Speaker97
      Speaker97 3 months ago +9

      I play on my ps5, but thanks for your concern 🧃

    • MK
      MK 3 months ago +1

      ​@Sunny Chips what do i do if i find neither?

  • ISS Sloth
    ISS Sloth 3 months ago

    Thanks so much for making this video, I don't have the virus but I definitely could have gotten it at the rate I've been downloading mods recently had I not known about this.

  • Caticus1470
    Caticus1470 3 months ago

    I'm super glad that I haven't been downloading mods for Minecraft lately. This video was the first notification I got about this virus, and I will now be more careful if I download mods. Thanks!

  • Trygveblacktiger
    Trygveblacktiger 3 months ago

    Honestly had a small heart attack when i first saw this. Luckly i havent been infected and im working to remove mc mods just to be on the safe side until futher notice.

  • Tiggy Volts
    Tiggy Volts 3 months ago +1

    Even as a vanilla Minecraft player I still see this as a loss. I'm happy people are spreading awareness so quickly, thank you!

    • Aura
      Aura 3 months ago

      What's Mincerack? All the kids are talking about it.

    • Tiggy Volts
      Tiggy Volts 3 months ago

      @Aura Minecraft is a survival game that's heavily based on building and exploration. It can be played with one player, or with multiple players, and there is no set goal. It's a sandbox game where you collect things, farm food, you can go fishing, it has a wide array of game mechanics that allows anyone and everyone to enjoy it

    • Aura
      Aura 3 months ago

      @Tiggy Volts Oh thank you! I am very happy to have an explanation about the hit topic of Minecraft.