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  • Published on May 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • inside Signal Iduna at Dortmund vs Mainz as Bayern win Bundesliga...
    You cannot make this up. Heartbreak in Borussia Dortmund 2-2 Mainz because of FC Koln 1-2 Bayern Munich. Meisterschaft.
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  • Krish Bhandari
    Krish Bhandari 4 months ago +1174

    I'm not a dortmund fan but this must be heartbreaking for them, they have such passionate fans.💔

    • JUN10R3DITZ
      JUN10R3DITZ 4 months ago +12

      crowd was a bit less noisy cause thogden was there

    • sebbl
      sebbl 4 months ago +4

      It is, it hurts so bad

    • Abdullah T.
      Abdullah T. 4 months ago +1

      I mean they are used to it I suppose

    • Toasti
      Toasti 4 months ago +3

      Thx for your words

  • OnionMaster69 TAREEQ
    OnionMaster69 TAREEQ 4 months ago +1631

    As a Bayern fan, I can easily admit that Bayern didn’t deserve the title this season, but Dortmund didn’t seem to want it either 😭😬

    • ryanmate
      ryanmate 4 months ago +61

      after tuchel it all went down, borussia dortmund bottled it so hard 😭😭😭😭

    • Chuck McGill
      Chuck McGill 4 months ago +32

      Reminds me of our loss vs Chelsea in home, more than devastating. Honestly I had accepted the fact that we will be trophyless this season, but even though we played bad today it was Bayern players who looked like they weren't champions from last 10 years and at the same time watching Dortmund felt like they were champions from last 10 years and didn't care about this one. Dortmund can not overcome this loser mentality no matter how they hard they try.

    • Mosmeister 94
      Mosmeister 94 4 months ago +24

      Dortmund hat es genausowenig verdient

    • Diving Down
      Diving Down 4 months ago +4

      @ryanmatewhat? We were second when tuchel took over 😂

    • Bayernfan89
      Bayernfan89 4 months ago +33

      You ain't a Bayern fan then

  • Nr4747
    Nr4747 3 months ago +35

    One thing worth mentioning that I'm very proud of as a German football fan: We have absolute competitive integrity in the first Bundesliga. There was never a fear that either Mainz or Köln would deliberately play poorly (or field a weaker side) to affect the outcome of the Meisterschaft in any way.

  • Mayur Gajra
    Mayur Gajra 3 months ago +80

    I was there in the stadium. Went through all the emotions in last 10-15 minutes. Can't believe Dortmund lost it. Felt so bad 😢

  • Crawxvids
    Crawxvids 4 months ago +736

    Musiala is an incredible footballer 🔥

  • Bronco Rob
    Bronco Rob 3 months ago +88

    I'm a Mainz fan and I was in the stadium at the game yesterday. We arrived in Dormund at around 11:20 and the atmosphere in the city was already electric and the people were so happy and hopeful. But with beginning of the game Dortmund didn't show any dominance and that it is only THEIR game. After we scored the goals the team got more nervous and missed their chances because of their nervousness. I felt bad for so many Dortmund fans and talked to some of them after the game. They said that we didn't spoil their title hopes but they lost it on their own.

    • rascallybloom 56
      rascallybloom 56 3 months ago


    • isaac leonardo moreno correa
      isaac leonardo moreno correa 3 months ago +3

      That's true, BVB is better than Mainz, but their nervousness did not let them handle the pressure. Mainz did what they are supposed to do though

    • IrishBVB
      IrishBVB 3 months ago +6

      I travelled all the way from Ireland. I didn't even try to get a ticket as I knew they would be gold dust, but I went for the best atmosphere ever 🟡⚫️
      Mainz were very good, and Svensson is a great manager. I feel no animosity towards M05 players 🍻 Sad we didn't win the Meisterschale but win, lose or draw I will always support Borussia. Einmal Borusse immer Borusse.
      On this video, while it is good to have footage, I am annoyed at Thogden. We have such an amazing fan base and here is a YT vlogger with no true love for Dortmund or Mainz, taking a ticket from a real fan. I don't like that one bit.

    • Kaiser
      Kaiser 3 months ago

      They are disrespectful losers. Mainz could win the game like 5-2. Mainz missed very easy shots in front of the goal. Dortmund is just a bad team

    • Emier Danish
      Emier Danish 3 months ago

      Mainz supporters said about Dortmund? 😂 13:34

  • harry harmar
    harry harmar 4 months ago +318

    i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t laughing at all the 4-0 score predictions 😂

    • Stariongaming
      Stariongaming 3 months ago


    • Ritter Toby
      Ritter Toby 3 months ago +1

      I'm a Bayern fan and also predicted 4/5-0.

    • Wasi
      Wasi 3 months ago +1

      Some of them even with 5-0 predictions lol

    • IrishBVB
      IrishBVB 3 months ago +4

      In fairness we have been incredible at home this season. Especially in 2023. The only team that could beat us at home all year was Bremen. Not even Man City could.
      But... I do get that it is funny after what happened 😅 I even travelled to the game and heard similar. I was not so confident... Mainz and Svensson are a strong force even for a smaller side.

    • Bavarian Vibes
      Bavarian Vibes 2 months ago


  • ℭ𝔥𝔞𝔬𝔪𝔢𝔲𝔪.

    I absolutely loved seeing Mainz fans celebrating at the end of the game. It was so inspirational man 😂

    • Sivaram LORD
      Sivaram LORD 3 months ago +9

      Mainz showed that they are no pushovers even when they got nothing to play for. They raced to a 2-0 lead and frustrated Dortmund till the end.

    • Eavy Eavy
      Eavy Eavy 3 months ago

      didnt account everyone else in Bundes content with being Bayern's farmers

    • Sivaram LORD
      Sivaram LORD 3 months ago

      @Eavy Eavy Obviously you did not watch both games. FC Koln wanted to beat Bayern because they are good friends with Dortmund. They celebrated like mad when FC Koln equalised and heckled Bayern non stop and there are many Dortmund Supporters who showed up for that game. Even when Bayern lifted the title at the end, the whole stadium booed Bayern. FC Koln always hated Bayern cause when the league was reformatted to the Bundesliga in 1963, FC Koln was the first to win this shield and thus hate Bayern for winning it so many times.

  • Moe Lester
    Moe Lester 4 months ago +421

    As a bayern fan, i love this video, i love everything about it. From the predicitons before the game, the guy mentioning agueros goal, the celebrations when Köln equalised.. i love just everything about it

  • Jlf 20
    Jlf 20 4 months ago +267

    Absolutely heartbroken for them, watched the Dortmund game and it was clear they were nervous In the 1st half, just no intensity going forward. Better second half but too little too late sadly

    • Retired Rebel
      Retired Rebel 4 months ago +1

      Grace under Pressure. The Yellow Wall did not buckle, why did the Players. Kudos to the bundesliga in that Mainz could have done Bayern Dirty.

    • Neutral Portal
      Neutral Portal 4 months ago

      Guess there is a parade in my city 😂😂😂😂

    • Ed 🇸🇱
      Ed 🇸🇱 3 months ago

      I predicted an Agueroooo moment, just not for Bayern, and def not Musiala. Even more heartbreaking when u think about Haller pen miss

    • Buff Edgar
      Buff Edgar 3 months ago

      Pressure is something else

  • Eumenides
    Eumenides 4 months ago +69

    That guy is an absolute legend for taking you to the games with him.

    • Pat Star
      Pat Star 3 months ago

      yes, and real dortmund fans have to stay outside...................................

    • Eumenides
      Eumenides 3 months ago

      @Pat Star Gatekeeping is unbecoming of the BVB Family. Besides, tons of people in attendance who were invited by sponsors - not exactly what you’d call „real Dortmund fans“.

  • Attilio Dell'Oste
    Attilio Dell'Oste 4 months ago +47

    For any football lover this game was heartbreaking. As an Inter fan it made me think about the 5th may 2002 when we lost the title at the last game and Juve won it. I wish all the best to this fantastic supporters, your day will come soon

    • Filip Snell
      Filip Snell 3 months ago +2

      Big Thanks, if you are a fan the only thing you can do is support the club
      hard to do anything on the pitch....

    • Max Klapacz
      Max Klapacz 3 months ago +2

      Not for me it wasn’t heartbreaking at all

    • Kaiserin
      Kaiserin 3 months ago +1

      For any football fan? Real football fans are happy at the result, nobody likes Borussia Corruptmund besides gloryhunters.

    • Em Wi
      Em Wi 3 months ago +1

      Dortmund and Bayern are both big money clubs... Dortmund is oböy about money.. Bayern about money and titles

  • LoudBird
    LoudBird 3 months ago +24

    The fact that all those fans before the match were so confident and trusted Dortmund would get the job done easily, thinking they showed up to the stadium to watch their team lift the trophy... Only to be met with disappointment. Absolutely heartbreaking.

    • Kaiserin
      Kaiserin 3 months ago +2

      It’s beautiful 😂
      It’s what they get for being overconfident, toxic, and overall gloryhunters.

  • Montreal MUFC
    Montreal MUFC 3 months ago +35

    In my years of sports fandom, I don't think I have ever seen something like this in the way the title race ended. This has to be the worst of all heartbreaks for any team in a position to win a title.

    • Untold Stories WW2
      Untold Stories WW2 3 months ago +2

      Check out Schalke "Meister der Herzen“ 2002 i think it was. The Fans and Players already were celebetrating their first league title and then Bayern made a freekick goal im extra time in their match and then they won the title

    • Rem rich
      Rem rich 3 months ago +1

      nope... look the year when Schalke was celebrating already... And than Bayern scored in 95 min

    • Bornevalesh
      Bornevalesh 3 months ago +2

      @Untold Stories WW2 Just like Hamburg today, when they thought they were already promoted to 1. Bundesliga.

      NIDELLANEUM 3 months ago +1

      @Untold Stories WW2 The fact that what happened yesterday wasn't even the first time says a lot. How come Bayern NEVER receives such an upset?

    • Untold Stories WW2
      Untold Stories WW2 3 months ago

      @Bornevalesh yea i watched it! It was crazy!!

  • ItsJessse
    ItsJessse 4 months ago +193

    Seeing Marco kneel and burst in tears made me tear up honestly he doesn’t deserve this

    • Zeeshan Lodi
      Zeeshan Lodi 4 months ago +13

      He's a Dortmund Legend and I hope one day they win the Bundesliga for him.

    • Thomas Hauer
      Thomas Hauer 4 months ago +30

      They do deserve it. Bayern gave em the title on a platter. They didnt Take it and crumbled. Fumble.
      Bvb should be the barca to real bayern but its the new woke german weakness in them
      RB Leipzig will be the true Challenger to bayern. They are on point in top games

    • Zeeshan Lodi
      Zeeshan Lodi 4 months ago +2

      @Thomas Hauer No one’s going to challenge Bayern Munich, they’re ruthless and relentless. Leipzig have tried with Werner in the past and failed. This is a fluke season for Bayern and you know next season they’ll be out for blood.

    • Zeeshan Lodi
      Zeeshan Lodi 4 months ago +2

      LSac The thing is I don’t want the Bundesliga to keep staying a farmers league. Every club have great fans but if Bayern keep winning, none of the outside media will give the league respect

    • Zeeshan Lodi
      Zeeshan Lodi 4 months ago +1

      @Thomas Hauer The best that Leipzig will do is wig at Arsenal did this year. Great all throughout the season but fumbling it in the end.

  • Federico Pieraccini
    Federico Pieraccini 3 months ago +7

    As a hard core FC INTERNAZIONALE fan, I felt the PTSD watching this game. It remembered me of the infamous 5 May 2002. Dortmund, you will get your revenge and it will be the sweetest. Love from Italy

  • Stefan Stanculescu
    Stefan Stanculescu 3 months ago +16

    watching the joy and excitement from the beginning of the video knowing that at the end of the video there will be tears and despair makes our relegation more bareable:))

    • Sivaram LORD
      Sivaram LORD 3 months ago +2

      As a Bayern fan, we wished Schalke stayed up. We want to inflict more pain on Dortmund.

  • Stela Pentheroudaki
    Stela Pentheroudaki 3 months ago

    I am still sad as a Dortmund fan, still not over it, but always proud of my team and players.😔💛🖤

  • Artorious
    Artorious 4 months ago +180

    Never underestimate Bayern. Even at their worst, they are still good! ❤🎉

  • J0RD4N_7
    J0RD4N_7 4 months ago +238

    It was in their hands and had the home advantage against a team who had nothing to play for. A shame they couldn’t win when you’ve seen how they’ve looked better than Munich

    • Retired Rebel
      Retired Rebel 4 months ago +4

      As a bayern Fan, I really wanted Dortmund to win, especially how Tuchel played spaghetti football in the 2nd half, I wanted to punish Bayern board & reward the Yellow Wall at the same time. But Dortmund players can’t blame anyone but their cheerleaders.

    • Ryan Kerr
      Ryan Kerr 4 months ago +24

      @Retired Rebel Why would you want the team you’re fighting against for the league to win? Surely the club comes before your dislike of the manager?

    • Marlontje
      Marlontje 4 months ago +1

      Coach made them play 5-5-1 …. 5-5-1 against Mainz 🤦🏽 park the bus Mourinho’s tactics and stil coincide 2 goals

    • Bhlack Bishop
      Bhlack Bishop 4 months ago +5

      @Ryan Kerr We won but it's hard to celebrate cause we know we probably don't deserve it. The board has made stupid decision after stupid decision, our players have been complacent/lazy, and our head coach was always at odds with someone every week (that one's fine tho, it happens). Don't get me wrong we'll take the title but we also got lucky Dortmund played rubbish in the last game.

    • Ryan Kerr
      Ryan Kerr 4 months ago +6

      @Bhlack Bishop Even with all that you still want your team to win, I cannot fathom ever wanting my rivals to win any game they ever play in.

  • Bacon life
    Bacon life 3 months ago +29

    Bro as a Bayern fan I have to say dortmund bottled the league HARD : first of all they were in shape unlike Bayern who they had neuer and choupo - mooting out of injury , Bvb also had the two easiest opponents and one of the matches was home advantage unlike Bayern who had to face tougher teams like Leipzig and koln away . At this point it is Bayern who deserve it

    • FC BAYERN Lover
      FC BAYERN Lover  3 months ago +2

      The bundesliga is ours, no team dares to win it, do you understand? next season we'll be back far stronger than we are now with the coming signings, we'll be a freaking warfare machine capable of destroying any team that comes on our way, DO YOU UNDERSTAND? this message is clear to all european clubs & the german ones included.

    • Lukas Braun
      Lukas Braun 3 months ago +1

      I’m a Bayern fan too. Actually since I was born in Munich and you’re just talking bullshit. Bayern played shit the last games and Leipzig game was at home.

    • FC BAYERN Lover
      FC BAYERN Lover  3 months ago +4

      @Lukas Braun when you read a comment or something, try to concentrate in order to understand what's being said. Did I say that Bayern were good?! , I'm well aware that Bayern played shit not just Leipzig & Koeln games, no!, Bayern was crap in at least 65 -70% of this season's games, but the point is that no matter how bad are Bayern, they always win the bundesliga title. Next season, it will be another story!

    • Stampot Andijvie
      Stampot Andijvie 3 months ago +5

      @FC BAYERN Lover you’re giving me adolf hitler vibes.

  • AleksyBlack
    AleksyBlack 3 months ago +1

    Knowing the result, it’s so heartbreaking watching this video.. the passion the fans had in them at the start.. crushed.

    • Kaiserin
      Kaiserin 3 months ago

      You love to see it 😂

  • lawrence Nyambuti
    lawrence Nyambuti 3 months ago +6

    This had all the pointers to be the best story of the season. Heartbreaking

  • Misty LSMs
    Misty LSMs 3 months ago +5

    I’m a massive Dortmund fan and I still am under my couch crying

    • Ippin Ekebe
      Ippin Ekebe 3 months ago

      Time to climb out and get on the couch.
      And then keep crying

  • Utku Şahin
    Utku Şahin 3 months ago +3

    As a Beşiktaş fan, my heart beat for Dortmund in this match, I'm so sorry you will be stronger next season BVB

  • addison fung
    addison fung 3 months ago +3

    Man oh man, what an ending!! In the end it's alls well that ends well for Bayern Munich after all! Oh man, I was terrified that the streak will end and it'll all be downhill from there, but no, they didn't give up, and produced the Bundesliga version of AGUEROOOOOOOOO moment! Jamal musiala, MVP of the season for Bayern Munich, without a doubt!

    • se Hu
      se Hu 3 months ago +2

      The real agueroooo moment was in 2001. Most dramatic final ever. Bayern conceded a goal in the 90th minute and Schalke thougt the won the Bundesliga but bayern scored in the last second by andersons freekick goal (in the penalty area). Schalke celebrated already the Championship with the fans on the pitch because the thought the bayern match was over.

  • Yeezyszn
    Yeezyszn 4 months ago +18

    Musiala with the Aguero moment what a beautiful day

  • 프오르아르
    프오르아르 3 months ago +4

    Man I support Bayern since 2016 I have all the jerseys I am very surprised and happy, lot of emotions for me and Bayern fans. I would prefer that Bayern is still in the champions league but I am happy that Neuer will come back

  • Divinest Beats
    Divinest Beats 4 months ago +13

    This is really heartbreaking, i can even see the tears in his eyes even though its not a fsn. The fans deserve better, dortmund never show up when it matters

    • AJ Wisniewski
      AJ Wisniewski 4 months ago

      Dortmund lost to Chelsea, and Chelsea are in the mud. A team that lost to Chelsea shouldn’t be champion of any league…..

  • Sejad Lulic
    Sejad Lulic 3 months ago +4

    This brings joy to my heart. Never underestimate mainz 😊

  • Marc Cullen
    Marc Cullen 4 months ago +7

    What a sad but as I predicted difficult day vs Mainz. I was rooting for BVB like so many others but had this feeling they would throw it away and unfortunately that's what happened. Bayern are ruthless, even with a few minutes left they didn't panic and got the job done. That's what elite teams do, Dortmund looked nervous, sloppy and were heavily punished for it. Great chance to break the Bayern machine but it just wasn't to be 😥🟡⚫ All the best for 2023/24 BVB

  • cryfier
    cryfier 3 months ago +1

    As a Bayern Fan, I loved every minute of this video xD

  • Only footy edit
    Only footy edit 4 months ago +209

    When I saw Bellinghams face I almost cried

  • Matt the Ground Hopper
    Matt the Ground Hopper 4 months ago +5

    Incredible stadiums in Germany, will be heading over there myself for my ground hopping 👍🏻

  • N G
    N G 3 months ago +5

    As a Bayern fan, I think Dortmund really deserved the title from the World Cup onwards until the end of the season. I feel for the Dortmund players and coach. And for all Dortmund fans who celebrated the 1:1 of Köln like they now won the title in that moment, first concentrate on your own game ;)

  • Julius Clausen
    Julius Clausen 4 months ago +76

    I already knew Thogden was gonna post a video were he supports Dortmund, the tears make me happy

    • Boiii •
      Boiii • 4 months ago +32

      so satisfying as a Bayern fan

    • Qin Shi-Huang 秦始皇
      Qin Shi-Huang 秦始皇 4 months ago +25

      I like Dortmund and Bayern but Thogden is not only a Bayern hater but also Germany and Bundesliga hater Lmao. Probably mad Germany has 4x more world cups than England

    • Shaving_Ryans_Privates_
      Shaving_Ryans_Privates_ 4 months ago +1

      Very satisfying as a Copenhagen fan

    • Boiii •
      Boiii • 4 months ago +1

      @Shaving_Ryans_Privates_ 🤝

    • Boiii •
      Boiii • 4 months ago +3

      @Shaving_Ryans_Privates_ W username lmao

  • Moussa Sow
    Moussa Sow 4 months ago +207

    I feel so bad for Reus and Bellingham 😢

    • ASK മലയാളി
      ASK മലയാളി 4 months ago +24

      Nah iam not😂

    • Alen the All-In
      Alen the All-In 4 months ago +42

      As a Bayern fan I feel bad for Reus, he deserved it but not for Jude!

    • pollos
      pollos 4 months ago +10

      screw jude i only feel for reus

    • Zeeshan Lodi
      Zeeshan Lodi 4 months ago +7

      I want to know are all of you guys that are hating on Bellingham Liverpool Fans

    • Thomas Hauer
      Thomas Hauer 4 months ago +2

      ​@Alen the All-In Jude??wo
      Lol bvb Just fumbled badly. They are done. Crushed forever after that.rb Leipzig is the true new big one to hunt Bayern

  • Aaliyah
    Aaliyah 4 months ago +14

    Im not a dortmund fan but this is kinda sad. Their fans had such a great atmosphere and they were so happy!!

    • rascallybloom 56
      rascallybloom 56 3 months ago

      🎵"11 yellow bottlers sitting on a wall"🎵😊

  • Nimer Busool
    Nimer Busool 4 months ago +31

    I'm excited 😁 to see Dortmund and Chelsea this summer here in my hometown, Chicago, USA 🇺🇸. Going to be an amazing match

  • Fireb0y?!
    Fireb0y?! 4 months ago +5

    I’m a Bayern fan and I think they deserved it but I feel like Dortmund fans are very passionate. I was watching both games this morning and I kinda felt bead for Dortmund bc they had a good chance after a decade of coming in second and Bayern being in first.

  • Rain
    Rain 3 months ago +1

    It just shows all these years what a humongous job Klopp did!

  • Markus Meisen
    Markus Meisen 4 months ago +4

    Nice to meet you today (with our Mainz 05 Fan)
    I can't believe what happened today, but the way the Fans support the Team after this, was incredebale..
    In der "Niederlage" zeigt sich die wahre Größe! Don't know how to say this in english 😉

  • Chris V Mat
    Chris V Mat 3 months ago

    Respect for Dortmund this season. Thogden, I'm an Arsneal fan, and you mocked Arsenal when we lost our first place to city. I hope you understand our disappointment. Win or Loss, its part of the game. Both Dortmund and Arsenal just have to try harder next season and I believe they can do it.

  • Valentin Oehler
    Valentin Oehler 3 months ago

    I watched the Bayern game live and there was so much tension and drama it was unbearable

  • Der König von Bayern
    Der König von Bayern 3 months ago

    Thanks for the video! It's a hard knock life for those in Dortmund. Felt the disappointment there

  • SuperDog
    SuperDog 3 months ago +3

    Seeing Dortmund lose the title to Bayern in the 89th minute must feel so awful especially when they came soooooo close to winning the bundesliga after a decade. Ik how it feels this season in the PL after my team finished 2nd to oiL mOnEY MaN CiTY... anyway much love to Borrusia Dortmund and their fans who are so passionate and encouraging and support there club through the good times and the bad times.. respect to you all ✊

  • Jan Hofmann
    Jan Hofmann 4 months ago +8

    I remember exactly how especially dortmund fans made fun of Bayern when they bottled the cl final against Chelsea 2012 so my sympathy right now is a bit limited to be honest 😬

  • Gonzalo Reyero
    Gonzalo Reyero 3 months ago +2

    I'm from Madrid and support Real..my 11 year old daughter plays football and precisely this same day she lost the league she's playing , exactly the same way..
    strange feeling but I actually feel like Dortmund is my second team right now

  • Imperial Muffin
    Imperial Muffin 3 months ago +2

    As much as I believe that Dortmund deserved the title, we just have to believe that Musiala pulled off an Aguero

  • David Arends
    David Arends 3 months ago

    Usually a day 1 watcher. Had to wait a few days to watch this one. ECHTE LIEBE!💛🖤💛

  • Ezra Ezra
    Ezra Ezra 3 months ago +1

    So sad to see Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund this season. Played so hard for ending the league title drought, but in the end, the outcome was failure.
    If Cologne did scored an equaliser after Jamal Musiala's goal, it will be very similar to what happened on the final day of 1994/95 Premier League. Even though Blackburn Rovers had lost against Kenny Dalglish's former club Liverpool, they somehow won the Premier League after Manchester United failed to beat West Ham United.
    I think this will be similar to the final day of 2000/01 Bundesliga. Schalke 04 had fought so bloody after trailing 0-2 against Unterhaching at home to won 5-3. Fans invaded the pitch after the game was ended, thinking they can celebrate the big day, only to be killed by none other than Patrik Andersson's backpass free-kick in very dying minutes against Hamburg after the host favoured Schalke 04 beforehand. Ironically, Schalke 04 would be relegated this season, but no so disastrous as 2020/21.
    Next, you could do a relegation battle in Premier League, especially Leicester one.
    We can't led the 2016 Premier League champions getting vanished to dust.

  • Chris
    Chris 3 months ago +8

    Very sorry for the Dortmund fans, but unfortunately the team showed what happens when you cannot handle the pressure or your nerves. It’ll take a long time to get over this.

  • Z436
    Z436 4 months ago +3

    I hope Union Berlin will become champion next year. I can't understand how Dortmund messed it up what everyone else would pray for the level what they were and it is not the first time that Dortmund messed it up at last. Union Berlin has done very good job in this season and became bit weak last moths but didn't really disappointed anyone because Union is not playing very long at Bundesliga and the players do their best and it shows and they deserve to be champions but it takes time and Union will never messed up stuff like these and think they are the winners before they even playing. As a supporter of Werder Bremen, I found my respect for Union Berlin this season and hope they go their success step by step.

    • Christi Discover
      Christi Discover 4 months ago +1

      Union position next year #11 . Please save my post

    • Diving Down
      Diving Down 4 months ago

      @Christi Discover11th after making top 7 for 3 times in a row? Mate have you just started watch the bundesliga?

  • Ippin Ekebe
    Ippin Ekebe 3 months ago

    What a legend, last week he was a Arsenal fan.

    • Kaiserin
      Kaiserin 3 months ago

      Gloryhunters lol, majority of BVB’s fanbase

  • Matt
    Matt 3 months ago

    Heart broken Dortmund couldn’t get the job done but still love this club. Can’t wait to cross the Atlantic next year to go to a game

  • Niklas
    Niklas 3 months ago

    You should have stayed longer, what the fans did a few minutes after the whistle to cheer up the players was amazing

  • lolol lololol
    lolol lololol 3 months ago

    imagine watching your team throw away the title in brutal circumstances yet still the worst part of your day is you spent the whole match sat next to thogden

  • Amrit Skaria
    Amrit Skaria 3 months ago +1

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  • Amit
    Amit 4 months ago +9

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    • rascallybloom 56
      rascallybloom 56 3 months ago

      🎵"11 yellow bottlers sitting on a wall"🎵😊

  • Mert Anadol
    Mert Anadol 3 months ago

    I am a Fenerbahce fan. Exactly the same scenario happened to Fenerbahce in 2006 Turkish Super league season. I know that heartbreak and will never forget it.

  • Rain
    Rain 3 months ago

    Kudus to the fan that stayed until the end and didn’t leave the stadium like Arsenal fans ( claiming wanting to skip the traffic)!

  • Victor Gallardo
    Victor Gallardo 4 months ago +1

    Que buen video, pero que triste que no hayan sido campeones, yo tambien queria que asi fueta, animo, saludos Monterrey, Mexico

    • Lurpi
      Lurpi 3 months ago

      It's México

  • Dusty
    Dusty 3 months ago

    I’m not a dortmund fan but it must be heartbreaking having thogdan in your stadium such a horrible day

  • micheal samaan
    micheal samaan 3 months ago

    Just imagine how things would've been if they won that game.
    Just imagine

  • Nicola Vallely
    Nicola Vallely 4 months ago +4

    Thank you again for a cracking video. Next season will be Dortmund's, love the atmosphere as well. Up the TDL xx❤️

    • Sivaram LORD
      Sivaram LORD 3 months ago

      No it will not be. How dare you understimate Bayern. Did you not learn anything from this video?

    • Marcello
      Marcello 3 months ago

      Bayern played such a horribly bad season ( results AND performance), they wont repeat it again.
      1. They played without a real striker for the entire season, coupo moting missed most games and is a mediocre player anyways.
      Every time they played with a striker ( even a mediocre one like choupo), their entire offensive improved massively.
      2. They basically playing without a CDM since 2020 when thiago left the club. It might not be a complete neck breaker in the bundesliga unlike the CL but still weakens their defence. Kimmich plays CDM on paper but he is a offensive orientated CM through and through. He cant really defend, doesnt think defensively and leaves the CDM spaces all the time.
      3. World cup trauma. The second half of the season was particularily bad and half of the german national team are key player in bayerns starting 11. They were definitely affected by the world cup disgrace.
      It seems that bayern finally realized their mistakes and look for a class striker and CDM. If they are successfull then...... well bayern will win the BL and will be a european top 3 team again ( right now I would say they are number 5 or 6)

  • Robert Gilmore
    Robert Gilmore 4 months ago +1

    Thanks thogden for the brilliant as always in the terraces report. I’m Bayern red until I die, but the yellow wall and the atmosphere in Signal Iduna is always deafening and amazing. Tbh The Schwarzgelbe story over many recent years, is they are the kings of choke. I can hear that sound all the way across the big pond in Canada. Yes I am die Roten, but I do feel for the casual BVB fan. They must be tired of promises getting on the party boat and scuttling year after year. It’s a front office and management problem IMHO. Now Bayern this year were FC Hollywood in the office, backstabbing Nagelsmann for Tuchel. It was not about each coach, that’s changing the engine and drive train in the middle of the race and still expecting the team to play well TOGETHER and win. It was a want what I want elitist ego move by Oliver Kahn, Brazzo with Uli Hoeness and the weasel Herbert Hainer the silent hand of power and deceitful mouthpiece respectively. Yes the board firing the CEO and sporting director an hour after the Meisterschale win is a cold shower, but a necessary one. As a decades long club member and fan, Tuchel’s hiring was an embarrassment to a club built on family and to German football in general. The board of Bumble B*tches needs to pull its head out of its behind and support the long term continuity of the club building deep lines of development in Junior levels and choosing to scout and support long term player development as a matter of player confidence and loyalty not simply matchday to matchday competition to completion year to year player performance on the field. That is a trap and I’ve watched Dortmund create its own problems on the pitch from the managers office and board room for a long time. Choose to teach not to do play the very long game. That’s what enables the TEAM to perform in the clutch when it actually matters.

    • Robert Gilmore
      Robert Gilmore 4 months ago

      @Dylan O Rourke you’re welcome. I’ve seen longer lol. Occupational hazard. ☺️

  • Helmut B.
    Helmut B. 3 months ago

    I am a Borussia-Fan, but the one from Niederrhein (Moenchengladbach)... i really wished that the BvB got the Title... its really shocking that they was not able to win at Home against Mainz in the most important Game of the Season. To sad for them.

  • S F
    S F 3 months ago

    Best Moment @13:23

  • Darren Moynagh
    Darren Moynagh 4 months ago

    Bayern slipped up in match day 33, Dortmund slipped up in match day 34.
    It means Bayern win the League on GD because they won their matches by bigger margins.
    But what a season and well done for capturing these raw emotions 👏🏻

  • Willliam Saliba
    Willliam Saliba 3 months ago +1

    I watched the full 90 mins of dortmund vs mainz. Every counter attack Mainz had it was like them scoring. Dortmunds defence was a shambles. They couldnt keep up with the counter attack.

  • MarkEditz
    MarkEditz 4 months ago +4

    By far the best title race this season w bundesliga season

    • lucaroma pas
      lucaroma pas 3 months ago

      But it always ends with the same result...no matter if bayern win with 20 points over them or 1

  • frsc
    frsc  3 months ago +1

    I’m a FC Bayern fan and very happy with the results, but i feel so sorry for the BVB fans & Reus

  • Ролан Ади
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    • rascallybloom 56
      rascallybloom 56 3 months ago

      🎵"11 yellow bottlers sitting on a wall"🎵😊

    • Gerd Müller
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    Quality video mate

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  • morbvsclz
    morbvsclz 4 months ago +3

    It's all in the head. Feels like the whole city was thinking about the party after and not the 90 minutes on the pitch. Bayern will only be stronger next year. They already have replaced their club leadership and will invest massively to not allow it to be this close again. I feel like this was the one chance for maybe the next decade...

    • A. F.
      A. F. 4 months ago

      Would had been worse if Dortmund would have won. After Klopp and Dortumund won it twice, Bayern started buying up their german competitions best players, draining them from their chances of winning.

    • Kaiserin
      Kaiserin 3 months ago

      @A. F.Bs. Dortmund buy more players from within the league than Bayern. Ask Gladbach where all their stars went 😂
      And Dortmund have bought more players from Bayern in the last 10 years than Vice Versa. Stop coming up with easily debunkable myths such as financial reasons. In reality, it’s simply because Bayern are the better team time and time again. BVB don’t have a winning mentality.

  • Gavoc
    Gavoc 3 months ago

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  • Emil Erhard
    Emil Erhard 3 months ago

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    ROSE BLOSSOM GAMING 3 months ago


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    Marche Provencal 3 months ago

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  • Fútbol de Un Minuto
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  • Lionheart1194
    Lionheart1194 3 months ago

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  • A Jar Of Marmalade
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    1907FENERBAHÇESK 3 months ago

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    Nicklas Rheder 3 months ago

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    • Nicklas Rheder
      Nicklas Rheder 3 months ago

      @Thogden you see the big yellow and blue flag at 7:39 in the südtribune. thats brøndby supporters in dortmund on the day. all the way from denmark.

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    Anhad Mitter 3 months ago

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