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  • billlieesss
    billlieesss 2 months ago +88923

    Cameraman never dies

    • UCHIHA itachi
      UCHIHA itachi 16 days ago


    • cap 2190
      cap 2190 23 days ago

      Who said cameraman never dies? Even hero's end is DEATH so camera man can die anyways and idc if you reply badly to a true comment from a true chad

    • Tutai Moana
      Tutai Moana 25 days ago

      True....Until they suddenly become the guy in front of the camera

    • broamoeldeporte
      broamoeldeporte 27 days ago

      Cloverfield cameraman:🤨

    • Death Apple 88
      Death Apple 88 Month ago

      You see.. the camera turned back, which means that he isn't the cameraman anymore💀

  • Muppetz Boy
    Muppetz Boy Month ago +2280

    Bro isn't dying, he is documenting death 💀

  • Isaiah Bone
    Isaiah Bone Month ago +662

    A cameraman must never reveal himself. His fate is sealed.

    • IdkAnymore
      IdkAnymore 21 day ago

      I cared
      I cared
      I cared
      I cared
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      I cared
      I cared
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      I cared

    • Richy
      Richy 24 days ago

      ​@Dxrk well who asked if you care tbh

    • Joel Dazicle
      Joel Dazicle 27 days ago


    • RandomCitizen
      RandomCitizen 28 days ago +1

      ​@Dxrk umm minecraft pfp, invalid argument

    • Kyle
      Kyle Month ago +4

      @Dxrkthank you for your contribution to chat. Every comment is welcome

  • omar shatila
    omar shatila 2 months ago +13469

    He knows the cameraman never dies

    • teentitans0789
      teentitans0789 28 days ago

      Tell that to Yuri Lipski

    • HITWID
      HITWID Month ago

      Botted comment
      Not funny anyway

    • Shadow AMV
      Shadow AMV Month ago

      Cameramans does die
      It's just their footage doesn't reach us

    • Rocket_puncher_explosions
      Rocket_puncher_explosions Month ago

      @Cream bro why yall gotta fight chill broooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • luvvv.
    luvvv. Month ago +198

    Bro thought he's gonna respawn like a basic cameramen💀

  • ThaTurminator
    ThaTurminator 28 days ago +31

    When the camera reveals his face, he ceases to be the camera man and becomes the “subject”. And the subject most certainly can die.

  • C
    C 2 months ago +10548

    If this isn’t a perfect example of people laughing off stressful or bad situations idk what is.

    • এমা
      এমা Month ago

      I laugh too idk why 😭😭😭

    • Ilkka
      Ilkka Month ago

      Dude the fall is literally like 3 feet. He’s hardly stressed about falling but ok

    • Bradley Woods
      Bradley Woods Month ago

      @Beepboop401 It not lethal sure it looks nasty but its not a life or death situation

    • livinagoodlifehereinnz
      livinagoodlifehereinnz Month ago

      It’s like 3 feet. He’s laughing because he’s close to getting wet, not dying.

    • Acceleration Quanta
      Acceleration Quanta Month ago

      That's a really short drop

  • Wolfy D
    Wolfy D Month ago +84

    U can tell at the end it’s not as far of a drop as it first looks and it’s onto water and sand so he’d almost certainly be fine

    • Paulo AZ
      Paulo AZ 24 days ago +2

      ​@Black Lily that fall is not more than 2 or 3 meters down, so i don't think he's dying, maybe a broken leg but not dead

    • Black Lily
      Black Lily 26 days ago

      Wow.. its almost as if you dnt know how nature works and how land scapes are shaped, one side can be a small inclination and the other high AF because it goes UP..

    • joseph means
      joseph means Month ago +5

      Yeah you can tell it’s not high cause when the sand falls it hits the ground really fast but it’s still funny to think about lmao

  • Mahusde Kach
    Mahusde Kach 21 day ago +4

    the next episode he shows us the spirit leaving the body, a cameraman's job is never over

  • v4n
    v4n Month ago +11648

    Minecraft taught us to not mess with sands, this guy did not listen

    • Mau Kun
      Mau Kun 25 days ago

      Bro! I can literally hear your voice, Skipper.

    • Colby Dobbs
      Colby Dobbs Month ago

      It’s not not even that high bro😆

      ANTHONY CHAVEZ JR Month ago

      ​@EarlyNoob exactly

    • isekai_boy*
      isekai_boy* Month ago

      "Bro had keep inventory on" 💀

  • McTaco
    McTaco Month ago +3

    That one friend you hang out with only once because you will end up either dead or a witness.

  • TheGrim Reaper
    TheGrim Reaper Month ago +12

    Welcome to another episode of why women live longer than men.

    • TheGrim Reaper
      TheGrim Reaper 26 days ago

      @Brant Powelson all fun and games until your head hits the ground first.

    • Brant Powelson
      Brant Powelson 29 days ago

      Bro it’s literally like 4-5 feet down and he’s sliding that is not going even going to hurt

  • YaBoyBilly88
    YaBoyBilly88 2 months ago +24301

    Bro knows he’s going to respawn 💀


    Bro knew he was the cameraman💀

    GO DEMARCUS 20 days ago

    He knew what he was doing filming it (the cameraman NEVER dies)

  • I'm Lamp
    I'm Lamp Month ago +9418

    That 3 meter drop is DEADLY

    • Virtual Martini
      Virtual Martini Month ago

      @Saifullah Saeed that's not how sand at the beach works. Very rarely do you get quicksand in that situation.

    • Robert Stills
      Robert Stills Month ago

      ​@Saifullah Saeed Dude with cartoon logic 💀

    • Carter On AIDS
      Carter On AIDS Month ago

      Bro it’s a lot bigger than that I’m sure, you have to look at it in a different perspective, it looks small but it’s probably the view. I think he’s on a little ledge, it may go down over 100 feet.

    • Peter Todorov
      Peter Todorov Month ago

      Water is instant death

    • Fearless Cheshire Cat
      Fearless Cheshire Cat Month ago

      @Yogsen Forfoth 295 meters…?

    EESA X IOS Month ago +4

    CAMERAMAN never dies man..😂😂

  • Aashish Nep ster
    Aashish Nep ster Month ago +11

    bro knows he is the cameraman. he can't die

  • God HallelujaH Gaming
    God HallelujaH Gaming Month ago +7886

    Statistically, as long as he keeps filming, he's gon'be fine🤷🏿‍♂️

    • Oscura
      Oscura Month ago


    • despicable Gaming
      despicable Gaming Month ago

      @ThatGuy_playz 😏 thx for the heads up

    • ThatGuy_playz
      ThatGuy_playz Month ago

      @despicable Gaming These*

    • Peter Isaac
      Peter Isaac Month ago

      Once he was in the frame, he lost his invincibility.

    • God HallelujaH Gaming
      God HallelujaH Gaming Month ago

      @siffie then he's probably diseased😂, may his adventurous soul rest in internet peace 😂

  • Nildip
    Nildip Month ago +2

    a single vlogger in ohio ....💀

  • ss6ven
    ss6ven Month ago +3

    camera man + af1 black energy = this guy will never die

  • Kris 82
    Kris 82 Month ago +5387

    He's laughing at his own stupidity.

    • Dylan James
      Dylan James 29 days ago

      @Uzumaki huh ?

    • Uzumaki
      Uzumaki Month ago

      @Dylan James bro he push himself down bro like if he step there the whole the would come down

    • Jeff_ainttweakin
      Jeff_ainttweakin Month ago

      @Kris 82 it’s a meter and a half, it’s barely took the sand a sec to hit the water, that’s nothing

    • Kay Minecraft
      Kay Minecraft Month ago

      Its 2 meters down, nobody dies from that

  • beans.
    beans. Month ago +5

    Bro took laughing to death to a whole another level 💀💀💀

  • Pod
    Pod Month ago +2

    I've never see a better example of a dissociative laugh.

  • Berry Messy
    Berry Messy Month ago +3165

    He's safe, cus he's also the camera man don't worry guys.

    • Tyler Rivera
      Tyler Rivera Month ago

      from the amount of time it takes for the sand from The edge to hit the water I would say he's only two to three maybe four feet away from the water

    • Solid Steak
      Solid Steak Month ago

      Not high at all

    • madrid
      madrid Month ago

      cloverfield: am i a joke to you?

    • Jonny Wick
      Jonny Wick Month ago

      They’re is one squirrel glider go pro camera man unfortunately had tragic accident morral of story please don’t try crazy stuff to record for others amusement not the glider but def this guy could’ve buried him self in sand

    • Jonny Wick
      Jonny Wick Month ago

      @Curb-Ethey say it a lot lol

  • Daren Miller
    Daren Miller 26 days ago +3

    Bro he’s at most ten feet up from more sand.

  • Dimitry Shevyakov
    Dimitry Shevyakov Month ago +1

    Well that's just about the face I would imagine on somebody doing something like that 😂😂

    LVLOLALO Month ago +4216

    That 1.5 meter drop its insane

    • Big Jumbo
      Big Jumbo Month ago

      Exactly you only need to look how fast the sand hits the water.

    • Aivanos Gg
      Aivanos Gg Month ago

      Finally, someone that still use brain

    • Hackerman
      Hackerman Month ago +1

      @D K you literally said that we are gonna shame him or something for not going by the „props to the camera man“ thing💀

  • Airlangga Abdulrahman13

    remember the cameraman is always safe

  • Maxim Jayaweera
    Maxim Jayaweera Month ago +41

    For those who don’t know, the first scene where it was rly deep was a whole another person, bc when the guy fell, the water was much more closer and he was wearing black pants instead of the jeans the first guy was wearing

    • NoriMori
      NoriMori 25 days ago

      @Golden Chris Settle down man

    • Maxim Jayaweera
      Maxim Jayaweera Month ago

      @Big Jumbo yeah but look at the pants they are different the first guy is wearing jeans and the second guy is wearing black pants

    • Big Jumbo
      Big Jumbo Month ago +1

      No it's not.
      Look how quickly the sand hits the water when he flicks the sand down because its only a 3 foot drop.
      Camera trickery

    • Maxim Jayaweera
      Maxim Jayaweera Month ago

      @Virtual Martini I’m Ukrainian that’s why my pfp is a Ukrainian flag 😑😑😑

    • Maxim Jayaweera
      Maxim Jayaweera Month ago

      @Golden Chris wdym

  • The Genius
    The Genius Month ago +5698

    “Death smiles at us all; all we can do is smile back” -Marcus Aurelius

    • Alejandro Martinez
      Alejandro Martinez Month ago +1

      ​@wkbrl hayir

    • manzaza
      manzaza Month ago

      What is the passage and chapter number?

    • realmfntalk
      realmfntalk Month ago +4

      Are you not entertained? 😉

    • wkbrl
      wkbrl Month ago

      aslında yapabileceğin çok daha fazla şey var mesela hak din olan İslam dinine girip günahların için ALLAH CELLE CELALÜHÜden af dileyebilir ve O(Celle Celalühü)'na kulluk edebilirsin, iman edip Salih amel işleyen kullardan olursan Rabbimiz Celle Celalühü de seni Rahmetiyle cennetine koyar

  • 5scantina
    5scantina Month ago +1

    "Puss in boots laughs at the face of death!"

  • Kasper Larsen
    Kasper Larsen Month ago +2

    Bro almost nocliped in to the backrooms 💀

  • Botanist
    Botanist Month ago +4467

    Death smiles at us all; all a man can do is smile back.

    • BeefyBoi21
      BeefyBoi21 Month ago

      Bros mom took his Xbox one time 💀

    • Mitsuha
      Mitsuha Month ago

      People don’t like this quote 😂😂

    • Jraw72
      Jraw72 Month ago

      His laugh will surely echo in eternity

    • 40 Percent
      40 Percent Month ago

      He is a drama queen. He won't even get a sprained ankle. He just get wet.

  • Too Human
    Too Human Month ago

    we've all been here, the goal is trying to push out a fart so your core is foundationally activated and you're not as affected by the uncontrollable lawlZ

  • Hideous
    Hideous Month ago

    He got extra life fr

  • MentoBomb
    MentoBomb 2 months ago +4261

    "We all cope in our own way"

    • v4led
      v4led Month ago


    • Some Vids
      Some Vids Month ago

      @Huh? I sometimes laugh when accused of doing something I didn’t do… doesn’t help my case:))

    • Huh?
      Huh? Month ago +1

      @OverAnalyzing… nah, it definitely isn’t

    • OverAnalyzing…
      OverAnalyzing… Month ago

      @Huh?thought it was just me 😅

    • LiterallyCJ
      LiterallyCJ Month ago

      i don’t think he needs to cope with falling like 5 feet

    PJLIFTS Month ago

    Bro is the one who COOKS 💀💀💀

  • Smarter Logic
    Smarter Logic Month ago +2

    When u knw death is inevitable

  • Todd Bloss
    Todd Bloss Month ago +1300

    Cameraman defeats Darwinism.

    • @Hydrogen
      @Hydrogen Month ago

      @nunyadambusiness what is darwinism

    • Todd Bloss
      Todd Bloss Month ago

      @nunyadambusiness You don't have to believe in something, for it to be funny.

    • distance of 25,000 light years
      distance of 25,000 light years Month ago

      what does it have to do with Darwin? isn't he stating only about evolution theories?

  • Chase Kleinschmidt
    Chase Kleinschmidt Month ago +1

    He’s probably 6 feet of the ground he’s chilling

  • Aiden pillay
    Aiden pillay Month ago +5

    Me trapping my friend in minecraft with sand be like

  • Mr. Funtime
    Mr. Funtime Month ago +2456

    He's fighting his instincts here because he knows he need both hands to pull himself up, but the cameraman never dies rule dictates he must continue filming or forfeit his life.....

  • Fer
    Fer Month ago +2

    I love humans

  • Mallorie Lloyd
    Mallorie Lloyd 17 days ago

    Legend says he laughed all the way down there.

  • JonDrop
    JonDrop 2 months ago +1689

    Not even 2 meters tall, he doesn't wanna get his clothes wet that's why he's laughing

    • *Anda *
      *Anda * Month ago

      Does not matter how deep it was. 🙄 He is fine and still alive!

    • Dead Alive
      Dead Alive Month ago

      ​@UnEd Shit mat. You have right 😆

    • David Mason
      David Mason Month ago

      ​@victoryforvicton go's damn you wrong asf and you still arguing how u coulda been right

    • Bykhovsky
      Bykhovsky Month ago

      @victoryforvicton just say you’re slow

    • Bomboclaat
      Bomboclaat Month ago +1

      i was gonna say it doesnt even look like 6 feet, when he turns it on himself it looks like he stand and look over the ridge lol

  • Galung
    Galung Month ago

    The cameraman is always safe

  • DavBotsArcade
    DavBotsArcade Month ago +1

    My people look how fast the sand hits the water. It's like 5 feet tops. Perspective is nuts.

  • Everything RC
    Everything RC 2 months ago +3124

    For anyone thinking this is a cliff hundreds of feet in the air, look again. He’s like 5 ft from the water 😂😂

    • Project Trap
      Project Trap Month ago

      @Aiden-Ed true. Also that might be expensive camera equipment

    • BAMA!FIT
      BAMA!FIT Month ago

      I thought everyone was freaking out cause tha water was nasty or it was quiccsand

    • ye1l
      ye1l Month ago

      @Project Trap the sand hits the edge at the bottom after half a second, maybe a little bit more. Anywhere from like 1.2-2.4 (0.5-0.7 seconds) meters would be a reasonable guess considering the time the sand fell for. Not a far fall at all.

    • Lasik
      Lasik Month ago

      ​@August Løgager if he had the mass and weight of an elephant, sure he'd die. Dude it's just a few feet at most and below him is just sand and water, he'd live.

    • Sledge
      Sledge Month ago

      Exactly 😂

  • 🎇Luxury Members 🎇

    The true meaning of words

  • Cliff Vaño
    Cliff Vaño 22 days ago +2

    He isn't laughing to death he's laughing AT death

  • VILLAIN Gaming
    VILLAIN Gaming 2 months ago +1351

    He knew dat the "Cameraman never dies" 😂😂

    • Memes Cloud
      Memes Cloud Month ago

      @VILLAIN Gaming point to be noted 😳

    • VILLAIN Gaming
      VILLAIN Gaming Month ago

      Stop stealing comments..I've seen this comments so many times ..u stop stealing others

    • v4led
      v4led Month ago +1

      DUDE THIS IS LITERALLY 2 METER DEEP stop stealing comments

    • holndwkadr
      holndwkadr Month ago

      ​@Dyslexic Mitochondria k

  • OrdinarySlime
    OrdinarySlime Month ago +1

    Cameraman Laughs At The Face Of Death

  • Bagacay shutter tv
    Bagacay shutter tv Month ago +1

    When you want to end your life in a good way! 😂😂😂😂

  • Garima
    Garima Month ago +1734

    He is not afraid of death, he is just enjoying the fall.

    • DearestTheodosia
      DearestTheodosia Month ago

      @L3GENDARY LAG and that can do damage, a decent amount actually.
      I landed a 3-4 foot drop but landed with a straight leg and now I’m missing a tendon and 50% of the cartilage on my left knee because I ruptured it from that fall.

      L3GENDARY LAG Month ago +1

      what fall? the fall to sleep? he's literally 3 to 5 feet up lol

    • Pie Squared
      Pie Squared Month ago

      Don’t click my profile😭

    • ArtistDigital
      ArtistDigital Month ago

      thats called, going with a smile

    • ddebenedictis
      ddebenedictis Month ago +1

      Of course, as he should. The fall never hurt anybody!

  • UnFazed K61
    UnFazed K61 25 days ago +1

    the pain and stupidity in his laugh 😂😂

  • Bobstevens
    Bobstevens Month ago +2

    He deserves all that's coming 👏

  • QubeInteractive
    QubeInteractive Month ago +4235

    Some say his laughter can still be heard today when passing by the very same spot he fell.

    • Boojyman
      Boojyman Month ago +1

      @wasd similar to your mother. Jk!

    • wasd
      wasd Month ago

      Overused joke

    • 54grizzly
      54grizzly Month ago +1

      some say...(they have a mental disorder)

    • Michael8587
      Michael8587 Month ago

      Clip-Share asked for a rating for your comment I gave it Educational

    • Boojyman
      Boojyman Month ago


  • Patrick Dali
    Patrick Dali Month ago +1

    Bro is literally a D. 🏴‍☠️🗿

  • Vincent Valentine
    Vincent Valentine 19 days ago

    Pretty sure he was laughing at his own helplessness

  • ก๏ ī๔єค
    ก๏ ī๔єค Month ago +1182

    This attitude of Cameraman is the reason why he never dies

    • *Anda *
      *Anda * Month ago

      He is fine!!!

    • ChaChaSteak
      ChaChaSteak Month ago

      ​@OwO nah more like 3 ft

    • DAmnPlug
      DAmnPlug Month ago


    • OwO
      OwO Month ago +2

      It’s like a 5 ft fall dudes lol

  • Poggie
    Poggie Month ago +2

    He didn't die because he's the camera man

  • neil Taylor
    neil Taylor Month ago

    never let them know your next move
    sun tsu/ the art of sand

  • Sergio Dominguez
    Sergio Dominguez 2 months ago +1068

    His situation: ☠️💀
    His reaction: 🤣👌🏼😅😊😜🥰

    • HuttonBerries
      HuttonBerries Month ago +1

      @Snkae because most people lack any form of depth perception 💀

    • Enlightened Shenanigans
      Enlightened Shenanigans Month ago +1

      @Snkae people die from drinking water, should I just stop doin’ it then?

    • HuttonBerries
      HuttonBerries Month ago +2

      ​@Snkae bro plays too much Minecraft 💀

  • Blackashes
    Blackashes Month ago

    Legend has it hes still falling

  • BondBurney
    BondBurney Month ago +1

    It looks taller than it is. Just pay attention to how long it takes for the sand to hit the water.

  • Soham Vyas
    Soham Vyas 2 months ago +1371

    He has that black Air Force energy he never dies 💀

    • Eren yayger?
      Eren yayger? Month ago

      Black 👀

    • Soham Vyas
      Soham Vyas 2 months ago

      @Juanchango XD yes bro let’s gooo 😂

    • Juanchango XD
      Juanchango XD 2 months ago

      @Soham Vyas same universe right?

    • Soham Vyas
      Soham Vyas 2 months ago +1

      @Jim carry lol 😂

    • Jim carry
      Jim carry 2 months ago +1

      I only wear black forces 💀🤣. I have two pair and that’s all I need. High tops for special occasions

  • GGreen VR
    GGreen VR 11 days ago

    Legends never die /camera man never dies

    TIBERIIL Month ago

    mlk morre mas n para de gravar, é foda

    666DARKFLAMES Month ago +1248

    Cameramen never die. They’re just missing in action.

  • Jelly xiao
    Jelly xiao 25 days ago +1

    He broke the unspoken rule of being an cameraman and schowed himself that’s what he gets for betraying cameraman community and something or short CCAS

  • Aiza Rose
    Aiza Rose Month ago +2

    Why are y’all acting like he was screaming for his life, he knows it’s not that far down that’s why he laughed💀 he just doesn’t wanna get wet

  • JWoods
    JWoods Month ago +987

    It's always nice seeing people that enjoy their job.

    • Pie Squared
      Pie Squared Month ago

      Don’t click my profile😭

    • Here On
      Here On Month ago +2

      @Xavizzz he is the camera man we all been waiting to see. He can only be seen on a camera

    • Xavizzz
      Xavizzz Month ago +5

      what job?

  • Sihaketya Say
    Sihaketya Say Month ago

    Alternative title: death was laughing with him.

  • Niranjan's Creations
    Niranjan's Creations 23 days ago +1

    My legs frozen 💀

  • bippitybopitybooty
    bippitybopitybooty 2 months ago +496

    Y'all it's like 5 feet high. He'll be okay.

    • svanto
      svanto Month ago

      @Xxsienna.preppy you clearly havent its not more than 2 meters

    • Venci Leonidas
      Venci Leonidas Month ago

      @Scott Andrews he’d be fucking yelling for his life if it was that dangerous 😂😂😂

    • Scott Andrews
      Scott Andrews Month ago

      @Venci Leonidas exactly

    • Scott Andrews
      Scott Andrews Month ago

      @Arben Ibrahimi so 😂😂 believe it or not people know how to swim

    • Venci Leonidas
      Venci Leonidas Month ago

      He wouldn’t be laughing like that if he knows he’s about to die or break a leg

  • Aryan Singh
    Aryan Singh Month ago +3

    As soon as he showed his face he lost his cameraman powers

  • Jelly xiao
    Jelly xiao 25 days ago +1

    This man broke the unspoken rule of being an cameraman and schowed himself that’s what he gets for betraying cameraman community and something or short CCAS

  • Sugata Talukdar
    Sugata Talukdar Month ago +265

    he has more plot armour than the writer so he's ok

  • Shahenaz Makhloof
    Shahenaz Makhloof Month ago +1

    It’s a point of time when you laugh at your own stupidity 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sentinal Entity
    Sentinal Entity Month ago

    **eerie whistle plays in the background**
    “ pick it up. ”

  • Mac1️⃣
    Mac1️⃣ Month ago +240

    Laughing to death, it’s literally like a 5’ fall

    • AT4InTheHumvee
      AT4InTheHumvee Month ago +2

      @Moses Warshana its like 2 feet

    • loves to spooge
      loves to spooge Month ago +1

      ​@Moses Warshana 10 tops

    • Jake Slavonia
      Jake Slavonia Month ago +7

      There's a 6 story building behind him to use for scale. He's not very high. And he's landing in wet sand

    • Prod by G
      Prod by G Month ago +3

      It’s quicksand

  • MiGz
    MiGz Month ago +1

    sand in Minecraft be like

  • Samf
    Samf Month ago +1

    Luckily he had a camera with him otherwise he would of💀

  • Lattolas
    Lattolas Month ago +86

    Bro was literally not in any danger at all

    • Mark Cosby
      Mark Cosby Month ago

      ​@Tamador Kahloni When he pushes the first bit of sand off, it hits the bottom instantly. It's not high at all.

    • Lisa Ryan
      Lisa Ryan Month ago

      Wide angle lens. He could easily fall down and be fine.

    • Brain_special
      Brain_special Month ago +1

      @Tamador Kahloni if you watch when he pans the camera to him self he’s literally like in the water, it’s 2 ft tall

    • Troy Miller
      Troy Miller Month ago +1

      Yeah that’s max 6 ft high. I’d be laughing too

    • Tamador Kahloni
      Tamador Kahloni Month ago

      @Ethan Wiley no matter how I look it still looks high , and I know that the buildings looks so close but it looks high from the angle he's filming , you could be right though😂

  • ಠ_ಠ🆘
    ಠ_ಠ🆘 Month ago +3

    I have an insane fear of heights when i say insane i mean insane like about 3 meters off the ground and I'd be shivering, but i still know that I'm not gonna die, that fall looks survivable if you go down from the ledge

  • Bryson Guthrie
    Bryson Guthrie Month ago

    Legend says he is still laughing 😂

  • justin yelverton
    justin yelverton Month ago +491

    Bro was literally eight feet from the water.

    • Band diego
      Band diego Month ago

      What if he said the water is lava ?

    • Ailour
      Ailour Month ago

      @justin yelverton figured

    • justin yelverton
      justin yelverton Month ago +2

      @Ailour nah. You’re right. Like four feet or so. He slid down the little hill, feet didn’t immediately touch water. Lol

    • Ailour
      Ailour Month ago +2

      @Prey u rite

    • Prey
      Prey Month ago +17

      @Ailour no bro more like 2 watch how fast he touch the ground

  • Multiversal Enzo
    Multiversal Enzo Month ago

    Bro almost noclipped to the backrooms 💀

  • Larry the KING lobster

    Is actually not high,it's just his camera angle that's the reason why it looks so high

  • K
    K Month ago +966

    That little nervous giggle before he slammed into the sand is quite contagious.😅

  • Brian Alent
    Brian Alent Month ago +2

    The fact that it’s only as tall as him

  • Kevin Hill
    Kevin Hill Month ago

    Literally laughing to his death 💀

  • CTFV_12
    CTFV_12 2 months ago +60

    The fact that people don't realize that it is not that high up is hilarious😏🤣

    • misa misa
      misa misa Month ago +1

      Exactly what I thought lmao

  • Spagetti_man
    Spagetti_man Month ago

    He has no fear
    He found the respawn button

  • Float
    Float Month ago +1

    Me every time I get hurt

  • BirdMan
    BirdMan Month ago +136

    It wasn't even that far of a drop, it was because of the lense

    • ✨more espresso less depresso✨
      ✨more espresso less depresso✨ Month ago +1

      Yeah i agree, in the first shot it looks hella high but then when the sand falls you can see it doesn’t fall down that far

  • Thunder of glory
    Thunder of glory Month ago +1

    Normal laugh in ohio💀💀

  • Sawk Random
    Sawk Random Month ago +1

    It's like he's getting tickled. 😂

  • Christopher James
    Christopher James Month ago +156

    What a happy man.