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Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Repair From Start To Finish.


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  • bb sea
    bb sea 3 years ago +137

    In the event of my flight coming down out of the sky, I want this guy to be the pilot, didn't work for me so put some ham and lettuce between the screen and phone and ate it.

    • Jason Wade
      Jason Wade 6 months ago

      Lol all the humans are there BBC where would the play go away with the plane go down, bb sea, lol, only joking may God guide your flight

    • ossumOpossum
      ossumOpossum 2 years ago +1

      Ya I'm worried... I sent my wife the scamazon link before I watched the whole video

    • Zakariyyah Ullah
      Zakariyyah Ullah 2 years ago +3

      Thank you so much Now my phone is working

    • Artistic Cat
      Artistic Cat 3 years ago +2


  • Sea Jaye
    Sea Jaye 3 years ago +91

    This guy is the "Bob Ross" of the smartphone repair world.. I'm over here waiting for a "happy little pop connector"... 🥰

  • William D
    William D 3 years ago +14

    Thank you so much for sharing this video! You literally saved me $100's of dollars! I was able to fix my S8 for the cost if the screen. Yes, the shaft fell out on me as well and I didn't know where it came from but luckily you mentioned it in the video and it went right back were it belonged. This video was so detailed and with step by step instructions that I was able to fix my own phone at home. I really thought after taking the screen off I had destroyed the phone because mine didn't come off as easy as yours did but like you said in the video that the screen is already toast so don't worry about it. Thank you again.
    P.S. Subscribed and hit the bell!

    • William D
      William D 6 months ago

      @Jessica Garcia just tried it myself, no it's not. So copy the description info and search for it.

    • William D
      William D 6 months ago

      @Jessica Garcia information in the comments above. Don't know if the link is still good though.

    • Jessica Garcia
      Jessica Garcia 6 months ago

      Hi I know if been a while since you post this comment but can you please tell what was the name of the screen replacement did you use and where did you bought it from? Thank you

    • Me Me
      Me Me Year ago

      How much money did you buy a new screen ? Can you let me know too. Thank

    • Engine Sounds
      Engine Sounds 3 years ago


  • Raiden Derp
    Raiden Derp 3 years ago +7

    thanks so much for filming this, i just replaced my broken display and rear glass panel. you really do have to get these things hot! my front glass was very badly broken so i figured i would be breaking it further removing it but i had no idea... it came off in 2 pieces, probably because i was not heating it enough tho. great video, allowed me with very little technical knowledge to diy this, save a few bucks, have some fun, and learn something. thanks again.

  • DPB1947
    DPB1947 4 years ago +13

    Thank you for posting this. It is such a good and thorough and educational video that I have decided not to do it myself! Too many wires and other little thingies to break. Decision time: live with it broken, or got to Verizon?...
    Thanks again, really!

  • Carlos Toribio
    Carlos Toribio 3 years ago +7

    this video is simple, and amazingly easy to follow. thank you sooo much.

  • Nicholas S
    Nicholas S 2 years ago +4

    Glad to have came across your video sir! I am replacing both front and back after having an S8 without using a cover for a couple years now. Don't worry, I'll be getting a cover after this. Either way, I got the front and back off, and the fingerprint reader is off the back plate too. Being very gentle with all of it. Have enjoyed the process. I'm not sure why at least one other video recommends to basically completely disassemble the phone to put on a new screen. But anyhow, Happy Holidays, and thanks!

  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 years ago +3

    Thanks for making the video mate really appreciate it, just bought an s8 with a broken screen for cheap and needed to find a video of how to replace it. Very clear instructions and this helped a lot.

  • Romans116
    Romans116 4 years ago +393

    This guy’s voice and the calm music in the background makes you wanna be brave and do this yourself.

    • Felipe Oliveira
      Felipe Oliveira 10 months ago

      Don't think so lol this sort of piece is so delicate for repairing. It's definitely not like taking apart a desktop computer or a laptop.

    • I'm shmee
      I'm shmee Year ago

      @Jaden Grant adhd doesn't do anything, just do it mate, noone cares if you fail

    • James Lackey
      James Lackey Year ago

      @Jaden Grant [

    • Gary LAnder
      Gary LAnder Year ago

      Just done mine a had a issue with my GSM signal but the withe wire was plugged in opps

    • Do Dirt
      Do Dirt 2 years ago

      😂😂 I swear

  • Gtrail Lot
    Gtrail Lot 4 years ago +8

    Fix it Planet, you are the best👍 you really nailed explaining how to replace the glass, with a easy voice, not hollering and confident how you did it. The way you showed how it's done, anybody could learn from you. Thank You Fix It Planet!!!! Now I can get my kit and fix my Samsung Galaxy S8+ cracked glass.

    • orfeous
      orfeous 3 years ago

      G'trail Lot, please report back how everything went!

    • Fix It Planet
      Fix It Planet  4 years ago +1

      Thank you for the positive feedback! Will be uploading the Galaxy S8+ in a day or two from now. A lot of those screens are sold with a frame too otherwise it's very similar.

  • Haameem Rathore
    Haameem Rathore 4 years ago +2038

    Who's watching on their broken s8 : (

  • Chisomo Tembo
    Chisomo Tembo 4 years ago +4

    Thank you very much for the video mate. I have just managed to fix my phone (which was run over by several cars, both the back cover and screen were completely shattered!). Bought a new back cover and screen then watched and followed your video instruction, worked a treat. Thanking God for your life! May you be successful in all your endeavours!

    • orfeous
      orfeous 3 years ago

      @Chisomo Tembo, where did you buy the parts?

    • TheAmazingTC
      TheAmazingTC 4 years ago +1

      Where did you buy the replacement parts and what did you pay please?

  • Gabriella Ceccato
    Gabriella Ceccato 4 years ago +5

    Much respect for your work on this video here. Subscribed to your channel and I will be rewatching your video a few times while I'm waiting for my Samsung Galaxy s8 Front Screen Repair Kit to arrive in the mail. I am 100% going to be using your video for my guidance & inspiration while repairing my screen. Thank you for all your precious help here on this video!

    • Oscarito
      Oscarito 4 years ago

      @James Brah No way! Hey, thanks for your recommendation James! I'll consider paying someone to fix it! Cheers!

    • Oscarito
      Oscarito 4 years ago

      @James Brah No answer yet. Oh well.

    • Oscarito
      Oscarito 4 years ago

      Gabriella Ceccato Hi! I am wondering, may I ask you where you purchased your front screen from? Is it an OEM product? Thx.

    • Fix It Planet
      Fix It Planet  4 years ago +1

      Thank you. Happy repairing!

  • Iceveins Productions
    Iceveins Productions 4 years ago +522

    5 minutes in and I'm certain I will destroy my entire phone trying to do this.

  • Mad lad
    Mad lad 9 months ago

    Thanks a lot for your help, just gave a refresh to my mother's phone, I'm an auto mechanic but i like to try out new types of repairs every now and then. Very good tutorial all around.

  • 2DVentures
    2DVentures 3 years ago +1

    Worked great. Phone's fixed...other than the fact that I shattered the back cover getting it off. Every slip of the pick would snap another section. But, with a little bit of ingenuity, I was able to reaffix the camera covers and fingerprint scanner with a bit of duct tape, replace the screen and it works like a charm. Left the back screen off and put it in an Otterbox Defender.
    In short, this guy is worth what he charges. I'm fairly meticulous, but he makes this look much easier. Still glad I gave it a go. Not perfect, but works perfectly. :) Thanks for sharing this video! It helped a lot!

  • tttenney
    tttenney 3 years ago +3

    Followed step-by-step and now my S8 looks brand new again. Thank you for the great video.

    • CharlieJoe
      CharlieJoe 3 years ago +2

      Hey where did you buy the screen? Original from Samsung or from somewhere else? And how much did it all cost?

  • Zenoth Lambert
    Zenoth Lambert 2 years ago +2

    Thank you for this video. I followed along as I replaced my screen. when I first stuck the new screen down it was slightly off center and nearly had a heart attack as I pulled it back up to reset. but happy to report a success.

  • G . S
    G . S 4 years ago +4

    This is a great tutorial video like how simple you make it look other videos made me nervous of doing this myself lol great job thanks👍

  • Hello Sweetheart
    Hello Sweetheart 4 years ago +7

    Excellent tutorial! Very calm & inviting

  • Caribbean Chris
    Caribbean Chris 4 years ago +6

    What a great guide! Just used it and saved myself a BUNCH of money. You're awesome!

  • Cheryl Waite
    Cheryl Waite 4 years ago +1

    VERY informational. Thank you so much!!😊👍

  • Alcides Martinez
    Alcides Martinez 4 years ago +4

    Great and easy video to follow.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Great job

  • Kumudu Herath
    Kumudu Herath Year ago +2

    Seriously he did an amazing job.... so satisfying to watch...😌 He is so calm and very good at describing what he is doing....

  • Grass
    Grass 2 years ago +1

    I got to the actual screen replacement before I realized I bought a glass replacement without any touch/digitizer attached 🤦🏻‍♀️ thank you so much for the guide thus far! Will continue the rest of the process in a week or so

  • wiNkZzZ
    wiNkZzZ 3 years ago +8

    Hey John, just spoke to you over the phone and you helped me out so much! Thank you for giving me your time. I appreciate you :D

    CPR4LIFE 2 years ago

    This is a really nice video, but I'm a bit disappointed you left out the reassembly of the screen. That's the point I'm at right at this moment and I'm really nervous about it. I would have loved to see that part as I've never done this before. Everything else was great though! Thank you!

  • Michael
    Michael 4 years ago +20

    Love your channel. Just ran into it today. You speak nice and slow and proper. Much respect to you. Thank you for your hard work.

  • M J
    M J 4 years ago +1

    Great video, very good detail, very thorough. Thanks.

  • Britannia Metal Detecting

    thanks a bunch! my screen got broken at work and went to the shops with just the touch screen. Nobody wanted to do it but to replace the whole frame. Got home bought a heat gun and voila... job done! Thank's ;) and God bless

  • Dan Ari
    Dan Ari 3 years ago +10

    Watching this on my broken s8 screen which my husband accidentally dropped. I wanted to do a DIY but changed my mind. Will go to the service center tomorrow.

  • John Kenmore
    John Kenmore 5 years ago +1

    Awesome video! Very in Depth and professional instructional video. You would make an excellent teacher sir. Keep up the good work. You have a new subscriber!

  • Aaron Agema
    Aaron Agema 4 years ago +9

    @Fix it Planet, I just learned something today that may be important to other DIYers. In a small percentage of S8 phones, the screen won't turn on until you fully assemble the phone. When I tried to attach the new screen to test it like you showed, mine wouldn't turn on. So I took it to a repair shop, where the technician put the rest of the logic boards together and then attached the screen, and it worked perfectly!

    • Fix It Planet
      Fix It Planet  4 years ago +4

      Yes that's true the logic boards at least need to be fully assembled when testing. Also the antenna caps and NFC antenna may need to be attached when testing or you might get errors with the battery temp and maybe other anomalies. Good point.

  • Huy Tran
    Huy Tran 3 years ago

    This video was very educational. But for the cost of parts and labor and tools, I found a service on ebay now for $70 they'll replace glass and mail it back. Worked out great for me since I had a backup S7 while I waited. My LCD wasn't damaged, just my glass. OBviously its also an older phone now, but still working great for me.

  • Yen Young
    Yen Young 3 years ago +3

    Thank Yoo1 This video was so amazing! very comprehensive, however for me. I think I just need to pay for the service get my screen fixed

  • Dillon McAfee
    Dillon McAfee 3 years ago +2

    Really nice video. Everything was super clear and your can see everything. Does the order of the screws make a difference or are they all the same length?

  • ClassyAss MothaFucka
    ClassyAss MothaFucka 3 years ago

    Little hack for getting the screws out. Often times, "magnetic" screwdrivers aren't nearly powerful enough to remove screws. If that's the case, go online and get a small neodymium magnet and stick it a few inches away from the tip of your screwdriver (Close enough to the tip that it will increase your magnetic strength... but far enough away that the screw stays on the philips head instead of falling off and flying onto your neodymium magnet.)
    note: magnets are bad for electronics, so be careful that you don't drop the neodymium magnet. If it lands in the wrong place inside your phone, you won't be a happy camper.

  • Godwin
    Godwin 2 years ago +1

    If you're reading this just know that we're in this together. She broke her screen and sent this video , no I'm a professional phone repairer but yes you can do it too💪🏿

  • SMR
    SMR 3 years ago +54

    After watching this on my broken s8 ive decided NOT to attempt myself. Although you did make it look easy

    • 丂卄尺乇Ҝ
      丂卄尺乇Ҝ 2 years ago

      Other videos are much more simple

    • FleeTheScene
      FleeTheScene 3 years ago

      @My Me You can only gain confidence by jumping into the deep end with these tasks. Baby steps will get you no where when dealing with electronics. It looks technical, but it aint that bad.

    • My Me
      My Me 3 years ago +1

      @R Wagner Yes I believe I can do it too. I'd rather fix it myself then give it to anyone who do anything with my phone. I believe it just need a good and clean setting with a good strong light and yes anyone can do it. But not everyone is confident to do it.

    • R Wagner
      R Wagner 3 years ago +6

      I did this with my Note 8, and believe it or not.. it actually is easy if your confident enough.. and have the proper tools..

    • Phillip Lemmon
      Phillip Lemmon 3 years ago +3

      Everything LOOKS easy in time-lapse LMFAO

  • Soulji Soldier
    Soulji Soldier 3 years ago +3

    You saved me bro, can't thank you enough

  • Persian Chris
    Persian Chris 2 years ago +1

    Thank you, sir! This is the Best video in this market (IMO) and I've got hundreds of hours of video I've been exposed to not by choice but by dealing with this damn Samsung Galaxy Note 8 "SM-N950U " (Started with me buying "Charging Port Dock Connector Flex Cable" and when I had issues finding out I have the Note 8 SM-N950U edition and what I ordered was for SM-N950F. Then wtf??? There's also N950N, 9500, N950W, N950 S/K/L, and N950FD??????
    It was a growing pain but a lesson learned!
    Still lots of value in your video, my attention confirmed!
    ***MY REVIEW:***
    Professional, Excellent tips & helpful advice, delivering value through the range of information from both extremely basic to extremely advanced.
    -Volume to Background Music Ratio is Perfect and makes easy to understand communication
    -Music Loop is not annoying and does not become overwhelming (Great choice of song!)
    -Clearly Audible
    -Speed is not too fast or slow, but helpful to digesting information provided
    -No "Small Talk" and all relative to this item and successfully troubleshooting item.
    -Your wisdom you provide is based is helpful and relative to your personal experience which has me trust your integrity.
    Kind Regards,

  • Hxmzo
    Hxmzo 4 years ago +4

    A lot of people have been asking will it still be waterproof/ resistant so let m explain to you :)
    Its not the actual screen that is water resistant/proof because any screen stops water from entering the phone as it is impossible for water to go through glass unless its cracked when water is normally on glass it just slides off or stays on the surface of the glass. But what actually makes the phone water resistant/proof is the components inside the phone. Also the one main thing you must not forgot is the adhesive used to stick the front screen and back glass onto the actual phone frame because they use water resistant/proof adhesive so that water cannot enter through the sides of the phone as the adhesive will not let any water into the phone at all. However, if the adhesive wears out or is damaged then water will be able to pass through but that can be easily solved by replacing the old adhesive with some new adhesive.
    Anyways that was some information you might want to know, but the phone will still be water resistant/proof if the adhesive is in tact and not damaged because the adhesive is what prevents water from entering the phone making it waterproof/ resistant.
    Hope That Helped You :)

  • Chris L
    Chris L 3 years ago +1

    I would do one or two things different but I definitely learned a lot here, thanks

  • kimchiman1000
    kimchiman1000 4 years ago +9

    Many thanks. I saw another vid where the guy replaced the front glass only. It looked like a LOT more work. Cheaper perhaps, but more challenging.
    This video will be very helpful when I can afford to buy a replacement screen.

    • Kalleigh Ward
      Kalleigh Ward 3 years ago +1

      What video?! I'm trying to find a video for the glass only!

  • World Class Footballer TV

    It was painful watching you pull of the LED screen like that. It is possible to replace just the glass. I repair phones and if you have the right equipment, replacing just the glass is a piece of cake.
    Replacing just the glass is much cheaper than getting an entirely new screen. : )

  • DaGhost
    DaGhost 3 years ago +2

    Great Video. do u have a list of tools you used and where to get them? or Recommend please

  • Jay Allan
    Jay Allan 3 years ago +1

    This was an excellent tutorial. However, I always strip all the old adhesive off and apply new. But that's just me. Good job fellow tech!

    • Jay Allan
      Jay Allan 3 years ago

      @Huy Tran On this phone, i replace the lcd/digitizer and the frame....since this screen is curved, it's hard to just replace it.....buy the frame too for a few bucks more then all you do is transfer all the components from the old frame to the new one......concerning the adhesive, its what is installed along the perimeter of the back glass that i was talking about. have a good day, and don't be afraid of this repair....its not a bear to do.....Jay

    • Huy Tran
      Huy Tran 3 years ago

      What adhesive do we need to replace?

  • Kevin Afton
    Kevin Afton 3 years ago +5

    Brilliant video, youre a great teacher!

  • Tim
    Tim 3 years ago +34

    I'm here to warn everyone who has a broken s8 to NOT upgrade to an s10! Get your s8 fixed or upgrade to an s8+ or s9.
    I got myself a $900 s10 and hated it. It felt almost exactly the same as the s8 but the fingerprint scan is TERRIBLE. Not worth the price in 2019. Do your research if you're going to upgrade. $300-500 for an s8+ or s9 is a far better purchase.

    • Peter Shmeter
      Peter Shmeter 2 years ago

      I'm upgrading to a Oneplus 7 pro after trying to change the glass on my S8 and failing somewhat.

    • Magnusfication
      Magnusfication 2 years ago

      Just get an OPPO. Same or better quality but faaaar cheaper. Samsung and iphone are grossly overpriced.

    • Perla Esquivel
      Perla Esquivel 3 years ago +2

      Used to have an s8 for a year and a half. Bought my s10e for 400 bucks. It was in like new condition, and honestly I like my s10e. I'm glad I didn't pay full price though

    • Austin Bell
      Austin Bell 3 years ago

      With the new updates my fingerprint scans nearly every time with s10+, Retina is so fast to unlock though the phones open before I even need to use my fingerprint.. definitely a huge upgrade from my s8 and even s9+ and you would notice to if you out it through heavy use playing a high detail game or running many apps at the same time

    • kia bass 879
      kia bass 879 3 years ago +1

      Thank you bro I'm about to sell the s8 and get a huwawi mate 20 pro

  • snowdaysrule1
    snowdaysrule1 3 years ago

    TL;DR: If you're going to remove the backplate, order a replacement one ahead of time so you're prepared for when you accidentally obliterate the back glass trying to remove it.
    Long Version: I personally find removing the back glass to be an enormous pain in the ass. I wanted to do the "clear backplate mod" on my s8 but I was confident that I would absolutely destroy the stock one trying to take it off so I waited until I had no other option but to disassemble my phone before doing it. I utimately only ended up taking the phone apart because my plastic sim card tray snapped while still half way in the phone (with my sim in it) so absolutley had to take the back off to get my sim and broken tray out. And sure enough while working the pick in between the back and the bezel my backplate completely shattered! Fortunately I prepared for this to happen and purchased the replacement clear back glass kit ahead of time but I definitively consider removing the backplate to be quite the ordeal!

  • BigDiesel
    BigDiesel Year ago +1

    the screen replacement i had was the screen and frame. All i had to do was swap the internals into the new screen/frame, and all worked out well. Thank you for the tutorial.

    MGTECH Year ago +1

    I'm going to repair the screen on my old S8 so my son can play with it. Going to put a full enclosure case on it so hopefully he won't crack the screen like he did my S10 plus I'm currently using. Thanks for the tutorial!

    NAZAR 4 years ago +32

    That satisfying moment when everything is installed and you just have to pill off the screen protector.

  • sysop gim
    sysop gim 2 years ago +2

    Pretty sure I will be living with the cracks on my s8. Way too difficult and risky.

  • Practical NOT Tactical Dad

    Can the front glass be removed and the original LCD screen be reused? Or is it best/easiest to replace the front glass and the LCD together?

  • Ken W.
    Ken W. 2 years ago

    I been a electronics Technician for 45+ years. Videos like this one is great /very informative . This way I know before tearing the S8. Apart I will know for sure what to be careful , etc . Thank you ! Nice video for sure. Your voice is hypnotic. I went into a deep trance! LOL! Really!

  • David Schwartz
    David Schwartz 3 years ago +1

    One thing you didn't make clear at least to me is in testing of the screen section you actually hooked it up on the battery side which keeps the connector orientation correct. I had a hard time with this until I realized after rewatching several times . I never turned it on. Thanks could have never done it without you!

  • david Lima
    david Lima 3 years ago +1

    fantastic video...well done mate !

  • T2D
    T2D 3 years ago

    I broke me s8 last year and thought id give it a try fixing it. Getting the smashed up back glass off was the worst part but this vid was a godsend. All in all back glass and digitiser off ebay 80 quid and local shop quoted me 180.. winner 😘

  • Cristian But
    Cristian But 3 years ago +1

    Very nice tutorial ..Thanks!

  • Abdusalam Twati
    Abdusalam Twati 2 years ago +1

    Thank you .. that was very useful video it helped me replace my S8 LCD

  • C. M.
    C. M. 4 years ago +3

    Thanks. Helpful.

  • Matthew K
    Matthew K 5 years ago +5

    Great guide, sir!!

  • Kirill Sky
    Kirill Sky 2 years ago

    The most important part - the actual screen replacement procedure is missing - between 9:50 - 9:51. The phone frame is laying stripped to the bones on 9:50 and over the sudden on 9:51 it as already installed with most of the parts on. Why?

  • Bill Carini
    Bill Carini 3 years ago

    Awesome video! Ive had my s8 for about a month and broke it already. Is it possible to replace the glass only, or do you have to do the digitizer too?

    • Bill Carini
      Bill Carini 3 years ago

      I did find a couple. One company sells a kit and did it on video while the phone was still on. The screen was lit up! It's like $25. Cheap enough to try... The glue seems like the hardest part to get right.

    • Nobody nowherre
      Nobody nowherre 3 years ago +1

      There are lots of videos on it too, check them out if youre serious about it.

    • Nobody nowherre
      Nobody nowherre 3 years ago +1

      You can most definitely replace glass only, but it is insanely difficult and there is a high chance youll mess it up. Regardless, front glass is cheap and if youre willing to replace it anyways, you can always just buy another full display if you need it and install it after you possibly fail. If you succeed though, thats great!

  • rocksorgage
    rocksorgage 3 years ago +1

    Thank you. Great video.

  • D B
    D B 3 months ago

    Lovely video 😊, i'm curios what Wagner you using to help to open the back side ?

  • jay Harper
    jay Harper 3 years ago +2

    Super great video. I think after watching your video i will try to do my s8 screen. Thank you for your video.

  • I Gusti Ngurah Dhyana Yoga

    Hi, I'm just wondering, can i replace an s8 screen with the s7 screen for example? It's not for a daily use, just for experimental purpose

  • Shawn 22
    Shawn 22 3 years ago +2

    This is awesome....Thank you for posting !!!!!

  • Dal
    Dal 3 years ago +3

    This is the best video on an S8 repair by far!

  • Mary Erb
    Mary Erb 3 years ago +3

    Thanks, now I know why I will pay somebody to do this! Great narration!

  • Dean Simon
    Dean Simon Year ago +1

    hi great video ! how long did you put the phone on the hot plate and what temperature please if you can help . im new and i don't want to burn or destroy the battery

    • Fix It Planet
      Fix It Planet  Year ago

      Just a few minutes is fine. 5 or 10 minutes at a time is safe as long as your temp is not to high. Temps vary so test first.

  • An Duong
    An Duong 4 years ago

    Great instruction! I am not a professional one. I followed, replace my screen. However when I tested the screen before installing it, the mainboard became very hot when I turned on the phone. I checked all the connections, everthing in their orders. Would you please tell me what is possible reason?

    • Fix It Planet
      Fix It Planet  4 years ago

      If it is really hot then that could be a short to ground. I cannot guess what may be happening in your case but it is not unusual for the CPU or other components to get warm. The phone should calm down if everything is installed and working properly.

  • Will Keyes
    Will Keyes 4 years ago +8

    Beautifully explained video. Much appreciate it. Please point out the tools u used next time. Thanks

  • Stephen Ochipa
    Stephen Ochipa 4 years ago

    I've got an s9 that I recently cracked the glass on. I just broke the glass on it. I've noticed that the front glass as well as the rear is glued on. Is there any way to just remove the front glass without completely disassembling the entire phone? Or is there a particular reason why it's repaired in this fashion

    • Fix It Planet
      Fix It Planet  4 years ago

      Among other things disconnecting the battery and gaining access to the display connector are two reasons you need to remove the back on this model.

  • Fellow SunBro
    Fellow SunBro 3 years ago +1

    After working with samsungs for a few months I've come to the conclusion that it's almost impossible to take off the back cover without cracking it...

  • Jav B
    Jav B 4 years ago +5

    I need my wife's phone repair and you did a great job....I'm afraid whoever fix her phone won't do better job then you damn it

  • Patricia van der heide
    Patricia van der heide 4 years ago +4

    Nice video, just looking it over en over again, i'm going to try it now! Thank you! Nice, easy listening voice! Kind regards from Patricia(Netherlands, Holland)

    • orfeous
      orfeous 3 years ago

      Patricia van der heide, how did it go? Please report back!

    • Fix It Planet
      Fix It Planet  4 years ago

      Thank you

  • Adam Powles
    Adam Powles 3 years ago +1

    Good video. Thank you very much!

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 3 years ago

    Dont do this with a triangular pic. Do it with a plastic playing card, you WILL brake the glass (been there done that) on the edges and the thing has to be REALLY so the adhesive doesnt grab back as fast...

  • Ed Goksal
    Ed Goksal 4 years ago +3

    Cheers mate, perfect got it all done!

    • Yousuf Miah
      Yousuf Miah 4 years ago

      Do you have a link for the screen you bought

  • Jaebodiah
    Jaebodiah 4 years ago +4

    Thank you! I bought new glass and digitizer and the video provided wasn't cutting it. Came here and voila! The phone is fixed, although certainly not as tight as it was before...Lol

    • Christi
      Christi Year ago

      @LiddoCece same question

    • LiddoCece
      LiddoCece 3 years ago +1

      Where did you purchase your screen? Price ?

  • SnoozeYouLoose
    SnoozeYouLoose 2 years ago

    You should always replace the adhesive

  • X9IKY2X
    X9IKY2X 3 years ago +4

    Mad pure madness got a quote of £185 for a repair. Gunna fix it myself thanks to you bro 👊🏾

    • Lina
      Lina 3 years ago

      @arthur myself i broke my s8. I just bought a new one for 295€ (£260) while it was 300 to repair...
      Thats crazy

    • arthur myself
      arthur myself 3 years ago +1

      They told me almost 300 and the phone is not worth 300 to fix. Way to small and I did not like it that much when it worked.

  • otsso motsso
    otsso motsso 3 years ago +1

    Good video, keep the good work .

  • David Frackleton
    David Frackleton 2 years ago +2

    Thankyou *Fix it planet* excellent video and it helped me a lot-Dave Liverpool 👍🏼

  • radnukespeoplesminds
    radnukespeoplesminds 3 years ago

    is it easier to buy the screen replacement with the frame like they sell it on aliexpress, or would that method be harder?

  • Steve Marshall
    Steve Marshall 2 years ago +1

    Thanks for great video, but it really grinds my gears that manufacturers make these so hard to open now days.

  • Joe Phillips
    Joe Phillips 3 years ago

    Hi, thanks for ur helpful video. I have one question if I may ask; may screen is cracked on my S8+, do I need to repair entire screen or only the glass? If so, do you have any recommendations where I could get the glass repair kit?
    It'll be a great help if u could reply. Thank u.

    • Fix It Planet
      Fix It Planet  3 years ago

      Start by watching this video clip-share.net/video/Q0F1IEnPq9M/video.html
      I recommend replacing the entire display assembly with the frame. Such as this one amzn.to/2QvsKT2

  • Info & Decor
    Info & Decor 5 months ago

    Are there any Drawbacks of changing/Replacing Screen with Aftermarket one...?
    1. Will it Impact Touch Sensitivity ?
    2. Will it reduce Clarity?
    3. Will it be less reliable/ more Fragile than Oem/Orginal Screen?
    4. Any other drawbacks / side effects?

  • Francisco Galicia
    Francisco Galicia 3 years ago

    great video, where else can i get that screen replacement? is the replacement about 190? refurbish phone are like 250. or is there alternative displays and screens? thanks

  • MiaMia
    MiaMia 6 months ago

    I have had Samsung phone for like 10 years! This is the 1st one I have ever broken the screen on😭 I'm super rough on my phones too! I'm just trying to figure out the most cost efficient way to repair it! I think i can pull this off.🙏🙊👍

  • The Tool Wall Channel
    The Tool Wall Channel 8 months ago

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    Photography by JDS 2 years ago +1

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  • O'Really O'Reilly
    O'Really O'Reilly 2 years ago

    Do you reuse the display, or do you need to replace this as well as well as the screen

  • Rachel Hobbs
    Rachel Hobbs 3 years ago +2

    I've just cracked my screen and it's the only way I have contact with anyone your video is very helpful and I've found a replacement screen and kit for it and the video will help me to sort it out as it's going to cost me 209 pounds

  • Eros Ravera
    Eros Ravera 3 years ago

    So, you had to replace the back too.
    Is there any way to apply apply new glue and reuse the original back?

  • Dante Underwood
    Dante Underwood 5 years ago +297

    Did this for 30 for tools and the LCD screen, "professionals" do this for 250 up, but in reality we are all professionals with Clip-Share at our fingertips

    • Alain Lapointe
      Alain Lapointe Year ago

      @Cory Wyatt
      Looks like it

    • FishMi
      FishMi 2 years ago +1

      @Ambient Blue-eyedMonkey I work in phone repair its hard but after doing 1000+ installs you get to the point where it looks easy 😅

    • Ambient Blue-eyedMonkey
      Ambient Blue-eyedMonkey 2 years ago

      no you did not, you won't remove that screen without damaging a phone, that how they made it. All these videos are nonsense and show you where they got lucky in like 5 out 100 phones.

    • Katt L0v3
      Katt L0v3 3 years ago

      @mamery jazz I bought my tools from Amazon. It comes complete with a wrist band but no matter. I had to by it separately. The one I have can be used on smart phones, tablets and laptop. It's a pretty cool kit.

    • Hondaguy91
      Hondaguy91 3 years ago

      @Recluse Reseller sure, as long as one has a good screen and one has a good ESN... In 2019 there are better phones out there though.

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown 4 years ago +11

    this guy "Nailed" it!!!!