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700hp F-Body Camaro drag races LS-Swapped 240SX // THIS vs THAT

  • Published on Mar 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • See you at the The LA Coliseum on February 5th, 5pm for The Busch Light Clash! Come for NASCAR and see some of the Hoonigan car fleet. Event & ticket info here: bit.ly/3wMR9aE
    This one’s juicy! Xavier’s 240SX has the bigger LS engine but Carlos has enough nitrous to take Dom Toretto to the moon. The only responsible thing to do is get these 1/8th mile racers on the airstrip to put them both to the test!
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    00:00 Intro
    02:43 THIS: Carlos' 2002 Chevrolet Camaro
    06:56 THAT: Xavier's 1991 Nissan 240SX
    10:34 Predictions & Prep
    12:36 Round 1
    14:22 Round 2
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Comments • 903

  • michael cianci
    michael cianci Month ago +762

    you guys should do a "this vs swap" where there are 2 of the same car but one is swapped and one has the original engine.

    • Alex Barn
      Alex Barn 9 days ago +1

      I’d love to see a 240sx episode of that. All the SR guys would be crying about a built KA-T build shits on them.

    • donkyuhbuhts540
      donkyuhbuhts540 9 days ago +1

      Do this and get views!

    • Tom OG :(
      Tom OG :( Month ago

      That would be boring asf

    • luke pallis
      luke pallis Month ago +1

      Or a built vs bought

    • Jaccuzi152
      Jaccuzi152 Month ago +1


  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams Month ago +639

    I appreciate the Hoonigan crew for all this content they’ve been dropping. This vs That has been awesome so far this year!

    • Paul Williams
      Paul Williams Month ago

      @Laerrus T. Block was an intelligent guy, he's probably had legal successors clearly delineated for a long time. Seems like the Hoonigan crew want to keep it going to honor Ken, at least I hope that's the case.

    • Laerrus T.
      Laerrus T. Month ago +2

      It's all vault content. I am really starting to wonder whats going to happen. All of the guys are probably trying to figure out the licensing and rights to the brand. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a newly branded hoonigan that Scotto tries to develop..

    • FlockoutD🤝
      FlockoutD🤝 Month ago

      Fasho 🤝

  • Mr. Pritchard
    Mr. Pritchard Month ago +720

    So happy to see this vs that back. RIP Dr. Block

    • Robert Edwards
      Robert Edwards Month ago

      I was thinking Nissans vs nay sayers

    • Egg Reedgious
      Egg Reedgious Month ago

      @sean whiteside the entire internet is alight with how Leah Block's destiny is replace her father, like literally. I get it's hard to accept he's gone, but it's safe to say she is not him. They have very different personalities having seen both interacting on the channel. No surprises if the Block Legacy looks very different from Hoonigan and if it's even something she'd be willing to share with the internet. I'm not attacking you, just keep in mind high expectations lead to resentments. I hope she doesn't read Clip-Share comments. I will simply wish her luck on her grief journey and have no qualms if she doesn't want to live a life taunting death like Ken.

    • sean whiteside
      sean whiteside Month ago

      It is extremely sad that ken is gone but however his daughter has raced on the channel so they could always reach out to have her race Ken's last audi against anything in hopes for a win, his daughter might fulfill his legacy in hooligan racing and drifting

    • Egg Reedgious
      Egg Reedgious Month ago

      He's the co-founder of DC shoes man. Hoonigan was just the passion project. Please give this man credit for being a shrewd business man and somehow knowing that nerdy white kids in the inner city in 1998 that couldn't play Sportsball still needed legit shoes and I credit KB for not getting beat up on a daily basis.

  • AsianTankPilot
    AsianTankPilot Month ago +276

    I'd love to see some of the cars that lost come back with improvements made and talk about what they did and why

    • Purwanti Allan
      Purwanti Allan Month ago

      @AsianTankPilot wish we could see This vs That between Camaro vs FIAT 500 Engine Swapped from Bentley Speed 8?

    • Kevin Menard
      Kevin Menard Month ago +5

      @AsianTankPilot because most the time it takes research and development to figure out the perfect combination of parts to achieve “X” time or horsepower. And they don’t just want to give away secrets they figured out.

    • ShankerIV
      ShankerIV Month ago +6

      @Delavar Zarnegar its more of "if people know what i got they WONT wanna race." cant win bets if people wont race ya.

    • DaReal KickDoe
      DaReal KickDoe Month ago

      If that happens we already know why😂 its cause they lost last time so they had to make it faster lmfao

    • Delavar Zarnegar
      Delavar Zarnegar Month ago +9

      @AsianTankPilot They like to think that if they say their setup theyll lose street races bc people will know what theyre running.

  • Guillermo Ramírez
    Guillermo Ramírez Month ago +304

    Sometimes I think about selling my F-Body, then I see videos like this and and when I re-think how cool they are, that thought goes away suddenly haha

    • Purwanti Allan
      Purwanti Allan Month ago

      @Brenton FIAT 500 Engine Swap 1000+ bhp could be nice also.

    • Caleb Gibbens
      Caleb Gibbens Month ago +1

      @Ace tong if you knew anything about them from 1999 and up they come stock with the LS

    • Caleb Gibbens
      Caleb Gibbens Month ago +1

      Don’t ever sell it I Got T-boned in mine is totaled and now that I don’t have one it fucking sucks big time

    • jefferino
      jefferino Month ago +1

      2002 SS 6spd with 26k miles here and never leaving my garage.

  • snakerb
    snakerb Month ago +149

    That 240 looks like half the 240’s I see on the road, but DAMN IT that thing moves! 🚗💨

  • Andrew Gutierrez
    Andrew Gutierrez Month ago +54

    This was some old school early 2000s street race 💪🏼

    • Calvin Scott
      Calvin Scott Month ago

      @cavemanvi 😂😂😂

    • cavemanvi
      cavemanvi Month ago +3

      Lmfao that paisa has silicon on his beads no mammmmeeessss lmfaoooooo

  • Dominick Schultz
    Dominick Schultz Month ago +44

    I love how Ron was like "what bout jack stand?!" James would be proud and it was a sad day when he wrecked that car. Lol for all who don't know, that car did MASSIVE wheeleys and James could not keep the car down and fucked the whole front of the car. I'm sure we all hope to see it soon

    • Jay Wright
      Jay Wright Month ago +4

      If you watch Dr TuneEmAll channel, Jackstand actually races a Nitrous F Body as well for a friend, and it's super fast.

  • Richard Dangles
    Richard Dangles Month ago +109

    I know I'm not the only one waiting for a Hoonigan and Cleetus collaboration. Don't care wt they do it'll be sick

    • Keithon Contreras
      Keithon Contreras Month ago

      OG’s remember when he brought Leroy to the yard a couple years back.

    • Jay Wright
      Jay Wright Month ago

      @Richard Dangles I mean Cleet already been inviting them to drive at his races, but yea a Cleetus and Cars/Hoonigan event would be dope, or a video series at the Freedom Factory maybe?

    • Andreas Antonelli
      Andreas Antonelli Month ago +2

      He was on this vs that before but wasn't able to bring ruby and had to use another car but I would love to see mullet vs Hoonicorn even though Ken isn't here 😞 maybe Lia will take his place and drive the Hoonicorn again. And would love to see Adam lz on the show too and maybe even cleetus vs Adam lz? Would be cool either way

    • Save Us All
      Save Us All Month ago

      Right the closest Collab we got was seeing Larry Chen get into a car pileup at Bristol xD

    • earnest Ellis
      earnest Ellis Month ago

      You mean again?

  • DJ Legion
    DJ Legion Month ago +40

    I would have liked to see a bonus race just because how wild that Camero was on the 2nd run.

    • Purwanti Allan
      Purwanti Allan Month ago

      @Elmo6855 or Corvette C4?

    • Elmo6855
      Elmo6855 Month ago +1

      Same. Camaro should've asked for the hit.

  • BoostByYear
    BoostByYear Month ago +39

    Not many uploads excite me as much as a new This vs That from Hoonigan! #43

  • Leo
    Leo Month ago +21

    240 is a monster.... Great race

  • BHCamaro
    BHCamaro Month ago +18

    4th gen Catfish Camaro guys where you at?! 🐟🔥

    • Trav La Flare
      Trav La Flare Month ago +1

      02 SS LS3 Swapped, so glad I didn't sell mine. This car is timeless!!

    • hellfreezer4303
      hellfreezer4303 Month ago +1

      2000 z28

    • corey clark
      corey clark Month ago +3

      He'll yeah, 94 z28 here

    • BHCamaro
      BHCamaro Month ago +1

      @Fraser Wright 🇺🇲🦅

    • Fraser Wright
      Fraser Wright Month ago +1

      I can feel my mullet growing just watching this.

  • Andrew W.C.
    Andrew W.C. Month ago +2

    “Are those street legal slicks?” “It’s.. a street legal car. It is registered.” That guy is pure street race. Love it.

  • donkyuhbuhts540
    donkyuhbuhts540 9 days ago

    Probably one of the best heads up races I've seen in a while. Perfect match up.

  • Voltage272
    Voltage272 Month ago +4

    Shout out tho the catfish owner. Took his loss like a champ. Seems like a chill dude. Hope to see more of him on This Vs That.

  • David Goodwin
    David Goodwin Month ago +4

    Keeping you guys in our thoughts!! #KB43VER !! Glad to see you all putting content out keep it moving we know is hard but we’re here for it!

  • Leandro Onici
    Leandro Onici Month ago +9

    Thats damn good matchup and good race! Love it, two great race cars and drivers! Keep it up Hoonigans, KB43

  • indoubt
    indoubt Month ago +3

    Very happy to see you guys in a bit better mood! Love the vids keep it up! RIP KEN 🕊️

  • Gaydes
    Gaydes Month ago +1

    I love the little character arc that Gary is going through learning to be a flagger

  • Bill Bong
    Bill Bong Month ago +10

    Love seeing the Camaro. Also love the 3rd gen.. my favorite cars

  • Bobby Liendo
    Bobby Liendo Month ago +17

    Finally some purpose built drag cars

  • Maciel’s Auto Detail

    This is one of my favorite this vs that so far. These are some cars that the viewers can relate to.

  • Nathan Polkoski
    Nathan Polkoski Month ago

    I love this show! It’s the hype that I need to keep rippin! Love you guys each and every one! #kb43ver

  • Diogo P
    Diogo P Month ago +12

    Respect to both drivers! Great cars!

    • Kenny
      Kenny Month ago

      240 doesn't deserve respect bro he doesn't pay when he loseses y'all know nothing abt him 💀

  • ッJBッ
    ッJBッ Month ago +2

    Me knowing how fast the 240 really is:

  • Derek V
    Derek V Month ago +3

    Had a 95 Lt1 white on white convertible 6 speed trans am. Later I had a 98 LS1 hardtop with power everything (rare) 6speed Z28. Loved those 4th gen F bodies! Also love that the previous episode they talked about IE builds and this 240 is from Riverside and looks exactly how an IE build should.

  • Tim Jackson
    Tim Jackson Month ago +3

    My guy Xavi never disappoints. Good run!

  • Jack fruit
    Jack fruit Month ago +1

    Thanks y'all. Keeping on keeping on is a heroic journey. Well done 🏎️

  • Derek Harvey
    Derek Harvey Month ago +3

    Wednesday this vs that hell yeah man! Hope all is well for everyone over there at hoonigan!

  • legione1capone
    legione1capone Month ago +4

    That 240 was setup properly for drag racing, and that motor. Damn!

  • s14sx
    s14sx Month ago +1

    The driver reaction of the 240sx in Round 2 was insane.

  • Viking on Sasquatch Ridge

    Man that was a good line up ❤
    Fun episode y’all. 🦍

  • Matt Grov
    Matt Grov Month ago

    Thanks for all the content. Keeping you guys and the Block family in my thoughts and prayers. RIP Ken Block

  • MrTingles
    MrTingles Month ago +2

    I love how by now the bois are fully expecting the editors to salvage their half-baked bits and antics... and usually they do a good job of it 😂

  • David Blanck
    David Blanck Month ago +1

    Solid shout out to jackstand Jimmy. I would love to see him bring a car to the challenge. This was a fun episode as always.

  • Andre1
    Andre1 Month ago +3

    Never have two cars sounded so similar!

  • Terencezeee
    Terencezeee Month ago +1

    Power to weight ratio. Makes me miss my S13 hatch!

  • Shawn Leveille
    Shawn Leveille Month ago +1

    This one was one of the best! That first round was amazing and it was shot amazing too

  • codygullett88
    codygullett88 Month ago

    Love seeing more "street cars" coming to put in some work vs a shiny exotic smoking some project ride car 🤘🏽 ty for the content

  • Weston Holmes
    Weston Holmes Month ago +6

    KB43VER ... HOONIGAN FOREVER ... without a doubt... Y'all have shaped the youth as much as the need for speed, and fast furious titles had ... thank you guys for all you do

  • Goaty McGoatface
    Goaty McGoatface Month ago

    Man that 240 gets OUT!!! good job by the F-body keeping that thing on the track on that 2nd

  • Swampviking
    Swampviking Month ago +5

    I love that Ron shouted out jackstand. I met Zac at the freedom factory and we talked about ductwork for a while. Was cool to see he's just a normal dude. I was looking forward to meeting Ron. Zacs so laid back i forgot who I was talking to and never even mentioned I own a dyna and an audi bc of hoonigan. I did some nasty supercharger whine awd donuts in the parking lot after that woulda made for good b roll lol

  • Fan
    Fan Month ago

    literally 2 of the cars i wanted. going head to head is crazy.

  • theunis baasen
    theunis baasen Month ago

    I love this vs that. Its one of the best shows ever!! #43KB4EVER

  • Slade B
    Slade B Month ago

    Shout out to whoever does the sound for these videos. The sound of the fly by at the end of the track was great.

  • TooShook
    TooShook Month ago

    i hope they continue this series for a while! Maybe my project car will make it one day lol!

  • JGrumpyP
    JGrumpyP Month ago

    It was tough to watch without Block. Keep it going!

  • FrankieYLosMatadoresOficial

    Es todo arriba Tijuana!!. Thanks for making this happen, Saludos desde Tijuana

  • Jack Magnium
    Jack Magnium Month ago +1

    keep dropping these videos nonstop hoonigan

  • sean whiteside
    sean whiteside Month ago +1

    Y'all gotta reachout to get the whole McFarland racing team on this vs. That, not them against each other, but them against other random crazy race builders, can't wait till they have the godzilla swapped white foxbody racing

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago

    1000lb is A crazy advantage. I’m taking that 249

  • 40gp
    40gp Month ago +2

    I’ve seen that 240 in so many vids! Damn thing moves out 🚀

  • Mystic Falcon
    Mystic Falcon Month ago

    Let's go hoonigans, get Lia ready!!!

  • Luca Antonio
    Luca Antonio Month ago +8

    This match up is crazy

  • Sinister Performance
    Sinister Performance Month ago +1

    Y’all should do a this vs that of 2 identical cars, engine, horsepower, power adder and weight of the vehicle. And see who’s the better driver.

  • EclipseStrife
    EclipseStrife Month ago +1

    Damn without seeing the races that 240sx appears to be a real deal street racing machine! Very excited to watch this match up!!!!

    • EclipseStrife
      EclipseStrife Month ago +1

      Having watch the races DAMN the 240 was siiick! Even with the jump still caught and beat that Camaro which is no easy task that thing RIPS!!

  • Br Is Icey
    Br Is Icey Month ago

    Love seeing these coming back a lot please race so much we get a video a day

  • PrinceB713
    PrinceB713 Month ago

    Y’all really dropping back to back 🤙🔥

  • Italo DeLuca
    Italo DeLuca Month ago +1

    Funny as hell these last 2 this vs that’s having actual street racers come out is awesome anyone who watches desert 1320 knows who these guys are

  • BlackBirdFPV
    BlackBirdFPV Month ago +7

    So Glad to so you all pushing thru Ken Block would not want you all to stop doing what you love. He would want you to go Bigger. He will always be an inspiration to all and a legend to the motorsports hall of fame. RIP Ken Block

  • Trinidad Diaz
    Trinidad Diaz Month ago +1

    We need more no prep gangsta shxt like this boys !!😎😎🌮🌮🍻🥶🥶🥶

  • marc
    marc Month ago

    mannn, i really thought they would have had a bonus race for them because he kept spinning.

  • Scuba Steve
    Scuba Steve Month ago

    So wish I could bring my 77 chevelle-a-bu to do this. Love all you guys, been a supporter since I knew who Ken Block was when he “sold half of DC Shoes” to Rob Dyrdek. Hope to see the channel grow, much love to all, R.I.P. to the father of AWD savagery❤️

  • Daniel
    Daniel  Month ago +3

    Do you accept a suggestion? time the pulls. so we can compare car x car looking at previous times and see the difference in performance between them. for example, Hoonicorn's best time vs the rest and set up a leaderboard. It gets much more interesting and didactic lol

    • Reanu Keeves
      Reanu Keeves Month ago +1

      Yeah a lot of the people that Drag that they've had on wouldn't want their Times advertised to potential opponents.

  • flufflypancakes
    flufflypancakes Month ago +2

    "that's a weird sounding carbon fiber" 😂

  • Oxygen Thief
    Oxygen Thief Month ago +3

    Definitely gonna go 240 for this one 💯

  • griplimit
    griplimit Month ago

    I think this race says a lot about the factory IRS in S-chassis’s.

  • Triple X Builds
    Triple X Builds Month ago

    My favorite Clip-Share show hands down RIP Ken Block. I miss the events when drift cars vs drag cars go at it

  • Andrew Mason
    Andrew Mason Month ago

    15:07 thank you Zac... Want a dedicated episode of engines sounds from the crew/cast. Closest to sound wins contests an games. For engine noises

  • shady
    shady Month ago

    I had the biggest smile on my face when i got home from work and realized this was uploaded, thanks fam!

  • Benjamin Avelar Jr
    Benjamin Avelar Jr Month ago +2

    That 240 got power alright 🔥

  • Charlie_Foxtrot25
    Charlie_Foxtrot25 Month ago +7

    Can we get a "43Forever" sticker on the shop?
    Id rather get one through Hoonigan and have it go toward something then buy one from someone else.

    RSXXX Month ago +1

    Dude jumped, lost and still wanted to run heads up, I respect that.

  • Master Of Ceremonies MOC

    I love that he stuck to the handshake and made zach switch it up. They used to make a big deal about messing up the shake lol

  • James A.
    James A. Month ago +1

    Gary did good on the hand drop...gave us some good footage.

  • Andrew Ingram
    Andrew Ingram Month ago +1

    That 240 gets out of the hole like a damn monster instant grip

  • dillon Brist
    dillon Brist Month ago

    good to see some actual street cars on here

  • Nectarbro
    Nectarbro Month ago +7

    Would be cool to see a youtuber tournament style race for this vs that. See who is the fastest youtuber on a no prep race.

  • Big D Fitness
    Big D Fitness Month ago +1

    Happy to see Riverside being represented for once 🤙🏼🤙🏼

  • OBSessed Racing
    OBSessed Racing Month ago

    Can you guys imagine SRC on this show mopping up everyone? Lol

  • D.B.
    D.B. Month ago

    It’s pretty wild what some guys “build in their garage”!

  • D's RC
    D's RC Month ago

    Love the Jackstand Jimmy shout out that 240 is a monster !!!

  • Hogie Bearra
    Hogie Bearra Month ago

    This vs That is so simple but so good

  • John Lougheed
    John Lougheed Month ago +6

    That 240 has been gapping people for years on the desert 1320 channel

    • John Lougheed
      John Lougheed Month ago +3

      @Oxygen Thief As soon as I saw that red bumper, I knew it was over. lol

    • Oxygen Thief
      Oxygen Thief Month ago +1

      True that's one of the main reasons I said I was going for the 240 in another comment lol

  • J S
    J S Month ago

    Shout out of thanks to the fine people that make these crazy machines and the crew that provides and captures this for our entertainment.

  • Great Heights
    Great Heights Month ago

    I wish you guys would time/clock the speed of these things.
    We have no idea how cars of one video stack up against each other, I'd be interested in that.

  • Ivan Aguilar
    Ivan Aguilar Month ago

    Good ol tire burning 😎

  • the_enthusiast
    the_enthusiast Month ago

    Bbbbiiiiggggggg Mexico guys right there. As soon as I saw the red bumper I knew who I'd put money on. It's good to see them going heads up twice because these guys have been trying to line up for a while now.

  • Oscar Henriquez
    Oscar Henriquez Month ago

    OG this vs that vibes 🔥

  • Nick
    Nick Month ago +3

    More this vs that

  • carson Hill
    carson Hill Month ago

    Let’s goooo jackstand getting the recognition he deserves!!

  • Russian goose
    Russian goose 18 days ago +1

    Just seeing the initial specs I knew the 240 had the upper hand

  • LoKey Fee
    LoKey Fee Month ago

    Ive seen that 240 on the valley racing channel so I knew it was gonna move out 😅

  • Matthew Mathis
    Matthew Mathis Month ago +1

    Jackstand Jimmy getting the shot out... his 240 quick af.

  • Shawn Huolihan
    Shawn Huolihan Month ago +1

    The edits on these vids are so funny. Love it.

  • Harry Lund
    Harry Lund Month ago +11

    Rip ken block

    • yo momma
      yo momma Month ago

      @MT1023 I do

    • yo momma
      yo momma Month ago

      @Garrett bro

    • Garrett
      Garrett Month ago +2

      This video doesn’t have ken block in it

    • MT1023
      MT1023 Month ago +1

      @howardmr90 thats all anybody said rip for, none of these people cared he died they care for the views his death brought in

    • howardmr90
      howardmr90 Month ago

      It’d only been 1 min so you didn’t even watch the video just sayin 🤷‍♂️

  • Dub Tub
    Dub Tub Month ago

    dude these cars are awesome. Need to see more mean street machines like these.

  • iHydroEyez
    iHydroEyez Month ago

    The wall ride man himself shreddin the camaro NEVER gets old

  • Keyser Söze
    Keyser Söze Month ago

    Finally an F-Body 😊 Was hoping mine would be the first 😂, I have some work to do though.