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SPIDER-MAN (2002) 5 Movie Clips + Classic Trailer | Tobey Maguire Marvel Superhero HD

  • Published on Jun 12, 2018 veröffentlicht
  • SPIDER-MAN (2002) 5 Movie Clips + Classic Trailer | Tobey Maguire Marvel Superhero HD
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    PLOT: When bitten by a genetically modified spider, a nerdy, shy, and awkward high school student gains spider-like abilities that he eventually must use to fight evil as a superhero after tragedy befalls his family.
    CAST: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Willem Dafoe
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Comments • 9 126

  • Grandmaster Dragonborn
    Grandmaster Dragonborn 3 years ago +2574

    17 years later, Tobey is still the best live action Spider-Man.

  • SomeAustrianGuy_
    SomeAustrianGuy_ 3 years ago +2248

    This is the only real Spider-Man. No futuristic gadgets, no BS, just the pure strengh of a man in the most badass Spider-Man suite of all time!

    • Pamelasoledad Aquino
      Pamelasoledad Aquino 7 days ago

      ​@DesireProspers mi

    • Jessica Garcia
      Jessica Garcia 19 days ago

      I just hate how he was labeled “Peter 2” and his a variant of MCU Peter smh when he was the original and best Spider-Man of all time

    • Jamicheal Ruiz
      Jamicheal Ruiz 29 days ago

      @Random Comment facts

    • Darrin Crawford Jr.
      Darrin Crawford Jr. 2 months ago

      @Random Comment idk i really like his suits especially bc of how modern they look and he’s a good spider-man he’s just not tibet or andrew

  • Clar Danky
    Clar Danky 3 years ago +2548

    Grew up watching this spider-man. This is the only real and true spider-man to me. The music made everything so believable. Thank you Raimi and Tobey

  • ROBO Vlogs
    ROBO Vlogs Year ago +220

    I want this guy in every spider man movie..no one can match him.❤️

    • Анод Копач
      Анод Копач 2 months ago

      Ч поимядяона

    • hh7777
      hh7777 8 months ago


    • View 100K
      View 100K 9 months ago

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    • noona Noona
      noona Noona Year ago +3

      True. He's gorgeous and the best 😭💕

    • Jhalparo
      Jhalparo Year ago +1

      Nahh, i love tobey for Spiderman, but at his own story. Not fkking fight with alien across universe, and purple bigfoot

  • Wanye
    Wanye Year ago +1616

    Can't believe this movie was 19 years ago , really time goes so quick 😔❤

  • Stephen Cross
    Stephen Cross Year ago +661

    Fun Fact: The scene were Peter catches all the stuff on the tray was not CGI.
    Toby Maguire did 156 shots but eventually got everything to land on the tray correctly
    So, he really is Spiderman in that instant

  • Nebz
    Nebz 3 years ago +884

    Tobey Maguire is and will always be the best Spider-man. Period.

  • What_Blondie
    What_Blondie 3 years ago +725

    To those of you who wonder why his sight gets better, think of it like this: he has the combined sight of 4 people (since spiders have 8 eyes), so, if he had 20-20 vision, his vision would become 160-160, or superhuman.

    • DracoHandsome
      DracoHandsome Year ago +2

      ... Do you understand what the numbers mean? 20/20 and 160/160 are the same. The first number is how far away you have to be to read something, the second is how far away the average person has to be

    • Aashish Bharadwaj
      Aashish Bharadwaj Year ago +1

      Higher numbers equals worse vision.

    • Thomas Owen
      Thomas Owen Year ago +1

      it would actually be 5-5 vision

    • Mohamed Max
      Mohamed Max Year ago

      Ray lui actor movies with donnie yen or liu tao with jackie chan

  • Adnan Muhammad Yahaya
    Adnan Muhammad Yahaya Year ago +383

    Tobey's spidey sense is crazy😱. Still remains my childhood hero.

    • View 100K
      View 100K 9 months ago

      Dolphin Video 2 Short
      The Mermaid (2019)

  • Zarul Hakim
    Zarul Hakim Year ago +63

    I love the part when Harry says 'Peter, that was amazing'🤣🤣. So innocent

  • Anything 4 you
    Anything 4 you Year ago +1632

    This spiderman gives you different type of vibes when everything was good in life

    • Jamicheal Ruiz
      Jamicheal Ruiz 29 days ago

      Facts good memories 🔥

    • Nuu Nuu
      Nuu Nuu 4 months ago

      @Searching for food On youtube ดูหนัง

    • Nassim Ridouan
      Nassim Ridouan 5 months ago


    • Tohru
      Tohru 6 months ago

      Tobey spider man 2002 vs 2022? Whos more better?

  • Vinay
    Vinay Year ago +55

    I grow up watching Tobey Maguire's Spiderman. Feel Nostalgia after many years of watching this

  • The Indian Stallion
    The Indian Stallion 3 years ago +152

    I swear... how amazing is the score at @10:35, really gives the nostalgic feels of seeing Peter climb up the wall for the first time back in 2002. I don’t care what people say, Tobey is definitely the best Spider-Man/Peter Parker!!!

    • View 100K
      View 100K 9 months ago

      Dolphin Video 2 Short
      The Mermaid (2019)

    • NR
      NR Year ago +2

      Great music orchestrated! What a soundtrack from 2002

      STOKELY WATERRR Year ago +2

      It’s jus crawling up the fucking wall

  • pinedavinci
    pinedavinci Year ago +340

    Who's ready for Tobey to appear in No Way Home?? The OG is back!

    • Shohjahon
      Shohjahon 17 hours ago

      ​@Doggo ❤❤❤❤🎉😢😮😂hoj

    • Fabee Gaming
      Fabee Gaming Year ago

      @Kaizer Sozay your lying or being sarcastic. Or you're just a fake fan and can't tell who is tobey maguire.

    • Doggo
      Doggo Year ago

      @Jonathan Berrien Lol theres a right time when is to joke and wrong timing, u cant just joke when theres a an emotional scene where in u want to feel any emotional scene but Marvel doesnt want u to feel it because they always come up with a cringe joke

    • Jonathan Berrien
      Jonathan Berrien Year ago

      @Doggo you do know that telling jokes while fighting is spider mans thing right?

    KAMLESH NIKAM Year ago +522

    When this movie was released I was just 12 years old, my school officials had requested to all students to see this movie in the theater. My family couldn't afford to give me 08 Rs but my mom gave me. Whenever I remember this it brings tears in my eyes..

  • Ben Morgan
    Ben Morgan 4 months ago +5

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the character of Spider-Man. So I’m always excited to see a new movie regardless of the actor. But the rami trilogy just feels more raw, more real. The people felt real. The action felt real. And for me it’s still the best live action interpretation we’ve ever gotten of the character.

  • TGP
    TGP Year ago +544

    Pure Nostalgia
    I was 5 when this movie released.
    the first crawling and swinging contains lot of memories.
    since then Spider man became my favourite superhero till now.

  • Lucas Gonçalves
    Lucas Gonçalves Year ago +18

    Pra mim, o melhor Homem Aranha. 🇧🇷

  • kool kev
    kool kev 3 years ago +91

    The bullet time effects where fantastic, helps viewers to see it from Spider-Man's point of view.
    I can't understand why MCU didn't do any scenes like that with their Spider-Man. 🙂

    • kool kev
      kool kev 5 months ago

      It's impossible to for any human to know Spiderman's view, while he's dodging.
      He's got super human speed and reaction times.
      We don't. Stop being silly.

    • Lucia Regina Oliveira
      Lucia Regina Oliveira 5 months ago

      Oi TUDOBEi

    • Lucia Regina Oliveira
      Lucia Regina Oliveira 5 months ago


    • IHZAQ
      IHZAQ Year ago

      Come on
      We already knew the Spider-Man's point of view
      Just like we already knew where spiderman got his power

    • Haris Saeed
      Haris Saeed 3 years ago +8

      They got less creativity now.

  • Y DH
    Y DH Year ago +741

    I love seeing ppl come back watching this after no way home this tells you that we always loved childhood spider man

  • it's Guma guma
    it's Guma guma Year ago +360

    I could watch this movie all day everyday.Tobey is the best Spider-Man🙌

    • LLJ
      LLJ Month ago

      @Chaos insurance agent im late asl but facts its fucking annoying lik dang

    • Chaos insurance agent
      Chaos insurance agent Year ago

      @Mahriz Hossain why do so many people are toxic because of nostalgia I grew up seeing the Toby Maguire movies and I like them but I resonate more with Tom Holland as such like his movies more as a result it isn’t wrong I think this I just prefer Tom Holland’s portrayal you not being able to accept this because of being blinded by nostalgia for these truly amazing movies and I doubt the non-toxic fans don’t want u a person who insults people for having an opinion there entitled for honestly shows your true maturity

    • Mahriz Hossain
      Mahriz Hossain Year ago +3

      @Chaos insurance agent and for you too. Seeing that Tobey is the best Spiderman is not an opinion. It's a fact.

    • Chaos insurance agent
      Chaos insurance agent Year ago +1

      @Deyanira this goes for u too

    • Chaos insurance agent
      Chaos insurance agent Year ago +1

      @Coopin loop well he’s mature enough not to insult people because of there opinions

  • Thalia Quartzel
    Thalia Quartzel Year ago +104

    8:42 I love this part
    “What are you doing up there?!”
    Peter: “Staying away from you.”

    • akmal hawari
      akmal hawari Year ago +15

      "That's a cute outfit did ur husband give it to you?"

  • Torab Abdullah
    Torab Abdullah 2 years ago +325

    I watched this series again recently and this franchise had better message and more warmth than the rest. Even though i liked Andrew Garfield better as spider man. But Toby was and is always more suitable as Peter parker. The innocence and conflicts, laziness and brilliance all were properly shown in this franchise than any.

      NOT HUMAN FF 10 months ago

      I like Tobey spiderman better yes Andrew got better swing but i like Tobey style and oooo sound 😂

    • Sk
      Sk 11 months ago +1

      tom holland is the worst spiderman. he already got 3 movies and civil war still cant prove his worth. tobey did it in 3 Andrew did it in just 2 movies

    • Zeus Zyon Manlulu
      Zeus Zyon Manlulu Year ago

      Don't forget tom

  • HEedits
    HEedits Year ago +25

    Dude this spider man will be always a legend if he dies or anything we will always remember him if there are more spider man we will always say hes the best Spider man

  • K Factor
    K Factor 3 years ago +17

    I can't count how many times I watched this movie when I was a kid, I've memorized the dialogue word for word in almost all these scenes. I loved saying, "the terrifying, the deadly, the amaaaaaazing SPIDER-MAN!!!"

    • Shohjahon
      Shohjahon 17 hours ago


    • View 100K
      View 100K 9 months ago

      Dolphin Video 2 Short
      The Mermaid (2019)

  • Mateus Rocha
    Mateus Rocha 2 years ago +6

    O melhor Homem-Aranha de todos os tempos.

  • Six O'Clock
    Six O'Clock Year ago +161

    My favorite thing about Toby's Spider-Man, is the wisecracks. He really got that part right about the character

    • View 100K
      View 100K 9 months ago

      Dolphin Video 2 Short
      The Mermaid (2019)

    • Searching for food On youtube
      Searching for food On youtube Year ago +9

      Is it same in the comics

  • Anis Smail
    Anis Smail 7 months ago +7

    here is the real spiderman....i grew up with this saga of raimi that i loved so much...and that i continue to love even today, the atmosphere, the universe, the cast, maguire is Dunst are perfect in their roles...a real treat...thanks Raimi

  • Alphanumeric
    Alphanumeric Year ago +256

    5:59 The attention to detail is marvelous. You can even see his knuckles turn red after punching flash

    • Lil_ Jong-un666
      Lil_ Jong-un666 Year ago

      Marvelous huh? 😏

    • EGO
      EGO Year ago

      The you got the crowd in the back that is once frame happy, then the next they look horrified

    • Jason Chung
      Jason Chung Year ago

      The thing I noticed is when Peter caught flash last punch his hand was on his leather wrist strap and then next shot, Peter’s grabbing underneath flash leather wrist strap and then back to his wrist strap again lol

      PRIME HUNTER Year ago +44

      @michaelr1989 5:42 people like you will always complain for no reason, the stain was still on his shirt, maybe if you watched it well you would've seen that He threw it on his back smh.

    • michaelr1989
      michaelr1989 Year ago +9

      And yet when Flash goes to punch Peter, Flash's shirt is totally clean.

  • SM
    SM Year ago +5

    20 yrs today and still gives the same vibes as watched the first time

  • Reignny Joseph
    Reignny Joseph 3 years ago +97

    I could literally watch this movie as many times as EVER! My childhood. Thank you, Stan Lee, Sam Raimini, and Tobey Maguire!

  • Obodybuilder
    Obodybuilder 3 years ago +19

    Clássico, pra mim esse sempre será o verdadeiro filme do homem aranha

  • Killsmxke !
    Killsmxke ! 2 years ago +41

    I’m so glad this movie was apart of my childhood 😭 hella love for the OG Spider-Man fans !!🖤

    YRS STUDIO 2 months ago +2

    17 years later, Today is still the best live action spider . Man

    RIPTIDE REESE 2 years ago +73

    I don't care what no one says Tobey Maguire was the best spider man, his Parker stage was cool,like the transformation scene was dope, cuz he really didn't know what was going on with him, 2002 did great telling his origin 4:44 everything about this scene is so damn cool like it gives a feel of what Dem Spidey sense were like, he saw everything in the room

  • Moana Maree
    Moana Maree Year ago +49

    “That’s the best you got” Dude literally heard Peters request of “The Human Spider” and thought “ Yeah, you’re not embarrassing me “ 😂😂

  • Arkady Colom
    Arkady Colom 3 years ago +1837

    I remember watching this back in 2002 in theater. This was gold.

    PUTA EDWOW 3 years ago +8

    No one can change Mr. Toby Maguire the legendary and greatest spiderman of all time💪💪💪

  • •MYTH•mYstery__
    •MYTH•mYstery__ Year ago +48

    "the human spider" gets me everytime 😂😂

  • Rifat Hossain
    Rifat Hossain Year ago +5

    I first watched this movie when i was 6 or 7. This still taking me to my childhood

  • Skullbelly Orr
    Skullbelly Orr 3 years ago +77

    These movies were cheesy but they will always hold a place in my heart.

    • Skullbelly Orr
      Skullbelly Orr 2 years ago

      @Belle They both are cheesy but they are different kinds of cheese if that makes sense. (at least that's the way I see it)

    • Belle
      Belle 2 years ago +1

      Ngl Disney's shit is more cheesy

    • ChiefRedMonkey
      ChiefRedMonkey 2 years ago +12

      Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland are more cheesey then this this is a masterpiece

  • Evan's Media Empire
    Evan's Media Empire Year ago +5

    the spiderman elevator scene is hilarious and the suit looks so good

  • sharp dressed cat
    sharp dressed cat 3 years ago +33

    the musical score when he starts climbing the wall and how the orchestra hits when his hand hits the wall
    one of my FONDEST childhood memories

  • Shorts 30
    Shorts 30 Year ago +400

    This was the best series without a doubt!

  • vulcanus
    vulcanus 3 years ago +29

    The real Peter Parker, his personality, his look, everything.The real Spider-Man, a hero.....Next Spidermen, just copies. Tobey and Sam are unique.

    • slothgod
      slothgod  3 years ago +1

      lol they're not copies, they are literally based on the same comic book character

  • syloni sharma
    syloni sharma Year ago +4

    The real Spider-Man. No nonsensical gadgets just a dude with awesome powers beating the crap out of big baddies with good reasons to be big baddies

  • SM
    SM 2 years ago +227

    Really missed those days.. lovely refreshing memories 😍😍😍

    • Oppo A3s
      Oppo A3s 2 years ago

      @SM d

    • IPIRIX
      IPIRIX 2 years ago

      @Tonsk Wine yeah, whatever you say dog

  • SubscribeEdition
    SubscribeEdition Year ago +2

    Peter Parker is really protecting his secret skills so well.

  • Ridip Das
    Ridip Das 3 years ago +18

    I am very much emotionally attached to the spiderman character played by Tobey. I felt all sorts of emotions whilst watching the film.

  • SammyDuo
    SammyDuo Year ago +45

    Toby hands down will forever be my spiderman

  • Tsucchie The Gamer
    Tsucchie The Gamer Year ago +102

    This guy is what made me fall in love with Spider-Man in the first place

  • Abhishek Mithran
    Abhishek Mithran Year ago +4

    And here we are 19 years later watching the same guy with 2 others whom we saw as we grew up, together in action

  • Hope
    Hope Year ago +19

    Tobey is truly the best Spider-Man.

  • cool dragon Cool
    cool dragon Cool Year ago +3

    Watching these clips again after no way home again 😍
    Pure nostalgia fun

  • Paradox Creatives
    Paradox Creatives 3 years ago +2445

    I am no movie critic but I think Tobey's Spider-man was the best Spider-man.

    • Bao entertainment
      Bao entertainment 6 months ago

      They both good

    • Irengbam Rajeev
      Irengbam Rajeev 6 months ago

      Really I appreciate that.

    • Vijay Srinivasan
      Vijay Srinivasan 6 months ago

      I agree with u 100% correct

    • Ujang Indra
      Ujang Indra 9 months ago

      Thats right

    • Nba Fan
      Nba Fan Year ago

      @ReallyThomas the Tom Holland films weren’t funny for a lot of the jokes in the films, there’re stupid jokes that drag out for a long time and it’s nowhere near comic book accurate, aunt may is a hot 40 year old, he has no uncle Ben, he needs iron man to help him, there is no mj it’s just zendaya that happens to have the name of mj, he’s not a nerd, he hasn’t got a Harry Osbourne he’s got Ned. He’s more closer to resemble a sort of white miles morales

  • ashish kashale
    ashish kashale 3 years ago +2

    This was real Spiderman... My childhood super HERO... Still waiting for this series

  • film by IMRAN
    film by IMRAN Year ago +39

    Tobey Maguire's SP is an Emotion🖤

  • Sawyer sucks
    Sawyer sucks Year ago +1

    Nobody talks about him saying “no thanks I had a bite” comedy gold

  • Alva Aprillio Haryono
    Alva Aprillio Haryono 2 years ago +3799

    We never forget THE REAL SPIDERMAN

  • THOMAS 27
    THOMAS 27 Year ago +3

    My childhood memories ❤️❤️

  • Christina Singleton
    Christina Singleton 4 years ago +18

    This Spider-Man is dear to my heart....To me...this was the beginning of a legend...

  • like not
    like not Year ago +15

    I like how the dark side of his is shown. When he fought flash, bonesaw, and the burglar. He didn't need to fight, he had the upper hand. He really just got angry and wanted to beat them.

  • Rahul Anand
    Rahul Anand Year ago +17

    This is the real spiderman i have known since my childhood and nobody takes his place.

  • Byxs
    Byxs 8 months ago +2

    Tobey has the best swinging parts out of all the 3 spider men IMO

  • Jade Maryland
    Jade Maryland 2 years ago +14

    Tobey Maguire will always be my favorite Spider-man I love the weird expressions he makes like the one in the Thumbnail.

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  • Sweaty Gandalf
    Sweaty Gandalf 3 years ago +14

    the old Spider-Man trilogy is indisputably the best out of every movie in existence.

  • Hachiroku AE86
    Hachiroku AE86 2 years ago +168

    8:45 "that's a cute outfit, did your husband give it to you?"
    - best line ever

    • MadDunhill
      MadDunhill Year ago

      @Ato Neikha 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • Ato Neikha
      Ato Neikha Year ago +1

      @MadDunhill 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • MadDunhill
      MadDunhill Year ago

      DJ Pauly D cringe

    • Relaxing Sounds
      Relaxing Sounds Year ago +14

      Naaah more like one of the best line in the trilogy

    • MadDunhill
      MadDunhill Year ago +3

      cringiest line in the trilogy lol

  • Cars4Life
    Cars4Life 3 years ago +26

    I like the new spiderman but this version will always be my absolute favorite

  • ColdFoxBellachurl
    ColdFoxBellachurl 10 months ago +4

    That elevator scene was so iconic 🤣🤣

  • Sudipto Chakma
    Sudipto Chakma 3 years ago +3

    This is not just a film this is an Emotion
    For 90s kids

  • Mimii ralte
    Mimii ralte Year ago +3

    Toby is a real spiderman now and forever 😌

  • Kreatywna nazwa
    Kreatywna nazwa 2 years ago +7

    The real Spiderman ❤️❤️❤️

  • Black Girl Lavish
    Black Girl Lavish Year ago +5

    This was my Spider-Man. ❤️

  • Omar C
    Omar C Year ago +281

    Tobey is my hero, He ain't need a stupid "High Tech Suit" to be Spider-Man

    • anmol panjwani
      anmol panjwani Year ago

      @joeofmacabre07 yeah and in majority he didnt used the high tech suit

    • joeofmacabre07
      joeofmacabre07 Year ago

      @anmol panjwani but...you do know that majority of Spiderman's rogues gallery are from Earth.

    • anmol panjwani
      anmol panjwani Year ago

      @joeofmacabre07 cause he doesn't fight aliens

    • joeofmacabre07
      joeofmacabre07 Year ago +8

      @TeaTeaッ he meant high tech suit. In this movie or even in the earlier comics, he doesnt need nano tech or extra 4 mechanical arms. Just a normal costume made by him.

  • FlashedWheat678
    FlashedWheat678 3 years ago +6

    Man I remember watching this as a kid when I was 5-6 years old 😂😂 good times

  • Karagdagang Impormasyon

    7:12 Give that announcer the credit on correcting the Spider-Man name on Tobey's Human Spider! 😂🤣

  • Sohail
    Sohail 3 years ago +2444

    Mj:"help him Harry"
    Harry:(confused face) "which one"
    Best line ever

  • Sahil Siddiqui
    Sahil Siddiqui 3 years ago +3

    Thank u sam raimi and tobey and entire cast for making my childhood awesome

  • ashar jawaid
    ashar jawaid 3 years ago +4

    everyone's favourite series than any other spider man. When someone calls spider, this man comes in mind.. cant be replaced. i wish we could see him working in Avengers.

  • Kizaragi Ren
    Kizaragi Ren Year ago +2

    i like how harry is the only one that's amazed of how peter punched flash meters away

    ET XENO Year ago +228

    *This is how the real SPIDER-MAN is supposed to be. With his body naturally producing spider webs*

    • MCGameJolter
      MCGameJolter Year ago

      I don't know about you but it's kinda sickening... I mean... Sure you have to refill your web shooters but why in the actual HELL would you have weba coming out of your wrist?! No hate for Tobey, I love the guy, but I really HATE the organic webs...

    • Toxic_Tornadoes
      Toxic_Tornadoes Year ago +1

      But he originally used web-shooters in the comics

    • MrMormon
      MrMormon Year ago

      @ET XENO if you mean 2099 thats different or when he gave birth to himself pretty sure that was retconed. Also him making the web shooters shows his ingenuity and intelligence

    • ET XENO
      ET XENO Year ago

      @MrMormon *Nope, its in the comics too. And it would make sense, that if you had super powers and abilitites of a spider, your body would naturally produce webbing just like spiders do...dontcha think*

    • MrMormon
      MrMormon Year ago +1

      I love the Raimi movies as much as the next guy but literally nearly iteration has him making the web shooters, the organic ones were for the movie

  • TS . GS
    TS . GS Year ago +8

    No one can take place of Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man

  • Kody Freeman
    Kody Freeman 4 years ago +21

    This actor is the true spiderman no doubt about that 🕷

  • Akshat Jaiswal
    Akshat Jaiswal Year ago +8

    I wasn't even born when it was released 😭 still makes me feel so so sooo much nostalgic when I saw it for first time when I was 4 yrs old

  • Cactus •
    Cactus • 3 years ago +202

    I get nostalgia of being a kid watching this.

    • RaySure13
      RaySure13 Year ago


    • Nicolas Sauceda
      Nicolas Sauceda 2 years ago

      Also when he tries to shoot his webs

    • Nicolas Sauceda
      Nicolas Sauceda 2 years ago

      I DONT KNOW WHY... but this was a huge scene in my childhood for some reason that I wouldn’t forget 12:29

    • Nicolas Sauceda
      Nicolas Sauceda 2 years ago

      What my mom thinks she’s preparing me for in life 7:26

    • Ruki
      Ruki 2 years ago


  • franscois swarts
    franscois swarts 3 years ago +14

    I like how he knew exactly how to use his webs in that fight but right after that he has no idea

    • DeeDogg
      DeeDogg 3 years ago +1

      franscois swarts it’s not in order

  • HelpMiReach68SubWith0Video

    Even Tom n Andrew can't beat Tobey Maguire as Spider man
    He's PERFECT in spider man

  • Rayyy
    Rayyy 2 years ago +472

    Who else wanted to be Spider-Man when they were a kid?😂

    • Avengers Forever
      Avengers Forever Year ago


    • Black Girl Lavish
      Black Girl Lavish Year ago

      I did but I’m also scared of spiders and I didn’t want to be bit by a spider.

    • Evan Fondriest
      Evan Fondriest Year ago

      Me as well

    • Joao Pedro De Oliveira Da ?...    Silva♡
      Joao Pedro De Oliveira Da ?... Silva♡ 2 years ago +1


    • Kawan Pahang
      Kawan Pahang 2 years ago

      I'm with u man

    BIZBO BIZBO Year ago +780

    This is memorable, we watched this when both of my parents are alive.

  • Tempzi
    Tempzi 3 years ago +201

    The Raimi trilogy just hits you differently

    • RaySure13
      RaySure13 Year ago +5

      Right it’s like it’s all on big movie. And the ending is just Beginning. Because of no way home.

  • Jake Yates
    Jake Yates Year ago +3

    Flash might be a bully but the way he was throwing them fists was tight

  • VL Srinivas
    VL Srinivas Year ago +399

    Dude wakes up, doesn't brush, doesn't bathe, doesn't change and be like ok, let's go.
    Reminds me of my college days.

  • Sunil sunny
    Sunil sunny 8 months ago +1

    My first childhood superhero will remain in my heart till it breaths its late breath 🥺🥺

  • Doflamingo
    Doflamingo Year ago +3548

    When you say Toby Maguire people will say spiderman....this is same like Robert Downey Jr with iron man.....they were just perfect for these roles

  • M . R . K  0.7
    M . R . K 0.7 Year ago +30

    3:15 the thing is that tobey actually practiced to do this scene without VFX it took 156 shots to complete it

  • Butterfly Sky PSALM 7 PROVERBS 11:27 MATTHEW 7

    Childhood Memories 😍😍😍
    Spiderman is the best for Me ❤😍😍😍

  • vikram bhatti
    vikram bhatti Year ago +1

    Just here after watching....Spider No way Home....But nothing can beat this thing ever ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hobo Sapien
    Hobo Sapien 3 years ago +2

    Comming back after YEARS this is so bad I absolutely love it! Classic. Legit the best Spider-Man

    MYTHIC GAMINGYT Year ago +2

    The first Marvel movie I loved and turned into Marvel fan in childhood