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Demon Slayer just Set a New Standard


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  • TheZuccLord -
    TheZuccLord - 8 months ago +4472

    Ufotable really said "fuck the budget, I'll do what I damn well please" and dropped probably one of the best anime seasons in years on our asses

    • Conner
      Conner 8 days ago

      @Yuuichiro 179 k.

    • Yuuichiro 179
      Yuuichiro 179 9 days ago

      @Conner They put so much effort in animating Demon Slayer because the staff at Ufotable loves the series, just like the staff at Mappa loves Chainsaw Man.
      Just because you particularly don't like a series doesn't mean that it doesn't deserve a good treatment, in Japan they love Demon Slayer because of the thematics it touches: "Taisho Era (storic accurate even in the design of the clothes), Family values, Personal values (empathy, kindness, righteousness etc...) And the fact that it isn't so fucking long like some of the other shounen, naturally draws attention cause you can buy the whole series and don't have to wait your entire life span to see the ending.
      People often forget that Demon Slayer was from the start a product for Japanese, not for the rest of the world, we are just a byproduct of the immense hype that the anime got, even if the entire world hate Demon Slayer as long as in Japan the people loves it they will continue to make it regardless.
      People don't understand that the entirety of anime industry is marketed towards Japanese and not Foreigners, they can survive even if foreigners stop watching anime today.
      Ufotable also is a particular studio that can turn off offers from producers and do what the fuck they want, unlike other studios that depends on the money of the production committee. Personally is my favourite studio even by work ethics, a couple of shows a year but with astounding visuals rather than 20 anime a year but most of them mediocre or straight up shit, that's why the Isekai and dare I say Fantasy (with great displeasure since is my favourite genre) genre is so fucking garbage nowadays.

    • TerminaL_
      TerminaL_ 12 days ago

      @Shu Brendan Because kids would consume any shit and still enjoying it, that's all.

    • Agent 69
      Agent 69 Month ago +1

      @xSnappyz is that the same primeminister that got assassinated????

    • Shu Brendan
      Shu Brendan Month ago

      ​@Conner doood, if the story wasn't that good, how did they sell more manga volumes than most mangas?

  • David
    David 8 months ago +1873

    Season 2 of Demon Slayer reminds me why I like Shonen stories. Yes, the characters and story are simple, but sometimes you don't need depth to tell a good and entertaining story. Sometimes, I just want to watch our heroes struggle to overcome the impossible. I want to see them push themselves beyond their breaking point because they absolutely have to win. I want to see them earn their victories and celebrate.

    • BusinessMan
      BusinessMan 7 days ago

      @Nathan Zanon don't you dare insult parasite like that

    • Forelsket
      Forelsket 7 days ago

      @Nathan Zanon so biased omfg💀💀

    • Nathan Zanon
      Nathan Zanon 7 days ago

      @Forelsket Vinland Saga can piss on top of jjk,kny and even parasyte and laugh at it. Damn man it really feels like you didn't watch it. That shit is an absolute masterpiece. AOT level even.

    • Forelsket
      Forelsket Month ago

      @Big Al-san2k19 you know.. I love people like you who aren't mean while giving their opinions on animes like other people you're polite. You're cool💖

    • Big Al-san2k19
      Big Al-san2k19 Month ago

      @Forelsketno bro op isn't better in terms of writing, why op good when readers have to wait 1000+ chapters/episodes where devil fruits come from and why take the villains seriously when they get done dirty?

  • SweetSourMe
    SweetSourMe 9 months ago +1091

    Demon Slayer is the perfect example of "Action speak louder then words"

    • lunarluxe
      lunarluxe 18 days ago

      @shironnch i agree

    • Big Al-san2k19
      Big Al-san2k19 29 days ago

      @shironnch it's not criticizing or not liking an anime I have a problem with. I only have a problem when people critique something miniscule, something they are wrong about, or being flat out hypocritical, like critique something they let slide or glance that another anime does.

    • shironnch
      shironnch 29 days ago

      @Big Al-san2k19 well if you think like that then its ok. Its not like i can change your mind by debating with you. Everyone have their own taste in anime. Who am i to deny your taste

    • Big Al-san2k19
      Big Al-san2k19 Month ago

      @shironnch dumbasses say animation carries it, well let's look at chainsaw man, Fate, and Bleach lol. Demon slayer's animation is mid

    • KadensGames
      KadensGames 2 months ago

      @Urias 🤡

  • Eli_RedPanther
    Eli_RedPanther 5 months ago +625

    I’d say what’s making Demon Slayer so good is that it doesn’t have any ANNOYING *FILLERS*

    • Aki 希
      Aki 希 8 days ago

      @KadensGames we like demon slayer and we love to watch it and if u say the plot is ba d, what can i do i cant change and its ur opinion and this is my opinion u can ignore my opinion and carry on with ur day like im doing with ur opinion

    • Draconic Incenerator
      Draconic Incenerator 14 days ago

      @Bradley Nugent Ok and this means what exactly?
      You can be frustrated all you want but theres still nothing, besides yourself, stopping you from skipping them.

    • Bradley Nugent
      Bradley Nugent 14 days ago

      @Draconic Incenerator skipping filler works fine on old anime, but if it is coming out an episode a week, 10 filler episodes in a 20 or so episodes season is crazy frustrating

    • Blaze Rode
      Blaze Rode 15 days ago

      i agree fully ,one piece has the longest arks and MOST of the fillers make no sense like they have the vibe of a normal episode like alabasta ark and skypia ark were UN neccesaryily long

    • Kensly Carpel
      Kensly Carpel Month ago

      @F U S I O N If you’re referring to the captain fight, that episode wasn’t filler. By definition, filler is something that doesn’t happen in the source material, the captain’s fight is anime canon as said by the mangaka himself since it’s happening in between a timeskip in the manga.

  • KcorbAnime
    KcorbAnime 11 months ago +22650

    Demon slayer is really what I wish we could see in the future of how anime production is tackled. Taking your time and creating an amazing product is so much more worth it that producing actual mid like MOST anime are.

    • AaDi
      AaDi 7 days ago

      @Nathan Zanon Well, i can't do anything about your tastes. Everyone has different tastes so i won't criticize you for it. As for me i absolutely loved the Mugen train movie and season 2 and it's not just me. A lot of people loved it. Like 99% of the people loved it. The rest 1% are basically haters who don't want Demon Slayer to dominate over their favourite anime. They call the story trash as an excuse for that lmfao. They treat animation as a third party as if it's not part of the anime and say that animation is the only thing carrying DS lmfao. If they really think that it's just animation then what about DS being the highest selling manga in 2019 overtaking One piece's manga? They really have no answer to that and say that it is the result of overhyping it lmfao. As for me, I absolutely loved the story and i am sure a lot of people will too. Haters who don't want DS to dominate will never like it and i don't care about them either. A majority of the people liked it and that's what matters. No one cares about what a single person thinks. DS has peak fights and it's perfect for people who are interested in fights. The story isn't trash in the slightest tho. People call it trash just because they don't want DS to dominate lmfao. They really need to grow up. The backstories are amazing, the animation is incredible, we get peak fights, the story is simple but decent and the characters are lovable, what else do you want from a shonen anime?

    • Nathan Zanon
      Nathan Zanon 7 days ago

      @AaDi animation is the best there is, by far. however I agree about the plot. I wasn't able to watch the arc after the train (the one with the sound guy), due to it being absolutely boredom. And oh I have tried, I forced mysellf to watch the first season and I found the movie TERRIBLE, for real. Way worse than the first season.
      I understand people like it though, but I really can't. And it puzzles me why Jujutsu is not the one everyone talks about, cause I really think it's a very good shounen, considerations taken. And I can't get why also HxH isn't the most famous shit ever given how good it is. However, as I said, I get it is a matter of personal taste.
      However, the movie is dog shit (the train one) I'm sorry, I can't understand how anyone liked it.

    • AaDi
      AaDi Month ago

      @Wahterr ikr. Leave them be. It's mostly aot fans calling DS mid just because aot has good storyline. They expect a good story like aot from DS which can't happen since each anime has its own story. They are calling it overrated and some shit but something is overrated only if it's right or if it's actually good. They are just unhappy with the fact that DS is overshadowing their favourite anime. The storyline is not mid in the slightest. It's simple but still soooo good. The animation is top notch, the visuals are amazing and the fights are epic. What else do you want from a shonen anime? Aot's storyline is complex but you don't always need a good story. Sometimes simplicity is the best. Even a simple story can turn out to be really good if the author works hard and gotouge really did. Also the people calling it mid have an undeveloped brain as DS is not mid in the slightest. It shows that their brain is undeveloped as no human with a fully developed brain would ever call this show mid. We don't even deserve Ufotable and people are still complaining. We are getting god tier animation within a year and that shows the amount of love Ufotable's putting into DS. It's not just aot fans calling it mid but also some anime onlys. Treating animation as if it's a third party and not part of the anime is sooo stupid bruh. Animation is a part of the show and they are like DS has just got good animation and nothing else.They are either blind that they can't see the beauty of this show even with 2 freaking eyes or they are just closing their eyes and are not even trying to see it's beauty. I don't give a damn about what they call it, it's just that the word 'MID' is starting to piss me off now. I am just waiting for S3 and S4. They are gonna be absolutely amazing. Once S3 and S4 come out they won't even dare to call the anime mid let alone trash and overrated.

    • Rohan Dasgupta
      Rohan Dasgupta 2 months ago

      @Savage avg DS retard logic

    • Rohan Dasgupta
      Rohan Dasgupta 2 months ago

      @ankith saranjit name some anime uve seen

  • Jimena Sorich
    Jimena Sorich 7 months ago +335

    The thing about Demon Slayer is that it's not only a beautifully animated series, it is also filled with simple, but meaninful messages. When I started watching season 1, I was in one of my lowest points. I almost died cause of kidney complications, a doctor raped me while I was in the hospital, then my ex boyfriend left me, and I also was having family issues. My life was in shambles and I was thinking of giving up and almost took my life. A little later in the way of recovering I discovered the series, and heard Giyu say: "Don't grovel like that and give your enemies the chance to kill you. All your doing is making yourself vulnerable... The weak don't get to make choices, all they can do is be relendlesly crashed by the strong... Don't cry, don't succumb to sorrow, this isn't a time of despair, I know it hurts, I understand. There's no way to turn back time. Feel the rage. The powerful, pure rage of not being able to forgive will become your unswerving drive to take action" it was almost as he was saying it to me, and I swear I felt a shift in my heart. Now I live by those words, and three months after of almost dying, I'm finishing my bachelors degree, going to therapy, went back to work, and going to the gym. This show was trully life-changing for me. I devoured the series, identified with Tajiros's heart, and fell in love with so many characters!
    PD. Honary mention to Rengoku's last words. And sorry for any spelling errors, english is not my first lenguaje :)

    • Jimena Sorich
      Jimena Sorich 12 days ago +1

      @Bazzel hey thank you so much! Yes it’s true and life’s been going uphill since😄 now 10 months after all that awful stuff I’m in a stable job doing what I love, found love again, and gained 12kg in muscle in the gym! Still going to therapy and working everyday to be the best version of myself and taking care of my loved ones 😊

    • Fnf Pico
      Fnf Pico 17 days ago +1

      This message was so heart touching

    • Bazzel
      Bazzel 3 months ago +9

      Wow, hell of a comment. If that story is true then truly probs for fighting with all that stuff. Life isn't exactly in our favour at times. You stay strong out there.

    • Burning Reaper
      Burning Reaper 3 months ago +5

      This is inspiring. Beautiful comment.

    • Jimena Sorich
      Jimena Sorich 7 months ago +9

      @𝘎𝘢𝘶𝘳𝘢𝘷 thank you ♥ and yes! the bond between Tanjiro and Nezuko was something really special 🥲

  • chelsea delbridge
    chelsea delbridge Month ago +56

    this anime lives in my heart forever

  • Simon Mascho
    Simon Mascho 2 months ago +41

    Episode 9 and 10 have got to be some of the best episodes of anime, ever.

    • Rohan Dasgupta
      Rohan Dasgupta 28 days ago

      @Mugetsu it falls flat in the other aspects tho

    • Rohan Dasgupta
      Rohan Dasgupta 28 days ago

      @Mugetsu the plot being easy to follow is a good thing imo, thats wut i was saying

    • Rohan Dasgupta
      Rohan Dasgupta 28 days ago

      @Mugetsu yeah, imo the animation gaslights ppl into thinking its a masterful story when rly its kinda generic (nothing bad abt that), and honestly the writing and some of the characterization r p chilldish, however the fights r genuinely entertaining

    • Rohan Dasgupta
      Rohan Dasgupta 28 days ago

      @Mugetsu im fine with ppl liking DS, but not those who genuinely think its the best thing ever

    • Rohan Dasgupta
      Rohan Dasgupta 2 months ago

      Lol no

  • Fire Lord Auzai
    Fire Lord Auzai Month ago +149

    i agree with gigguk...i don't understand why people are like "dEmOn SlAyEr is fOr nOrMiEs"or that it doesn't have a great story ....like i don't think that's the most important thing in art at all ....i think the most omportant thing is how it makes you FEEL after watching to it ...and story,music,animation,etc are all just tools to make us feel something ...but if a show can make me feel entertained without a story or depth then ..it's perfectly fine imo

    • Ryan Hopkins
      Ryan Hopkins 2 days ago

      @Classy Muffin wow you're being an insufferable condescending a$$h0le

    • Rohan Dasgupta
      Rohan Dasgupta 14 days ago

      @Turbo-kun least provide a valid explanation smh, i at least tried

    • Turbo-kun
      Turbo-kun 14 days ago +1

      @Rohan Dasgupta aot is trash ds is far far better

    • Rohan Dasgupta
      Rohan Dasgupta 14 days ago

      @Turbo-kun no bruh, DS is cheesy as shit, it’s basically Ninjago with gore, AoT actually captures a bleak world well and has a gritty atmosphere to it instead of being a generic shonen

    • Turbo-kun
      Turbo-kun 14 days ago +2

      @Rohan Dasgupta ds is far better than aot

  • Jactor
    Jactor 10 months ago +3732

    When Nezuko jumped up to spike Ume's head like a fucking volleyball and proceded to give her a biblical beatdown, I damn near jumped out of my chair, and that was like 4 episodes before the finale. You really cannot overstate how incredible this show is at this point.

    • Urias
      Urias 2 months ago

      repent to God christ

    • Mega Rayquaza
      Mega Rayquaza 3 months ago

      @RealAnimeIR here's your attention, thank you for your cooperation.

    • RealAnimeIR
      RealAnimeIR 4 months ago

      This os just trash shonen

    • Mr. Miyagi
      Mr. Miyagi 6 months ago

      Time to get beaten to f*** up

    • carolina Pillow
      carolina Pillow 6 months ago +2

      @CatFighter I loved it because it was such an inosuke type of thing to do lol like when he rearranged his joints to fit in that hole and was wiggling through it, when he was fighting with broken ribs and bones bc he was too stubborn to stop, Or when he was fighting ume with his last little bit of strength and was talking junk while blood was bursting out of his mouth from his chest injury lol I couldn’t help but laugh and cheer him on the whole time

  • StephySon
    StephySon 8 months ago +279

    I just finished the entertainment district arc today. I still cant believe how action packed 6 episodes in a row were. How I screamed along with them. How much I love this show! Dammit its so fucking good!

  • ide egereonu
    ide egereonu 2 months ago +31

    god i like this anime i can't wait for season 3

  • Johan Zimmerdahl
    Johan Zimmerdahl 8 months ago +210

    I love how this show really pays attention to how exhaustion works, sometimes when i see an anime they would get severly wounded and then just get up and get a new power and loose all the previous exhaustion from before.

    • BusinessMan
      BusinessMan 7 days ago

      @Alex >no supernatural strenght
      >the boar guy litterally moved his heart inside body
      Yeah... Whatever

    • ImTakingFlight
      ImTakingFlight 7 days ago

      lol Bleach

    • Leavemealone..uweirdo
      Leavemealone..uweirdo 2 months ago

      I did find it weird how a character would be fighting for like multiple hours or sometimes a day but still feel like they can run a marathon and win

    • Mega Rayquaza
      Mega Rayquaza 3 months ago +1

      @Alex "No supernatural strength"
      There's... Demons that can... Regrow limbs

    • Sadist1K._.K1ng
      Sadist1K._.K1ng 4 months ago +1

      @mrkiky It is supernatural, Full Concentration Breathing was stated to give humans “the strength of demons” in the first season. They obviously needed to do this or we would watch our heroes sit like ducks while demons jumped around them. But they still get exhausted and wounded like any normal human would.

    TLFEAR 9 months ago +717

    I was like,
    "nah, how good can season 2 be."
    Then I finished the 2nd from the last episode.
    If I were to imagine how I looked, probably like a deer in headlights. Hair stood up, eyes watery, jaw on the floor, body locked and my mind in absolute disarray. Ive never had so many emotions play at once and I didnt know what to do. Found my self staring blankly deep in thought as the credits rolled. I was speechless.
    My thoughts now, dont sleep on Demon Slayer, S2, Entertainment Arc. It is a masterclass of Anime. The story telling, the pacing, animation and stakes being at its absolute highest. It was level of its own.
    With that said,
    Id say, undoubtably, the best anime, Ive ever watched.

    • NI-KI MINAJ 🕺
      NI-KI MINAJ 🕺 Month ago +1

      @abhiram yanamandra and also, proofs about what? weather or not someone likes demon slayer or not as their fav anime isnt any of your business man. no need to be salty

    • NI-KI MINAJ 🕺
      NI-KI MINAJ 🕺 Month ago +1

      @abhiram yanamandra proofs about what? all this person said was simplified to: “i like demon slayer as my fav anime” and you fr took that personally 💀

    • abhiram yanamandra
      abhiram yanamandra Month ago

      @NI-KI MINAJ 🕺 I am not? 💀I just stated my opinion with some proofs backing it up, why are you so pressed about it? 💀

    • NI-KI MINAJ 🕺
      NI-KI MINAJ 🕺 Month ago

      @abhiram yanamandrawhy tf are you so pressed over peoples opinions 💀

    • Forelsket
      Forelsket Month ago

      @abhiram yanamandra it's not a mid anime💀💀

  • Solomon Grundy
    Solomon Grundy 11 months ago +6884

    The fact that Ufotable have added more scenes to the fights to really flesh them out and give them so much more weight than the manga genuinely makes it one of the few cases where the anime is better than the manga. Most of the final fight scene between Uzui and Gyutaro is unique to the anime and it elevates it to another level.

    • Urias
      Urias 2 months ago

      repent to God christ

    • BenjAmin Hoang
      BenjAmin Hoang 3 months ago

      The final fight of the entertainment arc was so long and boring. If this is what they added scenes to, I think they made it worse

    • Abhinav G-----
      Abhinav G----- 5 months ago

      @greatest well read some

      DARKNESSWOLFX • 5 months ago

      @Real no

    • Nour Djaoui
      Nour Djaoui 5 months ago

      @Brolyx the only seinen that wasnt affected was vinland saga

  • TheLimeinacoconut
    TheLimeinacoconut 5 months ago +68

    the entertainment district arc was damn beautiful no matter what haters say! Demon Slayer deserves the hype for being this well animated and not skimping on any details.

  • Carl Ginland
    Carl Ginland 5 months ago +23

    I feel like not just in animation but in music too : the soundtracks to most of the fights are some of the best music I've ever heard in anime

    • Chidori
      Chidori 5 months ago +4

      Yea same here! The OST is awesome🔥

  • Potato King
    Potato King 9 months ago +69

    I don't mean this lightly when I say that Episode 10 of the Entertainment District Arc is my favorite episode of anything ever. The animation, The voicework, the hype, everything about it was phenomenal and it, and the entire series, deserves the attention and praise it's been receiving. And the craziest part? There are even bigger fights ahead. Thank you Gigguk for discussing this as clearly and accurately as possible, and bravo UFOtable for creating the most astonishing animation I've ever seen.

    • Sanskriti Patkar
      Sanskriti Patkar 5 months ago +3

      Seriously i can't wait to see the infinity castle arc getting animated!

  • Dakota Garcia
    Dakota Garcia 7 months ago +45

    I wasn't 100% on board with this anime until like, episode 13ish when Inosuke joined. at that point, it became another level with the comedy and chemistry between the 3 young slayers. The art and combat was just BRILLIANT. And S2 was ALL GAS no BRAKES. I was for real hooked because there was no stop action for like 7 episodes in a row.

    • ImTakingFlight
      ImTakingFlight 7 days ago +1

      Same! Inosuke was the one that got me to cave in and watch it. Glad I did, he's such a gem. The anime really took off for me once he appeared. Tengen just took it to the next level. They're definitely in my top 20.

  • D Brooke
    D Brooke 8 months ago +30

    As someone brand new to anime, I absolutely love this show. I've been getting tired of most Western shows for a while due to several reasons, namely predictability. The animation, story, characters, everything is just top notch and FRESH.

    • Moose’s Igloo💗
      Moose’s Igloo💗 4 months ago +1

      I’m so happy my bf got me into anime 💕 I’m definitely making up for lost time

    • Aeryxis
      Aeryxis 6 months ago

      Exactly the reason I started watching anime ngl

  • Maybe Miray
    Maybe Miray 4 months ago +43

    Why do people forget about the effing orchestra of this anime - the music in this anime is one of the best I have ever heard. And this is coming from a music tech engineer. It’s so good in every detail.

    • Black Brit
      Black Brit 3 months ago +3

      Yes! The music is fucking amazing too. That's what makes those jump out of your seat screaming moments. If it had a paint by numbers score it wouldn't work.

  • Allistr78
    Allistr78 7 months ago +17

    Before, when Mugen Train came out and I watched it, I thought Rengoku's demise was just for shock value, but the development and effect on Tanjiro in season 2 makes that initial shock value abuse worth it.

    • Eccentric Artist512
      Eccentric Artist512 Month ago +5

      @ATrain which is good, we spent the whole movie seeing praise to rengoku on his skills, just for an uppermoon to pull up on him, and absolutely merk him with no effort.

    • ATrain
      ATrain 7 months ago +5

      Tbf, Rengoku’s death was also to show just how powerful Akaza or just the Upper Moons in general were

  • ASmudgeInTheWindow
    ASmudgeInTheWindow 4 months ago +25

    I think what I love the most about season 2 is the fact that killing off Rengoku in the movie added to the suspense. Watching the Mugen Train, seeing Tanjiro behead Enmu, and then watching this close, epic battle, between Rengoku and Akaza, you're thinking, "wow, this is so cool!! but Rengoku is gonna win, he has to, he's the hero, and the Demon Slayers haven't lost yet" and then he frigging 🍩and you're just sitting there in complete shock, like, what? wtf? no, that wasn't supposed to happen!! So when you're watching season 2, and the big epic fight scenes, you don't know what direction its gonna go in. You can't trust the plot armor, because it's been stripped away, which made it just SO much more climatic and suspenseful, and also make you feel so relived that Uzui survives. Thats just my opinion though :p (**Also, if you're gonna reply/add on, please don't reply with any manga spoilers, I have not read it yet**)
    Also, also, on an unrelated note, which anime is this from? 0:40

    • Nilladrawsstuff
      Nilladrawsstuff 19 days ago +2

      You just put the entirety of my thoughts into words

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    As Garnt said, you’re gonna get beaten tf up for stating your opinions about any show. Except if it’s about complimenting Demon Slayer’s music and animation.

    • G L O R Y 栄光
      G L O R Y 栄光 10 months ago

      @Brian Rinkanya It does? See One Piece. From the very start the animation was mediocre and the character design was unique (and for some people bad), but see its popularity

    • Idiosyncrasy
      Idiosyncrasy 10 months ago

      @Short Hop Double Lasers refer to my other comments. I've clarified all my points and the guy I was arguing against even acknowledged I had a point though it was just worded poorly. Thanks and good day.

    • Short Hop Double Lasers
      Short Hop Double Lasers 10 months ago

      @Idiosyncrasy Popularity doesn't necessarily define how good the anime is tho.

    • Friend
      Friend 11 months ago

      @Minecraft Steve I wasn't really being disrespectful while stating anything, it was more of just proving my point. It wasn't even about opinions or forcing stuff on others, which I guess you havent had the time to actually look into what you're talking which I dont blame you. If anyone it'd be you who I'd be unfreindly to since your attitude is just speaking for others and saying things as if you somehow know more and 90% of the time there isn't any truth to what you say either you're just getting worked up over nothing which even the people i've argued with don't have issues with. But either way I dont really care for your opinion of me. So I wont be replying any further to you. Your past 2 replys show enough about you. I'm just saying yes, you have gotten even more pretentious. Say that I have never had any good experiences all you want since you want that'll only prove my point to myself.

    • Minecraft Steve
      Minecraft Steve 11 months ago

      @Friend I wasn't being pretentious nor intentionally going off topic just to prove a point, if you think so
      Then you must not have many good experiences with people, which in this day and age, Is very common.
      Im just genuinely concerned at this point, less caring about your opinion as, at the end of the day, it is your opinion afterall, but moreso in the fact that you're still here.. commenting, continuously, responding to everyone in your own way.
      Whether you took my words as pretentious and righteous is once more another issue that lies with you, one that isn't necessarily bad considering the climate of online debates, but one that kinda worries me as it just continues to show that there's a constant spread of negativity, that even I exhibit at times, though I guess it took seeing it for my own eyes to make me realize just how far things have gotten.
      I think the most ironic is your name, for someone named Friend, you are rather unfriendly

  • Celine
    Celine 9 months ago +31

    You know you've found a good anime to watch when your whole body starts jittering from the first episode and you can't wait to watch the next one immediately after.

  • Super Nova
    Super Nova 9 months ago +12

    From the Moment Tengen Uzui said "Don't stop, Jump" on the 10th episode, the rest of the series up until they're beheaded is saved frame to frame within my braincells😍

    DARKSPARTAN 5 months ago +8

    As someone who doesn't watch anime, Demon Slayer had me hooked

    • Chidori
      Chidori 5 months ago +1

      It is one of starter pack of anime!

  • Tristan Rujano
    Tristan Rujano 7 months ago +17

    "it's how well you can execute the simple stuff" I used to be one to say demonslayer is only that good because of the art, but that quote really does put things into perspective. they didn't need all the crazy storyline that other anime's have because they executed the simple stuff so well it's just purely enjoyable for anyone to watch.

  • Toma
    Toma 10 months ago +2108

    Shows like Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer are rarities, and honestly I wish a lot of our old favorite shows would get the same treatment with great animation and no filler

    • Rohan Dasgupta
      Rohan Dasgupta 17 days ago

      @Catastrofy ye

    • Catastrofy
      Catastrofy 17 days ago

      @Rohan Dasgupta kinda yeah. The story is meh but the animation 👌🏽.

    • Rohan Dasgupta
      Rohan Dasgupta 18 days ago

      @Catastrofy both Tokyo Revengers and Semen Slayer are mid

    • Toma
      Toma 28 days ago

      @DeMarcus My brother in christ its not that serious 🗿

    • DeMarcus
      DeMarcus 28 days ago

      A large majority of the people who watch anime are simply brainless and worship shows with terrible storytelling, a basic and unoriginal plot, rigid and unnatural character development in return with outstanding animation. They're a bunch of overgrown children who watch shows for looks only and not what makes a show a masterpiece. Now I'm not saying that a show with great animation and a huge budget are only accepted for the art style, I'm also not saying that other people can't like or have their views on different shows, I'm exaggerating on how I view people who indulge in anime and I understand different people have different taste, but I do believe that a lot of people only watch shows because they're eye-candy and make excuses about the plot or etc.

  • Ling Yao
    Ling Yao 4 months ago +4

    I appreciate your ability to break down a show and explain why it was fantastic for YOU. Always enjoy your honesty and I completely agree with you on Demon Slayer.

  • Mélodie Dormoy-Lupari
    Mélodie Dormoy-Lupari 4 months ago +8

    When I first started watching the show, I was not so sure about it. I remember thinking "this is nothing new, why is everyone talking about it". The more I watched, the more I enjoyed it and I couldn't find the reason why. Your video just explained why I loved that show so much despite its "simple" and "nothing new" vibe! Truly an excellent anime

  • Zverbz
    Zverbz 6 months ago +14

    Don't let all the detail distract from the fact that Hisoka's nen ability "Bungee Gum" possesses both the properties of rubber and gum.

  • Music Simp
    Music Simp 7 months ago +17

    I really guess Japanese Animaters really Deserve more attention and Fame cuz there work really is way way better then any entertainment forms like movie or webseries truly it goes beyond limits i love watching anime and it's amazing

  • Ayime
    Ayime 11 months ago +2966

    I'm happy that Ufotable has been getting the hype it deserves and I hope a lot of people also check out their previous work to see their improvement over the years.

    • Urias
      Urias 2 months ago

      repent to God christ

    • Son Kogu
      Son Kogu 4 months ago +1

      @ThePowerOfTheGodHand lmaooo my mad because his favourite anime are bad.. 😭😭😭

    • ThePowerOfTheGodHand
      ThePowerOfTheGodHand 5 months ago

      @Pixel Magic Beat lmao you over here getting mad over a mid show.

    • ThePowerOfTheGodHand
      ThePowerOfTheGodHand 5 months ago

      @Pixel Magic Beat Demon Slayer didn't deserve all the hype. without ufotable who would care about it. People don't even talk about the manga. So in that case is Demon Slayer really that good?

    • Pixel Magic Beat
      Pixel Magic Beat 5 months ago

      @ThePowerOfTheGodHand then don't watch it lol, there are so many animes tht u might like. Stop shitting on other animes tht u don't like

  • Up_2Late
    Up_2Late 6 months ago +12

    Im gonna miss Tengen He's like my favorite character in the show as well as one of my favorite of all time

    • Jastin Bieder
      Jastin Bieder 6 months ago

      well tengen in insane yeah but im hyped af for the infinite castle arc. people where sweating in this fight, so kokushibous fight boutta have these guys in the hospital xD seeinjg gyomei and sanemi damn dude that shits gon be lit

  • Vale26
    Vale26 7 months ago +10

    You forgot to say that they use one of the best songs and sounds at fighting, dying or any. Its so dramatic you just cant take eyes off, like when Tanjirou was falling and Zenitsu wanted to grab him and episode done. People who needed wait till next ep prob asked WHYYYYYY STOP NOW

  • Hilario Ramos
    Hilario Ramos 8 months ago +11

    ever since demon slayer came out with Mugen train and season 2 I've seen other animes like One piece absolutely drop fire episodes for essential scenes. And every time, people in the comments state that the episode was demon slayer level. So yea, demon slayer has become the new standard for quality animation and I'm so glad that it has. My eyes have been blessed by it.

  • Robby Salmon
    Robby Salmon 2 months ago +4

    What makes Demon Slayer sooo great in my opinion is that the story is pretty straight forward and it’s not no complex complicated figure it out on your own anime. And I love that you added HxH in it to show pple how some of the things they do with HxH doesn’t really make sense

  • Anime Shorts
    Anime Shorts 11 months ago +1233

    You know it's a good day when Gigue talks about Demon Slayer 😎

    • Tenticle Trash
      Tenticle Trash 11 months ago

      @Bekfatht Who is giglue? I only know gigloo

    • Viscous Vice
      Viscous Vice 11 months ago

      clip-share.net/video/Wfgq4ObiSvM/video.html ...
      Demon Slayer supremacy can challenged by SoloLevelling.. I am eagerly waiting for the future.. have a watch

    • Theizzz
      Theizzz 11 months ago +1

      @Tenticle Trash He meant Grant

    • Kuro Neko
      Kuro Neko 11 months ago +1

      You mean gigrant?

    • kamaboko gonpachiro
      kamaboko gonpachiro 11 months ago +1


  • ibebitching
    ibebitching 6 months ago +5

    What I would like to think is that the characters don’t have much depth because we don’t rlly know who they are and they don’t rlly know who they are (referencing tanjiro zenitsu and inosuke). As it goes on I’ve noticed we’ve learned more about them. I’ve noticed a huge difference from season one inosuke to the entertainment district inosuke. Zenitsu screams slightly less, and I feel as if tanjiro is starting an emo phase, questioning himself n shit.
    There’s going to be that last season or few episodes where all these puzzle pieces just come together and you just get brain fucked in the best way.

  • Kona Aukai
    Kona Aukai 9 months ago +13

    You said it, good sir! I stopped caring about what others think of my opinions of shows. I'm not here to be original. I'm here to be me, and, to me, Demon Slayer is something truly special! It is the only show that has managed to recreate (and exceed astronomically) the magic I felt with my first series that introduced me to the world of anime and manga. I was 10 when I first read Rurouni Kenshin's manga. Despite the artist's sins, the manga is something deeply special and important in my journey as an anime and manga fan, and I will love it forever...but I waited more than 15 years for something else to recreate that magic. I found some truly great shows and manga along the way, but none of them were quite the same. Not until Demon Slayer came along and I will love this series forever, too. I am here until the end.

  • JN²
    JN² 6 months ago +5

    There's a reason why Ufotable get this amount of respect. Just look at the work they've done. I still remember well watching the Mugen Train movie with my friends, the chills I got during the final moments of the Rengoku v Akaza fight, the last dying speech of Rengoku and then his final smile of pure joy . Ufotable made Rengoku my most loved anime character with just a 2 hour long movie even after I've watched like 250+ animes. Ohh gosh, THANK YOU UFOTABLE FOR EVERYTHING ❣️
    P.S. - I'm a big Fate fan too

  • Mitra J
    Mitra J 9 months ago +10

    I enjoyed Entertainment Arc sooooo so much and after Mugen Train, I like Demon Slayer even more. The budget the put on for this season was amazing and I can't wait to see the other seasons

  • M
    M 11 months ago +2670

    Exactly. That’s what everyone misses. You don’t need it to be “complicated” to be good. If anything, the “complexity” of a lot of animes are super convoluted and unrealistic (even within their universe). Demon Slayer is straightforward in a simple, beautiful way. The story and motives are great enough to make it a classic and all time great.

    • Urias
      Urias 2 months ago

      repent to God christ

    • bombchomsky
      bombchomsky 8 months ago

      simple is fine
      taking a good premise and ruining it with tired and played out shonen tropes is not
      its so weird that shonen can have some of the most creative premises
      but then when it actually comes to the structure of the storytelling like
      I'mma be real, the genre is creatively bankrupt
      imagine if demon slayer were a seinen and didn't have all the pitfalls of a shonen tropes and storytelling

    • AK4ZA
      AK4ZA 8 months ago

      @SLA I don't even remember what I said can u remind me lol

    • SLA
      SLA 8 months ago

      @AK4ZA Dude simply dropped some therms without even saying why and then also put a bit of personal opinion to say that KnY is better

    • -Krey-
      -Krey- 9 months ago

      @Koldmotro ok well then thats that then but u made it sound like popularity=good so

  • FreshBOI1579
    FreshBOI1579 2 months ago +2

    This truly is 11/10 animation, my main issue with the season is that I just wasn’t nearly as emotionally attached as I was throughout mugen train, the constant lack of character development and my biggest personal complaint, I’m not a fan of plot armor victories / power ups. Tanjiro should’ve died multiple episodes throughout the latter half of the season. Demon slayer truly is just a turn off your brain and watch this AMAZING animation and action. I can see why it’s popular but for me it’s just an 8.5/10 show, still very good but nowhere near the level of hype it gets.

  • ϯհε ʍαη ɓεհίηδ ϯհε ṡʆαմɡհϯεɾ

    If your happy about the long fights with cool effects your gonna love the next few seasons

  • RaiseYourChicken
    RaiseYourChicken 7 months ago +6

    demon slayer makes me feel that if all animes were this well made a lot more would be masterpieces, they made an average shounen manga into an incredible masterpiece, meanwhile other studios make incredible mangas into subpar animes, if every company had the time and love for their productions as ufotable had to demon slayer, we would have so much better shit

  • Kaya Monn
    Kaya Monn 6 months ago +3

    As AOT and Demon Slayer were releasing new episodes on the same day, I went back and forth after each new episode between which show was my favorite bc they were both producing such absolute bangers

  • JamiUwU
    JamiUwU 11 months ago +3783

    For me I felt like season 1 was extremely overhyped because of episode 19. Mugen train got me more invested in the show and the Entertainment district arc finally had me obsessed with the show. I really despised the main 3 in the first arc because of the shouting especially when they all did it together which very much improved in s2 😅 but the show has really grown on me to the point I probably overhype it now haha with how much I love it. (PS overhyped doesn’t mean hate I’m just referring to how a lot of the time people reference ep 19 in everything about s1, I’ve really enjoyed Demon Slayer overall especially after this last arc)

    • BeThomsen
      BeThomsen 11 months ago

      @kevin millan how did he have it? he was there for 2 eps and gone. everything that remained was his stare, loudness and fight

    • BeThomsen
      BeThomsen 11 months ago +1

      @Krešo you hit the nail on the head. its ok to have some comic reliefs, but if they ruin every little moment with yelling...while beyond completly irrelevant and useless, why bother with everything else.

    • so-called ultimate
      so-called ultimate 11 months ago

      i think people just got your hopes on ep 19 way too up

    • Noble
      Noble 11 months ago

      @Ikasa If you want to convey sarcasm through text use "" because it's fucking text. If you think saying stupid on the internet instantly mean sarcasm I have a surprise for you.

    • Super Freddy
      Super Freddy 11 months ago

      @Mr Mayhem obviously not with the response.

  • X_itachi_uchiha_X
    X_itachi_uchiha_X 7 months ago +36

    simple story+ worldclass animation +op bgm + mind blowing characters = DEMON SLAYER

    • master oogway
      master oogway 28 days ago

      @Mugetsu fr

    • master oogway
      master oogway Month ago +1

      @Tsunayoshi Sawada you're kidding, right?

    • Rohan Dasgupta
      Rohan Dasgupta 2 months ago

      (most of) the characters r shit

    • RealAnimeIR
      RealAnimeIR 4 months ago

      @InvisibleTacoMan thay are trash 😷💩

    • InvisibleTacoMan
      InvisibleTacoMan 4 months ago +2

      @Tsunayoshi Sawada The characters are definitely my favorite aspect of the show.

  • the milk your father will never come back with

    Best part in Gigguk videos is always the way he ends them, with pure HYPE.
    His videos are a Masterclass
    Also Ufotable are the GOAT studio

  • Yout Ube
    Yout Ube 5 months ago +2

    I like the fact the video brought about how simple the story is that even a grandma could catch it up. I'm a nearly 40 yo woman hooked up with Demon Slayer franchise, as well as our colleague who are 40-55 yo's who are also hooked up due the same reason. Been an anime enjoyer since I was 7yo with Doraemon, Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon days; I have seen how much anime has been much more and more grown and appreciated universally. I also like the fact that Ufotable has done impressive flashy animation but still not far revolving around the manga's initial art style.

  • St4r
    St4r 6 months ago +1

    I think best thing about the show is the feeling of hype you get when watching it it's so more unique than when you watch other animes like aot you watch mostly for story same with something like monster, demon slayer you watch for the insane graphics

  • Zoë
    Zoë 11 months ago +1466

    I think that there's something beautiful to the simplicity of Demon Slayer's story. It's just sincere. There's no pretension or trying to act smarter than the audience, and there's a beautiful sense of compassion for every character. What you see is what you get in the best way. It takes a lot of humility, I think, to just tell a story like this without trying to over complicate it. Because it might not have sprawling intrigue or impenetrably deep themes, but it's the Shonen series I've most consistently been able to emotionally engage with. I think that there will always be value in a story that can engender empathy like this, to let you just be happy for, or sad for, or get angry on behalf of its characters. I think we'd lose a lot more if we forgot how to write stories like that than if we forgot how to write densely esoteric stories.

    • Tech Dude
      Tech Dude 8 months ago

      @Vishwap Sengar true

    • Vishwap Sengar
      Vishwap Sengar 8 months ago +1

      @G L O R Y 栄光 People hate haters like you nothing more nothing less..

    • Vishwap Sengar
      Vishwap Sengar 8 months ago +1

      @Tech Dude Yeah that thing was stupid but that doesn't make the whole season bad....like a scratch on your Lamborghini doesn't turn it into Toyota.. 😑

    • G L O R Y 栄光
      G L O R Y 栄光 10 months ago

      @M People love Demon Slayer because of animation. Nothing more, nothing less

    • Ulquiorra Cifer
      Ulquiorra Cifer 11 months ago

      @NotMe lol gintama is a parody/comedy anime with no plot at all, highly suggest watching it ,it has the best comedy I've seen in anime.the plot means nothing till 300 eps,u will really enjoy it .every ep is diff hence u can watch 1 or 2 ep per day and still be entertained

  • MysticBlue56
    MysticBlue56 24 days ago +3

    11:05 it hits soo hard only true demon Slayer fans feel it🔥🔥

  • Toothless Ryder
    Toothless Ryder 7 months ago +2

    Saw season two once a couple of months ago and yet the music at the end still gave me chills

  • Dave
    Dave 8 months ago

    I'm on the ufotable hype train with you. I've been going on for a very long time about how amazing they are (because of their work in the FATE series) and I have to agree. The work they did on Season 2 of Demon Slayer had my jaw in the floor more times than I can count. I'm very grateful that they are the Studio producing Demon Slayer, because they do PHENOMENAL work, and Season 2 has proven that by far. Anyone calling this level of work mid is blind, plain and simple.

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 9 months ago +2

    When i watched the first season i was confused why this anime is so popular the story wasn't that good and the fights where good *But* the when i watched the mugen train and entertainment district i was shocked . Mugen train and entertainment district where masterpiece
    And man i cried at the end of mugen train. Well overall the whole show was 10/10 experience. This was just like steins gate the first few episodes are not that good but the rest is masterpiece.(I just wanted to mention steins gate 😊)

  • whaddyamean99
    whaddyamean99 6 months ago +2

    I watched almost the entirety of the entertainment district arc in one sitting. It was a little slow at first by when it got going it kept going. Every episode would end and I would think "well fuck I can't just end it here, I gotta see what happens next" and rinse and repeat until the season was over

  • G Toyadha Tagya B
    G Toyadha Tagya B 9 months ago +56

    As someone who already finished reading the manga, I can safely say (at least for myself) that while it's true that Ufotable boosted its visual clarity and mood by 10x, the story was absolutely solid, the conflict and how the author executed it was great, it was intense, and I think the author was consistent on what he's trying to accomplish, and the most important of all... I enjoyed it.
    I know the ending was a bit controversial, and for me it was indeed fell a bit flat and a bit implicit compared to what I've read leading to it, but the more I think about it, the more I think it served its purpose to make everything came full circle.
    He had this big theme that existed from the very beginning of the series, a Chekhov's Gun I'd say (because I didn't know THAT was the thing he was trying to accomplish), that he delivered by the end of the series.
    And I'd say... While it's not something I thought I'd get by the end of the series, it's a proper way to end it.
    That being said, I personally don't think this series is overrated, I think it deserves its current reputation.

    • Yoshika Miyafuji
      Yoshika Miyafuji 6 months ago +2

      To judge if the manga deserves it current reputation or not, I think you have to compare it with other manga that are not as successful. Demon Slayer / Kimetsu no Yaiba sold much more than Berserk or Hunter x Hunter, for example. These are manga that are considered among the best the medium has to offer, at least if you ask people who have read a fair amount of manga. Compared to Berserk, or even compared to the average manga, the art of Demon Slayer wasn't very good in the manga, I believe. The story, as the video said, is solid, but also nothing that really stands out. I think it's fair to say that what really stood out is the excellent anime adaptation, which really carried the manga to those crazy sales.
      So yeah, personally I don't really think the manga deserves its reputation, though I'm happy for the author that it worked out for them. Even with a art that's not super great and with a story that's not super great, the mangaka did their best and was rewarded greatly for their hard work, and that's pretty inspiring.

    • BLAST
      BLAST 6 months ago

      You misgendered the author

    • Aleksa Mrkela
      Aleksa Mrkela 7 months ago +4

      Hard agree. I'm very picky with anime and manga because a lot of them are excrutiatingly dragged out, usually for no reason. Demon Slayer is fast-paced and engaging, so it gets a win from me in that regard. Even if some weebs will complain that "iT WaS RuUuSHeDdD".

    • Wannabe Shady90
      Wannabe Shady90 7 months ago +11

      Everything you said is true except that the author is a woman. 😉

  • The World's Most Plagiarized Man

    The show exudes quality in every respect. Yes, the story may be simple, but the characters, in particular the demons, are complex enough to evoke genuine emotional responses out of me. It's definitely mainstream for a reason.

  • n1ce Maiden
    n1ce Maiden 5 months ago

    The animation is stunning and when there is battle animation, it's fire! What killed my hype was the constant flashbacks/lengthy chats between the characters in the middle of so many battles. The pacing is very clunky and there seem to be many scenes that are drawn out for the sake of being drawn out when we could have spent more time observing any of the character's growth/pacing it better.
    Don't see many complaints regarding the cut and paste nature of flashbacks being spliced into a fight, that it feels like I'm not watching the same show as everyone else who is hyping it

  • Kibumspinkie
    Kibumspinkie 7 months ago +2

    Can i be honest i haven't been so tense or excited while watching an anime since i watched hxh for the first time like 3 years ago. The new season of demon slayer really set a standard for shonen anime for me

    • BoomZz
      BoomZz 6 months ago

      yeah right? Man, I remember waking up on a Sunday some months ago waiting till 6pm for those new season 2 demon slayer episodes. Season 2 just completely blew me away... I remember shaking and sweating on Episode 6 🤣🤣God I love Demon Slayer despite all the hate it gets

  • murp_
    murp_ 6 months ago +2

    I can’t wait to see what the do with the final arc. That’s gonna be fire.

  • StressedOutTraveler
    StressedOutTraveler 7 months ago +2

    I wish you would've defended the story more than you did. I understand it doesn't have the jaw dropping plot twists and it's fairly straight forward, but what makes the story so good is the EMOTION and the level of empathy that is implicitly and explicitly woven into each of the characters that make you think about your own personal struggles and dare I say DEMONS ;)

  • Tou Lee
    Tou Lee 9 months ago +1

    man this arc is what elevated demon slayer for me. perfectly done!

  • archwing3441
    archwing3441 10 months ago +2260

    I think you bring up a really good point with its simplicity. I was having a conversation with my friends and how one of the oddest thing about Demon Slayer was that there was no true internal falling out in the organization. There was no Danzo or Orochimaru, no Aizen, no corrupt world government, no secret assassination in the jujutsu organization, no spies pretending to be heroes. Shonen series love having these big organizations having huge internal strife in them and Demon Slayers are just like, nah, the Hashiras got each other's back.

    • crocodile
      crocodile 5 months ago

      Exactly what good shows are like, ie one piece. Nobody in the marines is trying to undermine them.

    • Kubaduce
      Kubaduce 6 months ago

      well i mean the demon slayer org kind of sucks.

    • 虎虎
      虎虎 6 months ago

      So simple so boring, it's fairy tale. Nah...

    • R
      R 6 months ago

      and that's why they fight alone
      (please no spoilers i haven't read the manga)

    • Minecraft Steve
      Minecraft Steve 6 months ago

      @Mr Akmal711 your argument proves to me that you've never had a friendship that actually helped you grow as a person
      Holy moly, using the word count on a wiki page as a source is just pathetic
      It's about subjective view, your own mind, and your own comprehension of the way people live, and the human condition
      So if anything, you just proved to yourself that you're anti social, and miss tonnes of social ques
      You just exposed yourself, guy

  • Alex Quah
    Alex Quah 4 months ago +2

    One thing I actually have to give a thumbs up to Gigguk for doing is putting osts from famous games and shows. Idk, just hearing Blinded By Light from FF13 lit me up lol

  • Chocobo_27
    Chocobo_27 6 months ago

    I honestly loved the most recent season so much since when I read it it was my absolute favorite arcs

  • Thomas Stewart
    Thomas Stewart 6 months ago

    Season 2 of Demon Slayer is one of the only shows to ever make me "Holy shit!" as many times as it did and it was solely due to how over to the top and absurdly cool every moment of the fights were. Every single episode during the fight felt like it was about to reach the end just because everything was animated to such a quality that I thought they were at the climax, but the fight kept going and the animation kept increasing in complexity and quality. It reached such a point that I have to constantly remind myself to temper the expectations for the next season. But somehow, I feel like they'll still somehow raise the bar yet again. I don't see how they possibly could after that flashy spectacle, but I look forward to seeing whatever they put together for us.

  • Sevgiami Kertash
    Sevgiami Kertash 9 months ago +1

    OMG , this man is a legend , let's clap for him everyone for the best intro , it's what i wanted to say , thanks

  • Avery Carter
    Avery Carter 11 months ago +2443

    Gyutaro is honestly my favorite Demon Slayer antagonist yet for how his relationship with Daki mirrors Tanjiro's relationship with Nezuko. He serves as an excellent foil and with his offer to turn Tanjiro into a demon even makes Tanjiro realize that he and Nezuko could've been the same had they gone down the wrong path.
    I also like just how unrepentant he is. Even saying that he knows even if he was reborn he would still be a demon. He wishes his sister had a better life but he knows that he isn't redeemable and never pretends otherwise.

    • Pinthusaan Vijinthan
      Pinthusaan Vijinthan 10 months ago

      @TheDream true

    • TheDream
      TheDream 10 months ago +1

      @DZ Games lmao, i hate muzan too...for the exact reasons as you, the other demons atleast exhibited human qualities, but muzan is more like a force of nature than an actual person....which bothered me. Even UM2 I respected more bc even him being a sociopath was atleast relatable enough than muzan equating himself to an act of God lol

    • TheDream
      TheDream 10 months ago +4

      @bush i believe rengoku functioned primarily as a thematic character as opposed to a deep one.... for example the symbolism behind rengoku is thats he'sa prot-typical good guy shounen hero (think all might from mha) but he still got killed despite embodying all the things that shouldve worked in other anime. I feel like THAT was the purpose for rengoku's character, that even seeing a symbol of humanity get wiped out our characters still had enough heart to keep going and NOT be consumed w rage or grief.
      idk if that makes sense...

    • TheDream
      TheDream 10 months ago +4

      i actually respected the hell out of gyuutaro for admitting he's bad and like ACTUALLY wants to stay that way. So many villains in anime these dfays get converted over to the light and its just so cheesy after a while.

    • Pinthusaan Vijinthan
      Pinthusaan Vijinthan 11 months ago

      @Grace Heo i suppose so.

  • mintkandi22
    mintkandi22 9 months ago

    This is a great breakdown of the dynamic, multifaceted beauty of this show!

    BCSTEELER 6 months ago +2

    I rarely watch anime but I fucking love this show. Top tier quality all around

  • Melody's Hart
    Melody's Hart 4 months ago +4

    Every time I'm watching anime with my siblings/friends my mom always walks in and says something like "watching cartoons?" or "why don't you watch something for adults?" but we were watching the end of the entertainment district arc and my mom just said "that looks cool." I think that alone says everything that needs to be said about the ED arc

  • a3zth3tikz
    a3zth3tikz 6 months ago

    I think you nailed it when you said that we get movie-quality animation on a series. And that is commendable.

  • Akhigbe Kelvin
    Akhigbe Kelvin 11 months ago +3132

    I agree
    Demon Slayer's strength is in its simplicity. There's no one shoving some philosophy down your throat or anyone with some clearly overcomplicated plan. You just have relatable, fun characters (Both heroes and villains), a pretty clear power system and a solid plot.
    I read the manga after season 1, loved it and yet, the anime surprises m over and over again, deepening that love

    • Urias
      Urias 2 months ago

      repent to God christ

    • Himejima Gyomei
      Himejima Gyomei 6 months ago

      @L.F.P. man yup it's still a great anime as many said
      And one of the best for me

    • L.F.P. man
      L.F.P. man 6 months ago +1

      @Himejima Gyomei no worries mate, message received. I can understand someone like Gotouge had to write and illustrate the manga (in hindsight) on his own. While it is very normal for manga chapter release dates to be weekly, I am amazed Gotouge was able to still keep each, if not, almost every chapter published within a week.

    • Himejima Gyomei
      Himejima Gyomei 6 months ago

      @L.F.P. man well said but i disagree in some points
      Your'e right about tanjiro and kanao not having much scenes as a couple or inosuke and aoi and more of that i feel like 205 chapter is short for ds
      Cuz it didn't give many characters the chance to envolve in the stroy and didn't let us see their characters from all aspects and even their full power such as douma or kukoshibo or muzan
      + Like kuko or douma or even muzan ,at least we must've seen a few battles other than the last arc fights or the creator should gave them each one an arc so we delve into their characters and behaviors
      But i really love ds even though it's rushed (cuz the creator had familiy problems) and i'm a big fan of it but what u said is right
      And i disagree with shinobu and giyu's ship cuz we don't even know it's a ship or not but the others are cuz we know they married in the end of the series
      Long and late reply 😂

    • Himejima Gyomei
      Himejima Gyomei 6 months ago

      @Wooz late answer but anyway
      First he don't know where are his friends
      Second he can't go and search fot them cuz there's a demon in front of him cuz the demon won't let him or he'll kill the civilans

  • Allopecia
    Allopecia 8 months ago +1

    The group effort final battle in the last 2 episodes was mindblowing

  • The Pancake Alchemist
    The Pancake Alchemist 6 months ago +1

    Even though I only watched it last night I managed to avoid spoilers so well that I was almost at tears thinking either Inosuke or Tengen would die

  • Neldolas
    Neldolas 9 months ago +1

    That moment in episode 17 of the Entertainment District when Tengen and Gyutaro are going at it and everything is exploding around them? That was all kinds of hype

  • Hayden Lohse
    Hayden Lohse 8 months ago +1

    one of the reasons i dont have any problems waiting ( im not known for my patience ) is because i know once we get the new episodes its going to be the best ufotable has to offer every single time

  • Patrick Nan
    Patrick Nan 11 months ago +988

    The reason why Ufotable's work stands out is because they have a dedicated digital team that blends their 3d animations with their 2d animations. Their studio has a lack of walls, allowing each department to work closely together on creating visually appealing frames and to build a strong sense of rapport. Before anyone says it, no, they don't have unlimited budget, they get the same amount as any other studios. Ufotable focuses on quality, not quantity.
    Canipa Effect videos cover a bunch on Ufotable and the interview with Yuichi Terao, Chief of Ufotable's Digital Team on Anime News Network. Also yeah the CEO did pay back the tax evasion scandal. He did it to invest in his animation team and to keep his animation company afloat, while its bad it makes sense.

    • Nicogram
      Nicogram 9 months ago

      @Karma110 He doesn't carry it. Undoubtedly the best animator working in their productions, and makes the best cut for each anime/movie they make. Arguably the best animator of all time. But if you had to name on hard carry it would be Yuichi Terao and even then. The fact that ufotable has very few stand out (like industry wide names) animators in their shows is thanks to this guy. Besides, just Masayuki Kunihiro, who is definitely their best in-house animator has made some of the best cuts in anime.

    • Karma110
      Karma110 11 months ago +2

      @Sarabheswaran aka Sai the comedy in Demon slayer is so bad like overreaction comedy where the characters are just yelling it’s in every comedy scene.

    • Karma110
      Karma110 11 months ago +1

      Why do people never mention Nozomu Abe who literally Carries every Ufotable show?

    • HeartUnderBRUH
      HeartUnderBRUH 11 months ago

      @M. Ram from the Visual Novel alone, Mahoutsukai no Yoru is going to have a high quality production. Might be even better than Heaven's Feels. Also the VNs fight scenes already feels like it's been handled by Ufotable.
      Though then again still lowering my expectations because I don't know how they'll pull it off in a movie format
      CSM as long as it has the same level of production as JJK then it's going to be fine

    • M. Ram
      M. Ram 11 months ago

      @HeartUnderBRUH there isn't any trailer, it has a teaser or so
      I can't judge that without any information
      And for CSM, I'm not a fan of Mappa but they themselves said that it will be their best producing project ,they even gave it a new studio.

  • Oxperator
    Oxperator 7 months ago

    When I see this I just imagine that all anime in 20 years will have this level of production if not greater

  • Bloodfrost Gaming
    Bloodfrost Gaming 6 months ago +2

    I never watched any anime and enjoyed it until I binge watched demon slayer a couple months ago, then loved the rising of a shield hero as well. Both are amazing animes (coming from a guy who hates anime, probably a case of anime veterans cringing and coming to burn my house down)

    • BoomZz
      BoomZz 6 months ago

      Nah, all good, I like them too. Oh, also... never enter the anime community, its better for your mental health and fate in humanity

  • Quinton
    Quinton 9 months ago

    you know its good when you can show 10 seconds of clips at the end of the video, and that alone can give you chills

  • gameteam sk
    gameteam sk 6 months ago

    I watched the 2nd season as it aired and the second the episode ended i was already hyped up for next week, and every time i was flabbergasted by the peak animation and everything

  • Luciano Castrogiovanni
    Luciano Castrogiovanni 11 months ago +1579

    As someone who finished the manga, I gotta say, Demon Slayer is one of the best simplistic stories I've ever had the pleasure of reading through. It definitely earns its uniqueness along the way with particular choices that I've never before seen in Shonen, and the characters do have a good level of depth to them (which is impressive consider how simple they generally are). Where I think it delivers the best tho is at giving a great complete story, a full journey, of not just the protagonist but of the world he submerged himself in. It keeps getting better story-wise from here, and you have epic battles yet to come. If UFOtable manage to get all the way to the end with this as an anime adaptation with THIS level of choreography on multi-layered fights with multiple people... holy fucking shit the future is BRIGHT, its SHINING, you think you got your eyes burnt yet? You have yet to stare at the sun itself.

    • Thomas Ffrench
      Thomas Ffrench 6 months ago +1

      I would still argue that the Shonen that uses simplicity the best is still Dragon Ball

    • Tahosun ff
      Tahosun ff 8 months ago

      @kenji214245 it is repeated??💀💀
      Bro play roblox

    • kenji214245
      kenji214245 8 months ago

      @Johan Liebert Luffys powers is a 50/50 in the scale of what they do and look like fourth gear was just in the manga downright ugly and dumb(I admit in colour and polished it did look better though). Really ruined the feeling and I also remember there being a lot of grumbling in the fandom about that arc. I have heard that improved later though so I might check it out again at some point. Right now im busy catching up on some fantasy mangas and manhuas like solo leveling and village hero.

    • kenji214245
      kenji214245 8 months ago

      @Johan Liebert you brought having "read more" I just countered that after reaching a certain ammount its no longer relevant. And I never said how long those are or if they are completed 😆 (and I do consume a lot since I tend to binge it it bursts in my spare time)
      As for the ratings its not really that important either we can just look at average high rated shows in most genres of media and its easy to confirm the that masses often had trash taste. It should be dumbed down, easy to digest and just make people feel happy and voila they consume it like a bunch of crackheads. Also for ratings One piece has a head start with lots of generations following it.

    • Johan Liebert
      Johan Liebert 8 months ago

      @kenji214245 What Dressrosa powers are you talking about? If you are talking about Gear 4 then sorry every powerup dosen't need to look super cool .
      And the only I thing you care is powers so you might give dragon ball a try... It probably has better story than demon slayer but that dosen't Matter to you anyways XD

  • Vendice20
    Vendice20 5 months ago

    I remember when i first saw Ufotable logo in Kara no Kyoukai series, this is when i got hooked up with whole Type - Moon universe.
    That was really the time, when i understood a craftsmanship beyond comprehension, even if it didnt have high octane all non stop action - animation, it has set the tone of being the most elegant and beautiful animation quality ive ever seen.
    Then Fate series happened and Demon Slayer...

  • Gio Casanova
    Gio Casanova 8 months ago

    I love Ufotable and when I started watching Demon Slayer after 2 years of being out. I saw Ufotable Studio I instantly knew it was going to be banger. They have the best people who love what they do and push themselves to be better. The best animation Iv'e ever seen was from Fate Zero and Fatestay Night. That came out back in 2011.. No surprise when they make a action anime that is simple anyone can get into it . Plus it's just beautiful masterpiece

  • Ice
    Ice 6 months ago

    it was so damn good I watched every episode exactly when it came out

  • Raging
    Raging 9 months ago +1

    the real question is: will they keep pushing limits? Or will their fans think they "lost the spark" next episode?

  • [e:LLUSIV ]
    [e:LLUSIV ] 11 months ago +1146

    I think Demon Slayer's simplicity is what made it explode in popularity. When every shounen anime headed into weirder (JoJo) and more complicated (JJK) plot elements, nobody else was trying a sure fire way to rile up every weeb. Katanas with elemental powers? Why is there not an anime of that yet? It's so obvious and ufotable animating it only made it more popular.

    • G L O R Y 栄光
      G L O R Y 栄光 10 months ago

      I don't get why you put JJK is the complicated criteria?

    • Pomi
      Pomi 10 months ago +1

      @Short Hop Double Lasers Demon slayers doesnt have powers only the demon has, Cause it was stated by the author that its all just effects and just illusions to resemble theyre fighting style

    • Short Hop Double Lasers
      Short Hop Double Lasers 10 months ago +1

      Bleach already kinda did that with the whole katana with special powers thing.

    • Amari
      Amari 11 months ago +1

      @Egemen Dinçer not really the culling arc is really good since it picks up off where Shibuya left and is showing the effects of what happened in Shibuya and gives Yuji the ability to actually accept and make peace with what happened so he can grow further

    • Egemen Dinçer
      Egemen Dinçer 11 months ago

      @Amari I read the JJK manga and it's still a generic shounen but it wants to be seen as complicated. Only thing complicated about jjk manga is the fight scenes. After the shibuya arc the manga goes like very bad

  • Elliot Rose
    Elliot Rose 6 months ago

    I was also not on the hype train in season 1, but S2 was insanely good.

  • Declan Sekol
    Declan Sekol 6 months ago

    I was getting chills watching the animation during this video. It's unbelievable

  • rafael da silva romero
    rafael da silva romero 9 months ago

    Something I recently noticed about red district arc is that it works as a redemption about what happened in the movie with Rengoku and Akaza. In that fight, Tanjiro and the other two did nothing but see how a Hashira struggles against a moon who have buried several Hashiras before, but this time, this time they could do something.
    Yeah, Tanjiro was on his limit since Daki and still evolved like he got a two months training arc, and the quantity of deus ex machina about power levels, poison resistance or speed surpasses any arc shown before, but all of that allowed them to struggle their way to help Uzui to avoid Rengoku's destiny, and that's what the series needed after infinity train arc.
    And that not counting the soundtrack, animation, direction and, well, everything.

  • Andrew Lass
    Andrew Lass 7 months ago +1

    Never really liked anime, then I watched this show and it’s bloody amazing, it showed me how amazing anime can be but also depresses me because I know that no anime will ever be as good as Demon Slayer so this is probably one of the only ones I’ll ever watch and love 😂 :)

    • Manjil Aryal
      Manjil Aryal 7 months ago

      After ds try aot

    • Neetha prakash
      Neetha prakash 7 months ago

      Oh there are lots of anime way better than demon slayer (no hate i fucking love this show easy top 10er) watch attack on titan, naruto, death note ect they are better than demon slayer

  • Mike Dorband
    Mike Dorband 11 months ago +1182

    To me, the reason Demon Slayer is so well received is because it is so incredibly sincere that it almost hurts. All the Demon Slayers are so damn convicted to their goal of destroying the demons and saving people that it's honestly so heart warming in our day in age where everyone always has an angle they are trying to exploit. The characters care to such a degree that people can't help root for them even while making jokes about the show being "cringe". Demon Slayer is a show that makes you stir in your seat because you can remember a time when you believed in something so deeply and purely as a child does, before we became calloused and disillusioned.

    • G L O R Y 栄光
      G L O R Y 栄光 10 months ago

      @Softiey that's called repetitive

    • FafliX
      FafliX 11 months ago +2

      @Gelena31 The bad guys are kinda cool tbh. The show is carried by good villains (at least in later arcs).
      But maybe that's just because stereotypical bad guys in anime and manga tend to be like Dragon Ball villains. Some kind of dumb strong guy who likes tormenting people, with so little nuance they go into negatives. By comparison the demons seem like a writing masterclass.

    • Gelena31
      Gelena31 11 months ago +4

      It's really not that deep, no matter how hard you try to make it sound good 💀
      It's literally stereotypical good guys being stereotypical vs stereotypical bad guys being stereotypical bad guys, plus cute girls to appeal to the weebs

    • FafliX
      FafliX 11 months ago +3

      And then there's me, who's actually rooting for the Demons despite knowing they will obviously lose, because that's the type of show this is (and I read the manga).
      I still wish we would give narrative masterpieces like One Piece this treatment though. That adaptation is making me cry most of the time, and not in the good way.
      Also One Punch Man deserved better for S2.

    • Softiey
      Softiey 11 months ago +1

      No, demon slayer is good because of its continuous story, no specific arcs for specific battles, you finish one, get healed up and go to another

  • Lucas Crilley
    Lucas Crilley 5 months ago

    I'm not surprised it did so well when the manga first came out I followed it till it finished and I forget to read alot of manga cause I have ADHD I was totally engrossed it was nice and simple with the powers and had a focused story that flowed really well my only complaint was the hidden village arc didn't have enough training for my taste and honestly the anime does the training they do so much justice so I'm hyped for it.

  • thomas
    thomas 7 months ago +1

    If every anime had such a high quality, Demon Slayer wouldn't be known.

  • Praveen R
    Praveen R 3 months ago

    When the demon slayer first came, I watched the first 2 episodes and for some reasons I dropped it thinking it was one of shitty anime with a predictable and repetitive story. After watching this video and thought that it should be at least decent level and gave it a go, and my god I thank myself for doing it. It's wonderful animation and breathtaking fights made me think it is definitely one of the best anime the industry could ever give. When everything is over, all I could ever get is goosebumps and a great amount of respect to the team who made this.
    I hope that the people who hesitate can go and try watching this masterpiece