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World Leader Or My Friends Dad 🤔 - Hasan Minhaj

  • Published on Jan 15, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • Real Madrid
    Real Madrid 2 months ago +107197

    I can't believe Comedy Central still looking for a new host for the daily show Hasan is overqualified for the job

    • Against The Grain
      Against The Grain 10 days ago

      Are you serious. He's so not funny. He lies. and he's a political hack

    • Barry Monroy
      Barry Monroy 10 days ago

      What really 🤔???

    • 0up
      0up 13 days ago

      Make it happen cc

    • Richelle Diallo
      Richelle Diallo 25 days ago

      He probably didn't want to do it

    • Lando VC
      Lando VC Month ago

      100 percent true

  • Rikorage
    Rikorage Month ago +9056

    "Did you talk to my dad before this interview?" Class-act, much respect.

    • Bumbro07
      Bumbro07 11 days ago +1

      That was an amazing response.

    • Lea Doucet
      Lea Doucet 16 days ago +1

      ​@ThatoneCanuck I think you responded to a bot, the ones that say Castro everytime PM Trudeau's name comes up. I just laugh and scroll on by lol

    • Christine Larsen
      Christine Larsen Month ago +1

      That made me laugh so hard. It made me think of how he talked about his dad in his stand-up.

    • Alfred Hitchcook
      Alfred Hitchcook Month ago

      He only talked to Hasan’s dad to ask for his son’s hand in marriage

    • Melody Conte
      Melody Conte Month ago +12

      Yo, Trudeau was out of pocket with that comment and Hassan handled it with CLASS 👏👏👏👏

  • Cas
    Cas Month ago +2064

    love that we don’t just get “it’s my friend’s dad” we get lore and fun facts

  • Iliyan Husein
    Iliyan Husein Month ago +17097

    Never heard Trudeau actually speak like a human, wow.

    • Rob Bell
      Rob Bell 3 days ago

      Shows how fake he is

    • Brian Stabile
      Brian Stabile 5 days ago

      @CANADIAN PH03NIX woo hoo

      CANADIAN PH03NIX 5 days ago

      @Brian Stabile …would make them little more useful than decorative anti-submarine sonar

    • Brian Stabile
      Brian Stabile 6 days ago

      @CANADIAN PH03NIX can we put grenades on them?

      CANADIAN PH03NIX 6 days ago

      @Brian Stabile not much of a navy to defund more like defund anything military.
      Also replace the navy with giant rubber ducks.

  • zregory
    zregory Month ago +550

    "Did you talk to my dad before this interview?" is comedic genius...... it takes the legs out of Trudeau's jab

    FELİX DOĞAN Month ago +453

    Bro's face when he said sexual harassment

  • Mark Mahony
    Mark Mahony Month ago +26939

    "hes a thoughtful guy" "his government is going through a sexual scandal" lmaooo just love it

    • Salil Bhatnagar
      Salil Bhatnagar 4 days ago

      And now…

    • Ch0c0_late
      Ch0c0_late 6 days ago

      @Jin it's still in a very bad place, worse off, in more ways than not

    • J YA
      J YA 9 days ago

      ​@Jonathan Thomas Minerals too.

  • Philly Love
    Philly Love Month ago +630

    "Shows photo of Fidel Castro"
    Justin - "Oh that's my dad"

    • Sriharsha C
      Sriharsha C Day ago +1

      @Fongo G May be they are talking about Trudeau being too commie or something.

    • Andrew
      Andrew 7 days ago

      Best comment

    • Bed Tundy
      Bed Tundy 13 days ago +2

      ​@Meg Krish It's rumored that Fidel knocked Justin's mom up, as his father was too old and Justin just looks like Fidel.

    • Bobby G
      Bobby G 19 days ago

      Well played, sir.

  • kmac6399
    kmac6399 Month ago +52

    This is the first time in 10 years I've seen Trudeau answer a question

  • cakeisavegatable
    cakeisavegatable 2 months ago +33183

    The “thoughtful guy” to “currently going through a sex scandal” killed me. Love you Hasan

    • Beatit19
      Beatit19 23 days ago

      Trudeau’s face! 😂

    • BXB BXB
      BXB BXB 28 days ago

      @User 1 thats not true. The taliban just executed basically everyone who was their enemy. The afghan army wasnt into little boys. I am an Afghan citizen. You dont need to lie about little boys. Its a practice among village people.

  • Ray H.
    Ray H. Month ago +162

    Hasan's unbridled glee pitted against Trudeau's murderous glares made this possibly my favorite interview ever lol

  • Kur Norock
    Kur Norock Month ago +354

    I'm surprised they got Trudeau to wash the shoe polish off his face long enough to do this interview.

    • MoaRider
      MoaRider Month ago +1

      @Gracen Antaya As someone who enjoys black face, I agree.

    • Bryson Kuervers
      Bryson Kuervers Month ago +13

      @Gracen Antaya it was fucking hilarious lmao

    • Madworldsnight
      Madworldsnight Month ago +14

      ​@Gracen Antaya HILARIOUS COMMENT LOL

    • Kur Norock
      Kur Norock Month ago +6

      @JustAnotherGamer Yes. That is the joke...

  • ThinLion Films
    ThinLion Films Month ago +3481

    That look he gave when he brought up the sexual harassment lol

    • bornana gaming
      bornana gaming 2 days ago

      @Vee did you watch the episode? He himself is criticising trudeau

    • Brendan
      Brendan Month ago

      @Gently Down Yeah he just needs to be more like everyone else!

    • Dylan Purcell
      Dylan Purcell Month ago +1

      @Rawb Mar (on top of all of that, I never said I had no interest in commenting, just in entertaining your idiocy lmao)

  • Adwai Thakur
    Adwai Thakur Month ago +15

    When that text from Iqbal dropped I seriously thought it was my phone lol

  • Daphne Raven
    Daphne Raven 7 days ago +5

    It’s hilarious that JT doesn’t think that he’s going to have to justify his actions to his kids one day. He sure owes an explanation to the rest of us.

    • bornana gaming
      bornana gaming 2 days ago +1

      Watch the episode man. Hasan already said what you commented

    • Daphne Raven
      Daphne Raven 6 days ago

      @Jonivan : Yep. Or to appease a certain organization that purports to be International and financial.

    • Sixty-Nine
      Sixty-Nine 6 days ago +2

      Here you are! The comment that already establishes my thought on the matter!

  • xyz
    xyz Month ago +9975

    Hassan is such a genuinely good and funny guy. He’s too good for Comedy Central, 100%

    • bornana gaming
      bornana gaming 2 days ago

      @William you clearly have never watched his show if you think his style of humor is safe. Also what's wrong with "safe" comedy? Do you have do specifically offend a certain group to be funny?

    • William
      William Month ago +4

      @Gustavo Araújo Penha Never said that about everyone. I am, though, saying it about him. I also never mentioned race so nice job throwing that one in there.

    • Gustavo Araújo Penha
      Gustavo Araújo Penha Month ago +12

      ​@William imagine thinking that humor can only be good if it hurts some group and that hiring someone ethic is always virtue sinaling

    • William
      William Month ago +9

      He is not. Comedy Central and similar orgs like the tonight show are turning to more subpar and “safe” choices for their comedy. Guys who aren’t funny in the slightest but are good for pr and won’t say anything offensive. He’s also a great choice for some virtue signaling here and there when it’s necessary. He did plenty of that on the patriot act, which is a show pushing woke bs with a comedy sticker slapped on it. I know cuz I had to watch numerous episodes for a communication class. If you want real comedy, stand up is your best bet. Even then you’ll find yourself sifting through some trash.

    • Boinomas 1
      Boinomas 1 Month ago +2

      Didn't even laugh at all

  • diamondkfc
    diamondkfc Month ago +96

    a head of state telling someone to justify their job. the hypocrisy is unreal

  • M Fazeen
    M Fazeen 6 days ago

    Introduces himself by name on every text. That's my dad

  • Jacqueline M
    Jacqueline M 2 months ago +26823

    Did you talk to my dad before this interview? ☠️

    • J4 Genius
      J4 Genius Month ago +1

      @Stickface He's a comedian

    • Stickface
      Stickface Month ago +1

      ​@J4 Genius what was his job tho?

    • Jacqueline M
      Jacqueline M Month ago +1

      @Benjamin watch the video "substitute teacher" by key and peele. thats how you pronounce it

    • She’s a 10 but she’s Australian
      She’s a 10 but she’s Australian Month ago +3

      He looked at him after like “no seriously did you?

    • Benjamin
      Benjamin Month ago

      How do you pronounce your name is it jakalieen? Because that’s my teachers first name I want to call her that

  • Peter Rhyne
    Peter Rhyne 6 days ago

    Trudeau needs to step down. He is not Canadian or a decent human being.

  • éS
    éS 6 days ago

    “How are you going to justify your job to your children later” is actually an incredible question to ask people

    • Jonivan
      Jonivan 6 days ago +2

      he should be asking himself the same question

  • Cam Era
    Cam Era Month ago +10395

    These are harder questions than most "journalists" ask him funnily enough.

    • Osmosis Jones
      Osmosis Jones Month ago

      ​@Cam Era his daddy was the former dictator of Cuba

      TONI_KROOS Month ago

      ​@distant memes yea quantum computing?wtf lmao

    • Ayuwoki
      Ayuwoki Month ago

      ​@lacudafrost Ask your beloved Trudeau what he thinks China or ask him if he likes Fidel Castro.

  • Doskidyohdo The third
    Doskidyohdo The third Month ago +6

    I hope Trudeau gets what he deserves

  • Brutheius
    Brutheius Month ago +4261

    He held in soooooo hard saying "how are you going to justify yours?" Back at him

    • Diesel Nation
      Diesel Nation Month ago


    • Quinton
      Quinton Month ago +2

      “When did you start talking to me friend’s dad AND HOW ABOUT YOU ANSWER FIRST”
      Oh crap I said the quiet part loud and the loud part quiet

    • 217techguy
      217techguy Month ago +11

      Well, I fought an illegal war against a bunch of truckers that were just trying to deliver well needed supplies across the country. Then arrested anyone that sold them a cup of coffee or a soup. Then I took ALL the guns away from people that live in a complete wilderness where beasts literally hunt people. Then I made fossil fuels sooo expensive that the people that live across the majority of the country which is cold as hell, can’t afford to warm their homes.

    • notfastenough
      notfastenough Month ago +2

      @Clickfunny comment 😂

  • Uni Corni
    Uni Corni Month ago +4

    This man has the biggest eyes

  • ab
    ab 7 days ago

    Hasan should have asked JT, "How are YOU going to justify your job to the people of Canada and the World?"

  • That Other Account
    That Other Account 2 months ago +8043

    Remember when he grilled Trudeau on selling weapons to Saudi Arabia? Litteraly the hardest interview he's ever had

    • BareMangus
      BareMangus Month ago +2

      @Annabellr thank you😊

    • BareMangus
      BareMangus Month ago +2

      @That Other Account thanks 😃

    • Annabellr
      Annabellr Month ago +2

      @BareMangusIt’s called something along the lines of “Hasan Minhaj presses Trudeau on Saudi funding”

    • That Other Account
      That Other Account Month ago +6

      @BareMangus patriot act: Justin Trudeau.
      Now keep in mind he's a comedian, not a journalist, it just so happens that no journalist or interviewer went as hard as the comedian. The bar was low haha

  • Immanuel del Castillo
    Immanuel del Castillo Month ago +117

    This is the most naturally animated Justin i've seen. If he is out there ruining lives, his soul seems to leave his body.

  • Ashley
    Ashley Month ago

    I was confused about the man being interviewed- I could've sworn he was my friend's dad.

  • Calcifur of Djerba
    Calcifur of Djerba Month ago +6184

    Man I miss Hasan, not afraid to ruffle feathers and a quick wit. One of Jon's best.

    • TheBohemian Cowboy
      TheBohemian Cowboy Month ago +2

      @Ayush Shete 3.7k people disagree

    • Ayush Shete
      Ayush Shete Month ago

      ​@Ha I think that's because no one miss him

    • Velocir Sh!tr
      Velocir Sh!tr Month ago +12

      Jon fathered many of these quick witted feather rufflers, so much so, they moved on to bigger and better careers (Colbert, Minhaj, Oliver, etc).

    • Ha
      Ha Month ago +2

      1.8k likes but no reply?

  • RJ
    RJ 8 days ago

    That last response was smooth can't even lie

  • Enigma
    Enigma Month ago +6

    He should have held up a picture of Trudeau and asked 'world leader or a failure of Democracy'

  • David Nevin
    David Nevin Month ago +4735

    The hubris of Justin Trudeau asking someone to justify “their” job.

    • Another namless commenter
      Another namless commenter 29 days ago +1

      ​@K X Pierre is not worse than Trudeau Pierre can come up with logic and reasoning to defend his points while Trudeau just bides time for an interview to end. I have no idea the fools that liked your comment are but the idea that Trudeau being too conservative being called his issue is just stupid he's the opposite he's ABSURDLY woke! And not to mention not only is the idea of him being conservative is a lie but also strange that you SPECIFICALLY chose that lie to be him being conservative, you trynna paint conservative people as a problem or something?🤨

    • Lyndsay W
      Lyndsay W Month ago

      Canadian here. I love him. He's a fantastic PM.

    • KingKien1
      KingKien1 Month ago +1

      @ᴄʏᴘʜᴇʀ360 cuz he's literally a dictator. I am not exaggerating

  • HappyDays
    HappyDays Month ago +2

    As a canadian, we dont claim him

  • b0ssatr0n
    b0ssatr0n Month ago +2

    How do you plan on explaining your handling of Covid to your kids later Justin?

  • May Greene
    May Greene Month ago +5739

    hasans comedic reflexes are so sharp wtf theyre admirable af

      TONI_KROOS Month ago

      ​@Alex Wu lol

    • Alex Wu
      Alex Wu Month ago

      Hey nice to meet you

    • Emil
      Emil Month ago +1

      Check out craig fergusson if you enjoy quick witted comedians

    • South4153
      South4153 Month ago +11

      @I am a Pokerface that he can give a funny response without thinking for a long time

    • I am a Pokerface
      I am a Pokerface Month ago

      what u mean

  • Tehlur Fry
    Tehlur Fry 5 days ago

    Exposes Trudeau as a douchy cosplay of a leader
    -A Canadian

  • Trevor Green
    Trevor Green Month ago +17

    I can't believe Trudeau is still a thing

    • Diddy Sh
      Diddy Sh 25 days ago

      But Hasan isn't 😭😭

  • CoffeeBacon
    CoffeeBacon Month ago +738

    “How are you planning on justifying your job to your kids” brave words Mr Trudeau

    • bual
      bual Month ago +3

      @Roasted Pheasant probably by not doing anything, and they probably won’t care

    • Hayzii
      Hayzii Month ago +3

      Yeah kind of ironic

    • AlexB
      AlexB Month ago +5

      Ah yes, the thing that happened in the clip. Typing it out .
      Ah yes. Interesting

    • Roasted Pheasant
      Roasted Pheasant Month ago +34

      I wonder how he's gonna justify the brownface to HIS kids.

  • LoveYourself
    LoveYourself 22 days ago +3

    Did you talk to my dad 😂🤣 this got way too real!

  • Josi Williams
    Josi Williams 20 days ago

    It's the question PM Trudeau asked that's killing me over here

  • Andrea Blanco
    Andrea Blanco 2 months ago +8306

    if Hasan becomes host of the daily show I will have to start watching it, fill the void patriot act left

    • Thod
      Thod Month ago +3

      ​@Farzana 🇺🇸 If every time somebody of a race not white is appointed to something it's pushed back on for being different, it proves why affirmative action exists in the first place. If your racism didn't hinder other people things would be more equal and you could not have to worry about that.

    • CyberVoid
      CyberVoid Month ago

      @David dutch Romania

    • O Watson
      O Watson Month ago

      Still can’t believe Netflix canceled Patriot Act. Fucking loved that show

    • Mitchell Hughes
      Mitchell Hughes Month ago +1

      Trevor Noah was terrible

  • Ali Corn
    Ali Corn Month ago

    😂Damn this man said enough with the softball questions let me ask you something

  • KD
    KD 12 days ago

    Trudeau must answer this Question himself

  • Friendly Bane
    Friendly Bane 2 months ago +3769

    Hi this is Iqbal. I'm coming to visit you. - Iqbal

    • servant
      servant Month ago


    • Σπύρος Κορώνης
      Σπύρος Κορώνης Month ago

      Greetings Mr. Iqbal. I believe you may have sent this text message to me in error. Please clarify the purpose of your visit.
      Captain Raymond Holt

    • Sarah Callas
      Sarah Callas Month ago +1

      Sounds like a threat almost! 🤣🤣🤣

    • Hm.
      Hm. Month ago

      Sounds less like a friendly heads-up and more like a death threat. 😭

    • doritos
      doritos Month ago

      @Blue Skyla same i was shook for a second

  • daj Sheva
    daj Sheva Month ago

    Hasan is so funny that it’s so scary to hangout with him…

  • Pleby_64Potato
    Pleby_64Potato Month ago +1

    It took me three watches to realize that that's Trudeau

  • jaylecia davila
    jaylecia davila 2 months ago +6039

    The fact that Trudeau fully dunked on Hasan is hilarious.

    • Bryson Kuervers
      Bryson Kuervers Month ago

      @Adrian B. wahhh Trudeau bad

    • butter soft
      butter soft Month ago

      @mauze king totally agreed, some countries have option 'no candidate' , if you think no one is eligible for the job

    • Tengoken
      Tengoken Month ago

      @Stefan M there's a pretty wide gulf between a crack smoking mayor and someone you just disagree with. I don't know the full story here but it sounds like by saying both sides are bad it enables you to not do anything and label it as constructive.
      Its like protesting by not voting and then complaining when the worse of two evils wins. I recognize that choices can suck but its usually a good idea to participate.

    • Stefan M
      Stefan M Month ago +1

      @Tengoken They are just as bad but they're all pretty much the same party.

    • Tengoken
      Tengoken Month ago

      ​@Stefan M you probably voted for doug ford. Don't tell me that the right wing in Canada isn't 1000x worse.

  • Brad Fox
    Brad Fox 8 days ago

    when jt said how are you going to justify your job to your kids, what he meant is how are you going to justify me not firing you after this

  • Nathan Ferreira
    Nathan Ferreira Month ago

    The Waffle House has found it’s new host

  • Matthew Erme
    Matthew Erme Month ago +963

    I believe it’s Trudeau who will need to justify his job to his kids later.

    • Diesel Nation
      Diesel Nation Month ago +1


    • 17lyra777
      17lyra777 Month ago +4

      It's everyone elses kids he's screwed over, in more ways than one

  • Miha Zelenik
    Miha Zelenik Month ago

    The waffle house has found its new host.

  • Mary Ann Xavier
    Mary Ann Xavier Day ago

    Hasan would have kept going until Justin would have tripped 😂 .. evil 😈 genius 😅❤

  • cheryl pendleton
    cheryl pendleton 2 months ago +2376

    “Did you talk to my dad before this interview?” ask Hassan to Canadian PM

    • DoomJoy666
      DoomJoy666 Month ago

      ​@thomasshannon1073 ah yes a meme from 2007

    • Tabatha Cunningham
      Tabatha Cunningham Month ago +1

      @Thomas Shannon troll much?

    • 2 Goats in a Trench Coat
      2 Goats in a Trench Coat Month ago +3

      being the one thousandth like was pure ecstasy. I unliked this comment so someone else could experience that joy

    • Thomas Shannon
      Thomas Shannon Month ago +1

      ​@Tabatha Cunningham desperate snowflake much?

    • Tabatha Cunningham
      Tabatha Cunningham 2 months ago +6

      I feel like this is a question Trudeau may have heard a lot from someone or others...

  • Alka
    Alka Month ago

    Hasan is too good...I loved his netflix show.

  • Heyoka Rift
    Heyoka Rift 5 days ago

    I wish we could ask Trudeau the same question:
    "how are you going to justify your job to your kids later"

  • Alex Peters
    Alex Peters Month ago +2474

    He's the last guy to be talking about what he is doing at his job....

    • Bryson Kuervers
      Bryson Kuervers Month ago

      Wahhhh Trudeau bad

    • Daniel Wolf
      Daniel Wolf Month ago

      ​@Qwerty Zxcvbn liberals try not to be hypocrites challenge

    • Menuki
      Menuki Month ago +1

      @PrimeTimeNeon he looks fine…he was next door to Trump. Makes you look competent

    • dale jr junior
      dale jr junior Month ago

      @Johnny Boy just looked it up it seems like normal media bs to me. some wackjob had a online platform and happend to be right leaning doenst mean much about pierre himself

    • dale jr junior
      dale jr junior Month ago

      @Johnny Boy what do you mean shilled? crypto is a very useful tool so you will need to explain that more and the convoy was a great thing super moving protest with almost no harm done to anyone. as for the Diagolon thing i dont know of them or anything about that so i will look into it

  • Snail Mail
    Snail Mail Month ago

    There was a little bit of a delay, but still quick -caught him off guard-

  • Nsforlunch
    Nsforlunch Month ago

    plot twist: all his father's friends are world leaders

  • Aud
    Aud 2 months ago +942

    Hasan literally made the surprised pikachu face at the end I’m-

  • mowgli2071
    mowgli2071 Month ago

    "You have to tell me, is this a world leader, or is Fidel your bio dad"

  • Tom
    Tom Month ago

    The funny part is that his friend's dad's are more qualified to lead Canada

  • Dissident
    Dissident Month ago +704

    "How do you plan on justifying your job to your kids later?"
    "I stumped the Prime Minister of Canada on a list of world leaders."

    • Twice4Life
      Twice4Life Month ago +1

      @Matt Kelly Move then

    • Teun 🌳
      Teun 🌳 Month ago

      ​@haroldschaefer It's his friends dad

  • Jacob Lidzbarski
    Jacob Lidzbarski Month ago

    That was a f****** amazing question

  • hatchmaster _
    hatchmaster _ Month ago +6

    That's not a "world leader" he's not even in charge of Afghanistan

  • bakersmileyface
    bakersmileyface 2 months ago +600

    Dayumn. Trudeau burned him almost as bad as he burned his own country.

    • Stefan M
      Stefan M Month ago

      @Bryson Kuervers Yeah he is...
      He has made a mockery of Canada

    • bakersmileyface
      bakersmileyface Month ago

      @Bryson Kuervers No need to cry about it, it's just a joke.

    • Bryson Kuervers
      Bryson Kuervers Month ago

      Wahhh Trudeau bad

    • Major Ramsey
      Major Ramsey Month ago +1

      @TenseMurm No, he remembered Obama.

  • Jessica Gillis
    Jessica Gillis 11 days ago

    I don’t want a prime minister that doesn’t know who the president of Ecuador is…we just have to be able to do better…we need a real nerd in office.

  • The_Legend_Of_Kira
    The_Legend_Of_Kira Month ago

    “I’d ask you the same question mr prime minister”

  • teedr
    teedr Month ago +661

    Surprised he didn't just flee to the Bahamas when it got awkward.

  • 32Theresa
    32Theresa Month ago

    I miss Hasan 🥺 I heard there were some issues behind the scenes of his Netflix show, but I hope it didn’t have anything to do w/ him

  • Dana Tyler
    Dana Tyler 15 days ago

    I'm a senior citizen, but this guy is fine!😊

  • Cedric Davis
    Cedric Davis Month ago +1525

    Surprised he didn't freeze his bank account for this

  • divyanshi chopra
    divyanshi chopra Month ago +1

    He should ask- can you please make friends with Lenin’s kids…
    This will justify his answe😅

  • ed go
    ed go Month ago +33

    Should have played “Is this a dictator or my friends dad” and showed him a picture of himself.

  • Gregina Bogosian
    Gregina Bogosian 2 months ago +436

    Tell your kids that your job is to make people laugh and have fun. Kids understand that.

    • Erin Mac
      Erin Mac 2 months ago +10

      Truth! 💜✌️😎🍀

  • John Dildo
    John Dildo Month ago +9

    It’s disgusting how they try to humanize this dictator.

    • Shawn411
      Shawn411 Month ago

      @John Dildo My reply was to @Soumit Ghosh, who did mention the truckers.
      Who have you seen that's lost their jobs or degrees over this? Show me your sources for that.

    • Shawn411
      Shawn411 Month ago

      @Soumit Ghosh You clearly don't know what a dictator is first of all.
      Second of all, he had them removed from the streets after weeks of them depriving Ottowa citizens of sleep. Get over it.

  • Juanfranco Lazo
    Juanfranco Lazo Month ago

    Anybody noticed how Trudeau nervously scratches his nose after identifying the Afghanistan president

  • Električna kornjača
    Električna kornjača 2 months ago +2707

    Trudeau's burrrn in the end was perfect.

    • Jeffrey Suen
      Jeffrey Suen Month ago

      That’s true though

    • sabrinabossy1
      sabrinabossy1 Month ago

      Fantastic user name 👌 nemoj me pogoditi 😅

    • Terps
      Terps Month ago +7

      How will Trudeau explain how horrible of a prime minister he is?

  • Vanesa Alvarez
    Vanesa Alvarez Month ago

    Wow I was so shocked he chose the president of Ecuador. I am Ecuadorian and rarely here someone talking about Ecuador

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith 8 days ago

    9/10 US politicians would never agree to be vulnerable like this. Too obsessed with seeming like they know everything.

  • Polin1824
    Polin1824 Month ago +179

    “He’s a thoughtful guy.”
    “Haha yeah his country is in the midst of a sexual harassment scandal sooooo……”

  • ph 88
    ph 88 Month ago

    Sit down comedic interview with a tyrant. That’s cute.

  • UnderratedBlastoise

    That last question could be asked to Trudeau as well

  • DirectorG
    DirectorG 2 months ago +828

    THE TEXT!😭😭

  • Compact G29
    Compact G29 Month ago

    Justin deserves the chair

  • minatokazi
    minatokazi Month ago +1


  • killroycantkill
    killroycantkill Month ago +102

    They need to give you Patriot Act back or put you as host of the Daily Show.

  • Jaime Sanchez
    Jaime Sanchez Month ago

    Broo I'm weak asf set up the prime minister

  • Argle Bargle
    Argle Bargle 29 days ago

    "How are planning on justifying your job to your kids later?"
    That will be a question that little Justin will have to answer, not the other way around.

  • shalini chakraborty
    shalini chakraborty Month ago +153

    He genuinely wanted to know if he had talked to his dad 😂

  • Pascale A
    Pascale A 28 days ago +2

    I love how he gave random facts about everyone. 😂😂

  • Wess
    Wess Month ago +41

    Imagine it was Trump on there instead. The interview questions whether satire or not will be x100 tougher

  • G James
    G James Month ago +154

    Trudeau can't justify what he does, so that question is ironic

  • Kenneth Sörling
    Kenneth Sörling Month ago

    These are two pretty handsome dudes, ngl.

  • Mutcut
    Mutcut 24 days ago

    While Canada is dying Trudeau is avoiding responibilty making his TV appearances.

  • Kyle Johns
    Kyle Johns Month ago +755

    It’s nice to see a tyrant try to act like a regular person

    • Bryson Kuervers
      Bryson Kuervers Month ago

      Wahhh Trudeau bad

    • João V M L Silva
      João V M L Silva Month ago

      @Shane Brandt no no, just tell me. What countries did that? By your comment you only care if the country do it to their own citizens, if they do it to other countries it's okay.

    • The Gaming Canadian
      The Gaming Canadian Month ago

      A tyrant wannabe

    • Shane Brandt
      Shane Brandt Month ago

      @João V M L Silva pick up a history book, or sit down and be humble.

  • Anna Os
    Anna Os Month ago +1

    Wow, that was a really quick comeback

  • Muzz
    Muzz Month ago

    Ok. That was a pretty nice finish.

  • Aoiichi
    Aoiichi 2 months ago +194

    that pause , was legitimate ! lol