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Attempting a Blind Pokemon Ultra Sun Nuzlocke

  • Published on May 27, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    A long time ago after becoming the champion of Galar, I figured it was time to take a vacation to the relaxing Alolan region. New scenery, new pokemon, new adventure. What could possibly go wrong?
    Special thanks to @Emirichu for last minute voice casting!
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    The Team:
    Koko (Project Manager) @UnwantedCommentary - creativeiki...
    Yuunic (Artist/animator) - Yuunicworks
    PGHarts (Artist/animator) - PGH_arts
    Lucaskies (Artist/BG designer) - Lucaskie04
    Jordinary (Animator) - Jordinary4
    Superchu (Music) - @freddiesimental8464
    Music from this Nuzlocke - • YoungYongTales - I Att...
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  • Young Yong Tales
    Young Yong Tales  4 months ago +714

    Collect a Rare Ticket reward on 5/29 you can use to unlock a free Cat hero! And check out special capsule events, limited stages, and more going on now! The Battle Cats is free here: pixly.go2cloud.org/SH3mS

    • Achmad Almarifat
      Achmad Almarifat 4 months ago +16

      I love that reference of the 10th form of water Breathing, and you change the water dragon to Gyarados, awesome. Keep it up, cant wait for another Nuzlocke

    • OrangeAnimationx
      OrangeAnimationx 4 months ago +8

      I installed the game it was very good

    • AlexOverboard
      AlexOverboard 4 months ago +7

      Hey make sure to use kasa jizos unevolved form. It's op as frick

    • Kerry Snell
      Kerry Snell 4 months ago +3


  • East Bound
    East Bound 4 months ago +3660

    I think we can all agree he's not making it past ultra nekrozma unless he either gets lucky or knows about it already

    • x Finnplosion
      x Finnplosion 4 months ago +165

      he's going in blind, soooooo

    • Ricardo Peña
      Ricardo Peña 4 months ago +33


    • Danny Bryce
      Danny Bryce 4 months ago +77

      I think we can all agree he's not making it past the 100th cut scene, xD

    • shuvo Ameer
      shuvo Ameer 4 months ago +37

      Well…. He did win in a cheesy way

    • Jake
      Jake 4 months ago +7

      Yeah LOL

  • Morrgan
    Morrgan 3 months ago +423

    I loved the hidden Easter eggs of Jaiden’s Platinum Nuzlocke along with all the other worlds he visited. I guess Yong didn’t grab the Bug Z Crystal, but it looks like he did great without it!

    • JW11
      JW11 2 months ago +9

      My guess is that its a teaser for his net one, given the soundeffect at the very end

    • SharkMessiah101
      SharkMessiah101 2 months ago +1

      @JW11that was a Pokémon cry, can’t tell which one though. But yeah most likely a teaser

    • JW11
      JW11 2 months ago +3

      @SharkMessiah101 oh, for sure. And it very much sounded like Giratina to me

    • red hair shanks
      red hair shanks 2 months ago

      it’s giratina bc if you put the vid on 0.25 speed it shows giratina

    • GorgoAku
      GorgoAku 2 months ago +1

      @SharkMessiah101I actually thought it was some kind of Toho insect Kaiju, primarily mothra, or even ebirah (yes ebirah is a crustacean but its still an arthropod)

  • Eclipsed Lunus
    Eclipsed Lunus 3 months ago +230

    Jeez, that final fight went HARD, nicely done
    Also Ultra Necrozma is scary when you don't know what's happening

  • silvergoose003
    silvergoose003 3 months ago +117

    The double reference at the end with the Litten fight which then led to Jaiden-esque multiverse Giratina shenanigans was beautiful. Along with everything else. Great work!

  • Krios15
    Krios15 4 months ago +89

    I hope he continues to do nuzelockes! Would love to see gen 1-6 nuzlockes!

    • Portal Games
      Portal Games 4 months ago +2

      Probably will, since we see a glimpse of Giratina at the end

    • ALocalYiga
      ALocalYiga 2 months ago +1

      @Portal Games AND During when Jagger Jimbo(b) Joe sent out his incineroar, which caused glitch effects on young yong. and a flash of giratina was seen.

    • K Haku.
      K Haku. 14 days ago

      @ALocalYiga It could also be a Legends Arceus nuzlocke, too.........
      But hey, I'd love it either way!

  • Andrew Watson
    Andrew Watson 3 months ago +81

    Dude. The final battle animation is what I live for with these Nuzlocke animations. The culmination of all your successes and struggles in one final conflict. And you knocked it out of the park. Good on you sir!

  • Nat Maneepol
    Nat Maneepol 4 months ago +859

    You and Jaiden are my standards when it comes to nuzlocke animations. Storytelling is really great. So when I try to watch other videos, I don't finish them most of the time.

    • Young Yong Tales
      Young Yong Tales  4 months ago +142

      Aye thanks I truly appreciate that!

    • Axolotus
      Axolotus 4 months ago +37

      Not to mention the final reference to Jaiden's Platinum nuzlocke with the Giratina in one of the final frames

    • Detroit Lions-prodz
      Detroit Lions-prodz 3 months ago +7

      @Axolotusi saw that too

    • Litten1113
      Litten1113 3 months ago +6


    • Litten1113
      Litten1113 3 months ago +2

      ​@Young Yong TalesI like Incineroar

  • The Bean Team
    The Bean Team 3 months ago +29

    I loved the video.The fact that Tanjiro used water breathing as a Z-move made me so very happy!keep up the good work!

  • Plush battle
    Plush battle 3 months ago +30

    Ultra Sun was my first game so watching you struggle with ultra nacrozma warmed my heart knowing others have felt the pain I once endured when I played blind

    • Olivertheolive
      Olivertheolive Month ago

      My first was ORAS but I feel more at home in alola

  • D Z
    D Z 2 months ago +4

    I love the reference to Jaiden's Platnium nuzlocke, where young yong added the glitching to the body at the end. Jaiden did the same thing because she had a first run she didnt talk about where she died early on, and Young Yong doing the same thing because he technically died to ultra nekrosma is really cool.

  • Kingly Zebra 64
    Kingly Zebra 64 3 months ago +28

    Switching from Ultra Moon to Ultra Sun for attempt 2 is GENIUS

  • ExaltedFalcheon
    ExaltedFalcheon 2 months ago +10

    That finale gave me a "Constant Flux" of emotions.
    'Grats on the W, Yong

  • Stupididiot1954
    Stupididiot1954 4 months ago +629

    As someone who's favorite pokemon is Ultra Necrozma, nothing warms my heart like the words "Blind Ultra Sun Nuzlocke"

    • Lewis Spring
      Lewis Spring 3 months ago +55

      "Light That Burns The Nuzlockes"

    • Megaflop63
      Megaflop63 3 months ago +22

      "Introducing Nuzlocke-B-Gone! Annihilate any team using only six Photon Geysers! Thanks, Nuzlock-B-Gone!"
      Product is not effective against toxic stall or zoarark.

    • AhmadCaraka
      AhmadCaraka 3 months ago +4

      ​@Megaflop63hehe funny Kommo-o(Zoroark)go brrrrrrrr:

    • Derpydude9001
      Derpydude9001 2 months ago +1

      same, did a blind nuzlock when the game first came out and was scared shitless by it. my Absol got a night slash crit and two shot it though, but that moment of pure terror cemented necrozma as my favorite mon

  • HeaDLites
    HeaDLites 4 months ago +24

    We gotta appreciate how much he improved with is animation. Quality stuff

  • Giyu Tomioka
    Giyu Tomioka 3 months ago +15

    That final battle between him and his rival was crazy

  • The Feathered Gamer
    The Feathered Gamer 19 days ago

    The patience to make it through with a bug only team is absolutely Insanity

  • Meeplebops
    Meeplebops 3 months ago +5

    The animation at the end of this slaps so hard, I love it! Definitely a great team at the end to show everyone that bug types can be powerhouses too

  • Bridgette Stamberger
    Bridgette Stamberger 2 months ago

    Rest in peace all the members That got you to being the champion

  • Mamodokod
    Mamodokod 4 months ago +745

    Man you wouldn't expect some of the best animation on Clip-Share to come from this little cereal box guy but he does not disappoint.

    • Young Yong Tales
      Young Yong Tales  4 months ago +194

      I'm Tofu!

    • Mamodokod
      Mamodokod 4 months ago +72

      @Young Yong Tales so you're saying you're a soy boy

    • hehe9999
      hehe9999 4 months ago +18

      Yes he is TOFU

    • Shahming
      Shahming 4 months ago +6

      @Young Yong Tales really a Tofu

    • LostSilver
      LostSilver 4 months ago +3

      @Mamodokod soi boi :)

  • Shamim Bashir
    Shamim Bashir 3 months ago +9

    This guy 100 percent has the best animation style on Clip-Share the final battle was just PERFECTION

  • CorgiShark
    CorgiShark 3 months ago +4

    God damn that ending battle was animated so beautifully!

  • Dragon 519
    Dragon 519 Month ago

    Not only was this another epic and badass episode but I cannot wait for your next Pokémon Nuzlocke!
    Maybe Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire or X/Y?
    Heck even if you did an older game I know you’ll animate it and make it amazing! Both of your Nuzlockes have given me cold chills seriously!

  • Christian Angel
    Christian Angel 3 months ago +9

    I love the totem pokemon design you've done for the video! I wish they looked like that in the games.

  • Hippi02
    Hippi02 3 months ago +3

    I just want to say you doing a fantastic job with you're animation pokemon Nuzlocke videos and you and jaiden are my favourites and standards when it comes to nuzlocke animations (keep up the good work)

  • MaxButCallMeMiki
    MaxButCallMeMiki 4 months ago +636


    • ZachM56Gaming
      ZachM56Gaming 4 months ago +1

      10 out of 10 if low-balling that final fight it should be infinite

    • Kristeen Livesay
      Kristeen Livesay 4 months ago +10

      I liked the reference to Jaiden’s platinum ending at the end.

    • Microwave on a train
      Microwave on a train 4 months ago +6

      @Kristeen LivesayI think it wasn’t a reference but a hint what the next region he’s doing to do a nuzlocke in. And by hint I mean is obvious. Is going to be sinnoh

    • Ditto
      Ditto 4 months ago +1

      @ZachM56Gaming sooo...∞/10 ?

    • The Gaming Galaxy 🌌
      The Gaming Galaxy 🌌 4 months ago


  • Brian Sherrod
    Brian Sherrod 3 months ago +5

    I got to tell you, your animations, story telling and overall presence is phenomenal. I enjoyed the hell out of this video from start to finish!

  • Logan vlogs
    Logan vlogs 2 months ago +1

    For the people that have not noticed young Yong Tales picked both starters as animals in the real world that eat bugs in his other Nuzlocke picked up frog and in this one he picked an owl both of which eat bugs

  • Julian The Meta-Roar
    Julian The Meta-Roar 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for making this video! The Alola Games are some of my favorites from the Pokémon Series and the animation and slight alterations to the designs of the Pokémon were AWESOME! Once again thank you very much for the Awesome Video. =]

  • Richzilla
    Richzilla 28 days ago

    The final fight Gives me so many goose bumps

  • Devil Fruits
    Devil Fruits 2 months ago

    Young young inspired me to start my own nuzlocke and now I realize how amazing it is that he did it with only bugs

  • Archinald
    Archinald 4 months ago +728

    Can we just talk about how sick that final sequence was?

    • Vincent Ty
      Vincent Ty 4 months ago +29

      It Was A Reference To Rengoku Vs Akaza From Demon Slayer Mugen Train It's Awesome

    • GameMaster25
      GameMaster25 4 months ago +30

      I didn’t even realize till I saw this frame 28:30 that is straight up Akaza’s stance and then the fire circle acting at the compass needle

    • Syeona
      Syeona 4 months ago +6

      Better than a real EP of Pokemon! also the beat was FIRE!

    • Olga Matos
      Olga Matos 4 months ago +7


    • Matthieu Lam
      Matthieu Lam 4 months ago +2

      I felt the last moment in my heart

  • Brad Hubbard
    Brad Hubbard 2 months ago

    honestly the final battle was the best thing I have ever seen in my entire life

  • Greggory Sullivan
    Greggory Sullivan 3 months ago +6

    A little late to the party, but I came from Jan’s reaction video and thought it’s only fair to drop a like and give the original a view.
    Phenomenal animation and fantastic storytelling at work here. Genuinely cuts to the heart of what Nuzlocking is all about - not the rules or the internet clout but the story you have to tell when it’s over. Thanks so much for your hard work on this.

  • Brandon Streeter
    Brandon Streeter 2 months ago

    Man, I forgot how good your animations are. That last scene reminded me of best anime fights ❤

    SAVAGEMATT47 2 months ago +1

    The ending sent chills down my spine, great job. 👍

  • Yeller21
    Yeller21 2 months ago

    Ultra sun was my first pokemon game I've played and I'm happy it hasn't been forgotten

  • Μάνος Ζαμπάκης
    Μάνος Ζαμπάκης 4 months ago +453

    Ultra necrozma is the exact reason why you never go blind in an alola game nuzlocke

    • nousername191
      nousername191 4 months ago +23

      That and the principal with the starter advantage

    • Μάνος Ζαμπάκης
      Μάνος Ζαμπάκης 4 months ago +6

      @nousername191 true and the totems

    • Max Hinkle
      Max Hinkle 4 months ago

      That’s why I I did not do a Nas lock

    • SimonS.H.E.L.O
      SimonS.H.E.L.O 4 months ago +3

      Ultra Alola games the normal versions you didn't really deal with him

    • Alakazamlover4
      Alakazamlover4 4 months ago +1

      i got ultra moon day 1
      i had no choice but to go in blind

  • Miso
    Miso 4 months ago +3

    Im gonna take like 5 minutes to appreciate that last battle because holy shit that was so good

  • They call me stupid
    They call me stupid 2 months ago

    That final battle was AMAZING HOLY CRAP

  • Edits5637
    Edits5637 3 months ago

    Man I love the way you just edited the ending you should do that in every nuzlock you do

  • Greg Anthony Saloga_ol

    The last fight was awesome, literally crazy. And the very last part gave me goosebumps, it's the same as Jaiden, in her platinum nuzlocke. Keep it up mah dude

  • Oscar Arias
    Oscar Arias Month ago

    Dude! That final battle was sick! 🙌

  • HelloThere553
    HelloThere553 4 months ago +190

    Ironic that both Young Yong and Jaiden won their first nuzlocke on their first try, but had to do a retry on the second nuzlocke

    • Görkem Erdinç HD
      Görkem Erdinç HD 3 months ago +2

      ye but jaiden won the second try he most likely didn't

    • Da Goofy Hats
      Da Goofy Hats 3 months ago +4

      @Görkem Erdinç HDyou remember when she said that she felt like she was supposed to lose? That was probably meant that she failed the first run of platinum and won the second

    • Görkem Erdinç HD
      Görkem Erdinç HD 3 months ago +1

      @Da Goofy Hats i know and i mean the second attempt jaiden won but young most likely lost but we cant know that

    • SimonS.H.E.L.O
      SimonS.H.E.L.O 3 months ago

      More like convinient and coincidental

    • shinobu simp
      shinobu simp 3 months ago +1

      @Da Goofy Hats jaiden got really unlucky on her elite four try so she didn't restart she just redid the league and won that's why she said that and young yong dind't loose

  • PrismShorts
    PrismShorts 28 days ago

    I love how the Pokémon teamed up on their opponents

  • MegaGundam VA
    MegaGundam VA 25 days ago

    Oh that animation at the end for the final battle was SICK and felt like a real anime/Pokemon fight amazing work

  • Blackbeard
    Blackbeard 2 months ago

    It's always fun to see a nuzlocke run get animated. Also, Idk if I'm looking too much into it, but at 24:36 in the background, for a split second or two, is that a nod at Jaiden's Platinum nuzlocke when she was in the Distorted World. If you look close enough, you can see what looks to be her trainer's silhouette.

  • Weston Wickman
    Weston Wickman 3 months ago

    Your Pokemon Nuzlocke videos are great!

  • Aaron Walkot
    Aaron Walkot 2 months ago

    After watching both nuzlockes this is impressive I really like the content keep it up

  • Carl Koopa
    Carl Koopa 4 months ago +129

    who allowed him to go so hard on the final battle animation tho, it's PHENOMENAL

    • Young Yong Tales
      Young Yong Tales  4 months ago +50

      5 months allowed me to do that XD

    • AlexThat200
      AlexThat200 4 months ago +7

      And it payed off immensely well! ❤️🔥

    • Corrupted
      Corrupted 3 months ago +2

      @Young Yong Talesthose 5 months were spent well

    • FreshHookRobot
      FreshHookRobot Month ago

      @Young Yong Tales win or lose, it was legendary

  • Eniah Rook
    Eniah Rook 3 months ago +1

    I am so impressed by the last fight, you and your team did an amazing job!

  • Anthony Moniz
    Anthony Moniz 3 months ago

    Be interesting to see how you do with a bug locke of Scarlet/Violet, also amazing job on the animation

    NARUTOPLAYZ 2 months ago +1

    Amazing final battle I absolutely loved it welly animated and Good background music just *MMMWWAAA* TRULY AMAZING!!!

  • Babamaster_420
    Babamaster_420 2 months ago +3

    The final move was literally fire Tanjiro said Water breathing unknown form garados rush

  • Joseph C. West
    Joseph C. West 3 months ago

    That final battle is incredible!

  • Claregammer101
    Claregammer101 4 months ago +403

    I like how Lillie constantly has stressed eyes, it captures her character so simply yet so perfectly

  • John Eusebio
    John Eusebio 3 months ago +2

    Some of your best work yet!! And that battle sequence at the end.. WHEW BOY that was amazing

  • C Gallicl
    C Gallicl 2 months ago

    I like how at the end with the z moves it looks like you gave both mons their own signature z move

  • impressionists
    impressionists Month ago

    This pokemon deserved more hype, one of my fav after classic ones

  • Haslinda Daa
    Haslinda Daa 4 months ago

    for those wondering about the last scene, it's Giratina who makes an appearance

  • V1nce general
    V1nce general 3 months ago

    That final battle was the best thing I have ever seen

  • ~8-BIT~
    ~8-BIT~ 4 months ago +255

    Honestly the end credits scene was top-notch!

  • Kian Raven Alastoy
    Kian Raven Alastoy 4 months ago

    what a grate nuzlocke i'hope we see another in the future

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith 4 months ago

    Why did the animation and the beat have to hit so hard that was epic

  • Whale99
    Whale99 3 months ago

    So glad that this game was done,one of my favorite pokemon ever is ribombee

  • Jeki Chaniago
    Jeki Chaniago 4 months ago

    Man i love this! as a fellow Mono Bug trainer who tends to play Mono Bug on every Pokemon Game, I can agree Volcarona is a beast! one Quiver Dance is all you need to sweep through everything! I love the excellent choice of team but its sad that Araquanid needs to go that early, he's really the best bulky sweeper in this team!

  • Fluffy fellow
    Fluffy fellow 3 months ago +1

    Ultra Moon was my first Pokémon game. This is so nostalgic to watch!

  • BigBro
    BigBro 4 months ago +299

    That ending animation gave me goosebumps 😤👌🏻

    • Coyolord
      Coyolord 3 months ago +10

      the only time someone willingly watches the credits for a youtube video.

    • Surya Candra Buana
      Surya Candra Buana 3 months ago +4

      That is most goosebump off fight

    • Phvmaster
      Phvmaster 3 months ago +1

      I still do not undestand what it meant, like, he showed him wining, was that like, because of the Ultra Necrozma? Or did he actuslly lose to the last rival battle

    • Coyolord
      Coyolord 3 months ago +1

      @Phvmaster he won. He just animated the last rival battle to make it more interesting. Idk what the confusion os

    • Accie
      Accie 3 months ago +1

      ​@PhvmasterI think it is a hint of his next nuzlocke, which might be Platinum.

  • Stiff Meister
    Stiff Meister 4 months ago +1

    I love the designs you made for the Trial Pokemon. Truly adds to the sense of danger and overwhelming power that they hold.

  • Joey Teter
    Joey Teter 3 months ago

    With bug being my favorite type, I’m all in on your nuzzies!

  • PyroGaming64
    PyroGaming64 2 months ago +1

    The last fight animation was perfect and the video is so fun and amazing

  • Kyle Cooke
    Kyle Cooke 3 months ago

    Man those animations were crazy cool. Great video all around!

  • GDubbz
    GDubbz 3 months ago

    That ending!!!! Wow that was such a great video! You and your team put so much work into this and it shows! This is the first video of yours I’ve seen and I’m definitely going back and watching a lot more. Amazing editing, the ending gave me major Pokémon movie credit vibes.

  • TJ Toons
    TJ Toons 4 months ago +267

    That end had me at the edge of my seat! What a way to finish up!!! Insane job on the video Jon!!!

  • Towahir Ayat Arki
    Towahir Ayat Arki 3 months ago

    The end that gave me goosebumps the end was amazing

  • Just an islander's Corner

    The heck, that final battle animation was so cool.

  • Maple Soldier of the Leaf

    Is no one going to talk about the awesome Demon Slayer references as well as calling Buzzwool ESCANOR?! The animation at the end was just incredible 🎉

  • jsgoda1
    jsgoda1 3 months ago +1

    Ay Yo!! Your animation improved a lot man!! Keep up the good work👍☺️

  • Depth Explorer
    Depth Explorer 3 months ago

    This was the most epic final battle I have ever seen 29:00

  • Anonimni
    Anonimni 4 months ago +202

    I like how this is an actual sequel to the original with continuity and cameos from other youtubers

    • Ege Bahar
      Ege Bahar 4 months ago +18

      jaiden with giratina as well lol

    • Thatguychris93
      Thatguychris93 4 months ago +12

      I'm wondering with those glitch effects and references to jaidens game, if they're trying to build something up from the failed attempts...

    • Ege Bahar
      Ege Bahar 4 months ago +3

      @Thatguychris93 I JUST SAİD THAT WE GOT DA SAME İDİA

    • Anonimni
      Anonimni 4 months ago +1

      @Thatguychris93 actualy you're right i never tought about that

    • Young Yong Tales
      Young Yong Tales  4 months ago +15

      Thank you!

  • harrison lincoln
    harrison lincoln 4 months ago

    Loved the video especially the ending with it being animated i loved the galar locke and i hope you do kalos next

  • Rayneworld
    Rayneworld 3 months ago +1

    I don't really watch your content, I'm here from PC, but damn your animation is beautiful! This was awesome, especially the final fight you really went off and it was so epic.

  • Pablo Leon
    Pablo Leon 3 months ago

    Ohh maaaan... That final battle... The chills.... The kimetsu no yaiba moment... that was awesome!!

  • Patrick KH
    Patrick KH 3 months ago

    Im surprised you defeated ultra necrozma on the second try with only bug types! Thats impressive

  • Chris Bennett
    Chris Bennett Month ago

    The 23:49 “Ooh how pretty” gets me every time lol

  • ~8-BIT~
    ~8-BIT~ 4 months ago +58

    Do you know what is scary? When it flashed at the end, you could see Giratina

      SACRED NINETALES 4 months ago +2

      Wow, I didnt even catch that

      FREE ROBUX 4 months ago +1

      What does it mean

    • ~8-BIT~
      ~8-BIT~ 4 months ago +11

      @FREE ROBUX Jaiden Animation's nuzlocke reference

    • 6Pokèfan9 Hatt
      6Pokèfan9 Hatt 4 months ago +7

      Or his next nuzlocke is in Paltinum?

    • Snow Kitty
      Snow Kitty 4 months ago +11

      It's a hint that Incenorar(?) sweeped his team and he lost the challenge. Also Lore

  • Kerekami Wollford
    Kerekami Wollford 3 months ago

    Well i would say since you do a Monotype nuzlock (and there are not many useable bugs) no one should complain about 1 or 2 dupes (and as you said its the evolution) so keep your hard work up i love it ❤
    Btw at the end i LOVE the part where you included the same as Jaiden did with Giratina

  • Shifter
    Shifter 3 months ago

    That final fight was so good! However! I noticed something a little special when tofu journeyed to the distortion world, for a few frames you can see a figure just on the top right a little detail but one I like 👀

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith 2 months ago

    The animation at the end was amazing

  • OmegaZ777
    OmegaZ777 3 months ago

    Still working on getting a successful Ultra Sun Nuzlocke completed. Been over a year since I started my attempts. No idea what the number is but still enjoying it regardless. Farthest I've mad eit is the Lucamine fight before she jumps in the portal

  • FIRE X
    FIRE X 3 months ago +1

    Hope another nuzlocke will come soon❤

  • WolfitoM
    WolfitoM 4 months ago +161

    I think that he experienced the same as Jaiden where he was defeated in the last battle or either a lot of his pokemon died, but he retried bringing Golisopod and won
    Damn dude, this video was awesome keep up with the amazing work and animation!!

    • Blazing A
      Blazing A 4 months ago +13

      He had golisopod in his team the whole league challenge. He might of been having a flashback to either the first ultra moon or necrozma run.

    • Otinium
      Otinium 4 months ago +10

      I think he referenced Jaiden in the distortion world cause in the background you see a humanoid figure phase in and out of existaces

    • LalaMysteria
      LalaMysteria 4 months ago +8

      @Otinium Definitely! If you slow the vid down and go frame by frame you can see it's Giratina that appears there for a sec!

    • FiusionMaster
      FiusionMaster 4 months ago +2

      @Otinium yes

  • 2KP1NG
    2KP1NG 4 months ago

    For the final battle tanjiro really went “water breathing 10th form constant flux”

  • Crimson-Pendragon-X
    Crimson-Pendragon-X 3 months ago

    Looks like the Main Story of Ultra Sun is completed, but now the team RR episode is up next, but if he does, it Young will be surprised to see each evil boss

  • Chakradhar Nandapurkar
    Chakradhar Nandapurkar 2 months ago

    The final fight animation was super 👍

  • Bob
    Bob 3 months ago +1

    I loved the final battle I just love how it played with the credits and kind of reminds me of the ending of Pokémon origins

  • Spirit Hero
    Spirit Hero 2 months ago

    Yo the shot of giratina flashing by him as he almost lost and as a reference to Jaiden’s series that was incredible. Please do a paldea nuzlocke

  • M4IL94
    M4IL94 4 months ago +55

    Fun fact: pokedex entries for returning pokemon in Alola tend to be a lot more brutal for some reason

    • Rayneworld
      Rayneworld 3 months ago +2

      Fr. I just chalk it up to Rotom being unhinged because I like the narrative of that.

  • JasonBurgers
    JasonBurgers 4 months ago

    The ending was so badass

  • That one weirdo
    That one weirdo 2 months ago

    It’s so great to see people care about Pokémon sun/moon