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(CC) 👑ITZY Getting a Makeover by KIDS Will SURPRISE You! | IT’z PLAYTIME EP.3

  • Published on Mar 6, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    ITZY has kids as their stylists for the day.👼🏻💄
    Let's see how fabulous they can be!
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    Coming on March 22th!
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  • hello82
    hello82  2 years ago +6409

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    • Olennn
      Olennn 2 years ago +7

      Let's Go!!!

    • Rayray Dabs
      Rayray Dabs 2 years ago +5

      Great video and will definitely participate in this

    • ITZYMelody
      ITZYMelody 2 years ago +9

      Thank you so much for the opportunity. Love Love Love ITZY!🥰

    • Noc S
      Noc S 2 years ago +10

      1:01 Layna is honestly stealing the show for me😭😭

    • ryunitedWitzy
      ryunitedWitzy 2 years ago +10

      7:49 awwww layna is so cute that Lia had to pinch her🥺🥺

  • jam
    jam 2 years ago +9887


    • Dsapphire Plays
      Dsapphire Plays 2 years ago +117


    • Dancingheart622
      Dancingheart622 2 years ago +498

      We might have to give her a call...

    • Hannah Jade
      Hannah Jade 2 years ago +293

      She is all of us when singing along, let's be real.
      "notshy notshy notshy iiiiitzzzyyyy"
      *hand waves*

    • UrFriendlyRat Com
      UrFriendlyRat Com 2 years ago +235

      PLS she looks like shes ready for a comeback 😩😩😩

    • Jd2816
      Jd2816 2 years ago +21

      1k th like :D

  • ♡︎yourlocalbitchhere♡︎

    "Noo, WE're prettier, we're all pretty" I LOVE THISSS

    • Rhea ☆
      Rhea ☆ 9 months ago +50

      Equality cuz we luv little queens!!

    • Vexpecto
      Vexpecto 8 months ago +8


    • jas
      jas 7 months ago +7


    • TheAstronaut
      TheAstronaut 5 months ago +19

      Ikr. Kids are always so innocent and pure.

    • r._xmoon
      r._xmoon 3 months ago


  • bbyuning 💋🤍
    bbyuning 💋🤍 Year ago +1458

    I love how Chloe was so insecure and scared about what Lia would think of her makeup look. But Lia hyped her up and made her happy. And Chloe did so good. 👑

  • CyperpunkMochi
    CyperpunkMochi 7 months ago +360

    Yeji and Ryujin looking good in literally anything and being heart throbs

  • al
    al Year ago +2493

    Ryujin's so sweet she even posted photos on insta with that look and mentioned Aella's name. 💗

  • rrissaw
    rrissaw 5 months ago +549

    Yeji: kind mom
    Lia: kind mom
    Ryujin: kind mom
    Yuna: kind mom
    Chaeryung: cat

  • Kiwi con patas
    Kiwi con patas Year ago +11728

    Yeji: cool mom
    Lia: protective mom
    Ryujin: loving mom
    Yuna: Big sister
    Chaeryeong: *C A T*

  • ✨KaRiNtEr & WiNtErInA✨

    I like how lia's stylist plays with her little sister and demands her opinion about EVERYTHING! Such a great loving sister, not like the most of us with our siblings 😅

  • 싸커퀵
    싸커퀵 Year ago +646

    Yeji's styling is very fabulous and cute!

  • Grr
    Grr 9 months ago +154

    Lia was like a proud mom playing with her two kids on her free day and watching what a good bond they have created
    Yeji was just like this cool mom that would give all your friends cool nicknames and treat them as her own child and let you sip on her drink on like New Years or smth
    Ryujin was like this mom that would like stay up all night with you to talk about stuff and watch movies
    Yuna was straight up the older sister that would take you on 2 am McDonals trip
    Chear is like your favorite cousin that would always help you escape family dramas and stuff
    I adore this video so much

  • Death_by_Kim_Yooyheon
    Death_by_Kim_Yooyheon Year ago +573

    There's something about Ryujin's accent when she speaks English that drives me insane ( but in a good way ) love every second of it

  • ` 𝘩𝘺𝘶𝘯𝘨
    ` 𝘩𝘺𝘶𝘯𝘨 5 months ago +201

    I liked Yeji and Lia's style , looks cute and unique. 💕

  • mella
    mella 2 years ago +15515

    I love how the big sister of layna keeps encouraging her toddler sister and makes her play with her. Such a loving big sister

    • gabirréelle
      gabirréelle 2 years ago +121

      ✨Wheein✨ 😍

    • sus
      sus 2 years ago +374


    • mella
      mella 2 years ago +45

      @gabirréelle wow! I feel happy because of your comment 😂

    • XzXzX
      XzXzX 2 years ago +29

      Yes! There also so cute😃🥰

    • beccadaiju
      beccadaiju 2 years ago +23

      I think she spoke Spanish said mira

  • Cassidy
    Cassidy Year ago +626

    Lmfaoooo Chae has me dyingggg lol . She thought she was gone get a cat-eye look but the child meant an actual cat but the shock in Chae’s face & voice once she realized what the kid meant by “cat” is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

  • Aakannkshaa I
    Aakannkshaa I Year ago +364

    Everyone needs someone in their life like the way Ryujin looks at the kid so lovingly and adorably

  • clubOrange
    clubOrange Year ago +138

    Love her Yeji went along with anything. She just complimented the whole look.

  • Elle Mari
    Elle Mari Year ago +140

    yeji's stylist is such a hype girl! whoever planted those seeds of kindness to her sure be proud how it's blooming and it shows in this show 💛

  • SoBunnyz
    SoBunnyz 3 months ago +45

    The fact that yeji actually looks like she would wear that in an official mv

  • 바나나 Ba Nana
    바나나 Ba Nana 2 years ago +21459

    Chloe is such a good sister, she's guiding Layna so well through the video, and she always make sure that Layna gets included in every shot.

  • Sheetal S
    Sheetal S Year ago +38

    Chaeryoung looked so cute in the cat concept..... I don't understand why people say that she's not beautiful... She's gorgeous with or without makeup and so are the other members :)

  • ʚ 𝘓𝘰𝘰𝘯𝘢 𝘏𝘦𝘭𝘱𝘪𝘦𝘻 ɞ

    Yeji's stylist is so creative

  • ʚ m♡chii ɞ
    ʚ m♡chii ɞ 7 days ago +1

    I love how yeji was trying to persuade lily into picking the basic outfit but she picked the most chaotic one 😭

  • yooniverse
    yooniverse Year ago +145

    i love how sienna turned yuna into a princess, i actually really like what sienna did, and i also like chaeryeong and lia's looks, its so cute and normal

  • Han yeji
    Han yeji 9 months ago +61

    Ryujin is such a good babysitter

  • Emerald Nicki
    Emerald Nicki 2 years ago +3970

    Lia - protective Mother
    Ryujin - cool and caring Aunt
    Yeji - Fun Aunt
    Chae - cute older sister
    Yuna - KID’s friend and seatmate 😝

  • JennieNik
    JennieNik 9 months ago +44

    Это было самое милое шоу, которое я когда-либо видела в своей жизни.

    • Ksusha's vlogs
      Ksusha's vlogs 4 months ago +1

      Рюджин сказала на русском иди ко мне или мне кажется?

    • Tuko
      Tuko 4 months ago


  • Ana Lídia
    Ana Lídia 6 months ago +29

    a Ryujin e a Yeji gostam muito de crianças 🥺

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha Month ago +1

    I love how they all love the kids omg so wholesome

  • 𝙆-𝙥𝙤𝙥 𝙣𝙤𝙤𝙙𝙡𝙚

    Yeji : Great Sister
    Ryujin : Caring Mom
    Chaeyoung : Energetic Big Sister
    Yuna : Cute Sister
    Lia : Funny Sister

  • I R I S H
    I R I S H 9 months ago +64

    Ryujin can be a good mother someday ❤️
    They are all so cute esp. Layna ❤️

  • Beauty Cookie
    Beauty Cookie Year ago +3367

    I love how Lia reacts to the final look. Seems like Chole was worried about her reaction, but as soon as Lia said she'd re-do that makeup on the future stage, Chole's face instantly got brighter. ☺☺☺

  • Euphoria
    Euphoria Year ago +107

    The way Yeji was trying to persuade Liliy 🤣🤣🤣
    Also, Yeji gives me major pinata vibes, and Yuna gives me mom vibes

  • Lulu
    Lulu Year ago +83

    THIS IS THE MOST CUTEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN I love to see how they treat that little girls with so much love and how they communicate

  • Hajlékony Dino
    Hajlékony Dino 9 months ago +14

    Yeji and Chloe are just the perfect big sis and little sis duo💗😄

  • Hyunji
    Hyunji Year ago +36

    Ryujin realmente parece gostar de crianças💞🤩🤩

  • eclaire
    eclaire Year ago +46

    the kid with yeji warmed my heart so bad :(( she’s so adorable omg

  • Alison Muller
    Alison Muller 2 years ago +3698

    I love how the young girls are saying princesses, strong, brave, everyone’s pretty etc. This is how we should be raising our young females! Kudos to their parents!!!

    • romulus pack
      romulus pack 2 years ago +119

      TRUEEE OMG i love how kids think way more peaceful than people nowadays, theyre proving that humans can be born good. i really love their way of thinking 💕

    • cherry blossoms
      cherry blossoms 2 years ago +3

      @romulus pack you said it so well :)

    • The Zambian Prince
      The Zambian Prince 2 years ago +12

      This is the hope that is needed and for us to protect their innocence to have a proper childhood. Props to their parents

    • Dragonclaw the warrior cat sandwing
      Dragonclaw the warrior cat sandwing 9 months ago

      Everyone’s pretty except me

  • KebiKeb
    KebiKeb Year ago +35

    im gonna be honest, these kids are better than Itzy's stylist sometimes 💀

  • Seelie Queen
    Seelie Queen Year ago +71

    Ryujin is so good with kids this makes my heart smile 😊 💕

  • — sofxriee ! ♡
    — sofxriee ! ♡ Month ago +2

    Chaeryeong is literally so cute 😭 she's my bias ♡

  • Starwisp
    Starwisp Year ago +45

    Ryujin is so cute with kids 🥺

  • paulina Rojas
    paulina Rojas Year ago +55

    yuna telling sienna that she reminds her of the little version of her was so heartwarming she’s a sweetheart!

  • aonz ☆彡
    aonz ☆彡 Year ago +5036

    so nobody gonna talk about how cute is that baby layna is ?? 😭

  • ji-yoo
    ji-yoo Year ago +38

    Yeji is so sweet with the kids, love her so much!! 💗

  • always 🏳️‍🌈
    always 🏳️‍🌈 Year ago +13

    Este probablemente sea el video más adorable que he visto en mi corta vida

  • jaywhypee
    jaywhypee Year ago +62


  • Scale
    Scale 25 days ago +2

    The way Chloe is thoughtful of Layna 🩷

  • skz world domination
    skz world domination 9 months ago +13

    It's too cute!! Kids and Itzy are the highest level of cuteness

    ITEEZ 2 years ago +4651

    Seeing ITZY engage with kids is so adorable every episode has been fun to watch these girls are absolutely one of a kind

  • L
    L Year ago +21

    the most precious moments ♥️
    3:00 and 14:00 🥺

  • can't sleep
    can't sleep 9 months ago +11

    The kids actually did a great make over 😭

  • youka. ♡
    youka. ♡ Year ago +41

    Chloe is perfect for being a good older sister to Layna, what a cute sibling relationship😻😻

  • a d i t i
    a d i t i Year ago +19

    Aella did a great job. I love how ryujin was looking at her soooo lovingly. Love them💗

  • circusrabbit
    circusrabbit 2 years ago +6816

    ryujin and lia were the most chill among all five, they were like literally letting the girls do all they want. followed by chaeryeong and yuna, then there’s this hip-unicorn yeji 😂

  • Rosé's lollipop
    Rosé's lollipop Year ago +11

    Yeji and Ryujin are just mom material

  • MT_girl
    MT_girl Month ago

    I feel like Ryujin will be a great mom later, she's so loving, protective and caring!

  • LizzyBetty🇧🇷
    LizzyBetty🇧🇷 3 months ago

    Título alternativo: Crianças preparando ITZY para o Carnaval 😄

  • Mia Mochiko
    Mia Mochiko 23 days ago

    Layna was such a cutie! She made me want a lollipop lmao. Any Chloe is such a good sister letting her Layna try to help also lol. Also loved how Yeji’s style came out. It reminded me of 2ne1 in their early colorful concepts lol.

  • Lana Bougainvillea
    Lana Bougainvillea 8 months ago +10

    I actually think Yeji's looked kind of cool, it seems random but all the pieces suit each other pretty well

  • Jahnvi Vaghela
    Jahnvi Vaghela 2 years ago +5020

    3:13 when Lily said "all of us are pretty"
    It makes me so happy that the new generation of kids are all confident and love themselves

    • Mintea Matcha
      Mintea Matcha 2 years ago +309

      I just hope that when they grow older, theyll stay thinking that way..

    • Fers Sk
      Fers Sk 2 years ago +91

      I was like that too lmao. Now I just...

    • Kim Namjoon
      Kim Namjoon 2 years ago +50

      Ik it was so refreshing

    • Brynn Armijo
      Brynn Armijo 2 years ago +59

      Also she was so adorable she kept calling Yeji cute 😭😭😭💗💗💗

    • Yugi
      Yugi 2 years ago +12

      i almost cry bro so cute

  • 🇦🇷ARMY streaming Jisoo's solo

    I've seen this video on my recommendations for months, but I didn't want to watch it if I wasn't a Midzy yet. Now I am, so I finally watched, and... It's the cutest, most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

  • Gabrielle Sinclair
    Gabrielle Sinclair 8 months ago +8

    Layna saying Lia’s name melted my heart she is so cute 😭❤️

  • Screamzzz
    Screamzzz Year ago +9

    01:15 she slayed 😻

  • _only.yeji03
    _only.yeji03 Year ago +16

    omg lia layna and chloe just melt my heart they r all so cute together

  • ★-¡ʰʸᵉᶦⁿˣ¹⁵-¡★

    lia: the reliable big sister
    Yeji:The cool mom
    Ryujin: the mom who cares
    yuna:the older sister who acts like the younger sister
    chaeryoung:da CAT

  • Moontess
    Moontess Year ago +5336

    I get the feeling that Ryujin really loves kids. She really worked hard to draw Aella out of her shell and bond with her.

    • シhoney-suckleシ
      シhoney-suckleシ Year ago +72

      Im jealous of her kids if she has but if she's the cool aunty I don't have to cry heehhehe

    • Haasitha
      Haasitha Year ago +42

      @Olivia Stuck doesn’t mean if you are a k-pop idol (even a famous one ) you cannot have children . they have rights to decide if they want to r not

    • taishi - account transferred
      taishi - account transferred Year ago +6

      @Haasitha Probably the kid wouldn’t be revealed due to those saesangs or whatever stalking the kids, so you’d not really know. Also it’s likely they’re not gonna have kids, company rules? I’m not a fan of K-POP, just guessing

    • Haasitha
      Haasitha Year ago +4

      @taishi - account transferred yes the kids would probably not be revealed but they can and have the rights to have a kid

  • Simply_Alghala
    Simply_Alghala 4 months ago +3

    chloe and an GREAT big sister, the fact that she makes sure that Layana is included in every single scene!❤❤

  • metho
    metho 5 months ago +1

    I think lia's stylist is actually good in this one! Lia is the only one that doesnt have random splatches of glitter and an actually good fitting outfit

  • Midzy4itzy
    Midzy4itzy 7 months ago +5

    Literally Lia's stylists know a lot about Fashion and makeup✨💄

  • ᴿᴹㅤㅤꜱᴜɴᴍɪ☁️ㅤ

    Mis niñas preciosas todas se ven muy lindas en especial mi chae

  • Taeyoonkookiminamjinhope
    Taeyoonkookiminamjinhope 8 months ago +3

    i LOVE chloe shes rlly chaotic and outgoing and shes such a good elder sister taking care of layna and making sure she doesnt feel left out and enjoys her time i rlly hope she has a great life ahead of her shes rlly sweet cute pretty and talented😭✋🏻

  • Izzy Dizzy
    Izzy Dizzy 2 years ago +4450

    I love how Layna just enjoys her lollipop and and answers casually when she’s asked. Such a cutie!😆😆😆

  • فطوم
    فطوم Year ago +20

    When Aella danced to not shy my heart melted she is so precious 😭😭🥺💗

  • Andreea-Cristina Scutăreanu

    Just imagine if they would actually re-do these styles in one of their mvs and the kids will see and be so happy about it~~

  • Ella G
    Ella G Month ago

    yuna and sienna slayed. they ate that runway up. and great dynamic

  • aormsktm
    aormsktm 3 months ago +1

    my favorite part is 14:36 when they all walk down the isle with their stylists. they all bonded so nicely with the kids and it was super cute and fun to see the final look

  • Katie Swerissen
    Katie Swerissen 4 months ago +4

    I love ryunjin with kids its just so cute

  • Saradhi De silva
    Saradhi De silva Year ago +2549

    I am not even a itzy stan but this is the most wholesome kpop content i saw in recent times.

  • Doxical
    Doxical 5 months ago +4

    Chloe did amazing. Y is no one talking about her. She was like the only one they knew something about makeup lmfao

  • enz
    enz Year ago +16

    Lily really predicted Yeji's Loco Era hairstyle with that pink hair extension JSJJSJS

  • litakarita
    litakarita 9 months ago +8

    me gusta el look de yeji es me gusta

  • Я.л.к.в.м.о.м.

    Какие миленькие и добрые дети))

  • Twice ;) Once
    Twice ;) Once Year ago +43

    Lily gave Yeji a swag rapper look

  • Irs Smbs
    Irs Smbs 2 years ago +1628

    I love the way Yeji rides along with what Lily does. She’s so cute and pretty. Lily even called her a princess and queen.
    Kids really don’t lie. ☺️

    • HH
      HH 2 years ago +20

      For real they are so cute and have a good chemistry together!😂✨

    • Evan Jungclaus
      Evan Jungclaus 2 years ago +2

      I can’t get over how chill they are with this 😂
      It’s so cringe for me to watch and at the same time I can’t stop laughing how adorable they are 🥰

    • Brian Littrell
      Brian Littrell 2 years ago

      Some kids lie, but I'm pretty sure these kids didn't.

    • HH
      HH 2 years ago +2

      @Brian Littrell Fact : Kids are mostly honest and can't lie

    • Brian Littrell
      Brian Littrell 2 years ago +2

      @HH I don't know if that's a fact but I can agree that young kids are mostly honest. Teenagers are much more likely to lie than younger kids.

  • Ayluu
    Ayluu 4 months ago +1

    Chloe es una gran hermana, me dió mucha ternura como trata a Layna ♡

  • Meri Tuato
    Meri Tuato Year ago +11

    Lia and Chaeryoung look good in both makeover and outfit❤❤. Yeji's makeover looks cool and colourful🌈. Yuna looks fancy👌 and Ryujin looks like the best princess.☺😍 and very good poses.

  • Nawal Abdinasir
    Nawal Abdinasir Month ago +3

    Itzy are soo good and gentle with kids

  • Shay’s Planet
    Shay’s Planet Year ago +7

    they’re all so good with kids!! i’m crying this is so cute 😭😭

  • gabdvdkxdjdnbd
    gabdvdkxdjdnbd 3 months ago +1

    Espero que alguna vez aparezca STRAY KIDS en este canal POR FAVOR.

  • Rose Chrysalis
    Rose Chrysalis 2 years ago +2466

    Yeji: just one of those cool moms 😂
    Lia: trusts her stylists completely and adores Layna
    Chae: done with everything and not haven’t it but still a confident kitty 😂
    Yuna: reliving her childhood
    Ryujin: astonished by the girl’s dance + just going along with it (the cool older sister)

    • J dsnce_
      J dsnce_ 2 years ago +12

      I’m totally yeji and my bias and she’s leader I am leader of my younger siblings

    • HH
      HH 2 years ago +3

      Lmao Yeji one is so true love how she is just so natural and go with the flow😂

    • K Nelson
      K Nelson 2 years ago +3

      Chaeryeong really did look done with everything lmao

    • Winx club Flora 🌺
      Winx club Flora 🌺 Year ago

      Lia is my bias

    • Dr Rupnath Pegu
      Dr Rupnath Pegu Year ago

      layna is so cute💕💕💕

  • 4Gzzy_
    4Gzzy_ Year ago

    Preciso de uma performance com esses looks pra ontem mano

  • Ana Júlia
    Ana Júlia Year ago +6

    Yeji divertindo a Lily
    Yuna sendo adorável com a Sienna
    Lia garantindo de incluir ambas Layna e Chloe
    Chaery apoiando e sendo um amor com a Ceren
    Ryujin quase adotando a Aella
    Esse vídeo tem tudo pra ser minha fonte de conforto e felicidade, e ele é

  • Andrea Gallagher
    Andrea Gallagher 4 months ago

    Wow! 💖✨
    No soy su fan pero se portaron super lindas y me cayeron súper bien
    Son muy adorables

  • Cotton Clouds
    Cotton Clouds 5 months ago

    no matter what itzy is wearing, they always pull it off and look good

  • Машик😼
    Машик😼 10 months ago +2

    Они так мило это делают

  • chaerrylia
    chaerrylia 2 years ago +1330

    the way Lia acts with kids melts my heart. She's seriously as sweet as the kids.

  • Jelly bear 🧸🐻

    Honestly all the members slayed

  • 😴Jam is always sleepy😒

    The kids look SoOo happy and comfortable with them😍 ....I love the way Itzy talked to the kids they all look SoOo cute together...🤩🤩🤩👍👍👍💜💜💜

  • Ela Yavuz
    Ela Yavuz 4 months ago +4

    I love Yeji's makeup 😂😂😂