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BAD NEWS for Mercedes after W14 Upgrade...

  • Published on May 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • #f1news #mercedes #lewishamilton
    The biggest anticipated upgrade of the season was finally unveiled at the Monaco Grand Prix. And after racing it through the streets last weekend the team revealed their first thoughts on the upgrade. Will this be the beginning of a Mercedes redemption race? For now, Toto Wolff feels Mercedes' improvements at the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix have resulted in some "encouraging" developments.
    Mercedes provided some long-awaited improvements to the underperforming W14 car for the Monaco race, which had been delayed due to the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix postponement.
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  • Eddy Marcellin
    Eddy Marcellin 4 months ago +3

    There was definitely some improvement. I’m excited for this weekend to see close to, if not the full impact of the upgrades.

    • F-F
      F-F 4 months ago

      Felt exactly the same as before, worst qualy pace than the Ferraris but better race pace.

  • Rotn Bazturd
    Rotn Bazturd 4 months ago +6

    I think Monaco has too many variables to properly determine if the upgrades are an improvement. Monaco is more of a drivers track than a car performance track. Spain will be a better track to judge the upgrades.

  • Drummer-4D
    Drummer-4D 4 months ago

    As a professional 3D Artist myself with the simple passion for aerodynamics (no studied engineer here), I'd say considering that there are several shots at different angles available of the floor of the Redbull, it is totally possible to come up with a near to 100% replica model... but most importantly rather than simply copying, it makes sense just to understand how it works for coming up with a new version based on the same concept. Good luck engineers, I am sure someone will figure it out. Good news for F1 as total domination from one team is never good for the sport.

  • Oscar Salgado
    Oscar Salgado 4 months ago +4

    Well the rear wing was a desaster

  • OES 25
    OES 25 4 months ago

    Well we have no idea. It's Monaco. The car looked "drive-able". If anything, we saw the drivers handle them to a decent position and can't draw any conclusions on the car, only the drivers. Lewis presented a positive view of things when interviewed though, but that might also possibly be a conscious move to lighten team spirit even, as it slipped out of him that he still found the car hard to drive during qualifying. I think we can say the car is at least driveable, but not at all if it's actually any faster yet. The car will stretch its legs next weekend and then we will see... Rougly the same, better or even worse? We'll see in Barcelona and the coming races...

  • OldManRoo
    OldManRoo 4 months ago +1

    They're being too hard on the drivers for having their cars lifted up in the air. They could just have easily been taken out by someone else with the same result. Same with a mechanical failure.

    • Gerard S.
      Gerard S. 4 months ago

      It's definitely not the same thing, but when I race at Monaco on F1 games, I make sure damage is turned way down, lol.

  • Sam Kieser
    Sam Kieser 4 months ago

    get rid of the black livery make it a silver arrow