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Does the Tunnel LEAK when it Rains

  • Published on Mar 21, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Lots of people have asked this and it rained quite hard the other day so here is the answer.
    Check out latest video here clip-share.net/video/diAxiWkwlC0/video.html
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  • Krumpits
    Krumpits 8 months ago +14892

    I like how the video wasnt "no it doesnt leak, i planned for this!" and instead was "yeah idk why it doesnt leak either lol"

    • Scott Whitley
      Scott Whitley 2 days ago

      @David Elliottit’s not lucky, a lot of Englands soil make up is clay based that makes it perfect for digging

    • MonkeyJedi99
      MonkeyJedi99 4 days ago

      Dense clay soils are pretty amazing at not letting water impinge.
      That becomes a problem for deserts like in the US Southwest, for when it rains there, the water runs off before it can soak in all that much, and thus very little grows.

    • Nathan W.
      Nathan W. Month ago

      momento mori 🥲

    • carpii
      carpii Month ago

      It reminds me of Raymond Blanc demonstrating one of his recipes...
      The chorizo is warm and spicy, this squid is tender and succulent, and these potatoes... well these potatoes are still hard. Why? I've no idea. I don't know everything

    • jama211
      jama211 Month ago


  • FBI
    FBI Day ago +1

    No one is gonna talk about how he is going down that smooth ladder with only his socks on ?

  • Seth Smith
    Seth Smith 8 months ago +282

    I have so many questions, and not a single one has to do with rain 😂

    • Gen. General
      Gen. General 4 days ago +1

      @BarmAcidic never mind the wealth, very few people have the time ,effort and skill it takes to make a bunker. This bunker would still be somewhat effective against non nuclear bombs, and it would be perfect for drinking with the boys

    • requim_03
      requim_03 21 day ago

      ​@k mac maybe a tunnel to the bank lockers 👀 who knows....

    • BarmAcidic
      BarmAcidic Month ago +2

      @Daniel Smith that bunker isn’t deep enough to be effective against any of the sort of stuff you’re implying, and the air tube is lacking a filter.
      Very few people have the wealth to make an effective bunker.

    • Daniel Smith
      Daniel Smith Month ago +3

      With the way the world is at the moment everybody should be building bunkers lol

    • Rick Van Dam
      Rick Van Dam Month ago +4

      @k mac just a lad that build a bunker
      Why not if you got the money for it?

  • Infernal Daedra
    Infernal Daedra Day ago

    Colin you need to get a cap or screen for the vents, rodents are absolutely going to run into that hole.

  • Robby Bobby
    Robby Bobby 5 months ago +42

    I can only imagine someone coming across this clip without seeing a single Colin furze video. Reaction must be priceless

    • metallboy25
      metallboy25 Month ago +1

      Ive never seen him before.

    • Toro76
      Toro76 2 months ago +3

      Yeah, that would be me right now.
      I have soooooo many questions

  • Gilgamesh
    Gilgamesh 8 months ago +2481

    Colin is living the dream we all once had when we were once a kid.

    • Joel Chrysler
      Joel Chrysler 2 months ago

      Once, I was a kid once

    • Xpect
      Xpect 2 months ago

      Once? as a kid? I still want a house with an underground bunker and save escape tunnel. Add to that a secret garage underneath the normal driveway and... yeah... I need it!

    • Gregory Holland
      Gregory Holland 2 months ago

      @Witold Schwenke with a bulkhead to smash it out through, totally

    • The Hacker
      The Hacker 2 months ago

      The majority of engineers that aren't doing it for money are literally just children with a better understanding of how things work and how to make things work.

    • marcus martin
      marcus martin 2 months ago

      @J hey, nasa make us believed that they went to the moon in 1969 using potato technology but they destroyed that technology, now nasa cant go back to the moon with 2022 technology. Building tunnels using woods is not a bad idea, even miners today still using woods to make tunnels.

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo 8 months ago +4

    I just can't imagine how freaking cool it must be having your very own bunker and tunnel system under your house. It's just so cool.

  • Rytime
    Rytime 12 hours ago

    It's called sheet flow....your soil is clay....water does not pass thru clay...it sinks into the top soil and then hits the clay layer and then disperses laterally on top of the clay layer. You will never get a drop thru the clay.....when you make a man made pond....you use clay as a liner to hold the water in! Boom 💥there's your answer!

  • Pól Maólallaígh
    Pól Maólallaígh Month ago

    Colin, just one question. Did you cover the metal sheeting for the tunnel with some sort of rust proofing on the side of steel facing the soil to prevent corrosion ?

  • hen ko
    hen ko 8 months ago

    Through capillary action, it will eventually find its way in; unless, it’s somehow evaporating or being restrained, due to a positive pressure balance. Either way, awesome tunn

  • D L
    D L 8 months ago +1427

    I just can't imagine how freaking cool it must be having your very own bunker and tunnel system under your house. It's just so cool.

    • GembleRsK
      GembleRsK 8 months ago

      @Ckc dillpickle that too

    • Ckc dillpickle
      Ckc dillpickle 8 months ago

      @GembleRsK and a lot of money

    • Justin Lupo
      Justin Lupo 8 months ago

      Can't wait till the uploads " defending my basement hideout from my subscribers "

    • Axolotl UK
      Axolotl UK 8 months ago +1

      @MasterMuffin13 I'm not surprised

    • Him Him
      Him Him 8 months ago

      Just think that there were guys that did this in their basements during the cold war while working and taking care of their family

  • Harold
    Harold 8 months ago

    The water actually diverts into water tables and aquifers underground from my understanding. Gravity pulls it down regardless, and it happens to find its way either underground, to a local water source, or being used up by the soil and plants. That’s why your well water is muddy when it’s been raining a while too if you have one.

  • SadBut True
    SadBut True 8 months ago

    I can not put into words of how jealous of this tunnel I am. I've genuinely dreamed of having some sort of underground living space since I was a child (basements don't count lol) so this is a dream of mine.

  • J
    J 8 months ago

    Living the childhood dream.
    He must be brimming with excitement to connect it to his bunker.
    Crazy that Colin has TWO underground areas on his property now.

  • Old Smokey
    Old Smokey 6 months ago +7

    from my limited understanding of land and Colin's backyard, it's due to HOW deep Colin is. You're below the topsoil which captures MOST of the moisture. Whatever is left over enters into the air around you as water vapor or pools in underground lakes and streams, you're deep enough to be past the topsoil and into the stone and bedrock in your area BUT you're still shallow enough to miss any of places water would pool underground. You will likely have moisture issues if you get enough rain over a steady period of time but once the tunnel is finished it will be fine, since you encase all your underground projects in concrete the water won't penetrate it.

  • CharleyL
    CharleyL 8 months ago +497

    Not everybody would have the same experience. Your soil contains a lot of clay own at your tunnel level, which is quite waterproof. The clay and rocks together provide strength as well as blocking the water. Those with sandy soil below the lawn wouldn't do so well. I'm a retired EE Automation Engineer and very much enjoy your channel. I'm also amazed that you have survived some of your projects. Fun to watch someone else doing it though. I hope you survive a very long time, because I enjoy watching you.

    • Joseph Victory
      Joseph Victory 4 months ago

      Came here just to say this. Gonna need a LOT longer time soaking in water before clay starts getting bad.

    • Rus D
      Rus D 8 months ago +1

      @LlamaLoaf there is a Brit who did it and his video series is a testament to plucky amateur & grief suppression. Combateagle tunnel dig or something..

    • General Griffin
      General Griffin 8 months ago +2

      @MasterMuffin13 Clip-Share has been over-saturated with Minecraft content for a decade and the likelihood of you being able to compete with the established mega-channels is close to zero. Find yourself a niche that will work, focus on always creating better and more interesting videos but above all just have fun rather than worrying about views.

    • DeZo Pilot
      DeZo Pilot 8 months ago

      Why does the soil composition matter at all. As far as I'm aware, it's a tube that goes from sticking out of the ground in the surface all the way down into the wall of his bunker. Why doesn't the rain water go into the tube and end up in the tunnel. I don't think many people are asking why the water doesn't just go into the ground.

    • Justin Time
      Justin Time 8 months ago +1

      Yeah theres alot of places where that water would be s big problem

  • Denver Now
    Denver Now 8 months ago +7

    His wife: "I don't give a rat's ass if you dug that tunnel... you WILL take your shoes off for the new carpet!"

  • Francois Senecal-Tremblay JR

    I'm thinking that Colin needs to add an evaluator system to access the tunnel. That would be an awesome project to see. Maybe a hydraulic lift?

  • Joanna
    Joanna 8 months ago

    I just can't imagine how freaking cool it must be having your very own bunker and tunnel system under your house. It's just so cool.

  • Mike Broman
    Mike Broman 8 months ago

    Love the idea, have you though of using 2 90° bends on top to point it back down and putting a mesh screen in it to stop bugs from getting in?

  • Cat Gynt
    Cat Gynt 8 months ago +511

    Perhaps you could consider adding a cap over the pipe to deflect any driving rain and add a bit of screening to help inquisitive rodents and reptiles from falling into the tunnel. As others have mentioned, I wouldn’t be surprised if you weren’t capturing the rainwater into a cistern for future use. Cheers Colin... keep up your creativity.

    • Cat Gynt
      Cat Gynt 8 months ago

      @ElQuark0 The way Colin launches fireworks I would expect his kid(s) to light and drop one or two down to dear old dad... family traditions and all.

    • ElQuark0
      ElQuark0 8 months ago +1

      @EvanX No grenade is going to fit down that pipe, and also you're a lunatic for having that even cross your mind.

    • Cat Gynt
      Cat Gynt 8 months ago +2

      @RNG 999 snakes...

    • MyApologies
      MyApologies 8 months ago +2

      @RNG 999
      Slow worms, common lizards, grass snakes, adders, smooth snakes (rare but still a native reptile in the UK), Aesculapian snakes ETC.
      plenty of reptiles in England

    • BTC C.S.C
      BTC C.S.C 8 months ago +2

      @RNG 999 Yes... the place is full of the blighters.
      Take old Doris at No.10. One of the biggest Eaton Reptiles out there. 🤭 🤣

  • Jonathon Sweeney
    Jonathon Sweeney Month ago +1

    Can you add springs on each side of the ladder that have pedals on the top of them, that way you can stand on each side of the ladder and the springs slow you down enough, that you can just slide down the ladder?

  • T Hart
    T Hart 8 months ago

    I dig for a living. That looks like clay in your tunnel. We use clay in pond bases to make them not loss all the water they collect. So that's what I think. The clay is stopping the water once it permeates through the probably 6 inches to a foot of topsoil. Great job on all your projects.

  • Southtrack Productions
    Southtrack Productions 7 months ago

    I reckon, just to cancel out any possibility of rainwater coming down the pipe, the top of the pipe at the surface level should have a horseshoe bend on the top so that it faces towards the ground. That way you still have ventilation, but without running the risk of it facing directly to the sky and having rainwater fall directly down the pipe. Then install a fine screen over the end to stop pests getting in.

  • Ty Clark
    Ty Clark 8 months ago

    Your tunnel is about the coolest thing I've ever known someone to build n mostly by yourself. It's amazing sir, you've done what very few people could accomplish in life. Wish I had a hideaway like yours. Hope u have the means to protect it from any n everyone as well. If you don't currently have a nbc scrubber, I'd definitely look into getting it in place asap.
    I am sure you have stashed food, water n a decent bed ect. 30 yrs ago I was really considering having a bug out cave similar to yours. But raising a family took most of my $$$ n time paying taxes so our treasonous criminal politicians can piss it all away for their benefits.
    Now I am a ole paradog n damn near 90% dead, but have 15 wonderful gkids I love more than life itself. With the possibility of nuclear war upon our doorstep, not many WILL NOT make it pass 3 weeks. I honestly didn't foresee as long of life spam that I've been blessed with by Almighty God. I am better prepared than most. Yet, you have what most of us wish we had. Can I ask how long it has taken you n at what cost? The steel alone must be extremely costly imho. What safe guards do u have in place to defend your hideaway? Thanks for the interesting accomplishment.

    TRAIN SHIPS 8 months ago +715

    High Clay content is the soil. Slowing down percolation of the water 💧 from the top soil above. Most of the water is running off to find a path of least resistance to the ground water aquifer or to a stream eventually flowing into swamps, ponds, lakes, or the sea.

    • DeZo Pilot
      DeZo Pilot 8 months ago

      Why does the soil composition matter at all. As far as I'm aware, it's a tube that goes from sticking out of the ground in the surface all the way down into the wall of his bunker. Why doesn't the rain water go into the tube and soak it. I don't think many people are asking why the water doesn't just go into the ground.

    • Dougie L
      Dougie L 8 months ago

      @Josh Mutch Fantastic insight. I am having a go at a wicking bed for my veggies! :D

    • Dougie L
      Dougie L 8 months ago

      @Lemtil They certainly did!

    • CaractacusPott
      CaractacusPott 8 months ago

      @Uno Ro Hi

    • Syn
      Syn 8 months ago

      your answer hold true if it's just a hole. the thing is that he has a pipe through the hole. so......

  • Freetekno
    Freetekno 8 months ago

    I think it creates a chimney effect that generates an air updraft. Just like in the Pantheon in Rome, where there's a 9 meter large hole on the top of the dome, but only a little of rain gets inside.

  • Camino John
    Camino John 5 months ago

    Two quick points. 1. All modern properties are graded to have water flow from back to front. So the water will flow to the street. 2. There could be a layer of clay or somewhat impervious layer that soaks up and blocks the water.

  • Zoey
    Zoey 7 months ago

    So, if I remember correctly from my geology gcse, clay is impermeable, and it looks like the top of your tunnel is clay. so the rain will be soaking into the topsoil and draining away to where the ground is more permeable, or to where there's other drainage

  • Kuno Buje
    Kuno Buje 8 months ago +11

    I'm on this dude's side when apocalypse hit's.
    Salute from Denmark 🇩🇰

  • TrygonTBD
    TrygonTBD 8 months ago +6323

    Ooo, you gotta put some grip tape on those ladder rungs if you're gonna be using it in your socks. Superb way to lose some teeth without it.

    • Glen Edwards
      Glen Edwards Month ago

      He puts grip tape on his socks

    • Owen Isaacson
      Owen Isaacson Month ago

      I was thinking why not slide down the ladder like an action movie 😂

    • apfelmistnutte
      apfelmistnutte Month ago

      @Aaron Wilson Lost a fair amount of face blood got me. haha

    • Baked Pepperoni
      Baked Pepperoni Month ago +1

      As a 10 year old i lost part of my front tooth on a boat ladder because the grip tape was worn off 😁

    • Steven Brown
      Steven Brown 2 months ago

      Yes that would hurt

  • VlntSczo
    VlntSczo 8 months ago

    He got down the ladder with one hand really well, I know there’s more interesting things going on here but that was the most impressive thing in the video.

  • Jbraddy2
    Jbraddy2 3 months ago

    If the soil between your tunnel and the top soil is clay, then clay absorbs to be 200% it’s size when wet. Therefore essentially expanding and sealing the water before it reaches the tunnel.

  • Chel-lalasVeganMania
    Chel-lalasVeganMania 8 months ago

    I just realized how dangerous a bunker would be in a flood. The door would be to heavy to lift and with so many air tubes you'd have no way to stop the water. So if I ever were to build a bunker... I would put screwcaps on the air tubes. Just in case.

    LEADER0FY0U 7 months ago

    I would be concerned for heavy rain if the garden gets flooded. Would recommend getting some kind of cap for the pipe in case that happens. But maybe thats excessive seeing as it would flood from the shop anyway.. :s

  • Chick Bait
    Chick Bait 8 months ago +5409

    Meanwhile in the neighbors basement: "Where's all this damn water coming from".

    • Robert Edwin House
      Robert Edwin House Month ago

      @VK3HAU It isn't a basement, that would suggest a room or more directly within the confines of his home's foundation, which this isn't.

    • Dimitris Kaloupis
      Dimitris Kaloupis Month ago

      @Sailx Because British ain't Yankees....

    • Kyarl
      Kyarl Month ago

      Just to elaborate on some other answers. Georgian and Victorian houses usually do or they have the structure built and it’s upto you to dig it out and tank it. 1930’s onwards and new builds on big estates like these don’t have them at all really. Plenty of people who build their own house put basements in though as it’s extra space below ground as anything above 2-3 stories high is harder to get planning permission for. So in conclusion inner city have a lot more basements than the suburbs

    • Pike
      Pike 8 months ago

      @VK3HAU most pre 1930s houses have cellars here in UK

    • Mary-Beth Minton
      Mary-Beth Minton 8 months ago

      Me once a month atleast lol

  • MakoIsHere
    MakoIsHere 8 months ago

    I’d love to have my own space underground. Sounds really cool. Too bad I live in an apartment right now so I can’t do that…

  • mainlandhaole
    mainlandhaole 8 months ago

    The little ventilation tube seems beside the point. Many people live in areas with lots of groundwater. I was surprised at the lack of overt waterproofing applied to both your tunnels and the main bunker. But I also recall you said you used some sort of waterproof concrete. Is that how you deal with water (whether from surface or groundwater)?

  • Matt Lawton
    Matt Lawton 7 months ago +1

    Love the aesthetics of everything you build .. that tunnel is top-shelf!

  • E
    E Day ago

    I can't wait till the elevator goes in

  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  8 months ago +3001

    Let’s hope it stays out.

    • Cezar Catalin
      Cezar Catalin 2 months ago +1

      As long as the water table stays below your tunnel, you are fine, the ground around it is just going to be wet.
      If the water table ever goes above though... uhh... it’s going to turn into a fancy well - like those flooded mines and stuff - in which case you would need a below-floor collection system and a pump.

    • Shawn Bechard
      Shawn Bechard 2 months ago

      You are still able to heat your floors and cut black mold, under the floorboards.

    • AtomBomb Games
      AtomBomb Games 2 months ago

      Does anyone have any idea why the water does not travel that far? I am curious, because if colin doesn't know, then problems might arise in the future, after all, you want a tunnel leading to your bunker to last and not be rusted by the time you want to use it

    • LionTheHeart
      LionTheHeart 5 months ago

      Must say I thought the pipe was for a water butt

    • Zahrah Mohamed
      Zahrah Mohamed 8 months ago

      Can't wait for the flooding season.

  • onbedoelde Kut
    onbedoelde Kut 7 months ago

    You can see the amount of clay in the soil that deep, it's obviously a barrier, I expect it drains lower down into the water table where the consistency isn't so yellow.

  • Clayton Binder
    Clayton Binder Month ago

    Looks like you have a lot of clay down in the tunnel, so the water is likely draining away in the more sandy soil above that clay layer. Water can still infiltrate clay, but if there is sandy or gravely soil above it, it won't infiltrate at a rate faster than it drains away.

  • InsertUserName
    InsertUserName 4 days ago

    One, your pipe is under the eves, so barely anything will get in it.
    Two, the water will run the easiest route to low ground, your house might be build on a run off point in the landscape.

  • John Boughton
    John Boughton 2 months ago

    The last time I watched one of your videos you had fields @ the back of your house!! Must be a bloody nightmare being overlooked now! Great job on the tunnel looks amazing

  • Nroc
    Nroc 4 months ago +89

    It hurts my feet to watch him go down that ladder without shoes 😂

    • Jovan Ko
      Jovan Ko 4 days ago

      mate you need to massage your feet. it'll change your life to get rid of that tension in your arches. feet are not designed for flat ground designed for walking over rocks and branches and hills and all sorts of terrain. there's a reason why we need arch support in our shoes to help us walk on flat ground all day.

    • baasmommel
      baasmommel 21 day ago

      Those are the same ladders they use on boats to get out of the water. They are fine without shoes. If you can't bare the weight on a relative small point underneath your feet then i would suggest not standing on you toes, they might break :P

    • Harley B
      Harley B Month ago

      I know same🤣

    • mark
      mark Month ago +1

      Where's the fireman pole?

    • Thomas Shelby
      Thomas Shelby Month ago +1

      You must have sensitive feet. Those wouldn't bother me at all but I also walk 8 miles a day at work so I have slave feet.

  • George Crabtree
    George Crabtree 4 months ago

    If you have an injured person that you have to get into or out of the shelter, that ladder access is going to make it very difficult. Much like needing to get any larger equipment or supplies in or out.

  • Jake King
    Jake King 7 months ago

    Colin, if you take your shoes off upstairs, you should definitely carpet-wrap the ladder for grip, socks aren't great on stainless steel for traction, and a slip down the ladder actually broken both my dad's feet at once, so maybe a tad bit of safety even if it means a dirty ladder.

  • Metroidfreek
    Metroidfreek 8 months ago

    I imagine the top layer of clay does a lot to keep the water out

  • Skorpy Nekomimi
    Skorpy Nekomimi 8 months ago +265

    From what I've learned watching construction youtube, it's the clay layer being impervious to water. It's simply draining across the top of the clay.

    • Tho Ges
      Tho Ges 8 months ago

      @mattylee999 the tube likely isnt leaking because its in the slipstream of the hut.

    • Skorpy Nekomimi
      Skorpy Nekomimi 8 months ago

      @mattylee999 The clay layer in the soil. Look at the earlier videos where he digs down.

    • Alistair Gourlay
      Alistair Gourlay 8 months ago +1

      This is spot on. Clay soil type is very close to being impermeable. It makes it a pain in the hole for SuDs design and trying to calulate runoff realistically.

    • bluemobster 002
      bluemobster 002 8 months ago

      @J London haha

    • General Griffin
      General Griffin 8 months ago +2

      @MasterMuffin13 Stop spamming for attention, it will earn you no respect.

  • Craigape
    Craigape Month ago +184

    Where does the rain go? My brother, you're building an underground tunnel in a neighborhood. I want to know where *you* go.

    • Joshua Bruce
      Joshua Bruce 21 day ago +3

      He dug a tunnel so he could travel between his house and his shed without getting wet. He's a guy known for making the most insane and pointless things

    • Dakota Thacker
      Dakota Thacker 22 days ago +1

      Either the boys poker room or the boys Missus

      SAFWAN SHUHAIB Month ago +2

      @J11 L22 the mighty watcha

    • J11 L22
      J11 L22 Month ago +1

      He’s the watcher

  • Tim Engineman 2nd
    Tim Engineman 2nd 2 months ago

    Put a T fitting on the top of the vent pipe! That way water won't come in if the wind is blowing in a bad direction while it it is raining.
    (Crossbar of the T should be parallel to the side of the house. If the vent is close to the edge of the house, put a street 45 degree fitting in the T on the side closest to the end of your house...)

  • Digital Willis
    Digital Willis 8 months ago

    It goes into the grass and also the 4ft (however thick the soil is)...soil can hold good amounts of dribbles. It might get damp but i doubt itll ever leak like youd expect

  • Barrett Mamock
    Barrett Mamock 8 months ago

    You should use flat pieces of metal instead of pipes for ladders! In a rush the pipes would be a poor design that could get people hurt.

  • Ghostrider0067
    Ghostrider0067 8 months ago +115

    If that's an air tube, I'm somewhat surprised you don't have a mushroom type cap on the top to keep water or critters out. Either that or some kind of screen at the very least.

    • Lachlan Ross
      Lachlan Ross 8 months ago

      @Por Qué? the highest temperature in the uk in 2021 was 27 degrees
      in scotland it went below freezing multiple times and snowed a few times as well but i cant comment on england, i wasnt there
      your right about the insects thougg

      TWI2T3DSYST3M 8 months ago +5

      @MasterMuffin13 It might be because you post Minecraft videos...but it's more likely to be because you spam comments begging for views and nobody likes that nonsense.

    • Ghostrider0067
      Ghostrider0067 8 months ago

      @stabilisedchaos Fair enough.

    • max kax
      max kax 8 months ago +2

      that was just temporary I believe

    • stabilisedchaos
      stabilisedchaos 8 months ago +9

      You forget he lives in the UK. It's freezing cold most of the time, the critters are in their burrows keeping their nuts dry.

  • Brandon Blount
    Brandon Blount 2 months ago

    A pumping system in case of water infiltration would be a good emergency back up

  • Krisztián Rőmer
    Krisztián Rőmer 2 months ago

    Colin is a mastermind
    He got ready for the high gas prices
    He doesnt need to heat the house up when he has a tunnel full of hot air

  • jedrinck
    jedrinck 5 months ago

    The clay under and around my house looks just like that. It’s quite watertight. Even after weeks of rain it’s pretty much dry just one spit down.

  • SaltElk Druid
    SaltElk Druid 8 months ago

    Any thoughts on putting padding on the ladder rungs?

  • Jacob W
    Jacob W 8 months ago +8

    Colin, if you haven't already, I'd strongly recommend adding rotary dampers to all the entrances, just to ensure they can't slam down and break something or someone. I'm sure you already have a hook to hold it open, but still; the cost of error is pretty high if something goes wrong.

    • Jacob W
      Jacob W 8 months ago

      @Bradley was really happy he made that video. always thought those things were neat but never had any idea what the hell they were called.

    • Bradley
      Bradley 8 months ago +2

      First, a man of class with the My Little Tony reference. This use case calls for gas struts as the appropriate tool for the job.

    DLGNT 2 months ago +1

    Why not just make a small cover like a chimney cap for it that still lets air flow but will also keep water from dripping in? Or even just add a little awning coming out from the side of the shed

  • MiniFam
    MiniFam 8 months ago

    Maybe adding a small roof to all ventilation intakes to avoid water raining down the pipes.

  • Paul O'Sullivan
    Paul O'Sullivan Month ago

    Its been a very dry year though, might want to be careful in assuming that will be the same in a very wet year.

  • Jack Rogers
    Jack Rogers 7 months ago

    It would probably be a good idea to put some form of grip on the ladder just in case

  • bennickss
    bennickss 7 months ago

    Imagine when it comes time for colin to move, he doesn’t tell the person taking his house about the tunnel

  • Random Sucks
    Random Sucks 8 months ago

    First off, really cool man cave! Need to see more on it and what are you using it for?

  • David Urquhart
    David Urquhart 8 months ago

    Did he have to install a ventilation system to prevent the air in the tunnel potentially going bad?

  • R4Z0R84
    R4Z0R84 Month ago

    Probably worth extending that pipe for flooding so it never floods down there, but I guess it would be a tomb if it flooded, but at least it would stop it getting destroyed by flood waters, as long as it has a good seal at the entrance.

  • John Harrison
    John Harrison 8 months ago +134

    Through capillary action, it will eventually find its way in; unless, it’s somehow evaporating or being restrained, due to a positive pressure balance. Either way, awesome tunnel

    • Molten Bramley Apple
      Molten Bramley Apple 2 months ago

      It’s probably a combination of soil moisture deficits from the hot summer we’ve had and the clay layer acting as a confining unit between the tunnel and soil zone above.

    • J.
      J. 4 months ago

      Meanwhile his basement has a dehumidifier running 24/7, 365

    • Sam Miller
      Sam Miller 7 months ago

      @BoxOfDemons Look at the big brains on BoxOfDemons :P

    • BoxOfDemons
      BoxOfDemons 7 months ago +2

      I bet he lives on top of a slight hill, allowing most of it to run off.

    • Sam Miller
      Sam Miller 7 months ago

      It's not going to make its way in

    IDIOT SANDWICH! 2 months ago

    In a possibility that it floods there, pretty sure the doors are airtight and just need to increase the length of the ventilation tubes above the water level and its basically an underwater sanctuary.

  • Voider
    Voider 8 months ago

    I think it would be cool if you added a filtration system then you could have a infinite water supply

  • King Masterlord
    King Masterlord Month ago

    hold up so let me get this straight, you're going down a polished metal ladder, with rounded rungs, in sock feet? it's got to be deliberate at this point.

  • Sammy hooligan
    Sammy hooligan 4 months ago

    Very cool under ground tunnel, astonishing I say. I have plans to build one and getting as much information as possible.

  • ThePeopleVerse
    ThePeopleVerse 8 months ago

    Hmmm...maybe it's the harder or denser fill that is on and around it, as well the shape of the structure is such that it pulls it away. If I remember the original build, he did it right for wicking and drainage etc...

  • Dreamer
    Dreamer 8 months ago

    man built a freaking tunnel
    he deserves respect

  • Chris D
    Chris D Month ago

    You know your bunker building skills are up there when you need to take your shoes off to get in. This should be a feature in all new build homes. Might as well utilise the space lol

  • j Walster
    j Walster 8 months ago

    I'm thinking this is probably because there is a higher pressure in the tunnel, than above ground so the air being pushed out of the tunnel, is stopping water from getting in.

  • Null_Sector
    Null_Sector Month ago

    -"Why does this guy have a very well done tunnel that looks like a submarine?"
    -"He's in the UK [I think] they let him build a tunnel under his house?!"
    My emotions watching this short.

  • Noah Sölch
    Noah Sölch 7 months ago

    Maybe a little roof above the pipe would look quite nice. And if it rains really bad, or even snows, it should be safe.

  • Clarence Combs
    Clarence Combs 2 months ago

    It’s like water builds up under the dirt/on top of the rock under the dirt then rolls off the surface with the least resistance 😮 freaking crazy

  • PhoenixFiremouse
    PhoenixFiremouse 8 months ago

    If you take your shoes off to go in it might be a good idea to wrap the ladder rungs with a grip tape so your sockies don't send you for a slide and tumble

  • Basement Banter
    Basement Banter 8 months ago

    Definitely a cap you can get to prevent any rain getting in there.

  • Hari Owen
    Hari Owen Month ago

    That 25mm box-section frame looks well strong enough to hold those tons of earth above eh!

  • Princess Danica
    Princess Danica 4 months ago

    So usually there are seams the water flows through it can also create hydrates with the salts in the earth also theres probably a rock dirt layer that lets water into an underground reservoir and flows back to the city water treatment plant or goes to a river/ major water body

  • nicholas shereos
    nicholas shereos 8 months ago

    I find your vids to be very cool Question have you heard how in London they are making mega basements ?

  • Art Dreese
    Art Dreese 8 months ago +3

    You're killin' me with socked feet on round rungs there, man.
    Not because of slipping off, but because it would just be painfully uncomfortable for my feet to do so.

  • Joe Lupa
    Joe Lupa 8 months ago +2

    You should put some adhesive “sand paper” on the lader so you dont slip and fall off of it wearing socks

  • Mr Burn
    Mr Burn 8 months ago

    WELL DONE !!
    Very Lucky
    I dug an inspection pit for a garage - hit the water table at 4 feet below ground - and the town/garage is on the top of a hill - yep figure that one out

  • Michael Jensen
    Michael Jensen 8 months ago

    This is obviously a case of the underground mole people re-routing the water to their settlement. Classic mole people move. Happens every time.

  • Ethan McCormack
    Ethan McCormack Month ago

    How did you get planning permission to tunnel? You must have applied and had it approved otherwise you will end up being told you must fill it back in and make it exactly how it was.

  • JC Martinez
    JC Martinez 8 months ago +429

    Although the tube is covered by the roof above, I still feel like the tube should have a lil hat

    • The mutang gaming
      The mutang gaming 4 months ago

      I did that for my AC because of how it was setup I put a little duct tape flap on it for when it rained I lived in a bus at the time so I didn't need it on at the time

    • j
      j 7 months ago

      A screen and a cap for sure

    • Prydzen
      Prydzen 7 months ago +1

      a tophat

    • minhaj
      minhaj 7 months ago

      A hat will prevent launching Christmas missiles.

    • Jay Paans
      Jay Paans 7 months ago +1

      He's gonna put a safety hat on it ⛑️👷🏻‍♂️

  • avenger007007
    avenger007007 2 months ago

    Install a filtration system, and collect rain water for a source of drinking water in the tunnel system.

  • B2 Bomber
    B2 Bomber 8 months ago

    You should put a vent and bird protector on top of that pipe so it doesn’t get plugged

  • Deez Nuts • 23 years ago

    Imagine playing hide and seek at Colin’s
    You can run through an underground tunnel to a bunker and hide in there

  • Clayton Wason
    Clayton Wason Month ago

    I've got a really giant pot for plants I pour 5 gallons of water in it it takes about half an hour to an hour for it to get through to the bottom I don't mind taking a little longer in nature And it looks like you have a lot of clay

  • Sajid Javid - Temple of Doom (aka Ting)

    Don't tempt it Colin, water will always find the path of least resistance and when it does it will be difficult to stop

  • Frank Phillips
    Frank Phillips 6 months ago

    It evaporates after being exposed...dirt is llike a sponge.
    It also depends on grades. If you were at an incline the water runs down hill before it will soak in...

  • HRU Bricks
    HRU Bricks 7 months ago

    The clay layer above will act as a seal and divert the water across the top of that layer until it finds a hole

  • Duane Perrine
    Duane Perrine Month ago

    So really cool. Dude is wicked smart and creative. But, how can you be clever enough to do all that but not clever enough to install gutters that properly direct the rain from the roof and that area?

  • projectdelta50
    projectdelta50 4 months ago

    Personally, I'd add a flat surface to the ladder rungs instead of it just being slick pipe