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The Best Bass Rig for Under £500

  • Published on Sep 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Oz has challenged Cici & Lee to pick out the best bass rig for under £500! Will they be able to pick out an awesome bass rig with such a small budget? | tinyurl.com/2zb3nbue
    » Boss Katana 110B 1x10" 60w Bass Amp Combo | tinyurl.com/2ljfsjkk
    » Ibanez GSR180 Bass in Black | tinyurl.com/2qgc43qn
    » Fender Rumble 25 V3 Bass Amp | tinyurl.com/2phalxmf
    » Sire Version 2 Marcus Miller V3 in Sonic Blue | tinyurl.com/2o3vwpqy
    » Check out all our Sire V3 Series Basses! | tinyurl.com/2zb3nbue
    » Check out all our Ibanez Sr Series Basses! | tinyurl.com/2qqy34lt
    » Check out all our Fender Rumble Bass Amps! | tinyurl.com/2pcrtkef
    » Check out all our Boss Katana Amps! | tinyurl.com/2lc3g9wh
    Always check the website for accurate and up-to-date pricing and product specifications!
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    ⏰ Timestamps ⏰
    » 0:00 What We Are Doing Today
    » 0:50 Rock Paper Scissors?
    » 1:38 Lee Starts Shopping for a Rig!
    » 3:23 Cici Goes Shopping for a Rig!
    » 4:50 Back in the Video Room!
    » 5:22 Lee & Cici Explain Their Thinking
    » 10:40 Let's Hear Lee's Rig
    » 12:00 Time To Hear Cici's Rig!
    » 16:50 Lee & Cici Jam!
    » 18:46 Dave Picks a Winner!
    » 19:10 Thanks For Watching!
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  • Hey Mr Guitar Man
    Hey Mr Guitar Man 11 months ago +117

    Let's be honest, Cici is an absolutely awesome addition to the video team. These two work well together, loads of talent and enthusiasm

  • Mike Roberts
    Mike Roberts 11 months ago +24

    I'd pick Cici's rig for myself but I know for sure my wife would choose Lee's (she bought a very similar rig in fact). Some beginners just want to focus on mastering the instrument and don't find effects helpful in the early stages. A simple amp and a prettier guitar can be more inspiring to some people.

  • Frænkiboii
    Frænkiboii 11 months ago +43

    I'm a guitar player and I bought one those entry level Ibanez basses (in my case the SR300) as my first ever bass. The necks on those are so nice to play as a guitar player. Low action and slim neck. Also, I think Cici & Lee are an amazing team. In fact so cool even, that I will watch Andertons bass videos regularly from now on :)

    • March!
      March! 11 months ago +3

      The other impressive thing about the SR series is that even the extended range models have amazingly skinny and fast-feeling necks! I have an SR506 and it's more wieldy than some 5-strings I've played at similar prices! Of course, sometimes I slip into guitar brain and think I'm playing the A string when I'm playing the E, but that just means I need more practice

    • William Yarbrough
      William Yarbrough 11 months ago

      I started with the absolute cheapest Dean bass that I bought off somebody I know for $50. Like playing a 4x4 post. Ended up with the SR300 and SR305 now and I love them. I don’t see myself needing to upgrade.

    • Glyn Dwr
      Glyn Dwr 2 months ago

      I have that bass and I love it. I have the DX version with PJ pickups. It cost nothing and it's super comfortable to play. The pickups in it aren't that great sounding, but it's nothing to upgrade them, especially when you're not breaking the bank on the bass.

  • Wagner Azevedo
    Wagner Azevedo 11 months ago +44

    Lee is such a great player. His playing is always very expressive but he's also very precise with timing and everything else. I love it!

    • fretlessnature
      fretlessnature 11 months ago

      He really is !
      I'm looking forward to hearing him and Cici find their sweet spot.
      I've seen all episodes and have heard some wonderfull jamming with Nathan and Lee (and the captain! )
      Lee and Cici seems to have great chemistry, but their walkthrough of specs is too brief and just randomly tweaking a few knobs - but they will get there, i'm sure 🙂

  • Aint1S
    Aint1S 11 months ago +17

    That Sire V3 was so clean and very defined... That guitar is well worth the money and I really wished that they would've swapped amps...
    Still, Cici has the strongest and most valid point for a beginner, the effects will keep you enjoying your purchase long after a someone who's only playing with the basic bones.

  • LittleGuitarOnThePrairie
    LittleGuitarOnThePrairie 11 months ago +18

    I like it that Oz is more involved, he asks good questions and provides answers were needed, gives you more the feeling of an Andertons family.

  • Rick Adams
    Rick Adams 11 months ago +5

    Lee is SUCH a gentleman. One of the most genuinely "nice" people I would think it possible to meet. He's an asset to the channel. Cici is great too and both of them are great players too.
    As guitar player of around 4 decades now I would recommend beginners to use up to 2/3 of the cash available for their rig on the right amp, based equally on bothcore tone and range of features (including extensisibility), and then spend what's left on the best guitar for whatever budget remains. After a couple of years you can then get a better guitar if required, by which time you may well have refined your taste and know what sort of guitar you personally will need. Judging from this video the same rule would appear to hold true in the bass world. What I would also say though (sorry Andertons) is that if you can possibly do so, I would strongly recommend leaving some of your money aside for lessons rather than spending all of it on equipment, because you will go further, faster, with cheaper kit and better skills than you ever will with costlier kit but less skills. Just sayin'!

  • Steve Groves
    Steve Groves 11 months ago +14

    I dont often play bass and I still find this series with these too awesome players a must see, great stuff

  • IrrSinn Rainer
    IrrSinn Rainer 11 months ago +38

    I would look to get some extra money and take the Sire Bass with the Katana Amp. I think that's a beginner setup that can serve someone for a long time.

  • Zonker Roberts
    Zonker Roberts 11 months ago +6

    It's so great to see two musicians having so much fun playing! (Especially with such affordable gear.) That's what it's all about.

  • Caprise - Music
    Caprise - Music 11 months ago +7

    As a guitar player I will never ever get tired of watching the Andertons bass videos

  • Trevor Reniger
    Trevor Reniger 11 months ago +4

    Sire is SO HARD to beat. Both basses and those six-string piccolo basses. Sire just kills it for the price. The feel, the tone, and the looks. :chef's kiss:

  • Jeff Fletcher
    Jeff Fletcher 11 months ago +3

    I'd be happy with either but I'm leaning more towards Cici's choice. I see the Katana being more useful with a D.I.USB, and a tuner. Cici is a nice addition to the crew btw! She's been showing up in my social media feed lately. Great, creative player and seems like a genuinely nice person!

    • phipschi
      phipschi 11 months ago

      Issue with the Katana is the weight.. it weighs almost twice as much as the rumble and you cant just carry it around easily if you are for example a teen and dont have a car. The rumble 25lt has a tuner and some nice features you mentioned from the katana.

  • KimSE4
    KimSE4 11 months ago +3

    Really enjoying this pairing - Cici and Lee are smashing and this is a great video. One request though: in some videos we've heard bass in context with guitar and drums. Any chance of a bit of a combo performance, even if just a drum machine pedal and a few chords, just to hear bass in context?

  • l3yfajamz
    l3yfajamz 11 months ago +2

    that end jam was just magic, thanks cici and lee truly amazing

  • sdbracht
    sdbracht 2 months ago +1

    You both are wonderful and they're fortunate to have the 2 of you.
    And a good team you are

  • Jimmx JX
    Jimmx JX 11 months ago +1

    CiCi takes the win for this on the inspiration consideration for beginners. Sounds awesome as well. Can't go wrong with either set up..

  • Josh Feierman
    Josh Feierman 11 months ago +3

    Awesome jam! Two were paying so much attention to what it sounded like and so little attention to anything else.
    I've been playing guitar for 40 years, and a couple of years ago, I started playing bass in order to start a band. I've really been enjoying it, and I've been paying a lot of attention to not sounding like a guitar player dabbling with the bass. I've been having a lot of fun. I really like it. I enjoy watching things that make me excited to play the bass.

  • Stephan Fuchs
    Stephan Fuchs 11 months ago +4

    Nice, nice, nice! Both sounded good. The main thing is the joy of both of you. Seeing that made me smile.

  • chuck66046
    chuck66046 11 months ago +3

    awesome video and playing from both. Would love to see other videos going up in budget as they suggested, best rig under £1000 and onwards!

  • InvictusBananman
    InvictusBananman 11 months ago +2

    I would always recommend an Ibanez Bass to a beginner. They will serve you for quite a long time, for such inexpensive basses

  • Niemand Niets
    Niemand Niets 11 months ago +1

    Totally agree with the comments regarding Lee and Cici. He's great and a bunch of fun and she's an absolute delight. What a lovely person. Always a fun watch. Cheers!

  • Alex Forshaw
    Alex Forshaw 11 months ago +3

    I learned on a GSR-180. Still got it because it's such a good, solid bass and the neck is really fast and comfortable.

  • Carl Sheaver
    Carl Sheaver 11 months ago +1

    Totally get Cici's choice but Lee's does it for me - I swear by (not at) my Rumble 200. Today's beginners are a lucky bunch to have this quality at these prices.

  • chefmcd
    chefmcd 11 months ago +1

    Videos like this are great. I'm primarily a guitar player, but mess around with bass a bit. I've thought about getting a bass rig for home use and lower volume jam sessions. Being that it's not my primary instrument I'd keep my budget low, so videos like this are perfect.

  • Paulo Santos
    Paulo Santos 11 months ago +2

    To be honest?
    I would pick Cici's bass and Lee's amp. Pretty straight foward and solid sound. Perfect for begginers, in my opinion.
    Great choices and playing, btw!

  • baron Davis
    baron Davis 11 months ago +1

    That was most informative and very entertaining. I have lee’s set up with the v7 but REALLY dig the sound of cici set up. I had no idea.

  • Jude Carpenter
    Jude Carpenter 11 months ago +1

    Cici. I love her soo much. I've been watching her channel for some time. Not only a PHENOMENAL bass player. But a wonderful person.

  • wes mitchem
    wes mitchem 11 months ago +1

    Cici won this one in a big way great easy to play bass awesome amp with everything you need in it perfect

  • jammybilly
    jammybilly 11 months ago +1

    Great video. Great jam. I was getting lost in it too. Yeah, for beginners, playing your instrument regularly is the key, and having that Katana is such a great tool for fun and motivation to do just that.

  • TheSchmoj
    TheSchmoj 11 months ago +2

    As far as bang for your buck, Cici wins hands down. My only concern would be that all the effects and app connectivity could be a little overwhelming/confusing for someone just starting out on the instrument. I fear that in some cases, that could deter someone from continuing their pursuit of learning bass. Whereas Lee's setup is more of a "plug in, sound good and upgrade when you're more experienced" rig.

    • Robert P
      Robert P 11 months ago

      I think Cici made a great point about the effects being a lot of fun which encourages me to play more.

  • Hamid Shibata Bennett
    Hamid Shibata Bennett 11 months ago +2

    I was asked to play a few songs on bass with the lads (cuz guitar and keyboard isn’t enough instrument switches in a set), so I ended up getting an Ibanez Talman short scale and a Fender Rumble 100… right about $500 for the kit and it’s brilliant for my needs. Cici, Lee… thanks for bringing a little joy in the day.

  • redmachine Kieran
    redmachine Kieran 11 months ago +10

    Lee's rig was definitely more palatable. That jam at the end was so moody and beautiful

  • Aint1S
    Aint1S 11 months ago +2

    I bought a Ibanez Talman TMB "105" a few years ago and I saw that they skipped the 4-string variant on the wall; however, the pickups are really good and the preamp is great too. You can get close to jazz/p-bass tones with it too, albeit a short scale. Incredibly stable guitar with no neck issues, but it is more expensive than her ridiculously cheap Ibanez.
    I usually play guitar, but that bass had me playing more songs by ear than I ever have in my life... They also hotrod just as easily too!

    • Colin Olsen
      Colin Olsen 11 months ago +1

      Those Talman TMB100 basses are awesome, I was gonna say the same thing too! You could also go a little cheaper and get the TMB30 without the active preamp. Also the lower end Yamaha TRBX174 is incredible value for money as well.

    • Aint1S
      Aint1S 11 months ago

      @Colin Olsen You said what I was going to as well... I love my Fender guitars, but Ibanez can't really be touched in the low to mid range bases. No cheap name like Squire nor Epiphone, everything Ibanez.

  • Raven
    Raven 11 months ago

    My first bass rig was a Sire P7 and Rumble 500. (from Anderton's). it was a great combination. I also have a Katana for guitar. Both amps are good choices.
    Nice to see a young Noel Edmonds making an appearance at the start of the video 😆

  • Mitchfynde
    Mitchfynde 11 months ago +1

    If you are purely a studio player, you could also totally skip the amp and get a multieffects pedal. The Zoom B1 Four is crazy good for what it is. That plus a Scarlett Solo and you can get a bass with the rest of the money.
    Another good tip, for those on a super tight budget: If you get the super cheap bass, you can always upgrade it over time. Start with a decent model and then buy pickups, a new bridge, new tuners, etc. as you decide you need them and when you can afford them.

  • sundaynightdrunk
    sundaynightdrunk 11 months ago +1

    I had always skipped the bass videos (no offense to whoever hosted them, I'm just a guitarist interested in guitar videos), but these newer videos have been very enjoyable, and there should ALWAYS be a jam in the video. That Tool-inspired solo part by Cici was dope.

  • Jason Milasinovich
    Jason Milasinovich 11 months ago +8

    Get the Bass players to pick Guitar and a pedal combo, both using the same amp! for under £550. Great stuff keep it up.

  • djhobbs101
    djhobbs101 11 months ago +5

    Love bass rig challenges so hard to find good ones.

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis 11 months ago +1

    I think Cici got it right in terms of amp vs bass budgeting. Personally I would have gone for a nice bass similar to the Sire but instead of an amp I would have gone for a multi-fx/modeller (probably splitting the budget around the 50/50 mark). With that I could DI into a PA when recording or working with a band and then just hook it up to a PC/headphone setup for playing at home without annoying the neighbours.

  • Wilhelm The Conquerer
    Wilhelm The Conquerer 11 months ago

    I'd go with a Squier Affinity P/J or J-bass and a Fender Rumble. Great bang for your buck and not to much confusion for beginners, as is often the case with active pre-amps and modelling amplifiers

    • Sean S
      Sean S 12 days ago

      I was able to get a great deal on '87 Squier P bass recently, and just ordered a Rumble 25 to go with it! Do you think that amp is good enough for practice and jamming with a friend? I feel like maybe I should've sprung for the R 40 but idk lol

  • Luís Nunes
    Luís Nunes 11 months ago +1

    That Katana amp really does all sorts of sounds so well. 🎸🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • Tomas Heriban
    Tomas Heriban 7 months ago

    Both were amazing for different use 🐱🤘❤️

  • Lanaka
    Lanaka 11 months ago

    Y'know, I'd love see how Cici would react to a Miku added to her pedal lineup!

  • blues3531
    blues3531 9 months ago

    I was wondering how long it'd take her to bust out the Hysteria riff with that effects heavy amp. I wasn't disappointed haha.

  • Matthew Tyler-Jones
    Matthew Tyler-Jones 11 months ago +5

    Funnily enough, we are on the search for a bass rig for the boy. He has set his heart on a Squier CV Jag bass though. Reckon we will go second hand for the amp. What about a gig bag though, for taking it to band practise.

    • CorbCorbin
      CorbCorbin 11 months ago

      Fender Rumble, or TC BG-250 are light, and get all the sound one needs. The TC has options for most of their effects as well.

    • re ar
      re ar 11 months ago

      Good choice on the bass! The Squier Classic Vibe series is amazing, especially for the money! I just got myself a Squier CV 60s Jazz Bass, after playing for about 13 years now and I'm very happy with it

    • re ar
      re ar 11 months ago +1

      @Smell The Glove Honestly, I didn't even need to setup anything. The action was nice and low and everything felt well adjusted right out the factory. I sold my Mexican Fender Jazz bass a couple months ago and I can't really notice any lower quality of the parts or the pickups at all. It feels smooth to play and the pickups sound fantastic! Yeah, I'm sure the CV guitars are just as good as you said!

  • Jonathan Peden
    Jonathan Peden 11 months ago

    Cort Action PJ Open Pore bass (£189) and an Ampeg Rocket Bass 30 watt combo amp (£139) is my perfect rig: I'm a guitarist who likes to play bass and this set-up is perfect for me.

  • Paul Hogue
    Paul Hogue 11 months ago +1

    Honestly, I could’ve listened to you guys jam for a solid hour.

  • Paul Summerside
    Paul Summerside 6 months ago

    Well, think I would probably simply blow the budget and go for the Sire Bass with the Boss Katana Bass amp….
    It would give a perfectly gigable setup. £295 + £312 = £607. Think the extra 107 would be worth spending. That said Ibanez make some great Guitars and Basses. But still know I would want to completely blow the budget.

  • The DBOI
    The DBOI 11 months ago +1

    i think id save up for his bass and cicis amp. i think id need that matching headstock

  • Matze R
    Matze R 11 months ago +1

    Well done ... and fun to watch ❗
    Thanks a lot ‼🎀

  • James Nichols
    James Nichols 11 months ago +3

    Damn that Katana is so much bang for the buck. Or pound. Whatever it's insane value!

  • Nostal Jack
    Nostal Jack 11 months ago +2

    It's simple for me. I see CiCi, I click. Nothing weird there. She's just such a great player and has such a sunny disposition, I always enjoy the videos she's in. BTW, where on earth is the next "Sounds Like..." Great to see Dave here too. He's another favorite.

  • thefilmandmusic
    thefilmandmusic 11 months ago +1

    It’s crazy the kind of value can get these days …

  • DaRo
    DaRo 11 months ago +1

    Right now on Thomann (I’m outside the Uk), you can actually get the fender Rumble 100 for less than the Katana, so you would get to spend about 20-30€ more on the bass and Java bigger amp

  • Carl Cassidy
    Carl Cassidy 11 months ago

    Korg tuner £60 seems expensive, but they last forever. Literally. I got one with my first guitar Xmas 2002, broke it by standing on it 2009ish, bought one for £20 or so, and still got it to this day

  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken 11 months ago +1

    Cici's effects at 14-15 mins sounds like they belong on a soundtrack for a John Carpenter film.

  • Alfonso Fuertes
    Alfonso Fuertes 11 months ago +1

    really like this, please do another with 1000

  • Joe Romano
    Joe Romano 11 months ago

    Before I watch, I think unlike with guitar, with bass the instrument is more important for the tone. For the amp you just need enough watts and a big enough speaker to handle the low end.

  • The Truth
    The Truth 11 months ago +2

    you shouldve switch rigs and experience both bass and amp, say your thoughts on each others rig. fun video nvtls. thanks

  • Justin Ross
    Justin Ross 11 months ago

    The sire has now gone up in price to £439 on your site so it’s now void in this challenge. 👍

  • emptyMan0
    emptyMan0 11 months ago +1

    It's a bit unfair to compare a mic vs a DI, which will always sound worse. On the other hand, very fun video with awesome people.

  • Oscabass
    Oscabass 6 months ago

    As a bass teacher giving buying recommandations to beginners quite often, I would strongly prioritize the best instrument you can get for the money. To fool around with effects too early is really holding beginners back when they should focus on getting a basic good sound, time and rhytmic understanding, or basically how to function in a band. Nothing against Cici at all, but I feel she picked what she would prefer herself for the money rather than focusing on what a beginner really need. Also drop the active bass in the beginning, too much knobs. I would get a bit more powerful amp that could work with a drummer. Im sure thats possible within the budget.

  • Subham Bhattacharya
    Subham Bhattacharya 11 months ago +1

    At this price the guitar would hardly matter, so going for the amp made all the difference.

  • smashallpots
    smashallpots 11 months ago

    my pick would be an ibanez talman tmb100 and an ampeg rocket rb110

  • MainelyW212
    MainelyW212 11 months ago +1

    I saw the 40th Anniversary and thought “damn this is a new video”…. 5 hours old….😂 the 40th P-Bass is EPIC. Get one.

  • Papa Leech
    Papa Leech 7 months ago

    All you need for that closing jam was some drums and you've got a track there. I'd buy it

  • Milo Gt
    Milo Gt 11 months ago +4

    Haha I'm the hand holding the sire at 2:31! Couldn't have been more pleasant and helpful in there loved my visit!

  • Mark Caswell
    Mark Caswell 11 months ago +2

    I have to admit I mostly watch these videos for Cici and her "mental" bass playing (sorry Lee). I think you both made good choices for a beginner bass/amp.

  • Ruby Dimas Studio
    Ruby Dimas Studio 11 months ago

    Have lots of more choices, but guess they needed a longer video.

  • theagk19781
    theagk19781 11 months ago +2

    Marshal bass state 65 and Ibanez Gio. Is what I'd get.

  • Pete
    Pete 7 months ago

    To be fair, given Andertons lean selection of bass amps and guitars in store, this is a touch task! 😂
    Don't get my wrong, love my local music store and support them as much as I can, but bass feels a little bit of an after thought in store.

  • romeozulu57
    romeozulu57 11 months ago +2

    Like the ambient stuff at 16:50

  • Rick Hurst
    Rick Hurst 11 months ago

    I love this game! For me personally the brief needs to include an amp loud enough to keep up with a drummer and noisy guitarist in a packed rockers pub with no PA support. I suspect that 60 watt (not 160!) Katana wouldn't quite be up to it, and the tiny fender definitely wouldn't. I know watts aren't everything, but i'd be looking at anything over 100 watts and then whatever cheap j bass/ p bass copy still fits in budget.

    • Rick Hurst
      Rick Hurst 7 months ago

      @Keep On Keepin' On Studio Great to hear your real-world experience, I might have to try one out!

  • brandon
    brandon 11 months ago +2

    Congrats on 800K Andertons Family

  • michael irons
    michael irons 11 months ago +3

    cc chose wisely and played so coolio.

  • John Delong
    John Delong 11 months ago +2

    I My self would have bought a Rumble 100 and a P bass. Like a Encore or something likewise. Would still have enough left for a pedal.

    • Christopher Weise
      Christopher Weise 11 months ago +1

      I was thinking the same thing. A decent pedal can make up the "budget" shortcomings of the rig.

  • mercury 81
    mercury 81 11 months ago

    I would choose cici's rig as not keen on active bass.

  • Lasse Huhtala
    Lasse Huhtala 11 months ago +1

    Come on Boss. We need a Katana Bass Head for Pete's sake!

  • Fatal Jinx
    Fatal Jinx 11 months ago +1

    Lmao when she switched the drive on I was screaming “PLAY HYSTERIA” 😅

  • Pauly's Guitars & Gear
    Pauly's Guitars & Gear  11 months ago +1

    For some reason, during your outro jam I was instantly reminded of Nightmare Creatures on PS1 (before your time Cici haha)

  • Ghetelen
    Ghetelen 11 months ago +1

    I don't understand why you would pick a Rumble 25 over a Rumble LT25 when you got 300 left. Insofar I'm with Cici, the Katana is basically the LT25 equivalent by Boss.

  • Jack Stephens
    Jack Stephens 11 months ago +1

    Should have plugged the cheaper bass into the cheaper amp to show what a $300ish rig would be like.

  • Zedralisk
    Zedralisk 7 months ago +1

    Cicis smile so contagious

  • Hi, I'm a Waste of Time
    Hi, I'm a Waste of Time 11 months ago +1

    The Intro seems like all of the presenters are locked in haha. There's the cell with Dave Cici and Lee. And one of them has Captian and Pete in it😂😂

  • baron Davis
    baron Davis 11 months ago

    Is there a similar amp like the boss katana that smaller a lighter for home practice? Thanks

  • Remley
    Remley 8 months ago

    I like Ceci, but I REALLY miss the guy she replaced who could play si well. She would have been an excellent addition to the bass team, but Lee just isn't up to filling his shoes as the "bass expert".

  • The B Minus Show
    The B Minus Show 7 months ago +1

    Nice skills !

  • Mike Yeary
    Mike Yeary 11 months ago +2

    CC isn't a Tool fan is she? Lol That jam at the end really reminded of them.

  • CLG
    CLG 11 months ago

    Just get a sansamp bass driver DI and go direct input. Sounds better than an amp 9 times out of 10 anyway provided foh is good lol

  • The Michael Addition (aka PGH Guitarman)

    Sire + Katana for a few extra pounds is the way

  • Steven Willie
    Steven Willie 11 months ago +1

    I think we'd love, LOVE to see an Ashdown Rootmaster $999.00 500 watt 2X10 combo VS the Ampeg Portaflex $979.00 500 watt 2X10 combo shootout. LOVE! Both great sounding, pounding, achievable, gigable combos. Please, please, please.

  • Joe Del Monte
    Joe Del Monte 11 months ago +1

    According to me as a kid...and MY kids...it's Rock>Paper>Scissors> SHOOT!

  • ereimul
    ereimul 11 months ago +1

    love it. refreshing.

  • D64S-D
    D64S-D 11 months ago

    I love Katana and have one for guitar but these phasers and flangers really aren't helpfull for a beginner. But I guess that is what you are paid to sell so...

  • William Cockfield
    William Cockfield 11 months ago +1

    Man I’m only 38 so I hate to sound like the “back in my day” guy. But my first rig was a sqire p bass and a crate 150 with more knobs than I knew what to do with for 199 dollars. So for 500$ I probably could have the same setup with most of the first gen boss pedals on the Katana. But I guess then you could probably find a vintage fender p bass for about the same amount if you were committed. I say this about a lot of things but if I only knew then what I know now I’d be a millionaire

    NLR PRODUCTIONS 11 months ago

    Could you do a video on how to build a shoegaze pedal.

  • Vincent Wright
    Vincent Wright 11 months ago

    the sire is marked up as £439.00 on the andertons site

  • Allan Gildea
    Allan Gildea 11 months ago +1

    Wow, Diego Luna with pink hair! Good catch. Great show as always, guys. Thanks for the fun.

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith 11 months ago +1

    Fun video!