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We Destroyed KSI’s Arsenal Box! | The Night Shift

  • Published on Sep 17, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    on today’s episode, we take a roadman training course all in an effort to time travel back to the united kingdom, plus we visit the boys over at arsenal and get a bit cheeky in ksi’s suite, then we morph back to los angeles for hair and makeup and a visit to the jake vs. silva presser, we test out some spanking new and affordable burgers, and end off with some motivation to get healthy and be better.
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    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  • Mike Majlak Vlogs
    Mike Majlak Vlogs  2 months ago +164

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    • Lars stauning Stauning
      Lars stauning Stauning 2 months ago

      ​@Maestro Kimpembe på

    • Matt Hunt
      Matt Hunt 2 months ago

      @Big Ol Muffies what’d you say?

    • Hmingler
      Hmingler 2 months ago

      Cmon Mike my guy yk 😂 funny shit u in the Bally top RM 😂😂

    • Jax Money
      Jax Money 2 months ago

      Mike you haven’t had buttery toast in a while kinda upset with you

    • brian.nyc.
      brian.nyc. 2 months ago

  • Niraj Fernando
    Niraj Fernando 2 months ago +1014

    I loved the message that Mike left towards the end of the video about finding balance in your life , it doesn't matter what kind of a life you're living, eventually you'll need to rely back on that work, fun balanced life to have some kind of longevity and happiness in your life

    • HarryCroweDaily
      HarryCroweDaily 2 months ago


    • Kentaki Cheeken
      Kentaki Cheeken 2 months ago

      @Plains Mike has to practise what he preaches. 💀

    • Plains
      Plains 2 months ago +6

      Two types of people. Those who enjoy things and the others who will hate for no reason. Safe to say the comments section is balanced.

    • Vee Mack
      Vee Mack 2 months ago +2

      Bro says Balance and impresses you? No Fukn way dude 😂

    • Kentaki Cheeken
      Kentaki Cheeken 2 months ago +1

      He didn’t balance his life well with Lana because he just wants to have fun. 💀

  • Angel Schulteis
    Angel Schulteis 2 months ago +712

    It’s awesome to see how much happier Jeff is with this group now!

    • Muhammad Sohail
      Muhammad Sohail 2 months ago

      Who's the tall dude with curly hair in this video? He's in the back smiling when mikes talking about the boxing bag record. I haven't seen him before

    • V. “aBitToxic” P
      V. “aBitToxic” P 2 months ago

      @dabec0 Natalie works for him and a childhood friend, what the f David gain from being a fruend with Jonah nowadays? Nothing, you are literally an idiot saying the only good guy is Jason, so why the f he stays with them? Quit your conspiracy theories.

    • dabec0
      dabec0 2 months ago +2

      @V. “aBitToxic” P You think Zane, Jonah, Natalie and David are truly nice ppl? Toxic people attract toxic people. The only good human being I see there is Jason Nash, hope he doesn’t end up with his skull broken as Jeff did.

    • dabec0
      dabec0 2 months ago

      @Khalil keep betting like that and you’ll lose a ton of money. Go watch David break Jeff’s skull and leaving him blind, then tell me otherwise.

    • V. “aBitToxic” P
      V. “aBitToxic” P 2 months ago

      @Yeah Yeah lol you missed my point, they are all independent and dont need his money but they all still friends if you follow any of them you know. And liza was his EX, obviously you cant still be friend with your EX

  • Cerys Jones
    Cerys Jones 2 months ago +534

    I just want to say thank you so much for being their for Jeff, he really needed a friend like you by his side especially when he the shitty vlogsquad ditched him

  • Chapo_x23
    Chapo_x23 2 months ago +150

    Sunday football, beer and the Night shift. Mike just made this a fucking great Sunday. 🙏🏽

  • ShawnVBEasy
    ShawnVBEasy 2 months ago +171

    The fact KSI has his own box, with his youtube plaques on the wall, you boys gotta step it up on the homefront 💀

    • Vobzy
      Vobzy 2 months ago

      @Clemmy Beatz your beats are dead g

    • Kaneki Alb
      Kaneki Alb 2 months ago

      @Sheikh Safwan when u try to be a smart ass but you fail

    • GoldSwaggamer 400
      GoldSwaggamer 400 2 months ago +5

      @Clemmy Beatz why you being extra lol

    • c0der1020
      c0der1020 2 months ago +28

      @Clemmy Beatz "He’s sponsoring them bro? Of course he has a box"
      That's the same as saying "He has a box because he is sponsoring them", which doesn't really add up when he's had it for longer than that.

    • Clemmy Beatz
      Clemmy Beatz 2 months ago

      @Sheikh Safwan once again another person using assumptions

  • Reem و Barbary
    Reem و Barbary 2 months ago +533

    Can't agree with you more!
    If you really pursue balancing your life you'll definitely level up somehow.

    • N2022
      N2022 2 months ago

      Dude's tryna seem positive after tate told them theyre a bitch for renouncing him so now Mike is tryna seem like his career has a purpose of being positive when really he is an idle chat personality on the internet.

  • kywonand
    kywonand 2 months ago +15

    Respect to this guy, makes such good content and leaves a really strong message at the end,

  • Tickzy
    Tickzy 2 months ago +32

    Personally I think Mike should do those heartfelt good advice messages at the end of each of his videos. Tomorrow is not promised and he’s made me reflect a lot about my life decisions. Huge respect to you Mike❤️

  • Pablo Aguilar
    Pablo Aguilar 2 months ago +78

    Mike's speech at the end deserves at least one more year of me being subscribe to his channel, being real about life is necessary from time to time and I really appreciate that.

  • christian mouawad
    christian mouawad 2 months ago +3

    Loving every second of the Night Shift Mikeyy !!! Hope you keep going in your journey in the best way possible and continue being an inspiration for others.💪💪❤

  • Grant Bowmer
    Grant Bowmer 2 months ago +24

    Man at the start of this video I was hating the fact that none of them probably watched a minute of football at a guest box I could only dream of being able to experience, then to be completely switched with a positive video thoughtful message! Great work Mike!

  • hadi babazadeh
    hadi babazadeh 2 months ago +78

    To Mike : the last statement from mike made my day like almost all of his contents , I'll tell y'all my story and I am gonna tell you mike one thing at the end , in 2010 in Iran when I graduated highschool I wanted to be a Doctor I love helping people , I love seeing hope in patients eyes and giving them their health back , I came to turkey in 2013 started medical school and graduated in 2020 I lost 3 years from 2010-13 , long story short I have a dream Of living in US being a resident Dr in US, teaching academically in medical schools , since 2020 I've been trying to pay my exams cost so I had to save up , since my family are in another country and I'm in somewhere else ,they've supported me in any way possible but still I've been struggling ,I'll do it anyway , mike helped me out inspired me took my hand not literally but mentally in every single episode of the night shift , love you love your videos love your rational , love your every single quote in every single episode I'll watch you if you have 1 or 10 or millions and millions of subs , because I'm here for you just for you not for anybody else much LOVE & RESPECT

  • VonVoidGT
    VonVoidGT 2 months ago +3

    Great video Mike! Really motivating hearing your story’s,goals, and accomplishments. Hope you feel good man, on your health and everything.

  • Divert
    Divert 2 months ago +6

    Love the videos mike! Every time I see you posted a new video man’s gets so hyped makes my day my guy! Stay strong & stay positive mike god bless

  • Elvijs Artimovičs
    Elvijs Artimovičs 2 months ago +3

    Mike, you are killing it . You spread the good word and entertain us. You do you man !

    ISVVCTINEZ 2 months ago +20

    Whoever that Jeff guy is should be shown a lot more. He’s pretty funny and cool

    • Dickids Rip
      Dickids Rip 2 months ago

      I dunno if your trolling or not but he's name is jeff wittek and he has a Clip-Share channel abd podcast

  • Meowscles
    Meowscles 2 months ago +11

    everytime Mike is out in the streets he's always paying attention to his surroundings..
    we need to be more like mike.

  • Koben Hemelings
    Koben Hemelings 2 months ago +5

    I love this guy so much that lately I just know the score he is going to give the burgerplace. In my opinion that's crazy

  • In For Gaming
    In For Gaming 2 months ago +1

    Thank you for always bringing us your fantastic content and style on a weekly to entertain and lighten the moods of others around the globe. Keep up the great work👍✌️

  • Mithun Nair
    Mithun Nair 2 months ago +4

    The 12 part fast paced great entertainment vlog and the 2 min message of taking care of urself was the best part of the video ❤️

  • Shiv Jairam
    Shiv Jairam 2 months ago +4

    Much Love to you too Mike! You make our days infinitely better!

  • Lilrash
    Lilrash 2 months ago

    Thanks for being so real and opening up ❤ more love 💕

    LEARNING MG 2 months ago

    Loved the message you gave at the end of the video, truly inspirational mike 🫶🏻

  • Jake
    Jake 2 months ago +8

    “After 20 years of partying, life is about balance” 😂😂😂 love ya Mike

  • Soph _ow
    Soph _ow 2 months ago +29

    It’s so weird seeing Mike and George and Logan at emirates stadium what kinda crossover is this 😂 love it tho

  • Jennifer Lynch
    Jennifer Lynch 2 months ago +3

    Props for the message at the end mike… coming up on 30 days clean, I love how you are able to be around all the temptations im Hollywood and still remain clean!! I def look up to you man! 👏🏻✊🏻👍🏻

  • MrHoolagan VGD
    MrHoolagan VGD 2 months ago +3

    Glad your back and feeling better man! Much love. Good vlog

  • sammy sexton
    sammy sexton 2 months ago +2

    keep looking after yourself mike! thankyou for the message, definitely needed that right now. much love

  • Courtney Bryant
    Courtney Bryant 2 months ago +2

    Proud of you Mike. Your doing amazing!!!!

  • Muhammed Kebbeh
    Muhammed Kebbeh 2 months ago

    Strong message at the end Mike! That’s why we love you

  • High
    High 2 months ago +1

    Thank u mike for the last speech that you said it shows that you really care about your audience and I really appreciate that , get well soon , cheers

  • D’Antoine LeVert
    D’Antoine LeVert 2 months ago +2

    I love that message Mike. Really inspiring
    I might have to bookmark this video just for that message.

  • EBaron
    EBaron 2 months ago +2

    Bro! your vids keep me so positive and give me good energy

  • Oliver K
    Oliver K 2 months ago +6

    Thanks for the content Mike! Great as always!

  • Dimitriskov sr ✓
    Dimitriskov sr ✓ 2 months ago +14

    You know its gonna be a good day when mike uploads

  • Hosayistheway
    Hosayistheway 2 months ago +2

    As an older person, I really appreciated your talk at the end. Really resonated with me, appreciate you Mike.

  • Herman Quinn
    Herman Quinn 2 months ago +3

    It’s a good day when big Mike posts a dope ass vlog

  • Logan
    Logan 2 months ago +3

    That message at the end was very much so needed to be heard - thank you mike

  • Anti
    Anti 2 months ago +6

    love your vlogs.....crazy to see the fall and rise of bigmike...inspiring!!!!!

  • Callum Beattie
    Callum Beattie 2 months ago +2

    Can always count on the night shift for your peaceful time out of the world

  • Tarak Patel
    Tarak Patel 2 months ago

    Last bit, Preach Mike, sometimes we all have to slow down and reflect of what you have done, and what you can do better

  • Nawab Singh
    Nawab Singh 2 months ago +3

    Honestly speaking I want Logan Paul vlogs back. They were soooooooooooooo good man!

  • Moditha Perera
    Moditha Perera 2 months ago +1

    Mike, I know it's a lil late for this now but I feel like the price of the burger should be incorporated with the ratings (whether it is value for money)

  • EMAR
    EMAR 2 months ago +1

    Great advice from Mike at the end of the video. He a real one

  • Dylan 345
    Dylan 345 2 months ago

    The effort you put into your sponsor parts is amazing actually enjoy that part

  • Alec Tufenkjian
    Alec Tufenkjian 2 months ago

    thank you mike, ur the best. literally made me teary eyed in the outro. 😭😭

  • Mr. Nissim Productions
    Mr. Nissim Productions 2 months ago +3

    Loving the Hebrew, tav needs to do more

  • big cuh
    big cuh 2 months ago

    hope you okay big dawwg we need you makin videos for the long haul

  • Ronaldo 96
    Ronaldo 96 2 months ago

    Mike was a Top G long before Andrew Tate. Much respect brother 🙏

  • FaZe hypax
    FaZe hypax 2 months ago

    Hope you get better soon Mike! 🙏Dope vid

  • HoneyBee
    HoneyBee 2 months ago +1

    Banger video! The ending was def the cherry on top ❤

  • Brokvnn
    Brokvnn 2 months ago +1

    Mr .mike never seases to amaze me with his videos Fr I love this dude man

  • Jaron Rodriguez
    Jaron Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Love the message mike ❤

  • Cryptic
    Cryptic 2 months ago +1

    That ending really made think about life real quick hope everything is ok with your health we need you!!!

  • kwami siebu
    kwami siebu 2 months ago

    Mike broski hands down one of the best vlogs yet, I’m only half way through and geeked bro! Good shi!!!

  • Azuzoo
    Azuzoo 2 months ago

    Love the videos mike thanks for keeping us going, I’ve grinding and workin hard from the last time I commented and was able to take out a car, and yesterday I was finally able to join the crypto club by buying my 1st eth thanks for the motivation appreciate you man

  • smett
    smett 2 months ago +4

    Loved your message at the end mike it's all about balance

  • Stoney Tim
    Stoney Tim 2 months ago

    I always love your content stay blessed brotha 🖤💯🔥

  • gnomees
    gnomees 2 months ago +1

    Always love the content Mike. Good shit

  • Prasad Hire
    Prasad Hire 2 months ago

    Damn Mikey!! love it how you explained in a simple way about life balancing. Much love from India

  • Albert henriquez
    Albert henriquez 2 months ago

    Great message mike! stay up my dude!👌

  • JOHN M
    JOHN M 2 months ago +2

    Thank u Mike I hope u are blessed please keep saying something motivating an the end of the video thank u again ❤️❤️❤️

  • CHOP
    CHOP 2 months ago

    Wonderful words of wisdom at the end there mike keep it up

  • Gonzo
    Gonzo 2 months ago +3

    That touching speech towards the end earned u a like. 😂❤

  • Glen Gjoni
    Glen Gjoni 2 months ago +26

    Congratulations on a great video! 😐 I know where you can get more than 6 free spins.Best choice.
    That’s an inflation 2022 machine …

  • Nick Toupin
    Nick Toupin 2 months ago

    i legit look forward to these videos every week mike

  • Mr Adams
    Mr Adams 2 months ago

    If you already think arsenal games are wild you should experience German football. David should arrange that 😂

  • Samir Dangal
    Samir Dangal 2 months ago +1

    You are inspirational mike,yes you are❤️

  • Muhammad Moiz
    Muhammad Moiz 2 months ago

    Gotta love the motivational and caring ending innit ❤️ ly mandem

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    Paeton King 2 months ago

    that message at the end 💜 much love mike

  • Mr.Naydoo
    Mr.Naydoo 2 months ago

    We love you too mike! Great message

  • Abz Farooq
    Abz Farooq 2 months ago +2

    I like how you didn’t say ‘find balance’ but you said ‘find YOUR balance’ - everyone has their own balance and you gotta try everything and keep trying to figure out what is YOUR balance and how to improve and don’t compare your life to others, loved that Mike 💪

  • MB
    MB 2 months ago

    glad ur healthy and ok mike!

  • MB
    MB 2 months ago

    glad ur healthy and ok mike!

  • Cody Riback
    Cody Riback 2 months ago +2

    I wish I had video evidence but right before you gave your rating for the burger, I said out loud, "8.6" and your next line was 8.6... I'm dead serious. After all these years, I know my man mike well!

  • Jeff
    Jeff 2 months ago

    Mike may have the best post vlog extra clips 😂

  • Alexander Uber
    Alexander Uber 2 months ago

    Love the ending man 🤙 Thanks Mike

  • Santiago Rodriguez
    Santiago Rodriguez 2 months ago +4

    that transition into the commercial… goddamn mike, so good.. 😂😂😂

  • Aditya Varshney
    Aditya Varshney 2 months ago

    Is it just me or we all want a longer "Post Clock-Out" bits and pieces videos

  • Beesix
    Beesix 2 months ago +3

    Never in my life in UK have I heard “ your kreps are safe fam” wtf 😂

  • Reggie Carreiro
    Reggie Carreiro 2 months ago +1

    What’s up Mike , I just turned 45 today probably one of your older viewers but still a fan of ur channel. What you said is on point about balance definitely as u get older you gotta worry about what u eat , I’ve cut back on working so much , spend more time with my wifey and kids and just enjoy being a Dad. I hope you find your balance my boy.

  • Rex
    Rex 2 months ago

    Sage advice at the end of the vlog. More than once in my life, I have found balance but then lost it. I wish my younger self understood the ramifications of choices (damn whoppers, not enough gym, too many Surfer on Acid drinks at the club) made. Never too late to start again, but each time increases in difficulty. Going in the right direction again!

  • Juan Gutierrez
    Juan Gutierrez 2 months ago +1

    Saludos 🇲🇽♥️ always enjoy the episodes😳 mad love mad love🫶🏼

  • Louis Bastin
    Louis Bastin 2 months ago

    Seeing Mike in a tracksuit is jokes 🤣

  • Joey E
    Joey E 2 months ago +3

    7:00 Mike is only speaking facts but for some reason it's hilarious

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    Clara Bournaki 2 months ago

    i love how mike's ads are almost more interesting than his actual vlogs. good stuff!!

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    Cameron Folts 2 months ago

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    Kirby’s Burner 2 months ago

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    Julio Sanchez 2 months ago +1

    Logan: “My heart is beating”
    .. it’s.. it’s suppose to do that bro 😅 I’d be worried if it wasn’t 😂😂

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    Prithvi Kewalramani 2 months ago +1

    Love the final message. Couldn't have said it better. Balance is everything

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    Edds Mmyeah 2 months ago

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    Rio Olio 2 months ago

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    Nicole Lampert 2 months ago

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    Rambling Ramul 2 months ago

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    Ciaron Reilly 2 months ago

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    julian romero 2 months ago +1

    I really like the ending speech mike thanks I been going through some really bad acid reflux and a fatty liver from to much partying and sosa

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    Rxtrxo 2 months ago

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