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When you play Assassin's Creed Syndicate in 2022

  • Published on Sep 16, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • I kinda fell off at the end.
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  • artificial.
    artificial.  10 months ago +710

    Well this blew up for some reason. Thanks for watching, subscribe if you want. I push videos out once in a lifetime (when I feel like it) 👍
    Interesting comments here btw. Keep it up guys! Personally Syndicate and Unity are my personal favourites after AC3. Wished they continued the plot they had but unfortunately nope.

    • KayDubs
      KayDubs 9 months ago +1

      Lucky me then. I have both games!

    • General P
      General P 9 months ago +3

      Fr that could honestly be said about every game after Ezio's trilogy. I think they could've made a trilogy for Connor, Edward, Arno, Jacob & Evie, and Bayek.
      Mirage looks promising tho 👀

    • Eduard
      Eduard 9 months ago +2

      Hi. My favourite is AC Black Flag, IV .. It is the best and it even worked on a GT220 .. As a kid, I had played it with 20-30FPS and I was damn happy it was working

    • Ahmed Abd Elaty
      Ahmed Abd Elaty 9 months ago +2

      Wow. I found this video right after I started playing it again 😅
      I loved syndicate, Unity, played unity for the 2nd time a year ago,
      Now it's time for the AC syndicate. And now I am playing in 4K which is amazing considering it was released 6 years ago. the only part that is annoying to me, is the boroughs missions which are kinda repetitive and boring a lot of times,

    • Biswarup Bandyopadhyay
      Biswarup Bandyopadhyay 8 months ago +1

      Same here... Played all ac games from 1 to rogue(not unity) and loved ac3 most... Played it multiple times

  • I love biscuits!
    I love biscuits! 10 months ago +3284

    When people criticize this game, most of them seem to say Jacob was pretty bad but they tend to forget that Evie was pretty good.
    Tbh, I liked the interaction and sibling rivalry they both had. Both characters defined each other more.

    • tales527
      tales527 10 months ago +175

      The only issue is their definitions. There wasn't much depth, if any. Jacob was the stupid reckless one who went head first into everything, and Evie was the well thought out one who was constantly fixing Jacobs's mistakes. That's was it. There wasn't any major character development or anything. They just stayed the same throughout the whole game.

    • E
      E 10 months ago +98

      "Evie was good" we just gonna ignore the fact that the maharaja of India appeared out of nowhere and started dating her?

    • tales527
      tales527 10 months ago +5

      @E I never played that dlc

    • All My Thoughts
      All My Thoughts 10 months ago +36

      Nah the story, tone and charactors are bullshit.
      Flat charactors only joking around, eventhough they are literly killing machienes.
      This is terrifying

    • Martin Osborne
      Martin Osborne 10 months ago +18

      @E he didn't. Mr Henry Green did.

  • steveirwin06
    steveirwin06 10 months ago +3883

    This was a great game and this was a game that my grandma got me one year for Christmas may she rest in peace

    • GhostPlace
      GhostPlace 10 months ago +110

      Im also so happy i got to experience this game it was really fun, and may your grandma rest in peace

    • Jesse Ware
      Jesse Ware 10 months ago +141

      W Grandma. May she Rest In Peace.

    • steveirwin06
      steveirwin06 10 months ago +49

      Yeah thank you everyone if you must know it was cancer and thank you Grandma for spending your hard-earned money on this game for your grandson to play it

    • Will
      Will 10 months ago +35

      Your grandma adored you and was amazing. May she rest in peace

    • steveirwin06
      steveirwin06 10 months ago +17

      @Will she did actually my grandmother and I were really close she had her faults so

  • Ra y
    Ra y 10 months ago +1370

    After seeing that horrendous cloth physics of Valhalla(if you can even call it physics) Eve's 30fps locked cape simulation feels like a blessing. On a side note Eve's feminine walking posture is so underrated. She was like the perfect blend of badassary and beauty.

    • Nickthegamingnerd
      Nickthegamingnerd 10 months ago +43

      You can unlock the cloth physics on syndicate so It runs at 60

    • RasAlCool -
      RasAlCool - 10 months ago +55

      I always called it the "Bad Bitch" walk because that's really wat it is haha. I play Evie the most I think

    • Ricardo666
      Ricardo666 10 months ago +11

      I am sick and tired of playing chicks.

    • DevilGames
      DevilGames 10 months ago +33

      Best AC girl.

  • Cosmonaut G1
    Cosmonaut G1 10 months ago +2335

    People only start to appreciate something when it's gone.
    I hope that people who hated the old ACs can still have fun hitting a guy 40 times to kill him and gain 15 XP then repeat that for 70+ hours so they can have enough level to fight the legendary Norse God for that historically accurate neon armor that shoots lazer now.
    Or maybe they can just get that with $10.

    • L T
      L T 10 months ago +165

      Not to mention the horrible combat in odyssey and origins

    • gvngbvngiggy
      gvngbvngiggy 10 months ago +109

      Idk man i got a trainer for odyssey and it was fun after that, and i didnt have any real problems with origins or valhalla, so far ive enjoyed every ac ive ever played the old and the new and i think the old style fits the city setting and the rpg style fits the vast landscape settings better. There are some things id change with all of them but theyre still above all other games for me.

    • Cadu - Games e Rpg
      Cadu - Games e Rpg 10 months ago +63

      Funny im replaying Valhalla with assassin build and i can kill nearly everyone with the hidden blade. Maybe youre playing wrong?

    • Yashvir E
      Yashvir E 10 months ago +17

      Lier, I've never had those issues.

    • TheUcheO
      TheUcheO 10 months ago +33

      Honestly. All that unnecessary hate, while, yes, justified, but not the extents that we got. Now Ubisoft got scared of AC dying as a whole and completely changed the brand. Origins was good, but they’ve obviously gone overboard, and cheap, and stale, and easy, while thinking they’re listening to their fans when they barely even try, and they know they don’t. Who knows what Mirage will be; since we know Ubisoft is actually trying to pander to their fanbase for once for this game I hope maybe we’ll get some Last Of Us, actually good fucking triple A game type feel for this new NextGen 2023 AC. I have hopes for this Mirage game but at the same time Ubisoft is dead to me so I won’t be surprised if shit goes to shit.

  • limnakama
    limnakama 10 months ago +584

    as many issues as i have with syndicate, this is one of the few games, alongside unity, where i could enjoy just walking around the city. there's something special about syndicate and unity when it comes to their representations of their respective cities, and i really miss that aspect of those games

    • Cruel World
      Cruel World 10 months ago +56

      The tone, the environment, the people, everything feels more alive, authentic.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 9 months ago +35

      yup. i really think syndicate/unity was peak gameplay. it felt way more assassin-y and the environments helped that a lot but also the stealth and assassin mechanics

    • David B
      David B 9 months ago +4

      All the ACs have this aspect, Black flag has a beautiful representation of La Habana, Origins of Alexandria, Memphis and Giza, Odyssey with Athens, Delphi and Sparta, in my opinion all ACs sagas stand out for this.

    • Precious Arabella
      Precious Arabella 8 months ago +3

      I completely agree. I loved both games and I was disappointed in the whole RPG shift when Origins and Odyssey came out. Syndicate has a special place in my heart cause you can play a female character and I had so much fun with all the side quests. Hope they can bring it back to something like this again but better for the next games.

  • Daniel Hobbs
    Daniel Hobbs 10 months ago +578

    Something that really stuck out to me in Syndicate was the music. Assassins creed games have always had great soundtracks but Syndicates really blew me away

    • Bouzz
      Bouzz 10 months ago +51

      It’s the violins. They are so good

    • ~ Azilius ~
      ~ Azilius ~ 10 months ago


    • Khail SOLO
      Khail SOLO 10 months ago +9

      My favorite is the chase one. I just don’t think it’s in the soundtrack and too bad. It’s that good.

    • Dd
      Dd 9 months ago

      when it play....the game had almost ZERO ambient music...something the partly remedied with valhalla

    • Daniel Hobbs
      Daniel Hobbs 9 months ago +4

      @Dd I mean you can hear a bit of it in this video which is why I commented. Although I never played Valhalla so I wouldn't know how they compare. Merry xmas sir

  • Deiddara
    Deiddara 10 months ago +985

    An underrated title of Assassin's Creed, the general fluidity and animations of the parkour and stealth are top, fast and snappy.

    • ratatoskr9
      ratatoskr9 10 months ago +62

      Well that's a credit to AC Unity. In my opinion, Syndicate hinders a lot of the parkour with the Batman grapple hook.
      Not only does it take away from traversing the city, the city itself was designed with the grapple in mind, meaning the fantastic work that was put into Unity to ensure parkour flowed smoothly is all but absent in this game.

    • He was #1
      He was #1 10 months ago +11

      Syndicate certainly makes running around in factories to strike at your enemies with maximum efficiency super satisfying. Some of the smaller buildings are fun too, but overall, the world never allows you to get a good flow going.

    • Alto
      Alto 10 months ago +20

      did you play the game, the parkour is pure pain, most of the time you didn't even go the way you wanted. the zipline get boring after a few hour. Unity was peaked imo

    • TekkLord
      TekkLord 10 months ago +3

      Yeah and all Animations are copied and pasted from unity.

    • Walfip
      Walfip 10 months ago +5

      @TekkLord yes but it isn't bad, since Unity's animations are really good. Besides, it's not the first time they did it (and not the last)

  • Darth Vocrum
    Darth Vocrum 9 months ago +158

    I miss the old days where each new game took us further and further in history.

  • TrickyTalon
    TrickyTalon 10 months ago +311

    Of all the the games in the franchise, I truly believe that Syndicate is the most underrated.

    • Yull B.Allwright
      Yull B.Allwright 10 months ago +17

      Nah it was rogue

    • TheUcheO
      TheUcheO 10 months ago +8

      @Yull B.Allwright both good runner ups

    • Autopsyofgrace
      Autopsyofgrace 10 months ago +12

      @Yull B.Allwright rogue was not underrated ☠️

    • Vlad
      Vlad 9 months ago +2

      Revelations and Unity

  • Whiskii
    Whiskii 9 months ago +69

    I don't really get post-game depression anymore but I remember Syndicate giving me my biggest case of it, probably ever. I loved London, I loved Evie, I loved the atmosphere and it felt good to play.

    • Der Krampus kommt !
      Der Krampus kommt ! 6 months ago +2

      It's the setting that makes it the best ac game for me. The combat for me was too easy and repetitive. I want a open world game with a dark, historical setting again. I hope AC Hexe is it in the future.

    • Burg Bass
      Burg Bass 4 months ago

      Yeah I really wish there could have been something like emergent quests for after the main story.

    • The Last Person on Earth
      The Last Person on Earth 4 months ago +1

      ​@Der Krampus kommt !Yeah I still haven't found a game with better setting yet.

    • Wildman
      Wildman 2 months ago +1

      Jacob was the main one in Syndicate, tho

  • Ignacio Cañas
    Ignacio Cañas 10 months ago +506

    Sometimes I wish we had a game like Syndicate but made by people who actually gave a shit about what they were doing...

    • Rezandra Rizky Irianto - 19
      Rezandra Rizky Irianto - 19 10 months ago +44

      I only wish they added a fucking time change menu. The game is so atmospheric during nighttime

    • Ahmad Wahelsa
      Ahmad Wahelsa 10 months ago +7

      @Rezandra Rizky Irianto - 19 If you're on PC just find a Cheat Engine Table or Camera Tools, and set the time of day using them

    • Breadandbutter
      Breadandbutter 10 months ago +1

      Too bad nobody gave a shit about this game too

    • Li TT
      Li TT 10 months ago

      this lol

  • dgnty
    dgnty 9 months ago +29

    I have my issues with this game but it will forever be one of my favorites. The time in history, the characters, the music, London in and of itself... It's just beautiful and I could play it a million times more.

  • Adventurous Emma
    Adventurous Emma 9 months ago +74

    Syndicate was my absolute favorite, always will be. Not only was the time setting, and feature of boy girl twins perfectly tailored to me, but the gameplay was just SO satisfying. Never understood how people could hate it.

    • Itachi Uchiha
      Itachi Uchiha 9 months ago +4

      I feel the same way Emma!

    • ProofElm22Two
      ProofElm22Two 8 months ago

      loved this game definitely one of my favorites but im sorry nothing is topping black flag for me that game is amazing

    • Julius Spieweg
      Julius Spieweg 7 months ago +2

      Same. I could never really understand why some people hated it. I played the story twice and every once in a while I just like getting on the game and doing some of the territory missions. Syndicate has the best gameplay imo

    • pria
      pria 6 months ago +2

      Yup, and Syndicate has the best stealth too

    • Diego Rubio
      Diego Rubio 4 months ago

      I feel like Syndicate got hate because of the odd combat system, hood "toggle" and the overall plot. I honestly loved the game, but I have to agree on the fact that the plot wasn't the greatest, and while I loved the twins characters and dynamics, some characters were straight up taken from a cartoon and dragged the plot down imo.

  • Gabriel Silva
    Gabriel Silva 10 months ago +38

    I recently downloaded it after 6 years ago and played it until the end, the game is still very good and will always be my favorite of the entire franchise.

  • stealth_r0ck
    stealth_r0ck 10 months ago +235

    2022 and holy shit the game still looks good

    • L T
      L T 10 months ago +34

      Better parkour than origins and odyssey xD

    • Nagy Mark Robert 22
      Nagy Mark Robert 22 10 months ago +27

      @L T not just that but the graphics / art style too

    • The Guy
      The Guy 9 months ago

      @L T They both have a different art style.

    • Living Kâtâ
      Living Kâtâ 8 months ago +7

      I think syndicate and unity have better graphics then valhalla

    • Osama Bashir564
      Osama Bashir564 4 months ago +2

      ​@Nagy Mark Robert 22 nah man origins is way better looking

  • -Sicarius- GFX & kohi !
    -Sicarius- GFX & kohi ! 9 months ago +12

    Despite the crazy work they did with odyssey when it comes to world building. THis map stays my favourite. It feels so real, everything is real size, the city is alive. Never was an assassin's creed city more immersive. Even unity with the huge crowd didn't seem that immersive

  • nissandro manfred
    nissandro manfred 10 months ago +356

    man that went so smooth and clean this game is underrated af

    • Meister Wu
      Meister Wu 10 months ago +3

      it is not underrated. it's properly rated.

    • stank
      stank 10 months ago +7

      @Meister Wu it's an opinion lol, imo it's underrated aswell.

    • Missing Lynk
      Missing Lynk 10 months ago +8

      @Meister Wu No, it's underrated. The last TRUE Assassins Creed game before they started trying to emulate The Witcher 3... I'm looking at you Origins, Odyssey, and Valhalla

    • Pedja Nedeljkovic
      Pedja Nedeljkovic 10 months ago

      @Missing Lynk Exactly, they're replicating W3 with new Creed games.

  • Daemon I Blackfyre
    Daemon I Blackfyre 10 months ago +341

    Syndicate was the last true AC game. After that it has just been a series of RPG and Mythology simulators with history as a mere backdrop.

    • rickorso
      rickorso 10 months ago +22

      My same exact idea, those new games seem to have lost history relation and stopped giving special feelings that only this series could give

    • ???UNKNOWN???
      ???UNKNOWN??? 10 months ago +13

      @rickorso bc the assassins creed formula was changed ever since they made theyre games like waw I stopped buying them I just cant play those types of games I miss the old formula like ac1 etc

    • Zeh Darkrai
      Zeh Darkrai 9 months ago +5

      The last AC was Syndicat.
      Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla are good games in generel, but no good AC.

    • Whiskii
      Whiskii 9 months ago +13

      Indeed. The new AC's just feel like Witcher 3 rip-offs. Lost their identity. That being said I did enjoy Odyssey.

    • Realbuckz
      Realbuckz 5 months ago +4

      I’ve been going back to play what I missed and origins might be the last good one

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo 10 months ago +20

    Don't care what anyone says this will be forever my favorite AC game

  • Aberforth
    Aberforth 10 months ago +10

    Easily my favorite AC game. Beautiful industrial age London. Decent story. Smooth combat and parkour. You're an assassin.

  • sugeto !
    sugeto ! 10 months ago +4

    i really love syndicate-- from the music, the atmosphere, the map designs to the characters and their personalities. story was also really good and in-line with the og assassin's creed plotline. i don't understand why people don't like it so much; evidently it's way better compared to the new gen assassin's creed games. i'd like to consider the last old gen game in the series tbh.

  • King of Sinter
    King of Sinter 10 months ago +157

    Easily the most underrated AC game.

    • le Madonne fiorite
      le Madonne fiorite 10 months ago +7

      After Assasin's Creed 3

    • Evžen Varga
      Evžen Varga 10 months ago +9

      This, Unity and 3 are pretty underrated, though with Unity its terrible reputation is entirely Ubisoft's fault.

    • He was #1
      He was #1 10 months ago +6

      @le Madonne fiorite I don’t know whether I agree or disagree with that statement. I’d say Syndicate is more underrated because it’s usually hated and looked down upon. Whereas AC3 is usually considered the black sheep of the franchise, a beautifully ugly middle child. Both are definitely better than people give them credit for, and that’s coming from someone who was on the hate train for them until a few months ago, where I replayed them.

    • MrBossFML
      MrBossFML 9 months ago +4

      @Evžen Varga unity isn't underrated at all, atleast now

  • mg0426
    mg0426 10 months ago +158

    Evie is such an underrated assassin. Her daggers are OP as fuck.

    • Emanoil Viziteu
      Emanoil Viziteu 10 months ago +8

      jacob had them too but ok

    • Ulen Grau
      Ulen Grau 9 months ago +1

      @Emanoil Viziteu So did Eve, but ok

    • Jonathan Pilcher
      Jonathan Pilcher 8 months ago

      @Emanoil Viziteu They both could use any weapon yea, but I think they were better with certain ones?

    • Esteban
      Esteban 8 months ago +5

      @Jonathan Pilcher yes, eve has more daggers

    • Jonathan Pilcher
      Jonathan Pilcher 8 months ago +6

      @Esteban yea I remember that, jacob was more of a brass knuckles guy and evie was more of a canesword gal, evie liked knives more and jacob liked guns more I think. I should replay the game tbh, the scale of the map is amazing and the mechanical dynamic between the two characters is pretty cool

  • melon
    melon 4 months ago +2

    Will forever be the best and my favourite

  • MJT
    MJT 10 months ago +18

    i really like the enemy proximity of older ac than the latest one... it only shows red silhouette when obstructed by objects...while in Valhalla it annoys me when red glow stay for a few seconds even not obstructed by objects it even persists during assassination animation

  • Bamberditto PingPong
    Bamberditto PingPong 4 months ago +1

    Unity and Syndicate are underrated games. Played both since 2014/2015 and still not tire of them. Luckily I never had any of the problems with bugs in Unity. Storywise there are better AC games but the settings and atmosphere of these two games make up for it. Unity and Syndicate are games where you can just walk around and appreciate the city. I traveled to London for the first time some days before Syndicate came out so it was cool seeing places in game.

  • HM Cuber
    HM Cuber 3 months ago

    This was a very good ac. I loved the idea of how evie and her brother had a literal gang, and how you have to take territory and how you can fight gang battles. The duel weild staff blade weapon is also amazing on this game with evie, I don't know why but they need to bring that weapon back.
    A great game, had some flaws like bad guys being the literal same bad guy npcs in terms of how they looked, and the map was a little big.

  • Bread Bug
    Bread Bug 8 months ago +2

    This game was very underrated. It just got overshadowed by being sandwiched between Unity and Origins. It came out at a time when fatigue from a new entry every year had really set in, and tbh that affected Unity as well. If these games got to stand on their own, they would've been more well received.
    Also sad that each "era" of assassin's creed tends to have 3-4 games, but the Unity/Syndicate era was cut short in favor of the RPG era starting with Origins

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith Month ago +1

    I genuinely think it was just fashionable and trendy to hate on Syndicate and it made people feel a bit elitist/gatekeeper’ish to chime in on the hate when in reality it was such a gem and still is. It’s the only AC game I often miss and come back to every year or two to experience Victorian London and the Frye twins and Jack the Ripper, etc.

  • Tacitus Kilgore
    Tacitus Kilgore 10 months ago +2

    Sometimes the game and the controls were clunky, sometimes there were bugs, but, man was the atmosphere so good. One the best I’ve seen, the atmosphere of an industrialised London world had so much potential and they did not waste it.

  • Pedro Lopes
    Pedro Lopes 10 months ago +3

    One of my favourite AC games. Wish it had a 60 fps patch on the PS5 or that it was properly optimized on PC... True masterpiece

  • ArZii
    ArZii 10 months ago +4

    Absolutely loved Assassin's Creed Syndicate 💖
    This game is my favorite out of all the AC games. Although I agree, the characters need more development in the narrative I still love Jacob.
    (Probably because I'm a stickler for characters like Jacob hehe)

  • Bread Man
    Bread Man 10 months ago +1

    The soundtrack in this game is amazing it comes together great with the environment it is just a great game dispite some of the bugs. I enjoyed every second of this game.

  • break loop
    break loop 3 months ago

    My favourite AC. The atmosphere, the classical soundtracks, the architecture, gameplay? all just chef's kiss.

  • Dying Horizon Light2
    Dying Horizon Light2 10 months ago +24

    I love the nostalgic vibe syndicate gives

  • Inês Nicolau
    Inês Nicolau 10 months ago

    i never understood why people criticised this game so much. it had a good plot, the siblings had very funny interactions, stealth was on point. True AC game

  • NescafeLai
    NescafeLai 9 months ago +3

    im extremely looking forward to mirage after playing unity and syndicate again this year. Really exciting to see new contents about the assassins in present days with Basim and William

  • Netu
    Netu 4 months ago

    I keep coming back to this one because I love, love, love the setting and polarity between the two characters but can never seem to finish it

    • Shubh Roy
      Shubh Roy 4 months ago

      Haha, I've finished it and still keep coming back to it...

  • Cat Lawyer Will defend for treats

    I love Syndicate! Story and Characters could be better but it's still one of my favorite. Wish it got a sequel.

  • Valentin DELOCHE
    Valentin DELOCHE 10 months ago +2

    For me, the thing who is chocking is the IA. They spot you so easily and the game became so much harder bc of that !
    Excellent AC in my opinion

  • Luca-Renovatio
    Luca-Renovatio 10 months ago +2

    I found AC Syndacate a surprise and yes, it does seem a real AC. I appreciate the last ACs, but there is in my opinion no comparison at all ! Such a great game ! I got its platinum after all ;)

  • AL Goldstein
    AL Goldstein 4 months ago

    I loved Syndicate. One of my favorites. Walking around hunting Jack the Ripper? Man that’s just tooo dope.

  • Shushin Fushin
    Shushin Fushin 6 months ago

    super underrated game, and evie was a great character I wish we'd seen more of

    • Imaxyxia
      Imaxyxia 6 months ago

      The game is underrated.

  • Uro Boros
    Uro Boros 7 months ago

    I enjoyed watching it ! I bought the game a few months ago on steam and was having much more fun than with odyssey and valhalla together.

  • LG 1897
    LG 1897 4 months ago

    Hadn't played an Assassin's Creed game in a long time, this came up for free on xbox so thought I would give it a go. Enjoyed every minute of it and it got me back into playing Assassin's Creed.

  • Robert Zhang
    Robert Zhang 9 months ago

    Syndicate was the last time I really enjoyed playing an Assassins Creed game. I loved the settings of the city (especially Unity) and I think that's what the new games lack, it's empty space. Cruising around Egypt, Greece, and now Nordic Lands just feels so empty. The cities were compact and brought life, yet didn't feel too small and constricting. The newer games are massive and graphically impressive, but it's just not the same.

  • J_C_CH
    J_C_CH 10 months ago +9

    This game is seven years old. Goddamn, I'll never forget the first time I played it.

  • AverageVideogameJoe
    AverageVideogameJoe 10 months ago +2

    The assassination animations are so good! Wish Valhalla’s animations felt a little more impactful / speedier

  • Lowly
    Lowly 7 months ago

    Mannnn, those graphics look like they were made today.
    The game was a technical masterpiece

  • MrAuditore96
    MrAuditore96 9 months ago

    Played this game day one and I'm still as fond of it as ever!

  • Estela Moral
    Estela Moral 4 months ago

    Say what you want about Syndicate and it's problems, but there's no assassin's creed game that can top the level of stealth this game had. It's truly a gem.

  • Man2Planet
    Man2Planet 9 months ago

    It was good Syndicate. I liked how you could swap between the brother and sister and do different missions. It still looks nice but it would be good if they did a next gen upgrade. I may re-install. I have the Jack the Ripper DLC but never played it.

  • El Gato
    El Gato 10 months ago +14

    Awesome game. No regrets buying this.

  • Max Dee
    Max Dee 7 months ago +1

    most underrated AC of them all. it's brilliant.

  • Fobo
    Fobo 9 months ago +1

    Honestly if this game kept unity's parkour and combat, it'd probably be my favorite ac game

  • James Metalarc
    James Metalarc 10 months ago +2

    To date this is my favorite AC game of all time and it is underrated but should be expound upon.

  • Jean Marron
    Jean Marron 8 months ago +1

    This game deserves at least a HD or even better 4K remaster for consoles! It was a brilliant game!

    • Imaxyxia
      Imaxyxia 6 months ago

      Definitely a remastered version, & remove that awful ezio shit.

  • Illuminanonymous
    Illuminanonymous 9 months ago

    Sometimes I wonder how this game would feel without the eagle vision and target marking feature, where you'd have to identify and keep track of enemies yourself and play smarter. I wonder how different or perhaps better all AC games would be like that.

    BOSS ROSS 10 months ago +4

    It's especially nice going back to it with that mod that lets you keep hoods up on all outfits.

  • T Doran
    T Doran 10 months ago +1

    I still regularly play AC Syndicate, always have since launch. AC Syndicate, Origins and AC2 & Brotherhood are always the games I go back to.

  • BonzerMrT
    BonzerMrT 9 months ago

    I’ve finally playing Syndicate after skipping over it years ago, and man I honestly really like it. I loved Origins and Odyssey but I for sure missed the OG style of game. I’ve had a blast so far and might get the DLC

  • Kunal
    Kunal 9 months ago

    I happened to play this game when Batman : Gotham by Gaslight was released and this game with its rope launcher, capes and gadgets is the closest experience you can get to be a Victorian era Batman.
    Plus both game and movie has ripper story line.

  • Vlxd
    Vlxd 10 months ago

    *It sucks that most people don't even know this game exist, one of the best I ever played*

  • Yami Marik
    Yami Marik 8 months ago

    Looks wicked! Really wanna play this one.

  • Timothy Isidro
    Timothy Isidro 9 months ago +3

    The last game in the series that still felt like Assassin's Creed.

    • franksJourney
      franksJourney 8 months ago

      hopefully mirage will bring this back

  • Kingdom Hearts lover
    Kingdom Hearts lover 4 months ago

    I truly used to love this hame also almost goz platinium on this one except the beer and flower trophies were glitching but yeah. Evie had so much stealth and the graphics were pretty nice also it was still everything about juno. Still csnt believe they killed juno in a comic idk about

  • Divad Werdna
    Divad Werdna 10 months ago +1

    Crazy how much we criticized this game when i just now see its an actual assassin game unlike the last few thank you for this

  • ㅤx
    ㅤx 8 months ago

    the most underrated AC and its not close. i love this game and this was truly the last AC game.

  • Autopsyofgrace
    Autopsyofgrace 10 months ago

    i got this game for christmas 2015 and i think this game is underrated, didn’t deserve the hate and probably the funnest assassin creed i played along with black flag

  • Johny santos
    Johny santos 10 months ago +8

    jogo bonito, jogo formoso.

  • Paul Eagleb
    Paul Eagleb 9 months ago

    The only game in this series that felt like being a sneaky Assassin for me.

  • Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

    I think that being able to scan enemies like that is just too op

  • Arica Ice
    Arica Ice 9 months ago

    I honestly thought that people who pissed on this game back then are wild. Absolutely one of my faves. Obviously Eve is the better twin for me 😂 she's like invisible Jesus once you get her all maxed out.

  • JSGaming27
    JSGaming27 10 months ago +1

    I’ve been playing AC Syndicate a lot lately and I’m at 99% completion. After all these years I’ve almost 100% completed the whole game.

  • grift
    grift 10 months ago

    Se ve mejor que muchos actuales de ubisoft

  • chonkyd0nkey
    chonkyd0nkey 10 months ago +21

    I've been replaying Unity on my Series S with no HUD and OH MAN it looks beautiful

    • Ticket2Heaven
      Ticket2Heaven 10 months ago +1

      I just picked it back up too I agree for sure, if you or anyone else reading this is down to play my gamertag is Ticket2Heavn

  • IncognitoProd
    IncognitoProd 10 months ago

    I still play this game because it is so beautiful, optimized graphics and everything is just wow. Even tho, imo, this ain't an assassin's creed game, but I am thankful to them because they made this kind of game focused on 18th century. Whenever I wish something close to Peaky blinders, I play this from a time to time. 😂😍🔥

    • Inyoure LilSistersass
      Inyoure LilSistersass 7 months ago +1

      It's way more assassins creed then origins Odyssey and Valhalla pourkour is better traversal is better the animations when climbing and decending is superior the new so called assassins creed games especially Valhalla are not assassins creed atleast origins kinda tried

  • Nunita
    Nunita 9 months ago +2

    I’ve put this game on pause so many times… maybe this is my sign to play it again. This looks so good

  • Souvik
    Souvik 9 months ago

    I enjoyed it very much back in 2015 with GTX 970. Then I played it again back in 2022 woth RTX 3070 at 4K. It was Stunning. I'm amazed to the output though draw distance is bad

  • sara beara
    sara beara 7 months ago +1

    this is so satisfying!! Syndicate has the best stealth in the franchise imo

  • Recyclebin
    Recyclebin 10 months ago

    The gameplay was pretty neat and the game was released polished but I think the main reason people didin’t like Syndicate that much is because of the story since they couldn’t use real people as the templars

  • TheWayne
    TheWayne 10 months ago +3

    The underrated Assassin's Creed Syndicate is assassin's creed that best reflects stealth in my opinion, and you really feel like you're playing an Assassin's Creed Game, it's really amazing

    • Peace Prince Shaxi
      Peace Prince Shaxi 10 months ago

      Ah yes, a true victorian Assasin with a glowing circle of omnipotence on her waist, and a nano suit that goes invisible

    • natc
      natc 10 months ago

      Unity has the better setup for stealth tools imo but Syndicate has some pretty nice map design for mission areas. Just not so much everywhere else.

  • Saurav Bhagat
    Saurav Bhagat 9 months ago

    This was the game that brought me back to Assassins creed Games. It was simple no bullshit all about stealth and great level design to execute it. Acting and animation was just phenomenal, everything was just so perfect, except the combat. When i played this game I had left Origins, Oddessey both midway because I did not find them interesting. But this game encouraged me to Dig more in later AC games and I enjoyed those as well. For some reason AC games now have the worst starting 5 hours.

  • oliverek7
    oliverek7 4 months ago

    Replaying this game on PC in 4K 60fps is incredible. Def one of my fav AC games, mostly because I’m from London

  • Ass Kancer
    Ass Kancer 10 months ago +6

    very underrated game, probably my favorite after the ezio trilogy and black flag

  • Raghav Khurana
    Raghav Khurana 8 months ago

    Wow.....never knew syndicate looked THIS good!

  • Swarup Raj Banik
    Swarup Raj Banik 10 months ago

    I'm playing this game in 2022 and this is exactly how it feels.

  • Pete Chambers
    Pete Chambers 9 months ago

    I still play this to this very day , it's the best assassins creed by far in my humble opinion

  • Jeff Wayne
    Jeff Wayne 10 months ago +2

    I love this game, and the train hideout is awesome.

  • DRAGONLukas Mapping
    DRAGONLukas Mapping 8 months ago

    This is still my favorite assassins creed i ever played i just love industrial revolution and victorian age.
    I just hope so we will see another assassin set in 19th century, or early 20th century.
    It could be manhattan in 1890s or 1900s, but also Chicago but set in 1920s.
    Btw it could be interesting assassins creed set in san francisco before and during earthquake in 1906.

  • E
    E 10 months ago +1

    Assassins Creed Syndicate needs to be remade and remastered for next gen consoles, it’s an absolute masterpiece.

    • Fors4ken
      Fors4ken 10 months ago

      More like actually fucking work. The ps5 is buggy as hell 😭

  • Alexander The Goat
    Alexander The Goat 10 months ago +1

    Does this game really receive hate? I LOVED IT my first playthrough, underrated

  • XpertRebel95
    XpertRebel95 10 months ago +2

    Damn I don’t remember syndicate looking this good

  • TheUcheO
    TheUcheO 10 months ago +1

    I’m an OG Unity player and lover. 2016, just 2 years after its release- I got it with my PS4. Due to certain circumstances I’ve barely been able to play my PS4 for the past 6 years like a regular human being, so I’ve always had the same games just sit there. Unity was one of them- back in the day I was a Unity God. Restarted 4 times now. But this year I downloaded Syndicate and I enjoy the game. The mechanics are Unity with some parkour taken away but benefited from with the zip line. But I like the change ups and how dark, and gritty, and atmospheric old style London is. I want to like Jacob but he’s just kind of a smug ass a lot of times in his dialogue and demeanor and he’s either racist “Greenie” or being protective of his sister. But I don’t let those feelings not enjoy his gameplay. I like Evie. She’s kind and gentle, but will also kill you in a moments notice. She’s mature and has humility. She’s cute too, but I try to not let myself feel any feelings for her character like that cause I just want to feel like I’m playing the stealthy, deadly, badass Evie Frey with her unique looking black assassins cloth with the red hints. But I have to admit, I definitely do care about the side content more than the story. I also love Jacobs “Outdoorsmen” suit (the one in the promotions for the game) and hood of it; how it makes him look menacing. Cause he’s unhinged. I’ll have to replay all of Unity and Dead Kings again to make modern memories, but Unity to me is that unique assassin blue of Arno’s Initiate Assassin robes. While Syndicate gives me sleek black and red hint vibes. Like the colors in it’s title. I love both games. Going to eventually play all of the AC games.

  • Sairam R
    Sairam R 10 months ago +10

    I've always liked the fight mechanics of this game.

    • He was #1
      He was #1 10 months ago +2

      How?! That’s actually the worst part of the game!

    • L T
      L T 10 months ago +1

      @He was #1 because the fighting system wasn't objectively bad. It had an arcade combo style that some people liked and others didn't. But still better than the crap we got in origins and odyssey (where alexios literally kicked enemies across a field like they were hit by superman)

    • Wgnd1
      Wgnd1 10 months ago

      @L T bro the gameplay in origins was miles better than syndicate.. stop it

    • Thomas Eberhard
      Thomas Eberhard 10 months ago

      @Wgnd1 lmao! really NOT

  • Neptun 🇺🇦
    Neptun 🇺🇦 4 months ago

    I think that a big reason why Syndicate had such a bad reputation is that 2015 was about the time when the hype for better and better graphics every year came to a stop.

  • Joeysan24
    Joeysan24 10 months ago

    I just finished this game for the first time. It was fantastic. I really enjoyed my time in London.

    IMMAEATCOOKIES 10 months ago

    I’ve always liked Syndicate from day one and it pisses me off a lot that people is missing it now in 2022. When this game came out everyone was disgusted by it and the two year stop that originated assassins creed origins came after the backlash they received after this game. Ubisoft thought we were bored of “real” assassins creed games, and now that they’ve switched it up to listen to us, we’re complaining that we miss the old games. Human beings are always the same 😅

  • Alessio Fionda
    Alessio Fionda 8 months ago

    One of my favorite ACs, very underated