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He slapped him to SLEEP! 😴

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 2 709

  • Jwright
    Jwright Month ago +1731

    I feel like i could see Forrests thought process when he looked down at the guy sparked out. Something along the lines of "What the fuck am I doing being involved in this"

    • FartInYourFace234
      FartInYourFace234 10 days ago

      It actually looked the opposite, Forrest was incredibly invested in that man’s level of consciousness. He didn’t look like he didn’t want to be a part of it. Not even for a second.
      The way people like you try to fit the scene to your own perspective is nothing short of mesmerizing. The true way of the mouth breather

    • Gayan
      Gayan 11 days ago


    • Bark Woofington
      Bark Woofington 13 days ago

      Funny cause he said he enjoys this not to long ago lol

    • Carmelo Pruneda Jr.
      Carmelo Pruneda Jr. 13 days ago

      A check that’s why 😅

  • Daysleeper1990
    Daysleeper1990 15 days ago +36

    "I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more CTE" - Dana White

  • Batman
    Batman 21 day ago +40

    Doctor: Your tooth surgery is done
    * my card declines *

  • Anthony Beltran
    Anthony Beltran 20 days ago +73

    Poor Forrest. You can tell he was forced to partake in this mess.

  • John Davenport
    John Davenport 14 days ago +11

    Man was throwin gang signs 😂

  • Kurlyo
    Kurlyo 13 days ago +5

    That slap read him a bedtime story 💀

  • Mike V
    Mike V Month ago +302

    Even Forrest doesn't seem too happy about this. In for a penny, in for a pound.

    • Thank You
      Thank You 20 days ago

      @Lerpus B. Derp nah khed don't tell me what to do. Have a great day though.

    • Lerpus B. Derp
      Lerpus B. Derp 20 days ago

      @Thank You lmfao is he supposed to be smiling at the guy who was knocked out, or what?
      It was a look of concern. Stop projecting your feelings onto him.

    • Quentin Mallard
      Quentin Mallard Month ago

      He started throwing up gang signs and everything lol

    • Zach Hall
      Zach Hall Month ago

      Tbf the UFC has taken care of him, so he continues to be a company man, that's admirable to a point.

    • User1990
      User1990 Month ago +2

      @Chris Rowsell People have to work to put food on the table. It's not a choice. Not everyone can afford to be self absorbed addicts. Forrest has to do what he's gotta do to pay the bills. Including this stupid show. The whole thing is just sad, because Forest is seeing people getting brain damage for pennies from dana, and most of them are gonna end up homeless or like Bonner in 10 years. Most of these contestants seem like addicts or homeless-adjacent already

  • ElevenTableTennis_ru
    ElevenTableTennis_ru Month ago +74

    Делай так 3 раза перед сном и голова болеть не будет. Сон станет крепким, возможно даже вечным.

  • Cataclyst22
    Cataclyst22 Month ago +74

    Griffin looking at him like "damn what am I doing with my life" 😂

  • BAZ
    BAZ Month ago +76

    These things have to stop. It's not like real fighting were you can dodge punches and kicks. You're literally forced to get brain damage. I would love to see the amount of paperwork they'll have to sign so they can't sue them afterwards.

    • XboxOriginal
      XboxOriginal 22 days ago

      They know what they are doing. They are there because they want to do that exact same thing to other. Let em have at it

    • Tim Block
      Tim Block Month ago +1

      Yes, the twitching fingers. Very disturbing.

  • Ernesto Nunez
    Ernesto Nunez 20 days ago +7

    Legend says he does this so his wife knows not to get out of line. 😂

  • Justin
    Justin 17 days ago +6

    He understands the damage being done.

  • Cg
    Cg Month ago +267

    Dana would never do this he was crying about a blister on his show looking for a fight. This poor guy got the soul slapped outta him for only 2k

    • Spurs Losers
      Spurs Losers 24 days ago

      Not that it's much better but he got 4k. 2k for competing and 2k for "winning" if you can call that winning.

    • TheBloggme
      TheBloggme Month ago

      @Phatsaxxz 60 hours for 900 🤔 come to OZ.. 2400-3500 per 60 hours in disabilty support.

    • Paul Clancy
      Paul Clancy Month ago

      ​@Edgar_ Leon 900 after taxes like 1500 most people make less that a week

    • Edgar_ Leon
      Edgar_ Leon Month ago

      ​@Phatsaxxz Damm 60 hours week and only 900 that's crazy

    • Edgar_ Leon
      Edgar_ Leon Month ago

      The soul hahahaha

  • cagecrunch
    cagecrunch 14 days ago +2

    Forest looks so uncomfortable, he won’t be there long.

    RORY WASPADA 4 hours ago

    Rumor has it, he remain asleep until this video was posted

  • Lucie
    Lucie Month ago +515

    Have literally been watching fights my entire life... just cannot get into this stuff.

    • Ya yeet
      Ya yeet 13 days ago

      @Jwright this is fully on Dana’s ego at this point. No one likes this stuff, but he can’t turn back now or all the “haters” will have won.

    • MTN
      MTN 24 days ago

      @Spurs Losers thats not palm striking lol and its illegal in slapping contest btw. Its called “no clubbing” rule.
      Sure you can break a brick by slapping with your palm but mostly its done by pushing motion rather than slapping.
      My point is still the same, punching is still far worse than slapping.

    • Spurs Losers
      Spurs Losers 24 days ago

      ​@MTN Nascar isn't two drivers speeding into a head on collision with each other. When they crash its an accident. The accident is the goal of this "sport"

    • Spurs Losers
      Spurs Losers 24 days ago

      ​@MTN Bro. They aren't slapping. They're palm striking. There's people who break bricks using that part of their hand.

    • deadprivacy
      deadprivacy Month ago

      ​@MTN thats exactly what you are watching.
      See the arms go stiff?
      You can even tell which part of the brain is damaged by the way the arms stiffen.

  • fernando alexander parra

    Definitivamente el hombre nunca dejará de ser bestia

  • Samie Karim
    Samie Karim 24 days ago +22

    Anesthetic doctors' job will be in danger now as hospitals can hire him.

  • Oki Mitchell
    Oki Mitchell Month ago +219

    They're not gonna be happy until someone suffers severe injury or death.

    • Oki Mitchell
      Oki Mitchell Month ago +2

      @Mrkayzzz well at least in boxing and MMA you can protect yourself.

    • Mrkayzzz
      Mrkayzzz Month ago +4

      UFC and Boxing are more dangerous than this

    • Cian O'Brien
      Cian O'Brien Month ago +1

      @M 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Juan Escamilla
    Juan Escamilla Month ago +7

    No me canso de verlo. Qué animal.

  • TheMmaDonDaDa
    TheMmaDonDaDa 20 days ago +1

    The look on Forrest face says it all

  • Frosty 2.0
    Frosty 2.0 Month ago +96

    "This fight's over"
    That isn't a fight son.

    • Ty Goat
      Ty Goat Month ago +1


    • dtownlockdown
      dtownlockdown Month ago +4

      Exactly. You are able to defend yourself in a fight. I see no purpose in this

  • Omni King
    Omni King 8 days ago

    Forest reacted like he just saw a dead body. He didn't want to touch it 😂😂😂

  • Alisina Javadi
    Alisina Javadi 8 days ago

    Forest rethinking his whole life choices in that moment ” god how did I get here , fuk yo Dana “

  • No One
    No One Month ago +93

    Something sick and twisted about this. I think it’s in the back of everyone’s head, that these participants are not making sound choices volunteering to endure permanent brain trauma for just a few bucks.

    • Matthew
      Matthew Month ago

      @Bobby’s Knuckle Well that's definitely not worth it lol

    • Bobby’s Knuckle
      Bobby’s Knuckle Month ago +1

      @Matthew they reached to an ex UFC fighter with an offer of 2k+2k. I imagine its even less for these no names

    • Matthew
      Matthew Month ago +2

      How much do they get paid?

    • User1990
      User1990 Month ago +4

      Most of them look like they might be homeless or addicts, or both

  • XxVegasBud702xX
    XxVegasBud702xX 14 days ago +2

    Wait you can wind up that far and that hard?! I’m not big into the slap fighting world but I thought you had to be stand with your windup being only about a 90 degree setup. My man did a whole dip! Never realized you could wind up that far

  • kenny brian
    kenny brian Month ago +5

    Forrest the legend right there being a good civilian

  • Jack Bratton
    Jack Bratton Month ago +83

    U can tell by the look on Forrest’s face that he feels bad for these guys

    • lay harris
      lay harris 15 days ago

      bc he understands damaging yourself and being paid pennies to do it.

  • ibrooksie
    ibrooksie 21 day ago

    Excellent catch by the spotter

  • dbc105
    dbc105 10 hours ago

    Jesus these guys hit hard.

  • Jon Tucker
    Jon Tucker Month ago +22

    You can tell Forrest does not enjoy seeing people get knocked unconscious

  • Steven Woodward
    Steven Woodward 4 days ago

    Haha I was just wondering the other day what Forrest Griffin was up to these days. Seems about right.

  • Ace___
    Ace___ 5 days ago

    “ Take my strong hand “
    Forrest - “ Nah bro “ 🤣😂

  • JasonGiovanni
    JasonGiovanni Month ago +582

    Feel bad for Forrest. You can tell he knows this stuff is embarasing

    • Terrance vinson
      Terrance vinson Month ago

      @Healthy Lonely EDITS редактирует 編集 I guarantee you Forrest ain’t broke

    • Frank Mlish
      Frank Mlish Month ago


    • The Grantula
      The Grantula Month ago

      @TheDekuScrub the guy claimed forest was out there lost like a 90 year old Alzheimer patient…… I was just saying CTE doesn’t make you brain dead
      How many ex football players do tv and broadcasting.
      You can live a very normal healthy life with no symptoms

    • TheDekuScrub
      TheDekuScrub Month ago

      @The Grantula The symptoms of CTE include memory loss, confusion, impaired judgment, impulse control problems, aggression, depression, anxiety, suicidality, parkinsonism, and, eventually, progressive dementia.
      Plenty of athletes whether in contact sports or combat sports can show signs and symptoms. Look at max holloway when he started and look at his eyes now. Look at the signs muhammad ali showed over time along with countless other boxers and athletes. Lool at interviews with forrest griffin from the start and see how he talks now. Speech is slurred asf. Can they DIAGNOSE it. No, but they can sure look at symptoms and make a judgement call. Alot of these athletes are gonna be fucked by age 50-60 maybe before. Especially, the ones taking heavy head damage

    • The Grantula
      The Grantula Month ago

      @TheDekuScrub do you even know what CTE is? People just repeat shit joe Rogan said. CTE doesn’t show signs on almost all cases until the person is late in age…. This is just Forrest being Forrest. And you being somebody who doesn’t know what they’re talking about

  • Chris Derek Walker Jr.

    Forrest knows that's not a fair competition. You see his moral compass point home away.

  • marl bacs
    marl bacs Month ago +2

    A couple of days ago I couldn't sleep. I think this is the best way to say goodnight 😂

  • Diego Hernandez
    Diego Hernandez Month ago +81

    Forrest is like "Thank God I did MMA than this" LMFAOOO

    • Diego Hernandez
      Diego Hernandez Month ago

      @Jerky Boy yeah he left the force during tuf 1

    • Jerky Boy
      Jerky Boy Month ago

      Wasn't Forrest a police officer down in New Orleans before becoming a professional fighter?

    • Diego Hernandez
      Diego Hernandez Month ago

      @Vaellan shan Muru Its just funny his REACTION lol

    • Vaellan shan Muru
      Vaellan shan Muru Month ago

      For money people could do anything bro lol so i don’t think he cares too much

  • irrelevant ideology
    irrelevant ideology 15 days ago

    Damnit Forrest, NOOOOO!!!! You were a LEGEND!!!! 😭

  • Optional
    Optional 18 days ago

    What a talent!

  • TyIce
    TyIce Month ago +26

    Dana White is just asking to be sued with this

    • David Gaipo
      David Gaipo Month ago

      I'm sure his lawyer covered all the bases to make sure his ass is covered. I would love to see it though. This shit is disgusting

    • User1990
      User1990 Month ago +1

      @Craig Tomlin that's not necessarily enough. For example, gross negligence can't be waived

    • Craig Tomlin
      Craig Tomlin Month ago +2

      They sign waivers

    • Chris Birch
      Chris Birch Month ago

      @User1990 Columbo is Dana’s nan

  • LincenNexGaming
    LincenNexGaming 15 days ago +1

    Would have been 10× better if Forrest had a blanket to pull over him and tuck him in.

  • pride pride
    pride pride 15 days ago

    I like how this is an illegal slap by the rules but he still goes unconscious and the UFC still post it as a highlight

  • John B.
    John B. Month ago +62

    Heart breaking. They can’t even defend themselves.. This is sad af 😢

    • Brad Shank
      Brad Shank Month ago +1

      And yet, here we are, watching it

    • Tw0 Crows
      Tw0 Crows Month ago +16

      They can defend themselves, by not taking part in the first place 🤣

  • Be-r097
    Be-r097 27 days ago

    If I ever gotta do something like that i better be getting paid

  • Tommy Knuckles
    Tommy Knuckles 13 days ago

    The aliens heard that slap from Mars 😂😂😂

  • Evan Larsen
    Evan Larsen Month ago +4

    This is exactly what people who hate MMA expect of the UFC. What a shame. You can tell Forrest doesn’t want to be there.

  • Fistofbumfury
    Fistofbumfury 21 day ago

    Forest griffin really a slap ref

  • Makang
    Makang Month ago

    Bro is calling waiter in his dream.

  • DK MMA
    DK MMA Month ago +25

    Forrest griffin like f this 😄

  • Jeff Linnell
    Jeff Linnell 26 days ago

    Good catch on that one forest.

    ISKANDAR KHAN TM 13 days ago

    He slapped his soul to the astral realm

  • Luis Bergantino
    Luis Bergantino Month ago +66

    We have become a soulless world. These poor guys take a few bucks to receive blows that will affect their well-being sooner or later.

    • Atlas Hugged.
      Atlas Hugged. Month ago

      ​​@KyleLangeMMA I guess that does not change that the western world is becoming like the running man.Stupid game with no skill required and life long damage for extremely low money.Yes they made Thier choice and a lot must be desperate but the fact this shit exists is a sign of a souless world .

    • D Pendsonwhat
      D Pendsonwhat Month ago

      Men have been doing this stuff for ever. There are cultures who used to throw rocks at each other for fun.

    • c mc
      c mc Month ago

      @KyleLangeMMAI don’t think they exactly know what the long term affects could look like

    • Lee Mallinson
      Lee Mallinson Month ago

      Well said

    • ww
      ww Month ago +2

      @KyleLangeMMA some people still need saving from themselves. Here in Kentucky there are graveyards of people too stubborn, ignorant, or cowardly to fully recognize what their choices in life were doing to their health. They and their families pay the price for it.

  • erock cardona
    erock cardona Day ago

    Every fiber in his body shelters, his soul, tried to warn him, bro this is not gonna end well his soul looking at him saying told you so 😂😂😂😂

  • joseph holland
    joseph holland 20 days ago

    Nice catch Forrest

  • Fists of Fury
    Fists of Fury Month ago +18

    Forest doesn’t look like he wants any part of this.

    • RockandRoll1909
      RockandRoll1909 Month ago

      You're saying it like if he was kidnapped and forced to be there

    • Dmagz
      Dmagz Month ago

      Being a part of something you don’t wanna be a part of will affect your mental health sooner or later

      ZIANGBA EMMANUEL Month ago

      ​@Von Andrade You took word from my mouth

    • Von Andrade
      Von Andrade Month ago +1

      Why he there?

  • J W
    J W Month ago +1

    This is why I tell my boys to get a good night of sleep before sporting events

  • The Light
    The Light 13 days ago

    And men say they're smarter.

  • ItsD BaYB
    ItsD BaYB Month ago +21

    Damn Forrest 😢 hopefully you’re getting decent money for this gig.

    • Anthony Dixon
      Anthony Dixon 26 days ago

      I was like, “IS THAT FORREST GRIFFIN?!”

  • Arif Ahmad
    Arif Ahmad Month ago

    his soul left his body and vanished in the powder smoke

  • DK
    DK 9 days ago +1

    mom - "son pls go to bed"
    son - "mom but I have already slept afternoon...."
    mom - "no problem come here..."

  • Paid'nGames
    Paid'nGames Month ago +4

    forrest the most loyal company man anyone could ever ask for god damn

  • Stevie Shred
    Stevie Shred 22 days ago +1

    Forest was like "Nah Fam He Out"

  • Sunny Dand
    Sunny Dand 17 days ago

    Bro sent my man straight to limbo he's making castles there.

  • Spidey Sense
    Spidey Sense Month ago +3

    I had hoped this stuff was not gonna be shown here anymore but, bafflingly, it persists.
    Can't believe I'm unsubbing from the UFC.

  • Sigmund Fraud
    Sigmund Fraud 14 days ago

    Bro started dreaming in sign language

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 21 day ago

    Please sir, we need a blanket here

  • Rampage Blackston
    Rampage Blackston Month ago +4

    Dana “ I put your teeth and bone fragments in the envelope, here’s 2 k” thanks

  • Абдулазиз Негматов

    good night baby sweet sleep🤣

  • Michael jackson
    Michael jackson Month ago

    Rest my child!

  • Timbon
    Timbon Month ago +14

    its almost like a clean punch to he side of the face, with no defense at all this is brutal

    • Robot 🤖
      Robot 🤖 Month ago

      @Anthony C. only chics slap harder than punch

    • Anthony C.
      Anthony C. Month ago

      It IS a clean punch to the face. In fact, you can hit harder with your palm than your fist. The bones in your hands are fairly brittle and can break, allowing some give and consideration. But your palm is fixed and padded. You can swing that as hard as you want with minimal threat of damage to yourself.

  • Nucky Schmucks
    Nucky Schmucks Month ago

    What the actual hell is Forrest doing reffing slap fights lol

  • What's Good
    What's Good 13 days ago

    This should be a sentence in court

    WHITE LION Month ago +15

    Forrester the EMT and Coroner
    "....time of death...right now."

    • Zac Johnson
      Zac Johnson Month ago +1

      I feel bad for laughing at that comment

  • Drawn From Scratch
    Drawn From Scratch 25 days ago

    Man was throwing up gang signs.

    HASHRAF ⭐ Month ago +1

    New medicine for insomnia 😂

  • Ocean Drop
    Ocean Drop Month ago +17

    This "sport" shouldnt even exist.

  • LoserxtramtnDew
    LoserxtramtnDew 19 days ago

    Imagine being the reff being like I get paid for this shit and it’s awesome

  • северный ветер

    Гордость родителей.

  • J G
    J G Month ago +3

    I’d love to see this… being advertised on its own channel.

  • James Resendiz
    James Resendiz 25 days ago

    forrest was like " ahhh shit " 🤣

  • harshmma
    harshmma Month ago

    Forrest be like " i caught you, you can get your own ass up

  • Cabbage Head
    Cabbage Head Month ago +86

    Im 40. Been fighting since i was 10. Ive seen it all and done it all. This garbage i can not get behind

    • MMA And fight advisor
      MMA And fight advisor Month ago

      @Paul Clancy you mean like the WWE?

    • Paul Clancy
      Paul Clancy Month ago

      Thing is it's big in other countries so Dana kind of knows it will catch on . Look how dumb everyone thought wrestling was .

    • Paul Clancy
      Paul Clancy Month ago +1

      Whst you man like the ufc, the guy promoting it promotes the ufc lol . He can promote anyway he feels best. What you mean is you can't stand that it happens to be the ufc brass promoting and dummies will see it as same thing .

    • Long Shlong Silver
      Long Shlong Silver Month ago +1

      Just standing there waiting to get twatted and hopefully not knocked out kind of takes away the essence of fighting.

    • Gabriel Petcu
      Gabriel Petcu Month ago +1

      @MMA And fight advisor agree

  • Stet Tan
    Stet Tan 25 days ago

    That's how exorcism should be like.

  • Mariwa
    Mariwa Month ago

    He smacked the soul out of his body

  • Randy Eddington
    Randy Eddington Month ago +10

    I just can't get into this


    Unlike Will Smith, this is a slap!!

  • Khaled xa4
    Khaled xa4 Month ago +1

    Bro really said wake me up after 5 minutes

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep Month ago +4

    You can't tell me buddy ain't no pimp
    That slap was second nature 🤣

  • Stew007
    Stew007 23 days ago

    Forrest made so little money as a Champion UFC fighter that he has to work as a body catcher for Dana...

  • Don Rossco Joe
    Don Rossco Joe Month ago

    Cerebral Cortex has left the chat

  • Machete Alvarez
    Machete Alvarez Month ago +42

    Griffin knows that was a hard shot and ole boy is done

  • Lucas Tudor
    Lucas Tudor 22 days ago

    "rock a bye baby, in the tree top. When the wind blows, the cradle will rock."

  • Jacob Hall
    Jacob Hall Month ago

    Does the recovery position help in this situation?

  • Trekker 00
    Trekker 00 Month ago +5

    I have trouble falling asleep every night. This would definitely speed up the process.

  • Steven Sowards
    Steven Sowards Month ago

    Knocked him back to his child hood

  • Cedric Fisher
    Cedric Fisher 22 days ago

    Man will probably have to wear a diaper for the rest of his life! Brilliant! Cheers mates!!

  • Kevin Harris
    Kevin Harris Month ago +32


  • Fraser T
    Fraser T 15 days ago

    Forrest’s reaction to each KO is the same, he just looks concerned and bewildered at what is happening. With all the CTE cases I’m sure he’s seen at the PI, let alone Stephan Bonnar just dying and potentially having CTE, it seems bizarre to even have him as a spotter…

  • Eric Ligjt
    Eric Ligjt Month ago

    raptured eardrum. he'd lose balance long enough 🤣

  • John & Bonjo
    John & Bonjo Month ago +5

    Legend says he still sleeps