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I Spent 365 Days Making A Game

  • Published on Nov 24, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • The Boss
    The Boss 2 months ago +7201

    Lazarbeam really has evolved from breaking doors and walls with sledgehammers to making his own game… 😅

    • Breaking bread
      Breaking bread 2 days ago


    • RWKxTechno
      RWKxTechno 3 days ago

      Flashback of him getting beaten with a spoon by his dad coming in

    • Mr Zzzz
      Mr Zzzz 5 days ago

      @YeaMan bro lazar don’t make music u high

    • Jelly frog
      Jelly frog 6 days ago

      @YeaMan I dont care

    • Max_1299
      Max_1299 8 days ago

      I dont think he made it he hired people to make it

  • Hollowed Halo
    Hollowed Halo Month ago +181

    This genuinely seems super fun, I hope it comes to Xbox One so more people can play it!

    • RedninjaCH
      RedninjaCH 6 days ago

      If anything it'll be on next gen

    • Synix
      Synix 6 days ago

      @XxLegend nah bro just xbox

    • Captain doge
      Captain doge 15 days ago +1

      @PAL32 bro thinks he is too manly for xbox

    • Angela L
      Angela L 17 days ago

      @Hazardous from that we can tell that your 7yr

    • Brianne Risley
      Brianne Risley Month ago +1


  • olvioltsu
    olvioltsu Month ago +9

    We want more of this game.

  • TE Fixers
    TE Fixers Month ago +2

    Seems amazing can’t wait to try

  • Some Crazy Wojak
    Some Crazy Wojak Month ago +8

    I remember back in 2016-2017 when lazerbeam was barley in the thousands and his office just looked abused. It’s Insane seeing him at 20mil and making his own game.

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago +3

    That game looks amazing I would play it if I could

    • Kisuke Hitoshi
      Kisuke Hitoshi 25 days ago

      It's a good game but it becomes a slideshow on a potato like mine

  • Celtics4Life
    Celtics4Life Month ago +1

    Lazarbeam never gets old! ❤❤❤

  • Type One
    Type One Month ago

    Ive played the game its really fun and simple. Great job lannan

  • project _tripn
    project _tripn Month ago +1

    The game style reminds me of the old io games and I love it

  • Fresh
    Fresh 2 months ago +6890

    damn this World Boss game looks epic, maybe I should upload...

  • GL9001
    GL9001 Month ago +1

    Wow. Showing a screenshot of the steam page with mixed reviews. Very brave.

  • Fergus
    Fergus Month ago +2

    I think it would be cool if you added proximity chat in the game xD

  • War robots guy
    War robots guy Month ago

    lets go finally lazar made a game

  • Jax Gonzalez
    Jax Gonzalez Month ago

    Just by looking at the video the game is amazing. I plan to play it more than fortnite lol and yes it is the best graphics I’ve ever seen! Better than fortnite

  • Instinct
    Instinct Month ago +445

    Lazarbeam has really involved for the past five years as a content creator. It’s awesome to see him make his own game.

    • Deno
      Deno 23 days ago +1

      well he didn't really make anything but yeah pretty cool game

    • Squigliiy
      Squigliiy  Month ago

      Stolen comment.

    • sNiTcH B
      sNiTcH B Month ago +2

      He really involved huh

    • 3DG1E
      3DG1E Month ago +1

      bro said telegram the TF

    • Vader
      Vader Month ago +1

      @JessePlayzz I know I hate those stupid bots

  • Pixel Chains
    Pixel Chains Month ago

    Really exited to play this game thank you so much Lazarbeam, also why the hell does it show Fortnite as the game lol

  • iKAWF
    iKAWF Month ago

    I am such a big fan of this game and found it before looking for gameplay online. I plan to put in hours my friend. Hope to see you in there boss

  • Robmix
    Robmix Month ago

    I'm gonna try to download this on January 🥶
    This looks good lazarbeam

  • MrSquishee
    MrSquishee Month ago

    literally just downloaded this and im gunna run toxic ass community games friday. im so fucking excited.

    DARWINE Month ago +135

    Frankly, the sound, the montage, the fun and the awareness that this person presented, it is difficult to find someone who offers the same thing..

  • paxton lange
    paxton lange Month ago

    i love your vids i've been here ever since the beginning

  • Kira Evans
    Kira Evans Month ago

    Hopefully it comes to PS4 btw that would be amazing lannan also putting it i different consoles would be cool big fan!!!

  • DiabloGameZ
    DiabloGameZ Month ago

    Ok that actually looks fun as hell im getting it system requirements plz

  • Mahi Singh
    Mahi Singh Month ago

    I played the game and I love good job mate

  • Green Spider Edits
    Green Spider Edits 2 months ago +989

    I swear this actually looks so good I wouldn’t be surprised if this absolutely blew up

    • SweetStickman
      SweetStickman 29 days ago

      @Zeta The Creator you think 3 mil active player count is bad? You must be insane

    • Hy-ZHYA-per
      Hy-ZHYA-per Month ago

      @JussiJP it's still new and making games ain't easy at all

    • PN
      PN Month ago

      lower than before

    • PN
      PN Month ago

      @Zeta The Creator yes it is low and imo its pretty boring but its still played a lot.

    • enjoh
      enjoh Month ago

      @COMET! no one asked

  • Lyvx
    Lyvx Month ago +1

    Make it playable on PlayStation too please!!

  • Cooper Costin
    Cooper Costin Month ago +1

    A true drug dealer once said “LOOK HOW HIGH I AM” 4:58

  • Cory Pillar
    Cory Pillar Month ago

    Noah gets actually the best game ever like it's better than anything I've ever played or like I'm not played it yet but like it's the best thing ever I can just tell

  • Brooke McIntyre
    Brooke McIntyre Month ago

    Laser beam had to make his own game with free hacks to win😂

  • Nuvgo
    Nuvgo Month ago

    I just love how my pc can’t run world boss 😅

  • Ubaid Ismail
    Ubaid Ismail Month ago

    love the game but can you optimize for low end pc

  • jojo
    jojo Month ago

    congrats you’ve grown so much 🥲💓

  • floydiuss
    floydiuss Month ago +4

    This looks really fun, will it end up coming on consoles

  • Luke Donnelly
    Luke Donnelly Month ago +12

    Great game Lazar can't wait to play it ❤😮

  • Beloga
    Beloga Month ago

    You should make it so you go invis when you go into a bush

  • carmy - Game Developer
    carmy - Game Developer 9 days ago +4

    It's pretty cool that you able to create a game like this in just a year👍
    It took me two months to develop my first mini-game😵

  • Kai Forrest
    Kai Forrest Month ago

    I'm I the only one who would love if there was a team Deathmatch

  • fastboi58
    fastboi58 Month ago

    U should add it on console we would love it

  • Freddy and the Fazbears

    Did he just show everyone how to back his own game?

  • Preston Moses
    Preston Moses Month ago

    10/10 i played so fun

  • Reece's Mtb
    Reece's Mtb Month ago

    can't wait for this to comeout on xbox

  • ProGamer JASH
    ProGamer JASH Month ago

    I hope it comes to consoles

  • justynrutherford
    justynrutherford 2 months ago +490

    It's crazy how far Lannan has come from being a small creator to literally making a game

    • λ
      λ Month ago

      he used to stream madden

    • Osls Osoaos
      Osls Osoaos Month ago +1

      @ErenMC A better version would be “Lazerbeam went from some random Aussie dude who made NLF videos and get a few thousand views to making his own game”

    • Flame
      Flame 2 months ago +4

      It’s crazy how I went from being born to being a fully grown adult.

    • ErenMC
      ErenMC 2 months ago +1

      Every youtuber had to be a small creator you are pointing out the obvious

    • Sampy Man
      Sampy Man 2 months ago +2

      for real

  • IAmTheOneLol
    IAmTheOneLol Month ago

    Cant wait for it to meet console!

  • captainblaize_boi
    captainblaize_boi Month ago +4

    One thing I do recommend is adding some sort of pve game mode just so people can chill out with their friends after sweating a lil bit in quick play and other game modes

  • Hunt CF
    Hunt CF Month ago

    I really think this game would make a good br game

  • Wise Sentinel8
    Wise Sentinel8 Month ago

    I am going to download your game looks pretty good

  • Rafia Sulthana
    Rafia Sulthana Month ago

    looks really fun

  • Alex Bidois
    Alex Bidois Month ago

    i think fresh wants to be the next fearless

  • Sarah Rosalez
    Sarah Rosalez Month ago

    good job lazar

  • Andrew Lewis
    Andrew Lewis Month ago

    Man played god at the end

  • x2paavo
    x2paavo Month ago +3

    Great game! Love it

  • T0xicZxny
    T0xicZxny Month ago

    I don’t have a pc but it seems really fun

    MR EDGE Month ago

    this is good make new vids on this

  • Jeremy Hulsizer
    Jeremy Hulsizer Month ago

    I hate you.. I'm watching this one video before I go to bed, then 2 hours later I'm playing this new game😂

  • H
    H Month ago +27

    This is literally the exact game I've been waiting for

  • Jah Esh
    Jah Esh 2 months ago +139

    Congrats on the new game lazar! looks so fun cant wait to try it out (when will it come to console btw)

    • Funny roadblocks guy
      Funny roadblocks guy 27 days ago

      In 2035 when this game is the new fortnite

    • Beaver 🦫
      Beaver 🦫 Month ago

      @Joe Vance well it’s not 100% chance that it won’t come to console but for now, no hope

    • Joe Vance
      Joe Vance Month ago +1

      bro it’s just a little game he made it’s not coming to console

    • Beaver 🦫
      Beaver 🦫 Month ago +6


  • David Rivard
    David Rivard 13 days ago +1

    No way!! I've been a huge fan of Lazarbeam but have fallen off in the past year. I've been a developer for almost six years now (some decent experience in game development), so I really like seeing this. I also think it's cool that Elliot now knows how much work is put into making a game like this.

  • Kt’s AMV
    Kt’s AMV Month ago


  • Aiden Miller
    Aiden Miller Month ago +4

    I think the game is awesome and you should really keep it up but I know there are many more fans on console and the game is still very early in development but you could get a huge player base if you extend the game platforms.

  • Isaac Fletes
    Isaac Fletes Month ago

    Bro you know what you should add… proximity chat that would be so funny

  • Mr Axolotl
    Mr Axolotl 2 months ago +351

    I feel like a team deathmatch gamemode would work really well and in it you could make it so teams have overall points and the highest ranked person in their team could become the world boss depending on if your team has more points than the other team.

    • TheOfficialSMG
      TheOfficialSMG 2 months ago +1

      @Olutayo Omowanilethat def sounds like a great idea in on it… 😊

    • Olutayo Omowanile
      Olutayo Omowanile 2 months ago +1

      or the world boss on each team have a 1v1 and the winning world bosses team wins

    • Trey Morris
      Trey Morris 2 months ago +1

      @redheadfrm850 yes, comment this and try to blow it up

    • Tomanguilla Family
      Tomanguilla Family 2 months ago +2

      @redheadfrm850 that's an amazing idea

    • redheadfrm850
      redheadfrm850 2 months ago +13

      or whoever is doing da best on both team becomes da world boss so each team as a world boss🤷🏾‍♂️

  • theboss1978
    theboss1978 Month ago

    This game had everything that fortnite didn’t have

  • ZeroRizz
    ZeroRizz Month ago

    You should add access to console

  • Monique Mackie
    Monique Mackie Month ago

    Can you tell us why fresh haven’t posted in 6 months I miss him 😢

  • george D
    george D Month ago


  • Ethan Harnik
    Ethan Harnik 2 months ago +262

    THIS IS GREAT! Everyone who is against you is more interested in their own entertainment than what you want to do with your life. You are actually committing hours into a project you care about and people who don’t support your decisions should be ashamed.

    • Ethan Harnik
      Ethan Harnik 2 months ago

      @TheMasterZar I mean they should let him make a game instead of just tell him to keep reacting to Tik tocs.

    • TheMasterZar
      TheMasterZar 2 months ago

      Lol this statement is so hilariously hypocritical and ironic. You want people that have their own interests to be ashamed because they’re not supporting him while he does what he’s interested in? Ugh. If the game is good people will enjoy it. There’s really no need for anyone to support a bad product.

    • Pickle plays
      Pickle plays 2 months ago

      The ppl who are against it are just 7 year old fortnite kids with skill issues

    • Zero
      Zero 2 months ago

      I’m not against him been a subscriber for a lot of years but obviously I’m more interested in my entertainment than what he wants to do with his life if your talking about his game if it’s trash than I’m not gonna play not gonna force myself to play it because a Clip-Share I watched made it

    • NrA Brave
      NrA Brave 2 months ago

      @Keys I’m with you I don’t think ppl are against em

  • Rokiboki540
    Rokiboki540 Month ago +1

    I love you Lazarbeam❤❤Definetly my favourite youtuber❤❤

  • Lax
    Lax Month ago

    good game but i hope you make europa servers i want to stream it but can't because im just lagging around

  • Lamp Entertainment
    Lamp Entertainment Month ago

    where there's cranking 90's in fortnite, there's jetpacks and fire bazookas in world boss
    edit: its not on Mac on steam 💀

  • DJ-_-TJ
    DJ-_-TJ 26 days ago

    I feel like a team deathmatch gamemode would work really well and in it you could make it so teams have overall points and the highest ranked person in their team could become the world boss depending on if your team has more points than the other team.

  • Thomas N
    Thomas N 2 months ago +56

    This game looks pretty cool. I'd suggest focusing even more on movement, like being able to wall jump or even some sort of tap strafe like in apex lol. Feel like it would add a lot to the game

    • wut
      wut 2 months ago +1

      @Tripzy letting the privilege speak

    • MonkeyBanjo7
      MonkeyBanjo7 2 months ago

      @Tripzy Stop Kissing Apple?! Never Heard of that phrase before. Also getting a Windows PC?! Do you expect me to buy a whole entire new computer just to play a game?! That's a dumb Idea, I'm not rich enough just to buy a whole new computer.

    • Evan Beck
      Evan Beck 2 months ago +1

      Yeah currently the game shines in movement, even more would be awesome. I could imagine like a almost ninja-like parkour shooter being really fun and would have a high skill ceiling.

    • Tripzy
      Tripzy 2 months ago +4

      @MonkeyBanjo7 or just get a windows pc and stop kissing apple

    • MonkeyBanjo7
      MonkeyBanjo7 2 months ago +1

      Also make it avaie on Mac!!!

  • Detsel
    Detsel 4 days ago

    I remember being so happy to see someone called LAZAR in my game now knowing it was really you makes me so happy, love your videos.

  • Thomas McGlade
    Thomas McGlade Month ago

    I hope it comes to ps4

  • CHB_4_life
    CHB_4_life Month ago

    When lazar is bad at the game he made 🤣

  • mark
    mark Month ago +1

    make this playable on ps pls

  • Purple frog
    Purple frog Month ago +4

    This is gonna be one of those games that story time Clip-Sharers use for there backgrounds

  • Abu Bk
    Abu Bk Month ago

    I know this is dumb but can it be programed to download on mobile because the graphics can be handled by mobile

  • Sietse Heijman
    Sietse Heijman Month ago

    make for the boss a NUKE!

  • Fantastic Times
    Fantastic Times Month ago

    zombies would seem so sick on this similar to Fortnites save the world

  • josh gaming
    josh gaming Month ago

    Soon as I launched it it lagged my entire wifi and all my devices stopped

  • NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip

    3:20 Lazar losing his mind because he's dying in his own game is hilarious, props for spending 365 days to make it

  • Si Kucing Air
    Si Kucing Air Month ago +1

    Wow , nice game play 😍😍im from indonesia

    EVERYTHING ! Month ago

    Oh I saw ads for this but thought it was a crypto game for some reason but other than that I did genuinely consider getting

  • RaptorWill
    RaptorWill 16 days ago

    I played this game right after I saw this video. And I love it!!! It's so much fun! Thanks for making this!

  • beastpower300
    beastpower300 Month ago

    If you kill the boss you showed get like 10 levels

  • Dustin Fox
    Dustin Fox 2 months ago +65

    Happy to see that all those side missions were worth it and that will DEFINETLY help him in the future.

  • FuzzyYT29
    FuzzyYT29 13 days ago +1

    I love this game but i feel like there needs to be a training mode where you can train. But other than that, i love this game and Lazarbeam has made an amazing game!!

  • ivo435
    ivo435 4 days ago +2


  • haaland the goat 🐐
    haaland the goat 🐐 22 days ago

    Lazer I've just played it what a game one of my favorite games out there ❤

  • Jamie Blanckenberg
    Jamie Blanckenberg Month ago

    Should be on console

  • Minecraft in a box
    Minecraft in a box Month ago +3

    its funny to see him rage on his own game.

  • Pineconeasouras
    Pineconeasouras Month ago

    Legends say that fortnite copied lazarbeam and fresh with perks

  • It’s_abouBUISNESS

    Add homing rockets and aim assist 😂😂😂

  • Kevsen6373
    Kevsen6373 Month ago

    Its really fun

  • TeamThreeStarRep
    TeamThreeStarRep Month ago +1

    Hey Lazar, just a suggestion, could you possibly make a controller compatibility for World Boss?

  • Fv215b183 Hammer
    Fv215b183 Hammer 2 months ago +31

    I am very much getting this game. Lazarbeam and his team have done such a good job from what you can see and I look forward to playing it. Well done 🎉

  • ommy
    ommy Month ago

    Good luck mateeee

    JAYTOPTIER 5 days ago

    This game seems like a lot of fun. Hope it comes to playstation so more people including me can buy it

  • c0ltyy
    c0ltyy Month ago +1

    played the game and i love it! great job ya bloody legend