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  • Published on Aug 9, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    Thanks for watching ya'll. I hope you reap the rewards of these GODLIKE VACCINE INCENTIVES......
    I appreciate your continued support during these deadly times.
    Keep ya heads on straight. More content coming down the pipe.
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Comments • 11 907

  • Xmg Gaming
    Xmg Gaming Year ago +6279

    I've watched Ian eat pickles in the fucking sewer. He's already immune.

  • deuge
    deuge Year ago +1210

    The chance of winning a disturbing dismembered doll head is the HIGHEST level of racketeering and bribery.

    • RiversCuomo_
      RiversCuomo_ Year ago +7

      I’m 90% sure the original comment was a joke it can’t be serious right

    • Lillie
      Lillie Year ago +8

      When he held it up I thought it was a thinly veiled threat to the unvaccinated

    • Rin
      Rin Year ago

      @RiversCuomo_ Weezer

    • Ⅎaceᖘalm Theᗯoяld
      Ⅎaceᖘalm Theᗯoяld Year ago

      i think the commentor meant that the gov is the highest level and its committing these crimes. i don't think they meant its the highest case of these crimes lol
      I could be wrong...

  • christian zombie vampire
    christian zombie vampire Year ago +2215

    My reward for getting vaccinated as soon as I possibly could was watching everybody getting incentives for doing it way later than me

  • TheBigHaus
    TheBigHaus Year ago +77

    Dude I have had like 5 vaccines just last night with my buddy Paul near the alleyway by the local McDonalds. Can't wait for more boosters tonight!

  • Donny B
    Donny B Year ago +2651

    the incentives are amazing, im on my 17th shot and havent paid for a meal out with the kids in the last 2 weeks! shot #18 on friday!

    • Anus
      Anus Year ago +95

      I fucking love Pfizer so fucking much, I've had my second dose and I can't get enough of it

    • Beau Cameron
      Beau Cameron Year ago +5

      @Mäcky nice man, i big lol

    • Ivo Kantarski
      Ivo Kantarski Year ago +14

      @Mäcky but did you manage to get to that strip club? Dont get me wrong a free meal is a free meal every1 would appreciate it after 4 hours of not eating but the top incentives are on another level.

  • Jebaitman
    Jebaitman Year ago +70

    You have really upgraded. From being an electrician’s apprentice to a respectable doctor.

  • Veshremy Stories
    Veshremy Stories Year ago +2033

    They be tryna give me $200 to put a shot on my arm, finna do that 30x a month, call that passive income

    • Kung Fu Panda Fanboy
      Kung Fu Panda Fanboy Year ago +100

      Imagine using a fake verified check. Couldn’t be me.

    • Fabio Chiaro
      Fabio Chiaro Year ago +94

      Sigma male grindset

    • Mong
      Mong Year ago +17

      That's not passive income

    • kaner Vid
      kaner Vid Year ago +3

      That’s quite pathetic of you then

  • Red Legion
    Red Legion Year ago +668

    I feel like Ian's next evolution is isolating himself in a shed in the woods, slathering himself in Vaseline, and memorizing "Industrial Society and it's Future" before sticking completed pages to himself.

    • Furkan Baysal
      Furkan Baysal Year ago +14

      that's oddly specific

    • Deez Nuts
      Deez Nuts Year ago +15

      As he should.

    • alionicle
      alionicle Year ago +2

      I couldn't help but to picture Luke Smith (dude who makes Linux videós)

    • GoDz Alchemic
      GoDz Alchemic Year ago +4

      Dont give him any ideas, let him figure it out on his own 🤥

    • Branden Everitt
      Branden Everitt Year ago +2

      You say that like its a bad thing.

    JONAH Year ago +686

    fun story. One of my previous employers was putting on a biggest loser competition that i won first place prize, a paid trip to Kalahari Water Park. I only won because I gave myself food poisoning when I took up a new activity of cooking chicken and pissed and shit all of my fluids out resulting in me winning a trip to a waterpark..
    good times.

    • B Tank
      B Tank Year ago +39

      I'm so proud of you!

    • JONAH
      JONAH Year ago +26

      @B Tank thanks mom

    • B Tank
      B Tank Year ago +13

      @JONAH Awww, you're welcome sweetie-pie.
      But seriously, funny story. A laugh in the time of COVID is more appreciated than before.

    • Classic80sStuff
      Classic80sStuff Year ago +2

      On the flyer he showed it said it cost $50 to enter! No way in hell I would pay that because I know there would be someone who would end up cheating somehow.

    • Tiffany
      Tiffany Year ago +6

      are you saying you ate enough raw chicken to get yourself sick without noticing it was raw?

  • Ironmaiden Jr.
    Ironmaiden Jr. Year ago +528

    Man I miss the fun incentives. Now it's all like, "Get the vaccine or you'll be fired from your job" and "Get the vaccine or else the Australian government will randomly send you messages that you must respond to within 15 minutes." I'm not even Australian, and these dudes keep messaging me.

  • Grabbles
    Grabbles Year ago +510

    This is like a middle school fundraiser presentation except they're grown ass adults

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose Year ago

      More. Just more. I.. need more. Your videos are gospel to the people. Thank you 🙏🏻

    • Grabbles
      Grabbles Year ago +9

      @abbsnn cose I didn't make the video homie

    • Deven Papineau
      Deven Papineau Year ago +2

      @Pitt Raider *insert nazi theme song here*

    • Pitt Raider
      Pitt Raider Year ago +2

      @Deven Papineau hope you realize im being sarcastic haha

  • Deorum
    Deorum 7 months ago +19

    1 year later and i’m on my 27th booster ! You can never be safe enough.

    • Matt Theriot
      Matt Theriot 3 months ago +1

      One day you'll achieve full protection!

  • Ethan Casady
    Ethan Casady Year ago +1743

    “Stop watching doctors who have been fired” Nice try mister real fake doctor Ian.

    • Emmanuel Wil-Jeff
      Emmanuel Wil-Jeff Year ago +13

      Nice try "dark lord" I know the reel dark lord doesn't use YT I won't be decieved FAKE NEWS 😤😤😤

    • DJ Phat Phuck
      DJ Phat Phuck Year ago +7

      @Emmanuel Wil-Jeff contrary to popular belief, the almighty Dark Lord does indeed use Clip-Share! The Dark Lord LOVES Good Mythical Morning, and Idubbbz!

    • l l
      l l Year ago +2

      @DJ Phat Phuck so he's gaye?

    • Ethan Casady
      Ethan Casady Year ago


    • Abhijay Paul
      Abhijay Paul Year ago +4

      Excuse me, it's doctor real fake doctor Ian

  • Tyler Phillips
    Tyler Phillips Year ago +139

    At cvs they gave us goody bags as incentives to give to customers. Containing a stack of 15 post it notes and a travel size bottle of eye drops. As Well as 2 disposable eye glass wipes.

    • l l
      l l Year ago +11

      Wait. You talked to a CVS worker about getting non approved expirimental gene therapy? Smort..

    • Tyler Phillips
      Tyler Phillips Year ago +24

      @l l I am a cvs worker.

    • Sundown Moon
      Sundown Moon Year ago +16

      That's practically garbage

    • Cassius C
      Cassius C Year ago +29

      The CVS Chef's Special; 3 thumbtacks, the adhesive strip off a manilla envelope, and an expired bottle of pregnancy vitamins

    • Danny Devito
      Danny Devito Year ago +1

      Dang, all I got was a 50% off coupon. I should have used it.

  • Kyle Hayden
    Kyle Hayden Year ago +83

    TBF, I would feel pretty threatened if a man with 4 mascots following him, approached me for any reason

  • Pranav Dixit
    Pranav Dixit Year ago +182

    I think he has a bloody good point when he says government officials who are handing out shotguns, burgers and fries, donuts and joints really don't give a shit about your health

    • swingonthespiral
      swingonthespiral Year ago +8

      @Ivo Kantarski I don't think we need the government to care about us. They should uphold laws of the constitution and that's it. People need to learn to fend for themselves and weed out the bad on their own.

    • this chanel no longer exists
      this chanel no longer exists Year ago +5

      @swingonthespiral 90% of the human race imagine what you said the other way around

  • Dude Dude
    Dude Dude Year ago +128

    I have heart palpitations at times and I’m not writhing on the floor.
    Thanks for confirming I’m a badass Dr Dubbz

    • Blank Page
      Blank Page Year ago +3

      I thought everyone got those from time to time? Or at least people who consume a lot of caffeine.

    • Dude Dude
      Dude Dude Year ago +5

      @Blank Page you can, I’ve got a heart murmur which comes around from time to time and sometimes it can palpitate with those,
      Heart murmur feels like your heart literally skips a beat and is terrifying if you’ve never had it before, it’s just something I was born with so it’s not deadly and it only happens once in a while or when I’m unhealthy so it’s not deadly or anything.

    • Benji
      Benji Year ago +1

      @Dude Dude After I quit smoking and quit consuming caffeine they went away for good. I’ll get a very mild sensation time to time but nothing compared to the intensity before.

    • Benji
      Benji Year ago +3

      @Dude Dude magnesium deficiency also plays a role in palpitations. Take magnesium, it works it’s wonders and has many other benefits

    • HazmatBP
      HazmatBP Year ago +1

      Same, I have SVT, guess I'm the strongest guy ever

  • right nut
    right nut Year ago +22

    Thanks for showing me the vessi shoes, i wore them to my daughters funeral today and didnt even get my socks wet when it started raining while the others were looking at me in disbelief, probably because their socks were completely drenched while mine were dry as always 😏😏😏

  • Sr Pelo
    Sr Pelo Year ago +2044

    Release the ending music as an incentive

  • Tap Waterr
    Tap Waterr Year ago +42

    I used to work at KK as a supervisor just when the free donut incentive was released and literally 80% of our staff quit that week. Leaving 3 supervisors, 4 cashiers, and my GM.

  • Colt Smith
    Colt Smith Year ago +48

    I love Idubbbz because he really is one of the few people that sees the comedic value, as well as actual value, of doing a shitty generic sponsorship that you got on your email somewhere or something lolol

  • Sky
    Sky Year ago +1

    You are still funny af, glad you seem unbiased either way. Going to share a bunch of your vids now.

  • laowhy86
    laowhy86 Year ago +1818

    Why do I feel like those mascots are going to have the opposite effect.

  • imgamerful
    imgamerful Year ago +14

    This aged well

  • Slim 123
    Slim 123 Year ago +1144

    I still remember the days when he was just an electricians apprentice…look at him now

    • Drayden Gee
      Drayden Gee Year ago +4


    • FeatGorgon2
      FeatGorgon2 Year ago +62

      now he’s a warehouse hostage

    • Eurotrash RC
      Eurotrash RC Year ago +20

      yeah, how the mighty have fallen. Oh well

    • WowPlusWow
      WowPlusWow Year ago +7

      I was an electrician's apprentice. That shit sucked.

    • Kevin Dube
      Kevin Dube Year ago +1

      @WowPlusWow are you an electrician now

  • Alexander
    Alexander Year ago +9

    Never stop being you, Ian. Dying of laughter over here!

  • Rhey Marvin Salestre
    Rhey Marvin Salestre Year ago +156

    I remember Ian's metal detector. Wish he'd do more of that.

    • ButterBall
      ButterBall Year ago +14

      Lol how is getting a vaccine political? You are the one being political 😆

    • ryank
      ryank Year ago +5

      @ButterBall it shouldnt be but its getting there

    • Tony
      Tony Year ago +10

      @Gabe Itch yeah... keep believing that lol
      We are trying to push for it NOT to be political and let people do what they want. You are the people trying to force us to get a shot or lose our job. What a joke.

  • BrenY
    BrenY Year ago

    From a Cop to a Doctor WoW Idubbz has really come a long way.

  • Mtn Sage
    Mtn Sage Year ago +50

    "I wasn't gonna do it. It was the place..." It's the best line from this video. With and with out context

  • Rob Proctor
    Rob Proctor Year ago +2

    Here where I live all the fast food places have a 1 shot for 1 combo incentive. I get a booster pretty much every day along with a free meal, it's saved my life and my wallet! It took a while to build up a tolerance to where I didn't feel sick every time, but now it's no big deal. Technically they aren't supposed to give this many boosters, but you can just hit up any random pharmacy stores randomly they don't remember you.

  • Drew
    Drew Year ago +1010

    Bring back Bad Unboxing as an incentive.

    • Papa John
      Papa John Year ago +16

      What’s in the Box*

    • Thee20th Doctor
      Thee20th Doctor Year ago +41

      Nah, people couldn’t fucking behave. I’d rather live with the memories than have Ian attacked by a starving rat or some shit.

    • Finn
      Finn Year ago +19

      @Thee20th Doctor so many people are so angry at him now and I don’t see why he would return to his older content when the people asking for it have done nothing but treat him like shit

    • SCP Foundation TM
      SCP Foundation TM Year ago +9

      @Finn he did it to himself

    • Eyeh8 myself
      Eyeh8 myself Year ago

      Yes please

  • Ethan Cloute
    Ethan Cloute Year ago

    Clear editing improvement. It just lets idubbbz be naturally funny

  • W.D. Gaster
    W.D. Gaster Year ago

    Thank you idubbz now I want to drive around and pick up all of these missed opportunities

  • ulixes
    ulixes Year ago +6

    I got a physics test tomorrow, yet here I am watching this dude's videos, having a marathon cus I wanna know why tiktok hates him so much, but i still haven't gotten the answer.
    A little update: I miss daddy isdubz. He hasn't uploaded in like.. ALMOST 2 MONTHS. That's BAD. Luckily, I still have loads of old kickstarter craps to watch so ☺️☺️☺️☺️😍😍😍😊😊😊😊😊🥺

    • sep
      sep Year ago

      How’d that physics test go? Got an exam Friday too and I haven’t even studied

    • ulixes
      ulixes Year ago +1

      @sep it was delayed for novenber 30th luckily😩
      But i got a chemistry test tomorrow and then maths on friday and next week is full to so im dying here lol.
      But u should study for that test, like just sit down and u can finish it in 2 hours trust me

  • Bryan Kjellström
    Bryan Kjellström Year ago +10

    I admire hat Ian keeps posting instead of just going quiet like some of his friends.

    • Mockby
      Mockby Year ago +12

      Honestly I wish he did what’s the point in this video he should of left at his peak instead of fading away

    • John Doe
      John Doe Year ago +3

      I really wish he did go quiet

    • drownerofpikmin Formerly"AFKAAF"productions
      drownerofpikmin Formerly"AFKAAF"productions Year ago +1

      "He should have" firstly.
      And if the video was so pointless why did you click and comment opposing it? Seems like someone maybe made a point enough for you to whine.

    • John Doe
      John Doe Year ago +2

      @drownerofpikmin Formerly"AFKAAF"productions the point is his content is a far cry from what it used to be and if he continues going the way he is he will be looked back on as "meh" instead of as a legend

    • xx xx
      xx xx Year ago +1

      @John Doe ok - so go watch his old content then. If he did anything that resembled the times when papa franku was around then he'd immediately become cancelled. So why should he even bother? and if he wants to make videos then thats fine i dont see why thats an issue

  • Jojo
    Jojo Year ago +3

    That "astral sex" part actually made me laugh so much, I spat on my screen. Fucking gold.

  • IVAeroVI
    IVAeroVI Year ago +1661

    I’m holding out until the incentive is 50+ acres of my choosing.
    Vax incentive to the moon 📈

    • Robin Hartz
      Robin Hartz Year ago +3


    • BoudrauxMNxsty
      BoudrauxMNxsty Year ago +22

      That's it? I'll wait for 160 like they did for the homestead act.

    • Evan Almighty
      Evan Almighty Year ago +35

      KY5 [9th Main Account] your bait isn’t even good

    • Spoons Misadventures
      Spoons Misadventures Year ago +15

      KY5 [9th Main Account] weird obsession with Jacksepticeye there guy

    • Parping
      Parping Year ago +2

      KY5 [9th Main Account] Yeah buddy this one is already taken, if you want to be mega-cringe you're gonna have to find your own.

  • Rodney
    Rodney Year ago

    love the videos keep it up ❤️

  • Darius Starreveld
    Darius Starreveld Year ago +6

    You gotta start uploading more frequently, your contents the best, good luck brethren.

  • Michael JAcobs
    Michael JAcobs Year ago +1

    I haven’t watched an Idubbz video in probably 4 years. I’m glad you haven’t changed one bit. Love it

  • The Electric Cheese Productions

    Start making more videos.. you're the hero we need and the ome we want

    • MrSpartanspud
      MrSpartanspud Year ago +1

      I dunno. He is a shadow of what he was. Still can be amusing. But I think his time and desire has come and gone.

  • Callum Starr
    Callum Starr Year ago +6

    My reward for getting vaccinated was not losing my job, that's the thanks I get for working in healthcare🤣

  • Robert Cormier
    Robert Cormier Year ago +1083

    Ian looks like a hybrid of Jesse Pinkman and Walter White nowadays

    • Top Shelf
      Top Shelf Year ago +3

      Who TF is Jessie Pinkman and walter

    • Gutgetgoodgotit
      Gutgetgoodgotit Year ago +30

      @Top Shelf Robert is referring to a popular show called Breaking Bad. The two prominent characters are named that.

    • blackcamcorder
      blackcamcorder Year ago +14

      This is the moment where Walthur Wheat came inside Pinkmean

  • Bo Gib
    Bo Gib Year ago +152

    I honestly wouldn’t mind driving around the race track. That seems dope

    • XuroX
      XuroX Year ago +6

      Just go at night

  • AkiBoi
    AkiBoi Year ago +38

    I like that they had to have an incentive for prisoners to get the vaccine.

  • Brian Dee
    Brian Dee Year ago +15

    ‘We took an MRI of your heart’
    As a parent of kids that’ve had their hearts checked more times than I can count this made me sniffle. Thanks eduups.

  • ReplicateReality
    ReplicateReality Year ago

    I love how Smosh and GMM are both considered acceptable evils

  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson Year ago +6964

    thank you doctor dubbbz

  • Chickenmonger
    Chickenmonger Year ago

    9:00 The absurdity of those people giving us a humanitarian GIFT! We could never access that subsection of humanity and convince them to take a step for the rest of us. Those guys deserve props.

  • Francisco Chacon
    Francisco Chacon Year ago +9

    See I don't really go on youtube much, only for when I need to understand something or for information on a videogame. But for you idubz, I use this application just for you. your videos never get old. I literally sat here watching this remembering all the times I watched you back in school. Thank you for being funny.

  • RushOnRayzeII
    RushOnRayzeII Year ago +1

    Those waterproof shoes seem like a great investment, but if they are that waterproof, doesn't that mean your feet can't breathe? I'm concerned about how comfortable they are as much as how durable/waterproof.

  • YellowAlgae
    YellowAlgae Year ago +386

    “Racketeering is the act of acquiring a business through illegal activity, operating a business with illegally-derived income, or using a business to commit illegal acts.” Offering someone fries is illegal.

    • psykkoman
      psykkoman Year ago


    • GoDz Alchemic
      GoDz Alchemic Year ago +3

      I gotta give up my mcdonalds platinum now…

    • G Lotus
      G Lotus Year ago +5

      Padraic Ryan Wow just wow. If you saw the video you would get it.

    • Pulse
      Pulse Year ago +4

      Shit, guess _every fast food employee that has worked at drive-thru or register_ is now classified as a *international terrorist threat*

    • Icetea S
      Icetea S Year ago

      damn that is the best excuse for not wanting to share your fries :D

  • 100% Beef
    100% Beef Year ago +3

    Well shit I should've waited to get the vaccine so I could've gotten these cool prizes

  • Adrian Wallflower
    Adrian Wallflower Year ago +684

    I love the actual surprise of "holy shit this is actually the best incentive package so far"

    • Maccrea Mata
      Maccrea Mata Year ago +42

      To be fair it is certainly the best one ive seen so far as well

    • Sauce Boss
      Sauce Boss Year ago +9

      I wish I got my vaccine there

    • Blame
      Blame Year ago +7

      I mean.. that's indeed is the best incentive. It's actually awesome

  • Eti the Spirit // Xan the Dragon

    Hello iDubbbzTV, thank you for teaching my goblin brain how to grasp the concept of speech. It has been a difficult task for many years, and hearing you clearly state "lecherous" finally made all of that knowledge click, as if everything fell right into place. I will now go on to write an educational novel that will release in 2032 titled "How to Read: A Definitive Guide to Reading for Goblins".

  • Soup Time
    Soup Time Year ago +2

    When he’s in a lab coat and necktie you know it’s gonna be a good video

  • Parker Fiskar
    Parker Fiskar Year ago

    Ian out here doing a justice to old school Clip-Share sketch comedy.

  • Taylor Davison
    Taylor Davison Year ago +2

    I think it's great that we've gotten to this point.

  • apud divus
    apud divus Year ago +4

    actually, my hometown has a lot of "vaccinated people get a free joint," which convinced a lot more people than i thought it would if i'm being honest lmao

  • DabfaceTV
    DabfaceTV Year ago +139

    So proud of Ian for pursuing his true calling as a doctor

    • AxxL
      AxxL Year ago +1

      Chill out, what ya yellin' for? Lay back, it's all been done before. And if you could only let it be, you will see that I am the funniest YouT*ber of all time. Admit it, my dear follow*r dab

    • name
      name Year ago +3

      @AxxL what

  • nib nib
    nib nib Year ago

    As a guy from the Netherlands I can feel my song tingling and rising after the vaccination

  • Deemstir
    Deemstir Year ago +4

    imagine a company standing behind its product like having him do an ad for it

    • Deemstir
      Deemstir Year ago

      Billybob BoDiddly likewise

  • Kelly Higgins
    Kelly Higgins Year ago

    Going to buy some Vessi shoes off your affiliate link here as soon as I start this job iDubbbz! You rock man keep killin it. Oh, and do another video with Ethan!

  • Pollution Is Gravity

    With every video IDubbz turns more and more into a dad

  • Theophilus Thistler
    Theophilus Thistler Year ago +1

    Ian looking like an Idaho off duty cop more and more as time goes by.

  • Connor Nolan
    Connor Nolan Year ago +405

    Right off the bat, Ian is making fun of my local mascots, and I'm fully here for it. The Mavsman (The guy with basketball skin) has always been creepy, and he's been our mascot for entirely too long.

    • JackTradesman
      JackTradesman Year ago +17

      I kinda wanna see a cage fight of basketball skin dude and PepsiMan

    • JimboStuckInLimbo
      JimboStuckInLimbo Year ago +8

      So you got the creepy basketball man, a blue horse with (old) jacksepticeye hair, green grimace from mcdonalds, and a cowboy. All representing Dallas.

    • Devin Henderson
      Devin Henderson Year ago +2

      @JackTradesman soon as he lands a punch, a speaker playing “PEPSI MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN” and basketball man goes down

    • Creator K
      Creator K Year ago +1

      An equally low-effort name to match the costume lol

  • mr big
    mr big Year ago +4

    Loving the outro really high quality creative stuff right there

  • TGI3D
    TGI3D Year ago +10

    I think free tickets to a furry convention would take care of a surprizingly large portion of the population

  • GuitarSenpai
    GuitarSenpai Year ago +9

    We truly are living the bad ending.

    • Joel Leighton
      Joel Leighton Year ago +4

      Yep, Clip-Share is run by H3s and Hasan Pikers now
      I have to point out they just started a podcast together

  • FeFishChannel
    FeFishChannel Year ago +153

    Loved how you got Doug DeMuro just because it was easy to find a picture of him in a PT Cruiser's passenger seat

    • Marc Johnson
      Marc Johnson Year ago +10

      It was a nice surprise to see Doug on this channel, never thought I would

    • Alex Cross
      Alex Cross Year ago +3

      @Marc Johnson I was just beginning to think how I might have been the only one to have appreciated that Doug reference. Strange times, indeed

    • Frances Farmer
      Frances Farmer Year ago


  • Neon Zombies
    Neon Zombies 6 months ago +27

    My favorite award is my immune system not getting trucked by a disease.

    • Psybo the trickster
      Psybo the trickster 5 months ago +6

      I haven’t been sick in 12 years, haven’t had any needles
      Sooo…. You do with that information what you want

    • Neon Zombies
      Neon Zombies 5 months ago

      @The Bruhened Official hmm?

  • Aguilar, Exequiel Andrew

    a good vaccine incentive would be the one that will get me out of poverty.

    • dimitriosgladio 05
      dimitriosgladio 05 Year ago +3

      @James Skoric facts

    • 111 111
      111 111 Year ago +38

      @James Skoric Do you have a credible source that supports your claim?

  • Raising Autumn
    Raising Autumn Year ago +5

    Omg thank you for the laugh! I really needed it.

  • Evan
    Evan Year ago

    Still churning them out in 2021 and still quality content

  • TheWarmotor
    TheWarmotor Year ago +1

    This one aged well.

  • Dustin Hickey
    Dustin Hickey Year ago +49

    Heart palpitations aren’t actually painful. I had Afib with rapid ventricular response once. Best way I can describe it is that it felt like there were butterflies where my heart should be.

    • Izzy
      Izzy Year ago

      Did you get the vaccine? I'm worried because my family has a history of cardiovascular issues 😕

    • Dkotes
      Dkotes Year ago

      wow that sounds great! im gonna go get jabbed now!

    • Kern
      Kern Year ago +4

      if your family was part of that 800,000, would you still be saying this?

  • HsthatzO
    HsthatzO 8 months ago +8

    I miss the Ian from the OG days

  • Jack Churchill
    Jack Churchill Year ago +400

    Im so happy that Jesse was able to live a great life as a youtuber after everything with Walter White.
    EDIT: Do not respond to the jacksepticeye troll please.

    • Said Bateh
      Said Bateh Year ago +12

      I can’t believe we both had the same idea lol

    • Shawn Hamilton
      Shawn Hamilton Year ago +3

      They don't even look CLOSE to the same person lmao.

    • Rowan Pino hater
      Rowan Pino hater Year ago +1

      Have you seen him in Anastasia next to slash?

    • Said Bateh
      Said Bateh Year ago

      @Shawn Hamilton they look similar

    • Pogger White
      Pogger White Year ago

      @ me next time

  • Space Potato
    Space Potato Year ago +1

    The fact that we are getting this goofy of incentives makes it seem like they are treating covid as some sort of joke virus that all the fast food restaurant have to beat in a UFC fight

  • em?
    em? Year ago +49

    i like how the “MRI of your heart” is literally just a paused youtube video

    • Emma
      Emma Year ago +1

      I like how this entire video is just an ASMR RP

  • Entertained45
    Entertained45 Year ago +9

    These videos aged poorly, the evidence of harm and increased risk for infection already existed back then.

    • EpicWaba
      EpicWaba Year ago +4

      Can't wait to see all the class action lawsuits against every organization that promoted it then. Any day now, right? That's what you've been saying for over a year now.

  • Negan
    Negan Year ago +39

    The into with the heart palpitations is beyond accurate with how the VA is.

  • Will Terry
    Will Terry Year ago

    Always got the real info 🙏

  • Eddy De Vito
    Eddy De Vito Year ago +396

    As an Italian guy, seeing this types of incentives made me laugh a lot

    • Noble Six
      Noble Six Year ago +7

      well germany is discussing similar things

    • Jake L’Dez
      Jake L’Dez Year ago +36

      @Templar Sword I love that there’s people like you out there in the world. Major confidence boost.

    • Lorma
      Lorma Year ago +6

      Sono pazzi questi americani

    • Templar Sword
      Templar Sword Year ago +6

      @Jake L’Dez thanks men, i am really happy i could boost your frail homosexual confidence, please message if you need more support :)

  • SwagBooty
    SwagBooty Year ago +13

    I thought everything was legit, and I kept my coo until he said "someone's been shitting in your head" 🤣🤣🤣

  • malik11000
    malik11000 Year ago +98

    Of course Washington's incentive is a free joint

    • Todd Howard
      Todd Howard Year ago +3

      That’s in Oklahoma

    • DubVUChyea
      DubVUChyea Year ago +3

      Amusing that they reward you for putting a defense up against a lung based virus but giving you something that will make it harder for your lungs to breath

    • DubVUChyea
      DubVUChyea Year ago

      @Chorizo can't fault you there

  • Furware
    Furware  Year ago +75

    My incentive was being forced if I wanted to finish my bachelor's. Thanks, new york

    • flying kitty
      flying kitty Year ago +29

      My job just fired me on the fifth for not getting vacinatted even though I was willing to get tested 3 times a week!!! Thanks pei Canada we have had the lowest numbers.. not fair

    • No Name
      No Name Year ago +1

      Exactly the same with graduate school.

    • Chris Boelens
      Chris Boelens Year ago +22

      @flying kitty If you test positive it means you were already able to spread it, that's why they probably didn't think that was enough. It takes a while after infection to show up positive on a test

    • gerrine dg
      gerrine dg Year ago +7

      @Chris BoelensIt takes a while to show up positive, really that makes sense to you? While its supposedly so very very contagious it doesn't show immediately on the holy pcr tests? Wtf man please have some common sense

  • Cassius C
    Cassius C Year ago +11

    I'm still holding out that they'll offer me the greatest of incentives; 7 and a switchblade

  • An Axolotl
    An Axolotl 11 months ago +3

    looking back at this in 2022 makes me think "man people were bored as shit if this is what we were getting pissed off over"

  • Theo Jay
    Theo Jay Year ago +95

    If my vaccines don't come with a walmart grill, I'm not getting it.

  • Ham0nRy
    Ham0nRy Year ago +2

    Hell yeah Ian keep collecting that ink bud you’ll be looking like Buck Angel in no time

  • Derp Derp
    Derp Derp Year ago +4

    Yeah man, them mascots are gonna give people concussions with their loose gut. Totally coercion man.

  • Feckless&Kekless
    Feckless&Kekless Year ago +5

    Born too soon to explore the galaxy...
    Born too late to get a free lap dance for my flu shot...

  • Roydon Gough
    Roydon Gough Year ago +1

    I'm gonna purchase those shoes purely to coat them in turpentine and set them alite while I go on my blissful Sunday morning beachwalk

  • Eoin Doyle
    Eoin Doyle Year ago +1

    9:45 this is possibly the lowest level of bribery possible. It's buying them a burger

  • Abnormal202
    Abnormal202 Year ago +138

    From Electrician's Apprentice to Doctor. I'm very proud of you

  • Dr. Derek Robinson
    Dr. Derek Robinson Year ago +2

    Finally, a real doctor!

  • Tre
    Tre Year ago +3

    Ian is prob the only ONLY youtuber i’ll set thu and watch the whole “sponsor for todays video” just sayin…

  • some gay kid
    some gay kid Year ago +2

    idubbbz has been making some epic content recently

  • Tom Britton
    Tom Britton Year ago +1

    Ian lookin' more and more like Dale Gribble with each vid.