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"WHO ARE YOU?" Jared McCain Vs. Etiwanda GOT FRISKY!

  • Published on Dec 29, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Jared McCain and Corona Centennial HS took on Etiwanda HS for the battle of the best team in the Inland Empire of Southern California. Devin Williams and Donovan Dent also went off in the game!
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  • Amari Williams
    Amari Williams Year ago +1351

    Jared is obviously the better player here. He is humble and has a fun playing personality. Number 22 was more worried about showing off for the cameras than actually winning.

    • Ryan Burns
      Ryan Burns 9 months ago

      fr number 22 was acting like a fool out there lmao

    • ryanlawn
      ryanlawn 10 months ago

      @MJCOLORLESS Jared got locked but for that random to say who this to jared is disrespectful if jared rly wanted to he coulda had 20

    • Jay Structure
      Jay Structure Year ago


      MJCOLORLESS Year ago

      @Savannah Durazo yall create every storyline. Hes playing good defense man let's stop all this other stuff

    • Savannah Durazo
      Savannah Durazo Year ago

      That’s exactly what I was saying. He’s doing the most so he he can get recognized. He’s just jealous

  • jordan jones
    jordan jones Year ago +1122

    22 was more worried about showing off for the camera then the actual game

    • shayan merrikh
      shayan merrikh Year ago +2

      @GXL yea but they don’t look at the camera every possession lmao

    • William guerin
      William guerin Year ago +3

      bro looked at the camera almost as many times as they scored and also shoved jared blatantly twice

    • Emmanuel
      Emmanuel Year ago


    • xGoat
      xGoat Year ago +14

      Exactly. He had like 3 points

  • Reese
    Reese Year ago +216

    Donavans ability to make a bucket out of anything is amazing

    • jojooo
      jojooo Year ago +5

      bro is a needle threader

  • Vlone Scooby
    Vlone Scooby Year ago +158

    definitely not jared’s best game shooting wise, but he still found a way to get himself involved by facilitating and playing solid defense.

  • chrisinandout
    chrisinandout Year ago +273

    Fhe way the refs were blind to the fouls made me think they we payed off. Keep filming these nick ,this was an amazing game.

    • Jay A.r.b
      Jay A.r.b Year ago +2

      i was saying the same thingg!

  • David Albritton
    David Albritton Year ago +89

    Nick’s consistently bringing us good content! Can’t wait to see how 2022 turns out 🔥🔥

  • BallerBeans
    BallerBeans Year ago +102

    I know their coach was pissed after that first possession where they got like 5 offensive rebounds 😂

  • Da Leaks
    Da Leaks Year ago +176

    number 22 be staying up all night watching his tiktoks

  • Kasey Lawrence
    Kasey Lawrence Year ago +235

    Jared my favourite hooper forsure he has such a fun personality.

    • grimreeper serk
      grimreeper serk Year ago +8

      Yeah fr and I hate that ppl make fun of him for making tik toks and enjoying himself

  • Stephany Montoya
    Stephany Montoya Year ago +9

    jared’s mindset and skill is immaculate. probably my fav hooper if im honest, everytime i see him have fun playing ball, i feel like im looking through a mirror.

  • Johnathan Davis
    Johnathan Davis Year ago +124

    Donavon dent best scorer on the team hands down. Jared still my favorite players but you gotta give credit where its due

    • Gregory Keller
      Gregory Keller 3 months ago

      @Johnathan Davis age doesn’t really matter when it comes to scheme. And I don’t think he’s their best scorer because he’s a senior. I think Jared deferred to him because it’s better for the team as opposed to Jared taking 25 shots.

    • Johnathan Davis
      Johnathan Davis 6 months ago

      @Halle Isbister I know but no excuse jared literally older than donavon smh

    • Halle Isbister
      Halle Isbister 7 months ago

      Facts but donavon is a senior and jared is a junior u gotta think about that

    • Quinton Jackson
      Quinton Jackson Year ago +1

      @Perc10 Baby Great minds think alike.

    • Perc10 Baby
      Perc10 Baby Year ago +1

      That’s the same thing I said

  • lownkae
    lownkae Year ago +149

    they need to start taking donovan serious. bro is dangerous.

    • Kristians Zarins
      Kristians Zarins Year ago +1

      @Aryan Gupta to new mexico lobo's im pretty sure

    • Aryan Gupta
      Aryan Gupta Year ago

      Don't look at my picture what school he going to next year?

    • dj
      dj Year ago

      too late now hes a seinor i think

  • Ricky Johnson
    Ricky Johnson Year ago +136

    #22 did his job, clearly he was playing for the cameras; overall his team played good defense on Jared which helped look like #22 “locked him up”. Any good team knows they have to take Jared out the game as a whole for them to have a shot at winning, but Centennial has a great supporting cast around Jared; while you think taking Jared out the game wins the game they have about 5 more D1 players on that team that others teams need to worry about as well. Appreciate the videos Nick keep ‘em coming !!!!!!

    • Ben Brierly
      Ben Brierly Year ago +8

      @Kyra F it lowkey worked tho… limited Jared to 7 points and one of his worst shooting nights ever. I’m a big fan of Jared but 22 did what he had to when facing a talented player like Jared

    • Kyra F
      Kyra F Year ago +3


    • Kyra F
      Kyra F Year ago +10

      Nah #22 was doing way too mugg bc.

  • Jonathan Flowerz
    Jonathan Flowerz 11 months ago +2

    I love how 22 was talking OD but scored like 1 bucket the entire game

  • kekoa
    kekoa Year ago +13

    Devin Williams with the 3s tho, such a good game!

  • Canned soda
    Canned soda Year ago +2

    Love how all his content be clean and this stuff be looking like we should be paying for it keep killing it man :) 👍🏽

  • Mario Lopez
    Mario Lopez Year ago

    I love these types of games!!!! Will agree some calls were not made but that’s better than them calling everything. It was entertaining and everyone was playing hard. Keep up the vids love them!

  • Guy Lamarre
    Guy Lamarre Year ago +21

    what I believe Jared should improve on is creating off the dribble/handles. He has good ball control but his handle doesn't get him much space from the defender. 22 wasn't even playing all that great on ball defense and still Jared couldn't make something happen. Once get becomes a better ball handler its wraps.

    • Guy Lamarre
      Guy Lamarre Year ago +1

      @Jude The Man facts

    • Jude The Man
      Jude The Man Year ago +7

      @GROUNDEDIVLIFE ???That doesn’t mean he’s not a good player. He just has a weakness in that aspect.

      GROUNDEDIVLIFE Year ago +1

      Thank you, you can really see what a actual good player is when defense is applied. And all I saw was him picking up his dribble

    JAYODELL TV Year ago +8

    Etiwanda whole game plan on defense was to stop Jared 😂… everybody else was eating this game 👍🏾👌🏾

  • invxrt
    invxrt Year ago +1

    22 played very good d but seemed like he was to focused on just locking up jared. I believe jared had quite a few assists so he took advantage of them guarding him so heavily

  • Jojo
    Jojo Year ago +3

    14 minutes into the game and I haven’t seen 22 score one time yet 😂

  • 1wak3x
    1wak3x Year ago +6

    Nick, I love the videos keep up the great work 👍

  • Cameron Brock
    Cameron Brock Year ago +1

    Nick the goat for getting these games out fast.

  • 2k Demiks
    2k Demiks Year ago +30

    that Etiwanda vs Sierra Canyon game from early 2020 before covid was one of the best games i’ve seen dawg

    • Hameed
      Hameed Year ago

      on bro that was lit asl

  • Kboogi Boyd
    Kboogi Boyd Year ago +16

    Boul guarding Jared was playing for the cameras 😂

  • urlocalmady
    urlocalmady Year ago +1

    it’s the way they had 22 face guard jared the whole game, but cen10 still pulled through with the other teammates.

  • sdotseg
    sdotseg Year ago +1

    #22 on White was all buckets, put the team on his damn back. #2 is a beast too, drawing them fouls, big bodies them boys to the rim & can pick them pockets too. I wanna know both their names cause I can see them doing some real things in the future

  • WokkyBones
    WokkyBones Year ago +12

    The flop at 14:35 was funny Asl😂😂😂

  • Sam Frost
    Sam Frost Year ago +2

    Donovan deserves more recognition

  • Tray Dub
    Tray Dub Year ago +4

    Donovan a demon💯

  • Fresh_warrior
    Fresh_warrior Year ago +35

    Those refs were low key wanting the other team to win

    HBK RAH Year ago +11

    They really just be beefing with themselves playing against Jared bro mad humble he just ball and do his thing 🤷🏽‍♂️😂💯

  • dan
    dan Year ago +56

    Number 22 was a fan 😂😂

  • Andre Ward
    Andre Ward Year ago +1

    I love watching Jared's games

  • Uno
    Uno Year ago +89

    Number 22 hella but💀😭, He was getting his shi did by Jared, & was running his mouth the whole game, bruh scored in the first minute of the game & didn’t score another point till the last two minutes of the game🤦🏽, what a clown😂

    • Phantom
      Phantom Year ago

      @IndraHokage fro a five star wit a duke offer you expect more

    • IndraHokage
      IndraHokage Year ago

      @Phantom why does that matter he still had 7 points gohd

    • Phantom
      Phantom Year ago

      @TrackingJah he doesn’t have a duke offer tho

    • TrackingJah
      TrackingJah Year ago

      And also the other dude went 2/4 with 6 points

    • TrackingJah
      TrackingJah Year ago

      @DirtySwishers Jared went 2/8 with 5 points….. he had him locked up that game

  • MonikerOne
    MonikerOne Year ago

    Damnnn you got this up quick!! This was a good win for them, Etiwanda is one of the top teams in Cali

  • Elie Damey
    Elie Damey Year ago +3

    Donovan was gettin to it, that man’s a bucket fr

  • Majesty Irving
    Majesty Irving Year ago +2

    22 wasn’t even hoopin fr to be actin like that 😂😂

  • Stephen_ 2saucy
    Stephen_ 2saucy Year ago +1

    Why is no one talking bout how tuff #2 on Jared’s team is?🤔

  • Multi Media
    Multi Media Year ago +1

    10:00 got me dead 😭😭

  • Eli Miller
    Eli Miller Year ago +2

    I’ve never heard a teams bench chant defense before 😭😭😭😭

  • XxTNLxMjxX YT
    XxTNLxMjxX YT Year ago

    Keep up the good work man !

  • NazFstl
    NazFstl Year ago +1

    22 was tryna look cool , looking at the camera and the crowd the entire game 😂

  • Ryan Paras
    Ryan Paras Year ago +4

    It was a good game 0 and 10 on the other team were tuff too

  • cole cates
    cole cates 4 months ago

    22 was more worried about getting some camera time than actually doing anything

  • Dylan Crockwell
    Dylan Crockwell Year ago

    22 is the type of player who swears he’s nice but shows up and drops 2 a game 😭

  • Johnathan Davis
    Johnathan Davis Year ago +10

    Shows you how much a camera can turn people into idiots😂😂😂

  • Grant Burns
    Grant Burns Year ago

    Devin and Donovan are raw

  • Eimund Tangen
    Eimund Tangen Year ago

    14:31 lmfao the way 5 tried

  • Nathan Malosa
    Nathan Malosa Year ago

    Just waiting for that new episode 😁

  • serban horga
    serban horga Year ago +5

    The last Jared is kinda getting clamped,I just want to see him drop 20 again

    • juki
      juki Year ago +1

      hes getting 2x teamed at least he cant drop 20 points on a double team or players who are trying to hurt and foul him lol

    • pres
      pres Year ago +3

      every team has a gameplan for jared.

  • Dmo K
    Dmo K Year ago +1

    When I say NOT ONE of those charge/block calls were right 😂😂 my god I’m glad I’m not in high school anymore. I used to get Td for fussing about shitty calls all the time

  • iJellxy
    iJellxy Year ago +1

    22 on jared’s team was a bucket

  • Sappysongbird
    Sappysongbird Year ago +1

    22 was talking all that mess for about 5 points😭

  • Minty Pod
    Minty Pod 9 months ago

    holy shit that ref was buggin the entire game

  • Dominic Depiero
    Dominic Depiero Year ago +1

    we are all witnessing 22's only seconds of clout

  • jalynn edgewater
    jalynn edgewater Year ago

    donovan a walking bucketttt🎯🎯

  • Tray Dub
    Tray Dub Year ago +2

    The refs was off a perc 30 this game 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • MTM Jayy
    MTM Jayy Year ago +1

    #22 is one of them kids that barely made team😂 son had 6 points😭

  • Aquatix Matos
    Aquatix Matos 11 months ago

    Idk how ramsey huff not getting any recognition from colleges bro is tuff

  • Alexander Calixte

    patiently waiting for the next episode of rob

  • Leonard Dillman
    Leonard Dillman Year ago +2

    Who else had no idea Devin had a strap 🎯

  • Antonio Carrion
    Antonio Carrion Year ago

    No cap I don’t care about Jared I think he’s a good player but I watch these vids for dent he’s an amazing player, defender, and teammate also i love his effort every possession

  • Camreon Loynes
    Camreon Loynes Year ago +1

    Lil bruh ain’t lying😭 definitely went off # 4

  • G-Rose
    G-Rose 8 months ago

    It’s sad when a kid cares more about the camera over the game ☹️

  • Kai Laxa
    Kai Laxa Year ago +2

    We need God for he gave his begotten son, Jesus Christ the Messiah, to die for our sins and give us everlasting life✝️

  • LincolnSparks
    LincolnSparks Year ago

    Bro ain’t no way this dude asked who’s this to jarred McCain😂😂

    CLAMP TOWN Year ago +4

    #22 a straight monster, all the Jared riders trying to diss him😭😭 Jared had 7 POINTS

    • Brisa McCloud
      Brisa McCloud 9 months ago

      and how many points 22 have without being face guarded?

    • juki
      juki Year ago +7

      he was getting doubled who game and hard fouled still dropped 7 on someone who fouled the whole game and were doubling him im not a meat rider its just obvious

  • Management
    Management Year ago +2

    The big men were working this game

  • Jef Witters
    Jef Witters 11 months ago

    Number 10 really took over the game dayyuuuum

  • Nio420
    Nio420 Year ago +2

    why is no one talking bout #2 he is so fucking good, knows how to get to the rim get contact and finish. I think hes only a sophomore too

  • Gavyn Queen
    Gavyn Queen Year ago

    i think jared needa go through a gutwrenching heartbreak, starting to think the tiktok trash talking to him holding his aggression back

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson Year ago +3

    Clout is one helluva drug …

  • Canned soda
    Canned soda Year ago

    Lil kid really said u wanna use my glasses😂😂😂

  • Carlos Aquino
    Carlos Aquino Year ago +2

    Donnie is cold 🥶

  • Carter Loop
    Carter Loop Year ago +2

    9:55 it went straight off his leg

  • Damarco Payne
    Damarco Payne Year ago

    Donnie is so tough

  • Reaper
    Reaper Year ago +2

    Somebody gotta tell 22 to learn how to play D with his feet and not his hands

  • Fresh_warrior
    Fresh_warrior Year ago +13

    22 was just for the camera that boi barely did anything

  • Mo Bah
    Mo Bah Year ago

    Another W episode. Donovan rly that

  • Colin Stemberger
    Colin Stemberger Year ago

    How many points did Jared have?

  • Im poor
    Im poor 11 months ago

    #5 on the other team looks like CP3 from the back😂💀

  • Canned soda
    Canned soda Year ago

    11:53 was cleannnn

  • Braylon Ramirez
    Braylon Ramirez Year ago +5

    Are we getting anymore Believe episodes?

  • Swept down
    Swept down Year ago

    that lil kid😂

  • Collen
    Collen Year ago +1

    who’s #10 on the other team he’s tough

  • Jonathan Clark
    Jonathan Clark Year ago +1

    who was numer 0 on etiwanda? he's nice

  • Buddy Swain
    Buddy Swain Year ago +1

    Number 10 in black though was tuff

  • Dillon Claussen
    Dillon Claussen Year ago +2

    15:31 what a flop 😂

  • dropz
    dropz Year ago +70

    22 doin it for tha camera

    • Juice
      Juice Year ago +2

      Fr his ass know if the camera wasn’t there he wouldn’t be doing all that

    • VipNathan
      VipNathan Year ago


  • Will Martin
    Will Martin Year ago +1

    22 did play good defense but he you can still tell he was intimidated by him the whole time. He needs to have a little bit more fun and take all that hate out of his game. You can play great defense and not act like that. Shits lame asf.

  • David Viadex
    David Viadex Year ago

    22 thinks hes that guy when hes just sorry 😂😭. Looked goofy out there

  • Purple Green
    Purple Green Year ago

    16:12 no way that is a charge

  • Christopher J Torres

    22 so butt cheeks 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 dude had like 4 points all game I bet he watch all Jared videos lmaooo

  • Rhino Hernandez
    Rhino Hernandez Year ago

    #22 is such a fan🤣🤣

  • hunnit
    hunnit Year ago

    devin is so tuff i been sayin this

  • Sticks wyd
    Sticks wyd Year ago

    Nick fr the best in the game

  • Bgo Mike
    Bgo Mike Year ago +6

    22 was trash talking like hes really like that woww

  • Edward Kim aka ballislifekim ____E1

    This guy number 22 for the black team said who’s this don’t ever disrespect my guy Jared who’s way better then you and has more offers