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The Rivian R1T is an Incredibly Fun Electric Pickup!

  • Published on Oct 21, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Rivian R1T is a quad motor adventurous electric compact pickup truck. I've run out of adjectives. But this truck is incredibly fun.
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  • Colton Bramham
    Colton Bramham Year ago +2

    I work at Rivian in Illinois, and it’s hands down the best company I’ve ever worked for! Every employee is very determined to see this company thrive. I’m glad to see that people are enjoying the vehicles.

  • Rational Male
    Rational Male Year ago +1

    For a first truck, this is unbelievable impressive

  • Jasko Besic
    Jasko Besic Year ago +596

    From a European, this is what true American innovation looks like! Absolutely stunning work and I hope to be able to drive this truck in the EU one day.

  • A. M.
    A. M. Year ago +170

    I love the size, not to offensively large and not too impractically small. Storage facilities are great and that tunnel thing is epic. The screen isn't in-your-face too large. And really good ground clearance.

  • RegKarn1
    RegKarn1 Year ago +304

    The creativity in designing this truck is off the charts. I'd consider buying this truck.

  • Gary Burrus
    Gary Burrus Year ago +55

    One thing that people always forget to mention is that you can stop at ANY campground that has a NEMA 14-50 outlet and charge your Rivian (or Tesla). The only Caveat is that you will usually need to rent an RV spot to get the power outlet.

  • Abhijeet Kanaji
    Abhijeet Kanaji Year ago +2

    Rivian has checked almost all the boxes. This should be really fun and I hope Rivian does well in the market.

  • Jarrett Embry
    Jarrett Embry Year ago +652

    FYI, it’s common in off-roading / rock crawling to deflate your tires for extra grip. That’s why there’s an air compressor… for when you want to get back on the road.

  • 79blustone
    79blustone Year ago +17

    Thanks to some close ups and decent footage, I can see that this truck was built with care using some nice materials for a premium feel. I think RJ has shown us that quality is important and what people want after spending 70k upwards. I liked everything shown on this video, I'm genuinely excited about this vehicle, its got such classic lines that won't look out of date like some of the other brands coming out. A timeless design. I can't wait to drive one!

  • Steve McCormack
    Steve McCormack Year ago +63

    Actually, I reckon the gear tunnel might be good to sleep in if a person is the right length. You could leave the port open going into the back seats for air.

  • MrG
    MrG  +5

    I can really see a future in this company! I hope they keep going like this

  • Aizen Emmaiah T. Mendoza

    This is the first ever EV that ever made my Jaw Drop and it was for minutes straight! Just straight up amazing. Hope this company achieves success and i hope i could buy one of their products!

  • Jurien Huggins
    Jurien Huggins Year ago +1

    I really just wish they would standardize these charging experiences and stations just for sustainability sake

  • Spagneto
    Spagneto Year ago +2

    Honestly the design is soooo much better than I could have imagined. I love the idea of futuristic and old school - cyberpunk if you will. But this outdoes cyberpunk. Because I don't want an eccentric vehicle that puts me in a certain category. I just want toned-down efficiency that blends in, but looks good. Its a head turner now, but its also a exactly what I want in a few years. Everything about this is great! I have a dream of owning a survival/adventure style vehicle sometime in the future, and this is ticking off every single box. Even stuff I didn't think about. In 10 years when I'm old enough and actually make money, I will get something similar to this.

  • herr_panzerfaust
    herr_panzerfaust Year ago +99

    This is the most impressive thing i´ve seen in the automotive industry since Tesla. I hope they make their way to Europe!!

  • Mr. B
    Mr. B Year ago +21

    Love the hidden locked storage ... and the power / acceleration / handling options. A gnarly game changer for the American "Truck" culture.

  • Andrew Seodyal

    Aside from the EV aspect, I like how much they've incorporated into the design like the bluetooth speaker, flashlight etc.

  • Juan Zingarello

    Waiting on the R1S SUV. What I love about Rivian is that it has interesting gimmicks like Tesla does but in areas where it makes sense. The different key fobs with one being an activity bracelet similar to Land Rovers, the many cargo compartments including the gear tunnel which also doubles as a bench, it has its own version of sentry mode which is one of the only Tesla gimmicks I actually care for, a rechargeable portable speaker, a rechargeable portable flashlight, a built in air compressor, many household charge ports in the frunk and cargo bed, and the security cable for having a bicycle in the rear. No useless garbage like a steering yoke that is in there because the narcissist CEO feels like having it there even if many of his customers hate it, or a completely useless smart summons where the car moves like a confused snail, takes forever for the car to get to you at which point I'd rather just get the stupid car myself. The interior looks nicer and way better put together than that of Teslas, and most of all, the car looks like it has character of which I find Teslas are completely devoid of.

  • condaze
    condaze Year ago +412

    Those doors on the gear tunnel turning into stools/steps is so cool.

  • L33tSkE3t
    L33tSkE3t  +11

    This and their SUV, the R1S, looks really impressive specs wise and the design is really good looking. I wish they would have engineered the gear tunnel to accept like a range extender battery. Idk if that would be possible but, would be really cool if possible.