Dropping Samsung Galaxy Fold vs iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Nokia 3310 Down Spiral Staircase - 20 Stories

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • I dropped the most iconic smartphones of 2019 to see which one holds up the best in this durability drop test!
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  • ภูริช 'ช
    ภูริช 'ช 10 hours ago +1

    What do you do to🥀🥀
    Better to give to me 🤣🙏
    Fans from Thailand💯💓

  • m m
    m m 10 hours ago

    This video should be illegal

  • GalaxyFlare
    GalaxyFlare 11 hours ago

    Imagine you being those phones o-o

  • youtube골드맨
    youtube골드맨 11 hours ago

    저런거할빠에는 걍 저거같고게임할듯

  • Chico Skimoni
    Chico Skimoni 11 hours ago

    These stupid tests... Pointless and retarded. This guy is so MORONIC, no skill to showoff on youtube so why not do stupid things to get attention and youtube views. These gadgets AREN'T even MILITARY GRADE to begin with. Western idiocy at its finest. Could have just given the money to charity and feed starving kids.

  • Amit Singh
    Amit Singh 11 hours ago

    Turn video recording on and then drop

  • Desai Vishal
    Desai Vishal 11 hours ago

    Nice bro

  • 우산
    우산 11 hours ago

    돈이 얼마나 남아돌면 저 지랄을 하는지 ㅋ

  • ikram chhipa
    ikram chhipa 11 hours ago

    After this stunt gonna happen nokia collapse this building

  • Paul Horta
    Paul Horta 12 hours ago

    Can i have an IPhone if you don't require them 🙈🙊

  • cheng domingo
    cheng domingo 12 hours ago


  • uncensored youtube
    uncensored youtube 12 hours ago +1

    I wonder if those phone companies appreciate this madness

  • Pi Rank
    Pi Rank 12 hours ago +1

    *That was a fake nokia 3310.. Get a real one you nokia hater*

  • arcanakyla
    arcanakyla 13 hours ago

    You could've gave it to me😂😢

  • Martha De La Salud Zarco Perez

    Y yo tengo 5 meses sin poder comprarme un celular. 😔

  • Tanzim Ifas
    Tanzim Ifas 13 hours ago

    I dropped my phone and it was way badder

  • D3MON SAG3
    D3MON SAG3 13 hours ago

    Can I get the broken phone?

  • Asifkhan Pangodu
    Asifkhan Pangodu 13 hours ago

    Don't drop the iphone please give to meee broooi😁

  • sanyam jangid
    sanyam jangid 13 hours ago

    Bro you can also give it to me instead of throwing these phones from such heights.....i never mind😂


    No mames cabron me descalabraste

  • GoM
    GoM 14 hours ago +1

    I bet the nokia survive if a thicc silicon case was put on it

  • Paul Moore
    Paul Moore 14 hours ago

    You can't say the Nokia is destroyed until you find the battery. Find the battery, and then tell me the phone is dead.

  • Nishanth Bhargava
    Nishanth Bhargava 15 hours ago

    1 Dislike from meee.. cuz U did'nt even Try to Turn on Our 3310.

  • Harnam Singh
    Harnam Singh 15 hours ago

    I will bring a basket to catch these phones.

  • Nazareth
    Nazareth 15 hours ago

    What does this guy think is going to happen

  • AlexanderSonicMenia games_y_mas

    Tu eres la misma imagen del demonio bastardo que se los debe el duablo

  • DXZR4pt0R 0000
    DXZR4pt0R 0000 15 hours ago

    Este man destruyendo telefonos de entre 30-35000$ y yo pensando en como ahorrar para uno de 5000😭😭😂

  • thakorn ananthanit
    thakorn ananthanit 16 hours ago

    I believe if u put the nokia back together it will work fine

  • Claud CH
    Claud CH 18 hours ago

    Eso es para matarlos de pana sabes que no daría yo para tener alguno de esos teléfonos solo 1 😓😢

  • yung gUUn
    yung gUUn 18 hours ago

    Find the battery it will work or get new battery

  • Talon Moon
    Talon Moon 19 hours ago

    Aquana: Stop Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! 2:29
    Alex: AMBER!!!!!!! 3:55
    Amber: Tari 5:07

  • Gerry Santos
    Gerry Santos 19 hours ago

    It all depends on the height and the angle of the unit upon impact, etc. .. drop at least 3 units of every model and expect to get varied results .. but hey, that's a total waste of money!

  • Ana Savelyeva
    Ana Savelyeva 19 hours ago

    Rich people:

  • Atharv
    Atharv 20 hours ago

    Imagine if this wasn't fake. Nokia 3310 wouldve destroyed the whole goddamn universe

  • Petrina Turmer
    Petrina Turmer 20 hours ago

    Really and I'm here wanting a phone so bad😭😖

  • Loticool
    Loticool 20 hours ago +1

    From walking he should have killer calves

  • Keiras Scrunchies
    Keiras Scrunchies 20 hours ago

    Imagine dying from a Nokia lol
    Random person: when I get home I should make no-NOKIA

  • HeySailor Reedy
    HeySailor Reedy 20 hours ago

    20 stories? more like 5 to 6 stories.

  • Jennifer Grimes
    Jennifer Grimes 20 hours ago +1

    What did they think was gunna happened if u drop a phone from a high hight

  • Juan Perez
    Juan Perez 20 hours ago

    5:06 the Nokia will end the world😬

  • Gabo T
    Gabo T 21 hour ago +1

    Samsung left the chat 😝

  • Mask Bash
    Mask Bash 21 hour ago

    I like the new Samsung galaxy foldable

  • Mask Bash
    Mask Bash 21 hour ago


  • The Child’s Play Archives

    To hell with those phones! If I can’t drop it 20 stories and still use it- I don’t want it. Keep your sissy phones!

  • Jacob Mehler
    Jacob Mehler 21 hour ago

    Nokia: *laughs in victory*

  • Luiza Silva
    Luiza Silva 22 hours ago

    A waste of money

  • Luiza Silva
    Luiza Silva 22 hours ago

    You idiot!
    Why do you do this
    This things are not cheap!!!

  • Alex is Editing
    Alex is Editing 22 hours ago

    that hurts

  • concuda X
    concuda X 22 hours ago

    damn that 11pro

  • real MOROCCO
    real MOROCCO 22 hours ago

    Are you crazy 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😢🤮

  • Sem Fisher
    Sem Fisher 22 hours ago

    Лучше мне подарите , чем бросать с этажа . Техника того отношения к себе не заслуживает .!
    Даже ради испытаний .

  • Road Side Mad
    Road Side Mad 23 hours ago

    Are you fucking crazy ! 😣

  • Joel El Fox
    Joel El Fox 23 hours ago

    Que riko el sonido cuando cae

  • Zizotyger مية مية

    Why give the iphone 11

  • Bilal Bilal
    Bilal Bilal Day ago

    وش مومكن تصفط الي الهاتف ارجوك

  • Ayan Kamran
    Ayan Kamran Day ago +1

    Samsung is the best

  • Hanzo Hasashi
    Hanzo Hasashi Day ago

    Disassembled doesn't mean destroyed

  • OP VK
    OP VK Day ago

    Tou Know What, U can gift it to me. I will keep it more safe than you bro and I Need Samsung Fold and IPhone 11 So Gift it to me 😂😂

  • Lord Testkill
    Lord Testkill Day ago

    the nokia survived just had to reassemble it...

  • Muhammed Ensar Akkaya

    R.I.P Stairs