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  • Published on Jan 4, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • Morpheus Concepts
    Morpheus Concepts  2 months ago +388

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    • I bash Communists
      I bash Communists 5 days ago

      @KGB still on roids thoigh

    • KGB
      KGB 5 days ago

      Had to take steroids even after DC cutted 21kg☠️☠️☠️ and the funny part is that Jon jones was so much taller and younger and still did that

    • I bash Communists
      I bash Communists Month ago


    • I bash Communists
      I bash Communists Month ago

      Roid cheat.

  • Aadam Saleem
    Aadam Saleem 2 months ago +47819

    Jon Jones doesn't talk shit, he just tells your what is literally going to happen.

    • KGB
      KGB 5 days ago

      Had to take steroids even after DC cutted 21kg☠️☠️☠️ and the funny part is that Jon jones was so much taller and younger and still did that

    • Aidan
      Aidan 6 days ago

      Dude did a prophetic word on him y’all gotta learn how to do that if you believe it it’s some powerful stuff

    • salim bzdb
      salim bzdb 27 days ago

      Yeah thats called the EPO power 🤣

    • Airyshark
      Airyshark 27 days ago

      Yeah witch cheap elbow shots an cheap knee kicks man cmon this guy isn’t good his a dirty fighter

  • Midnight Snack
    Midnight Snack Month ago +1129

    His calm and confident demeanor is actually more terrifying then any trash talk.

    • KGB
      KGB 5 days ago

      Had to take steroids even after DC cutted 21kg☠️☠️☠️ and the funny part is that Jon jones was so much taller and younger and still did that

    • Maxim
      Maxim 12 days ago

      @Wordz Gaddafi in what universe do you think EVERY fighter is on PEDs? USADA is a challenge to beat. That's why so many fighters got caught and quit.

    • Wordz Gaddafi
      Wordz Gaddafi 12 days ago

      ​@Maxim Just about every UFC fighter is on PEDs. Why should Jon give his opps an unfair advantage?

  • Gemechis Tolu
    Gemechis Tolu Month ago +331

    He convinced him before the fight. He even said, "I want you to believe it." The dude believed it.

    • Arcane Wonders Fan N%1
      Arcane Wonders Fan N%1 5 days ago

      @KGB He's a cheater, people like that will always find a way to cheat, same with he's pokes, knee cap kicks and so on, in every sport there are cheaters even in video games people install cheats to win, some people had installed cheats in their mouse because on tourments you could only have your mouse & keyboard, rig was official

    • KGB
      KGB 5 days ago

      @Arcane Wonders Fan N%1 Had to take steroids even after DC cutted 21kg☠️☠️☠️ and the funny part is that Jon jones was so much taller and younger and still did that

    • KGB
      KGB 5 days ago

      Had to take steroids even after DC cutted 21kg☠️☠️☠️ and the funny part is that Jon jones was so much taller and younger and still did that

    • Young Von On Da Beat
      Young Von On Da Beat Month ago +3

      He know what "put it out in the universe" means.. most people HOPE that's why they can't succeed in life but people who KNOW are more successful...just check the successful/struggling people around you and you'll start to see it🎯🎯🎯

    • Arcane Wonders Fan N%1
      Arcane Wonders Fan N%1 Month ago +2

      DC had no chance, Jon much bigger + roided up

    CAMERAS WITH A VISION TM Month ago +5156

    That was the most respectful trash talking I ever heard

    • KGB
      KGB 5 days ago

      Had to take steroids even after DC cutted 21kg☠️☠️☠️ and the funny part is that Jon jones was so much taller and younger and still did that

    • Da real Broly.
      Da real Broly. 27 days ago

      @Red Man Man people are sleeping on this comment 😆😆 That’s basically how this went.

    • 13ladeSwagg
      13ladeSwagg 28 days ago

      You sir, have never heard of this fine gentleman that goes by the name of Cruz.. Dominic Cruz

    • christophe vuitton
      christophe vuitton Month ago +1

      The most realest

    • bplayerr1
      bplayerr1 Month ago +1

      And the most terrifying

  • KanyeButDarker
    KanyeButDarker Month ago +330

    And then Daniel Cormier proceeded to cry his eyes out

    • KGB
      KGB 5 days ago

      Had to take steroids even after DC cutted 21kg☠️☠️☠️ and the funny part is that Jon jones was so much taller and younger and still did that

    • Warlock Magic
      Warlock Magic Month ago +1

      I read this name as Kanye butt dr. 😆 Run on sentences here bruh.

    • ndn mdm
      ndn mdm Month ago +10

      @Abandoned Hope still beat the shi out of you😂😂😂

  • Ash
    Ash Month ago +49

    The way he said his full name. So professional and elegant

    PX WRLD Month ago +5624

    “Every ounce of training will be a waste of you life” is wild😭😭

    • KGB
      KGB 5 days ago

      Had to take steroids even after DC cutted 21kg☠️☠️☠️ and the funny part is that Jon jones was so much taller and younger and still did that

    • RZ virals
      RZ virals  25 days ago

      That was brutal.

    • Juice man
      Juice man 28 days ago

      Thank u that the most monster like lol freakin scary thing anyone has ever said and it’s not what he said it’s how sure of what was going to happen not cocky not trying to be funny lol just straight wild creature behavior 🤣🤣🤣 the greatest ever

    • IdenticalLove
      IdenticalLove 28 days ago

      Confidence of a God!

    • Sandman Darkman
      Sandman Darkman Month ago

      Man's got tht hanma blood

  • obh goonie gang
    obh goonie gang Month ago +12

    The scariest thing is when your enemy or opponent tells you exactly what’s gonna happen to u while given you props on your skills all while remaining calm n sensible about things.

  • Ifeanyi Chris
    Ifeanyi Chris Month ago +12

    The guy was so scared he couldn't keep eye contact. Jon Jones took it so personal 😁

  • thesummit615
    thesummit615 2 months ago +6389

    Now that’s how you get in someone’s head calmly.

    • Thomas Hauer
      Thomas Hauer Month ago

      @No Name and i said the urvater ALSO mixed with african pride. thats why you have warriors too. learn to read
      the urvater mixed everywhere . only in east asia they built a wall to keep the warrior hordes out
      in africa it might be the hyksos that invaded egypt and then spread their seed to the heart of africa.
      many caucasian arabs spread it at all over africa as it was spread on them by the invading hordes from the north

    • Thomas Hauer
      Thomas Hauer Month ago

      @No Name alex volkanovski toys with every black dude in his division and he is yugoslavian white thunder which is easter europe, it is makedonian the root of white warrior culture since ancient times (after yamnaya) the greatest emperor alexander the great.the doomslayer

  •  WatchmanChris 4Christ
    WatchmanChris 4Christ Month ago +17

    What a confession of confidence. His opponent literally lost the fight from the interview n u can see the power of confession n believe from his speech

  • Daniel Ramirez
    Daniel Ramirez 28 days ago +13

    You can see it in DC’s face that he knows every word comes outs of Johns mouth is 100% true lmao

    • KGB
      KGB 5 days ago +1

      Had to take steroids even after DC cutted 21kg☠️☠️☠️ and the funny part is that Jon jones was so much taller and younger and still did that

  • Ray Huang
    Ray Huang Month ago +3139

    The fucking scariest guys you meet aren’t the ones screaming and acting like a feral animal, but tell you in a calm and collected voice.

    • Anthony D
      Anthony D Month ago

      Randy couture comes to mind 🤔

    • Satoshi Nakamoto
      Satoshi Nakamoto Month ago +1

      @LeKi dude we need a sociopath division i would watch every fight, that machida drop was insane

    • Paul Sampson
      Paul Sampson Month ago

      Wolf may be the one who MAKES THAT NOT TRUE.WHO GOT SMOKE FOR HIM 155-185

    • Idk
      Idk Month ago +1

      @Smokey by saying that you mean he’s a drug addict and hits his wife right

  • SirTiksALot
    SirTiksALot Month ago +46

    The extreme calm demeanor says it all. I got to meet Jon in person several years ago, and he was the nicest, most humble guy ever. Despite his various struggles, Jon is still more of a genuinely good person than most will ever be.

    • SirTiksALot
      SirTiksALot 25 days ago

      @Joe B Sheet comedy, huh? I’ll have to Google that one. 🤣🤣🤣

    • SirTiksALot
      SirTiksALot 29 days ago

      @Hemu Titu18 Absolutely

    • Hemu Titu18
      Hemu Titu18 Month ago +3

      Its jon jones we r talking about rite?

  • Mannuh
    Mannuh Month ago +13

    This is the most calm trash talk i ever heard. Mans was almost sounding motivational 😂😂

    • Lily B
      Lily B Month ago +1

      Underrated comment

  • Kole 91
    Kole 91 Month ago +2543

    dude spoke from his soul - not a single shred of doubt or fear

    • boz
      boz Month ago

      @Micah West you're wrong, it's the second fight. That kick led to the TKO.

    • Micah West
      Micah West Month ago

      ​@boz no this was the first fight. But Jones had crazy testosterone levels and popped for cocaine. He later admitted to hiding under the octagon to avoid usada testing during practice also. He beat Cormier by decision in the first fight.

    • boz
      boz Month ago

      @Kole 91 not alleged. Jones popped for steroids and the fight the clip is taken from was ruled a no contest

    • Cole Scofield
      Cole Scofield Month ago

      @Javi i do believe that he is a nice guy, but you meeting him: source - trust me bro wallahi

  • c may
    c may Month ago +9

    Jon was living in Daniel’s head.

  • U Mad Bruh?
    U Mad Bruh? 22 days ago +2

    That was fucking cold man. You could see that JBJ meant everything he said

  • private user
    private user 2 months ago +3273

    There is nothing scarier on this planet than a man who tells you what he's gonna do, and does it

    • Jacob J
      Jacob J Month ago

      My post man tells me he'll delivery the mail and he does it!!! scared of my life 😱

    • FaithfulLs3
      FaithfulLs3 Month ago

      A man on juice*

    • Miles Davis
      Miles Davis Month ago

      I'm gonna do a poo soon

    • Gary Adams
      Gary Adams Month ago

      Only thing scarier than that is when that particular guy has never lost a fight. The only loss on his record is a disqualification due to a silly rule in yet another fight where he beat his opponent senseless.

    • Lincoln Fineblanket
      Lincoln Fineblanket Month ago

      Larry Bird was well known for this haha 🥶

  • Leland Russell
    Leland Russell 23 days ago +2

    This is the real Jon Jones 🐐

  • Nayem Ali
    Nayem Ali Month ago +5

    It’s the most disrespectful statement but it’s the damn truth. Jones hated DC but he knew what capabilities he held. Damn.

  • Lloyd
    Lloyd 2 months ago +1466

    Jon Jones comes across so intimidating because he doesn't have to scream his intent, he just tells you firmly.

    • guccispeed
      guccispeed Month ago

      @IamGrandMagus yeah they do bro but not at that level, no man is at that level but generally speaking you right I know the truth hurts some 🤣

    • Tone
      Tone Month ago

      And coke

      vCLOWNSHOESv Month ago +1

      That's because he believes it.

    • ShamanSZN
      ShamanSZN Month ago

      He speaks so matter-of-factly

  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones 24 days ago +2

    His face shows what he’s thinking lol I AM FUCKED 😂

  • K B
    K B Month ago +36

    That "every ounce of training... will be a waste of your life"line was the reason Cormier was seen crying in Cain's arms afterwards

    • K B
      K B Month ago

      @Eli Fields i didn't say DC wasted his life, simply pointed out the comment Jones made was on DC's when he was crying in Cain's arms.
      No fan puts DC's legacy above Jones. His 205 run is:
      4 legit wins over serious competition
      2 wins over washed up fighters.
      1 win over a never was
      1 loss and 1 NC(tko) to the divisional goat.
      Great heavyweight, great fighter. But his legacy doesn't measure up

    • Eli Fields
      Eli Fields Month ago

      @K B Jon was the better fighter in both of their fights quite clearly and by quite a margin, but I'm just saying it wasn't a waste of his life. He used that experience to go on and attain double champion status, which is what Jon is shooting for now. Jon does want the status that Cormier has, but it's literally unachievable (due to the asterisks). Fans like myself will never forget what happened along the way, it does truly all amount to what your legacy looks like as a fighter. I don't disagree with anything you've said other than that Daniel wasted his life training for those fights with Jon; he clearly didn't.

    • K B
      K B Month ago +1

      @Eli Fields you're free to feel that way. Even now Cormier admits Jon was the better fighter and he didn't wipe out anything.
      Johnson 2x
      4 out of 7 wins at 205lbs matter and I only give credit for the Ozdemir win because he's still ranked 5 years later.

    • Eli Fields
      Eli Fields Month ago +1

      It wasn't a waste of his life though, once Jon popped Daniel came in and wiped two divisions. Jon wishes his legacy could look the same. There will be so many asterisks at the end of Jon's career to due his issues outside the cage.

    • SUBSTR8 Official
      SUBSTR8 Official Month ago +4

      "Emotional daamage!"

  • Aiden Brown
    Aiden Brown 2 months ago +7855

    jon jones’ conversation with his wife on the phone coming home from a tough day

  • Argonwasp
    Argonwasp 4 days ago +1

    That sound when jon places his watch on his belt is something like he is affirming every sentence that he spoke into reality...🔥🔥

  • 2kDeej
    2kDeej Month ago

    Shaving his head was the ultimate move. Dude had Cormier looking at the reaper

  • Aadam Saleem
    Aadam Saleem 2 months ago +4954

    " you think I'm just gonna sit here and let you kill me Jon ? "

    • J C
      J C Month ago

      That video was hilarious.

    • King Jaffe Joffer
      King Jaffe Joffer Month ago

      lol oh fukkin shit 😂😁😅

    • Jalen3590
      Jalen3590 2 months ago

      ​@snickle snockle it's just hilarious

    • snickle snockle
      snickle snockle 2 months ago

      I never understood why people thought that was funny. It's never been explained to me.

  • King Nomad
    King Nomad Month ago +4

    The secret is he respectfully spoke to him like he's a child... He became his daddy and spanked him

  • Michael Yeboah
    Michael Yeboah Month ago

    Dude put the fear of god into the homie even before the fight. Was just imagining me being told that. That was scary

  • Ricardo D'Abreau
    Ricardo D'Abreau Month ago +1298

    The most vicious, most ruthless grim reaper in the history of MMA.

    • Farmer Vincent
      Farmer Vincent Month ago +2

      And it only took steroids and drug abuse for him to become that way

      IAM WATER Month ago

      @nickf1221 That man woulda beat everybody ass without that shit let’s be honest… if he guilty of anything it’s the insecurity to think he needed it

    • Fangs Vengeful
      Fangs Vengeful Month ago +1

      @nickf1221 stop crying
      You claim ufc is strict
      Then say he was caught multiple times
      Make up your mind kid
      And stop hating causes hes the goat

  • Fuseini Sulemana
    Fuseini Sulemana Month ago +1

    There is nothing you can do, to stop me from coming at you ....that’s a scary line bro 😳🤯

  • Randall
    Randall Month ago

    Jon Jones represents true martial and real Warlords

  • Martin Michelsen
    Martin Michelsen 2 months ago +1329

    I like how Jon Jones doesn't trash talk, he literally just break downs how he is going to fuck you up to your face like its a school project

    • Kane the Seven foot Monster
      Kane the Seven foot Monster Month ago

      ​@Jr cell I Agree with you about Charles vs Islam, Charles just seemed so weak agaisnt Islam....

    • MarineScoutSniper
      MarineScoutSniper Month ago +1

      @Jr cell truth

    • New World Grover
      New World Grover Month ago +1


    • Asasuzu
      Asasuzu 2 months ago +1

      @Jr cell You could be right, I’m just going off my knowledge of the incident. Hopefully not the case as Jon Jones is the type of athlete that would be at the top without any drugs … from natural physical attributes (height, reach, shoulder width) & acquired skills … you don’t need any drugs to do what bones has done so if he is a user, how shit lol

    • Jr cell
      Jr cell 2 months ago +1

      @Asasuzu watch Derrick from more plates more dates. If it happened once I’d agree but when it’s been 3+ more times just days he needs the sauce

  • eddie julian
    eddie julian Month ago +11

    That's one of the reasons I have so much respect for DC, he knew John was telling the truth but he went forward with those fights and gave it his all! That's what true champs do! There is no helping the fact that there will usually be someone bigger or better than you in a fight!

    • Jerry Nanthavong
      Jerry Nanthavong Month ago

      Well yeah he wanted the belt what else he gonna sit back and wait

    • Servant of Allah
      Servant of Allah Month ago

      What you said is very deep. True champs don't win fight. They fight and win the fear which lies inside them

    • camel currency
      camel currency Month ago +1

      true champs win championship fights

  • Warren West
    Warren West 15 days ago

    Man ....I had goosebumps listen to him talk

  • alk0lights
    alk0lights 2 months ago +1384

    Jon was the first person to ever score a take down on DC.

    • Paul John Agustin
      Paul John Agustin Month ago +1

      ​@CensorTheTypeOfNigaToo man, I love how real that message was
      I dont like him too, he's like that villain you wish someone would manage to take out but its like watching Jeepers Creepers, youd think that all those gun shot would manage to take it down

    • Kyarl
      Kyarl 2 months ago

      @Toto Riina we both know the answer so any assumptions on your part r stupid. I’m talking facts

    • Kyarl
      Kyarl 2 months ago

      @Toto Riina was he on steroids?

  • Bryan Chisholm
    Bryan Chisholm Month ago

    DC couldn’t do anything but smile and listen to this medium telling him his future lmao

  • Jayvo
    Jayvo 11 days ago

    David Goggins in the crowd:”YOU DON’T KNOW ME SON!”

  • Giffan Stephen
    Giffan Stephen Month ago +992

    I do respect Daniel for never backing down. He has heart

    • Tyler Reiriz
      Tyler Reiriz Month ago

      Plus he fought a known cheater. Jon has never beaten DC clean.

    • ChalkDemon80
      ChalkDemon80 Month ago

      @Nat Turn-her either him or Stipé broke him.

    • Travis Munro
      Travis Munro Month ago

      ​@King Zef only thing rhat can get into 🐐 head is ❄️❄️

    • Steven Soles
      Steven Soles Month ago

      Jones a great fighter, pos man though

    • Ma$ta of the Rat Race
      Ma$ta of the Rat Race Month ago

      What is he supposed to do? Back down on live TV? 😂 you can pretend to be tough lol

  • Anthony Stewart
    Anthony Stewart Month ago

    Jon is known for being deadly and stood on what he said.

  • KainPaul
    KainPaul Month ago +1

    The man speaks the truth!

  • Aadam Saleem
    Aadam Saleem 2 months ago +2258

    There's a real darkness in this man's face and energy

    • Big Mike RealTalkTV
      Big Mike RealTalkTV 21 day ago

      @Gmail Is Trash I’m black and I find this hilarious!!!😂😂😂

    • My City Sucks
      My City Sucks Month ago

      @ShadowClone Jutsu 😂 damn fam I'm from there too so I get it

    • Aaron Davis
      Aaron Davis 2 months ago +3

      Rogan said this on his podcast “too be that good you gotta be fucking crazy and Jon Jones is FUCKING CRAZY”

    • Camilo Castillo
      Camilo Castillo 2 months ago +4

      @joey bernes not even close bro... we live in the first world man... go down to el salvador where I'm from.. walk around those streets and look into the eyes of the people.. same look, those are the eyes of a person who just doesn't care anymore.. survival is survival and its either you or me at the end of the day.

  • Patrick Krehemker
    Patrick Krehemker Month ago

    I honestly can’t wait to see Jones dominate the heavyweight division

  • Lamont Garnes Jr
    Lamont Garnes Jr Month ago

    When you have to explain the difference to them…then after, forgive them…for they know not what they do.

  • Max Winterburn
    Max Winterburn 2 months ago +321

    Scary cos that's arguably the baddest man on the planet and he's wholeheartedly telling DC he's going to fuck him up.

    • T S /
      T S / Month ago +1

      @Slater Elliott thank you 🤣

    • Slater Elliott
      Slater Elliott Month ago

      confidance comes easy when ur pumped full of test staaroids are a hell of a drug

    • Troy Taylor
      Troy Taylor Month ago

      In that Order

    • Jada80
      Jada80 Month ago +1


  • Eric Young
    Eric Young Month ago

    Jon is intentional in his words, mindset, and actions. 🎬

  • Manit Kumar
    Manit Kumar Month ago

    He is pretty good at taking down his opponents before the fight itself.

  • Jskwaianae
    Jskwaianae Month ago +413

    He said “every ounce of training you put into this will be a waste of your life” dam that’s cold 🥶

  • Garrett Lloyd
    Garrett Lloyd 21 day ago

    Daniel was put in hypnosis. Jon was clacking his watches

  • Wilson
    Wilson Month ago +2

    Daniel Cormier was literally crying at the end of this fight. Damn!

  • Ruler OfAll
    Ruler OfAll 2 months ago +401

    Death smiles at us all, all a man can do, is smile back. -Gladiator

    • J C
      J C Month ago

      In my top 3 movies

    • Ruler OfAll
      Ruler OfAll Month ago

      @Alibabwa Bobiwa Thank you, i tried to remember it off the top😂 Edited*

    • Alibabwa Bobiwa
      Alibabwa Bobiwa Month ago +5

      It's actually
      "Death smiles at us all, All a man can do, is smile back"
      - Marcus Aurelis
      Love that quote, My favorite movie ever

    • Anon y
      Anon y Month ago +2

      Death is glorified but is just the same as life in terms of a gate. Nothing is superior

    • Michael Arnold
      Michael Arnold 2 months ago +1


  • keynation 17
    keynation 17 Month ago

    You can see the fear in DCs face this dude was about piss his pants

  • G Jones
    G Jones 22 days ago

    That conversation took his soul !!!

  • Jaylen Ivy
    Jaylen Ivy 2 months ago +530

    The way Jon trash talks is super intimidating because he is way too calm

    • Jared A.
      Jared A. 2 months ago

      Because he’s not talking shit he’s stating facts

    • Jaylen Ivy
      Jaylen Ivy 2 months ago

      @Victor Brandt LMAO 💀

    • Victor Brandt
      Victor Brandt 2 months ago

      And on drugs

    • Yoursom1online Youdontmattr
      Yoursom1online Youdontmattr 2 months ago

      It's a sign of intelligence coming with a lot of energy before hand doesn't change the situation. The moment it all culminates is the moment that's important. The public pander to the rest of the situation surrounding that moment like dogs because media has taught them to. Real fighters aren't concerned with that shit unless they're getting bigger bucks for the promotion. Like Connor did.

    • Jeremy Lamovsky
      Jeremy Lamovsky 2 months ago +3

      Ok. So would you be more afraid because he's calm, or because you know it's fucking true? I'm guessing the later

  • gerald mccallion
    gerald mccallion Month ago

    Two legends its a shame someone had to lose because both are likeable

  • Jamed
    Jamed 18 days ago

    “There’s nothing you can do”
    *dc nods head in agreement*

  • Ahmad Awad
    Ahmad Awad 2 months ago +473

    So confident, it’s not trash talk. It happens exactly what he said

    • tony montana
      tony montana 2 months ago +4

      When you on the juice ofcourse you confident

  • Taylor Bates
    Taylor Bates Month ago

    This era was really fun. Would be cool to see him grab the HW strap before retiring.

  • treesareshady
    treesareshady Month ago +584

    Cool, calm, and collected. He did what he said he was going to do

    • SongJiangShiJin
      SongJiangShiJin Month ago

      ​@Lis Kadriu keep believing that. Every one juices one way or the other

    • Lis Kadriu
      Lis Kadriu Month ago

      If I was jucin I'd have that mindset too bruv. Literally cheating. One is taking steroids the other is not

    • Idk
      Idk Month ago +3

      I bet he didn’t say I’m going to beat my wife but he still did it

  • Amit Salam
    Amit Salam Month ago +1

    When a man talks calmly like that, that means business. No show for the cameras. No bravado. Just enforcing their will on another man.

  • Jose Peguero
    Jose Peguero Month ago

    once he said his whole name I knew he was gonna destroy him

  • Individual Thought
    Individual Thought Month ago +283

    He said that so elegantly. No fear, no anger. Pure warrior confidence.

  • E Mel
    E Mel 22 days ago +1

    The Goat. The giant was awaken.

  • محمد
    محمد Month ago

    Bro didn't know what respect is at that day.

  • Neal
    Neal 2 months ago +935

    He doesn't knock you out, he simply sets your brain in sleeping mode

    • Tin Suga
      Tin Suga Month ago

      Whoa 🏆💯

    • Torago Flint
      Torago Flint Month ago


    • Gav
      Gav 2 months ago +2

      @B Ever that’s getting old lol

    • B Ever
      B Ever 2 months ago

      That’s what steroids do

  • Drakaus Dromgatti
    Drakaus Dromgatti Month ago

    It's going to be interesting seeing John at heavyweight

  • Elgwapz Labasano
    Elgwapz Labasano Month ago

    That is the fearless and acary ass fighter of my generation… JOHNNY “BONES” JONES!

  • JMKL_wforwumbo
    JMKL_wforwumbo Month ago +318

    Bones didn't threaten anybody. He just always made a aggressive promise 😂

  • Martel Hardy
    Martel Hardy Month ago

    Look at Jones eyes. That's absolute confidence. That's like me telling my 10 yr old little cousin I'll win in a fight. 🤣🤣 Absolute confidence. Nothing like it. Fight beast! 💪🏾

  • Oz70NYC
    Oz70NYC Month ago

    It's all fun and games til Bones stops smiling.

  • Brian Thongkham
    Brian Thongkham 2 months ago +182

    This is the hardest calmest shit I've ever heard and he owned what he said

    • Ye Weston
      Ye Weston Month ago +1

      It’s even better when u don’t say nothing and just let em find out

  • Irony
    Irony Month ago

    The f ing G.O.A.T. JonJones

  • AGWE
    AGWE Month ago

    no curse word... just pure malice and real talk

  • Alexander Muhammad
    Alexander Muhammad 2 months ago +632

    bro. Dude is telling Daniel to believe in what he is saying 😂 this man Jon sounded like he was trained by a Sith Lord directly…

    • APeZ_CBo 85
      APeZ_CBo 85 2 months ago


    • UnclearMist
      UnclearMist 2 months ago +1

      @Ezra Gonzalez nick daiz: everybody’s on steroids. Wake up kid ur like 14

    • Ezra Gonzalez
      Ezra Gonzalez 2 months ago

      @Addi Teacha how when it’s literally what happened.

    • Ezra Gonzalez
      Ezra Gonzalez 2 months ago

      @Addi Teacha literally tested positive for steroids. If you think someone cheating is the goat then you watching the wrong sport.

    • Ezra Gonzalez
      Ezra Gonzalez 2 months ago

      @Keenan Vincent jon jones tested positive for steroids. If you think jon jones is good then by that logic mcgregor is the goat

  • Timothy Sweezey
    Timothy Sweezey Month ago +1

    Jon Jones gets way more praise than he has ever deserved.

    • K V
      K V Month ago

      Shut up timmy 🤣

  • Azyah Brown Bball
    Azyah Brown Bball Month ago

    The way he did him fr 😭😭😭😭🔥👀

  • StokesBrazy
    StokesBrazy 2 months ago +452

    When a man speaks violence to you in the calmest tone of voice possible you better take him serious .

    • Michael Arnold
      Michael Arnold 2 months ago

      Denzel reloaded!🤔

    • Trofae Lapearl
      Trofae Lapearl 2 months ago +2

      Naw That’s the 100% TRUE STATEMENT BRO!!!😂😂😂💯💯💯 That man was DEAD ASS SERIOUS 😮😮absolute BEAST👿😈👿😈👿

    • Renan Lucas
      Renan Lucas 2 months ago +1

      no bullshiii

    • Jesse Guerra
      Jesse Guerra 2 months ago +1

      No shit

  • Branden Haworth
    Branden Haworth Month ago +2

    None of that loud mouth yapping. He calm and dead ass serious. That's the guy's you need to be worried about.

  • TenToesDown
    TenToesDown Month ago

    The John Jones, DC interviews will forever be some of the greatest

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia 2 months ago +477

    Jon Jones isn't a fighter, he's a fucking warrior

    • Zach Padilla
      Zach Padilla Month ago

      @Rj obviously not literally

    • Rj
      Rj Month ago +1

      @Zach Padilla he isn’t a killer

    • Zach Padilla
      Zach Padilla Month ago

      No he’s a killer like forreal he just has a cold/ callousness that you can literally feel the evil in him. Yet I still respect his work 😅. He could be so great if he got it together

  • Junior Gonzalez
    Junior Gonzalez Month ago

    Bones is cold man 🥶 DC thought it was ordinary trash talk.

  • Marco Trujiilo
    Marco Trujiilo Month ago

    This is the most gangster shit I’ve ever heard. He’s not talking shit he’s speaking truth😎

  • Gavin Burns
    Gavin Burns 2 months ago +315

    This ain't trash talk it's a death threat 🤣

  • Afixithei Vasilias
    Afixithei Vasilias Month ago

    Fight wasn't a waste of his life though. Despite losing, he learned much from it

  • Jamie Reid
    Jamie Reid Month ago

    I don’t know if we’ll ever see a better MMA fighter than Jon Jones

  • John Hellewell
    John Hellewell 2 months ago +750

    He's the real deal Jon Jones..

    • Ezra Gonzalez
      Ezra Gonzalez 2 months ago

      @ShaDusK i practice mma, the facts are jon jones tested positive.

    • Katana _
      Katana _ 2 months ago

      Usada approved deal

    • ShaDusK
      ShaDusK 2 months ago

      ​@Ezra Gonzalez the champ is here the champ is here 💪, too busy slapping people while you never fought n hating

    • Ezra Gonzalez
      Ezra Gonzalez 2 months ago

      The real deal is his turinabol 😂😂 cant beat dc clean.

  • Squadgeman
    Squadgeman Month ago

    I'm a huge Jon Jones fan. I saw him fight live and he was so impressive, I've been a fan ever since.

  • Soulwon Outtie
    Soulwon Outtie Month ago

    Cormier beat himself when he sat there and listened to that.

  • Shawn King
    Shawn King 2 months ago +669

    My boy Jon, was speaking from the heart, and he delivered

    • Shawn King
      Shawn King 2 months ago

      @Lions Den LMFAO

    • Shawn King
      Shawn King 2 months ago

      @Brother Blanks Regen🔥 brother, he had pico grams in his system, that could have been a tainted supplement, you know that. You can't blindly believe all negativity you see and read online...

    • Lions Den
      Lions Den 2 months ago

      @Shawn King yeah, he is super annoying. Ko'd in dramatic fashion is what is required

    • Shawn King
      Shawn King 2 months ago +1

      @Lions Den Jon Bones Jones the GOAT, hate it or love it

    • Brother Blanks Regen🔥
      Brother Blanks Regen🔥 2 months ago +1

      @Shawn King he got caught when the substance was leaving his system, oh my bad.

  • Jermaine Byrd
    Jermaine Byrd Month ago

    Shrewd,and sinister destructive force of confidence and skill,with that champion spirit!! Equals a Monster!Beast!! He kicked his ass to back it up to!!

  • Watermelon Caviar
    Watermelon Caviar Month ago

    My favorite part was after the fight when Rogan interviewed
    DC and he looked like he just lost his kitten 😂

  • The Hiking Lion
    The Hiking Lion 2 months ago +706

    A real Supervillain. Giving off MJ vibes. Love him or hate him there’s never been anyone like Jon Jones. Man was put on this planet only to hurt people.

    • Dylan Lanzuela
      Dylan Lanzuela 2 months ago

      @Johnny Mokumba he beat Reyes and Santos when they were on top of their game. Real contenders
      He made fighters like Shogun look washed up at age 29.
      He dominated DC, a former heavyweight, in their first fight and finished him in the 2nd.
      He finished Glover.
      Cyril Gane beat Derek Lewis and that's the best one on his list lol.

    • Dylan Lanzuela
      Dylan Lanzuela 2 months ago +1

      @Johnny Mokumba You making excuses for Gustafson calling him WASHED UP when he fought Jon Jones the 2nd time yet you shitting on Jon Jones for winning close decisions against Reyes and Santos.
      Jon Jones was supposed to be washed up after all the shit he been through outside the octagon.
      Washed up Jon Jones still beat those two contenders.
      You actually called them mid tier, lol
      Dominic Reyes was undefeated when he fought Jon Jones for the title.
      Thiago was on a 3 fight win streak in LH, all by stoppage including a victory over future champ Jan Balchowicz
      Stop hating on Bones, man.
      That dude beat his opponents Ike they was his wife.

    • Johnny Mokumba
      Johnny Mokumba 2 months ago

      @Dylan Lanzuela I'm not making any excuses, I'm pointing out the fact that height has less of an effect on a clinch break. DC finished a lot of HWs with his wrestling 'cause most HWs can't wrestle. It's very simple. Against Stipe, in the first fight, he used a mummy guard to take away Stipe's jab thus eliminating Stipe's best range weapon. It took Stipe like 8 rounds to figure out he could hook around the guard of DC. That's the state of HW and LHW. Let's not pretend that DC - Jones I wasn't a close fight - 'cause it was. DC - Jones II DC might very well have been winning up 'til JJs nice finish - although that was blemished by the failed drug test. I'm not trying to talk down on JJ, 'cause he's probably the most skilled fighter in Lhw history, but if we look at his career, it's a lot of MWs and blown up guys and then some underwhelming performances against mid-tier fighters that you'd expect him to blow out of the water. Overall, his skill set has deteriorated - most notably his most impressive skill; his wrestling.

    • Dylan Lanzuela
      Dylan Lanzuela 2 months ago +1

      @Johnny Mokumba Jon Jones had been champ for almost a decade and was supposed to be washed up when he beat Santos and Reyes.
      You act like Jon didn't beat those two.
      Cyril Gane most notable wins were against Fat guys who relied on one punch KO.
      When he fought a fit guy who relied on one punch KO, he got beat lol.
      I think a washed up, semi retired Jon Jones moving up a weight class will bstill beat that hype job like he was Jon Jones' wife. Lol

  • HGDM Duce•
    HGDM Duce• Month ago

    He spoke it into existence 🫡💙

  • Dilkon Cowen
    Dilkon Cowen Month ago

    Best rivalry we will ever see. Incredible time in the ufc.

  • Mark McGuffin
    Mark McGuffin 2 months ago +228

    "You think I'm just gonna sit here and let you use malicious techniques on me Jon?"

    • Rodney Herevia
      Rodney Herevia 2 months ago +1

      Lmao I heard him say it 💀💀💀

    • Kyle M
      Kyle M 2 months ago +1


    • Crooked Nose
      Crooked Nose 2 months ago +1

      “Okay, Jon…”

    • Mark Terrell
      Mark Terrell 2 months ago +3

      Most underrated comment. Only the real MMA fan gets it

    • Mark Terrell
      Mark Terrell 2 months ago +1

      "You think I'm going to just let you kill me Jon"

  • Waseem
    Waseem 19 days ago

    "There is nothing you can do to stop me coming at you round after round with the most malicious techniques i know"

  • bruce walton
    bruce walton Month ago

    Bro retired Cormier he broke down after the fight because he trained his whole life and there was one man he just couldn't beat no matter how hard he pushed his body there was nothing left to do but cry that shi was tough man

  • Janiter Inadrum
    Janiter Inadrum 2 months ago +155

    It really sucks when someone tells you that…. And it’s true.