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Is Telekinesis Real?

  • Published on Aug 10, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • I show you how the Egely wheel works
    See the full length video here: clip-share.net/video/qPmzVu5xnNo/video.html
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  • Derk Neit
    Derk Neit 3 months ago +18589

    Action Labs flexin' on everyone. He just proved he's hot AF!

    • Norman
      Norman Month ago

      Last time he said
      "this is what its look like uranus in a blackhole"

    • Keyboardsmasher
      Keyboardsmasher 2 months ago

      @Skdjdjdjsjxjxjd what

    • Skdjdjdjsjxjxjd
      Skdjdjdjsjxjxjd 2 months ago

      Yea I could put my hand near it an it wouldn’t even spin 😒 thats COLD I am

    • Skdjdjdjsjxjxjd
      Skdjdjdjsjxjxjd 2 months ago

      @Keyboardsmasher did u call me?

    • Stupid Walnut
      Stupid Walnut 2 months ago

      He didn’t need to prove it

  • Red Tyto
    Red Tyto 3 months ago +11867

    "But it does measure how hot you are."
    Me: nice, let's try it out!
    *_wheel stops spinning and Turns backwards immediately_*

  • ChaosDarkie
    ChaosDarkie 3 months ago +3220

    "So it doesn't measure your chi but it does measure how hot you are" I mean that's arguably better and also funnier

    • KUB04
      KUB04 3 months ago

      People are so fucking stupid they will believe anything, like your "energy" can be measured by spinning plastic 😂

    • Amazing Lagann
      Amazing Lagann 3 months ago +5

      … that’s what chi is

    • ikosaheadrom • ゴゴゴゴゴゴ
      ikosaheadrom • ゴゴゴゴゴゴ 3 months ago +16

      If heat is energy and it measures energy
      That means they didn't lie

    • Keith Otis Edwards
      Keith Otis Edwards 3 months ago +33

      So now, hundreds of dorky guys who somehow picked up a drunk hot girl will say, “Hold on a sec’. I have to measure how hot you are with this scientific device.”
      You have ruined many lives.

    • Ben Verret
      Ben Verret 3 months ago +6

      Nice. 69 likes on that comment.

  • Cameo Six
    Cameo Six 3 months ago +741

    "It measures how hot you are"
    Me down with a fever: *'move aside mortals, I'm starting my helicopter'*

  • Z-13 Infinite
    Z-13 Infinite 3 months ago +1431

    “It doesn’t measure chi but it *does* measure how hot you are.”
    Me: “*sigh* let’s check the comments”

  • anonymouse
    anonymouse 3 months ago +217

    This man answers questions I didn't even know I had.

  • Tuna
    Tuna 3 months ago +7578

    "It measures how hot you are"
    So that's why it didn't turn...

  • George Larson
    George Larson 3 months ago +33

    Reminds me of the scientology sticks that you hold. I did the test once at a county fair, in those few minutes i figued out that the needle on the machine moves based on how hard you squeeze the sticks.

  • Pancake starship
    Pancake starship 3 months ago +109

    "It measures how hot you are"
    **wheel instantly stops spinning and disappears**

  • Kylemsguy
    Kylemsguy 3 months ago +80

    “So it doesn’t measure your qi”
    qi in Chinese literally means air

    • sfs new player
      sfs new player 2 months ago

      I know chi or ki in dragon ball z means lifeforce of a living body

    • عبد العزيز اليزيدي
      عبد العزيز اليزيدي 2 months ago +1

      no from what i know japaneese or chineese people believe in other metaphysical energies called chi or something

    • Truth Seeker
      Truth Seeker 3 months ago

      @Drunkduck, lmao

    • Marko Babic
      Marko Babic 3 months ago

      Too bad the charlatans selling this bs don't think so as well

    • Drunkduck
      Drunkduck 3 months ago +6

      No, it means bulshiit

  • Karis Majik
    Karis Majik 3 months ago

    Aww I was hoping it might rely on bioEMF.
    In one of my bio labs, we measured the current from our hearts through our fingertips. My lab partners measured 8mv and 14mv. I got 368mv. When we took skin fold measurements and plugged those into an equation, the graph of the three of us made a straight line with me in the middle.
    -Anxiety is a superpower- I don't have very much electrical insulation.

  • Gaming Equals
    Gaming Equals 3 months ago +1

    They make all sorts of variations of these and some actually come with a glass dome to prevent the air flow from being a factor. The real trick is getting it to spin in both directions, not just one. And yes it still works with the glass dome, but not for everyone.

    PERTEK 3 months ago

    So I’ve got a question, I did a similar thing to this when I was 10, except with a small folded paper on a pinpoint. I was able to imagine it spinning clockwise, and then it would, and then imagine it spinning counterclockwise, and it would, at the same time I imagine it. I tried it again not too long ago out of boredom and it worked, but I had to sit there for a couple hours and “focus” on it. I originally figured it was air currents or I just misremembered having a weird dream as a kid or something but it tripped me out seeing it as an adult.
    So my question is, how could the direction have suddenly changed like that after I imagined it? And how come it only seems to spin if I think about it spinning? I’ve tried sitting there for an hour or two without thinking about it moving and it wouldn’t. This has perplexed me for a while as I can’t come up with an explanation, but you’re a hell of a lot smarter than I am and probably have a better idea of what’s happening than I

  • Hoovinoyse
    Hoovinoyse 3 months ago +5

    So my hands do this thing where they just
    Don’t generate heat. Back in middle school I couldn’t do any clay art projects, and I was the only person I knew who had *no* psychic energy according to these toys and tbh I never really connected the two in my head so thank you for explaining this lmao

  • Rick Townsend
    Rick Townsend 3 months ago

    Since it's plastic could you also give it a slight surface charge and have it react to you hand's magnetic field? I know the field is slight, but with such a sensitive wheel it might work?

  • Sean Kash
    Sean Kash 3 months ago

    Psionic abilities are very real. Despite the mess that we call “the men who stare at goats”, most augmented soldiers are rated at a certain psionic output before they’re deployed.

  • hello
    hello 3 months ago +55

    "This is the ugly wheel" (Subtitles)
    "It measures how hot you are"
    Makes sense.

    • emiki6
      emiki6 3 months ago

      It's Egely btw.

  • Lorenzo Amati
    Lorenzo Amati 3 months ago +33

    As a kid I used to prank my classmates doing this with a folded piece of aluminum foil on a drawing pin

  • Brock Lee
    Brock Lee 3 months ago +747

    tell me your hot without telling me your hot
    *puts hand beside a wheel*

    • Purple Panda
      Purple Panda 3 months ago +1

      @Soviet Doge. Thank you. Our cookie is delicious.

    • Madkirk74
      Madkirk74 3 months ago

      *wheel stops spinning*

    • trick willis
      trick willis 3 months ago

      TIL from a Bentellect short : when someone is losing an argument they resort to calling out grammatical errors
      Facts, double facts

    • Soviet Doge.
      Soviet Doge. 3 months ago

      @Creationlabs Inc. I will take half of this cookie, for communism.

    • Creationlabs Inc.
      Creationlabs Inc. 3 months ago

      @Jonne Mopola 🍪

  • AJ-QC Zhu
    AJ-QC Zhu 3 months ago +1

    Qi literally translates to breath so you could see it as the breath of you body, so it kinda works since it’s measuring the amount of air current you generate with you heat, also in Chinese there’s allot of stuff about absorbing warm and positive things into your body, that’s a big reason we like drinking tea

  • Bit Universe
    Bit Universe 3 months ago +28

    I wonder how well this would work as a thermometer with fevers. Just asking for the “Oh that’s cool” novelty. Obviously go get a digital one if you need a thermometer

    • A Bean
      A Bean 3 months ago +2

      @Bit Universe a really hot person could be in a really hot room and the wheels wouldn’t turn. A really cold person could be in that same room and it would. There needs to be a temperature difference between the person and the room for it to move. Since cold air is more dense than hot air, it wants to diffuse to warmer areas, making a current. You’d have to know the temperature of the room too to use it as a thermometer.

    • Bit Universe
      Bit Universe 3 months ago +4

      @Slep Oh sorry. Implicitly in my mind I was thinking a thermometer for people, like for fevers.

    • Slep
      Slep 3 months ago +1

      It wouldn’t because it requires a difference in temperature. If the whole room heats up it won’t affect it.

  • Calamiro Asjcobeti
    Calamiro Asjcobeti 3 months ago

    So basically a combination of heat and air pressure with a touch of the Coanda effect.
    Which means the surface of the fan creates a negative pressure in presence of a directional air force, which causes the air to move alongside the blades because positively pressured air pushes onto that negative pressure area.
    Thus pushing the fins.
    Also.. impressive room you’re in.
    It should be turning on its own in most rooms.

  • dyscea
    dyscea 3 months ago

    Made one with a pyramid paper on a pin. I managed to make my hands warmer at will to turn the paper. Still hard and ultimately impressed for only an hour.

  • The Golden Egg
    The Golden Egg 3 months ago +7

    When you're not near the wheel but it starts spinning

  • Rudxain
    Rudxain 3 months ago

    You should make a video where you connect your nerves to electromagnets in order to "use the force" when you think hard. I know it is possible because of the video you made with the device that detects the neuron action-potential on arms and legs

  • Virgo Heart
    Virgo Heart 3 months ago

    I'm proud of myself.
    High school version me would've believed that and thought it was super awesome.
    Current me was able to rationalize it was likely the heat from the hand causing it to move before it was explained.
    Still think it's neat.

  • predvcecerom
    predvcecerom 3 months ago +2

    Not sure about this science man, we used to have a cylinder version of it when I was very young and I remember I could turn it + change it direction at will and sometimes I could turn it without using my hands, just focusing on it.

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo 3 months ago +1

    Me and my best friend from my home town did this with needle and pyramid-folded (square) paper when we were 15-16yo. We stick a needle in eraser so it wouldn't move, and put paper on top. When I put my hands like you did in video, paper moves one way. When my friend puts his hands this way, paper stops and moves in other direction. We were tripping we figured out telekinesis lmao

  • SpectralKnight
    SpectralKnight 3 months ago

    Cool I would have guessed it was the electrical field we all have due to the electrical signals we send back and forth.
    But air current does seem more likely

  • YouTube on Toast.
    YouTube on Toast. 3 months ago

    Love your channel, but I still believe in ki, but you could be right as studies show ki creates a negative pressure by affecting ions and then the ki or electric charge from the bodies energy funnels through the low pressure zone causing air to follow it.

  • Ogrematic
    Ogrematic 3 months ago +1

    Well, you're supposed to seal it in a vacuum chamber, and then if you can make it move, you are telekinetic.

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon 3 months ago

    I love seeing pseudo science explained :)

  • AmaCheez
    AmaCheez 3 months ago +22

    Its all fun and games until that thing start to spinning faster

  • nacoran
    nacoran 3 months ago

    When I was a kid my grandma had this plastic lamp with a lamp shade with fish on it. She'd bring it out when we slept over. Once the light was on a couple minutes the heat would start to spin the lampshade around slowly, lighting up the fish.
    /I had a chance to get it when we cleaned up her estate. It was cheap and plastic and I regret not taking it every time I think of her. :(

  • B R I C K.
    B R I C K. 3 months ago +9

    "It's supposed to measure your energy or chi."
    Well I guess it measures your thermal energy

  • Cody Ethan
    Cody Ethan 3 months ago

    Imagine turning that into a huge wheel of something like this and it gives energy when it spins. And it spins cuz of heat not cuz of just wind...

  • Red Blade
    Red Blade 2 months ago +1

    Technically still chi...since chi is said to be energy, and in its most literal is "steam coming from hot rice" sos they're technically not wrong. It's kinda a mitochondrial and aura release count.

  • lplt
    lplt 3 months ago +1

    they should have this on the side of hiways to create energy from the heat and air currents traffic makes

  • firestorm 8265
    firestorm 8265 3 months ago +1

    So you could measure the temperature of something based on how fast this thing turns.

    C.KILBY 2 months ago +1

    Wow, I've been doing this for many years , but I understand that it's your energy and how it's applied,
    Here you kinda destroy the real reason for this effect.
    I mean, it's cool that you show that someone has made a device for this study. I would make my own,
    And you just did not depict it that's for certain. There must be a lot more to this so-called phenomena then you can imagine. And he could find this very information in a really old book from Time Life magazines, it's a series of books which they wrote on different subjects in our world, and one of them was being written about witches and Witchcraft and spells, and that's where you'll find the book which will tell you how to make your own device and what you need to achieve to get it to function, and once you get this, then you will know that you have much more powers inside of you than you ever thought you did.
    Okay peace my brothers and sisters of the world.

  • Erad
    Erad 3 months ago +1

    It's kinetic energy, I used to do something very similar, I used to move a piece of paper that was bent on a tooth pick under a dome aka no air interference. If you ground yourself more the better kinetic energy flow

    • Jay K
      Jay K 3 months ago

      Gonna have to get back into that again, it's been a long time

  • Noju Kuramu
    Noju Kuramu 3 months ago

    I remember when this telekinesis stuff blew up on internet, theres a tutorials that you will make something similar to that device. Than make it move without actually touching it 😂 guess theres a science behind it

  • MR. Mechanic
    MR. Mechanic 2 months ago +3

    “So it doesn’t measure you Chi, but it does measure how hot you are”
    Oh jeez 😂

  • Brenda Creek
    Brenda Creek 3 months ago

    Thanks, answered a question I had from many years ago.

  • Sea Geo
    Sea Geo 3 months ago

    Although our bodies have no organs to make telekinetic power through mental or spiritual means, this device is demonstrating vital life force in a way most people can understand; visual perception.

  • Timetonut
    Timetonut 3 months ago

    Or, could someone’s energy effect the air or heat coming off of one’s hand?

  • carnivorousrock
    carnivorousrock 3 months ago

    I mean, if it's powered by heat, it really does spin in response to your energy

  • Romanes eunt domus
    Romanes eunt domus 3 months ago

    -"Look how fast it's spinning! That means I have telekinetic powers "
    -"It means you have COVID "

  • Zorua Tricksta
    Zorua Tricksta 3 months ago

    My hands are regularly reported to be "colder than death", even after wearing hand warmers (gloves, mittens) so I don't really know what would happen if I tried this.

  • Michael Beary
    Michael Beary 3 months ago

    it's also possible to move those under glass at a distance without hands nearby. I've done it many times. just because heat and breath can move it doesn't disprove anything.

  • Light Sylver
    Light Sylver 3 months ago

    Imagine using compressed air on this.. Infinite power

  • Sam_Games0
    Sam_Games0 3 months ago +11

    Me within a few atoms from it:
    The wheel: *Doesn’t move*

  • BeastGalaxy
    BeastGalaxy 3 months ago

    Makes sense. When you have a fever you are close to being a spirit, which makes it spin faster.

  • Rhythm Frame [big e]
    Rhythm Frame [big e] 3 months ago

    I’m learning chi control, and I’m very interested in this

  • SeaDaddy Gaming
    SeaDaddy Gaming 3 months ago

    So it’s a tool that measures how hot you are based on how much it moves
    Mine - The first ever true static object, staying at exactly the same coordinates in the universe forever

  • Sai Chandra
    Sai Chandra 3 months ago

    Hi, studying religions and cultures is sort of my passion. Since I study religions, studying witchcraft, sorcery, and shamanism is a part of it as well(since all 4 have to do with understanding the supernatural). So I looked into Chi energy and chi, chakra, prana are all the same thing but labeled differently in Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. So chi energy is often associated with the heat in one’s body. So when they test their chi energy levels, they are actually looking for the amount of heat they are producing.

  • Jerkface
    Jerkface Month ago

    Being plastic, I wonder if static electricity has anything to do with it

  • PingBirdPong
    PingBirdPong 3 months ago

    “chi” or “qi” actually means “air” in Chinese, so it’s TECHNICALLY correct

  • umop apisdn
    umop apisdn 3 months ago

    Honestly expected static electricity 😂

  • Kilitoro
    Kilitoro 3 months ago

    This might be useful to me actually.
    My hands have been able to cook some food just because my body heat likes to stay at my hands

  • Craig menear the all father

    A thermometer with extra steps. Nice.

  • Muhammed Ali Inamdar
    Muhammed Ali Inamdar 3 months ago

    Good job you just explained chi in the language of science (:

  • Jikill
    Jikill 3 months ago

    "It measures how hot you are"
    makes sense because it spun when you were near it, but plastic shit did nothing

  • zyxzevn
    zyxzevn 3 months ago

    It is very easy to feel chi. As long you are not too much in your head, you can learn it.
    Chi is how consciousness connects with the physical world. Yan Xin had some interesting experiments. That showed in the lab how every physical property can be affected. Chemical reactions were also reversable.
    Electricsl discharge can show some of it. A bit like we measure radiation. So we can measure tiny bits. But the biggest problem is that you can not make a repeatable math mofel of consciousness. The consciousness that is still around and observing when a body is brain dead.

  • Nic Saunders
    Nic Saunders 3 months ago

    Me: let’s try it out
    Wheel: keeps spinning faster and faster until it ascends to a higher dimensional plane of existance

  • Kae Bee
    Kae Bee 3 months ago +1

    Look up Viktor Grebbenikov, and his discovery of Cavernous Structure Effect. He was able to move objects secluded under glass jars with just his hands, or straws, and other objects. His research is sound and the effects have been reproduced by other YT channels and other interested parties. He even built a single person levitation platform device, and the physics are sound and been replicated. Def check out his work!

    • Jay K
      Jay K 3 months ago

      Sounds interesting

  • Dr. Crofler
    Dr. Crofler 3 months ago

    "It measures how hot you are"
    me: *putting my hands at the stove and hair blow it*.. yet still not spinning

  • Stardust Legacy Fighter

    Excellent, I can now have telekinesis just like Jim Halpert.

  • Austin George
    Austin George 3 months ago

    This is one of your top 3 best videos. Great job

  • I desire men
    I desire men 3 months ago

    There’s definitely a scientific reason for this

  • Daniel Ralph
    Daniel Ralph 3 months ago

    It's all the result of one little mistake back in 1994 when the inventor of the Egely Wheel was filling in the description field, and got distracted. It was meant to read "Measures your chill", but the cat pushed the prototype off the table distracting the inventor mid word. This went unnoticed and the form was submitted. No correction was ever filled because it turned out the overlap between the gullible and those that like to exploit the gullible were a sufficiently large and wealthy target audience, and well, money is money...

  • Who the fuck is Idubbbz BurgerKing

    I’m pretty sure some Monks can use meditation and channel their chi to raise their body temperature so technically it can do both.

  • Rustyboat
    Rustyboat 3 months ago

    Sorta reminds me of that clip of James Randi debunking James Hydrick's perceived telekinetic powers on national TV. All he did was dump a few packing peanuts around a book Hydrick was claiming to flip the pages of with his mind and all of a sudden it was immune to psychic influence (not that there was any in the 1st place). The con man's reasoning was pretty funny too.

  • -]Na[-NoMaD
    -]Na[-NoMaD 3 months ago +2

    "It doesn't measure your chi but it measures how hot you are", just as useful.

  • Just a Person Who Comments

    In the Netflix series Stranger Things, the mysterious and powerful Eleven moves objects with her mind. Possible, or total sci-fi? A video explores the science of telekinesis.

  • MatejoNotFound
    MatejoNotFound 3 months ago +1

    "It does mesure how hot you are"
    You: *put's hand next to the wheel**

  • Brian Kepner
    Brian Kepner 3 months ago

    I thought it was a warmth of your hands slightly deflect the plastic causing it to be imbalanced and then spin. Virtually in the same way that a ballerina pulling in her hands causes spin to go faster

  • Isaac Nitschke
    Isaac Nitschke 3 months ago

    I feel like static electricity is another large factor in its movement

  • jesse kieboom
    jesse kieboom 3 months ago

    I knew it. Believed and experimented with this back in the day. But always thought it could be the heat from your hands that turns it. The more you focus your 'chi' into your hands the warmer they get. Thus the idea that the stronger your 'chi' the faster it spins does sound believable. But you're just heating up your hands. But now where does the heat come from? 😜

  • Mateo Moreno
    Mateo Moreno 3 months ago

    Finally some scientist try this out. I made a chi or psi wheel with paper years ago and manage to control its direction, please check it out on youtube!

  • Orio435
    Orio435 3 months ago +10

    it measures how hot you are
    *the wheel freezes in time*

  • Jordan T
    Jordan T 3 months ago +1

    These experiments have not convinced me... None of these demonstrations excluded the possibility that it is actually measuring your chi.

  • WloCkuz
    WloCkuz 3 months ago

    "It measures how hot you are"
    Me: Places hand
    Wheel: turns into a cube and refuses to spin

  • Zuko motega
    Zuko motega 3 months ago

    so technically , focusing more warmth to your hand can cause it to spin faster?

  • Scapegoat Iscariot
    Scapegoat Iscariot 3 months ago

    I would like to have a few of these science gadgets. Some of them should be affordable.

  • Alhassan Alsulaibikh
    Alhassan Alsulaibikh 3 months ago +40

    "It measures how hot you are"
    Guess it won't spin when I put my hand next to it 😞

  • Fidozo15
    Fidozo15 3 months ago +1

    "It measures how hot you are"
    *puts hand near*
    *thingy spins at 10000rpm out of a sudden*

  • Aaron Paul Dy Lusanta
    Aaron Paul Dy Lusanta 3 months ago +2

    "it measures how hot you are"
    starts spinning fast when I approach it

  • Kyorbi
    Kyorbi 3 months ago

    Since it is actually a really cool skill that requires learning and practice, that monks can do, to make one's hands hot with one's mind, I'd say it still does sort of measure "chi" xD

  • Lucky heart
    Lucky heart 3 months ago

    Here are my spark of belief that I have witnessed and done from 8 years ago to last year. From when I was at young age I learned to channel my heat through breathing which I can stay warm in winter discovered when I was 9 because I was small and my parents said it was my imagination I don’t think much about it but still practice my breathing because for running I feel it helpful, when I was 12 my friend got sprained ankle from our football ⚽️ match I heal him by placing my arm near his ankle, focusing and channeling my energy to my hand then his ankle heal, he said “I felt better and it feel like something is going in my ankle”. I done this quite a lot to this day. Last year I have a talk with my religion teacher because she brought up something about her uncle was also able to do something similar like me when talking about Jesus healing the injured.

    • brigitte george
      brigitte george 4 days ago +1

      My ex boyfriend could put his hands on me and heal pain I used to get.

  • Rizky Bray Mango
    Rizky Bray Mango 3 months ago +4

    “It will measure how hot you are”
    Well, Tom Holland will make a helicopter out of this thing.

    • TheVery AverageGamer
      TheVery AverageGamer 3 months ago

      You do you, but if I had to go for a guy, he would not be anywhere near the top of my list.

  • liam
    liam 3 months ago

    him: "but it does measure how hot u are"
    me: perfect even better
    also me casually put my hand near it while whistling*
    the wheel: starts spinning anti clockwise

  • Pirilon78
    Pirilon78 3 months ago

    Wait if we have hot air currents does that mean we're like titans from aoe to ants?

  • Joss Goyanko
    Joss Goyanko 3 months ago

    I mean, if you conceptualize Qi as the flow of energy through the interconnected system that is the universe, it is responding to your Qi, in that it is responding to the flow of energy from you to the universe in the form of heat.

  • NsT Raidd
    NsT Raidd 3 months ago +5

    Bruh no wonder my Ouija board moves when I put my hand on it 😮‍💨, had me scared for a moment

  • MasterArrow
    MasterArrow 3 months ago

    Oh you’re telling me it DOESNT move using ancient magics?

  • Dallin Thomas
    Dallin Thomas 3 months ago

    Well, he says it doesn’t measure qi, but how do we define such a term? If it is more of a broad philosophy, I wouldn’t mind saying it measures qi, depending on how the term is used.

  • Parker Young
    Parker Young 3 months ago

    Man, I was betting on magnetic fields

  • DHansSolo
    DHansSolo 3 months ago

    That glass reflected his nin. Quite impressive

  • lodl_08
    lodl_08 3 months ago +42

    „It measures how Hot you are“
    The wheel when im nearby:
    Helikopter helikopter, parakopter parakopter…

    • Madkirk74
      Madkirk74 3 months ago

      @Vinh Nguyễn don't worry if we're going by that hot they're below 0 kelvin!

    • Madkirk74
      Madkirk74 3 months ago

      @Vinh Nguyễn they may also wanna get away from it before it speeds up too fast.

    • Madkirk74
      Madkirk74 3 months ago

      @Un român oarecare /An average Romanian and?

    • Madkirk74
      Madkirk74 3 months ago

      Me when double comma

    • Sean Smith
      Sean Smith 3 months ago +2

      @Un român oarecare /An average Romanian no, u are