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Zuko VS Shoto Todoroki (Avatar VS My Hero Academia) | DEATH BATTLE!

  • Published on Mar 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • The prince of the Fire Nation battles the icy heir to #2 hero!
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Comments • 26 903

  • Hyrule Zomby
    Hyrule Zomby 2 years ago +34993

    The true secret ending: they both sit down and talk about their terrible fathers over some tea (in response to all the comments, yes uncle Iroh joins them and pours the tea)

    • Alphazilla 316
      Alphazilla 316 2 months ago

      And Fuyumi makes the snacks

    • nathan sanchez
      nathan sanchez 8 months ago

      At least shotos dad tried to redeem himself, he completely broke down when he saw his eldest son touya/dabi and realized that he turned him into a monster

    • Kyle Ling
      Kyle Ling 8 months ago

      You forgot to add Boomstick to the group

    • Julian Summers
      Julian Summers 10 months ago

      Zuko: did we just become best friends?
      Shoto: I think we just did

    • Omarion nelson
      Omarion nelson 10 months ago

      @tekgeekster Zuko is an old man now way and uncle iron is dead

  • Crazy Chocolate Monkey
    Crazy Chocolate Monkey 8 months ago +334

    Me before seeing the credits: “Wow that Zuko VA was spot on. He really sounds just like Basco”
    Me after seeing the credits: “Oh.”

    • Jackson
      Jackson 2 months ago +5

      It's amazing that Zuko in this Death Battle was voiced by his original voice actor.

    • Arthur Snyder
      Arthur Snyder 2 months ago +5

      Speaking of Basco, he also voiced Zuko's grandson on Legend of Korra

    • 0_ 0
      0_ 0 7 months ago +6

      *r/ unexpected moment right there*

  • Alucard
    Alucard 3 months ago +179

    Missed opportunity for Shoto to say “That’s rough buddy.” at the end.

  • MrGemHunter
    MrGemHunter 5 months ago +170

    While I love Zuko, he unfortunately suffers from never getting a power up during the whole of Avatar, cause all that development went into you know... being a better more complete person

    • Jo Da
      Jo Da 3 months ago +1

      @MrGemHunter I guess what i meant with the Dragon training was the fluidity he got after that. His style of firebending evolved due to the influences of the other bending disciplines. But yeah it's less of a boost compared to lightning redirection.

    • MrGemHunter
      MrGemHunter 3 months ago +1

      @Jo Da Dragon Training was just to get back to his per-reformation levels, like getting absolved after falling for a paladin. Lightning redirection is genuinely something he learned tho fair point

    • Jo Da
      Jo Da 3 months ago +2

      Dragon training and lightning redirection. That doesn't sound like nothing.

    • TSN Stonepilot
      TSN Stonepilot 3 months ago +2

      @Alex Vazquez I thought he learned to bend it by the time Legend of Korra rolled around but after I googled it I guess it's... "he can absolutely bend lightning but he is unable to generate it"

    • Alex Vazquez
      Alex Vazquez 3 months ago +4

      @TSN Stonepilot not that I remember he didn't have the temperament for it but he could redirect it like a champ

  • PG3D gaming
    PG3D gaming Year ago +221

    1:18: Zuko Preview
    6:12: Todoroki Preview
    12:37: The Fight
    18:10: Next Battle

    • Jorge G Figueroa
      Jorge G Figueroa 4 months ago +1

      @ZomZee Sokka: pursuing knowledge for knowledge's sake?

    • Kirby Lover 2.0
      Kirby Lover 2.0 5 months ago +1

      you forgot the explanation

    • ZomZee
      ZomZee 9 months ago +1

      @Ibn Syed why would I skip part of the video?

    • Ibn Syed
      Ibn Syed Year ago +1

      Weird how no ones appreciated this...

  • Davey 7192
    Davey 7192 Year ago +736

    Even if Zuko didn't win, he still won in our hearts ♥

    • Helena San
      Helena San 2 months ago

      @somedudeonYT i don't care
      i only watch anime I'm a weeb 😑

    • Orion Gaines
      Orion Gaines 5 months ago

      @Siesta My Wife! im biased so im going to just say Azula wins anyway

    • Siesta My Wife!
      Siesta My Wife! 5 months ago

      @Orion Gaines Ever Heard Of A Dabi?

    • Retr0 Gaming
      Retr0 Gaming 5 months ago

      @Monster gaming dont worry about it, it’ll end eventually like I said.

  • Carlos Felix
    Carlos Felix 2 years ago +2305

    Dante Basco always voicing Zuko whenever somebody needs him. He must protect his honor

    • Son Omni
      Son Omni 4 months ago +1

      Dylan Ogega Which is why some voice actors uses an alias to not have their name to avoid issues like this.

    • Pete the Frenchie (Petunia)
      Pete the Frenchie (Petunia) Year ago +1

      Absolutely. I hit him up on cameo and he did a message for my fiance. She was so happy

    • Reagan Hernandez
      Reagan Hernandez Year ago +1

      Colonel Martinez
      Yeah, We Know That David Matranga Didn't Reprise His Role As Shoto Todoroki In This DEATH BATTLE

    • Nicky
      Nicky 2 years ago +2

      @WittyPractitioner Thank you.

    • Jessy Cartell
      Jessy Cartell 2 years ago +1

      CurtNoLimit clip-share.net/video/aTEDEA80oZo/video.html

  • Star guy
    Star guy 2 years ago +505

    If we have Shoto Vs Zuko , then why not Dabi Vs Azula?

    • antonio 456
      antonio 456 Month ago +1

      ....why did I imagine someone shipping them?

    • Andrea Domo-Ibea
      Andrea Domo-Ibea Month ago +1


    • Alex Vazquez
      Alex Vazquez 3 months ago +1

      @Sydney Carton yeah all that sounds good but with azula using her fire to move around. dabi would burn himself to a crisp before killing azula. He's a ticking time bomb the more fire he uses the worse his condition gets. So he's got azula burning him and him burning himself. even if he goes all out if she gets away he's only crippling himself. We've only seen him push past his limits in regards to his dad and bro so I don't think we will get that intensity on azula I think her actual cruelty would win out over his tenacity.

    • Son Omni
      Son Omni 4 months ago +1

      @Papa Drew420 Nah if he had fire resistance then he wouldn’t even have those burns on his face and body, hell Endeavor wanted Shoto born in the first place so he could raise someone to have a counter to that drawback in the first place.
      Edit: My mistake, I just remembered none of the Todoroki’s would even survive if that were the case.

    • Jade Bayo Ba
      Jade Bayo Ba 7 months ago +1

      @Batman Beyond08 Endeavor wins, Ozai its just a poser tbh

  • JaggedSallad
    JaggedSallad Year ago +116

    It’s moments like these that make me wish Death Battle made alternate ending videos to certain death battles.
    Cuz I. would. love to see Todoroki and Zuko hanging out because of how similar they are (both have terrible fathers, both can use fire, and both have a burn mark on their face)

    • That1Cat
      That1Cat 16 days ago +1

      And Zuko responding to Toto’s story with, “That’s rough, buddy”

    • TheNovadragon223
      TheNovadragon223 2 months ago +1

      @Huzaifah Ahmed oh no kidding

    • Huzaifah Ahmed
      Huzaifah Ahmed 2 months ago +2

      @Meera System I know I'm really late but...each of them also has a completely sociopathic sibling who uses blue fire and tries to kill them on multiple occasions.

    • Meera System
      Meera System Year ago +6

      Both also appreciate their moms, are close with tea-loving people (Iroh and Momo), are of the same age, are just as awkward, and went through a redemption arc that turned them into more genuine peaceful heroes involving their respective universes' best hero in-training with inherited power-accumulated abilities, all despite the fact that defeating said best hero in-training to prove themselves to their dads was their original goal.

  • Kalish Kovacs
    Kalish Kovacs 9 months ago +72

    Death battle aside for a moment:
    The pinnacle moment in the tournament battle between Shoto and Midori was a masterpiece of animation, not just in art but also in execution.

  • FBadge
    FBadge 9 months ago +28

    I think one thing that should have been considered is that Zuko can not only create fire, but manipulate fire from sources that don't come from himself

    • kaos1118
      kaos1118 10 days ago

      @Quinton Venegas did you watch the anime. Todoroki isn't at that level yet. That's his dad technique

    • Quinton Venegas
      Quinton Venegas 10 days ago

      @kaos1118 true. He may have lightning fast reflexes. But one thing I noticed that they didn't mention is that prominence burn takes time to charge up. He couldn't have been able to fire them off willy nilly

    • kaos1118
      kaos1118 10 days ago

      @Quinton Venegas i mean, if we're going by the logic in the video todoroki has "lightning-fast reflexes" so it wouldn't be a problwm for him anyway

    • ChiyoDesu
      ChiyoDesu Month ago +3

      He… can’t though? I’ve never once seen a firebender take control over fire that they didn’t make themself. Unless you’re talking about the live action movie, in which case I humbly implore you to erase that garbage from your memory lmao

    • Quinton Venegas
      Quinton Venegas Month ago +1

      Precisely..... Zuko should've won. They never had him use lightning once.

  • Sasha Shahriari
    Sasha Shahriari 9 months ago +25

    Zuko demonstrated amazing efficiency with his swords and could likely mix fire and those attacks. I feel like zuko wasn’t adequately represented.

    • Winged BluJ
      Winged BluJ Month ago

      @RadiantGeneral Zelcina Except Zuko could breathe as his head was still exposed. As demonstrated in Katara vs Azula, being completely encased in ice to the point she couldn't move, Azula was helpless. Todoroki can do the same thing and completely freeze him solid. Not to mention the fact the only time we've seen Zuko unleash city block level fire attacks was when he was boosted by Sozin's Comet, and normally his attacks just don't match the scale of Todoroki's quirk.

    • WhatsMyName?
      WhatsMyName? 2 months ago

      Todoroki did freeze an entire city

    • RadiantGeneral Zelcina
      RadiantGeneral Zelcina 3 months ago +3

      Not only that, but he could've freed himself from being frozen. There was a scene in the first season of the show where Zuko was fighting Katara and she froze Zuko almost exactly like Todoroki did. Zuko then freed himself by snorting hot steam. He couldn't move, like Wiz and Boomstick said he needed in order to free himself. He just merely snorted.

    • Kielson El Nikos
      Kielson El Nikos 4 months ago +2

      Yeah because swords can beat an entire mountain of ice

    • Patrick M
      Patrick M 4 months ago +2

      Plasma bending would be the final form of firebending in existence.

  • Roy Oak
    Roy Oak 2 years ago +2933

    Zuko: "I got this burn from my dad when he decided to humiliated me in front of a crowd"
    Todoroki: "I got this burn when my dad drove my mom crazy so she poured boiling water on my face"
    Zoku: "That's rough buddy"

  • Princess Sia
    Princess Sia 2 years ago +94

    I just remembered Zuko can hold his breath for an extended amount of time an still be able to melt ice without taking a breath. Book 1 episode 19 is proof of this so he would have gotten out of Todoroki's ice.

    • kaos1118
      kaos1118 10 days ago

      @BrothaMan i mean to be fair i don't believe its ever seen for firebenders to even bend other firebenders fire so idek if thats something zuko can do

    • kaos1118
      kaos1118 10 days ago

      @Red Palladin expolding the ince is different from melting the ice- exploding has nothing to do with the temperature of the ice- it has to do with the ice's durability which generally speaking its not that durable unless your encased in it.

    • The Crusader
      The Crusader 6 months ago

      @BrothaMan It applies to fire in general, not fire produced by other benders.

    • BrothaMan
      BrothaMan 6 months ago

      @The Crusader but todoroki isn't a bender so the rule "can't bend a more powerful flame" doesn't apply because that rule only works on benders and todoroki isn't a bender.

    • The Crusader
      The Crusader 7 months ago

      @BrothaMan His fire is still way more powerful than Zukos. Plus Zuko can't do anything against Shoto's ice.

  • Malachiah
    Malachiah 11 months ago +16

    Having watched My Hero Academia, you can definetely notice the versatility of Shoto's Quirk(s?). Shoto's drive to become a hero, not for his father but himself, makes him a true force to be reckoned with.

  • TheKrensada
    TheKrensada Year ago +31

    I accept that Zuko lost. But I'm not okay with it.

    • Mikasa
      Mikasa 5 months ago +5

      Me neither dude Zuko went through much worse trauma even though Todoroki went through some trauma Zuko’s was just unimaginably horrible because he was kicked out and banished right after

  • Wyndell Lee the Spammer
    Wyndell Lee the Spammer 2 months ago +6

    Todoroki: Your honor was in my sleeve the whole time!

  • FBI chan
    FBI chan 9 months ago +24

    With the latest upgrade of todo in the manga Im in support of this outcome

  • Tabby
    Tabby 2 years ago +2526

    I love the fact that Dante did Zuko’s voice for this.

    • Turey Tayno
      Turey Tayno 3 months ago

      @R Anoquah That´s he is a really old man there. But they used Dante to play General Iroh, Zuko´s grandson.

    • Connor Lapoint
      Connor Lapoint Year ago

      @AndroGeek HomeHub I give him a pass since he hasn't done the character in years.

    • Ay. M.🏜
      Ay. M.🏜 Year ago

      @Bawk Maow I believe you're thinking about Iroh.

    • Bawk Maow
      Bawk Maow Year ago

      @Ay. M.🏜 Actually I think mako is zukos VA

    • Ay. M.🏜
      Ay. M.🏜 Year ago

      @Bawk Maow haven't seen Korra but I think so.

  • The legendary Super Saiyan Broly

    I hope endeavor becomes the better symbol of peace he’s been trying

  • Justice Dunham
    Justice Dunham Year ago +13

    Let’s be real. If these two met, they’d be best friends. Their backstory is soo similar! Including political parent marriage and messed up daddy issues.

  • Soren Daein
    Soren Daein 3 months ago +25

    This was the second Death Battle to not only employ a character from the Avatar series, but also use the "Cabbage Merchant" joke. Although, whoever voiced the Cabbage Merchant should've changed voice tone to reflect that it had already happened before.

  • Rocklins Reactions
    Rocklins Reactions Year ago +24

    I love both characters. I thought zuko would have won because he has plenty of experience fighting the avatar. But I understand why he lost.

  • Zolen
    Zolen Year ago +8

    Yeah, this was pretty obvious, while Zuko clearly is better trained in martial arts and hand to hand in general, Todoroki has more raw power. It does not matter how much technique someone has if their opponent is powerful enough that its like a single ant vs a tank.

  • Selverna
    Selverna 2 years ago +1234

    "I'm not the bad guy here. I mean, not anymore."
    Never change, Zuko. Never change.

    • Smoke Choked
      Smoke Choked 2 years ago +1

      Actually, Shoto’s the villain here, knocking Zuko’s fire and making it burn down the trees

    • Zuriel Mason
      Zuriel Mason 2 years ago

      plot twist he did change.....

    • Gezim Hagrepi
      Gezim Hagrepi 2 years ago +1

      @Gordon Adams w

  • TPD
    TPD 2 years ago +3

    Todoroki hero name is actually just “Shoto”. If I remember correctly “Shoto” have the kanji for fire and ice, it kinda fit his personality because he’s the type that doesn’t need to be flashy or over the top and prefer plain and simple

  • Gaming with eagle Official

    Zuko: Are you a FireBender or WaterBender or Avatar
    Tadoroki: Are you my father's brother or something

  • ●ƈօʀɛֆɦɨք●
    ●ƈօʀɛֆɦɨք● 2 months ago +1

    I dont think it would end with Zuko just frozen in ice. Zuko was able to break out of Kataras ice in the north pole as soon as the sun rose and he's done this many times before, he has a lot of control over his body temprature

  • Luke Peters
    Luke Peters Year ago +6

    Power scales on both shows are different. Todoroki is capable of "bending" ice and fire to scales that the avatar can in the avatar state or like a firebender can during sozins comet. Also, him being able to control two elements already puts zuko at a disadvantage

  • 57
    57 10 months ago +16

    Considering the newest feat of Todoroki freezing a whole goddamned city yeah I agree with the outcome.

  • Mollusk
    Mollusk 2 years ago +3863

    After the "He's just like me" part, let's be honest, they would have stopped and drank tea together.

  • Weird_Donut
    Weird_Donut 10 months ago +24

    Zuko: "FOR MY HONOR!"

  • Savagewolver9593
    Savagewolver9593 2 years ago +6

    I know it’s all made up, but I always find it touching when boom stick talks about his mom. That top ten moms talking about Bellamy always gets me.

  • Jessica Bellandy
    Jessica Bellandy 11 months ago +29

    I sort of knew without watching MHA that Zuko would lose. He doesn't have much special going on besides fire bending.
    He's never successfully lightning bended, only redirected it, he's never lava bended... And his physical abilities are just peak human.

    • Sydney Carton
      Sydney Carton 7 months ago +3

      @Bob If we are using End of Series Zuko with Sozin's Comet Amp, then it's fair to use Current Manga Todoroki, and the outcome would be the same (if not even more one-sided).
      Todoroki is now mostly on Endeavor's level in terms of firepower (who is beyond Sozin's Comet Firebending), and he instantly put on ice an entire city block, including several skyscrapers from an immense distance.
      He also withstood Dabi's flames. He was able to neutralize Dabi's flames despite being hit by them point blank and at one point even being engulfed in them, and Dabi's flames are explicitly hotter than Endeavor's.

    • Bob
      Bob 9 months ago +5

      Lava bending is for earth benders. Zuko has used fire bending with his dual swords before to do some cool techniques. He might have stood a chance if the fight was during sozin's comet and not boosting todoroki's fire with it but I'm still not sure

  • Louise
    Louise 2 years ago +16

    Zuko, from the wise words of his uncle would say something like "It's time for you ask the big questions, who are you, and what do you want" to try and convince him to use his fire

    • Meera System
      Meera System Year ago

      This would've been a great version of the fight!

  • shark_in_a_box18
    shark_in_a_box18 2 months ago +4

    honestly this is a perfect example of what a death battle should be, along with vegito vs gogeta, anyways death battle i understand its fun to put random people in battle but honestly putting two character's that are very similar but have some key differences is more fun to see and understand in the end, it makes it a more balanced match up *couch* deapool v mask, SpongeBob vs aquaman *cough*

    • Mirza Pramudya
      Mirza Pramudya 22 days ago

      You know every fight in this series has connections, right?

  • Isaac Cha
    Isaac Cha 2 years ago +6409

    Spoilers: the guy with a scar won

    • code :066 Funkin Bird
      code :066 Funkin Bird 11 days ago

      @Sceptile TheHedgehog kinda

    • PeterTSF
      PeterTSF 18 days ago

      The one that has it on his left

    • Viroh
      Viroh Month ago

      Bakugo>all these betas

    • [T][K]
      [T][K] Month ago


    • VG4
      VG4 2 months ago

      Thanks man appreciate it

  • Jon Gosselin
    Jon Gosselin Year ago +2

    I love how at the end they say the Todoroki made it hard for Zuko to get close but ended up hitting him a few time with his fists launching Todoroki away

  • Francis Albert Llorando

    After becoming the fire lord, I'd say zuko would have learned how to bend lightning. I mean, c'mon.

  • HollowdudeYT
    HollowdudeYT 4 months ago +1

    Great battle guys and this was such an awesome video to watch and enjoy today :]

  • TalWalDude
    TalWalDude 7 months ago +3

    Y'know i feel like if they went through explaining everything I'd be totally fine if they met and bonded over their scars and father issues

  • Ryder Calhoun
    Ryder Calhoun Year ago +11

    So I know this is really random but I would definitely pick air bending over any other bending because of its versatility and its amazing strength

    • kaos1118
      kaos1118 10 days ago

      technically if an airbender can get close it can completely overpower firebending and render them useless. It's been seen in legend of korra that airbenders can steal the air from people's lungs rendering people unable to breath- the one thing a firebender absolutely needs to firebend.

  • LemonGrab
    LemonGrab 2 years ago +457

    Shoto: My fandom ships me with my friend.
    Zuko: My fandom ships me with my friends girlfriend.
    Shoto and Zuko: *That's rough buddy*

    • code :066 Funkin Bird
      code :066 Funkin Bird 11 days ago

      @Pauline that awful

    • Ashton spratt
      Ashton spratt 8 months ago

      what we shipping anybody for

    • Pauline
      Pauline 8 months ago

      Also Shoto & Zuko: 🤝 getting shipped with their dads

    • Eohll
      Eohll 2 years ago

      Mark Martinez ah interesting especially this info that you brought to my attention.

    • Eohll
      Eohll 2 years ago +1

      Mark Martinez well that is fair though from an different show.

  • Efren Villena
    Efren Villena Year ago +1

    Sometimes the battle just starts by a random misunderstanding and the outcome is always devastating

  • Gino Husser
    Gino Husser 8 months ago +1

    Zuko could redirect lightning so I think they'd be the same speed, but the 2 elements gives him a major advantage

  • magnusm4
    magnusm4 9 months ago +6

    Comparing the shows visually directly. It seemed Todoroki would've won even in the early seasons of his show.
    In his match for the exams he froze the arena so fast to such a degree that even if Zuko had lightning reflexes, he wouldn't have any time to make any movements to cast fire.
    Even then they only showed that scale of fire during the comet. While Todoroki basically has an ice age in no time without flinching.

    • Elijah Jefferson
      Elijah Jefferson 9 months ago

      I feel like it could’ve gone either way, even with todo winning my only problem is we’ve seen Zuko break out of a block of ice in the North Pole at night, and that was season 1. Him being frozen during the day time when the sun makes fire benders stronger and he loses like that? Feel like he was downplayed in that aspect. But we all know they’d just have group therapy with Iroh anyway if they ever met.

  • Classyboo
    Classyboo 8 months ago +12

    I like how everyone is bad that Zuko didn’t use lighting in the battle lol..
    1. He never use or created lightning
    2. He has only redirected it once (I think? Or a couple times maybe? Idk)
    3. The fact that he can redirect lighting is also not relevant because Shoto can’t create lighting

    • Classyboo
      Classyboo 2 months ago

      @Chrispy_0 if they did tale in the comics then yeah, it would've definitely gone by differently. But again, they aren't using anything from the comics and only from the show so it really doesn't matter in this case.

    • Chrispy_0
      Chrispy_0 2 months ago

      @Classyboo They literally used a door melting feat from the comics (Smoke and Shadow) to gauge the temperature of Zuko's Firebending, but they didn't use any of Zuko's feats from that comic.
      That same comic showed Zuko in control of 'dragon fire' creating a giant twister of different colored flames to show his power and control over fire, easily equaling Any flame Shoto made as of the posting of this death battle.
      That same comic also shows Zuko getting hit by a bolt of lightning. He literally got hit by it (didn't redirect it the second time it hit him), And this was Azula's lighting, the same stuff that killed Aang way back in season 2, Zuko stood up moments later pissed off with no damage.
      That same comic also shows Zuko and Azula's fire daggers that actually clash against each other like solid objects despite being made of fire. Their fire daggers were literally light sabers they were so hot and and dense
      If these feats from the comics were considered and not just the door melting feat (which was done by a child with no experience in fire bending, so it was a terrible metric to use against experienced users like Zuko), the fight should have been much closer.

    • ●ƈօʀɛֆɦɨք●
      ●ƈօʀɛֆɦɨք● 2 months ago

      @Myles Nelson did he? which comic was that in?

    • Classyboo
      Classyboo 7 months ago +1

      @Myles Nelson but it would definitely be more interesting and more of a fight if he did

    • Myles Nelson
      Myles Nelson 7 months ago

      @Classyboo Ya that’s fair

  • Aero
    Aero 7 months ago +6

    Well that seems like an accurate death battle

  • Jose Russian
    Jose Russian 2 years ago +1938

    Im surprised that zuko didn’t say “he’s fire bending and water bending??! Who is this guy??”

  • Mishima_408
    Mishima_408 2 months ago +3

    This was close when it aired, but Shoto can now manipulate his Fire/Ice together way better & has better control over how hot his fire gets, even matching Dabi who's stated to be hotter than Endeavor.

    • Mishima_408
      Mishima_408 2 months ago

      @I Hate These Rappers Shoto has better temperatures than stated in this fight & can manipulate both Fire/Ice much better, even mixing them. Zuko had a chance when this aired, but the Gap is now closed & Shoto always comes out as the winner.

    • I Hate These Rappers
      I Hate These Rappers 2 months ago

      Zuko can control flames that aren't his

  • xvideos
    xvideos 9 months ago +1

    Did nobody else peep that they got the real zuko’s voice actor to do the death battle thats hella dope!

  • Thurst Arca
    Thurst Arca Year ago

    A Dabi Vs. Azula would be SICK too! 💯

  • Neddy Montz
    Neddy Montz Year ago

    you gotta love Dante Basco as Zuko 🔥🔥🔥 nailed it

  • Brianna Lee
    Brianna Lee Year ago +3

    My two favorite characters! Let’s be honest, they would actually be best friends! An ATLA and MHA crossover would be a dream come true!

      DARTH ZAITH Year ago

      Not really let's keep both away from eachother

  • gay ninja
    gay ninja 2 years ago +4706

    I feel like instead of fighting, they would bond over their terrible fathers and their burned faces

    • Voltage
      Voltage Year ago

      And fire abilities

    • zen
      zen 2 years ago

      Dark 4715 and why does he say straight guys like being straight is bad?

    • zen
      zen 2 years ago

      Dark 4715 yeah true lol

    • zen
      zen 2 years ago

      Dark 4715 why does he say that?

    • zen
      zen 2 years ago

      Dark 4715 lol

  • Edward Jamon
    Edward Jamon Year ago +2

    Todoroki is just another Zuko from another dimension.
    Same Scar.
    Same Papa issues.
    Same edginess.
    Both seeks honor.
    Same faces.
    Same Mama's boy.
    Both have siblings who controls blue flames.
    Both have best friends who can pass on their power, that also stacks.
    Both have girlfriends starts with letter M.
    What else did I miss?
    That's rough buddy...

  • Wesley Molt
    Wesley Molt 9 months ago +1

    Here's a fight that would be VERY interesting to see: Portgas D Ace vs Zuko: who controls fire better, and could Zuko find a way to kill Ace?

  • Jiado
    Jiado 24 days ago

    I'm not saying it would change things much, but I'm surprised they never even mentioned Zuko's twin swords.

  • gay
    gay Year ago

    I honestly want Todoroki to win but when he attacks Zuko for thinking he attacked him even though he was just practicing made me want Zuko to win 🙃

  • M H
    M H Year ago +1

    I finally understand shoto's story. I knew his mom was driven crazy. I didn't know the dad arranged a marriage and tried to have the perfect baby lol.

    • Aaron Smith
      Aaron Smith 2 months ago

      Kind of the opposite for me, knew about the arranged marriage but did not know the story behind the scar

  • chase21592
    chase21592 2 years ago +1332

    I’m just happy they got Dante Basco himself to voice Zuko.

    • Simone de Luna
      Simone de Luna 2 years ago

      Jake long

    • Captain Wonder Woman
      Captain Wonder Woman 2 years ago

      I know I can’t believe it!!!

    • Salted
      Salted 2 years ago

      Yeah but the death battle team did a shot job of directing him to tap into the truest representation of the character. I dont blane Dante for the just strange delivery.

    • Patrick Bowser
      Patrick Bowser 2 years ago

      シꎭꍏꀤꀘꂦ understandable. he was a breakdancer at the time so he was pretty fit

  • Arjoy Acueza
    Arjoy Acueza Year ago +4

    Well zuko is more experience when it comes to combat. Todoroki can only use his ice in one direction.

  • lil Cujo
    lil Cujo 9 months ago +1

    Dang it Broomstick! When you said "not Mama though, she's already perfect". You made my cry damnit!

  • Qrow
    Qrow 3 months ago +5

    I'm still kinda mad that zuko is one of the few characters they've done in death battle that actually reacts to lightning, not just predicts it but reacts when azula tries to hit katara and they say nothing about it.

    • animedude8712
      animedude8712 2 months ago +1

      @Char Yeah, I might have misread that. When most people say lightning, they assume he has mastered lighting bending. Even still, I don't think it would change the outcome.

    • Char
      Char 2 months ago

      @animedude8712 he was saying Zuko is lighting speed because he reacted to lighting he never said Zuko could use lighting bending

    • animedude8712
      animedude8712 3 months ago +1

      Well it’s not like he could use it. Todoroki can’t use lightning, and Zuko has never reflected real lightning before.

  • Zithical Tv
    Zithical Tv Year ago +9

    That's dope they got the real actor for zuko

  • wariyoshidirector
    wariyoshidirector 8 months ago +2

    I feel like Avatar characters are at a huge disadvantage because their show managed power creep so much better than most other shows

  • Wyndell Lee the Spammer
    Wyndell Lee the Spammer 2 years ago +1240

    Imagine what the fight would be like if this happened during Sozin's Comet.

    • Donald
      Donald 8 months ago

      @CosmicG777 ik am late💀😂. I believe Zuko would've won, but, bro, he doesn't have lightning powers. He was only shown to redirect lightning. I also think death battle should've showed off Zuko's sword fighting skills more. (They didnt think much about the fight. Why would Zuko be training without his swords, when he already a great firebender? He should've been practicing his sword fighting skills, maybe mixed with his firebending.)

    • DarcsRequiem
      DarcsRequiem Year ago

      @prince porcupine not all that common of a feat I'm afraid

    • Jake Vaclaw
      Jake Vaclaw 2 years ago

      Yea if Zuko and shoto had sozins comet backing them up then I think shoto would get bodied, well not completely bodied but still

    • That one Guy
      That one Guy 2 years ago +2

      Shouto would still clap

    • rileytherat
      rileytherat 2 years ago

      *AGNI KAI*

  • metamaster5469
    metamaster5469 2 months ago

    If you're sad about Zuko's death, just pretend this is the Zuko from How I Became Yours

  • Fffoost
    Fffoost 2 months ago

    Zuko probably would’ve had a chance if he had lighting to his advantage. But that’s a rare thing so I guess it makes sense

  • Uriel Antonio Barcelos Avendaño

    Oh God, the "then I'll go beyond" give me shivers

  • Zokalex
    Zokalex Year ago

    Man you can't compare these guys the power scale in the show is super different

  • Sansibones Serif
    Sansibones Serif Year ago

    I honestly thought that once they realized they were the same they would stop fighting and have some tea or Zuko would start using flame jets like a Zula once he saw how mobile Todoroki was with his ice.

  • Jake Branthe
    Jake Branthe 2 years ago +474

    They got the actual voice actor for Zuko. Absolute mad lads

    • David Kling
      David Kling 2 years ago

      I thought that was the case!

    • Jo Toco
      Jo Toco 2 years ago

      @Exotick Designs oh okay that's a good point!

    • Exotick Designs
      Exotick Designs 2 years ago +1

      Morning maybe he had a cold! We don’t know! Who are we to pry into the life of the great Dante Basco?!

    • Morning
      Morning 2 years ago

      Zuko's VA in this video sounded a lot more nasally. Definitely changed over the years lol

  • Erik
    Erik Year ago +6

    ...You know, I've been really critical of their picks for the last few years but I approve of this one and the outcome. Well done, guys.

  • Marshy HMR
    Marshy HMR Year ago +2

    Im a fan of both characters, however i think they would stop fighting and talk about their awful fathers.
    Zuko: My dad burned my eye, so now i have this scar.
    Todoroki: Yeah, My dad drove my mom insane so she poured boiling water on my eye.
    Zuko: That’s rough buddy.

  • Turtle005
    Turtle005 Year ago +5

    As a fan of both shows I knew were this was going before I watched it

  • Janayne Divindo
    Janayne Divindo 2 years ago +7

    Disclaimer: The reason why the chains are easy to break with a heel kick would be because the ores are local from the earth nation.

    • Janayne Divindo
      Janayne Divindo 2 years ago

      Yup. I'd say around "common" if your a fan of rpg style games

    • Astronomy456
      Astronomy456 2 years ago

      So let me guess they're not that strong

  • Geoffrey Johnson
    Geoffrey Johnson 8 months ago

    When you realize that Zuko could just bend the fire his enemy throws

  • Bernard Tayson
    Bernard Tayson 2 years ago +1851

    Wait no
    " My mom poured boiling water on my face." Todoroki.
    "That's rough buddy." Zuko.

    • reena chauriya
      reena chauriya 2 years ago +1

      @Noob todorokis mother did not zuko.

    • Jade
      Jade 2 years ago +2

      Zuko: "My father burned part of my face."
      Todoroki: "That's rough buddy."
      Want some tea? :')

    • Kyri Dounis
      Kyri Dounis 2 years ago +2

      Zuko: "be greatful u still have two ears"

    • Clupadight
      Clupadight 2 years ago +1

      Honestly the mother, being the one he cares about pouring it makes it all worse. You can get scars from your enemies, but if you get them from your loved ones...oh boy

    • maxdrags3
      maxdrags3 2 years ago +3

      @Noob He didn't imply that though.

  • K n' M Battles
    K n' M Battles Year ago +4

    but aren't zukos fireballs so much faster than Todorokis

  • R Anoquah
    R Anoquah Year ago +2

    The one complaint have with this is that with Shoto's supermove had fire but there was no fire and also zuko never went into that mode on death battle when the contestants are getting serious

  • LilacDoe
    LilacDoe Year ago

    Zuko may have had one of the best character developments in cartoons.
    P.S. does Avatar count as an anime since it uses that art and writing style even though it was made in the US?

  • Imafan279
    Imafan279 Year ago

    TBF, Zuko and Todoroki do have similar design in that they have the same mark on the same sides of their faces. Have similar origin stories. And their ways of fighting are similar in a way in that the both specialize in long range attacks. Only difference is todorki doesn't really specialize in close combat on the level of zuko that is. Plus they even say THEY ARE JUST LIKE EACH OTHER. The only reason Shoto won was bc of the ice.

  • Santiago Fernandez Osuna

    Todoroki reacted to Iida to. Who can move really fast and even managed to freeze his engine so this one was really obvious in the outcome

  • RageGames
    RageGames 2 years ago +1770

    I vote for the depressed teen with the burn scar and the abusive father.

    • Unsalted Bisqits
      Unsalted Bisqits 2 years ago

      "Do you know how little this narrows it down"

    • Benel Bilolo
      Benel Bilolo 2 years ago +1

      The scar on the right side?

    • Wolfinityy
      Wolfinityy 2 years ago

      @EpicDragon Playz Shouldn't say that ;0; some people don't understand sarcasm! (I said the same thing to this and ppl be irritating :D)

    • CruzeControlGS
      CruzeControlGS 2 years ago

      I see what you did theeeeere. 😏

    • EpicDragon Playz
      EpicDragon Playz 2 years ago

      Whitch one

  • Lord Felidae
    Lord Felidae Year ago +5

    As much as I adore ATLA, yeah. Todoroki, from what I have seen, is just not on the same scale as firebenders.
    It’s not a contest. Especially considering he has twice the options with fire and ice.

  • The Janitor
    The Janitor Year ago +1

    Sooo... It's safe to say that todoroki is the human embodiment of a processor, thermal paste, and a cooling fan.

  • YaboiSanti
    YaboiSanti 7 months ago +1

    Let's be honest they would be best friends if this wasn't a battle to the death

  • WillieManga
    WillieManga 9 months ago

    We actually got the OG voice actor for Zuko?! Holy crap!

  • Seido Kamishiro
    Seido Kamishiro 10 months ago

    Just imagine Shoto now

  • Majix
    Majix 2 years ago +1467

    Zuko: (Training and almost hits Todoroki)
    Todoroki: *VILLIAN.*

  • Trayton
    Trayton 11 months ago +1

    Can todoroki not shoot fire from his feet?
    Also I started watching these like a week or two ago and I’m starting to love boomstick 😭😭🤣 his lil side jokes get me everytime

    • Rizaadon
      Rizaadon 10 months ago

      He can but I don't think he could use it to fly back when this video was made.

  • CrazyGuyEthan
    CrazyGuyEthan Year ago +1

    Imagine the legal trouble after killing some dude that you have deemed evil while others may not

  • gamingwithkobe
    gamingwithkobe Year ago +4

    This was a pretty heated battle 🤣

  • Wyndell Lee the Spammer
    Wyndell Lee the Spammer 2 months ago +1

    *Zuko loses*
    Death Battle: Zuko. You're going to get a real kick out of this. Your win was in my sleeve the whole time!

  • SharkyPopTart
    SharkyPopTart Year ago +7

    12:52 Todoroki: only you can prevent forest fires 🔥

  • Arfhat
    Arfhat 2 years ago +896

    Why is no one talking about the fact they actually got Zuko (Dante Basco) to voice Zuko?

    • Sleepy Strawberry
      Sleepy Strawberry 2 years ago

      Why is no one talking about how they're advertising beer to a child demographic

    • Chris Phelps
      Chris Phelps 2 years ago

      Why couldn't they get David Matranga to reprise his role as Todoroki. I mean he was in Death Battle before. Amuro Ray vs Optimus Prime anyone?
      Oh wait........

    • Gavin Noel
      Gavin Noel 2 years ago

      Wait what?! I didn't know that!

    • Yung Kensei
      Yung Kensei 2 years ago

      Anna Hill nice

    • New3DSLUIGI364
      New3DSLUIGI364 2 years ago +2

      Either He's THAT Dedicated to the Role; OR He just Loves Voice Acting Zuko

  • Ishtarru
    Ishtarru Year ago

    It was well animated, even if Zuko was completely out of his league.

  • Sara P
    Sara P 2 years ago

    It's ok zuko, you will always be my favourite fire bender or someone who has fire powers.

  • Endeavor
    Endeavor 5 months ago +9

    Let’s go todoroki