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I Built A Giant House Using Only Legos

  • Published on Mar 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  4 years ago +46343

    Subscribe and I’ll give you a LEGO house

    • عمار حسني
      عمار حسني 2 days ago


    • TheCoolGamer
      TheCoolGamer 10 days ago

      I subscribed

    • Catherine Reyes
      Catherine Reyes 4 months ago

      Mr.beast that was "so real "

    • 🙃 ماستر  محمد سيي 🙃
    • EDDgow
      EDDgow 10 months ago

      where is my lego house

  • CXX425
    CXX425 Year ago +246

    I am proud because these men put in a month of effort to make an entire house out of literally singular pieces of lego.

  • FORDM-_-
    FORDM-_- 3 years ago +7325

    At this point LEGO should just sponsor him with the amount he’s using

  • The Islamic Times
    The Islamic Times 2 years ago +2355

    Chris before : says children are stupid
    Chris now : has a child

    • 84goldfish
      84goldfish 18 days ago

      Bro now what does he think 🤔

    • JellyCat
      JellyCat 7 months ago


    • J shorts
      J shorts 8 months ago


    • Billy Miller
      Billy Miller 9 months ago

      Why would he say that if he's a child. Wow, great job Cris, wow.

      CLIPTOXZ Year ago

      It’s been a year and y’all still fighting

  • Mahesh Verma
    Mahesh Verma Year ago +72

    Lego Creators:
    Lets create useful gears and tools so that people can come up with cool inventions.
    Lets just cover real things in legos.

  • randomguy 4
    randomguy 4 3 years ago +1391

    Legend says that Chandler is still yelling WARNING WARNING

  • CBLivePlays
    CBLivePlays 11 months ago +14

    Seeing these Lego walls fall is so satisfying. LOL

  • Corey Berg
    Corey Berg 4 years ago +1369

    The legos probably costed more than an actual house that size

  • Liz Hollingdale
    Liz Hollingdale Year ago +172

    Jimmy: a desk would take to long to build
    Also Jimmy: builds a entire house out of small legos

  • Hannah Engelbrecht
    Hannah Engelbrecht 2 years ago +23

    Your videos are awesome man! Keep up the amazing work. I recently found your channel about 2 weeks ago and now you’re all I watch on Clip-Share 😂

  • honeynoob
    honeynoob 6 months ago +10

    If only Jim was smart he would've reenforced the Legos to having 6×6 thick walls

  • Seavibesz
    Seavibesz Year ago +458

    Chandler and Chris doesn't look alot different from today, while Jimmy looks very VERY young

  • Avian
    Avian Month ago

    Oh, I can't IMAGINE how satisfying it is to kick through a Lego house

  • Milop T.
    Milop T. 4 years ago +361

    Imagine being a giant and stepping on that LEGO house.

    • Jack LeBlanc
      Jack LeBlanc 3 months ago


    • morgan freeman
      morgan freeman 7 months ago

      the definition of pain

    • Mango Tree BS
      Mango Tree BS 8 months ago

      every time we step on a lego we are stepping on a lego house as a giant :o

    • zShaRik WildCraft
      zShaRik WildCraft Year ago

      @Julianna Velazquez We are normal to us and mammals but to other creatures we are GIANTS

    • MJBSimpin
      MJBSimpin 4 years ago


  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 2 years ago +276

    Legend has it that Jimmy is still finding LEGO’s in his backyard

  • Lela Outlook
    Lela Outlook 3 years ago +2155

    This is how millionaires have fun.

  • Teariously Me
    Teariously Me 7 months ago

    Making delivery jobs 1000x more exciting 😂

  • DBZ Anime but manga frames

    Jimmy is a really good friend Chris is a respectful guy who is always there when you need him and chandler is someone who knows when he can joke around

  • Doggo of pizza
    Doggo of pizza 7 months ago +7

    Props to mrbeast for making the camera man go in through the “door”

  • Noah Burton
    Noah Burton 4 years ago +63

    This guy comes up with the best ideas that actually entertain people

    • cnsjwjdb ms
      cnsjwjdb ms 4 years ago

      True best Clip-Sharer

    • sahr
      sahr 4 years ago

      Noah Burton bc he himself is also funny and entertaining

    • KingMoe
      KingMoe 4 years ago

      Noah Burton facts

  • DD Phillips
    DD Phillips 2 years ago +29

    I love the extent the pizza guys go through to deliver to them

  • Brodster games
    Brodster games 2 years ago +870

    Chris then: children are stupid
    Chris now: I'm sorry son

  • QweenFuzzPup
    QweenFuzzPup 2 months ago +1

    Taking apart the Lego house looks satisfy ❤

  • Callum Henderson
    Callum Henderson 2 years ago +86

    I never knew Chandler can poop out dirt. Must be a hidden talent😲

  • AngryOctopusOfficial
    AngryOctopusOfficial 4 months ago +6

    5:33 hahaha Chandlers facial expressions crack me up

  • KufL
    KufL 4 years ago +455

    i thought it was gonna be an actual sized two story house but i guess that was too much to hope for

  • carreen anugrah
    carreen anugrah 2 years ago +428

    moral of the story: don’t be barefoot when you’re near jimmy

  • Bleeding Gutz
    Bleeding Gutz 2 years ago +215

    I didn’t know that Chandler used to be a camera man for MrBeast lol.

    • zShaRik WildCraft
      zShaRik WildCraft Year ago

      @Kokkumi The One Who can Poop Dirt.. Is only able to achieve this

    • Queens55
      Queens55 2 years ago

      Reid Hines English is hard

    • Defne Yildirim
      Defne Yildirim 2 years ago +2

      Reid Hines Also learn English.

  • Commander Shadow Lord

    I gotta ask how street legal is a Lego car. I'm assuming you probably use it mostly on the sidewalk.

  • joel vr
    joel vr 2 years ago +852

    At 3:29, Chris says that, “Children are stupid.” As he is now a father.

  • *~_ThePotatoQueen_~*
    *~_ThePotatoQueen_~* 7 months ago +2

    Imagine stepping on those legos tho, the pain it must be

  • Obama’s Hand
    Obama’s Hand 4 years ago +202

    But... the real question is...
    Is your house Viking proof?

  • DaGrimBoi Gamer
    DaGrimBoi Gamer 3 years ago +887

    Chandler when he sees a criminal:
    *W A R N I N G W A R N I N G W A R N I N G*

    • Horsey Girl
      Horsey Girl 2 years ago


    • M K
      M K 3 years ago


    • gw
      gw 3 years ago


    • Mr. Cheese🧀
      Mr. Cheese🧀 3 years ago

      *_W A R N I N G W A R N I N G W A R N I N G_*

    • Fallen Closer
      Fallen Closer 3 years ago

      I Wana buy one xd

  • Rev Wicks
    Rev Wicks 3 years ago +9

    It’s so satisfying seeing the legos fall apart from the home .

  • Deep Stuff
    Deep Stuff 2 months ago +1

    So the Lego house is no more. Are we gonna see a version 2.0 of this house anytime soon?? 🤔 ❤

  • littlechico518
    littlechico518 3 years ago +37

    I don’t know why, but these videos are way too entertaining.

  • Gary Oak
    Gary Oak Year ago +4

    Just wondering where does mr beast get all these crazy ideas from

  • aRho
    aRho 4 years ago +316

    Good thing you didn't make the floor out of legos. Otherwise it would be a torture device.

  • Fanman
    Fanman 2 years ago +210

    Jimmy : Let's see if the Minecraft tv is lego proof.
    Seconds Later
    Jimmy (Seconds Later) : NO MY CREEPER!

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 3 years ago +1

    Oh that was my childhood dream! Thank you so much Mr Beast this was super satisfying to watch!

  • Frozengrapeguy
    Frozengrapeguy 3 months ago +18

    Garrett so confused when Jimmy was trying to do that skit gets me every single time

  • Skribble Dibble
    Skribble Dibble Year ago +112

    beast: takes a million years to make an actually lego house
    also beast: making a table out legos of legos would take a long time
    dude lol.

  • Sigri Garcia
    Sigri Garcia 6 months ago +1

    This is when Mr.Beast didn't have a beard 😃

  • Noah
    Noah 4 years ago +66

    Casually builds a lego house while Pewdiepie is about to get overtaken...

  • liam broussard
    liam broussard Year ago +86

    5:30 Chandler just sitting there staring into my soul.

  • trophyhunterPS4andPS3Gamer
    trophyhunterPS4andPS3Gamer 3 years ago +203

    Its nearly been a year and I'm still waiting for Chandler burglar alarm

  • The Lady
    The Lady 6 months ago +2

    Now Jimmy looks prettier with a beard and moustache

  • krish garga
    krish garga 2 years ago +267

    Chris: “ooh cause children are stupid”
    Chris now: “Son, I have something to explain”

  • TheDogeNap
    TheDogeNap Year ago +4

    Lego house: *bunch of legos fell of*
    Chandler: *goes ballistic* AHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  • ԴPink LemonԴ
    ԴPink LemonԴ 4 years ago +313

    Next thing you know...

    • Joke Man
      Joke Man Month ago

      Lego house.

    • E_ Crunch7y
      E_ Crunch7y 4 years ago +1

      I thought it was the porgs

    • AestheticNIro
      AestheticNIro 4 years ago +1

      -S. R.- but you can sweep them away with your hands

    • Jane Ma
      Jane Ma 4 years ago +4

      -S. R.- You can't even rob yourself

    • -S. R.-
      -S. R.- 4 years ago +6

      They already are, just pour all the bricks you have to the floor. See how many thieves can rob you now

  • Adrian Xandler
    Adrian Xandler 2 years ago +31

    Lego fans when they see this masterpiece: *its beautiful,ive looked at this for 5 hours now.
    Also Any sane person when they see this masterpiece fall to bits:

  • Drightex
    Drightex Year ago +6

    This is one of my favorite videos now. I love how corny the safety tests are.

  • Gamingwithgrace
    Gamingwithgrace 10 months ago +2

    Imagine living in the Lego house for20 days!

  • BCO TV
    BCO TV 2 years ago +45

    “It’s hard to build a tv stand with normal legos even though we built the actual house structure with normal legos”

  • Lil MarkyOTB
    Lil MarkyOTB Year ago +1

    yall looked so much more happy back then

  • Scaleaxe
    Scaleaxe 2 years ago +754

    MrBeast in 2040: building a planet with lego

  • Izzy Does Stuff
    Izzy Does Stuff 2 years ago +11

    Jimmy: it would take forever to build a desk out of these little Legos.
    Also Jimmy: *builds house out of Legos

  • Upside-Down
    Upside-Down 3 years ago +1

    Love ur vids it just brightens my day thank u so much ❤️

  • Ambush
    Ambush 8 months ago +2

    Imagine if his house became a Lego set or a actual *House*

  • Ashlyn
    Ashlyn 3 years ago +302

    9:07 “My feet” and this is why Chandler is my favorite

      RIP AND TEAR, UNTIL IT IS DONE 3 years ago

      AriRiviera It’s*

    • DrDoggo
      DrDoggo 3 years ago +1

      My fave is Chris and Chandler

    • Dimensionless
      Dimensionless 3 years ago +2

      Who has anyone else then Chandler as favourite? The way he always looks when mr Beast is talking is just already super funny😂

    • Kylie
      Kylie 3 years ago

      @Yoyog12 403 HE WHAT

    • anna bell
      anna bell 3 years ago +4


  • EggCr0issant
    EggCr0issant 4 years ago +245

    He accomplished everyone's childhood dream

    • Tammy Tubbs
      Tammy Tubbs 4 years ago

      You know DDLC so....
      Everyday I dream of being with you~
      In my hand is a pen that will write a poem of me and you ~

    • EggCr0issant
      EggCr0issant 4 years ago +1

      @Logic Sirin oof

    • Logic Sirin
      Logic Sirin 4 years ago +1

      SadisticSad I guess u could say his dreams were destroyed

    • SungwoonTheCloudFairy
      SungwoonTheCloudFairy 4 years ago +1


  • Tanishq Gubbi
    Tanishq Gubbi 2 years ago +1

    This man can never regret in his entire life

  • Rossco139
    Rossco139 3 years ago +39

    Me: "A Lego house? Genious!"
    Me watching him install the air mattress after inflating it: "Aight, Imma head out..."

  • lachu's channel!
    lachu's channel! Year ago

    This is a beast amount of legos needed to make that house :o

  • ElegantFigure Roblox
    ElegantFigure Roblox 3 years ago +115

    Chris:princess peach

    • Luid Ace
      Luid Ace 3 years ago +2

      T-series: goomba
      Reason: goombas always get defeated

    • M Jo
      M Jo 3 years ago +1

      hotel: trivago

    • Ranger836
      Ranger836 3 years ago


    • chloe imemes
      chloe imemes 3 years ago


  • MarioHub
    MarioHub 7 months ago +2

    Imagine instead of a real bed you made a lego bed just imagine how uncomfortable it would be

  • exenly
    exenly 4 years ago +426

    *imagine stepping on all of these*

  • Marshall Griffin
    Marshall Griffin Year ago +22

    0:28 I love how Garrett looks at the camera lol

  • Jobama
    Jobama 3 years ago +148

    “woah, that’s our merch store, you should go buy some.”
    cha cha real smooth

  • Roblox Gaming With Jayden Amazing YT

    Rewatching this Gives so many memories

  • Awebo Gaming
    Awebo Gaming 3 years ago

    This man is living my childhood dream

  • ArdyKyronGaming
    ArdyKyronGaming 10 months ago +2

    They have really made that Lego House and there are so many of it, they are really a Legend in Legos!!!

  • Unstoppable Desi
    Unstoppable Desi 4 years ago +372

    *Wow, you are the real content creator!*

    • HannaHanna
      HannaHanna 4 years ago +1

      I never said James may came up with it

    • Doom Guy
      Doom Guy 4 years ago

      [AR] actually Ed Sheeran first came up with the idea

    • Bahbee
      Bahbee 4 years ago

      @HannaHanna it's called a JOKE, you must've never heard of one.

    • HannaHanna
      HannaHanna 4 years ago

      He didn't come up with this
      James May has a lego house much bigger

    • Yio Kyske
      Yio Kyske 4 years ago +1

      For sure, everybody with money can do

  • sunny
    sunny 3 years ago +15

    That pizza delivery guy having the best day of his life

  • HuskyBoTie
    HuskyBoTie 2 years ago +1

    That house looks so damn cool

    RUSHATTACK2112 10 months ago

    This is the most raw humor I’ve ever seen 🤣

  • pianobooks42
    pianobooks42 3 years ago +3

    Someone needs to make a playhouse for their kid out of LEGO’s! This is so cool!

  • Meenakshi Aundy
    Meenakshi Aundy 11 months ago +3

    “Your bed is leaking out of the house” I’d never thought that I’ll ever here that sentence in my life 😂😂😂😆😆😆

  • S .l
    S .l 4 years ago +343

    Everyone: pewdiepie needs your help!

  • Jennefer Cervantes
    Jennefer Cervantes 2 years ago

    Can we just talk about how chaotically good Mr. Beast is??

  • Chelsea Bonita
    Chelsea Bonita 2 years ago

    I really wanna meet you guys ! You guys are so awesome and so much fun !!

  • Death editz🐺🩸
    Death editz🐺🩸 3 months ago +1

    Him:there are fans out my house the fans: blows air

  • Keenan Chandler
    Keenan Chandler 2 years ago +2

    I absolutely love lego, and seeing it get a bit destroyed kinda hurts my soul....

  • Pratishtha Bajracharya
    Pratishtha Bajracharya 5 months ago

    5:28 Chandler stared into my soul 💀

  • Erik 'Pretty Boy' Brooks
    Erik 'Pretty Boy' Brooks 4 years ago +73

    I love how he was complaining about how long it would take to build a desk, when he just built a house.

  • Granny's DP and Craft Corner

    MrBeast: "how long has that been there?"
    Chris: "about a month"
    MrBeast: "why didn't I think that"
    Priceless 🤣🤣

  • Joe Skull
    Joe Skull 3 years ago +32

    MrBeast: “Safety is our Priority”
    Also MrBeast: **Drowning Chandler In Orbees**

  • PRAKKI79
    PRAKKI79 Month ago

    legend says that there are still lego pieces on the floor

  • AmandasFam♡
    AmandasFam♡ Year ago

    Should have used clear glue and did a layer around the whole lego house. Oh well all in good fun. Love your video's ❤

  • BrodBGaming
    BrodBGaming 7 months ago +1

    This right here is genius comedy man

  • Taylor Layman
    Taylor Layman 4 years ago +403

    Have fun cleaning up all those legos 😂😂😂

    • Lana
      Lana 4 years ago

      I would just leave it there

    • 🦅 Eagle NF 🦅
      🦅 Eagle NF 🦅 4 years ago

      Yes 3:11 (Pause here) lol

    • Gravitee
      Gravitee 4 years ago

      @mariam no u need to really stop it's a bad look

    • Gravitee
      Gravitee 4 years ago

      @mariam no u alut

    • Kevin Lopez
      Kevin Lopez 4 years ago

      @mariam beggar

  • Lunargal 624
    Lunargal 624 2 years ago +8

    When i saw them throw that blanket at him I mentally thought ".... huh, they should make a Mr. Beast blanket" so... there's that

  • Onyxiate
    Onyxiate 2 years ago +2

    Don’t worry about the mess, Ed will pick up the pieces.

  • Penguin Compositions

    We all felt that pain when the lego walls would just fall apart and that months long of work was gone :(

  • Ellisdoesrandomshet
    Ellisdoesrandomshet 2 years ago +2

    Who else noticed how Garret always stares without blinking 😂

  • brain no worky
    brain no worky 7 months ago +1

    Legends say there’s still Lagos in his backyard

  • Noah850
    Noah850 3 years ago +581

    You walk into your friend’s LEGO house for the first time:
    Friend: Welcome! Come on in!
    You: Aiight, let me just take my shoes off...
    Friend: You absolute madlad...

  • Colt Baker
    Colt Baker 2 years ago

    Jimmy is such a caring guy

  • Master NTC
    Master NTC 3 years ago +12

    MrBeast: Now we have to build a bed
    Also MrBeast: *Throws air mattress*

  • Cristina Adille
    Cristina Adille Year ago +1

    wow what a great house