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Putin rages against West in speech decried as absurd propaganda

  • Published on Feb 20, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a combative state-of-the-nation speech, blaming the West for the war in Ukraine ahead of the first anniversary of the invasion he ordered.
    Putin spoke on Tuesday in front of a crowd of 1,400 people in Moscow, addressing members of both houses of parliament, military commanders and soldiers while video screens were also put up in large cities across the country.
    Besides warning the West of a global confrontation, Putin sought to justify the invasion, saying it had been forced on Russia and he understood the pain of the families of those who had fallen in battle.
    Al Jazeera’s Osama Bin Javaid reports from Moscow, Russia.
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Comments • 427

  • Malhama Ul Kubra
    Malhama Ul Kubra 3 months ago +16

    First year of war is decisive. Russia thought US defeat in Afghanistan meant they will not fund Ukraine as supplier.
    US has decided to soon retreat from its bases in the East and safeguard Europe as a whole. Over the next year or so US will let go of Pakistan South Korea Japan Saudi Arabia and lose influence.... Russia will get stronger in those places whilst Russia keeps up the slow grinding war in Ukraine to keep US busy in futile waste of energy resources

    • Engineer
      Engineer 3 months ago

      You know who’s will win?

    • Malhama Ul Kubra
      Malhama Ul Kubra 3 months ago +4

      @Engineer Isis does not exist. It is just a word

  • Christo V
    Christo V 3 months ago +37

    Vladimir Putin miscalculated how suicidal the western world is. The west accepted the loss of higher energy and raw material costs, while Asia gained with cheaper energy and material imports.

    • Fat Superman
      Fat Superman 3 months ago +3

      West is importing from Asia, mainly from India , still cheap.
      Ambani and one more company profitting through war. I wouldn't say west is not imperialist, it is.

    • RonBerg
      RonBerg 3 months ago +2

      There is a cost for having and following principles of fairness and freedom. That is a cost that must be paid to advance civilization. The addition energy costs for the West will be minor in the long run and help the West achieve a better environmental solution. We must accept that Russia is on a suicidal path of its own making and all dependance on them need to be cut ASAP. Ukraine and other Eastern European countries will be the spearhead for democracy and will need to be supported.

  • Sofian
    Sofian 3 months ago +56

    The real miscalculation is when the West thought that the end of USSR was the end of Russia.

    • No BS
      No BS 3 months ago +3

      The end of Putin is not the same as the end of Russia

    • Alexis Roman
      Alexis Roman 3 months ago +5

      Go Russia! Go!!!

    • karebo antario
      karebo antario 3 months ago +2

      The real miscalculation is that PUTIN expected USA to react like 2014 when he invaded Crimea...

    • Fung J
      Fung J 3 months ago +1

      It's supposed the war ended in three days, and everything back to normal

  • jarosław bielski
    jarosław bielski 3 months ago +6

    inclining his ear to wisdom
    and inclining the heart to prudence,

    • Ric Fermi
      Ric Fermi 3 months ago

      And closing his eyes to all the heinous people.

  • Shamim Huq
    Shamim Huq 3 months ago +8

    In the Bangladesh War of 1971, Russia and India saved us !!

  • C3PNO
    C3PNO 3 months ago +45

    Well done Putin you show the bullying failing USA keep up the good work from the UK 👌

    • C3PNO
      C3PNO 3 months ago

      @mario mario British with a capital B 👍 and English with a capital E because it's a name of a place 👍

    • mario mario
      mario mario 3 months ago +1

      @C3PNOCongrats, you can correct meaningless errors that have no effect on comprehension, but still can't turn your mangled word mess into a proper sentence.

    • Sledge
      Sledge 3 months ago +2

      It’s funny how you lost to us when we weren’t even a country yet and now the UK relies on us. 😂

  • Jacob Zaranyika
    Jacob Zaranyika 3 months ago +10

    Both parties are carrying on a "special operation" and both sides can and have a reason to justify said operation.
    Putin's is a "special military operation"
    The others are carrying on a "justified " human rights abuse operation.
    Both think they are doing the right thing for a greater good, yet both are breaking INTERNATIONAL LAW.
    So any criticism of Putin as an abuser of international law, should apply to certain Canadian institutions.
    Both think they are doing the right thing (just this once), protecting their institutions and citizens. But both are breaking international law.

  • Scott Worley
    Scott Worley 3 months ago +6

    Putin- it's America's fault
    America- it's Putin's fault

  • Fikar Rusdiawan
    Fikar Rusdiawan 3 months ago +7

    Volodymyr Zelensky be like: "No one! Not even you (Vladimir Putin), can kill everyone."

    • John Duffy
      John Duffy 3 months ago +6

      Zelensky be like "send me more cash to launder...".

    • Ednov Stormbrewer
      Ednov Stormbrewer 3 months ago

      @John Duffy That's funny. Last time I heard, Zelensky was doing a massive sweep by firing those people

  • Leonie Gureghian
    Leonie Gureghian 3 months ago +73

    Do you blame him?
    I do not …

    • Samrat Dhakal
      Samrat Dhakal 3 months ago +8

      I never because NATO

    • Denise Caparn
      Denise Caparn 3 months ago +9

      Neither do I I'm on putins side

    • C3PNO
      C3PNO Month ago +1

      I stand with Russia and I am in the UK! About time the west met there maker 👍

    • Alba Gu Brath
      Alba Gu Brath Month ago

      @C3PNO your support has been noted

  • Dennis costabile
    Dennis costabile 3 months ago +14

    Underestimates aside, this is not a conflict that the U.S. or any other nation should be involved. I am sure you can show your military knowledge on paper with a crayon, but history shows otherwise. Let them fight it out with no foreign interference.

    • mario mario
      mario mario 3 months ago

      Uhuh, and pray tell, what historical wisdom are you using to come to such a conclusion?

    • Alba Gu Brath
      Alba Gu Brath 3 months ago +1

      There is no way Ukraine could have fought a battle on their own . That's why Nato gives them the tools to do a job with less soldiers. Look at the size of Russia compared to Ukraine 🇺🇦 Putler thought he could Bully the smaller country so the big guys come to help.

    • V
      V 2 months ago +1

      @Alba Gu Brath 🐑🐑🐑

    • V
      V 2 months ago +1

      @Alba Gu Brath Nah, I just like pointing them out.

  • MJ
    MJ 2 months ago +23

    Love Russian humanity & culture ❤️🇷🇺🍀🌍🕊🇸🇰 Slovakia

  • simon mc garry
    simon mc garry 3 months ago +9

    But Zelenski doesn’t even know what the word socialism means , he’s just an actor by profession, not a politician not even knowledgeable enough to run for a local council position, or even chair a union meeting.

    • Chris Dickemdown
      Chris Dickemdown 3 months ago

      But he is who Israel selected to be his president

    • Talone
      Talone 2 months ago

      And yet he stays bravely in the country being invaded instead of fleeing and inspires the good people of Ukraine to defend their homes, their lives and dignity from war criminals.

    • Jeanne D'arc 🇫🇷
      Jeanne D'arc 🇫🇷 2 months ago

      Joe biden and Trump seem like your typical American comedians

    COIMBATORE TAMIL NADU 3 months ago +8


  • Jindřich Lev
    Jindřich Lev Month ago +1

    “If vicious people are interconnected and constitute a force, then honest people need only do the same.” (Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, 'War and Peace')
    Brave President Putin! ❤👍🍀🍀🍀🍀

  • Rene Martin
    Rene Martin 3 months ago +11

    Don't worry. Zelensky is Jewish, Blinken is Jewish, Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan (PNAC), Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Ruth Sherman and Richard Haass (CFR) are Jewish as well. We are very fortunate to have so many Jewish people in key positions securing our safety.

    • Neglected Nostalgia
      Neglected Nostalgia 3 months ago

      It's antisemitic to notice.....

    • Tom Jones
      Tom Jones 3 months ago

      No , it's not.

    • C3PNO
      C3PNO 3 months ago +2

      They couldn't even fight against the Nazis what chance against Russia 🤣

    • Trains of Thought
      Trains of Thought 3 months ago

      @C3PNO FYI, they weren't even born then, genius..

  • Christine McCrory
    Christine McCrory 3 months ago

    👏 👏

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      Okay thank You 🙏 I will connect with her immediately

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  • Strombale
    Strombale 3 months ago +25

    Meanwhile here in "the West" I'm sitting in my cozy bed in my warm apartment with a full refrigerator and a freezer filled with all the food i bought eventhough two people could never eat that much. Putin talks like he is gonna win the war, but truth is: we haven't even started yet.

    • Let LEAVE
      Let LEAVE 3 months ago +11


    • Alex Freimanis
      Alex Freimanis 3 months ago +4

      Exactly... Small man with way too big ambition😂

    • TheRebelliousPrince007
      TheRebelliousPrince007 3 months ago +23

      What? Do you know how many Americans are falling into poverty due to inflation?

    • Darius
      Darius 3 months ago +1

      So irrelevant

  • Tommaso Leonetti di Santojanni

    Go Russia, go! Stand up for your interests and values: don't end up like us in the west where morals have been corrupted by dismantling the natural family, unnatural gender theories, and other abominable laws

  • Zain Zoala
    Zain Zoala 3 months ago +3

    😂😂😂 Aljazeera underestimate expert is funny totally avoiding saying much about " US Nato involvement.

  • Over Comer
    Over Comer 3 months ago +26

    Russia is such a great nation and will be great

    • Marvelous Nius
      Marvelous Nius 3 months ago +1

      It will be great when putin stop playing monopoly games with his peoples life's.. I'm from the west and puting was my favorite president untill he did what he did..

    • Uncommonsensetoo
      Uncommonsensetoo 3 months ago +1

      You must be smoking something.

  • simon mc garry
    simon mc garry 3 months ago +1

    But so was Ronald Reagan , an actor by profession who could nearly construct a sentence as competently as a five year old .

  • Kitana006
    Kitana006 2 months ago +1

    Russia, we love you and support you from afar.

  • Jacked Preacher
    Jacked Preacher 2 months ago +2

    He makes sense.

  • Ty Ashton
    Ty Ashton Month ago

    Why do they have to change what he’s saying we can read subtitles

  • Nina Jefferson
    Nina Jefferson 2 months ago

    Putin's bullseye on target!!

  • Silas Larsen
    Silas Larsen 3 months ago +5

    Ukraine never was that important in any specific way before to the western countries. It is now though.

  • s w
    s w 2 months ago

    he is of course very right

  • margaret neanover
    margaret neanover 3 months ago

    It's a toss up at the set or building prop. Maybe a television and union type non union..idk. The lend is seeming like a story line more than conservative approach to regional assertion in respect.

  • Apollon
    Apollon 2 months ago +1

    Greatest leader of todays world.

    • Brian Ticas
      Brian Ticas 24 days ago

      Him and bukele from El Salvador. Two best presidents in the world right now.

  • Danny Gruesome
    Danny Gruesome Month ago

    Is that Mac Tonight? No its Putins moon face

  • Kibet Kibet
    Kibet Kibet 3 months ago +1

    Which Ukrainian military Marwan?

  • Ferocious Gustafson
    Ferocious Gustafson 3 months ago +5

    Ironically, this video is absurd propaganda.

  • resham neupane
    resham neupane 2 days ago

    Weldon Putin the Great !

  • Tamme Brown
    Tamme Brown 3 months ago +1

    He started that war.

    • Ana Bona
      Ana Bona 3 months ago +3

      It started in 2014 by the US.

  • Haji Empire
    Haji Empire 3 months ago +1

    Putin it's

  • Ferocious Gustafson
    Ferocious Gustafson 3 months ago +1

    Decried by whom?

  • ViktorDaImpaler
    ViktorDaImpaler Month ago +1

    He’s telling the truth

  • Veiga
    Veiga 2 months ago


  • baron eleve
    baron eleve 3 months ago +18

    I like how that ignoramus Marwan Kablan guy is saying Putin underestimated the Ukrainian military and overestimated the Russian military with a straight face. The fact of the matter is, Russia had for the most part defeated the ukrainians before the west stepped in with weapons and financial support. The ukrainian economy collapsed many months back. It's been on life support from the US. The US even pays the salaries of ukrainian soldiers. U can't fight a war without funds and weapons. Without western interference, Ukraine would have been finished off likely in under four months. You can't fight a war without weapons. In the Opening salvos, Russia specifically targeted, and crippled the ukrainian air force and weapons manufacturers. This meant that the Ukrainians were on borrowed time before running out of weapons. So, Putin did not underestimate anything. The ukrainians are on a life support extended to them by the west. Remove the west from behind Ukraine. Let Ukraine fight Russia solely on their own. Let's see then how long they last or how tough they are. There's a reason Zelensky has become an international professional beggar. Ukraine can't fight on its own. It needs constant support. The fact that collectively, the west has spent over 200 billion to support Ukraine proves my point. Cut off western support. The Ukrainian military will completely collapse in under two months at the rate at which they are being forced to use ammunition due to the high tempo of the conflict.
    More propaganda nonsense as expected. How is this even a war solely between Russia and Ukraine when you have thousands of NATO troops in Ukrainian military uniforms disguised as ukrainian soldiers. There are thousands of NATO soldiers masquerading as mercenaries too. An Austrian senior military officer admitted this. Per him, all they do is, troops from NATO states simply change uniforms, and they are now ukrainian soldiers. Russia is fighting multiple countries in Ukraine.

    • mercedescl
      mercedescl 3 months ago

      The Japanese and Germans had low expectations for their enemies too. Lol. Guess how big they are now.

    • D K
      D K 3 months ago

      Very well said.

    • Nothing
      Nothing 3 months ago

      Very well said

  • Justin Rowe
    Justin Rowe 3 months ago

    We’re only just warming up. Pray NATO doesn’t get directly stuck in.

  • Diaz Virdani
    Diaz Virdani 3 months ago +9

    *Russia🇷🇺 still occupied oblast Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Kherson, Crimea.*
    Russia must end occupation & peace!

    • Yann Tsala
      Yann Tsala 3 months ago

      You forgot to mention the occupation by US around the world, also what are you are going to do with the native Russian speaking in those regions who not longer want to be part of Ukraine since 2014. You should look at the whole picture.

  • Wild Boar
    Wild Boar Month ago +1

    OTAN provoked the war but Russia did start Ukraine war. Cuba was not tolerated....

  • Silafau Paul Meredith
    Silafau Paul Meredith 3 months ago +4

    His best speech which was ignored by the west was in Munich 2008.

    • Paul
      Paul 3 months ago

      Post Clip-Share vid url

  • Jarrod Yuki
    Jarrod Yuki 3 months ago


  • Ali Asgar Ladhani
    Ali Asgar Ladhani 3 months ago

    He is not wrong. West is stretching it's luck too much.. both sides knows it and no 1 is ready to budge..

  • POLA
    POLA 3 months ago

    You must not know the craziness of Amarican’s yet we wait one year and we have to pay to get bear shooting permit .Now if there will be Russians shooting and hunting with no cost and permit be out guest…

  • Ed Q
    Ed Q 3 months ago +1

    Living in a bubble , bathing in your own ego, no care for the damage and crime you have inflicted. Sad little old crime boss.

  • Juice
    Juice 3 months ago +2

    Since America is so confident of a victory, why not go all out just like you did in Iraq

    • No BS
      No BS 3 months ago +1

      Armchair Clip-Share general

    • Trains of Thought
      Trains of Thought 3 months ago

      What's Iraq got to do with anything? Different time, different leaders, different circumstances.

  • Armin Foco
    Armin Foco Month ago


  • خالد
    خالد 3 months ago +7

    The reason Russia invaded Ukraine is the same reason America invaded Cuba!

    • Robin Page
      Robin Page 3 months ago +1

      So, you're saying Cuba belongs to America? Noted.

    • خالد
      خالد 3 months ago

      @Robin Page Don't twist my words

    • خالد
      خالد 3 months ago

      @Robin Page You clearly don't understand what I am talking about I am more knowledgeable than you on my comment I have the facts to back it up.

    • Jo Nye
      Jo Nye 3 months ago +1

      @خالد But you decided to withhold them. Good move.

    • خالد
      خالد 3 months ago +3

      @Robin Page The island of Cuba is very close to the united States Russia put their intercontinental ballistic missiles there so the United States started a coup and armed exiled Cubans to start a revolution according to the US it was supposed to stop the "spread of communism but the think is Cuba never attacked the united States for to long the west has used the term freedom and democracy to get their resources in the world stage

  • Florin
    Florin 2 months ago +3

    Well done Putin

  • Larry Lance
    Larry Lance 3 months ago +11

    Viva putin ...long live the maestro your loved n cherished by standing up to a bully

  • fisher price
    fisher price 3 months ago

    Ukraine ddn have no grounds till US helped them.. calm down

  • Yenoah Kalkidan
    Yenoah Kalkidan 3 months ago +1

    Viva Putin

  • Kriss Wegemer
    Kriss Wegemer 3 months ago +1

    What did Putin say that wasn't true?

  • Goran Svraka
    Goran Svraka 3 months ago

    How is this propaganda? You only need to see how the west has behaved historically to understand wether what they say is true.... I'd say he is stating facts because NATO did expand towards Russia after they promised they wouldn't to Gorbachev!

  • Jamosk1
    Jamosk1 3 months ago +5


  • Ataboy boyboy
    Ataboy boyboy 3 months ago

    blah blah blah ... prove him wrong ....

  • Grey Fox
    Grey Fox 3 months ago

    Que dice el loco del Hitler moderni

  • Shaker Jan
    Shaker Jan 2 months ago +1

    Putin good man

  • MR Choudhury
    MR Choudhury 3 months ago

    Love Russia from India

    • Stellar Cris
      Stellar Cris 3 months ago +4

      Love ukraine from Pakistan.

    • Brian Freeman
      Brian Freeman 3 months ago

      I've visited India many times and absolutely love it . . . until I read comments like yours !

    • MR Choudhury
      MR Choudhury 3 months ago

      @Brian Freeman I love people of USA+ EU more than anyone in the world , but not your foreign policy!!!
      Invasion after Invasion, Mass murder after mass murder, hypocrisy after hypocrisy...
      Sorry man nothing personal but I just cited what I seen in my 27 years life, mass murder of 1 million iraqi, lakhs of yemani afgan lybian syrian somalian etc... We Indians choose those who committed less crime against humanity..

    • Brian Freeman
      Brian Freeman 3 months ago

      @MR Choudhury I respect your opinion, although I disagree, and I still love India.

  • Cope
    Cope 3 months ago


  • Christine Dennison
    Christine Dennison 3 months ago +1

    I'm on russias side

  • AiR.0
    AiR.0 3 months ago +1

    The uk people are with you putin

  • Ryan Hartnett
    Ryan Hartnett 3 months ago +17

    If Zelenskyy is the comedian, then Putin is the joke. 🤡

    • Silafau Paul Meredith
      Silafau Paul Meredith 3 months ago +2

      Biden had to ask Putin for permission to go into Kiev incase he is shelled. Just like Zekensky had to get the former Isareli PM to ask Putin not to take the comedian out. Finny ah

    • Jo Nye
      Jo Nye 3 months ago

      @Silafau Paul Meredith Finny indeed.

    • Denise Caparn
      Denise Caparn 3 months ago

      Yeah a great man Putin a greatest joke I l love him thanks about that

  • just some Gamercat
    just some Gamercat 3 months ago +1

    America need to stay out of world affairs.

  • AS Lysa
    AS Lysa 3 months ago

    Meanwhile I’m in the west with so much food my belly aches, high speed internet, freedom and a good source of financial income. Compare that to the average Russian who can’t afford food at times, power outages, corruption in all levels, economic depression,inflation and being forced to fight a war they don’t want too and having no freedoms it’s clear who’s really the morally superior Putin is a little small tyrant crying out to revive the long DEAD Russian empire Russia is a backwards sewer of a country just with rusty old nukes

  • Mustapha Batu
    Mustapha Batu 3 months ago +9

    God bless Vladimir Putin

    • Denise Caparn
      Denise Caparn 3 months ago

      Putins the greatest standing up t bullies

    • Kety
      Kety 26 days ago

      @Denise Caparn He, himself is the bully!

  • Mehedi Hasan
    Mehedi Hasan 3 months ago +2

    Who discribed it as absurd propaganda ??
    Oh sorry! It must be the "experts ".

  • Kenny Seger
    Kenny Seger 3 months ago +8


  • riyas rila
    riyas rila 3 months ago +1

    Putin is king 🤴

  • Matt Davis
    Matt Davis 2 months ago

    Comon we all saw what happened at the end of Rocky 4.. get real russia lol

  • Mevine Ven
    Mevine Ven 2 months ago

    Hal putin sir respect 🙏

  • lukas von steuben
    lukas von steuben 3 months ago

    propagenda everything is facts

  • Flierman
    Flierman 27 days ago

    Talk sbout paranoid schizophrenia

  • International Franchise Alliance

    Go to sleep Putin. You look tired. Ideally FOREVER

  • M M
    M M 3 months ago +2

    Aljazerra is a western gutter press machine

    • M M
      M M 3 months ago

      @bradley heights according to the Minsk agreement. That is why USA is always in every war. Truce breaker

    • M M
      M M 3 months ago

      @bradley heights the bigger sin was NATO expansion. And ukry deserves what it's getting now . Had ukry avoided hanging out with the most hated bully- usa, Russia would never bother with them but look now!

  • DA
    DA 3 months ago +1

    Slava Russia, slava Putin!!!

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