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Does Rivian *really* have 7777 batteries inside?! - Battery Pack Teardown!

  • Published on Sep 25, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Today we find out if Rivian really installed 7777 batteries inside their Electric Truck. I've always been curious how many tiny batteries it takes to move a massive truck. And today we are with Munro Live to find out. Check out the 4680 battery teardown HERE: clip-share.net/video/VEBY7rEUZiI/video.html they have a super cool channel. I was like a kid in a candy shop exploring all of the different electric vehicles Munro has taken apart. Super glad they let me come be a part of the battery module teardown.
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  • @akashdipdas2367

    Imagine if they had pulltabs

  • @CalumRaasay

    It's quite striking how simple it all is compared to a 4 wheel drive, combustion-engined equivielent. It would be cool to see the Rivian parts all laid out next to a completely disassembled Toyota Tacoma or a similarly sized pickup truck to the Rivian. Thanks for sharing Zach.

  • @7medo7
    @7medo7  +176

    Thank you for conversion from imperial to even more american units for us, from the rest of the world :D Great video, I was looking forward for this cooperation!

  • @longnamedude3947

    Sandy Munro sounds like a really cool guy that has had the opportunity to do some awesome stuff as his job to get to where his business is today.

  • @yournonfavoriteperson2876

    This collab was the stuff of dreams, so glad you both came together on this one. I live 22 miles from the Rivian plant in Bloomington/Normal, and as a Chevy Bolt owner, glad to have EV innovation close to home. Hope to afford one of these some day.


    Love it! Sandy is awesome.

  • @tobisreallifeskillswithtob7856

    Thanks Jerry! Super interesting seeing this! Insane how long it took you taking a battery pack apart though. Would you call it maintainable? ;)

  • @syed_mamoon99

    It's incredible to see the amount of detail and engineering going into these vehicles, making them look more than just a computer on wheels.

  • @TroyRubert

    Now this is the epic collab I’ve always wanted.

  • @0920121908250727

    Great idea pairing up with Munro on this! As an R1T owner, this is super interesting. Maybe Sandy will do a future video comparing the Rivian and Tesla packs.

  • @IncognitoHoe

    I really respect your view of the world and goals you set to achieve. You’re a real inspiration. Oh teardowns are cool too.

  • @user-rw9kq5vy2b

    question: is this really dangerous? I remember on the big car videos you mentioned a lot of safety concerns

  • @yinglish119

    Those harbor freight tools... Love it. Also I love how you told us the specs of each battery module. I was wondering if I can get the modules + 4motors inside a classic mini.

  • @DraaelD

    I appreciate the balance of your channel. It's Informative and permits you to draw your own conclusion with the data presented. Thank you. Coming right out of your" - are Evs good for the environment?", video.

  • @syedsaqib9198

    Man the durability test you do is insane keep it up man

  • @Amuzic_Earth

    Zack and Munro...this is a collab i never expected...but, now that's here, it makes sense. Both rigs everything.

  • @ak_hoops

    It was SO satisfying to hear the actual battery count!!!

  • @kiwirawks5500

    I am always amazed on how small a lot of EV batteries are. I have a Lightsaber prop that works of a 18650 and he just puts them in a car

  • @Carljouannet

    Very cool, thank you for sharing. I agree it's nice just getting battery packs out there now and we can use them in the future for all kinds of ev conversions down the line

  • @BillHustonPodcast

    Brings new meaning to, "No User-Serviceable Parts Inside"