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Worst So Far: iBUYPOWER Pre-Built Gaming PC Slate MR1004 Review

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • GamingGaming

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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  Year ago +749

    The next one on the bench seems, so far, to be promising. We haven't found any show-stopping issues (yet). Hopefully it gives us a positive prebuilt to review!
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    • 2D
      2D 9 months ago

      What is case name ?

    • Matt B
      Matt B 10 months ago

      Why the fuck would an SI not test the complete system? That's like a car manufacturer not testing the completed car, but only each individual component.. without the serious risk of death. Thats just pathetic.

    • CC
      CC Year ago

      i have made it 666 likes gamers nexus is now cursed to forever make entertaining videos

    • Jimmy Nuggs
      Jimmy Nuggs Year ago

      Enough responses from manufacturers for feedback videos?!

    • John Crowley
      John Crowley Year ago

      @Paul Schlote CLX came through for me. Its my fourth box. The first was a Tandy from Radio Shack in 1979. What I learned from that machine was to steer clear of proprietary parts. The first and only problem I had with it after 10 years was a power supply failure. My local Mr. Robot couldn't replace it. So I found a custom builder in the now defunct but legendary computer shopper magazine.. They were a small builder in Rock Hill SC. I thought that machine was killed when my son put Napster on it. I noticed one day that the hard drive was always being accessed. Now I think it was some of malware. Third machine came from a local builder in Rochester NY in 2007. I still run that machine. Only problem I've ever had with that machine was a power supply that failed. This time my local Mr. Robot was able to replace it for around $100.00. The CLX I'm running now was perfect on delivery. So my advice avoid Dell, Cybertron, Ibuypower. I picked CLX over Xidax, Digital Storm, Origin and NZXT based on availability of components, price and warranty. After pricing out the parts the premium for having the individual parts I selected preassembled was about $200.00. And there was no charge for shipping at the time I placed the order. That was well worth it to me.

  • Mark D
    Mark D Year ago +1232

    Are we sure this PC wasn't intercepted and tampered with by Dell to make theirs appear less bad?

    • oyeahisbest123
      oyeahisbest123 Month ago

      @Dallas Harte16127 well sell ibuypower pcs and only have 1% complaint rate and .05% Return rate with a overall rating of 4.2 So overall they are doing better than most pc companys to be honest.

    • MrTimTam
      MrTimTam 2 months ago

      @Jeigh Neither I’m getting one all I’ve heard is the best from them and not to underplay them

    • Nicholas Brennan
      Nicholas Brennan 3 months ago

      @Jeigh Neither Mine as well.

    • Chief
      Chief 3 months ago

      I just got an i buypower pc. It didnt even have windows activated.

    • Justin
      Justin 9 months ago

      @Dallas Harte16127 same i got a similar ibuypower pc to yours i like the design of their trace mr cases the rgb is not super bright and colorful, a bit bolder and dimmer colors i like that its a more subtle look too many bright colors can be distracting

  • Pzyero
    Pzyero Month ago +17

    I know this is from a year ago, but both the PCIE clips were snapped on my build, and it was shipped with a broken gpu, kinda glad though, it got me into PCs more!

    • Pzyero
      Pzyero 12 days ago

      @Mann Tau I don’t believe so. The one I had was from their Slate Lineup.

    • Mann Tau
      Mann Tau 12 days ago +1

      Same model? Or just from ibuypower too?

  • Henry Flores
    Henry Flores Month ago +11

    i once had a ibuypower slate pc, and it kept on crashing and bootlooping. Turned out that the ram stick was sticking out and wasnt fully put in

    • auscaliber1
      auscaliber1 Month ago +1

      @TheNOOBslime no it bloody well isn't. it's an easy fix -- that shouldn't have to be done when you've paid a company to professionally build. In what world is improperly seated RAM the CUSTOMER'S fault you troglodyte?

    • TheNOOBslime
      TheNOOBslime Month ago

      That one’s on you man

  • Abel S
    Abel S Month ago

    I bought one similar this 1yr and half ago and already problems with fans and water cool, best part can’t change the fans only the water cool. Ibuypower are not getting better over time, more like making builds to cut the life span of the pc

  • Yolo McSwaggot
    Yolo McSwaggot Year ago +2972

    I like to imagine all the sad single RAM sticks living together on the Gamers Nexus farm now

    • George Andrews
      George Andrews 5 months ago

      Like my old dog Max, right?

    • Arai Daisuke
      Arai Daisuke 5 months ago

      @Kytheria Gaming as they should. It's barely enough to get a PC working, but it's not enough to have good performance.

    • MacroMacUltd
      MacroMacUltd 6 months ago

      This is one of the funniest things I've read in awhile. Well played.

    • Typo
      Typo Year ago

      @Espuron Linus did a video on it. On most modern sticks you can do it, just expect some performance loss

    • Espuron
      Espuron Year ago

      @Typo from what I understand you should never combine RAM from different kits/sets.

  • Kyle Stewart
    Kyle Stewart 2 months ago

  • Adam Earle
    Adam Earle Year ago +156

    That is 100% a store return. When parts are hard to find I’ve bought prebuilts to get parts out of. I’ve bought probably 6 ibuypowers. They always have foam packing in the case and always have a printed manual. Someone bought that and jacked it up considering the missing pci-e clips. If that’s not the case it must of been someone last day and they were just like f it

    • John Maurer
      John Maurer 2 months ago

      @MrTimTam I hope you enjoy it! The keyboard and mouse it comes with are pretty good. I swapped out my prior ones and use the ones they sent b/c I like the feel and they look good.

    • MrTimTam
      MrTimTam 2 months ago +1

      @John Maurer that’s why I’m saying I got a 1,500 dollar ibuypowrr for a Black Friday deal of 1,130 which is great because it comes with good parts EXECPT for people say you should upgrade the cpu fan after a while which ain’t that bad at lol I can’t wait for mine to come because it comes with a keyboard and mouse all I heard was good things from the 1000 dollar ones and people saying that they are actually some of the better prebuilts to get

    • MrTimTam
      MrTimTam 2 months ago

      @Lurch Adams I bought one it was a good deal I got 300 dollars of a 1,530 dollar pc

    • John Maurer
      John Maurer 2 months ago

      @SnipzMcRifle Its really great to see how it came down and it's more accessible. I hope limited income gamers can get away from the FPS race and just buy what they need within their budget. I bought a $1400 setup and am getting 60FPS in Arma, 90FPS in Squad, and 50FPS in DCS. Those are all resource hogs but that's what I play. I don't think you average gamer needs nearly this much power and I agree you can get the games you want for $700

    • SnipzMcRifle
      SnipzMcRifle 2 months ago +1

      @John Maurer you can actually get pretty good gaming pc’s for 700 bucks, especially since gpu prices aren’t as abysmal as they were a few months ago.

  • Andrew Makarov
    Andrew Makarov Year ago +514

    Pessimist: "The worst"
    Optimist: "SO FAR!"

    • Saphira Kai
      Saphira Kai Year ago +6

      Realist: there are no GPUs
      Nihilist: idc i'm on console

    • kingsson
      kingsson Year ago +5

      Homer, is this you?

  • Ish Travel
    Ish Travel Month ago +7

    very impossible. Either damage by shipping or tampered by someone. I got 2 ibuypower, one is 6 years old and other is 3 month old. all are solid build. Something unbelievable here.

    • ES
      ES 19 days ago

      @David Cook Lol not a very high standard to put the PC to "it works". Yes, I would hope a PC works.

    • PTG
      PTG 24 days ago +1

      Just bought an ibuypower 3080 and everythings been solid so far

    • David Cook
      David Cook Month ago

      I have one right now. Watching sons of anarchy on it. Love this computer. Had it over a month. Works flawless. I'm havent gamed on it yet though. Haven't got around to downloading games yet.

    • Ish Travel
      Ish Travel Month ago +1

      @It wasn't your fault you have to let me go no, I just happen to buy their ibuypower with their RTX 1080 and RTX3080. RTX1080 is the one that is 6 years old. Still good looking with liquid cooling. Still runs most of games.

    • It wasn't your fault you have to let me go
      It wasn't your fault you have to let me go Month ago +3

      *The comment above is sponsored by iBUYPOWER*

  • Some Online Project
    Some Online Project Year ago +75

    I absolutely love the review style GN has. It's very particular, strong, fair, and the attention to detail is second to none, nor is the consistency!

    • Some Online Project
      Some Online Project 2 months ago +1

      @Jim Gray i dont know what the fuck I was thinking

    • Jim Gray
      Jim Gray 2 months ago

      In your sentence, replace "nor" with "as". Just a little syntax tip. Otherwise, I agree with your statement.

  • Finylin
    Finylin Year ago +143

    When getting into PC gaming, I got a low tier rig similar to this back in 2014 from ibuypower through Best Buy as a Christmas gift. I had two RMA's because my first rig had a hard drive failure, and the second one had a graphics card failure. This video really showed me how bad they are and imagine how bad they were 6+ years ago...

    • II katinggangseng II
      II katinggangseng II 3 months ago +1

      for even lower budget i5/i7 gen4+rx470

    • II katinggangseng II
      II katinggangseng II 3 months ago +1

      @Baby 5600x+6750xt/3080 or 12100f/ryzen 3600+1660 super
      most important part is good monitor, doesnt matter if its 60/75/144hz

    • Tim Weber
      Tim Weber 6 months ago +1

      @Baby I know it's really late, but watch a few guides how to built a system yourself and then research which compopnents you want inside. You save a lot of money.
      Especially since you can get some parts used on ebay or sth.

    • Stelios Kontos
      Stelios Kontos 11 months ago

      @bobbyD bruhhhh the 1tb WD blue is literally bulletproof still have mine from 6 years ago in my brand new pc build benchmarking it shows its running hella slow but still good for storage

    • bobbyD
      bobbyD 11 months ago

      I got one through Walmart or BestBuy in 2014(can’t remember which retailer). Mine worked just fine and similar to the first commenter, the 1tb WD blue that came in it still works to this day. I believe mine was around $600 and came with a basic AM3+ mini atx mobo, gtx 750ti and fx6300 w 1 8gb stick of ddr3.
      Very quickly upgraded the entire thing though, to an fx8370, gtx 970 combo w new mobo, ram and the same 850w corsair psu im still running to this day😂

  • Kyle Strong
    Kyle Strong Year ago +31

    I actually got an iBuyPower a month or so ago, was pleasantly surprised. Had the foam packaging, easy start guide, and nothing was damaged. Maybe I got lucky. I did order from them directly though, not from a store.

    • EARTH
      EARTH 2 months ago

      @cxrtezzy yup, i checked into all the specs and got one and it's really good for me so yeah lol

    • cxrtezzy
      cxrtezzy 2 months ago +1

      i also have a IBuyPower prebuilt aswell and currently still using it. I actually had mines for a year now and when i first got it I was confused on why people didn't like IBuyPower prebuilds because mines was excellent. Nothing was broken the instuctions was clear and it was very secured in the box. also gave me a free pc xbox gamepass for 1 month and now im still enjoying it with no problems

    • EARTH
      EARTH 4 months ago +2

      yeah they're really not bad, this guy like many others just gets views by complaining and being negative

    • Lurch Adams
      Lurch Adams 8 months ago

      just got mine no foam but no damage so it seems to be a luck thing lol

    • theeegunner
      theeegunner 11 months ago +1

      i believe he said in a recent video they added a bunch of QC steps after this video.

  • Jonathan Tabor
    Jonathan Tabor Year ago +16

    I've run a local computer build/repair shop for almost 20 years now. I have nightmare stories of people bringing in pre built system like a week old that were bad but NOTHING and I mean NOTHING compares to this. This is horrible.

    • Baddog66
      Baddog66 9 months ago +2

      This pc seems extremely bad and definitely a store return rather than a pull apart.

  • John R
    John R Year ago +637

    I wouldn’t expect something worse than that dell prebuilt so I guess that’s an achievement from Ibuypower

    • TalesOfWar
      TalesOfWar Year ago +4

      The Dell was crazy bad for other reasons. At least that actually worked and wasn't a potential fire risk just for turning it on.

    • GemCat
      GemCat Year ago +4

      Dell has awful design, iBP has awful quality control.

    • Scott Craig
      Scott Craig Year ago


    • GaiusSabinus
      GaiusSabinus Year ago +6

      The rateing is sub-dell

    • defconid4
      defconid4 Year ago +22

      @John R I had a Dell with no internet. After HOURS and hours with tech support, I decided to install an ethernet card bypassing the motherboard connection. I called them back to tell them I solved their problem. They sent tech to my house to replace motherboard. Proprietary Crap. Years and years ago it was a $1500 computer.

  • Mr Hadley
    Mr Hadley Year ago +78

    My favorite line in this review:
    "So you're just shoved in to the deep end except the deep end is shark-infested and there's corpses of video cards and PCIE slots that have sunken to the bottom."
    I am assuming the 134 thumbs down at this time are all iBuyPower employees?

    • taco9797998907907
      taco9797998907907 Year ago +2

      And one or two fanboys.

    • Raifsevrence
      Raifsevrence Year ago +4

      iBuypower doesn't have 134 employees. Those are the bot farm downvotes they payed for.

  • Dest Droid
    Dest Droid Year ago +138

    Steve finally admits this entire series is because his grandma wants to get into gaming.

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B Year ago +28

    Its sad to see this considering all the work I used to put into builds at a small pc integrator I used to work for. Certainly we used cheap cases as we were business focused but we still took things a bit more seriously including a full days worth of testing for every PC that went out the door.

  • auscaliber1
    auscaliber1 Month ago +1

    I recently had to help an international friend replace their AIO with a new cooler over video call, they have an IBP machine. From the start the piss poor build quality made me so mad, so many little things that were just badly or incorrectly done. I don't know if there are good pre-builts out there, but I could never ever recommend IBP. Even before I'd seen the system there was (admittedly small) red flags with system descriptions not exactly being 'wrong', but technically wrong eg; listing onboard sound as "sound card" instead of "sound device" or something similar. I guess their ethic of cheating with their csgo team shows more about their company.

  • FightingFire01
    FightingFire01 Year ago +1697

    "Components tested individualy, not assembled" sounds like a futurama joke, and the punchline is ibuypower

    • Khola
      Khola Year ago

      The fact it sounds like a rip off cyberpower brand is the biggest joke of all. "iibuyberpowa"

    • woopsserg
      woopsserg Year ago +1

      @Kyokuji FGC GPU wasn't seated properly because it fell out during shipping. The issue is they used heavy components but did not put a foam pack inside, which then needs to be removed by a customer. ATX sucks, quite obviously when the standard was created there were no heavy CPU coolers and heavy GPUs. The only thing that is holding the cooler is motherboard and GPU is held by 1-2 screws and a weak plastic latch in the PCI-E connector. Surely it wasn't intended to hold something that often weights over 1kg/2lb.

    • Kyokuji FGC
      Kyokuji FGC Year ago

      @bruhaha Except the GPU wasn't even seated properly, so it clearly wasn't tested as a whole.

    • Maarten Bodewes
      Maarten Bodewes Year ago +1

      @bruhaha Interesting, however as a company I would make very clear that this is about RF interference, rather than how the product was tested. This is a box that was made to be opened by the customer after all. I do think they turned it on before they send it. It would probably run... for a while.

    • Alden Zenko
      Alden Zenko Year ago +1

      @D J Unintentionally, like you

  • IvyCuber
    IvyCuber 7 months ago +1

    letting people know, i have this exact pc. I have taken it apart for minor gpu and ram upgrades along with installing a new cpu cooler. I can confirm that none of the things shown in this video has happened to me. The pc runs fine with no issues, there are no defects etc.

  • Mike Nelson
    Mike Nelson Year ago +48

    I like that statement "pretty much everyone here is the personal IT of friends and family". So true, and it's a title that so many of us, myself included, hold. This is a great video series, it reminds me exactly why I will always prefer to build my own PC's, even with the current silicon shortage.

  • Prdgmshft
    Prdgmshft Month ago

    Just bought one from IBP and everything has been fine. It was packed in a sturdy case, everything was secured nicely with one of those inflatable bags, cable management was good. No damages to anything. The fan was kinda loud but it’s fine now. The only thing that’s really unforgivable is putting 3 fans on the front then blocking it off by a sheet of glass. The air intake is so weak that if you tore up a post it notes into 4 pieces the suction from the fans is only barely enough to hold up 1/4 of a post it note in the little triangle on the front where air is supposed to flow through.

  • Wild1BillS
    Wild1BillS 9 months ago +3

    Wishing I had found this video 3 months ago before I bought a pre built from these guys.
    At first my experience was great. Once ordered my new rig arrived via Fed Ex in 3 days. Unlike the one in this video mine did have foam packing inside to keep things from bouncing around that I needed to remove before set up.
    Once started Everything has run great for me. Fast forward to the 2 month mark when the hard drive died. First I tried calling for support and that was a joke. I started out on hold and got a message after about 5 minutes that the next available tech would be with me in about 5 minutes. Well 5 min later I got same message then 5 min later I got same message again then 5 min later same message again then 5 min later got new message that it would be 10 min and that I could leave my name and number for a call back. so I opted for that.
    After waiting for an hour I tried their website for support and the chat option. After answering a few robotic questions I waited for over 5 hours to get a reply from a human that Never came.
    After this I was ready to give up but I figured I would try the email option. To my surprise I actually received a reply within 20 minutes. After a few emails going back and forth it seems they may just be sending me a new hard drive after I send in the bad one. My biggest question that I asked multiple times was how I was going to get windows for the new drive since original order Never came with any disc's or thumb drives. After 4 emails I was finally told they would include a thumb drive with new copy for me.

  • DocBadwrench
    DocBadwrench Year ago +608

    When I was waiting for a custom-built iBP system early this year, I learned that emailing was a joke. You had to get into their Discord server. Once there, I learned that among the only tools to receive guaranteed IT help was to basically 'apply to the next 20 slots' when an opportunity opened in the morning. I was fortunate not to have any tech problems (just inquiry as to status), but if I *did* I probably would have been miffed at what was effectively a lottery for receiving timely tech support.

    • darknase
      darknase Year ago

      @Efrain Astorga Companies are not persons, they don't have feelings. "Shaming" is just hurting their bottom line and that's the only thing *any* company cares about (in the end).
      Nobody is hurt by shaming a company.

    • ljessecusterl
      ljessecusterl Year ago

      @CrimFerret My girlfriend had multiple issues with her CyberPower build that I was able to guide her to fix remotely. She has yet to receive a response beyond acknowledgement of her ticket submission. It's been months.

    • Alpha8713
      Alpha8713 Year ago

      And how, exactly, are you supposed to do this if your computer does not work?

    • CrimFerret
      CrimFerret Year ago +1

      @Gamers Nexus IBP seems to use their discord for actual tech support. CyberPowerPC doesn't do that but they actually respond to e-mails and have phone and live chat support.

    • Bubba fug00gle
      Bubba fug00gle Year ago

      @D F It is if they intentionally recycled a broken part just to chalk up a sale. I bet some SIs have been doing that... no evidence other than human greed.

  • walspeed
    walspeed Year ago +3

    If its any consolation, ive had a bunch of friends recently decide to get into PC gamin and all of them speced out an iBUYPOWER machine. None of them came with any glaring issues and i did check each one. Only complaint was the turn around time of nearly 2 months.

  • Kevin
    Kevin Year ago +4

    Even though I'll likely never buy a pre built gaming system I still find these videos fascinating to watch. Hopefully these brands improve because building a rig can be such a barrier to entry for potential PC gamers (not to mention current GPU prices as well).

  • EK4892
    EK4892 Year ago +1

    I have had mixed experience when iBuyPower. First pc I bought from them was a customized rig with a 1070 and an i5. Got to me quickly, ram fine, cable management was great. No complaints. Second was a 2080ti, i7, ssds, upgraded Corsair RGB fans, RGB lighting, aio, all of the bells and whistles. It arrived late, and when opening the box, which was in perfect condition, I found the entire case to be broken up. Front plate hinge was broken. Top of the case was cracked and mountings were broken. The thumbscrews for the glass were bent. Horror story goes on. It was quite obvious that someone had dropped the PC and packaged it anyways. I knew it wasn't caused by the shipper because the inner and outer boxes were in perfect condition. I repacked it and sent it back. Took over two weeks to get a new one which was unacceptable considering I had paid for the express building and had already waited for it in the first place. Upon getting the new one, at least it wasn't destroyed, but the wiring was absolutely terrible. Thia was infuriating because I paid for the "professional" wiring. So in order to add my hard drives and stuff from my previous rig, I completely gutted it, rewired everything myself at put it back together. I also paid for an over clock. It wasn't applied. I bought the computer because at the time I didn't have enough time to build my own. After everything, i functionally had to build it myself anyways. Was absolutely infuriated. On top of everything their customer service was beyond poor. After that experience I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

  • DF EC
    DF EC Year ago +4

    I really wish that you would include a normalized chart against the expected performance of a system with a given cpu and gpu. It would emphasize the quality of the builds a lot better

  • Frank Dong
    Frank Dong 7 months ago

    I have to say, from my experience with ibuypower. It has changed into more reliable company. I have purchased a prebuilt system with the latest i7 12700 and 3060ti. And recently I updated my system so I have taken everything out. I have to say, the build quality is good. Every screw is in the right place, and exactly how tight it needed to be. No damage what so ever, and cable management is great as well. All components are top tier except for the powersupply and AIO (ibuypower uses their own aio and all the fans and case). The ibuypower case is bad though. No airflow because the front panel is glass, only a small crack with open air.
    I guess ibuypower must changed their assembly front to back.

  • Brustavis
    Brustavis 10 months ago +5

    I bought this model at the local Walmart and wasn’t disappointed like this, this has me worried now although a buddy of mine is well rounded on gaming PCs and he and I went over everything and double checked that it was assembled well before turning it on and it was built well all screws were nicely snug, unfortunately my only negative comment on mine and my wife’s ibuypower PCs is that they totally downgraded the video card, which ehh, I can get a new one but I paid $750 after tax and everything for each and only got an RtX 1030 in each and I’ve seen other people get some sweet cards. As for testing before hand, I went to geek squad and had them test the system before I ten ran a game and it passed everything they put it through. So all together my, personal rating, BUY IT AT A LOCAL WALMART, and I say 7 of 10.

  • David
    David Year ago +2

    I got one like 2 months ago with an i710700k and a rtx 3070 I double checked everything and it was all solid and correct. No issues so far.

  • Knightedtitan
    Knightedtitan Year ago +5

    I bought a custom PC from ibuypower (I was honestly too lazy to put together another PC) in January-February 2020. It came in excellent shape. My only minor gripe was the cable management, on the back of the case only, while effective was not necessarily as pretty as I would have liked. Everything else was put together well, even thermal paste was applied better than expected. I think the disparity in what you received vs what I received is a huge issue. Maybe they have gone down hill severely in the last year, but it's sad to see a place that did me so well, do you so poorly

    • auscaliber1
      auscaliber1 Month ago +1

      "even thermal paste was applied better than expected" this blows my mind that you think this is an endorsement, like its an art form to put very vaguely the right amount on the spreader

  • darkSorceror
    darkSorceror Year ago +428

    "The plastic is chewed up" Yup, looks like when the GPU pulled out, it bent the slot itself, not just the reinforcement. This also explains how the clip came out; it would have popped off when the GPU came off the slot. I've made the mistake a couple of times of forgetting that these clips changed design from the old molded plastic design, and popped them off myself. Honestly doesn't take a whole lot of force to pop them off if you have a GPU in there to use as a lever

    • Holesale00
      Holesale00 Year ago +1

      @TAD2020 This is something that actually happens. I had to walk someone inexperienced through removing a GPU over the phone and using a tutorial video they still snapped the retention clip off even after "Watching the video" and my detailed descriptions of the process.

    • M. Northstar
      M. Northstar Year ago

      @TAD2020 But then why was the clip rattling around in the case? Thinking of how many instances of greed, inattention and lack of care must have lined up to deliver this system in this state is making my tooth ache.

    • maks steen
      maks steen Year ago

      @Lucid Nonsense im not evven sure what you are saying but... bouncing your pc around on a trampoline would never cause nonsense like this this is shit crap poop almost makes we want to buy a dell... or kill myself (probable the latter becuz f dell)

    • TAD2020
      TAD2020 Year ago +1

      But how would it have popped off the retention clips on every other slot as well? I wonder if iBP removed all the retention clips to prevent customer damage to the mobo from trying to remove the GPU and not knowing to release the clip first. If that was the case, it may have backfired here.

    • Lucid Nonsense
      Lucid Nonsense Year ago

      @Holesale00 In fairness, the whole mobo moved and even stripped one of the screws out and I think those panels are acrylic. Or, someone hulked on it so hard to shift the motherboard - that's jumping off a trampoline,, while aiming at the slot with the GPU, level of force.

  • Kiara
    Kiara Year ago +6

    I just bought an Ibuypower trace 4 mr and it works pretty well, it’s my first desktop so I’m not trying to really impress myself. I just needed something better than my little two in one, so honestly I really like ibuypower prebuilt desktops for right now. I mean when they sent in the computer I was missing tons of manuals and paperwork but all I had to do was search up my questions online and the problem was solved. So I guess it just depends on which pc you get and then play Russian roulette for how it was built in the factory and shipped.

    • ivy
      ivy 9 months ago

      @Dylan Bonilla at 1:29 he said he bought it from a retailer, I think he should’ve made that clearer tho…

    • Dylan Bonilla
      Dylan Bonilla Year ago

      It’s because your boy messed with the components before making his “honest” video

  • Nate
    Nate 6 months ago +1

    I bought an Ibuypower for around 800 dollars and it was an amazing starter PC! I had no issues with it! I plan on upgrading the RAM because it only came with 1 8 GB ram stick. The pc even came with a keyboard and mouse.
    The starting hard drive is 256 gigabytes and I bought another hard drive for my games. (It only came with one) I plan on buying a better hard drive and replacing the 256 gigabytes with 1 terabyte.
    Later I will upgrade the graphics card because it is no theeeee best but it is still really good!
    Pc: ibuypower trace 4 MR 9340 (AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6GHz)

  • Jeremyyy670
    Jeremyyy670 4 months ago +2

    My first pre-built pc that was almost 2 years ago was ibuypower and it was a really good system that was shipped with the inflatable plastic inside and was almost a perfect shipment other than a heatsink for one of the ram sticks did fall off at some point during the trip

  • The Entire Population of Russia

    We ordered 5 machines from them a few years ago to see if they would be a good fit for our game PC needs. All but one had something wrong with them, from improperly screwed in PSUs that acting like flails inside the case to PCI ports ripped from the motherboard, it was a damn mess. Then they wanted us to pay for shipping back to them to replace the computers. I ended up driving them to their home office (about 2 hours away) where they proceeded to count the cables and extra accessories to bill us for what was missing. Safe to say we did not go with them.

  • Thomas Kirchmann
    Thomas Kirchmann Year ago +96

    The silver lining is these pre-builts make WalMart look like a pretty high quality brand.

    • Thomas Kirchmann
      Thomas Kirchmann Year ago +3

      @Narei Mooncatt You haven't watched this video have you? Lol

    • Narei Mooncatt
      Narei Mooncatt Year ago +2

      You haven't seen the videos of their Wal-Mart computer buys, have you? Lol

    • Scott Craig
      Scott Craig Year ago +3

      Great Value PCs

    • Gage
      Gage Year ago +10

      Isnt that terrifying? 😂

  • Barry
    Barry Year ago +20

    I’ve had 3 ibuypower PCs over the years and they have been perfect. Best computers I’ve ever owned. This has to due to shipping. 😕

    • harv
      harv 6 months ago

      Definitely not good value for your money though. A LOT of better options

    • BGS Moe
      BGS Moe 11 months ago

      just got my first one i broke it by tampering with something but i fixed it

  • verm
    verm Year ago +5

    Wow whoever built this probably got fired right away. 😂
    Even if it's just $600, it's ridiculous to not have any sort of quality control or function test after assembly.

    • Anna
      Anna 7 months ago

      I would say that depends on w here they got it from. Did they buy it off iBuypower's site or did they run to Best Buy?
      If it is Best Buy there is a chance at least that this was a return that they reshelved. I had a similar issue with a Cyberpower prebuild I bought from Best Buy for a friend. Not only was it an open box (though not listed as one) but whoever returned it swapped out the video card for a cheaper one.

  • Trophyking 360
    Trophyking 360 3 months ago +1

    Actually just bought this pc like 3 weeks ago it’s amazing haven’t had a problem with any game except Fortnite but it also ran smooth after I changed the settings which is weird cause even cod ran better than Fortnite but don’t believe the hate if you’re not looking to run games at 3000fps with 4K graphics while live streaming twitch all at once and your just a regular gamer thing is better than the ps5

  • Jeff Lane
    Jeff Lane Year ago +12

    I bought my PC from ibuypower and had a much better experience than this. The two issues I had were that D.O.C.P was not enabled so my ram wasn't operating at its full speed and the 2 fans that came with my Corsair AIO were not present. They actually sent them after I talked them about it. The extra packing material was optional and I chose it for the very reason this one should have had it. I believe it should be included with every PC anyhow. Glad I had a better experience than you did.

    • brian lindsey
      brian lindsey Month ago

      I bought a used ibuypower off ebay for $300, It was a $800 year 2022 model. Seller said working as intended. He lied and cpu cooling fan was dead and he removed the good video card and put in a gt 710, and no hard drive. I fixed everything myself and installed an amd rx 590 video card, new cooler fan, and a one tb M.2 ssd. I still got over.

    • Steve Jones2022
      Steve Jones2022 Year ago +1

      @Jason Coon for iBuypower pretty much the delivery time. The ready build I bought had everything I was going to buy and build anyway. I added ram and a bigger M.2 drive after I received it.

    • Jason Coon
      Jason Coon Year ago

      I have two and am considering a third. I wonder if there is a difference between their ready to ship systems vs the customized builds.

    • Steve Jones2022
      Steve Jones2022 Year ago

      I bought an ibuypower i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz system two years ago and it's been perfect. I had CLX (about 6 years old now) before that and wanted an upgraded CLX but it was about 20% more than the ibuypower with the same components and 4 to 5 week lead time to get it.

    BRUXXUS Year ago +132

    I don't understand how these companies are managing to be THIS BAD at what they do.
    Making computers is *literally* their business.... and they're f*cking terrible at it. I need a change in career where I can make millions doing something as poorly as possible.

    • sammy080798
      sammy080798 Year ago +1

      @Xolerys this is the problem of most mass produce production.... quantity over quality. Sure your foreman will tell you the company wants to build a quality product, but at the end of the shift, all that matters are the numbers.....

    • Xolerys
      Xolerys Year ago +1

      I used to build for IBP, the problem I would say they had was they focuses too godang much on how many PCs u can build a day rather than how good u can build them

    • K M
      K M Year ago +2

      thats the level of QC id expect from a bottom of the barrel wish deal. i guess they saved cost by just firing their QC department and using interns to build everything.

    • Tyler Boyles
      Tyler Boyles Year ago +4

      This isnt an issue with all their pcs. It has to come down to who is actually building the computers. I bought one from them last year with literally zero issues.

    • Tyler Boyles
      Tyler Boyles Year ago +4

      This isnt an issue with all their pcs. It has to come down to who is actually building the computers. I bought one from them last year with literally zero issues.

  • Kahl Dragonborn
    Kahl Dragonborn Year ago +5

    GN needs a big partner to make this a series forever, these are by far my favorite videos and most informative.

  • zach
    zach Year ago

    So I ordered my IBUYPOWER with a 3070 back in November. And I can say I've had no issues with it. Custom built. I got the gigabyte for $500. The only complaint I have is that the USB slots at the top are slightly tilted, but otherwise usable.
    Lesson is: Buy these from the website if you can. You get much better deals there anyway.

  • Luke
    Luke Year ago +1

    This is really surprising to me I ordered my pc directly from ibuypower last year and had none of these issues. Really disappointing to see this happen.

  • Drew Carry
    Drew Carry 6 months ago +1

    I've read a lot of reviews despite this one, seems Ibuypower is one of the better prebuilt pcs, i am planning on getting one.

  • harshbarj
    harshbarj Year ago +96

    "Complete system not tested" This is unacceptable for a prebuilt. If you are paying them to build it, it should be fully tested. I'd return it and state that as my reason why.

    • harshbarj
      harshbarj Year ago

      @Spell "lease look into what this sticker means. It's about the WiFi, nothing else." That's not what is says though. Also looking at the FCC guide, it's clear it's more than the wifi but the system as a whole. "For a product assembled from tested components but not tested as a system;" So no it's about the while system and has nothing to do with wifi only.

    • Thomas Sørensen
      Thomas Sørensen Year ago

      Where I worked, all assembled builds were tested; temperatures (if available), all fans working, all USB slots, sound, OS (if installed) and graphics card (driver + outputs). We could normally detect issues while the OS was being cloned onto the SSD/HD, which took 5-8 minutes. So, there is NO excuse for these cheap manufacturers, to send out pre-builds to costumers with so many quality issues.

    • Rylica
      Rylica Year ago +3

      It should be tested for sure. The bare minimum I expect is windows/bios boot to see everything is plugged in and not this NO testing BS

    • Dycedarg's Elder Brother
      Dycedarg's Elder Brother Year ago +4

      It's baffling that this appears to be an industry standard. Storage device not even plugged in? No OS on it once connected? Blasé responses from tech support: "oh that's totally normal, we don't check, maybe we might write an install script someday"?

    • D J
      D J Year ago +14

      That is an FCC sticker. Pretty sure it means all the components pass FCC standards but the thing as a whole hasn't been tested. It has nothing to do with testing the pc for functionality.

  • Matt's Gaming Stuff

    Before the pandemic related part shortages, I'd increasingly encouraged people to use services like Microcenter's where they would build the system for you from parts you picked (I think for around ~$100). The more I see these things come out like this the more vindicated I feel. My complaints used to be that it was too hard to find competent part matching or proprietary nonsense limiting upgradability. For my friends and family I've always been willing to do build/support for them. Even my parents who do basic stuff currently have a custom desktop from me (SFF though), and the first thing they noticed was how quiet it was since I bought a competent heat sink and fan. I think my advice will continue to be the same, along with wait out the pandemic if you can. Also just config-wise, why do people keep pushing off single 8 GB DIMMs as gaming systems? Or actually why is it so hard to find 16 GB configs in anything including laptops now? I know my multi-tasking and tab abuse aren't standard use cases, but going to 16 GB seems like a good ROI on user experience (I honestly think more people would be better served with say an i3 and 16 GB than an i5 and 8 GB so it's not like you have to miss a price point to do it).

  • Skilliard
    Skilliard Year ago

    I usually build my own computers, even though I'm pretty bad at it. With the horrible GPU shortage and RTX 3080's going for $3000, I decided to reluctantly go with an ASUS prebuilt because building my own would be way more expensive. I figured it would also be a nice convenience to not have to build/troubleshoot and just have something work out of the box.
    Boy was I wrong. I won't go into detail but there were countless issues and I had to return it. Thank god I was able to get a refund instead of waiting forever for a replacement that probably would've had the same problems.
    Seeing this series, I'm pretty convinced never to buy a prebuilt again as it clearly wasn't just a fluke. I'll take my chances at making a mistake with my own build over almost guaranteed mistakes made by a prebuilt manufacturer.
    What's weird to me is Laptops never seem to have these issues. It's just desktop gaming PCs that seem to have the worst QC.

  • Mikehunt hunt
    Mikehunt hunt Year ago

    Had 2 relatives order pcs from this company. 1st one had shipping damage and poor build quality with bent usb pins. Broken gpu out of box due to fedex slamming it on the floor though. 2nd relative had their cpu fan with pre-installed thermal paste get more thermal paste added on. Did not boot out of box. I now recommend nzxt mainly because its how a friend and i both got 3090 Fe

  • Alan Ultra
    Alan Ultra Year ago

    My employer bought a mid level system from them about 2 years ago. The cpu bracket was defective. The cooling pump was not making full contact with the cpu. The chipset overheated. The cooling system failed after 1 year. All the case fans failed. The mobo had missing screws and wasn’t tightened down. The wiring was a disaster. The case was a disaster. iBuyPower took forever to respond to our support request. They used to be good a long time ago but they’ve fallen off the edge of the planet.

  • ZoeBios121
    ZoeBios121 Year ago +337

    I'm beginning to understand why Apple makes a killing if this is how the competitors in the pre-built space do.

    • ┗(-_- )┓TURNT
      ┗(-_- )┓TURNT Year ago

      Last longer for you maybe, but Apples use of proprietary components unnecessarily, and attempts at preventing repairs… Not so much for the people bringing their phones into the shop.
      As underpowered as many are- at least I don’t hear the majority of Android manufacturers trying to stop repairs.

    • Salvo C
      Salvo C Year ago +1

      @TalesOfWar So you're saying apple invest more to help idiots? that sounds perfectly right.

    • Lou Skunt
      Lou Skunt Year ago +1

      @G T Out of the box? Sure. I agree with that much.

    • G T
      G T Year ago

      @Red Squirrel It's the same for non-Apple products, to get the same quality in say a windows laptop you are paying near to the same price as an Apple macbook like the Microsoft surface book thingy or some of Lenovo's laptops.
      Good quality comes at a very high price in the PC space.
      I think the major difference there is that you can easily see where your money goes to in a price matched Windows laptop compared to an Apple Macbook as spec wise at those prices the Windows laptops wipe the floor with Apple.

    • Red Squirrel
      Red Squirrel Year ago +1

      No kidding. Have to hand it to Apple, at least their stuff works and it IS good quality. You just have to pay a lot for that quality. They have some negatives such as how proprietary they are or how they are anti right to repair etc but from a consumer point of view I totally get why they get so many sales.

  • tosvus
    tosvus 3 months ago

    It's interesting how variable in quality these ibuypower systems are. I bought one last year that I think was very well put together. Granted it was a 10900k, rtx 3090 system, so they probably spent more time on build and QA. I mean it all looks great, it has what I think is a decent Lian Li Lancool II Mesh case, a pretty good ASUS motherboard, decent ram as well, and a gold power supply though definitely on the low end for a build like this at only 800w.

  • Matt Hawkins
    Matt Hawkins 7 months ago

    So I recently acquired a slightly different model, the 1001, and came across this video while looking for help on how to install a second hard drive, how to install additional ram, etc. And I have to say, the machine was (and still is) in pristine shape, and I am VERY satisfied with my purchase.
    I will also add that I am a PC newbie, and the machine is perfect for someone like me, again a total novice, and whom the machine is marketed towards.
    Anyhow, as someone else in the replies already mentioned, this is CLEARLY a machine that was previously used and returned to the store. To the point that it honestly feels as if the host has a grudge against the manufacturer and is trying to fabricate issues.
    Can anyone out there PLEASE refer me to a guide for my machine (or similar; I assumed the 1004 would share certain similarities with my model) from someone who is clear and easy to follow (for a noob like me) and also clearly doesn't have an axe to grind? Thanks in advance.

  • bladeclanhalo3
    bladeclanhalo3 Year ago

    The issue with these prebuilt systems is that companies like cyberpower had a quantity over quality on their builds

  • DTribal001
    DTribal001 Year ago

    This was disappointing. I recently bought an IBUY system but from their customizable line on their website. (Chip Shortage got me like "forget it! I'll get my GPU and CPU this way and use the spare parts on someone else's PC!") So probably two very different departments. Unlike some posts I've seen I got mine pretty quickly. It came almost a full month earlier than they originally predicted. It showed up in pretty good shape overall. NOTHING like what Steve is showing here, which is inexcusable. One of the fans on the radiator had come unplugged but everything else was seated and plugged in properly.
    However once I booted it, that's where the "System Not Tested" got me. They system has a Gigabyte x570 Aorus Pro motherboard and a ASRock Taichi Radeon RX 6800 XT GPU. IBUY did not update the bios, though I expected this and had a USB with the latest bios on it. Flashed the Bios and thought everything would be fine. Nope. That little red VGA warning light on the motherboard just glared at me. I did NOT email tech support though. I called and let the phone sit there listening to the voice tell me my wait time was "more than ___insert random number__ of minutes" Eventually I got a prompt that if I hung up a tech would get back to me. So I did. around 45 minutes later, I got a call back. Once I explained what the issue was, what I'd done to fix it AND that I was able to put my old graphics card into the system and get it to boot the tech created and RMA ticket and told me to ship it back. That was the day this video dropped. Now I'm just waiting to get the new one and see if it works.

  • John Bagley
    John Bagley Year ago +265

    Back when I used to do SI on ebay, I would ship my PCs out of my apartment. I eventually used FedEx but, prior to that, I used UPS. Well, I scheduled a pickup and UPS came to get this large, 35lb full tower system and this angry little man threw it down the stairs after I closed the door. He didn't know I was watching him through my peephole. I got sooo pissed. When I confronted him he claimed it was an accident and wouldn't let me have it back bc it was already scanned in, saying "That's what insurance is for"... I had to pay to have it rerouted and rebuilt the system. UPS did nothing about it.

    • John Bagley
      John Bagley Year ago

      @Sean W Interestingly, I had a claim with FedEx for a fully liquid cooled system (CPU/GPU) that was sent by air... While the LCS was intact with no leaks, the drive bays had collapsed due to mishandling. It was extremely well packed and I had $5,200 in insurance.. FedEx sent a guy to the recipients house and inspected the package. They noted it was a high-end computer that was packaged properly and had to pay out to the buyer. They took the PC of course, I guess they auction that stuff off. Anyway, after FedEx cut him the check he bought another one. I got paid for 2 systems so all good by me ;)

    • Thedaus
      Thedaus Year ago +2

      Don't forget UPS will also steal packages and sell them at auction to make a few extra bucks.

    • Chris Smith
      Chris Smith Year ago +1

      I used to work for a major repair firm (we had the DELL laptop contract for Europe, Apple macbooks for Europe, Sony laptop/desktop for the UK, IBM Lenovo laptop/desktop for europe, Fujitsu laptop for UK and Sun microsystem server racks for the world) and the only firm we EVER had issues with delivery of replacement parts was UPS. including "lost in transit" of an order of SONY parts worth £500,000 (about US$675,000). Sony ended up swapping to TNT (parts came from their French depot and European training facility in Alsace). Also UPS would take 3 days to come from France to UK as they drove instead of fly it.
      Ohhhh yeah and the WORST laptops were SONY as well. Their F-Series had a 75% failure rate all on DVD drives (the power cable they used shorted the drives out).

    • alienpoker
      alienpoker Year ago +1

      In the UK they (UPS) play football* keepie uppie with the packages 📦. Not good for components like hard drives. *Before you say it... ok it’s called soccer to some.

    • Olivia
      Olivia Year ago +2

      @ShroudedWolf51 Had the best experiences with USPS, then probaby DHL, then Fedex.
      UPS can suck my ship.

  • ben russ
    ben russ Year ago

    Having worked at Walmart as a CAP2 associate (the guys that would unload the truck and perform some stocking), I have seen all sorts of bizzare things with CP and other PCes. *Some* of it was shipping, but most of it was just thrashed from the getgo. Once we got a pallet of CP machines (was about 12) on the bottom and flatscreen TVs on the top. Of the twelve, two had leaked their AIO coolant and that visibly stained the boxes. Those two were trashed at the start. Then we needed to find a display one. We went through another 3 non-functional or visibly damaged ones before we settled. Of the 6 that remained, I know at least three had to go through RMA/customer refund.

  • TheMcC07
    TheMcC07 11 months ago

    Ibuypower must have gone downhill, I had the opposite experience when I bought a machine from them back in 2014. Everything was packed nicely, and I had the support I needed to RMA a mouse that the right click didn't work with.

  • the idaho flipper

    This seems really different from what I got I bought one of these (brand different pc) while ago everything was really good CPU was already overclocked with a really good cooler I will say the ram was bad but to be fair to Ibuypower the pc only cost me like $500 at the time and had an rx5500xt other than that there was no other issues to it but this is still unacceptable I would be mad if the gpu was almost broken out of box idk make of that as you will

  • Reselute
    Reselute Year ago +1

    I got the revolt 2 from ibuypower back in feb of 2019 and I really enjoy it and it runs well. Though the case setup is annoying to upgrade components it’s a great pc otherwise

  • Luna Hart
    Luna Hart Year ago +189

    The lack of support here is the worst part... I can't imagine spending hundreds on a product, have it come like this, and hear nothing back from customer support.

    • Luna Hart
      Luna Hart Year ago

      @Aereto It seems that good support is a premium that you have to pay extra for (which makes sense..).
      LTT's undercover PC shopper series showed that boutique SIs do a much better job with support.

    • Aereto
      Aereto Year ago

      I always tell people to not buy pre-built. If they have issues because the vendor is the one who messed up the PC, they are beyond help.

    • Habitual Offender
      Habitual Offender Year ago +3

      @Dycedarg's Elder Brother I am pretty sure there are 2 of them and I have talked to both! lol

    • Dycedarg's Elder Brother
      Dycedarg's Elder Brother Year ago +12

      I bet the overburdened customer support guy is also in charge of installing GPUs.

    • DeadNoob
      DeadNoob Year ago +29

      Well, i imagine their support team has a full inbox if they ship all of their systems like this.

  • Schienenwolf
    Schienenwolf Year ago

    Hey man.. curious about how this entire scenario turned out for you. I bought a CyberPower prebuilt and it came with a failing GPU.. I contacted the seller and CyberPower and to no resolve. So guess what, now I’m out a $1300 RTX 3060 for an already $2000 PC. I am beyond pissed.

  • Mars
    Mars Year ago

    I nearly bought a pre built from these guys in May before deciding to work all summer and allocate enough money to just get a custom one.
    A little bit more expensive, sure, but obscenely higher quality and not whatever shit this is

  • Zenphoshen
    Zenphoshen Year ago

    I am sure you guys have already gotten this one as an example. I purchased a Pre-Built PC from Skytech back in December for roughly $1600.00 USD. Came with a 3070, 3700x, Asrock B550M A/C MB, 16GB RAM (3600 MHZ) and a 650w Gold PSU also came with a 1TB M.2 NVMe. Worked great for me out of the box, no issues. I have since upgraded to an 850w Titanium PSU, 64GB Vengeance Pro RGB RAM, 5900x and added 2TB SSD Samsung 870 QVO. Pricing for what I got has probably gone up by a fair bit but i think the bang for the buck is there and I would recommend them based on my experience.

  • Hariman
    Hariman Year ago

    About 7 or 8 years ago, a friend of mine convinced me to buy from iBuyPower, and the PC I got was a piece of shit from day one.
    It literally crashed until it destroyed hard drives and eventually I just rebuilt it almost completely from the ground up to have an actual working PC.
    I will never buy from them again, and will gladly build my own PC instead.

  • egs1505
    egs1505 Year ago +598

    "IBP has a screw loose"
    Yeah, both literally and figuratively

    • madmax2069
      madmax2069 Year ago +14

      Lmao, a screw loose, bent and twisted and flopping about.

  • George Peck
    George Peck Year ago

    Love these tear down videos! Educational and entertaining. Thank you!

  • Dentz
    Dentz Year ago +1

    i was lazy and made the mistake of purchasing a pre built from ibuypower, who I bought from back in my high school days, and figured what's the worst that could happen. While my system arrived with no damages at first glance, I had 3 separate issues with the system in less than a year, one of which was the ibuypower brand AIO failing. While the support was helpful, the parts sent had no hardware to mount the replacement on the CPU, while the defunct AIO had a mount that was built into the pump itself and non removable, So i instead went out and purchased a AIO and mount it on my own (although considering the AIO provided in question was only $48, so its probably not made to last anyway). worked fine for the time, then 2 weeks later the thing bricked. Rather than going through ibuypower which would probably take about 2 months, i just ended up replacing a majority of the parts, taking the system apart, replacing every major piece of hardware, with the exception of the GPU. No i didn't HAVE to do this, as the problem seems to have been linked to a windows corruption in the hard drive, i did it so i can dissect the pieces they shipped me. I could have built this system so much cheaper, so much easier, with more reliable parts and saved me the headaches. last thing, Ibuypower case is clean to look at, a nightmare to work with. screws holding the panels together were shipped bent and several of the CPU and the AIO screws were already stripped. its been a nightmare, BUT it has renewed my enjoyment of building PCs again xD
    Save yourself my hassle, for the most part, it takes someone like me about 3 hours to build a system, its a fun skill to learn, like building models, and I will always recommend to build your own, Or at the very least, please don't give Ibuypower ( AND ESPECIALLY DELL) your business, not unless they improve their labor departments quality.

  • Emory
    Emory Year ago

    It's a shame how little they've changed. I bought a system from iBuyPower in 2007 which had a video card that had been improperly seated, looking just like it did here, only it managed to crack the PCI Express slot during shipping. After returning the PC, I learned how to build one myself. iBuyPower, apparently, learned nothing.

  • Mourneris
    Mourneris Year ago

    I've noticed that IBuyPower's system builder allows for adding on that expandable packing stuff you guys mentioned. If you buy it as is, it does not include the expandable filler.

  • Tom Kavulic
    Tom Kavulic Year ago +163

    Wow, I honestly wasn't aware of just how abysmal the prebuilt market is.

    • RoundDuck Kira
      RoundDuck Kira Year ago +1

      @B B Sometimes it's not bad, Maingear in the undercover Linus vids has done a great job, and from my personal experience mixed with Dawid Does Tech Stuff, some smaller channel that tends to review so many prebuilts, Lenovo's Legion PCs aren't bad on a budget either, especially on sale, tho tech support is an unknown to me. Omen HP at least has decent support and their PCs are behind Lenovo's but not by too much to get into typical OEM territory.
      But cheese and rice, those three sound like the only good non-laptop ones that I've seen in the market, the rest is either really expensive boutique (Origin, Digital Storm, etc) or shit (almost everyone else).

    • Tom Ferreira
      Tom Ferreira Year ago

      @devilmikey00 I used to build systems for a place in Australia worked there for 6 years and in that time it went from $89 build fee to $250.

    • Holesale00
      Holesale00 Year ago

      Its always been not great, generally you wanna steer clear of anyone using proprietary parts but even then you risk getting shitboxes like the one in the video. I mean at least you can salvage the videocard and ram from this possibly cpu.

    • Jorge Ramos
      Jorge Ramos Year ago +1

      Surprise, the pre-built market was never good. Even in the 90's, it was major league bad.

    • devilmikey00
      devilmikey00 Year ago

      I mean there are good ones but you usually have to pay an arm and a leg for them. Buying anything that's even close to parts+minor assembly fee is going to be a crap shoot of proprietary or half assery.

  • flashuser777
    flashuser777 Year ago

    The PCIE guard being bent like that really seems like someone was trying to incorrectly force a fit and bent it before putting it in partway. Would it really bend like that if it was put in correctly by rough shipping alone?

  • Cryptaveli
    Cryptaveli 8 months ago

    My PC was shipped great and had one of those expandable shipping foam pads included inside. I took it apart and everything was golden. I didn't get a prebuilt though and chose parts but still.

  • Maddin1313
    Maddin1313 Year ago +4

    If it were possible to care even less when putting this PC together, they would've nailed the mobo to the case.

  • Douchopotamus
    Douchopotamus Year ago +2

    Watching these makes me really appreciate the time I put in on my 950$ custom built

  • xthetenth
    xthetenth Year ago +104

    Me then: Oh, that dell is about exactly as bad as a technically functioning computer could be, guess that's the floor
    Me now: Oh how naive I was.

    • xthetenth
      xthetenth Year ago

      @Andy English Yeah, I wasn't expecting anyone to ship a computer that wasn't technically functioning, so this caught me by surprise.

    • Andy English
      Andy English Year ago +3

      No you were correct... because straight out of the box this PC probably would have had a short and died. Dell is still the floor for a functioning PC.

    • MadIIMike
      MadIIMike Year ago

      Well, I mean it wasn't technically functioning and had to be fixed by someone requiring about the same if not more knowledge than building a PC from parts.

    • Vincent Vermilya
      Vincent Vermilya Year ago +2

      There was a saying about a university president that used school money for his own purchases. "He picked the bar up off the floor, proceeded to stab a hole in the floor with it, and took the bar down to the basement."

  • Merry
    Merry Year ago

    Finally got my 2300$ PC from them last month to be heavily dissatisfied after a month. From thermals to 99%tile and bumps on the actual case and wiring. Already daydreaming of building my own.

  • Doc Maron's
    Doc Maron's Year ago +3

    I used to work at an SI for almost four years. I can tell you exactly what happened.
    First, there is no official training, guide, or set of standards for assemblers. It's assumed by the directors of operations that the knowledgeable (or at least who they think is knowledgeable) employees will help the less-knowledgeable employees. It's "ask X if you have any questions" and left at that. It's minimum wage, the requirements to get into assembly is to build ONE test machine of the lowest tier, which is examined by another assembly employee. The PC doesn't even have to be assembled correctly, since a lot of the time the green light is given to a new hire with the "we can teach them" attitude. Hiring people who don't know how to build computers and then having them taught by other people who might not know how to build computers is a recipe for disaster.
    Basically, most of the talent on the assembly floor is from hobbyist builders and people who watch channels like this regularly. You can get a very well-assembled computer or a train wreck based literally on whether or not you're lucky or unlucky enough to get a particular tech, and whether or not it gets to a QA person (also untrained and minimum wage, but at least they have a bullet point list on what to look for if you can trust them to read it) who cares or remembers to look. It's sad, because really you can't even take the fact that one sample unit of a secret-shopper SI build is good as a representation of the whole company. You might have just happened to get a good assembler building it. Turnover is massive, though, and most people who are good at what they do end up shoehorned into building the superpremium / custom liquid cooling cases, leaving prebuilts and lower-end cases to the less competent and new. If you want a good chance to get a good assembler, get custom liquid cooling or their top tier of fancy / huge case. Or a laptop, since those are outsourced and all the SI does is slap their sticker on it and put in the drives, and it's thankfully hard to mess that up too much.
    So, here's the Sherlock Holmes reconstruction with insider knowledge. That build got in the hands of an assembler who just doesn't give a damn, is new and untrained, or both. In the process of building it, they put the motherboard in at an aggressive angle, which caused its ports to get stuck in the I/O shield. No amount of shipping jiggling is going to get the grounding tab to go into the ethernet or HDMI port, that goes on at assembly. Those tabs, coupled with the grounding tabs by the PS/2 port pushing against the housing instead of lying on it, mean the whole motherboard is tweaked. Since they don't know what they're doing, they then put the screw in the upper left hole, but didn't catch the fact that it wasn't actually going in enough to catch the threads on the standoff because the PCB was suspended. It might have caught just the top thread, but that would easily vibrate out during shipping. When installing the GPU the inexperienced / careless assembler missed the PCI slot, instead jamming the card's contact edge against the metal support and deforming it. They were able to screw it down, but it was never in the slot to begin with. Since these completed machines are not even tested (which boggles my mind, because even at my sorry SI we did that), the I/O shield tabs and fact the GPU was not in was not discovered. Then, during shipping, the un-plugged GPU, held roughly in place by the screws, jiggled around without any supporting packaging and jacked up the slot even more, and might be responsible for ejecting the retaining clip, too. The only thing I don't know is how all the OTHER clips got removed, but since they weren't found, the assembler might have just intentionally removed them for some unfathomable reason, possibly on the logic that they weren't in use. I've seen the craziest shit and most backwards logic from assemblers who didn't bother to ask how to do things. Some guys who are employed for weeks and built dozens of systems make The Verge look good.
    My time on the inside has destroyed my faith in SIs. The only reason I would see to get one is the warranty which you might need to use immediately to RMA it for being built crappily in the first place, and is normally short enough that real non-manufacturer issues will start showing up after it expires. Because it was built there, you can still RMA it at cost out of warranty. The RMA department is normally made up of ex-assemblers who actually know what they're doing, because there's the actual burden of making sure it works before sending it back and fixing the dumb stuff the assemblers do. Even then, though, you're normally out for WEEKS without your PC.
    It's good content, but it kinda hurts me on the inside to know that no matter how many secret shopper videos you and Linus do, any good outcomes from the assembly / QA side could be flukes in the hands of good, mostly self-taught employees. It's even a risk on the customer service side. You could get someone in the office, a remote call center, who knows what they're doing or is mentally out to lunch or grumpy all on chance.

  • PhantomPh1re
    PhantomPh1re Year ago

    i think i got lucky lmao. ended up getting a different prebuilt like 3 months ago from IBP that wasn't horribly assembled with a RTX 3060 ti in it. the cable management was a little schizophrenic tho. did some bios tweaks as recommended by this channel on getting it so my CPU doesn't eat itself and its still working so far. only thing im really worried about now is the PSU being jank or the AIO cooler shitting itself in another 3 months. both things are replaceable.

  • tractorman 77
    tractorman 77 Year ago

    this is the reason why I think it is always a good idea to crack the side panel of a computer that was shipped just to make sure something didn't come loose.... I personally haven't had an issue, but then again the last prebuilt I bought was about 5-6 years ago

  • askopte zero
    askopte zero Year ago +459

    "Worse than dell" definitely says something

    • Jeff Zebert
      Jeff Zebert Year ago


    • alienpoker
      alienpoker Year ago +1

      To be fair- my dell XPS lasted like 10yrs. When it died under warranty Dell sent a tech to my home to replace the motherboard. Zero charge. But times have clearly changed.

    • Andy English
      Andy English Year ago +1

      ​@Ross- A -Roni Right, I'm saying that Dell PCs are generally well put together and functional out of the box. They're fine... for things that don't involve gaming.

    • Andy English
      Andy English Year ago +4

      @Ross- A -Roni Was your mother a gamer? Office PCs tend to last longer because word processors and spread sheets don't put as much wear and tear on components as running demanding games.

    • Night Motorcyclist
      Night Motorcyclist Year ago +2

      @Ricky Look up "Alienware Really Doesn’t Want You to Buy an AMD Ryzen PC" by ExtremeTech. It really does look like some shady stuff is still going on.

  • Earthling1984
    Earthling1984 11 months ago +3

    Although not ideal at all for a higher power system, it made sense in this system (well, only because of the case they choose). The front had plenty of airflow through the sides (the middle hole was not the main airflow) to have 3 big and slow fans keeping a nice breeze going through the whole case at low RPM. The back of the case has airflow holes (again limited) and a big fan. Not ideal at all, could be done way better, however, it works. Also, computers in the past often didn't have such open side panels. Air would come in one small fan area, and out another. They work in different ways than a more open system that is more seen nowadays.

  • Regal Pixel King
    Regal Pixel King Year ago +2

    I'm surprised that this was such a mess. I actually recently bought a 2800 dollar iBUYPOWER computer with an RTX 3080 and an R9 5900X (the only way to get those parts is with a pre-built in the first place,) and everything about it is an A+ for me. The packaging was basically as secure as could be, the cable management was fantastic, and even though I already knew how to set up a PC it came with a well made easy to understand setup guide like you showed with the Cyberpower PC. The only negative about my computer is the RAM should have been clocked at 3600MHz, but it was only clocked at 3200MHz and I needed to change that in the BIOS. This seems like a more one-off case then the norm for iBUYPOWER, but the fact that any of their computers ships in a state like this is insane.

  • DannyBladed
    DannyBladed Year ago

    I tried getting a pc from them early this year. They put the computer in a box then put that box in another box. The gap between the boxes had no padding, they also put the fans I selected, in the gap instead of inside the computer so they got crashed by the weight of the computer. Also the pc stop working with 4h, no display and there was a sticky note inside the gpu- behind the fan. I gave them a 2nd chance and send it back for rma. I got it back with proper packaging, but there was still no display and this time one of the ram clips was broken. I gave up on them and got my money back. You would think for a $3000 pc they’ll have better quality control.
    Also if you email they’ll never email you, you have to phone and hope your 1 out of the 5 that can be put on hold.

  • A Mutt Is Noone
    A Mutt Is Noone Year ago

    I literally have this pc and it came in perfectly fine and has been running just fine and i play skyrim, resident evil and a lot of other games and it has no issues. my only issue is having to clean it often but it doesnt bother me to do it so its not a big deal.

  • KingEurope1
    KingEurope1 Year ago +131

    I genuinely thought Dell was so shocking that they couldn't be beat...

    • gmu_alum08
      gmu_alum08 Year ago +1

      Yeah this series has officially turned me off from buying a computer retail. Maybe I got lucky when I bought my Micron PC from Best Buy back in 2001. That worked right out of the box and came with a top of the line AMD Athalon. The thing was super reliable and lasted over six years until I recycled it due to obsolescence. Only complaint was it was too expensive.

    • pacificdrum0301
      pacificdrum0301 Year ago +1

      @SpaceToast I just think Steve overhypes things at times... These newer dell motherboards are clearly optimized for profit margin, but they've also improved in areas that were much worse previously.. hard for me to really jump on this bandwagon.
      IF anything I would rather see dell transition to even small form factors since the bigger PCB's only aid cutting corners in overall layer count. (Likely 4) My2c.

    • SpaceToast
      SpaceToast Year ago +5

      @pacificdrum0301 old dell is god tier reliable lol. I’ve still got 4 2005-2009 era PCs Alive and running good lol.

    • Red Squirrel
      Red Squirrel Year ago +6

      @SpaceToast I love the fact that the bar has to be set so low lol.

    • pacificdrum0301
      pacificdrum0301 Year ago +2

      The dell isnt even bad outside of bloatware.. lol

  • None
    None Year ago

    I bought a similar spec ibuypower prebuilt from bestbuy about 6 months ago and it wasn’t nearly this level of shitshow. The PSU, SSD, and RAM were hilariously cheap, but the rest of the components were decent and it came actually assembled and well-functioning. Guess maybe I got lucky.

  • readmyusernamecauseitssoreallylongandimwastingtime

    If you're looking for a prebuilt with power, I recommend a legion t5. Was my first legitimate computer to get me started with modding after my legion t530. It's a great computer with many areas to help you understand how and what to mod, with a somewhat good amount of rgb out of the box.

    • Winston White
      Winston White 11 months ago

      I don't know enough about computers to know whether your recommendation makes sense for me or not. 😔

  • Baddog66
    Baddog66 9 months ago

    I bought a cyberpower pc 2 years ago and it came packed with the expandable cushion. It works great still btw did you all try them already?

  • Hunter Pigg
    Hunter Pigg Year ago

    Fortunately I got pretty lucky with mine , I’ve swapped out ram and gpu in it still works good only issue I’ve had is sometimes the top fan will work at half mass , still haven’t figured out exactly why it does it

  • Mireaze
    Mireaze Year ago +1109

    Damn, that's almost as bad as the PCs I build

    • vest816
      vest816 Year ago

      @Kevadu Only if you redefine the word "build" to include what The Verge did.

    • Ozaron
      Ozaron Year ago

      @Mireaze Except you're genuinely trying, and you're kind enough to provide (yourself) customer support

    • Sky
      Sky Year ago +2

      Wait really? How? Whenever I build a computer I never break anything? I feel like it actually takes effort to ruin something

    • Cavey Möth
      Cavey Möth Year ago +2

      @Lucid Nonsense But you need to get that tilty action. The uneven pressure gives room for the heat to move around.

    • Lucid Nonsense
      Lucid Nonsense Year ago +1

      @Cavey Möth I am assuming you are joking and know that you don't tighten them one at a time, but just in case, you go in a zig zag pattern giving each half a turn till they all clamp down. I know this is a joke, but it's the internet and people surprise you...

  • Noah Leach
    Noah Leach Year ago +3

    Lenovo legion T5, mine has functioned incredibly well, great performance and cooling, only complaint would be noise but I play with headphones and don't notice the noise with them on.

  • wessd
    wessd Year ago

    My IBP from Walmart is excellent! It was packed very well, nothing broken, out of place or scarred. I had the foam packing pillow. Every part was screwed down, 4 big ass fans 3 on the left side,nice air holes with filter, 1 BA fan on the rear right beside the CPU that also has a BA fan. PS is big and chunky but shrouded. HONEST to god Geforce card. fully nvidia stickered and the card bios IDs as nvidia. Mobo is an ASROCK so not great, cpu is an i5 9400. It did come with a single 8gig stick, I swapped in 2 matched 8gig sticks with heat sinks. USB3 ports everywhere and usb 2 port elswhere. Cable mgmt is fantastic and I have zero problems with it. And the LED lighting is easy to use. I am today running win11 from Micky. The keyboard isn't great so I am using a mechanical lighted KB. I wonder if IBP has assemblies farmed out to various local vendors? As for gaming, I strictly only got this to run farcry5 at full detail and this has not let me down. I use wired internet, but I was surprised that is also has a wireless connection. FOR the record, win11 (leget beta copy, not pirated) is running on top of my win10, I had to enable the intel on chip TPS (or whatever it's called) which is listed as beta, and win 11 just installs and works. My box is pretty dang quiet with 5 fans running. I would recommend this pc, from Wally World, but you can't get it, I got mine in Nov 2020, but only 700 bucks.

  • Alden Zenko
    Alden Zenko Year ago

    I'm honestly surprised that thing worked at all after putting the GPU back, some of the slot pins deffo looked bent

  • FatManChew909
    FatManChew909 Year ago +3

    They actually charge extra for that packing. I made sure I bought my ibuypower with a credit card that offers purchase protection. Luckily I don't live far from their location so I ended up with next day delivery (after the 2 month wait) so mine was handled with better care.

    • Khola
      Khola Year ago

      I'm considering traveling the globe to halt people before they buy pre builds and making their systems for free

  • Skeledog
    Skeledog Year ago +55

    6:20 you know you have problem one of the tabs is sticking out over a USB port, you can see the PCB through the HDMI cutout, one of the USB ports is as good as gone underneath the io shield, and your ps/2 port looks like a waning gibbous moon...

    • Shaun Nelson
      Shaun Nelson Year ago +2

      @Gamers Nexus You thought right, It's worse than shipping damage, the motherboard wasn't even lined up with dust cover in your video. The tabs on the dustcover that are supposed to be above some of the ports on the motherboard are stuck in the ports, hdmi and usb. These would be bent if it was shipping damage.

    • Skeledog
      Skeledog Year ago +9

      ​@Gamers Nexus lol I'm sure its not often that pc ports get compared to phases of the moon, but I figured it sounded better than "semi obstructed circle with 6 holes and a rectangle"

    • Gamers Nexus
      Gamers Nexus  Year ago +40

      You get a heart specifically for working in the phrase "waning gibbous moon."

  • Drahko12
    Drahko12 Year ago

    I don't know how many times I dropped my mouth at the ineptitude of this company for this PC build. FFS even Cyber power worked for me out of the box with no of the dumb issues. ibuyPower this is so inexcusable and borderline insanely irresponsible.