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Will A 3D Printed Quarter Work In A Gumball Machine?


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  • TaroKun Life
    TaroKun Life 2 months ago +86614

    I wonder why "quarter-shaped" things aren't easy to buy online. I looked one time.

    • X0XAvatar
      X0XAvatar 4 days ago

      I just flatten a skittle until it’s quarter size, ngl it has worked.

    • Dragomirl
      Dragomirl 4 days ago

      The FBI wants to know your location

    • Itz Nix
      Itz Nix 5 days ago +1

      @Trey L Waiting for your reply.

    • Itz Nix
      Itz Nix 5 days ago +1

      @Trey L Of course they don't when you are on the outside of things. People made millions of dollars selling drugs (which, is a drug business) and the richest people in the world can do some skummy things in order to get up to their rank.
      Why did you have to go to my channel just to make a counter-argument for an argument that isn't even about bloons TD 5? Playing a certain game doesn't define your maturity.
      Now i'd love to see your counter-argument to this. Not gonna respond huh?

    • Trey L
      Trey L 5 days ago

      @Itz Nix says the dude posting bloons TD. I don’t think businesses sell illegal goods, also.

  • bacon lettuce potato
    bacon lettuce potato 12 days ago +3178

    my man’s literally printing money 💀💀💀

    • Simon WoodburyForget
      Simon WoodburyForget Day ago

      Well no... he's stealing gum balls though... from himself!

    • TheSlaya157
      TheSlaya157 Day ago

      And this money ain't cash, either. It's loose change!

    • PotatoMan321
      PotatoMan321 Day ago +1

      @Craig Jamroz r/wooosh

    • Craig Jamroz
      Craig Jamroz 2 days ago +1

      No, if he was printing money it would look like money, but he made it blank for a reason duh 🙄

    • Catch Me if You Can!
      Catch Me if You Can! 2 days ago

      If the corrupt central banks can do it, why not you? 😎

  • WestyC
    WestyC 12 days ago +1724

    *"The FBI will remember that."*

    • Star Lux Studio
      Star Lux Studio 4 days ago +1

      Actually this is under the jurisdiction of the Secret Service.

    • Zachary Turcotte
      Zachary Turcotte 4 days ago

      It's actually the Secret Services job to investigate counterfeit money, just a fun fact

    • Yurei Unbound
      Yurei Unbound 6 days ago +1

      ​@Pearloryx lol

    • Pearloryx
      Pearloryx 6 days ago +2

      But how about a dollar bill?

  • Reise M. Lukas
    Reise M. Lukas 8 days ago +47

    This might bring the phrase "Don't take any wooden nickels" back into the limelight

  • EagleWolfZenith
    EagleWolfZenith 3 days ago +2

    Lots of the gumball machines left also has a weighted pin meant to match the weight of the proper quarter.

  • SuperDZ555
    SuperDZ555 2 months ago +11065

    Time to get 25 gumballs for the price of a single quarter

    • C’estlavie123
      C’estlavie123 9 days ago

      Now that’s a worthy investment😂

    • Asmoda
      Asmoda 10 days ago

      ​@CloudyJ_ for people that has 3d printer for other work,it not something to worry

    • urfavginga
      urfavginga 12 days ago

      More like 25 gumballs forbthe low price of 25 years

    • piano
      piano 12 days ago

      @SuperDZ555 hesoyam

    • Burdie From Hell
      Burdie From Hell 16 days ago +1

      *25 year jail sentence*
      Murderer: what are you here for
      Me: counterfit
      Murderer: did you at least get a way with lot of money?
      Me: About 5 gumballs... I don't even like gumballs...

  • videosbylaurel
    videosbylaurel 11 days ago +3

    That would actually be such a good idea if you had home gumball machines, because then you can use them with 3d printed tokens rather than having to use real change and them empty it out each time to get another gumball

  • Max The Rider
    Max The Rider 8 days ago +70

    Guy: spends money to 3d print
    Teens: use duct tape quarter trick to get unlimited gumballs with 1 quarter

    • Robert Fink
      Robert Fink Day ago


    • Lurid Dream
      Lurid Dream 4 days ago +3

      @Mace windu coin doesn't drop in so you keep spinning

    • Max The Rider
      Max The Rider 5 days ago +5

      Put duct tape on a quarter, put it in the machine, you can rotate it infinitely

    • Mace windu
      Mace windu 5 days ago +4

      I’m gonna need some help understanding what this trick is

  • Yurei Unbound
    Yurei Unbound 6 days ago

    Now the question is, how much of the 3d filament did it cost to make the quarter. If it's less than the quarter, you got yourself a life hack

  • Miguel Ortiz
    Miguel Ortiz 9 days ago +223

    If Gen Z turns into criminals now I have a reason.

  • mfauz96
    mfauz96 Month ago +5909

    “No problem first try you got a felony”

    • kyro savage
      kyro savage 10 days ago

      i feel like it’s not hard to get away with such act anyways jus put the coin in like nothing happened, get your gumball and leave

    • Marseille Joh
      Marseille Joh 10 days ago

      ​@Insanity Wolf ▪️ then I'm gonna do just that!

    • Nog
      Nog 12 days ago

      The government doesn't care about somebody stealing a 25 cent gumball my friend

    • Mim
      Mim 15 days ago

      If u get caught.

    • O senhor das terras do norte Gustaf
      O senhor das terras do norte Gustaf 17 days ago

      ​@Insanity Wolf ▪️ laws

  • xeflatio93
    xeflatio93 6 days ago +105

    Goverment: inflation raised because a dude 3d printed a quarter somewhere

  • LT72884
    LT72884 14 hours ago

    In some older vendimg machines, these work. When i was a kid in the 90s, you could find metal slugs that were used to test vending machines to make aire they worked. They were only used by the repairman but sometimes they left one behind

  • djjl_
    djjl_ 6 days ago

    Disclaimer 😂 he announced, was priceless! I just printed a few and was able to pay parking meters, laundry machines and vending machines! Best video on reels essentially with cost of living being so high nowadays!

  • Gunhaver
    Gunhaver 19 hours ago

    when i was a little kid we used to cut out circles from a cereal box and glue them together to form a "wooden quarter" and then use it to get candy from the gumball machines. there are some machines that require the coin to have some weight to it, but 99% of machines just rely on the diameter alone

  • ZebulonTV
    ZebulonTV 19 days ago +14485

    It's fun to imagine getting sent to a federal prison over 25 cents.

    • Chehzy
      Chehzy Day ago

      ​@Devilik bro thinks he's cool using the clown emoji lmao

    • seth_fto
      seth_fto 6 days ago

      @Mitchel Rathbone vibes

    • HotJoeJoe
      HotJoeJoe 6 days ago

      It was actually a penny

    • Kiler_mansters
      Kiler_mansters 6 days ago

      depends on country XD

    • Akira Takagi
      Akira Takagi 6 days ago

      Can't go to US prison in Finland hehe

  • Joshua Vildor
    Joshua Vildor 3 days ago

    Imagining how much money I’d save by using these at a coin laundry

  • Jesus Amador
    Jesus Amador 9 days ago +1

    The metal circles on electrical boxes also have a similar size and allegedly works in vending machines.

  • KingKraken103
    KingKraken103 12 days ago

    I tried something similar to this but I used the circle cut outs from a shoe box and it actually worked

  • Ecosystem Destroyer
    Ecosystem Destroyer 3 days ago

    Never put one of those in a vending machine, they're too light so they'll jam the coin mech

  • Ivan Guillen
    Ivan Guillen Month ago +186

    I remembered one time my daughter used plastic coins from a toy register she tried it with an m&m machine and it actually worked 😂😂

    • Phantom A
      Phantom A Month ago +1

      That... is actually pretty shrewd, ngl

    • Ivan Guillen
      Ivan Guillen Month ago

      @Pearls & Swine if you’re joking my response is jaja if you’re not joking my response is STFU don’t you dare call my daughter a thief how is a 5-7 yr old (at the time)gonna know what she was doing she’s a kid and kids are gonna use and play with their imagination

    • Pearls & Swine
      Pearls & Swine Month ago

      ​@Ivan Guillen your daughter is a literal thief and everyone who she shared that stolen contraband with is complicit and need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    • Tornado Dee
      Tornado Dee Month ago +2

      @adge "I'm not even mad, that's amazing!"

    • Ivan Guillen
      Ivan Guillen Month ago +15

      @dadonthetube she was in such a good mood she shared with everybody lol

  • oats
    oats 2 days ago

    The size of that one is off by a bit. It'll work in most machines but the ones at Walmart are a bit sensitive and you need to expand the thickness by .4mm to get them to work.

  • George Perez
    George Perez 13 days ago

    As long as it’s the same shape, and the object has the exact same amount of grooves on the side, any machine will take it because that’s how they are design

  • Skeletor P Funk
    Skeletor P Funk 10 days ago

    When I was little my brother and I outlined quarters on a piece of cardboard that was pretty close in width and we used them no problem
    Almost certain we broke them completely, didn’t think that far ahead

  • 🌸⸸ Elegant Archives ⸸🌸

    used to do this with the walmart capsule machines as a kid but with little cardboard circles instead of 3D printed quarters. always felt like an evil genius when i did it

  • I Have No Clue
    I Have No Clue Month ago +424

    Man, all those car wash, laundry mat, and arcade business people I watch are in trouble 😂

    • Tyrone
      Tyrone Month ago +1

      @I Have No Clue mans is winning😂

    • I Have No Clue
      I Have No Clue Month ago +1

      @Cooper’s Hoopties haha these comments made me realize even more how awesome wives are

    • Cooper’s Hoopties
      Cooper’s Hoopties Month ago +1

      @I Have No Clue same bro same 😂

    • cuzz63
      cuzz63 Month ago

      @zebracake quarters are non magnetic, the magnets in the coin slots catch iron slugs. There are also counterweights calibrated for quarters in the more advanced slots that will kick out any coin that weighs less.

    • Zanetrain16
      Zanetrain16 Month ago +2

      @I Have No Clue lol oh snap

  • Bryan Moreland
    Bryan Moreland 12 days ago

    I wonder if this would work on parking meters. 😂

  • Matt M
    Matt M 4 days ago

    Arcade machines and payphones everywhere beware! LOL, can you imagine if 3d printers were a thing in the 80s and 90s.

  • Josue Lopez
    Josue Lopez 12 days ago

    I used to do this when I was like 5 or something, I had a money play set and it came with plastic quarters,pennys and dimes. I would bring them to the laundromat and put them in the candy machines and arcade games 😂

  • Pat
    Pat 12 days ago

    I think it would also have to be the same weight as a real quarter (if the machine also detects by weight of the coins).

  • LordSmorgasbord
    LordSmorgasbord Month ago +2626

    this is the modern-day equivalent of tying string around the quarter so you can pull it back out

    • Erkin Alp Güney
      Erkin Alp Güney 21 day ago

      ​@Derealized Gumball for -3.25USD 😆

    • Derealized
      Derealized Month ago +1

      ​@ZF i found out as a young teen, and it might be different now. But just tipping and rocking it forward hard enough knocked cans loose. They fell out with a good slam, and without making too much noise.

    • Derealized
      Derealized Month ago

      Back in the early 90s, when i was like 13. I used to take these train tracks to get around because it was faster, and easier than the roads. Anyway along those tracks my friends and i came across these metal slugs, just flat smooth quarter sized metal pieces. Which as it turned out, worked perfectly with gumball machines.
      So we'd ride our bikes out, after collecting pockets full of these things. To the big supermarket next town over. Ride home with bags full of slime and candy and crappy toys.
      They didn't work in soda machines but gumball machines are more basic. What did work though was if you had a $2 bill, put that in a change machine and it spit out $5.25 in quarters.

    • SyserQ
      SyserQ Month ago

      Nice pfp

    • Avery Dill-Klueber
      Avery Dill-Klueber Month ago

      I did this one time, it didn't work lol

  • Sound On
    Sound On 14 days ago

    I think this video is going to incentivize the people who own these machines, to switch them to a digital/card based payment option in the future

  • Tex
    Tex 10 days ago +128

    Time to pull off a candy heist

  • Cabrasis
    Cabrasis 2 days ago

    “Can i steal gum balls with counterfeit money” better title. Has a ring to it.

  • chuchuchuchia
    chuchuchuchia 8 days ago

    Those machines work with practically anything. I've done it with toy money and even a piece of thin ice.

  • Outdoor Patriot
    Outdoor Patriot 2 months ago +1721

    Back in the early 2000's, people used to use what my grandma called "slugs" in our washing machines instead of quarters. They were smooth, quarter sized pieces of metal. The machine took them every time and we regularly lost money. 🙄

    • emplp
      emplp Month ago

      ​@primus beast this is theft. what you don't realize is a lot of small operators not only pay for the product they also must split a % of the proceeds with the establishment.
      Good job. @MysteryMatt douchebag should take this short down.

    • MrBoredcertified
      MrBoredcertified Month ago

      The “slugs” were cut outs from electrical junction boxes.

    • Erus Townsend
      Erus Townsend Month ago

      Washers were also used

    • Joe Cope
      Joe Cope Month ago

      Those are from electrical boxes. You can find them all over a construction site.

    • Fluffy Blue Fast Boi
      Fluffy Blue Fast Boi Month ago

      I’d do it too tbh

  • SilenType
    SilenType 12 days ago

    Now the real question - was the filament used worth less than 25 cents?

  • Rezaul Karim
    Rezaul Karim 8 days ago +59

    The FBI is looking for a 3D-printed quarter owner.

  • Keyblade games
    Keyblade games 13 days ago

    that'd be cool. Imagine having like little cousins or something over and you can just have all these 3d printed coins for them to use. Maybe they can even earn them to use on any machine you have.

  • FroggoUK
    FroggoUK 6 days ago

    Vending machines are weighted with magnets to detect the correct kind of cons, right? Wouldn't work in more modern ones.

  • Demo Demo
    Demo Demo Month ago +10

    When we were little we came across a construction site that had tons of knock out pieces from electrical boxes. They were the exact size as a quarter. My brother and sister got into huge trouble when they raided the candy and toy machines at Walmart.

  • charles hill
    charles hill 3 days ago

    That machine uses size and shape to clear the lock. Machines that add weight and/or conductivity to the combination won't clear the lock.

  • Aidar Vickers
    Aidar Vickers 12 days ago

    I wonder if the quarter can also work on a vending machine

  • Andy Malik
    Andy Malik 11 days ago

    Wait, will this work for vending machines? I got way more time than money on my hands right now!

  • Mathew Larsen
    Mathew Larsen 14 days ago

    Just so everyone knows, while this will work on a gumball machine, it won't work with any modern vending machines, washing machines, etc.
    The past several decades, vending machines test coins before accepting them. They need to have the exact weight, size and indentations. I would assume newer ones have more anti-theft tech on them than the ones I serviced in the '90s.

  • Matthew Shenk
    Matthew Shenk 2 months ago +9395

    "hey did you know that it actually only cost one penny to get a gumball, but people are using quarters?"

    • KingThrillgore
      KingThrillgore 25 days ago

      I mean, the gumball also probably cost close to a penny or two in ingredients...

    • Sytrite Warum?
      Sytrite Warum? Month ago

      @Richard Vinsen Gumballs, my friend. Gumballs...

    • Richard Vinsen
      Richard Vinsen Month ago

      @Sytrite Warum? Buy quarters wholesale? Who’s selling quarters wholesale?

    • Sytrite Warum?
      Sytrite Warum? Month ago

      ​@Richard VinsenI think that at that point, you'd be far better off just buying quarters wholesale... Buy enough of them, and they'll be far less than a penny each...

    • Cherrelle G
      Cherrelle G Month ago

      @Raymond Osburnb
      They mean if you just buy a back of gum balls with regular cash it cost less than a quarter 🤦🏽‍♀️. Why is everyone making this so hard

  • DeWALT Drill
    DeWALT Drill 11 hours ago

    Try it on a vending machine, that’s a money glitch 😂

  • Chris Beal
    Chris Beal 13 days ago

    We use to have the gumball machine on the far left growing up. I remember sometimes it would be filled with M&Ms.

  • Duke Fuller
    Duke Fuller 6 days ago

    At a jiffy lube I worked at, we took drain plug washers then put tape on it and it worked for us. For a while until the owner found out we used $30 of washers for a couple bucks of candy.

  • Kristinapedia
    Kristinapedia 10 days ago +3

    This would only work in machines that use the SIZE only as the "key". In electronic machines it goes by weight, and/or design depending what machine it is.

  • tenofprime
    tenofprime Month ago +5

    This is why more modern vending machines rely on the coin's size, shape and weight.

  • 14725800369
    14725800369 2 days ago

    What I found out is that the russian 10 rubel coin works perfectly for machines that require one euro

  • Jeryn Bleau
    Jeryn Bleau 9 days ago

    Imagine opening the coin collection tray in the gun all machine to find a bunch of round pieces of plastic 💀

  • [♠️Spade🎤]
    [♠️Spade🎤] 6 days ago

    The FBI: Thank god we apply this job to make sure no one is gonna do this disaster thing
    Also the FBI: 'the one co-worker use the method to get a free gumball candy'

  • Dashiell Knol
    Dashiell Knol 11 days ago

    By the way, this won’t work with vending machines and such because it tests the tone of the metal to determine what kind of coin you put in, all you would do is jam it

  • Sewer Tapes
    Sewer Tapes Month ago +939

    When I was a kid in the early 90s, a friend and I would made molds of a Putt-Putt arcade token in clay soil and cast them with melted fishing weights we'd find at the creek. . . and sometimes "borrow" from the sporting goods store. We smoothed out the irregularities by scraping them against the sidewalk. Our tokens only worked on the older videogame machines. However, they also worked on the coin pusher, which was full of real tokens. We did it so much, the managers and other employees started sneaking up on anyone using the pusher.

    • Evangelist Arborist
      Evangelist Arborist Month ago

      @Max MF so I should tell them to continue in sin?
      Show me one scriptute that talks about the judgement and does not say we will receive according to our works. About judgement. Faith alone is dead.
      Both in the old covenant and in the new it says we shall all receive according to our works, including Paul in Romans chapter 2.

    • Max MF
      Max MF Month ago

      ​​@Evangelist Arborist you are a heretic and will pay for all of your sins in hell. Why? Because you think salvation is gained through your own effort, your own repentance of your sins, defined by God as work in Jonah 3:10 KJV. No, nothing you do earns you heaven, it's the free gift which God paid for in full.
      Salvation is by complete faith in Jesus Christ alone, and not your fraudulent claim about repenting of every sin you've commited under the sun. Have you repented of every sin you've ever commited, from now until the moment you pass? Think.
      For anyone who was annoyed by this poster, he is a bad actor and doesn't have your best interests in mind.
      I have one video, a clear gospel presentation from a trustworthy pastor. If you understand and believe it you can receive eternal life, once you have it you can never lose it, contrary to what this other person may claim.

    • Sewer Tapes
      Sewer Tapes Month ago

      @El paso da pa6ol ti
      Yes, we cast them out of lead fishing weights.

    • Evangelist Arborist
      Evangelist Arborist Month ago

      @Sewer Tapes do not matter. A pers9n that does not believe something does not cause it to cease from existing. Many thiefs do not believe the law. Until they get caught and see their unbelief in that law did not make them exempt from the judge.

    • Evangelist Arborist
      Evangelist Arborist Month ago

      @KingTomTheBomb and I am an a-atheist. A person who refuse to believe atheists. A person who refuse to accept that we can create our own morality and do whatever we please.
      Remember those shooters who wore shirts saying natural selection?

  • FallenGamer
    FallenGamer 2 days ago

    well it cost him one penny for a candy,I mean literally so fair enough.

  • Pur9lehat
    Pur9lehat 12 days ago

    Not alot of people know but electricians used to take the popouts from breakout boxes at work and use them in vending machines before they got more sophisticated readers.

  • 3500 Savoy
    3500 Savoy 7 days ago

    Now I can use it on the vending machines 😂

  • abraham arciga
    abraham arciga 10 days ago

    Wow can't imagine all the laundry mats, vending machines, and gumball machines that have plastic quarters

  • 𝐉𝐎bama
    𝐉𝐎bama 2 months ago +15859

    "do not try at home"
    **Sadly puts away 3D printer**

  • michillegrace padin
    michillegrace padin 10 days ago

    "No problem first try"
    The guy who made the gumball machine:ohhhhh sh/t I need too fix my machine

  • DontPaus
    DontPaus 12 days ago

    When I was younger my school had this smelly pencil machine by the office. My mom had this big quarter collecting sheet and it had cardboard cut-outs you’d pop out and put quarters in. I had an idea and popped out a couple of em and used them in the machine no problem

  • Drei DC
    Drei DC 8 days ago +1

    tbh that 3d printed one was more expensive to make than the quarter’s value

  • name
    name 10 days ago

    I just love spending thousands on a machine that can help me save 24 cents every time i want a ball of sugar

  • Kawaii
    Kawaii 2 months ago +199

    Today on action news, man caught filming video, making counterfeit quarters, and using for gumballs. When questioned, he simply said "i wanted gum

    • cyno
      cyno Month ago

      @Tony Blake nah it’s the shape that gets it to work tho and only on the machine, for it to be counterfeit you have to have almost a replica of it and try to pass it as real. i’m also pretty sure i played with play quarters that look just like that when i was little

    • neowolf09
      neowolf09 Month ago +1

      @Tony Blake very true. And since he did this on his own machine I'm fairly certain it's completely legal.

    • S TR
      S TR Month ago

      ​@neowolf09 then technically it's not intended as currency, so it's stolen

    • Tony Blake
      Tony Blake Month ago +5

      @neowolf09 I think it could count when you tried to use them. If just caught with them in your pocket it's obviously not money and you could easily say you had no intention of trying to pass it off as real money. But once you use them, even if the quality is bad, you're trying to pass something you made as real money.

    • neowolf09
      neowolf09 Month ago +3

      ​@Tony Blake actually since the one side is not made to look like a real quarter I don't think it counts as counterfeit.

  • My World
    My World 18 hours ago

    Tbh I’m pretty sure that the real quarter was cheaper than the made one so 😅

  • Rodrigo Muñoz
    Rodrigo Muñoz 5 days ago

    Fun fact: 1980's chilean $1 peso coins had the same size and weight as a US quarter. I took a bunch of those to the states when a was a kid, and I may or may have not used them at the arcade

  • YogiTheBearMan
    YogiTheBearMan 12 days ago

    I always get a bunch of weird coins for change from the vending machine…

  • Wyatt Dillard
    Wyatt Dillard Day ago

    Now he needs a job at the Fed printing more real money for the economy XD

  • Hunter Wegworth
    Hunter Wegworth 2 months ago +124

    I would always dig into my dad’s toolbox and find washers that looked like quarters and use them in gumball machines

    • neowolf09
      neowolf09 Month ago +3

      your dad: "where the hell do all my washers keep dissapearing to?"
      you: "idk" *blows bubble*

    • Crystal Raye
      Crystal Raye Month ago


    • JamesNGarcia
      JamesNGarcia Month ago +8

      You must've "cleaned" them out! (washer humor)

    • Justin Time
      Justin Time Month ago +20

      You were the reason the machines were always broken or jammed lol

  • KacangKacangan
    KacangKacangan 20 hours ago

    If it works in Japan, you could live like a king. They basically have vending machines of almost everything.

    • Luis Dias
      Luis Dias 13 hours ago

      uh .. I am sure 3D printed coins would not match real coin weight, and the new machines do check that.

  • Acidic_Pengu
    Acidic_Pengu 11 days ago

    I was about to say, this is illegal. Good thing he's using his own machine

  • Adelhard Juarez
    Adelhard Juarez 13 hours ago

    We've really moved on from wooden coins huh

  • Luhan
    Luhan Day ago +1

    But don't you need a 1k printer to print a quarter?

  • Dab Pro
    Dab Pro 2 months ago +4664

    Imagine looking at what you made from a gum ball machine over a month just to find a ton of these

    • Great Power
      Great Power Month ago

      @MERIDIAN lol that's the next thing elon musk is working on.

    • alone fox
      alone fox 2 months ago +1

      @no head? spiderman pointing at each other meme

    • Jeru _JJ
      Jeru _JJ 2 months ago +11

      I'd fill them with 3D printed gumballs

      MERIDIAN 2 months ago +2

      @AnonWell we might just get electronic gumball machines.

    • huh?
      huh? 2 months ago +2

      When i was a kid my peers would do this where i lived in the stores but with cardboard😂

  • Cristian Garcia
    Cristian Garcia 10 days ago

    Wow been watching for years, he finally took off 👏

  • HendrikJB Boss
    HendrikJB Boss 4 days ago

    I understand that one would try making a "quarter" just for the sake of experience, BUT IT is morally wrong to publicly publish the result as it actually opens up a world for petty crimes as at a minimum 😒😡

  • Melodic Egghead
    Melodic Egghead 12 days ago

    Those quarter pushing machines where you put the quarters in to potentially win $5 or whatever look more interesting now lol

  • dono
    dono 12 days ago

    Imagine your the owner of one these machines and you see that coin in the middle of other coins

  • JustCallMeSiv
    JustCallMeSiv 20 days ago +30671

    "No problem first try"
    *The Federal Government disliked that*
    Edit: ayo 29k likes is crazy
    Edit to the Edit: too bad i didnt do this on my Clip-Share channel instead of my personal account T^T 30k for a throwaway comment that made me chuckle is insane thanks

    • cindjan
      cindjan Day ago +1

      You can quit ur job now and expect ur first scandal in a about 6 months

    • JustCallMeSiv
      JustCallMeSiv Day ago +1


    • Nolan Rueckert
      Nolan Rueckert 2 days ago +2

      I love this comment

    • Nolan Rueckert
      Nolan Rueckert 2 days ago +1

      I love this comment 🤣

    • chrisate
      chrisate 2 days ago +1

      Did yall know that the Secret Service handle counterfeit claims? I'm just sharing knowledge.

  • Jonathon Smith
    Jonathon Smith 7 days ago

    Fun fact: in Panama they use U.S. currency, but also have their own currency called balboas. A .25 cent piece Balboa is the exact same size and weight as an American quarter and will work in American vending machines.

  • Trenchiano
    Trenchiano 5 days ago

    Here's the question. Can you put these in a token machine at an arcade?

  • Nick L
    Nick L 13 days ago

    Pretty sure especially for older gimbal machines you can use arcade tokens 😅a friend told me that

  • Luci Lent
    Luci Lent 9 days ago

    Him: “do not try”

  • dhsjango
    dhsjango 16 days ago +4072

    Ah yes, the daily "How to commit a felony" video

    • 24k Lamb
      24k Lamb 4 days ago

      @Southern Wolff Say "Tldr" without saying "Tldr"! Lmao

    • Southern Wolff
      Southern Wolff 5 days ago

      @HackboyBacon no, technically what he did WAS a felony. It's just one not worth fighting.

    • HackboyBacon
      HackboyBacon 5 days ago

      @Southern Wolff technically what he did was not a felony

    • Southern Wolff
      Southern Wolff 5 days ago

      @Demonic Dragon God read through all the replies. I've already gone over this. You are incorrect.

    • Southern Wolff
      Southern Wolff 5 days ago

      @Kevib B read through the replies. You are factually incorrect.

  • TheLast Uchiha
    TheLast Uchiha Day ago

    Damn, that's almost as much value as those things the f3ds print... backed by....

  • Nick Tillman
    Nick Tillman 6 days ago

    back in ages when we were kids we TOTALLY DIDN'T TRIED to make coins out of few layers of cardboard glued together in order TO NOT FOOL GUM MACHINE 🌚

  • PoliticaV
    PoliticaV 12 days ago

    This man just broke a federal law. 😂

  • Thanos
    Thanos 9 days ago

    Him: It costed me one cent to print the quarter but the printer costed way too much.

  • Diego Coronel
    Diego Coronel 2 months ago +15808

    I used to steal the plastic coins we used in school to help us count money, then id use em in vending machines or at Chuck E. Cheese i would be set for a week at a time

    • B K
      B K 16 days ago

      @ZachElrodGaminghe wouldn’t be the first 😂😂

    • Dontae J
      Dontae J 16 days ago

      i remember those coins ln i think 1st grade been quite a while i dont think they use them in schools anymore they have them printed on paper nowdays

    • Rich bob
      Rich bob Month ago

      liar, they don't work in vending machines, only gumball machines. ending machines also weigh the coins so no you did not do this.

    • Christina M
      Christina M Month ago

      They didn’t notice all the coins disappearing?

    • Mikael Lindqvist
      Mikael Lindqvist Month ago

      ​@SoNotTheHeroTypeJust made a comment about that a plasyic coin will not have the correct weight and therefor will not be accepted.

  • Twilzeth
    Twilzeth 13 days ago

    We used to empty these by folding and pressing pieces of paper into the shape of a coin, not all of them worked but it was easy free candy

  • Sol
    Sol 13 days ago

    Remember Feds, this guy did it on his own gunball machines as an experiment. Im pretty sure he's well aware of the laws and wouldn't actually break the law

  • Hunter Perkins
    Hunter Perkins 13 days ago

    Can use anything shaped like a quarter and has some structure to it so it won’t get messed up while turning the thing

  • Julian WhoLee
    Julian WhoLee 12 days ago

    Imagine the owner opening the machine only to find 3-D printed quarters instead

  • Purge Utopia
    Purge Utopia Month ago +7608

    Getting my laundry done is about to be a whole lot cheaper

    • Hibyguy
      Hibyguy 7 days ago

      ​@Purge Utopia maybe in terms of time? Definitely not in price it's less than a cent to print a dollar coin

    • Cole Joseph Alexander Kashay
      Cole Joseph Alexander Kashay 8 days ago

      ​@IKILL MELOL Panama $ is tied to usd and their coins are of same weight and dimensions

    • Omar Reyes
      Omar Reyes 10 days ago

      It’ll work one time then they’ll review them cameras. You’d be flagged from all laundromats in a radius. But I know this comment was for just giggles

    • Smoothblue
      Smoothblue 14 days ago

      @worldindo1 Yeah if you want to buy something that doesn't work

    • worldindo1
      worldindo1 14 days ago

      ​@Smoothblue3D printers can be had for a few hundred bucks... Whatever you're smoking must be pretty good 🧐🤣

  • Jason Suydam
    Jason Suydam 11 days ago

    Take a skittle, and a quarter. While getting the skittle cold, slowly squish it with the quarter until they are the same size. Freeze the skittle. It will work in any older coin machine like that

  • AnimeOtaku64
    AnimeOtaku64 Day ago

    So I bought this 3-D printer for $400 so that I could 3-D print a quarter that only cost me $0.01 and used it to trick a gumball machine that would've cost me $0.25.

  • Nyc Bible
    Nyc Bible 9 days ago

    Now I just need to find a quarter pusher XD

  • Eternal Cancer
    Eternal Cancer 2 days ago

    Thank you for the new life hack. Ill now create a gumball store using this method