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Can’t Leave Airport Until STRANGER Buys Me A Flight ✈️

  • Published on Sep 21, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Simplistic - I can’t believe this WORKED 😭✈️
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Comments • 4 700

  • @Simplistic

    can’t believe this worked 🤩 is she a keeper?

  • @joshjohannes5108

    destiny is such a amazing person , nobody would ever do something that she has done by paying your ticket . WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE HER IN THE NEXT VIDEO !

  • @leontaing2484

    honestly she could be the one for you bro. paths just happened to cross. you're someone who goes out of their comfort zone and seeing that pass on to Destiny is cool. you two will help each other grow! love the video and thanks for sharing Noah!

  • @ysmalta2041
    @ysmalta2041 14 days ago +15

    Destiny is such a good person she really paid for your ticket and for the hotel just so she could have someone to spend her birthday with she can definitely be the one for you man

  • @stephaniereyna3504

    She’s beautiful, great personality, had no problem paying for anything you asked for, & it wasn’t awkward for a first time meet. Definitely a keeper! Hope to see more of her 💕

  • @alisaviation2849
    @alisaviation2849 14 days ago +11

    The chemistry , the bond , the communication! Everything between them just makes perfect sense !

  • @elalexis6584

    No cap this is by far one of your best videos ever!! Absolutely had so much laughter and smiles just watching your adventure. W Noah and Destiny!! ❤ absolutely a KEEPER 🤞🏽

  • @masonbontrager5579

    Lowkey Noah would be the best person to just take on a random trip lmao you get professional footage of the whole thing and some badass ig pictures!

  • @boppity9458

    Can we just take a moment and appreciate how much effort Noah puts in his videos, like this one, (and all the videos he has.)

  • @MadGamezYT
    @MadGamezYT Day ago +1

    This is absolutely crazy!

  • @mmaxthegoat7051

    destiny is such a good person but u got to give respect to the guy who tried to book the flight to las vegas

  • @nolaawesomer729

    She’s a keeper lowkey! She is genuine and a entertaining person! We need more Destiny X Noah

  • @ariellemartinez643

    Destiny was so sweet to buy you a ticket and letting you stay at her hotel . Honestly I bet you made her birthday because she was going to be alone . Super cool video I honestly enjoyed it and that was definitely a adventure, going with the flow .

  • @joshcran
    @joshcran  +95

    Perfect Noah! Perfect video, perfect person to buy you the ticket, and perfect place to go... Way to go dude! Your gonna get her a lot of subscribers!

  • @sandunlasantha

    Destiny is such a nice person. She's always excited. Need more vids with her. Simplistic & Destiny together doing it better😍😍

  • @aicethegamer

    Destiny: “can I have a sip”

  • @positivevibez6328

    Keep up the amazing work my boy! You continue to inspire me every single day. Beyond proud 💪🧡

  • @chgaming3457
    @chgaming3457 14 days ago

    Bro his name is simplistic but he really isn't simple, can we all just appreciate all the effort he puts into the videos. Respect man🙏. Let's be honest he always comes up with bizzar, fun videos and never fails to entertain us🙂😁

  • @hammadfans3823

    To whoever is reading this keep going, you are doing fine! No matter how slow your progress, each new week is filled with tiny steps forward. Be proud of yourself you got this.

  • @jacquelinebooker8739

    This was pure luck to meet someone that would bye ticket to Hawaii. You both had so much fun. Love the video.