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Strange Glitches From Every Animal Crossing Game

  • Published on Mar 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • From Animal Crossing on Gamecube, through Wild World on Nintendo DS, City Folk on Wii, New Leaf on 3DS, and New Horizons On Switch, these are some of the more unusual Animal Crossing Glitches that have occurred over the years.
    #animalcrossing #acnh #animalcrossingnewhorizons
    0:00 Animal Crossing Gamecube
    4:15 Wild World
    7:30 City Folk (Let's Go To The City)
    10:09 New Leaf
    12:20 Pocket Camp
    13:12 New Horizons
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  • Cuyler
    Cuyler 2 months ago +1046

    For the 'Gyroid' face 'glitch' it is entirely intentional! There are variants for each face type for both genders, and separate variants for each face type with a bee sting. It was likely done to add a 'creepy' punishment for trying to be sneaky about gaming the system. The code actually executes when you board the train. It deletes everything in your inventory and changes to the 'gyroid' face in your own town's player data. If you properly travel back using the train station, this data is overwritten and thus won't be seen.

    • Anime Tiddies
      Anime Tiddies Month ago +3

      Wow didn't expect to see you here! I've been putting so many hours into the translation of e+ you did. Thank you so much for what you did!

    • TRUE_STRIKER9001
      TRUE_STRIKER9001 Month ago +8

      @xo xo it IS actually considered an Easter egg, and it even calls it an Easter egg on most records of the US Patent.

    • TRUE_STRIKER9001
      TRUE_STRIKER9001 Month ago +4

      @KittyGirlRachel I have 2 official guide books from the game, 1 Japanese copy (somewhere), and the official players guide from Nintendo. I'll have to check this out when I get around to cataloging my conjoint shared collection.

    • Mara1 G
      Mara1 G Month ago +1


    • KittyGirlRachel
      KittyGirlRachel Month ago +17

      @Ryth Fan "Eek! What's that?" Was a thing I saw in the guide book I have irl, and it heavily implied, at least to me, that the gyroid face was somewhat intentional.

  • LittleDreamerRem
    LittleDreamerRem 2 months ago +307

    I found a weird one in New Leaf. I've not seen many people talking about it, but if you happen to plant a flower at the same time as a villager in an area with only one space available, BOTH flowers will spawn in the same space, even if they're completely different colors. I'm not sure if it works with different species, but it's likely. The overworld sprite looks like one flower, but walking through the flower makes it flash to the other flower that's there. Picking it will only produce one of the two flowers. I recorded and uploaded a crappy video of the time it happened to me to my channel if you want to see what it looks like.

    • Kyubay
      Kyubay 12 days ago

      how do you plant a villager?

    • Elyse
      Elyse Month ago

      Lol thanks

    • Daphne Tett
      Daphne Tett Month ago

      I had the same thing happen to me, but there wasn't only one space left. We just wanted to plant something in the same spot. Also, I planted mine first, but the animation wasn't done when Maple planted hers. Mine was a red pansy, hers was a yellow tulip.

    • Ras Tamadra
      Ras Tamadra Month ago

      Same when I played it I had items on the ground and had the money ordnance and sometimes they'd just duplicate

    • Podough
      Podough Month ago


  • noblecyberman95
    noblecyberman95 2 months ago +155

    I actually screamed at my TV when I was younger because of the 'gyroid face' glitch, that combined with the red text when Tom Nook got upset for you not wearing your uniform made my experience of Animal Crossing as a horror game.

    • justa person
      justa person 16 days ago +1

      when you said you screamed, it made me think of the "BRADEN, GO BACK TO SLEEP!" scream, and i got a chuckle. thanks for brightening my day. :)

    • TRUE_STRIKER9001
      TRUE_STRIKER9001 26 days ago

      @noblecyberman95 gotcha. Although, I guess that's dependant on the person. When I was a kid playing, it wasn't so scary.

    • noblecyberman95
      noblecyberman95 26 days ago +4

      @TRUE_STRIKER9001 I meant as an additional scare factor, not in combination with it. Red text and loud animalese freaked me out as well as the face glitch.

    • Elyse
      Elyse Month ago


    • Shy-Griff
      Shy-Griff Month ago +2

      I wish I was there to see it

  • Cool Shoes Studio
    Cool Shoes Studio Month ago +55

    11:30 The video of the villager running away from the train had me dying 😂 Since the train obviously wasn’t programmed to stop, it looks like Porter is mercilessly trying to kill them

  • Deku Kitty
    Deku Kitty Month ago +32

    The Gyroid face wasn't a glitch, but it sure as heck scared me as a kid! My brother and I used the town visiting feature all the time, and he discovered the gyroid face. He then decided to prank me and tell me something special would happen if I reset while visiting another player's town, although he was nice enough to tell me to leave all my stuff in my town so I wouldn't lose it. I'm pretty sure I almost started crying because I thought my villager's face was stuck like that forever.

  • jbrown
    jbrown 2 months ago +72

    The "giant player" online glitch doesn't look to me like they're giant at all - just looks like the character got stuck super close to the camera

  • lunagojyuuichi!!
    lunagojyuuichi!! 2 months ago +98

    The railtracks on the thumbnail really spoke to me, as around when New Leaf was popular and hacking for it was new, I placed a bench really close to the fencing which allowed you to walk through the fences and walk out of bounds all the way to the end, I made a few friends who enjoyed going to this out of bounds area, and I have a few screenshots from around that time too :] It was super fun to find and that was always our go-to hangout point in my town, the black blue with the two bars was a really interesting find at the time!!

    • shiny celebi
      shiny celebi 5 days ago

      same boat! a stranger taught me how to glitch onto the train tracks with them around 2014 and it was a lot of fun at the time :]

    • lunagojyuuichi!!
      lunagojyuuichi!! 2 months ago +5

      Turns out the out of bounds section is showed in the video but it was interesting to see all the other ways to do this! But yeah, if you don't want to use hole glitches, just place a bench PWP (or even buildings like the Re-Tail!) really close to the fencing in front of the tracks and walk around the edge of it, the "hitbox" of the item overlaps with the fence and means you can walk through it and into the tracks and beyond :]

  • Maddie
    Maddie 2 months ago +92

    6:18 I actually had a similar glitch happen to me in wild world. If you play during the summer and you get bit by a mosquito then your character is forced to scratch their head while the text box pops up, but unfortunately one day mine glitched and the text box never popped up and my character was stuck in an endless loop of scratching their head. I had to restart my game, losing my progress. I remember being so annoyed I actually did film it on my phone.
    Another glitch I have come across in wild world is that some of the earlier cartridges of the game have a glitch where lazy villagers cannot give you their photo, no matter how high your friendship, because for some reason they think they already gave it to you. I am pretty sure I have this glitch on mine since I have never gotten a single photo from any of the lazy personality types yet I have photos from every other personality type :’)

    • Michael Horton
      Michael Horton Month ago +3

      @MegamanXfan21xx YOOOOOOOOO RELATABLE

    • MegamanXfan21xx
      MegamanXfan21xx Month ago +15

      Endlessly scratching their face? Sounds like a normal reaction to a mosquito bite to me.

    • Tara Malinen
      Tara Malinen Month ago +6

      I can tell how annoying that would be, I never had wild world bc my mom never got me it, but yeah I won't get it now because I lost my ds but I play acnh now so yup lost all my data once somehow I saved while doing smth (idk how it allowed me to :]) but yea when I came back I had nothing saved and I had just finished a build that took forever :`)

  • Jackson Trackson
    Jackson Trackson 2 months ago +27

    i had an odd experience in new horizons that i can only assume was a glitch that i've found no mention of anywhere online where i entered a villagers house only to find they were not home and the music was turned off. im assuming i must have entered the house the exact same time the game decided the villager was leaving? only ever happened to me once
    another fun glitch i had with wild world (which im pretty sure was an emulation issue but i still want to mention it bc i found it pretty interesting) was that the town bell would ring like every 5 minutes rather than every hour

    • Tia Amane
      Tia Amane Month ago +1

      I had what turned out to be a fake copy of Wild World that would chime the town bell frequently and would randomly announce events like the Bug-off or the Acorn Festival. In the middle of February, at midnight. Used to annoy the hell out of me.

  • benny boi
    benny boi 2 months ago +107

    The one with the house saying they already moved is kinda scary because they just left their house there and are just like I moved you can’t do anything

    • Shadow Fox
      Shadow Fox 2 months ago +19

      It's kinda like they actually MOVED OUT of the house... instead of just taking it with them

  • jasper
    jasper 2 months ago +46

    It's a shame the majority of New Leaf's OOB glitches have been patched out, but there's still a few kicking around and maybe some that have yet to be discovered

  • Treacherous Doctor
    Treacherous Doctor 2 months ago +22

    My all-time favourite New Horizons glitch only occurred very early on, and only ever happened with one villager as far as I’m aware. If you had Claude on your island and he was crafting, he had two DIY workbenches that would clip into each other, and his crafting animation wouldn’t show. He’d still give you a DIY recipe, though. It’s not a very notable glitch, but I think it’s way too funny

  • alolanraichu
    alolanraichu 2 months ago +19

    1:44 I didn't know about this glitch at all,I would've loved doing this when I was a kid,usually I take villagers and trap them on the bridge,but pushing them in the river sounds like alot of fun,I wish I knew about this glitch when I was a kid

  • Little Taora
    Little Taora Month ago +4

    One harmless glitch in new horizons was that if you time travel and one of your villagers was about to move,
    there was a small chance that the house did not change. Just the outside and it stays like this forever.
    It happened to me once and I still have this villager on my island. Even after moving the house on a different place, the house did not change

  • random person362
    random person362 2 months ago +9

    I found a glitch in New Horizons where if you talk to a villager as they lay down, they will sit up to talk to you and then repeatedly lay down and sit up in between text boxes

  • gay luigi
    gay luigi 2 months ago +66

    Pretty neat video! I'd err against classifying the Gamecube AC's gyroid face as a glitch though, because it was deliberately programmed in by Nintendo and is included in their patent for online play at the time, U.S. Patent No. 10,363,481. The fact that Resetti doesn't appear shouldn't swing that the other way- Resetti simply doesn't appear if you reset during online play.

    • wave1
      wave1 Month ago

      there was online play on animal crossing gamecube?

    • Breanna Gabrielle
      Breanna Gabrielle 2 months ago +14

      i was about to say this! resetti wouldnt yell at you during online play because you can unintentionally lose connectionso it wouldnt be fair to be berated lol

  • Christina P.
    Christina P. Month ago +8

    I actually had a glitch happen to me recently when I was playing ACNH with my friend. I was on their island and at one point we both tried to get into the museum, and I guess the game got confused?? They got in and their game froze, showing them a never-ending loading screen, while I was stuck outside and unable to enter the museum at all. Nothing was happening so unfortunately we had to turn our switches on an off and cut the connection to go back to normal, but yeah. Really weird stuff.

  • PurplePh0enix
    PurplePh0enix Month ago +3

    In the New Horizons segment of the video the first two glitches discussed are still in the game (glitching into objects and getting on the fourth tier). The only difference is that you can no longer place items on the fourth tier. This was not discussed in the video, but you can glitch trees to sit on the edges of cliffs but I don't know if they can still sit on a singular piece of land anymore like was shown in the video.

  • Gloomy Fish
    Gloomy Fish 23 days ago +2

    I remember an early glitch from Pocket Camp where the entire floor turned black
    and a really early one where sometimes the menu screens would just completely mess up the text
    and a more recent one where Ankha kept appearing in loading screens when she hadn't been properly added to the game yet. Weirdest part is, they tried to patch that out, but it still kept happening afterwards it was weird

  • Prowler64
    Prowler64 Month ago +6

    I remember the whole star bit saga in New Horizons when the game first came out. People managed to hack in trees that would grow the stars, and sell them to other people.

  • Derpy Devil
    Derpy Devil 2 months ago +10

    In Wild World, I’m pretty sure there was a way to go out of bounds and get on top of the walls on the left and right side. I am unsure how it was done though, but I remember I did it with my friend. All I remember is that we used the slingshots once we were on top of the wall because every time you used the slingshot, it would make the camera go to your location. I think somehow over characters froze, but we could continue to type.

  • The Amazing Moore!
    The Amazing Moore! 2 months ago +14

    love the documentation on this video! all of this is very interesting
    also i don't know if anyone else has said this,but i'm not so sure the online City Folk glitch has a character become giant. it seems like the character is teleported onto a higher part of the indoors map, putting them closer to the camera. probably why they couldn't collide with other players

  • A Random Shroob
    A Random Shroob 2 months ago +10

    Nice shoutout for Jeff's channel! I'm a friend of his and he's an amazing dude 👍 Not only has he been doing Animal Crossing content for more than 10 years but he's overall a really cool and funny guy to hangout with 😊

  • Jixngshi
    Jixngshi 2 months ago +13

    Great video but the gyroid face is not a glitch and it was intended to scare you into saving your game since it's the face of a gyroid, which would be what you had to save at.
    It's not a glitch, and it's kind of silly how long it's been called one even though the gyroid face perfectly matches your character and the texture doesn't have deformities/oddities that other texture glitches would have when they're being mapped to objects they're not suppose to.

  • Bronwyn Knox
    Bronwyn Knox Month ago +8

    In city folk’s (or in my case, let’s go to the city) Nookington’s glitch, the player isn’t huge, rather they are up a height in an out of bounds space.
    If you do the windmill/lighthouse glitch and save whilst up there, this triggers the scorpion bite animation at the base of the tower and then you wake up outside your house.
    Also you could clip into darkness in the museum bottom left hand corner in the same vein as the lighthouse glitch online pushing!
    Great video, lots of glitching memories :)

    • TRUE_STRIKER9001
      TRUE_STRIKER9001 Month ago

      @Bronwyn Knox yeah, it's definitely been quite a few years for me

    • Bronwyn Knox
      Bronwyn Knox Month ago +1

      @TRUE_STRIKER9001 Haha no problem! It was a long time since I've played :)

    • TRUE_STRIKER9001
      TRUE_STRIKER9001 Month ago +2

      @Bronwyn Knox now I'm questioning my memory. How did I forget about those!? I sunk a few thousand hours into city folk! That was my bad bro XD

    • TRUE_STRIKER9001
      TRUE_STRIKER9001 Month ago

      In his video the player isn't big either, ita just closer to the camera. Also, scorpion bite animation? There is no scorpions in ACCF iirc.

  • UnknownFlyingPancake
    UnknownFlyingPancake Month ago +2

    I've gotten the 'music cuts out' glitch in New Horizons as well. In addition to that, when I talked to a villager, their voice started off as one of a different personality for some reason before turning back to normal.

  • ShakedownDreams
    ShakedownDreams Month ago +5

    I wish the "I've Moved Out" glitch was still around and permanent, it would be the perfect vibe for my Gothic horror mountain town

    • ShakedownDreams
      ShakedownDreams Month ago +1

      @amera ty! It's still heavily work in progress, but I've got it mostly figured out by now!

    • amera
      amera Month ago +1

      that sounds like a cool island

  • Icyangel10
    Icyangel10 Month ago +2

    I never knew about the duplicate glitch in Wild World. It would have been helpful as a kid. I trying to get in the water by using the kink tut or whatever it's called mask cause I thought I saw somewhere that it works when you fall just right.
    It's a shame there's no unlock glitch since upgrading the shops requires a visitor buying from your shop. I missed out the only chance I got cause I didn't think about time travel & the shop was closed.
    There's ways to get the Wii's internet back up using fan services. Even has a way to do it with Homebrew & without it.(You'll need Homebrew if trying it on the WiiU though)

  • Sophia Kormalos
    Sophia Kormalos 23 days ago

    I remember all the new leaf out of bounds glitches! I would look them up on Clip-Share and then do them in game. Very nostalgic lol, sad that they patched them out with the amiibo update :(

  • sailorsugarplum
    sailorsugarplum Month ago

    Oh man they were so many glitches I did in New Leaf. I loved hanging out on the bridge, in the river… I even learned how to fall completely under the map! I’m sure I have tons of screenshots on my 3ds still from doing this. I’m sad so many of those glitches were eventually patched

  • Timmy B.
    Timmy B. Month ago +1

    Wasn't there a glitch in New Horizons that involved the unfinished puzzle item that allowed you to walk in rivers? I remember doing it one time.

  • Mackenzie Hutchinson
    Mackenzie Hutchinson 2 months ago +6

    With new horizons, what about the villager house plot if you view it on the pavement and then don’t place it. Like it’ll let you put trees and flowers on the pavement? I know it’s patches now but it could have been included

  • Lara
    Lara 2 months ago +2

    I used to duplicate rare items like villager pictures and other things in acww. So that my cousin and I had them both.
    You need to visit them (local multiplayer) and both lay down all items or bells you want to duplicate. Then you need to head back home and while saving you have to turn off your system after the circle did the 6th round. That way you still have your inventory because it didn't save but your friend has everything as well because their game saved normally.
    But resetti will visit you...

  • Gloomy Fish
    Gloomy Fish 23 days ago +1

    couple of other Wild World ones I experienced
    If you had a song playing in one room, then went to another room and removed that song, it will still be playing in the other room. you can't change it or turn it off... even taking the music player away doesn't stop it
    the other was more of a softlock, but one time at around 2am I had a villager ask to come to my house. When I was setting up the time for him to show up, he said 2:30 was too early and 2:31 was too late. There was no exit option. I literally softlocked myself and had no choice but to reset and I lost a lot of progress...

  • Thewaterspirit57
    Thewaterspirit57 29 days ago

    The slow net glitch in animal crossing new leaf was one of my favorites.
    You’d see me and an old friend continually using this glitch to get out of bounds, and there would be tons of fun with us doing this.
    But well….. they patched it eventually :/
    But we still had fun with the game!

  • knux
    knux Month ago +1

    i remember the gyroid face one when you dont save. that one freaked me tf out when i was a kid, i didnt know what or why that happened. lotta ppl dont know how much harsher the first animal crossing was lol, but i feel like that "harshness" is whats missing frm the current ac games, it made the game a little bit more interesting imo

  • Schinkrio
    Schinkrio 6 days ago

    I think I can explain the fleas in Wild World. Like, I'm 99% sure I know how this happened.
    When you look at the camera angle in the footage, you'll notice that it's up closer to the character than in normal gameplay - it's the angle you instead get when doing expressions, or changeing your outfit in the inventory menu. When you go into that camera angle while having objects in front of you in the world (most common example is trees), they start to disappear, so the focus would be on you instead.
    I'm 99% sure that this happened to another villager here - it didn't get rendered in because of the camera angle. But the fleas are still visible because they're marked as another entity, one that doesn't disappear in the other angle.

  • Destiny Willowleaf
    Destiny Willowleaf Month ago +1

    man i miss the out of bounds glitches in new leaf. welcome amiibo was fun but being able to hang out on the cliffs separating main street from the HHA showcase was even better. still got pictures of that somewhere...

  • ThatKnownAli
    ThatKnownAli Month ago +1

    I think you happen to miss one in New Horizon. There was a glitch before that had your villagers with no clothing. I assume it's patched now.

  • Jamie Ever
    Jamie Ever Month ago +1

    City Folk was my first Animal Crossing game I was able to get, this video has so much nostalgia for me

  • Daphne Tett
    Daphne Tett Month ago +1

    There's a patched glitch in Happy Home Paradise where if you dressed the restaurant staff with a custom design and then saved and returned, they would just look naked. Failboat found it in a stream and spent the next two hours losing his mind.

  • mAyo
    mAyo Month ago +2

    I remember first finding the glitch town on complete random in 2016 and having nightmares about it

  • Aeroon
    Aeroon Month ago +1

    In Wild World, if you hit a villager with a net, you might cause them to become angered or sad.
    This obviously isn't a glitch, but every time you talked to specifically a depressed villager, their voice would get deeper and deeper.
    ...True nightmare fuel, that was.

  • Anna Caldwell
    Anna Caldwell Month ago +1

    I didn't think the Moved Out thing was a glitch? It kept you from giving away a villager twice or double crossing someone.

  • Gemystic
    Gemystic Month ago +2

    I’ll have to test to see if it still works but in ACNH I once got a glitch where I was trying to catch a bug and I accidentally hit a villager on the head while catching, and the bug turned into a flea

  • Night-X
    Night-X Month ago +1

    There is one glitch found in City Folks which I call the Bee Chasing Music Continuous and it's one of the hardest ones to pull off.
    So in order to do this one you need of course bees chasing you and need another bug near by then you have to catch both at the same time which done right with a lot of luck the bee chasing music will continue until you go inside a building/house or quit the but other thing about this is whatever bug you catch with the bees will be the other bug not the bees.
    Unfortunately I can't do the glitch again because it's all about luck to do it and wish there was a way to record it too during that time.

  • NovaFireGalaxy
    NovaFireGalaxy Month ago +2

    So the moved out glitch, I don't think it's a glitch. They may have already talked to them and it autosaved before you disconnected. I've given villagers away and after the person left without any issues, it said that they already left until the next day.

  • NekoDani
    NekoDani Month ago +1

    In the game cube version of animal crossing the island is always there, get on the water and go straight down from the dock, and if it's raining or snowing your more likely to see the big fish shadow glitch.

  • MrSuperHeatran
    MrSuperHeatran 2 months ago +5

    A little sad the New Leaf duplication glitch wasn't mentioned- then again, it is technically patched for newer 3DS models so I can see why but still.

  • 0Lottee0
    0Lottee0 4 days ago

    I made SO MUCH moneybucks doing the tarantula/scorpion island method. It just involves removing any other sources of where insects might spawn, so cutting down all the trees (and digging up the stumps), getting rid of flowers, rocks, and depending on the season when water beetles spawn you want to try and get an island without any rivers or ponds. The bamboo island was always the best because no insects are tied to the bamboo so all you had to do was get rid of any flowers or rocks or palm trees. Just fill your inventory up with those bad bois and wait for Flick for even extra profit >:3 to this day I still have over 3mil in my game almost entirely from farming this way.

  • Bubbly Lemon
    Bubbly Lemon Month ago

    For the 'giant' glitch it appears to be a perspective thing actually! The player is on a higher level than the others, thus closer to the screen or veiw!

  • Egg Toast !
    Egg Toast ! Month ago +1

    one time i had the dodo in the airport ask if i wanted online or local play, i said local, he just stared at me for like 1 minute and the music turned off, it wasn’t frozen, he was still swaying / breathing, it was kind of scary (acnh)

  • Roll Me Away
    Roll Me Away 2 months ago +1

    Just subscribed! Excited to see you make it big, your videos are great! 😄

  • LyokoG
    LyokoG 2 months ago +1

    Glitching into items is still possible in NH, same with getting on top of buildings

  • SurvivorZiii
    SurvivorZiii Month ago +1

    as a kid i would do the gyroid face thing all the time lmao i was shocked when i found out ppl didnt know it was a thing

  • SockJean
    SockJean Month ago +3

    One time in new leaf, my game glitched and one of my villagers was sitting on Lloyd but i was building an arch. I posted it on miiverse too

  • RealmsCrossMyths
    RealmsCrossMyths Month ago +1

    The "giant player" glitch is not actually making the charater larger.
    They are acually much, much closer to the camera, on top of some invisible collision geometry.

  • Ze Lemone Of Destiny
    Ze Lemone Of Destiny Month ago +2

    1:06I literally thrashed my back onto the ground multiple times in excitement when I saw your town was named hyrule too.

  • Luminoose
    Luminoose Month ago +2

    Not sure if this counts, but a while ago Wolfgang moved to my island, claiming to have come from my sister's island.
    I sent my sister a message, teasing her about Wolfgang preferring my island...Only to be told Wolfgang wad still on her island as well as a picture of proof.
    We like to joke he's living a double life :P

  • Aurora Pace
    Aurora Pace Month ago

    In acnl sometimes me and my brother would do a fun glitch where we fill a hole or shake a tree or something that has a cutscene like that, and time it perfectly so when the other person digs a hole underneath them, we fall in like it was a pitfall.

  • Phoenix Rose
    Phoenix Rose Month ago +1

    The gyroid face legit had me crying and screaming as a kid. My mom had to pretend to call Nintendo and everything. Thankfully it went back to normal after restarting the game.
    Also dang I wish I knew how to make my island look good xD it looks just...normal, kinda meh. I have all the villagers in a little neighborhood, and all the shops in one corner, but it's so meh compared to what ppl come up with xD

  • Nal
    Nal Month ago

    I remember the glitches in new leaf they were very fun to make lol i miss them im sad it got patched

  • Landon
    Landon 2 months ago +4

    You make amazing videos keep up the work

  • Sxvanah
    Sxvanah 2 months ago +2

    Loving all of your videos! I’ve watched 10 so far today!

  • Asia Does Stuff.
    Asia Does Stuff. Month ago +2

    I remember when I was playing New Horizons at night, and all the music cut out. It was very off-putting; and my Overthinking-Brain kept saying: “It’s Brutus. Brutus cut your music off he’s coming for your data-”
    And I’m like “It’s not Brutus. It most probably a Glitch. 💀”

  • Katelyn M
    Katelyn M 2 months ago +4

    So I had a Switch Lite for the longest time and my husband recently got a full size Switch for me as a birthday present. Of course, I had to start a new island on there.
    I swear, I had 5 tarantulas naturally spawn the first night…🤣 Does anyone know if they changed the spawn rate again within the last several months or am I just tarantula-blessed? I remember being so mad when they originally nerfed the spawn rate to cut down on tarantula/scorpion island farming soon after release.

  • Owen9647
    Owen9647 2 months ago +2

    I love your videos! Keep on doing what your'e doing!

  • Majestic Espeon
    Majestic Espeon 2 months ago

    You can still technically glitch into items on New Horizon’s using the puzzle track it still works even to this day I tried it out literally a minute before doing this and it still works it’s not patched out

  • Xavier Rose
    Xavier Rose Month ago

    the new horizons moving house isn’t a glitch, that always happens when they move islands regardless of if you disconnect or not

  • Alex W.
    Alex W. 2 months ago +1

    there was a dupe glitch in wild world you could do over multiplayer and my friend and i would do it CONSTANTLY every time we hung out we were like "okay, do you need bells? do you want this item? awesome, let's dupe"

  • Clayton Saint Cyr
    Clayton Saint Cyr 2 months ago

    There is a way to grab that present. You use teraforming to make another platform, then use your ladder.

  • ONE Zero
    ONE Zero Month ago +1

    Players: Find a way to hide the HUD to take better pictures
    Nintendo: Good idea, lets get rid of the glitch and add it as a feature
    (New Horizon segment)

  • Jeffrey Horsley
    Jeffrey Horsley 2 months ago +1

    This happened back in 2020 when my island was nothing I some how glitched on top of my animal villager's tent😂😂😂

  • Sophie and finn videos

    Legend says mayor tordimor is still on that windmill to this day

  • Angel Reilly
    Angel Reilly 2 months ago

    For the tarantula/scorpion one I thought that was patched out

  • Natalie
    Natalie Day ago

    ever since i was 4 and discovered the gyroid face glitch, i had a hyperfixation on animal crossing glitches, so much to the point that i bought action replay just to break wild world

  • X from BFDI :3
    X from BFDI :3 2 months ago +3

    this was 1 hour ago? (it says 1 hour ago for me btw.) this is very cool! I love these types of videos! I usually listen to videos like these whilst I color my drawings :)

  • anna
    anna Month ago

    I had the flea glitch in wild world once i thought i was just crazy

  • HmmmmmLemmeThinkNo
    HmmmmmLemmeThinkNo Month ago

    I did this as a kid and I did it by accident (I believe we had a power outage) and I had nightmares for *years*, and I don't know that I ever went back to it

  • Leo
    Leo Month ago

    This makes me want to play animal crossing now, and i didnt played it now for like 1 and a half year. And does anyone remember the glitch whit that puzzle where u can glitch into objects
    Idk why am asking that lol

    BAT_HEARTZ Month ago

    ok random but i absolutely love your island! it’s so cool!

  • Megan Malone
    Megan Malone Month ago

    I Really felt like a pro gamer with the GameCube hack 😂

  • mel
    mel 7 days ago

    in wild world, i was talking to celeste and while she was asking me what i wanted to do she just said the same thing over and over again when i clicked the buttons and then eventually it just all glitched out and after that i havent played acww on my ds ever again ☠️

  • laurii♡
    laurii♡ 7 days ago

    i screamed so loud when i was rushing downstairs and had to turn off the gamecube, I swear ill never forget that moment

  • Twinkle the Fox
    Twinkle the Fox 2 months ago

    This isn't really scary but I had this glitch where I was reading notes and only the letters showed up, the background didn't.

  • dietotaku
    dietotaku Month ago

    1. you can still clip into objects and onto the 4th level in ACNH, you just can't place items on the 4th level anymore. and no, if you pop a balloon present up there, it does not disappear when you save/quit/restart or at the start of the next day. it's there forever until you pick it up or use the "clean around me" option in terraforming mode.
    2. the "i've moved out" thing is NOT A GLITCH. that is literally what happens every time someone adopts a villager who is moving out from your island. once they've found a new home, their house says "i've moved out" so nobody else can talk to them (invite them to another island) and their house is replaced by an empty plot the next day. THIS IS NORMAL, NOT A GLITCH. it has always worked this way, it still works this way, it is supposed to work this way.
    3. cliff jumping only works with the cliff tree glitch - you first have to use the glitch to plant a tree right on a cliff edge, then chop it down, then animals will treat it like an available tree stump for sitting on the same level as them because the glitch basically causes the game not to recognize the cliff as being on another level.
    4. the waterfall secret passage glitch HAS BEEN PATCHED. it is no longer possible to clip through waterfalls that have been placed in the way shown in the video. it doesn't have anything to do with other furniture, it was just waterfalls, specifically laid out like that, and it has since been patched.

  • 𝖕𝖚𝖕𝖕𝖞𝖒𝖆𝖓𝖊💸

    The clickbait made me laugh haha, but this video is very well done. You've got a new subscriber. 😆👍

  • Mrweenie
    Mrweenie Month ago

    We did the gyroid glitch when I was a kid and my little sister literally yelled lmaoooo

  • •☆Eyeleen☆•
    •☆Eyeleen☆• Month ago +2

    Resetti was actually REMOVED. And the reason for that is because he made little kids cry, because he was screaming at them for not saving properly or something. Thanks for listening.

  • KirbyThings
    KirbyThings 2 months ago +1

    Truly a glitch in the matrix

  • GamingWithDestiny
    GamingWithDestiny 2 months ago +1

    I love your videos!

  • Destiny Augustine
    Destiny Augustine Month ago

    I remember when I got new horizons as a Christmas gift I actually found a way to jumpscare myself on a peaceful video game and how I managed to do that was plant the trees in a certain spot on the bottom and top area and I forgot all about the game for a few days cause I was busy playing my other games and when I finally decided to play new horizons and go to the other side of my island I jump scared myself cause the way I planted my trees looked like there was a tall person standing there cause I was like oh my god then I realized that they were just the trees I planted I never jumpscared myself so much lol

  • Cinnabon22
    Cinnabon22 Month ago

    8:14 I think the guy is glitched on top of smth above the door. Because when you more around he looks like he’s standing on the wall or smth. Idk tbh cool glitch tho! Also new sub

  • August
    August Month ago

    Rated this as calming 💅

  • Blaster Master
    Blaster Master 2 months ago +6

    gyroid face? A glitch? Sure...

  • Millie🌙
    Millie🌙 Month ago


  • Pockychu
    Pockychu Month ago

    the "i've moved out" glitch only affects the player _receiving_ the villager. your case was completely normal and intended behavior.
    on that note, i'm sure your scammer learned their lesson.

  • JellyQuin
    JellyQuin 2 months ago +1

    I kinda wish the sound one wasn't a glitch. I mean ya music is nice but I honestly prefer natural ambiance and wish I could just turn the music down either really low or off to enjoy stormy days

  • Mind’sCalamity
    Mind’sCalamity Month ago

    Totally gonna make it as a AC Clip-Sharer in 23 coz you at least just got +1!

  • JellyQuin
    JellyQuin 2 months ago

    Also my friend had a hack card. You plugged your game into it and then into the console to let you go out of bounds.....ya it broke my game so hard I was forced to restart my wild world.....I was very far on it