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Extreme Try Not To Laugh Challenge!


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  • Beast Reacts
    Beast Reacts  Year ago +20621

    Subscribe and ill be so happy! We're so close to 10,000,000 subscribers!

  • Blu3 Kn1ght07 Gaming
    Blu3 Kn1ght07 Gaming Month ago +67

    6:18 this clip had me dying so hard because of Chris's face and Jimmy's reaction LOL

    BROKEN_COMAND Month ago +41

    The mayonaze on a esculator is my favorite meme

  • Lego Adam
    Lego Adam Month ago +7

    I laughed at the hand cracking the egg

  • Jessica Rackley
    Jessica Rackley 15 days ago +2

    6:09 Jimmy’s ability to censor himself when he is on one of his channels never cease to amaze me! 😂😂😂 this was a close one though 😂

  • FavoriteTechX
    FavoriteTechX Year ago +2086

    I do it for my family 😅

  • Kelle Green
    Kelle Green Month ago


  • J. C-you Later
    J. C-you Later Month ago +5


  • stuff with my wolf
    stuff with my wolf Month ago +5

    i love mayonnaise on an escalatr

  • One Eyed Jack
    One Eyed Jack 2 months ago +12

    Imagine being able to say: “People always say that” when the recipient of a 10.000 dollar briefcase says it feels heavy. 😂

  • Smokemedaddypls
    Smokemedaddypls Year ago +3352

    Jimmy has the most sarcastic laugh, yet we know it’s a genuine laugh.

  • Ice99VR
    Ice99VR 2 months ago +2

    I am dying from 4:15

  • The boss
    The boss Month ago +3

    My dad is in the hospital and this still makes me smile 😊

  • sharo Gannuny
    sharo Gannuny Month ago

    That means, can you make me a sandwich in? Sp gets slapped in the face. By a sandwitch.

  • Raphael Aimino
    Raphael Aimino 6 months ago +6

    most people want to know how much money hes given away, i want to know how many briefcases hes given away.

  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich Year ago +1208

    That is so good chis’s relatives are going to be rich soon

    • Heeey
      Heeey Year ago

      Who is chis?

    • Extreme 1994
      Extreme 1994 Year ago

      clip-share.net/video/dUNnQ2kyrQI/video.html ... heh

    • na sa
      na sa Year ago

      Poor Chris, he was put under so much pressure

    • Dragon
      Dragon Year ago

      You are everywhere. I think you are God. God is everywhere😂

    • Fornight1
      Fornight1 Year ago

      Ah good old Chis

  • Greg Stevens
    Greg Stevens 2 months ago +5

    Mayonnaise on a Escalator the single most funniest clip in human history 😂

  • Masterdartios
    Masterdartios Month ago +5

    The word spells out simp 2 seconds later MAYONAISE ON A ESCALATOR!! Chris: Jimmy:

  • Engy Naguib
    Engy Naguib 3 months ago +8

    That mayonnaise on an escalator had me dying 🤣

  • HappyCameraman
    HappyCameraman 3 months ago +8

    jimmy sounds so serious sometimes yet so sarcastic

  • MemerMan
    MemerMan Year ago +219

    Jimmy laughs like a skyrim npc

    • Xyper
      Xyper Year ago

      @player xs3 nah bro he getting the ps1

    • Mr8-BitGamer
      Mr8-BitGamer Year ago

      ayo its memer man!

    • Triple V 101
      Triple V 101 Year ago +1

      ayo welcome back king
      i second the comment above me, your memes are genuinely funny

    • Anshul Jyoti
      Anshul Jyoti Year ago +2

      ayo memer man my fav.
      he should've watched ur vids

    • Crowned
      Crowned Year ago +1

      Bro what you doing here?!!!

  • themortimer clan
    themortimer clan Month ago

    I just LOVE Chris,s shirt 🤣

  • Jazzlynn Ballot
    Jazzlynn Ballot 7 months ago +2

    I would love to meet you at least once in my life!😂😂❤

  • HockeyFanFilms
    HockeyFanFilms 7 months ago +4

    his mom must be so proud (:

  • K Daatselaar
    K Daatselaar Day ago

    5:34 that reaction 😂😂😂

  • Kore
    Kore Year ago +755

    I spat out my coco pops at the mayo one

  • Ali The Owl
    Ali The Owl 7 months ago +5

    6:28 "I've never laughed at something more in my life" Blink twice if you need help

  • psyche gonzales
    psyche gonzales 5 months ago +2

    6:18 probally the funniest one

  • TheAsgardian
    TheAsgardian 2 months ago

    “10 grand is heavy”
    Try doing it with £1 coins 😂

  • ArcaneGamez
    ArcaneGamez 6 months ago

    The most common way for him to get buff is benching 10k

  • SimplyBagels
    SimplyBagels Year ago +355

    I love how Jimmy laughs at all of them just to get Chris to laugh

    • This Channel Has Been Deleted
      This Channel Has Been Deleted Year ago

      Wow look how lucky you are, David Dobrik, Dream and Tommyinit all responded to your random comment out of the thousands! What are the chances

    • Tommy Gamingᨆ
      Tommy Gamingᨆ Year ago


    • Tommy Gamingᨆ
      Tommy Gamingᨆ Year ago

      My friends luv you all 3000 >3

    • Pengu
      Pengu Year ago +2


    • Afiquacks
      Afiquacks Year ago +4

      @nigmode445 Astaghfirullahalazim

  • Daceluta Milekega
    Daceluta Milekega 6 months ago

    The Dora one gets me everytime 🤣

  • BloxsieRBLX
    BloxsieRBLX 7 months ago +1

    4:31 the way Jimmy laughs!

  • Itz Amber
    Itz Amber 7 months ago

    I laughed so hard I fell on the floor 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣LOL

  • Daniel Rose
    Daniel Rose Month ago

    When that guy said:someone give me a hiyaaaa
    Random guy:HiYaAA

  • Viper
    Viper Year ago +36

    5:46 ok I didn't see that coming haha 😂

  • Kim McCarthy
    Kim McCarthy 18 days ago

    Mr beast lost his mind with mayonnaise on a escalator 😂 it was golden

  • Rey Peake
    Rey Peake 5 months ago

    I'd of lost it all on the mayonnaise one
    I was crying

  • Domgo
    Domgo 6 months ago

    Jimmy laughs at everything

  • Podd Studios
    Podd Studios 2 months ago

    4:55 I finally got the joke after my humor has evolved

  • ⚡️EpicElla⚡️
    ⚡️EpicElla⚡️ 2 months ago +8

    Chris: my mom scares me
    Chris’s grandma: I need to be scarier

  • Josie Robins
    Josie Robins 3 months ago +3

    I loved it😂😂😂😂😂hahaha

  • GiraffeOnPointe
    GiraffeOnPointe 2 months ago +3

    I love Chris's shirt !

  • Kenneth Ashley A. Lambo-on

    Jimmy: I Need To Do That To My Girlfriend.😂
    Chris: Uh-Uh, My Wife Would Kill Me.😒

  • Sebastiaan Dassen
    Sebastiaan Dassen Year ago +4430

    Mr beast laughed like there was a trained sniper on him

  • Elijah HenryRudmik
    Elijah HenryRudmik 2 months ago +1

    Jimmy would lose so much money cause he laughs at everything

  • The Endnigma9317
    The Endnigma9317 Month ago

    AHAHAHA I was dying when Chris said that 7:21

  • BrUh
    BrUh 5 months ago

    Jimmy laughs at every clip

  • Big bens world
    Big bens world 2 months ago

    4:57 the joke is landing in Manhattan on 09:11

  • andrewdude161
    andrewdude161 Year ago +506

    i love how jimmy gave so many people a brief case with around 10,000 dollars that he has heard a lot of people say "wow 10 grand is heavy!"

  • Tennis Clash Gameplay
    Tennis Clash Gameplay  2 months ago +5

    Lol chris never lose with rock paper scissors

  • KautiousKO
    KautiousKO 7 months ago

    Keep up the great content

  • Wyatt Gardalen
    Wyatt Gardalen 5 months ago

    Now we know what jimmy’s lifting(10,000 dollars😂

  • Ester Embleton
    Ester Embleton 2 months ago +1


  • ManolisGR
    ManolisGR Year ago +177

    I like how Jimmy laughed falsely to make Chris laugh too

  • Charls Gabriel Cecilio


  • John Sherman
    John Sherman 19 days ago

    Mayonnaise on an escalator was sooooo
    Funny Jimmy i laughed soooo hard it was
    The most funniest thing I ever heard😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ThatGuyRupenstein
    ThatGuyRupenstein 5 months ago

    Tin foil man
    The superhero we didn’t know we needed but absolutely wanted

  • Mr. MegaDevil
    Mr. MegaDevil 4 months ago

    Omg the mayonase one,my head exploded I COULD BARELY BREATH OF LAFTER!

  • FrostedDibs
    FrostedDibs Year ago +357

    Chris is the type of person that types "LMAO IM DEAD" and really does laugh

  • CS
    CS 6 months ago +3

    The mayonnaise on a exlator is so funny🤣🤣🤣😂

    • Jen Ayble
      Jen Ayble 4 months ago


  • Varia XI
    Varia XI 5 months ago

    Ohhh lord I wanna be Chris' new stepdad...

  • BluePhoenix398
    BluePhoenix398 6 months ago

    Duck drumming is always funny!!

  • Karla Taylor
    Karla Taylor 4 months ago

    6:16 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m literately dying

  • Hmmm
    Hmmm Year ago +481

    I like how Jimmy laughs at all clips trying to make Chris laugh

    • Hannibal
      Hannibal 3 months ago +2

      What the name of the clip with the guy going ham at a children's event?

  • Varga Janke
    Varga Janke 3 months ago +5

    Always gets me. 🤣🤣

  • Kimberly Linkletter
    Kimberly Linkletter 5 months ago +1

    0.14 that actually happened to me lol

  • householdmc
    householdmc 2 months ago

    Mayonnaise on an escalator
    so funny

  • Amazing Emma
    Amazing Emma 4 months ago

    4:38 was so funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Monkey Baby Ni
    Monkey Baby Ni Year ago +357

    Duck, the musician was forced but made music full of laughter

    • she archie grandad
      she archie grandad Year ago

      @Play bottom or yes we

    • Wiwi
      Wiwi Year ago +1

      He got 10M

    • Goku Chad
      Goku Chad Year ago +2

      Literally I am the 10 million th subscriber

    • Creeper Deepa
      Creeper Deepa Year ago +3

      MayONaiSE ON an EScalAtoR
      ItS G oing UPstaiRS sO
      SeE You lAtEr

    • MC Clips
      MC Clips Year ago


  • Playeropro
    Playeropro 7 months ago +1

    I love how they just make up stories from the clips

  • Josh Moon
    Josh Moon 7 months ago

    Oh my lord I’m addicted to this channel

  • Visar Krasniqi
    Visar Krasniqi 7 months ago

    Poor chris 🤣

    FWDFIKAVR 5 months ago

    6:17 this caught me of guard

  • Lone_Walker
    Lone_Walker Year ago +358

    Chris’ mom: “Ooo… 10 Grand is heavy.”
    Jimmy: “Eveyone always says that.”
    *I’ll be the judge of that Jimmy*

    • seputar gaji youtuber
      seputar gaji youtuber Year ago


    • Abhyuday (:
      Abhyuday (: Year ago

      @J3 Siblings World this is the 10th bot i have seen today

    • Ahmed Amr
      Ahmed Amr Year ago

      @Maria Lang yes sir yes sir

    • Maria Lang
      Maria Lang Year ago +3

      Lol, also the fact he so much experience with giving away 10k to know people say that🤣

    • Weeb
      Weeb Year ago +1

      @Dream for life! stop

  • Kristina Leal
    Kristina Leal 5 months ago +3

    Chris is really fanny 😂

  • Peter Summersby
    Peter Summersby 27 days ago

    I would have lost a lot more money than Chris. The force is strong in that one.

  • TheKingSpaceWorm
    TheKingSpaceWorm 7 months ago

    can you do one where every time chris laughs he loses $500 but every time jimmy laughs chris gain $500?

  • Rounak Roy
    Rounak Roy 7 months ago +2

    6:20 this is pure internet humor,ladies and gentlemen

  • MrLucky _123
    MrLucky _123 Year ago +450

    you can tell jimmy laughed unnecessarily hard to make chris laugh.

    SAED BLOGGER 7 months ago

    You are a good person and helping with a lot of people this so good.

  • Angel
    Angel 5 months ago +1

    "That means can you make me a sandwich in spa" pas the headshot

  • Mystic
    Mystic 7 months ago +4

    That's the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life
    Mayonnaise on escalator It's going upstairs so see you later!

  • Juan
    Juan 7 months ago

    5:48 was the funniest one

  • NikosDabYT
    NikosDabYT Year ago +105

    I love how he laughs at every single one just to make Chris laugh 😂

  • Duolingo
    Duolingo 3 months ago

    7:10 is the best scene ever

  • April Larsen
    April Larsen 7 months ago

    4:13 i've seen this before 🤣

  • Sierra Nichols
    Sierra Nichols 5 months ago

    I've just gotta comment on the the tin foil man😂😂 what if he says "You will never foil my plan"😂😂

  • ~Dinosty Fox~
    ~Dinosty Fox~ 12 days ago

    You're my favourite 🤣

  • Juul Cuppens
    Juul Cuppens Year ago +198

    If Jimmy would do this with Karl and his mom the money would be far below zero

    • No One's Worried About Hira
      No One's Worried About Hira Year ago


    • Kyle O
      Kyle O Year ago


    • Kyle O
      Kyle O Year ago


    • Muhammed Shafay
      Muhammed Shafay Year ago

      @David Dоbrik 🅥 destroyed

    • Wow
      Wow Year ago


  • Incepter
    Incepter 6 months ago

    at this point he will probably doing challenges with Chris's child

  • Dragon Silver Keeper 🐉🐲

    I wouldn't know I never had $10 grand at one time in my hands. I had 5 grand one time, but I was buying my car. That wasn't that heavy.

  • Decky Doo
    Decky Doo 3 months ago +1

    4:14 got me XD

  • Kristina Leal
    Kristina Leal 5 months ago

    Jimmy is really cool 😎🤘

  • Jonathan Bucay
    Jonathan Bucay Year ago +253

    Chris’ family must love his job

  • TBD Trimble
    TBD Trimble 3 months ago

    I watch your videos on my other account and I love it so now you get two extra.

  • HarryJMitchell
    HarryJMitchell 5 months ago

    6:18 this is what your here for

  • Peter Summersby
    Peter Summersby Month ago

    extremely funny

  • FunStuffNick
    FunStuffNick 4 months ago

    6:15 was the funniest to me, anyone agree?

  • Being straightforward
    Being straightforward Year ago +129

    normal people: use dumbles for weightlifting
    Jimmy: Uses money for weightlifting

    • Ashar Channel
      Ashar Channel Year ago