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I paid $22,000 to go to the WWE Royal Rumble

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Troydan sits ringside at the WWE Royal Rumble in San Antonio Texas
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  • KaDhare Finley
    KaDhare Finley Month ago +2838

    I saw Troy before Logan Paul came out he was in disgust when he came out it was hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Kalvin Singh
    Kalvin Singh Month ago +1128

    The water bottle chug never gets old 😂😂😂

    • cesar 09
      cesar 09 9 days ago

      @Cliff Jackson sb51

    • zirc
      zirc Month ago

      it’s a troydan vlog tradition

    • Jackson Hunter
      Jackson Hunter Month ago +2

      Haven't had one in a HOT MINUTE lol

    • Sha Roon
      Sha Roon Month ago

      @Samuel James 35, 36 in September

    • Samuel James
      Samuel James Month ago

      Bro how old is troydan😂

  • X-tra Francis
    X-tra Francis Month ago +1228

    The Canadian destroyer part killed me 💀

  • BDE
    BDE Month ago +926

    It was great to meet you bro! I still can't believe our seats were so close to each other haha!

  • stoof
    stoof  Month ago +378

    The growth of Troy is awesome to see, his content keeps getting better and his Vlog’s are really good! More vlogs!

  • RickyRuller91
    RickyRuller91 Month ago +83

    Man what a difference almost a year makes. Glad to see Troy happy man and doing the thing he was always meant to do.

  • Fernando Tatis Jr.
    Fernando Tatis Jr. Month ago +751

    Who else saw him on tv😂

  • SSP Productions
    SSP Productions Month ago +146

    Glad Troydan seems really happy now

  • Off The Post Hockey
    Off The Post Hockey Month ago +96

    We need more vlogs. These are always entertaining.

  • Rune Kit
    Rune Kit Month ago +47

    Dude shared so much of himself in this video, his freaking awesome game collection and his Girlfriend! Been a fan for years and never knew this. I love this video

    • AJCarterrr
      AJCarterrr Month ago +4

      you been a fan for years and you’ve never seen any of his girlfriends? that don’t add up bro bro 💀

  • Aiden Bray
    Aiden Bray Month ago +108

    Troydan and Brandon Collins at the same time is the best thing I've seen for a wrestling vlog

  • Richard Reigns
    Richard Reigns Month ago +61

    I laughed so hard when Troydan said “do you know what a powerbomb is?” and then he powerbombed his girlfriend 🤣 5:20 edit: tysm for all the likes👍

  • Griz
    Griz Month ago +84

    so fire to watch Troy. Go to more WWE PPVs!

  • Brent Oakley
    Brent Oakley Month ago +158

    It was nice meeting you and it was truly a blast sitting next you guys! Had a lot of fun until that lady starting screaming for Rhea Ripley for an hour 😂

    • Offensive
      Offensive  Month ago

      @Not Slxsher watch at your tv 🤣🤣

    • Not Slxsher
      Not Slxsher Month ago +22

      @10pmStalker when its your ear nonstop then yeah

    • 10pmStalker
      10pmStalker Month ago +2

      Fans cheering for their favorite at a wrestling show. What a downer man

  • A piece of hair
    A piece of hair Month ago +77

    I remember seeing Troy’s reaction on TV when Logan came out lmao. That was great cuh

  • AJ n Ryan
    AJ n Ryan Month ago +7

    Lol seeing troydan on camera during the live showing of the rumble was hilarious immediately knew this video was coming. Mans went through so many emotions through the night. Only thing that couldve made it better would be if lonzo ball came out lol

  • Cole
    Cole Month ago +36

    Low key, we need a tour of Troy’s retro game collection

  • Lauren Saduk
    Lauren Saduk 10 days ago

    The water bottle chug never gets old😂😂😂

  • TicoisTocory
    TicoisTocory Month ago +9

    This was a lit Vlog Troy! Enjoy it bro. ✊🏾

  • Justin Van Veen AR
    Justin Van Veen AR Month ago +30

    Only Troy would break the rules then tell everyone 😂😂😂

  • Bobby Cottingham
    Bobby Cottingham Month ago +3

    I’m happy you enjoyed it Troy, you’ve been looking forward to it for weeks

  • Week3nd Warrior
    Week3nd Warrior Month ago +6

    I hope one day I know what it’s like to have so much money I can spend over $20k on wrestling tickets and not hate myself completely for it 😂😂

  • Mohamad Rizal
    Mohamad Rizal Month ago +24

    Hey troy, lets make more vlog videos. You are always entertain us

  • Master Hand
    Master Hand Month ago +3

    Please make more vlogs, they’re so good 🔥

  • Barlos Da Wizard
    Barlos Da Wizard Month ago +7

    It was cool meeting you at royal rumble. You da GOAT fr🔥🔥

  • SwerzyツYT
    SwerzyツYT Month ago +1

    Seeing a Canadian eat a American dish AND ENJOYING IT is the coolest thing to me

  • Hayden Nelson
    Hayden Nelson Month ago +2

    Happy to see you had a good time Troy, I saw you a few times on the broadcast!

  • Brody Baker
    Brody Baker Month ago +18

    LMAO Troy really did the wrestling moves on her🤣🤣

  • MattNineFive
    MattNineFive Month ago +4

    Never a trip to the hotel is made perfect until the water bottle chug is done! lol

  • Beast_mode5492
    Beast_mode5492 Month ago +5

    You got to see one of the best endings to a PPV ringside. Awesome

  • Jason Lindsay
    Jason Lindsay Month ago +1

    I Knew that was you at ringside! I watched it the other night, and was like holy shit, it's Troydan! Glad you had a blast there! And know that you are now immortalized in that PPV!


    Thank you for sharing this experience with us troy😁🥳

  • Guess Who's Back
    Guess Who's Back Month ago +3

    2 things. After living in Texas for the last 10 years (moved here from Michigan), I can confirm that the toilet water is hot. You can feel the steam on your butt while you're sitting there. 2nd, you had the same reaction I did when Logan Paul came out. I was a little more vocal about it. Awesome video man.

  • The Josh Gilchrist Network

    This is one of your best videos Troy. God bless you

  • Easton Hylton
    Easton Hylton Month ago +2

    Not gonna lie, I think seeing your evolution throughout the years in the water montage was my favorite, love you man

  • Chris S
    Chris S Month ago +4

    I saw Troy like a million times while watching and his reactions were priceless lol

  • Ryan Waelterman
    Ryan Waelterman Month ago +2

    Def loved watching troys reactions and wwe would even show him sometimes when the new people came out for the rumble

  • Karan Liveforever
    Karan Liveforever Month ago +3

    I was also disappointed that Rock didn’t showed up but still we got one of the best PPV ending of all time 😊

  • Viator
    Viator Month ago +3

    u seem happy now glad to see u happy bro keep up the great content

  • Josh Manhas
    Josh Manhas Month ago +2

    Backstage Washrooms hit different 😂 Love you Troy

  • Fabian Garcia
    Fabian Garcia Month ago +2

    she can come up with gimmicks better then vinny mack ever could

  • Ryan Raiford
    Ryan Raiford Month ago +6

    Boy it’s good to see the water drinking compilation again, he never misses

  • Chase
    Chase Month ago

    Classic Troydan right here 💪🏽

  • Behruz Nadirov
    Behruz Nadirov Month ago +2

    i can't imagine how much the guy in the green t shirt at all the big shows gets paid

  • Jp Tabz
    Jp Tabz Month ago +1

    Your extremely lucky to be able to afford these tickets and to have a wife that’s willing to tag along & have fun with you. Every woman I’ve dated Hated wrestling 😩

  • Colby
    Colby Month ago

    loved seeing ur reactions troy it made my night and viewing experience better no glazing

  • xoGlizzy
    xoGlizzy Month ago +3

    Missed these type of vlogs🙌🏼

  • ClubAmerica92
    ClubAmerica92 Month ago

    Very well made video. Great experience 🎉

  • Mr iLL WiLL
    Mr iLL WiLL Month ago

    I’m happy you went man I’m kinda pumped for wwe 2K23 I hope my pre order doesn’t go to waste as a attitude era fan

  • Prinxe
    Prinxe  Month ago

    The water chug will always be legendary

  • jashon johnson
    jashon johnson Month ago +1

    10:43 Brought a smile to my face 💯💜

  • camden atkins
    camden atkins Month ago

    I love trorydan vlogs need more!!!!!

  • lboog081284
    lboog081284 Month ago +15

    Troy’s girlfriend is awesome! What a trooper!

  • Nicco DiRenzi
    Nicco DiRenzi Month ago +3

    Troys content is amazing ! Making me wanna cheat in my diet with that burger though🤤😂

    CORNHOLIO Month ago +1

    I saw you Troy! I was so happy to see you!

  • Aaron Streck
    Aaron Streck Month ago +1

    You know you did a great job being a heel when the crowd chants fuck you😂

  • ac7718
    ac7718 Month ago

    i was with some friends watching the royal rumble and started freaking out after me and one other friend noticed you. then when you were on camera again the rest started freaking out 😂 good times.

  • 𝘼𝙣𝙙𝙧𝙪𝙬𝙝

    Who else think Troy should vlog Wrestlemania ?

  • Mosala Commodore
    Mosala Commodore Month ago +4

    The hot water in the toilet thing isn't a Texas thing, it's a piping issue in the hotel. Lol. Happened to my buddy once, had to have a bunch of stuff replaced in his house.

  • zirc
    zirc Month ago +1

    every vlog i always look forward to the water bottle chug

  • BenInstaLIT Games
    BenInstaLIT Games Month ago +1

    This Royal Rumble was fire this year.

  • broimjev
    broimjev Month ago +1

    “And they gave me a free gun with my meal!!!!” 😭

  • LandofromtheBando
    LandofromtheBando Month ago

    Great video! Loved seeing you both get to see the WWE Super Slam!

  • KornKobb
    KornKobb Month ago

    Saw Troy on tv, freaking hilarious reaction.

  • Edward James
    Edward James Month ago +4

    I saw you so many times throughout the night glad you had a great time

  • Aiden Melnyk
    Aiden Melnyk Month ago

    I love Troy blogs they are amazing keep it up Troy your the goat of Clip-Share!! And bring me so much joy!

  • kobe bryant
    kobe bryant Month ago

    I’m happy Troy went and that he was happy 😊

    E.A.B GAMING Month ago

    No lie when I saw him sitting beside BDE and Trent on TV it was so cool to see banger of a rumble too😊

  • Man In A Hat
    Man In A Hat Month ago +2

    He's really going to great lengths to find his players

    IIIIO Month ago +7

    Troy never misses on irl content

  • Sarcastiking
    Sarcastiking Month ago +8

    Rey: “see you in San Antonio”
    *rey never comes out*

  • Lee
    Lee Month ago +1

    Troy loves his snow bunny’s 😂

  • CamBeezy
    CamBeezy Month ago +1

    See troydan still got drinking water scenes in his videos Preciate all yhu do troydan 💯

  • ChiefBuuly
    ChiefBuuly Month ago +1

    “He let me hold his Glock , so 5 stars”😭😭😭😭

  • Gunnar Merker
    Gunnar Merker Month ago +1

    still remember troys first water chug 😂

  • Will
    Will Month ago

    “They gave me a free gun with my meal”😂😂

  • Unknown
    Unknown Month ago +3

    This PPV was amazing and it was my first wrestling show I’ve been to

  • DMZ bangers
    DMZ bangers Month ago +2

    You should make more vids like this😂😂 wanna of the best vids I have seen in a min

  • Griffin Spellings
    Griffin Spellings Month ago

    Haven’t watched a video in months, but had to drop a like you were all OVER the broadcast 😂☠️ stream I was in even called you out because you looked hilarious and they didn’t even know who you were

  • Moneypacifier
    Moneypacifier Month ago

    that whataburger cup part killed me😭

  • Xmanclub 3
    Xmanclub 3 Month ago

    Could always ship the chair to me! 😂

  • jpvstheuniverse
    jpvstheuniverse Month ago +5

    bro every single time they did a camera cut i was looking for troy lmaooo i saw you about 10 times😭😭

  • Kylan Cheairs
    Kylan Cheairs Month ago +1

    Good to see Troy happy

  • KrisStoff
    KrisStoff Month ago

    I’m glad that the ending to the water chug still ends with the hamster

  • Declan Smith
    Declan Smith Month ago

    I saw you in the crowd and I was like “is that Troydan??” 😂

  • Boricuaguerrero
    Boricuaguerrero Month ago

    Last year I went to Monday night raw and holy shit I had a great time and Im not even that big of a fan. If you guys have the chance you should totally go.

  • RahzoBabii
    RahzoBabii Month ago

    ionk why but the part where he shows himself drinking water really jus increased my thirst 😂😂😂 or maybe i’m jus dehydrated lemme go drink some water lol

  • Lachy Sims
    Lachy Sims Month ago +9

    edit: It happened, and now I am very happy, the nostalgia

  • KinggGrizzy
    KinggGrizzy Month ago +1

    It was awesome to see the rumble and meet Troydan too very cool guy💯

  • MariachiLoco210
    MariachiLoco210 Month ago +1

    bro seeing you live at the royal rumble made it 10x better!

  • Dee
    Dee Month ago

    Love you!!! most funny content at the moment.

  • KebbaTwoNasty
    KebbaTwoNasty Month ago

    Seeing troy on my tv was hilarious😂😂

  • Nova
    Nova Month ago

    I’m so dead at the triple H part

  • Nick Chef
    Nick Chef Month ago

    Been a hard day today, but troy dropping a vid is the best thing that can happen 🫶

  • Deondre Hilson
    Deondre Hilson Month ago +3

    I’m proud of you for finding a new girl after that breakup from last year bro keep shining and doing your thing.

  • Ethan Hevlecheg
    Ethan Hevlecheg Month ago +2

    Yoo troy you funny af 5:24 5:30 had me dead

  • Emmanuel Salazar
    Emmanuel Salazar Month ago

    I haven’t seen troys videos for awhile but thank god I found this video brings me back to when I was 10

  • Ephraim Hanna
    Ephraim Hanna Month ago

    When I was watching the Royal Rumble on SN Now, I saw Troydan in the crowd during the men’s royal rumble and freaked out!

  • V C
    V C Month ago

    It pains me how much of a casual wrestking fan Troy turned into 😢

  • zoobiezaa
    zoobiezaa Month ago +2

    troydans video game collection is top tier all those old nintendo games 😳 we need a video of troy showing of his collection