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Don't Buy a "Gaming Chair" - Office Chair vs. Gaming Chair Round-Up & Review

  • Published on Dec 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  Year ago +3122

    As stated in the description and video, of course, there are times a gaming chair might make sense; in general, however, our opinion on this very subjective matter is that you should buy a similarly priced office chair for the best outcome. But, as everyone's body is different and setups are different, you shouldn't feel bad about liking your gaming chair if you do have one and like it. This video includes mini-reviews of several office chairs that we've now been using for about a year at the office. The project started in December of 2019, then we filmed the bulk of the video in August of 2020, and added concluding thoughts in December of 2020. All of these chairs have been swapped around between the team for months now, and we eventually all picked our favorites. Patrick ended up preferring the ErgoChair 2, Steve preferred the Aeron after much adjustment and struggling to find the best positioning, Keegan and Andrew use the Komene Mesh chair (whoever comes in first -- we're buying a second one to solve this), and Mike uses the SL4000, but will probably also switch to an office chair once he decides which one he prefers. He does not like the SL5000 as much as the SL4000, due to the 5000's wider base.
    Check out our Cyberpunk graphics optimization guide here: clip-share.net/video/TEVXVf4Hu0U/video.html

    • Starscreamious
      Starscreamious 8 days ago

      @DesertDweller I stand by my statement.
      More chair reviews are required.

    • DesertDweller
      DesertDweller 8 days ago

      @Starscreamious what video were you watching? Clearly not the same I saw. 🙄

    • alpsalish
      alpsalish Month ago +1

      Gamer chairs are dumb.

    • David Hamilton
      David Hamilton 2 months ago

      Yeah but there no green and black office chair so I think office chair sucks because they don't have green win I look it up so you people didn't think that though did you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • UwU Caedos
      UwU Caedos 3 months ago

      @Rand Farris Oo

  • DeeDee
    DeeDee Year ago +1658

    It's impressive how they managed to adapt vehicle racing seats, and make them more expensive, less comfortable and crappier.

    • Deine mUdda
      Deine mUdda 9 days ago

      pretty perfect for stpd gamers, you deserve nothing less

    • Hapeh Eh
      Hapeh Eh 15 days ago +1

      racing car has only 4 wheels, chair has 5! :D

    • Literal Vampire Potbellied Goblin
      Literal Vampire Potbellied Goblin 28 days ago +2

      Exactly, my car has bucket seats and they were literally designed to cradle you to stop you sliding around while racing/turning. They were not designed for comfort at all, those things always pissed me off based on that.

    • Chris Rodriguez
      Chris Rodriguez 2 months ago +1

      I was given one of those titan chairs that are like $500 because the fake leather was peeling. Sitting on that chair for like 3 hours and your tail bone is done for

    • Chutneyperson
      Chutneyperson 3 months ago

      ​@Lami Is: Cringe AF. huge difference between bucket seats and bucket seats with all the padding removed for weight reduction

  • Fretty Stories
    Fretty Stories 5 days ago +2

    Thank you for doing this video. I almost just bought a 500 dollar gaming chair cause I'm looking for something more comfortable. I now know to go get an office chair tomorrow. Thank you sir! BTW, I love how you show you guys nerding out in this video. Awesome.

  • The Technical Miracle
    The Technical Miracle 10 hours ago +1

    A little late to this and IDK if anyone will read but please buy the middle-ground chairs (like the Ergochair) from an authorized dealer, not off ebay like I did. I got mine for much cheaper and while it was new, it was shipped with the wrong piston for height adjustment. At 25:59 you can see part of the piston's black base peaking over the wheel frame. Yeah, mine doesn't peak over, it sits flush with the top of the wheel base with just the stainless steel metal popping out. In short, they gave me the wrong-size piston, it's not supposed to sink all the way through like mine. This is a problem because there is literally no height to the thing and it doesn't work with my desk. I had to use a straight pipe wrench to twist the piston out and then a 3 pound rubber mallet to knock the piston out of the base. As a tip, once the piston has been removed from the chair's base (but still stuck in the wheel frame), place the wheel frame on a corner of something sturdy, like two good tables touching or a balcony's corner rails or chest-high concrete. Let gravity do some of the work for you while you hammer that piston and knock it out of the base. You can use a hammer but a rubber mallet will insure you don't destroy the piston.
    But the reason why I recommend buying from the manufacturer is that this stuff happens and the Ergochair makers do actually have decent warranties and send you replacement parts if something like this happens. Amazon to the rescue for me this time and it was only 25 bucks.
    Videos that helped:

  • Sadie Ausmin
    Sadie Ausmin 9 months ago +280

    Funnily enough the most comfortable office chair I've sat in has to be this old leather office chair from the 90s my friend found in our college's furniture warehouse. Felt more like a La-Z-Boy than an actual office chair. Heavenly.

    • I Love Everything
      I Love Everything 10 days ago

      Wouldn't that just make u tired n not wanna work

    • Yusef Yandron
      Yusef Yandron Month ago

      @Cy i actually take that back turns out i just needed to tighten the screws more

    • Cy
      Cy Month ago

      @Yusef Yandron Crap, you aren't talkin about the Sutherland are you? I was considering it.

    • TheCodingOwl
      TheCodingOwl Month ago +1

      exactly what I think of the chairs in our trains and busses nowadays. Back in the 90s, public transport was comfy as F, now you don't want to sit in there for 10 minutes.

    • Eneco
      Eneco Month ago +1

      @Yusef Yandron They don't make them like they used to

  • JP
    JP 11 months ago +531

    Was going to change from an office to gaming chair, as mine is starting to fall apart, never thought it was this bad, thanks for the insight. Guess I’ll try the mesh ones.

    • Gl 1100
      Gl 1100 4 months ago +1

      Racing style seats are only comfortable in an actual racing cockpit. At the desk I have an office chair.

    • Orin Anthony
      Orin Anthony 4 months ago

      @Majin Ego You could mod it yourself. The RGB cooler chair :P

    • WolfOfJustice
      WolfOfJustice 5 months ago

      @Anthony A. Jumelles Yeah exactly, although this British guy, who made a video about the 2020 Titan, seems to think that those chairs don't get cleaned. He actually compared a refurbished Aeron to a used underwear lol, the nerve of these ignorant manchilds lol.

    • Clumpfy
      Clumpfy 5 months ago +1

      I own a Maxnomic Gaming chair for almost 7 years now. It was very good feature wise, you could adjust a lot of parts. But it's big, thick, heavy and super sweaty which was always a problem in the warmer months. Also they do not come with real leather but faux leather and that started to peel off heavily and is now flying arround my appartment all the time...
      I already looked for a replacement and found one here in germany for 399 EUR that is an open mesh office chair with the same features my "gaming" chair has. I also could notn recommend buying a gaming chair, a neat office chair does the same thing but without the tackyness and its lighter and when you buy mesh it's way cooler and comfortable in summer.

    • TwoCan Sams
      TwoCan Sams 5 months ago +1

      I bought a office chair with a mesh back, back no longer sweats and is very comfortable, i can sit in the thing all day everyday.

  • Rienk Kroese
    Rienk Kroese Year ago +1976

    YEARS of actual ergonomic research.
    Marketing for teens.

    • TarterSauce
      TarterSauce 3 months ago

      That's exactly what I was thinking.

    • Polar
      Polar 3 months ago

      @First Name i wish this was true, it isnt, lol. im stuck with a chair whose harsh material messed up my back

    • Ogolow
      Ogolow 4 months ago

      @Viktor hope you're doing great out there 🙏🏿 stay safe

    • Stardust Legacy Fighter
      Stardust Legacy Fighter 5 months ago

      Exactly lol, companies like Secretlab aren't even 10 years old, yet they claim to design ergonomic chairs which their stupid fanboys think are better than high end office chairs.

    • ninjacted 22
      ninjacted 22 Year ago


  • Slam
    Slam 5 months ago +58

    I've owned 3 or 4 different "racing" gamer chairs in my life, two of which were over $200, and all of them only lasted me between 1 and 1.5 years before breaking to where they were no longer usable, either an arm rest completely breaking off, or the back being stuck in the most far back position and no longer locking in upright positions.
    I finally went and got a mesh-style office chair for like $150 at office depot and it's been over 4 years and it's only now begun to deteriorate to the point of me needing a new one soon.

    • Diane
      Diane 7 days ago

      Where I live this damn chair is $1500 and I almost bought this for my husband but I'm glad my brain told me to look up reviews 😂 because that would of hurt my pocket 🥲

    • Budget King
      Budget King 12 days ago

      My AK Racing gaming chair is going strong for 7 years already, sat in it every day for at least 5 hours, and it wont need replacement any time soon, i guess there are good ones out there.

    • Stardust Legacy Fighter
      Stardust Legacy Fighter 5 months ago +1

      If you like mesh chairs, I'd recommend a used Aeron if you're on a budget or a brand new remastered one if money is no object.

  • Farang Keenok
    Farang Keenok 5 months ago +25

    I have had my Herman Miller Aeron for over 9 years now. I spend on average 12 hours a day in it (sliding between my work and gaming rigs). One arm fabric has worn out, and the wheels are a bit worse for wear, but it is the best chair I have ever owned. I used to break and replace chairs every year, usually spending between 100 and 700USD. I have never been happier with a purchase than the Aeron. I live in Thailand so replacement parts are hard to come by, but the next time I am in the US I will just get new arms and wheels and it will be perfect again, hopefully for another 9 years.

    • dmz99
      dmz99 4 months ago +2

      Holy shit, this chair costs 12x minimal wage in my country. Same situation with PC case prices. I don't understand how electronics get overseas at a better price than mechanical items. I wish some brand out there would be copying them for cheaper but it doesn't seem like it.

  • Chedda
    Chedda 3 months ago +2

    Would love to see GN's view on gamer chairs that have atleast tried to change it up like the Razer Iskur. How does it compare to the SecretLabs Titan in terms of ergonomics? Some of those office chairs are dearer than the aforementioned, so it'd be good to see a "if you had to choose a high tier gaming chair over an office chair, how would it go?" scenario.
    They both look to use similar frames, levers in same spots, same "4D Arm Rests". These are expensive gaming chairs, seemingly built better than the vertagear shit, and at least the Iskur has done something difference with the lumbar support. It'd be valuable for GN to look into this with your deeper-than-mine pockets to see if the high tier ($500-800AU) chairs are actually any better than the crappy ones everybody HATES.

  • Mittke88
    Mittke88 6 months ago +26

    I've switched from a gaming/racing chair to a Steelcase Gesture office chair. The difference in quality and comfort is staggering. When you think about it at first the price is mental, but this chair will at least last you a decade. In the end, it's a good deal.

    • Mr. Common Sense
      Mr. Common Sense 11 days ago +1

      @Kwali holy shiit a chair cost 2k???

    • Kwali
      Kwali Month ago +2

      The fact that you want to spend 2K on an office chair is beyond me..

  • neobleidd
    neobleidd Year ago +1420

    the whole gamersnexus team has a unique and quietly hysterical sense of humor.

    • Just Askin'!
      Just Askin'! Month ago +1

      "I hate this chair just as much as the other one."

    • Mike Cola
      Mike Cola Year ago +3

      If it were Corsair, it'd have RGB and I'd be able to see it through my mask....

    • tjbouch
      tjbouch Year ago +4

      "We upgraded from the lowly 3d armrests into extra-dimensional, time traversing 4d armrests. Although, due to a language barrier, we were unable to really verify if they can truly travel time."

    • DER ANTI
      DER ANTI Year ago

      @Gamers Nexus FUCK THAT

    • Lakross101
      Lakross101 Year ago +2


  • Slayder6
    Slayder6 5 months ago +11

    I feel that this definitely could use a review update. Personally, I feel that the "gaming chairs" design has actually helped me to be comfortable longer than that of a very fluffy and soft office chair. They have also helped with back pain that I had developed from previous chairs! I bought a Secret Lab Omega in 2017. The padding and pillows, while compressed slightly, have still lasted me 5 years. I recently bought another purely for an aesthetic purpose. not because my previous chair was overly worn down. My previous chair had quite a lot of holes from my cats claws and some slight ripping in the leather due to normal wear. As for other brands, like GTRacing, DXRacers, Vertagear, and some other off brands, I am not a fan. The design of these chairs seem to be less focused on comfort and more on the "racing". Any chair with the holes in the back rest to hold the pillow in or the straps running along the back I am automatically turned off by.

  • avinotion
    avinotion 8 months ago +49

    14 years ago I bought an all-mesh office chair with no adjustments (except for height) for less than $100, and it was the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in.
    It held for 3 years at the very least, and I only gave it up when I had to move, and didn't think I'd ever have trouble finding something similar.

    • avinotion
      avinotion 6 months ago

      @KRAT0S address your question to the other guy. The one I had, had no brand. Sorry.

    • KRAT0S
      KRAT0S 6 months ago

      @avinotion Can you please tell me what the chair is name and is it good for gaming and relaxing? Good back support?

    • avinotion
      avinotion 8 months ago +5

      @Telbruk you know, if they stack those chairs you mentioned high enough, it could be a broke-back mountain...
      I'm leaving already.

    • Telbruk
      Telbruk 8 months ago +2

      12 years ago I bought a 200€ office chair designed for long sessions. To this day, I'm still using it everyday. Most chairs I had before did not last a couple years before the feet or back broke.

  • Emm Dubb
    Emm Dubb 11 months ago +18

    I love this comparison review. I never realized how much I'd appreciate it and how ironic it is that computer guys would know better than most, what's a good chair.

  • margimello
    margimello 4 months ago +9

    I'd also like to point out that if you're able to use a chair for 20 years rather than replacing it every couple years, you're also reducing the amount of waste in landfills. I have a steel case leap and I love it. I spent more than I wanted but is so much more comfortable than the kitchen chair I was sitting in before. My back is so happy for it.

  • VitorPh3nom
    VitorPh3nom Year ago +3745

    Am i the only person sees the name "gamer" attached to something and immediately thinks of low-quality overpriced products?

    • DesertDweller
      DesertDweller 8 days ago

      @Tacio Kikuchi most gaming keyboards and mice are overrated, low quality crap with ugly RGB lighting over function and performance. They're sold to idiots with too much disposable income and too few braincells to realize they're being bent over and fleeced.

    • Tacio Kikuchi
      Tacio Kikuchi 8 days ago

      The only thing gamer that is good are mouses and keyboards

    • Arandomcommenter
      Arandomcommenter 9 days ago


    • DesertDweller
      DesertDweller 12 days ago

      @nighthowk117 no, they're not.

    • nighthowk117
      nighthowk117 12 days ago

      Mouse and keyboards are an exception

  • CkASDF
    CkASDF 11 months ago +13

    I wanted to thank you guys for a good, informative video. I'll be honest - I didn't expect the maturity and focus on posture health from a gaming channel, but it's definitely appreciated.
    I've been around Herman Miller chairs at my jobs for quite a few years, and I'm not really a fan, but I think you might be right, and I may need to take the time to adjust the chair. I also had a situation in the past where I felt like my hips were being crushed, which is weird since I'm not really all that wide (32" pants). Maybe that chair's seat was sagging.
    One nice thing is the mesh that definitely helps dissipate heat. My mom bought me a gaming chair ~10 years ago, and it's still in decent condition, but I get really warm in it, and I feel like the seat is probably not cushiony enough, as my bum gets sore.

  • Kommunisator
    Kommunisator 11 months ago +25

    I think this could do with an update. Interestingly, a lot of gaming chair x "real" manufacturer combos were short lived, like for example the "Logitech x Herman Miller" Embody, or the "Maxnomic x Koenig" Mig chair (Koenig is a manufacturer of racing seats like Sparco or Recaro, also have orthopedic ones in their lineup).
    On the other hand, the office chair company Interstuhl produced the Backforce and Backforce Plus, the latter one being the one you want to get. A gaming chair with a 10 year warranty that covers basically the same like Herman Miller (as long as it isn't your fault or normal wear/tear, they'll help you out), and with a wooden, flexible back inlay instead of steel. Very nice and comfy, and also available with cloth (also a new thing for a lot of chairs).
    Then there's Thermaltake with their "Argent 700", designed by Porsche Design (not to be confused with the car brand - same family, completely different entities, no car DNA in this chair). Comfy, but sadly only standard 2 year warranty.
    What all these have in common though is a decidedly higher pricepoint, from around 650 (Maxnomic Mig, Backforce Plus) to over 1000 Euros (Logitech Embody, Thermaltake Argent 700) so for many people it is hard to justify to spend this much money on a "gaming" chair.
    The Steelcase "gaming "ones are in the same region though, especially if you add some of the more or less necessary extras.
    Recaro also has a lineup of gaming chairs, but they are lacking features (and comfort) and are very pricey considering that they are basically only bare-bones car seats (though well made) on an office chassis.

  • Ed Dale
    Ed Dale 11 months ago +59

    I went through 3 cheap office chairs before I bit the bullet and got a Herman Miller chair. The cost was high, but I find that I feel better at the end of the day. And the seat is still comfortable a year later. All of the foam chairs were uncomfortable after 3 or 4 hours.

    • MrSloth_88
      MrSloth_88 Month ago

      The aeron is a great chair and you can find them used for a pretty decent price usually

    • metaleggman18
      metaleggman18 4 months ago +3

      I got a new Mirra 2 back around the start of the pandemic and I've been loving it ever since. Was lucky enough to have a local dealer who could help me see the different options. The biggest thing for me though is the 12 year warranty. If a company is selling something for office use and are basically saying they'll guarantee it for over a decade, I have to imagine there's no trick to it, it's just a high quality chair. The best part is that if you send it in for repair, they ship you the same style box you received it in; all you have to do is wheel it in and have it picked up. Terrible for the environment lol, but it's nice to know it's not just one box or shipping included in that big price point new.

  • Gurza
    Gurza 6 months ago +5

    I was at Staples and tried those gaming chairs - they were _so_ uncomfortable, people who use them have to be memers or something. The chair I did end up getting after testing out a ton of them has been great (Staples Westcliffe Bonded Leather Manager's Chair).

  • Jarrod'sTech
    Jarrod'sTech Year ago +5168

    Awesome! I've wanted someone to cover this for so long, the gaming chairs seem to be such a meme. I use the Aeron myself, the thought process was 10+ year warranty when I was previously going going through generic "office chairs" every 2 years at about $200 a pop, so might as well just spend more on something that will last - no issues after about 5 years so far, comfort is fine, not amazing but gets the job done sitting for some 15 hour days.

    • Ryan Pipkin
      Ryan Pipkin 4 months ago

      @Ikxi - Forever a Tatsunoko except the Aeron

    • Meya Tetana
      Meya Tetana 11 months ago

      Anything that has Gaming in it's name is a meme and everyone knows it

    • Greasy Strangler
      Greasy Strangler 11 months ago

      @CRANE REVIEWS be heavier than you, lean back often. That combination with blow up the base, possibly hollow out the piston mount location, probably ruin the piston, and likely crack the base.

    • Amy Bruh🎄
      Amy Bruh🎄 Year ago

      Awesome! I've wanted someone to cover this for so long, the gaming chairs seem to be such a meme. I use the Aeron myself, the thought process was 10+ year warranty when I was previously going going through generic "office chairs" every 2 years at about $200 a pop, so might as well just spend more on something that will last - no issues after about 5 years so far, comfort is fine, not amazing but gets the job done sitting for some 15 hour days.

    • ToffeeBear
      ToffeeBear Year ago

      @Billy Makarou exactly

  • RemoG0915
    RemoG0915 11 months ago +9

    Here's my thing. I automatically assumed gaming chairs were a rip-off and the most uncomfortable thing anyone has ever sat in, but I found my friends SL chair super comfortable at least initially, I didn't spend a day in it. I've also hated every mesh bottom chair I've ever tried. Which is why I'm struggling to find the chair for me. My work chair has made building moves despite facilities trying to throw it away because it's peeling because I love the heavy cushioning. They've brought me multiple options to try and after half a day I kick them back.

    • Anthony Royse
      Anthony Royse 10 months ago +1

      I’ve had my secret labs chair for 4 years and I love it

  • MartinBergnerGuitar
    MartinBergnerGuitar 8 months ago +28

    We got the Herman Miller Aeron in our studio and the first time sitting on it I was like "hm, this doesn't feel like 1200€" but I can tell you after spending some 8hour+ sessions in it: they feel amazing! Honestly I don't want any other chair at my workplace. Maybe they are not the best to relax in but I can tell you that you won't have any pain at any place of your body or feel exhausted even after spending 10 hours in it. Absolutely love it!

      BRUXXUS 3 days ago

      @Nerium Oleander My Herman Miller Aeron is all steel... I've used it for 8 years and still looks brand new.

    • Freckled Trout
      Freckled Trout 21 day ago

      @That's How That Works Not if you work from home. The average American spends 3K on gas each year, so I figure I save around 1/2 of that working from home. Plus not having back pain is lovely.

    • WarriorKeens
      WarriorKeens 3 months ago +1

      @ConstantinE Americans having to spend thousands of dollars just to protect their health that's sad. You do realize not everyone is going to have the money to spend on that?

    • ConstantinE
      ConstantinE 4 months ago

      @Nerium Oleander If you talking about every gaming chair out there yeah they're totally garbage. Ergonomic chairs are not a bunch of plastic. My ergohuman plus luxury has all its exoskeleton made out of aluminium and the base all pure heavily iron. The only plastic parts are around the mesh and arms and thats all.

    • Nerium Oleander
      Nerium Oleander 4 months ago +2

      @ConstantinE It's a bunch of plastic

  • Stardust Legacy Fighter
    Stardust Legacy Fighter 7 months ago +69

    Love the way you guys roasted gaming chairs with actual facts and sound logic. I almost made the mistake of purchasing the Secretlab Titan, but now I'm steering well clear of any nonsense gaming chairs. I've started looking into ergonomic office chairs, and I'm already invested in getting a Herman Miller or Steelcase chair.

    • WolfOfJustice
      WolfOfJustice 9 days ago

      @Doodle Caboodle Why do they still use a shitty racing seat design? I expected a lot more from a company that's trying to innovate in the gaming market.

    • WolfOfJustice
      WolfOfJustice 9 days ago

      @weirdo3116 Autonomous is a terrible brand, avoid at all costs.

    • WolfOfJustice
      WolfOfJustice 9 days ago

      @Kirnale Lmao, those guys make so many tier list videos. Also, most of those office chairs in the tier above can be bought refurbished for the same price as a Titan.

    • WolfOfJustice
      WolfOfJustice 9 days ago

      @Sato It might be the best chair from a company that sells gaming chairs, but still not as good as office chairs for the same price.

    • Sato
      Sato 13 days ago +1

      Secretlab is not comparable, they are the real deal of this chair design type. They take what's good about "gaming chairs" and fix the shortcomings, giving a best of both worlds experience.

  • Andy Nicholls
    Andy Nicholls Month ago +3

    Absolutely spot on, especially the Noblechairs Icon. I currently own this and the arm rests are stupidly uncomfortable. I've had it for just over 2 years now and I cannot wait to get rid of it. Currently researching office chairs for an Christmas gift to myself!!

  • Kaiser Krysalis
    Kaiser Krysalis Year ago +3356

    They bullied me for having an office chair, now I bully them for having a back pain.

    • Slow Dailys
      Slow Dailys 5 months ago

      @Stardust Legacy Fighter lol I have a Gaming chair, I was saying it gives me back pain like OP said.

    • Stardust Legacy Fighter
      Stardust Legacy Fighter 5 months ago +1

      @Slow Dailys Not all office chairs are built the same.

    • Slow Dailys
      Slow Dailys 5 months ago

      Bruh mines giving me back pains 😩

    • Stardust Legacy Fighter
      Stardust Legacy Fighter 6 months ago +1

      @joker I doubt he knows how bad his posture is lol, so don’t tell us lies about gaming chairs being good. They absolutely suck and you're not fooling anyone here.

    • Stardust Legacy Fighter
      Stardust Legacy Fighter 6 months ago +1

      @AlkaVirus That's bullcrap.

  • Dyslexic Batnam
    Dyslexic Batnam 10 months ago +10

    I've been using gaming chairs for years and my Aeron shipped in yesterday and holy this thing is comfy as hell. Probably one of the best purchases I've made

    • Johannes Scharfenberg
      Johannes Scharfenberg 9 months ago +1

      Dude, ive got myself a Mirra2 in 2020 and holy fuck these things feel like theyre coming from another dimension. And given their build quality, im sure if you maintain them properly they will last you 20yrs+

  • TheOutsider Jess
    TheOutsider Jess 8 months ago +19

    After owning a gaming chair for 2 years now, I absolutely love it, but as someone who loves innovation, I understand why people don't like them as the cheapest gaming chair and the most expensive gaming chair looks the exact same

    • brendameistar
      brendameistar 4 months ago


    • Chris Shenton
      Chris Shenton 8 months ago +2

      Appreciate this input! I just bought a mid tier unit and I can't wait to test it out. Seeing a lot of hate for them and I've only had brief but pleasurable experiences.

  • Greg Thompson
    Greg Thompson 10 months ago +10

    I bought a Secret Lab last year, partially for the licensed image but also this thing is beautifully comfortable and is very durable, best chair I've ever owned, but I guess we will see how it looks and feels at 3+ years, just happy that so far it feels exactly the same as it did when I bought it and other than a little scratch my wife caused its pretty to the back it hasnt deteriorated at all.

    • Johnny Martinez
      Johnny Martinez 3 months ago +1

      Had my chair for 2 years now (Batman) edition. I love this chair and my office provides ergonomic chairs for its employees. Never bothered getting one although I get lower back pain.

    • O. O
      O. O 4 months ago +2

      But but, according to everyone, it’s a gaming chair hence it must be bad and utter trash. /s

    • barkBARKwoof
      barkBARKwoof 7 months ago +2

      Same here! I love mine, have has no issues and it honestly looks exactly the same as the day I unboxed it now 2 years later

    • Rusty Shackleford III
      Rusty Shackleford III 10 months ago +4

      Had my titan for 2 yrs, still perfect. 👍

  • Taylor Broad
    Taylor Broad 2 months ago +1

    Before owning my Aeron, I would go through chairs every 2-3 years. At $200-400 a pop for chairs that didn't last me too long before breaking, it made perfect sense for me to spend the $1600.
    When looking at the Aeron, I very quickly surmised that the upfront cost of the chair was justified, considering that these chairs have a reputation for their durability, comfort, and the 12 year warranty (which should be noted is the best in the entire office chair space). That's probably the reason why you see them as ubiquitous as they are. It's truly a good chair, and I'm left with the satisfaction knowing that I won't have to replace my chair for a VERY long time. After 2 years of continuous use, I can firmly say that unlike my previous chairs, my Aeron still looks like how it was delivered to me.

  • Crimson Knight
    Crimson Knight Year ago +366

    Steve: "This chair would be an upgrade to someone sitting in a Dining Room chair"
    Me who uses a Dining Room chair: "You dare to insult my gaming chair!?"

    • Biswajit Mahapatra
      Biswajit Mahapatra Year ago +1

      I too use a dining room chair, its horrifying. But it's the only thing I have so I deal with it

    • Kiloneie
      Kiloneie Year ago +1

      That was me till like 4-5 years ago... that and factory work, seriously fcked my back, i can tell without a CT or whatever scan that a vertebra in the lower back on the left is more out than on the right, i get pain there often, my posture is ... idk how to even stand properly without leaning forward most of the time.

    • jpgrimes0454
      jpgrimes0454 Year ago +2

      I use an old dining room chair with a couple of cheap dining room cushions stacked on it with a few old sweaters draped over the back to make it a lil more comfortable xD

    • Abhimaan Mayadam
      Abhimaan Mayadam Year ago +2

      As a rocker of the dining room chair myself (my desk is literally in my dining room), get a foam seat cushion off of Amazon. Totally worth it and it props you up an inch.

    • Ranjan Biswas
      Ranjan Biswas Year ago +2

      Steve: "This chair would be an upgrade to someone sitting in a Dining Room chair"
      Me who uses a Dining Room chair: "You dare to insult my gaming chair!?"

  • Ric Her
    Ric Her 7 months ago +1

    I really enjoyed this review and how you guys brought it back full circle to the gaming chairs and also the core stability bit. Great review

  • Umbles
    Umbles 10 months ago +4

    It's really crazy watching these chairs at their intended price. For instance the Ergochair 2, is now 500 (on sale from 700 supposedy), but it's 350 in the video (not on sale)

  • stultus es
    stultus es 7 months ago +6

    Just like in all your other types of reviews, you even do chair reviews properly!!!
    What a quality channel...

  • Samuel Mahoney
    Samuel Mahoney 9 months ago +2

    great video! I especially appreciate your comments at the end. I work in an office on the daily and love a good office chair. Actually, when I moved offices, the given chair was an executive style chair. High back, leather, cushy, etc. I traded it immediately for a padded seat, mesh backed office chair. It is so much better!

  • Blargh McBlarghson
    Blargh McBlarghson Year ago +847

    Overpriced low-quality chairs is something we shouldn't take sitting down.

    • G00b3r B0y
      G00b3r B0y Year ago

      Lets all take a seat here

    • vaderglenn
      vaderglenn Year ago

      @M4 I used one from staples that was on sale for like $160ish,(forgot the brand of it but it was nice as a cheap alternative.) was a black mesh chair with a head rest, used it before I got my new chair.

    • M4
      M4 Year ago

      @vaderglenn any cheapish chairs you’ve come across that are good for scoliosis

    • Kaarel K
      Kaarel K Year ago

      @Fruit500 I guess he meant "not the most expencive office chairs"

    • fiona fiona
      fiona fiona Year ago

      We should start a "movement" but I am still part of "liegenbleiben" until further European elections get jokes.

  • Caleb Perry
    Caleb Perry 10 months ago +1

    great review! really appreciate your team's thoroughness in this. and for the extra credit note toward the end about fitness / core strength - definitely has an effect on any price of chair

  • Matt Kidd
    Matt Kidd 11 months ago +2

    I completely agree with this 99% of the time, but the new Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 has some really nice ergonomic features, like a mechanically adjusting lumbar support (both vertical and horizontal adjustment), multiple size options, as well as a host of other features not found in many of the other mainstream gaming chairs. As someone who is 6"4, I have really struggled to find any chairs that feel good except for the TITAN Evo 2022 (large), and the bespoke office chair with a longer gas lift my work had made for me when I had some back issues (3x the price of the Secretlab).

  • Kos
    Kos 10 months ago +9

    I purchased a secret lab chair 2 years ago, it was and immediate improvement from what I had which was a simple office chair. Today it feels and looks just as good as the day I got it no complaints here.

  • Christopher Roshon
    Christopher Roshon 9 months ago +3

    That mesh chair with aftermarket wheels is what I have. Happy for the money. I did find that a previous fake leather chair felt less sweaty despite the mesh.

  • Xhaustion
    Xhaustion Year ago +5135

    Me with a dining room chair: hmmm interesting...

    • Sniper4000
      Sniper4000 4 months ago


    • Luna Wolf
      Luna Wolf 4 months ago

      still better than a gaming chair

    • 9 Tails
      9 Tails 4 months ago

      I’ll do you one better. I foldable chair.

    • johnnn wickkk
      johnnn wickkk 4 months ago

      Lmao i remember myself being like this before a gaming one 😂💀

    • Gg_9
      Gg_9 4 months ago

      Same for me but with a blanket folded up on the seat and a tiny ‘lumbar’ pillow

  • gz sing
    gz sing 10 months ago +2

    Glad I saw this review! Back and neck pain and was about to plonk good $$$ on a gaming chair. Realised they all have the same designs across brands and probably all from the same OEM factory in China, and priced at 500% profit more than it should cost. Realised core strength and some seating posture products would likely help better than the chair

  • Stardust Legacy Fighter

    I ended up getting the Aeron soon after I watched this video, and it's been amazing.
    I can't imagine going through the hassle of having to replace a gaming chair, after it inevitably fails.

  • Ravenger
    Ravenger 2 days ago

    Mavix Gaming Chair is pretty comfy.

  • Alain
    Alain 11 months ago +2

    I've been using the Aeron (original) for over a decade and just bought myself the new remastered version, customized to how I want it. To me, it's absolutely worth the price. The original is still going to be used, I just needed another for another spot. They have a 12-year warranty and, unless you abuse it, still works and looks the same as the day I got it. It hasn't stretched or sagged from my fat butt after all these years with a lot of late nights that went into mornings. Any other chair hurts my back after a while. The value, in my opinion, is unparalleled.

  • Hersheyquest
    Hersheyquest Year ago +303

    I laughed so hard at "the only thing less breathable than a vertagear chair is an NZXT case" hahaha

    • Michael McCall
      Michael McCall Year ago

      @MrEvilDalton Go lian li meshcool

    • C. Ö.
      C. Ö. Year ago

      @MrEvilDalton me neither, you have something called google. You search for a cnc company near you that support customization for regular people and you have your parts.

    • Sethtron
      Sethtron Year ago

      @MrEvilDalton Gotta do what you gotta do. I bought mine knowing I wasn't planning on OCing. I don't tinker anymore like I used to.

    • MrEvilDalton
      MrEvilDalton Year ago

      @C. Ö. I've been trying to find a way to cut some nicely but don't have a CNC lol

    • MrEvilDalton
      MrEvilDalton Year ago +2

      @Sethtron I like my 510i too. BUT, I installed AIO's on my cpu and gpu and I had to take the side panel off to get enough air flow... Been thinking of cutting some holes in the front panel...

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B 10 months ago +2

    I have been using a TP-9000 from Staples, it has the Tempur foam in the seat and a mesh back. The foam in the seat is awesome because it doesn't compress to flat and always comes back. After it broke in it was great. The mesh back is pretty comfy, but it does stretch and loosen up since it doesn't have a real lumbar support. However, the manufacturer (Raynor group in NY) warrants the chair for 5 years and will send you a replacement back for free (even shipping) with a copy of the original receipt. I've been using the chair for 5 years and even moved it across the country with me. I've requested backs probably about once a year and haven't been rejected and its easy to swap out. The price of the chair is pretty good too, less than $300. I'll probably buy another one when this back goes out since I'm out of warranty now.

  • MetalTurkey1776
    MetalTurkey1776 10 months ago +3

    I've been looking at gaming chair recently. So glad I found this video before I bought one, I didn't know you could go so in depth with chairs, let alone, keep it interesting for as long as you managed to!

  • Instant Loss
    Instant Loss 11 months ago +8

    The best investment I made for my home office was my Herman Miller Embody. Been using it for years, 8+ hours a day due to work and then personal time. I can sit all day with no discomfort or muscle problems. Great to see you guys looking at this topic!

  • Bu Jin
    Bu Jin 10 months ago +43

    Would have liked to have seen the Secret Lab's Titan in the line up. I have one, and it certainly seems better than a lot of these other gaming options, in fact, better than quite a few office chairs. I sit in it the most, and I have an Aeron, and a Hag Capisco, a more traditional executive chair, and a few others. I have yet to find the perfect chair, but I do like the Titan's quality and adjustability.

    • Christopher Boillot
      Christopher Boillot 3 months ago

      @Ryan Mayerhofer Secret Lab did NOT originate in the high-end office chair market.

    • justin kujawa
      justin kujawa 5 months ago +2

      @Stardust Legacy Fighter steelcase leap v1 and v2 (about$ 1k per chair), I find them too stiff and not the right alignment for tall people, also no back support, the pistons on bottom go bad and need to be replaced every dang year unless you are fine sitting at the bottom of the height all the time. Herman miller aeron ($1.5k), still no head support on most models and the one that has it hits me in my spine instead of head, it wobbles at the base and arm supports and is noisy because of all the slop, the arms keep lowering themselves on any model I’ve tried, I do prefer the mesh for cooling though over other chairs but usually it sags over time in other models. The HM Mira have similar issues. There are some other ones too. I think most are fine for people under 6” but for me the back support always hits me in the wrong places and I find myself slouching after an hour or two. I’ve tried a few others as well with similar issues. Visually I don’t like gaming chairs racing look nearly as much.
      All in all I think a lot of my gripes come down to not supporting a tall person properly. The chairs are rarely wide enough and if they are not mesh I get very sweaty after long sessions. Also many chairs don’t have enough pressure to support my weight if they are not in locked in positions. I prefer the tension modes where I can lean back and the chair resists me leaning.
      The SL Titan allows the armrests and chair to go up higher than any other chair (my friends feet don’t even touch the ground and they look like children sitting in my Titan at the height I use it lol). I have a custom extra tall desk so my knees fit and this is the only chair that allows the armrest to go up flush to the top of my desk. The back support adjustment feel right for my size. The chair does become a little softer over time but I didn’t think it was that bad to begin with. The construction feels super solid and there is next to no slop. I love that the armrests lock In position unlike many chairs where they rotate left/right and back/forward freely.

    • Bu Jin
      Bu Jin 5 months ago

      @Stardust Legacy Fighter I have a lot more than three. ...and what's it to you how many chairs I buy? Some people have a need to have more than one chair, some people like to see what's out there when they pick up those extra chairs. Some people like to have options because they DON"T "expect way too much from a single chair."

    • Stardust Legacy Fighter
      Stardust Legacy Fighter 5 months ago +1

      @justin kujawa I'm curious to see which high end office chairs you've tried that are better than the SL Titan lol. Because, I've yet to encounter one that isn't objectively superior to it.

    • Stardust Legacy Fighter
      Stardust Legacy Fighter 5 months ago +1

      @Ryan Mayerhofer Not sure where you've been reading up about Secretlab's origin, but they've always been a gaming chair company. They have zero knowledge about the high end office chair market, otherwise they'd have drastically different looking chair designs, instead of slightly less shit racing seats. The company isn't even 10 years old lol.

  • Dylan Rosenstein
    Dylan Rosenstein Year ago +409

    I clicked on a video titled “don’t buy gaming chairs” and suddenly I learned more about marketing than I had ever known. Give these people a like man... they go above and beyond on EVERYTHING

  • Reclusive Eagle
    Reclusive Eagle 11 months ago +87

    How to make a gaming chair:
    *Take a racing seat meant for protection and not comfort, put it on the cheapest plastic you can find*

    • Smoke Screen
      Smoke Screen 2 months ago

      @vespyr no coping needed just experience and sound opinion. I own a Titan Evo 2022 and this chair is the one of the most comfortable and supportive chairs I've ever sat in like how a real sports car bucket because it has lumber and head support like a high end office chair. Secretlab head over shoulders any other gaming chairs and most entry level office chairs.

    • ACPhantom
      ACPhantom 2 months ago

      Then sell it for 300 dollars

    • vespyr
      vespyr 2 months ago +2

      @D3Sync IT's the same bullshit and you've convinced yourself otherwise to cope.

    • D3Sync
      D3Sync 4 months ago

      Yeah, if you buy a crappy gaming chair. Mine is a secret labs chair and its all high quality material and is comfortable from the moment you sit down in the morning, til you get up to go to sleep.

  • James Swayze
    James Swayze 4 months ago +1

    Good video, especially when it comes to the absolute mind numbingly pointless myth of 'gaming chairs'.
    Although I would say it's worth considering that stuff being made in the same factory, or sourced from the same place isn't a bad thing. Just consider how many factories there would be in the world if every product sold by each vendor was made in a separate factory. Even cars from different manufacturers share parts, and are in some cases just rebranded for the most part. Lots of things are produced from the same factory. It would be nice to have a bit more variety in what is offered, but if there's demand then there's going to be supply.
    Also, I feel the cost of shipping was slightly glossed over, especially as this was during covid. It was mentioned that it does add additional costs, but it adds significant amounts of additional cost, this increased significantly during covid. The costs of storing the product was mentioned (which is expensive), but dealing with faults and returns wasn't. Any fault or return that can't be resold (due to being used or the packaging is damaged) is at the cost of the seller, not the original manufacturer. That's just lost money. This happens far more frequently than people would believe. Faults may only account for 1-5% of the units sold, but then parcels get damaged/opened and then returned. A seller cannot be reselling that item (or at least shouldn't be).
    R&D Costs aren't significant, but the times involved are. As mentioned, from order being placed to receipt of shipment can take many months. For R&D you will need to communicate with several manufacturers, have samples shipped (which the manufacturer will sometimes do at their own costs, or at a reduced rate), and then test the samples before deciding to make any additional changes. If changes are required then another sample will have to be manufactured and shipped to be tested. This can all add up to a significant amount of time, which when effectively the same product is already selling like hot-cakes, could be considered a waste of time and potential sales.
    And I wouldn't want to be one of those sellers that stock their chairs on an Amazon Fulfilled Service. Amazon scores sellers on the stock they send into Amazon which is to be fulfilled by Amazon. Size, weight and total amount of stock that Amazon holds for sellers is taken into account, and taking up a lot of Amazons storage with stock that doesn't shift extremely quickly will see some of those sellers lose their ability to stock with Amazon altogether.
    Not that any of this excuses the chancers that flog $70.00 chairs for $450.00. Feel sorry for the people that get sucked into buying from one of those.

  • Anvilshock
    Anvilshock 3 months ago +2

    24:13 Those single-wheel casters are awful, especially on hard floors. They easily jam each other at first when starting to move in a new direction until they're all aligned, and due to their strong grip, this is highly annoying at times. Double-wheel casters avoid this problem entirely. And yes, those tiny double-wheel casters that the chair came with are hard-floor casters, NOT carpet casters. You marking them down for chewing up your carpet is like complaining about an F1 racing car not being suitable for off-roading.

  • 25 Самых Интересных Фактов

    After some research I did, I've got myself a Herman Miller Embody chair, around 7-8 years ago. Since then this is my favorite place to sit on! No back pain, no numb ass, very comfy and it still looks and feels like a new one. Worth the price!

    • UltraReef
      UltraReef Month ago

      @Joel Ochoa Follow up! They sent me a giant box to put the chair in, I sent it off. About a month later, they sent the chair back to me with everything fixed that was wrong with it. So I would say Herman Miller is worth the money and they honor their warranty.
      Overall the return process wasn't all that easy to get approved for the RMA. After filling out the proper web based form and sending them pictures and a couple of emails and phone calls to get it all done. But after I was approved, the big box came, I sent it out and as stated, it came back good as new. Same exact chair, just cleaned and fixed. Anyway, let's see if I can keep from breaking it again.

    • Joel Ochoa
      Joel Ochoa Month ago +1

      @UltraReef good luck mate, looked them up and good lord it’s a pricy chair, hope it gets fixed without issue

    • Stardust Legacy Fighter
      Stardust Legacy Fighter 5 months ago

      @zeliz The only bots are the fucking idiots who buy gaming chairs.

    • Sol Ise
      Sol Ise 5 months ago

      @zeliz 🤖

    • 25 Самых Интересных Фактов
      25 Самых Интересных Фактов 6 months ago +3

      @zeliz I’m not a bot

  • Michiel
    Michiel Year ago +65

    They might want to rebrand these $250-350 mesh chairs as "high airflow" and double the price for gamers.

    • Stoney3K
      Stoney3K Year ago +2

      Those manufacturers could just take a hint from car seat manufacturers, a lot of top-tier leather car seats actually have mesh seats and backs just for ventilation.

    • ktkace
      ktkace Year ago +4

      Add rechargeable rgb fans and ur gold!

  • Bee Waifu
    Bee Waifu 10 months ago +1

    I got a 'gaming' chair because I needed help for my lower back (I'm sitting a lot). The one I got is a GTPlayer chair. Not too expensive compared to office chairs I looked over. It's not too constricting, it's comfortable, and while the armrests aren't exactly soft, they're not hard, either, so it doesn't hurt my elbows.

  • Patrick M
    Patrick M 4 months ago +2

    I have a secret lab chair that I love. I usually game on my days off 2-10 hours and have no issues. I did have a gtr racing chair before I used for a total of 1 hour before selling it. That one has the shoulders weird, pushed mine forward and made my bad posture worse

  • Convicted Predator
    Convicted Predator 3 months ago

    I've had my gaming chair for about 5 years now and it's still completely in good condition. The only signs of damage are food stains but apart from that it's pretty much as good as it was back then. It's pretty comfortable and I got it for 250$. The only complain that I could give is that the cushion in the middle is starting to get a dent so its a little bit harder than before but other than that it's pretty good. I haven't really had a bad experience with the gaming chair that I got, but from all the complains people are giving I'm considering getting an office chair but I tried a lot of them but it seems like the same thing to me.

  • Sam Cyanide
    Sam Cyanide 8 months ago +10

    I have a leather full back chair from the 90s, looks like a CEO/villain chair. Been using it for 20 years and it is still awesome, although the foam is wearing down a bit under the leather

  • Bryan Hovanec
    Bryan Hovanec Year ago +756

    As a Physical Therapist who also likes to game, its amazing to see content creators emphasize the importance of keeping the body strong ALONG with proper positioning. This is why I love this channel

    • ইর্তিজা
      ইর্তিজা 7 months ago

      @Rene Lariviere Hey Dwight good seeing you here

    • BlackSheep
      BlackSheep 10 months ago


    • James
      James 11 months ago

      This has always been a thing with PC gamers since as long as I can remember, and I've been gaming since a kid.

    • RoccoTano91
      RoccoTano91 Year ago +2

      @Rene Lariviere I think it's great idea to keep your core musculature exercises due to the instability of the base of support (the ball itself). As everything exercises put your system under stress, you might want to gradually expose your body to this challenge. You'll notice that after sometimes it will be easier to sitting for longer on the ball. That doesn't work for anyone so if any persistent pay arise, just keep use a normal chair but make sure you take frequently breaks.

    • 0sjors0
      0sjors0 Year ago

      @Bryan Hovanec I have my mouse arm on a 90degree angle, under my keyboard, my whole underarm is supported on my (xxl) mousepad. my left elbow is just about hanging off the table, but my underarm is supported. this feels like its good, but dont actually know if it is.

  • Wim Nelis
    Wim Nelis 9 months ago +1

    I've had my AK Racing chair now for 6 years and I sit on it for a fair amount of time per day. Armrests are soft enough to push in with a finger and I've never had any problems with 'shoulder space' as you mention. Also, the seat is firm but soft enough to stay seated for hours.

  • Jeff Behn
    Jeff Behn 9 months ago +1

    I got a purple cushion for my office chair. I was skeptical at first, but I absolutely love it. I was also able to get it reimbursed by my flexible spending account.

  • Wild Designs
    Wild Designs 9 months ago +1

    I have a gaming chair that I bought for $90 with a pull out foot rest. I've always bought office chairs over the years so this gaming chair was a treat to myself. I'll be honest, it is the best investment I've ever made. I can lay it out completely and fall asleep watching my shows. Now, not every gaming chair is made the same. It's just smarter to shop for the perfect chair whether it is an office or gaming chair. No one chair is the same!

  • JrBlnX
    JrBlnX 4 months ago

    I own the autonomous ergo chair for home and just recently purchased a cheap $100 chair at Costco for the office and I can say that I'm genuinely impressed with that Costco chair, it has mesh bottom and back and 100% reccomend it.

  • Cory Palmer
    Cory Palmer Year ago +2013

    Me: *casually reading reviews on chairs* "awesome chair! 10 stars out of five" *next review* "DO NOT BUY THIS CHAIR SOOOO UNCOMFORTABLE"

    • nate
      nate Year ago

      The more you spend the better the chair is. The sad truth.

    • Anrei
      Anrei Year ago

      @idkser201 if you're fortunate enough to have a store nearby that has chairs for you to try out, and proper ones not shitty little bar stool ones or those super basic highschool ones...

    • Trap Advisor
      Trap Advisor Year ago

      @That Blake Campbell yeah I saw someone say “DO NOT BUY THIS CHAIR” on the lights I bought the other day

    • Michael Rusaw
      Michael Rusaw Year ago

      A lot of the bad reviews are anecdotal “worst case” scenarios usually too. Like you roll the dice and what happened with their product “could” happen with yours, but it’s never guaranteed. Could be perfect, could be shit. If it’s shit return it. Or sell it second hand and just be like. Well it wasn’t for me.

    • Professor Frink
      Professor Frink Year ago

      @Gabriel St Pillows laying around the house are free and work wonders.

  • Cuz R
    Cuz R 6 months ago +5

    The hard armrests are actually nice. They have cushions on Amazon that fit on them. Then if they wear out you can replace them. I got one of the gel seat cushions too.

  • BudgieFan39
    BudgieFan39 9 months ago

    Fully agree with this video, I replaced a gt racing gaming chair with a sihoo full mesh /office chair. Talk about night & day difference, the new chair also got rid of the shoulder pain I would suffer with while gaming.

  • Paul Schaaf
    Paul Schaaf 5 months ago +2

    I'm sure there are bad gaming chairs, but my DX Racer is the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in, bar none. This includes the $1200 Aero Mesh chairs we had at work for awhile. It did cost $600 so it wasn't cheap, but to me it was worth every penny. I did spring for some padded armpads though. The stock armrests are hard as a rock.

  • Colton N
    Colton N 6 months ago +2

    I’ve been using a “Helix” gaming chair which was a staples brand but they used some really great foam in it and has some really good adjustable settings that I haven’t seen on other chairs. Was about $200.00. It’s the only gaming chair I’ve seen though that I’ve really liked. Crazy comfortable though. I bought another with bad foam and hate it.

    • Colton N
      Colton N 6 months ago

      @Goldenrod I’m on year 4 or 5 of using it and it’s still holding up. I really like the pitch adjustment so I can lean the chair back and lock it there, pretty handy.

    • Goldenrod
      Goldenrod 6 months ago

      I got one too. I normally hate gaming chairs, but the helix felt soft like a normal office chair. It's held up pretty well for the $175 I paid for it.

  • Quamsi
    Quamsi Year ago +243

    Gotta say my gaming chair i picked up 3 years or so ago is one of my highest financial regrets. 400$ to make my back and legs hurt, compared to a free office chair i got from work that was wayyy more comfortable and i could sit in far longer without aching or losing circulation.

    • Crow Demon - The Archives
      Crow Demon - The Archives Year ago

      @frozencold199 The only good headset I can wear for long hours had been a HyperX Cloud I, funnily enough.

    • Quamsi
      Quamsi Year ago +2

      @stickydude hmm in my situation the problem was the angle of the seat on the gaming chair. It always seemed like my legs were at far to steep an angle, and from what ive seen there arent many chairs that you can adjust seating angle. The gaming chair was comfortable for the first hour or two, but after a long sit my legs would lose circulation.

    • avatarion
      avatarion Year ago +3

      @stickydude This also happened to me. I had a cheap market office chair that hurt my back all the time. Bought the cheapest "gaming" chair (didn't give a shit about the gaming part or the fact that they are all the same design so that argument is irrelevant to me), immediately fixed my back. I've now sat on this for 2 years without problems. A lot of office chairs in the $200 price category are flimsy and creaky compared to this steel frame.

    • Tobias Böh
      Tobias Böh Year ago +2

      @stickydude ooor maybe we all have individual bodies and if you are lucky a "gaming" chair will fit your body. I'm that way with my Maxnomic one and it mostly comes down to the backrest having the right spacing for my shoulders. I can set it up to support my posture rather well. This doesn't apply to the vast majority of people who tried it, they tend to be larger than me to the point where the stupid wing things interfere with their shoulders.
      One critical downside is how sweaty it can get, this chair will last me a long time and I'm happy with it, but if I ever need to set up an office, I'll get a mesh chair.

    • stickydude
      stickydude Year ago +3

      Gotta say my gaming chair I picked up 3 years or so ago is one of my best financial decisions. $200 to make my back and legs feel comfortable, compared to a free office chair I had at home that was wayy less comfortable and I couldn't sit long without aching or losing circulation.
      Perhaps something is wrong with you, not the chair and you just have to find right one for yourself? I'm a graphic designer and I've been using so called "gaming" chair for work and I can sit for hours every day and feel great. This video is clearly biased to make people like yourself feel better.

  • Shafer Hart
    Shafer Hart 11 months ago +1

    Basically what I did. For $119 you can get a very decent office chair with all kinds of customizable. I always thought it was cringe how they market "gaming" this "gaming" that and it's just basically adding RGB or color combinations 😂

  • Gravity
    Gravity 11 months ago +7

    The problem I have with them usually is that office chairs tend to not have head support.

    • Jose H López
      Jose H López 9 months ago

      Why does it seem that no one noticed something so obvious to make this review? I don't know. I didn't think it was very accurate to be honest.

  • drunkendevil
    drunkendevil 11 months ago

    I was gifted a slightly used office chair that I’ve used for gaming over the last 4-5 years. To this day, the seat cushion and back rest have not flattened out. Only wear on it is the slight peeling of the arm rests but for a chain I’m in 4-8 hours a day, it’s pretty amazing.
    I have no idea what brand or model it even is but it’s possibly the best chair I’ve ever used.

  • Chanting In The Dark
    Chanting In The Dark 5 months ago +1

    I bought a Secret Lab (2020) chair, it's highly adjustable which is great, quite comfortable and looks less "gamey" that many other gaming chairs.
    It does get hot in the base and for long periods of sitting can start to cut off circulation to the legs, but I think that's because I bought the size down from what I needed. Their size guide needs adjusting, I was on the cusp of the sizes and believed that based on their guide it would still work but it's too narrow.
    If I get another chair, it will be a mesh one.

  • somethingbrite
    somethingbrite Year ago +411

    "find a used office chair that was better to begin with..."
    This is the best message to take from this video on many levels.

    • Chris Meagher
      Chris Meagher Year ago +1

      Herman Miller has an artificial price increase second hand because it is the best known name. It is like buying a Ferrari. Steelcase Leap II is an equally good chair and second hand is usually much cheaper.

    • Kohfu
      Kohfu Year ago

      @fabronaut yes even if you want to stay under $200 an office chair will go so much further, all of the gaming chairs are virtually the same and all crap, they feel cool look good and have a novelty factor but that all fades after about 2 -3 months and the cushion/backs/lumbar/headrests wear down really quickly.

    • fabronaut
      fabronaut Year ago

      @Kohfu aw man, really? :/ I went for a cloth one from Costco... I think I'm still within the 30 day window. sigh

    • Kohfu
      Kohfu Year ago

      @fabronaut Return it, if you can, Gaming chairs wear down really really fast and after 2 months you wont even think the chair is worth $40.....

    • Steve Pringle
      Steve Pringle Year ago +1

      Don't get the cloth seat, @Dank Meme
      Go for the "pleather" version. LOL.

  • Blazin_Kitty
    Blazin_Kitty 29 days ago +1

    I love how you are brutally honest about these chairs lol I’ve been looking for a office chair I like that is able to be tall enough for my desk and I always watch your videos with hubby on his pc so I already knew I was gonna get honesty straight from the jump before even hitting play lol. Love your channel!❤

  • Nidhoggr
    Nidhoggr 4 months ago

    I had to look into higher tier chairs because the ones I was getting from places like walmart and Office Depot were ruining my back. I decided on a subtle black and grey Maxnomic from NeedForSeatUSA and I've enjoyed it for coming up on a decade and my back pain has never come back.
    The only thing I don't care for are the arm rests because unfortunately they weren't very comfortable and the top can be rattled around.... Which is odd because the rest of the arm assembly is really solid. I ended up getting $10 pads to put on them.
    If it finally does fail for me I will probably try one of the more serious posture chairs.

  • Ulvsbane
    Ulvsbane 10 months ago

    I recently got my Second KAB Director. The first lasted almost 20 years. I wanted to get something cheaper and tried a few gaming chairs and cheap office chairs but finally got another KAB. In the end I spent more on crappy chairs than if I had bought a new KAB at once.

  • Aaron Nicoli
    Aaron Nicoli 11 months ago

    Seriously great info for all. A company I previously worked for somewhat cheaps out on chairs which does actually bring down the usefullness of what I'm about to mention, however one thing they do that is great is, they send each employee to a company that does chair fitting, so you end up with a chair with the right size base, back etc. etc. and that's great. It's probably a NOT cheap service, however they then cheap out and go for the cheapest model that fits your body, so yeah... but, just having something that fits is probably the single most important part.

  • Direct Miss
    Direct Miss Year ago +375

    "Check your own dimensions."
    You see what you've failed to understand, Steve, is that the 4D armrests aren't for mere mortals like us, peasants who only have three dimensions. No. The 4D armrests are for the Ascended, those enlightened with the gift of one extra dimension. Only they can truly comprehend the majesty of the 4D armrest.

    • Amash Aziz
      Amash Aziz Year ago +2

      @Prince Daniel yes, to the 90th dimension

    • Prince Daniel
      Prince Daniel Year ago +3

      I heard you can ascend if you SLI four RGB 3090s. Is that true?

    • gudtimes
      gudtimes Year ago

      @Amash Aziz yeah he's pretty hit or miss but can be really entertaining and funny. Also talks about internet culture which I would else miss.

    • Amash Aziz
      Amash Aziz Year ago

      @gudtimes u watch him too? He bores me sometimes but at other times....OH MAN!!

    • gudtimes
      gudtimes Year ago

      I read that in Penguinz0s voice.

  • Strange Love
    Strange Love 9 months ago +3

    I own a second hand classic Aeron Chair (the previous generation). One of the best things about it has been how easy it is to replace parts, or add new attachments that didn't come with the chair I bought. This thing is made well and feels like it will last decades. But I know that if something breaks I can repair it myself without adding to landfill or throwing away the money I've spent on it. I recommend it to anyone who can afford it, especially if you're going to park your ass in it every day for the next 10 years.

    • N3rd St0rm
      N3rd St0rm 9 months ago

      What type of attachment are you adding?

  • MateyJerryBoy
    MateyJerryBoy 9 months ago +10

    Who knew that office chars that were designed for ergonomics would work quite well. It's not like there a difference in gaming or typing at a keyboard for hours while sitting.

    • TheOutsider Jess
      TheOutsider Jess 8 months ago

      I prefer the gaming chairs as O have nroken way too much office chairs

  • JasonT
    JasonT 8 months ago +2

    For a little over half a year, I owned a Secretlab gaming chair and a cheap $100-$200 gaming chair. None of them compare to my old huge leather office chair, which I purchased for roughly $200 from Sams Club or Costco years ago. At my main gaming/office location, I also have a lazy boy office chair. The best money I've ever spent. When you shop around the holidays, you'll find them on sale for roughly $200-$300.

  • eqLuke
    eqLuke 10 months ago +2

    The quality and warranty of a secret lab makes it worth it. 10/10 comfort imo

  • EposVox
    EposVox Year ago +1812

    So glad to see others finally pushing this cause. Fought for it last year.

    • tpsin713
      tpsin713 7 months ago

      @Shadymana better aim at Virginism!!!

    • Stardust Legacy Fighter
      Stardust Legacy Fighter 7 months ago +1

      @S Con Doesn't change the fact that high quality office chairs have been proven to be better for your back. You should watch BTODtv if you want to get a more professional opinion of the gaming chair vs office chair debate.

    • Stardust Legacy Fighter
      Stardust Legacy Fighter 7 months ago

      @LanciaBear Then get a better office chair you peasant.

    • Stardust Legacy Fighter
      Stardust Legacy Fighter 7 months ago

      @Shadyman Yeah, it gives you aimbot.

    • Hijynx87
      Hijynx87 7 months ago

      @Chronorust pretty sure that was sarcasm

  • Hiddenus
    Hiddenus 8 months ago +1

    I switched from wreck of a office chair I had since 2000 to gaming one and it's very comfortable. Maybe real office chair would be better but I got this one with discount to 100$ so a win all the way.

  • Randomly Entertaining
    Randomly Entertaining 3 months ago

    If GN designed a good version of these gaming chairs, they'd sell out faster than the mod mats and honestly, half the reason I'm watching this is to see what my next chair should be. My current one is close to breaking. And I'd love to have that Miller Aeron chair but considering it cost as much as my PC, I think I'll have to go with the Komene one. Also, having a can of Sprayway on the table indicates to me that I use good glass cleaner XD

  • Liselotte Hildegarde
    Liselotte Hildegarde 10 months ago +1

    I almost bought a gaming chair last year but my eyes bulged when I saw the price which was around Php 4600 or $ 90 ( this price is considered ridiculous for a Filipino). So I did some research about chairs and went down the rabbit hole for a while and I had a realization that it's best to buy an office chair and considering that my room has a mantled, old wooden floor, it's best if I just bought a chair without wheels because it can easily rip off the cheap, plastic mantle. Now, I have a Php 2300 or $ 45 office chair that has both lumbar and neck support that are so comfortable, I sometimes doze off in it despite sitting in it for more than 8 hours (with some bathroom breaks).

  • nervsouly
    nervsouly 5 months ago +10

    I dunno about that one. I've had two gaming chairs in the past ten years. Their greatest weakness is the seat leather first getting weavy and then ripping open. However, they cured my constant back pain I was having ten years ago from sitting on a normal leather officer chair for hours every day. So I think they were worth it to me. Maybe I'm just build in an odd way. I also have my car seat very straight to sit comfortably.

  • Ben Duncan
    Ben Duncan Year ago +200

    The armrests actually can travel through time at one second per second, and only in one direction.

    • Radu Mircea Bunica
      Radu Mircea Bunica Year ago +1

      @A. Andrei when armrest angles (pitch) are not manually adjustable but change their angle synchronized to the seating area in certain ratios with the backrest (mine is 2:1, so for every 20degrees of tilt on my backrest, the armrests tilt back by 10degrees) they call it a synchro mechanism.
      but i guess 5d rolls off the tongue better so it could be marketed LOL

    • A. Andrei
      A. Andrei Year ago

      They are very useful though, "5D" should be the next thing for when you lean back, like changing the armrests angle against the seat's angle.

    • dogboy0912
      dogboy0912 Year ago +6

      I'm sold.

    • Radu Mircea Bunica
      Radu Mircea Bunica Year ago +7

      wanna guess the direction?

  • sunimTyeoj
    sunimTyeoj 6 months ago +1

    I bought some office chair off craigslist for $40 and honestly I like it just as much as my Secret Lab chair I once had.

  • emkira3
    emkira3 9 months ago

    During covid I got a used Knoll Generation chair like new condition for 300 dollars from second hand office supplier. I absolutely love it. Most comfortable chair I used. At work I have the autonamous ergo 2 and I hate now, but it was fine initially when got it. The cushion is flat now after 3 years, it wobbles like crazy, and lumbar support is not supportive anymore.

  • VanFactor
    VanFactor 8 months ago

    Thank you for the informative video. I have been using an office chair at Costco for years, was considering gaming chair but they all looked the same to me. Thanks for explanation lol. Makes me feel appreciative of what I have.

  • Pseudocode
    Pseudocode 3 months ago

    I'd love to see what you think of the Backforce One Plus, it seems like a gamer style chair that's actually thought through as an office chair.

  • adlawd
    adlawd Year ago +56

    A great chair doesn’t necessarily give you some instant epiphany. It’s when you realise 10 hours have passed and your back is fine and you can stand up feeling fresh that you realise what an investment in your spine a good chair truly is.
    I use an Embody for work and a Gesture for home/work.

  • Josh Webber
    Josh Webber 5 months ago +1

    Great video guys! Wow learned a ton! I was SO close to buying a gaming chair last night but their website went down briefly and I backed out. Glad I saw this video first!!

  • idontsleepidream
    idontsleepidream 7 months ago

    Thank you! I'm an engineer and gamer. Desk life is by best life WITHOUT gaming chairs. Like... how do people equate these monsters with comfortability??
    Hurt my back immediately... No one in the 38+ yr old age group should EVER invest in these silly chairs.
    Just give me some ergonomical... that reclines... where I can slip off my Dr Scholl's in peace.

  • Zach_Attack
    Zach_Attack 6 months ago +1

    my favorite chair I have ever used was a bar stool. all chairs wont go high enough, have annoying arm rests that just get in the way, and tip and roll in every direction. I don't know why but I have spent thousands of dollars trying to find the right chair and have always ended up with a cheep simple chair.