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I played 8 Souls-Like games you've never heard of (AGAIN)

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Subspicion
    Subspicion Month ago +546

    A weapon that gets stronger the worse your graphics card is. . . Finally, my time has come.

    • DefinitelyNotShepherd
      DefinitelyNotShepherd 4 days ago

      @Blaze It Ken Just shove in your old gpu ...ooooooor remove it and use the port on the motherboard...bet you'll be a god then

    • Blaze It Ken
      Blaze It Ken Month ago +4

      I just did an upgrade. Gosh darn it!

    • rocketbnuuy
      rocketbnuuy Month ago +28

      A game that stands with peasant, i'am all in

  • Tomwoz
    Tomwoz 2 months ago +1184

    I'm Tom, Level Designer and 3D Artist for Clash: Artifacts of Chaos. I've been following you for a long time now, and seeing the game I'm working on on your series, and hearing the things you said about it and that you actually liked it is beyond freaking awesome!
    Here at ACE Team we´re all fans of your dumpster diving series, and we can't wait for you to play the full game when it releases! 💪

    • Daburrito
      Daburrito 9 days ago

      The voice acting is incredible

    • Sholah Verassa
      Sholah Verassa 15 days ago

      As soon as I saw Pseudo, something in my head screamed "The Neverhood!!", laughed hysterically an jumped out of my eyehole never to be seen again.

    • Gek Toast
      Gek Toast 16 days ago

      Such a badass game!

    • Tk G
      Tk G 22 days ago

      @Crave200 no, their first game which has the same gameworld is from 2009

    • Tk G
      Tk G 22 days ago

      Wena ctm

  • KVM LX
    KVM LX Month ago +639

    That first game you played clash artifacts of chaos was actually very amazing, took me by suprise how cool it actually was

    • Crave200
      Crave200 25 days ago

      The body and death system is just like mortal shell

    • Destryl
      Destryl Month ago +1

      The best part I feel like is the OST, the Psuedo's Theme music is insane ! I just went to check it out after hearing the beginning during the fight and I love it xD

    • LeDumpsterFire
      LeDumpsterFire Month ago

      @Jay Wingate You might even say.. Eldritch Insight.

    • GarlicToothpaste
      GarlicToothpaste Month ago

      It was so goofy, but so fun at the same time

    • Memo
      Memo Month ago

      @JcDent dq

  • Stan Kruger
    Stan Kruger Month ago +165

    Weird RPG is hilarious, and the talk-to-cast mechanic is novel and awesome.

  • 八雲よみ /Yakumo Yomi
    八雲よみ /Yakumo Yomi 2 months ago +8034

    Respect to that one (presumably) Chinese player on the voice chat of Warhaven for being pretty friendly. That "Goodbye, my bro" sounded so wholesome.

    • Kristel Krapivnitski
      Kristel Krapivnitski 11 days ago

      He was chinese

    • BowForGlory
      BowForGlory 27 days ago

      @Ho Moe lmao nah fam the souls community is so toxic

    • Garrick
      Garrick 29 days ago

      I thought it was great that the teammates took the time to explain the tactics in English. Not that it made a difference to the end result.

    • RandomBananaSalad
      RandomBananaSalad Month ago

      ni hao!

    • SelfLoathingWeekly
      SelfLoathingWeekly Month ago

      @no no its incredible how the American language has evolved and how other countries see our language.

  • Heitor Rangel
    Heitor Rangel Month ago +748

    "The gorilla is not part of the duel, he's just here." Imagine how that would affect every competitive sport out there. That would be a nice way to pump viewership numbers.

    • Yata XV
      Yata XV 6 days ago

      @Donnie Diddle
      "Yes, my Emperor?"
      "I thought the Bestiarii were sentenced to death yesterday?"
      "Uh... they were, my Emperor."
      "Well the lions are still there."
      "Oh. Ah whatever the crowd seems to like it."

    • Chimera MK
      Chimera MK Month ago +8

      "JR you seein' this!? Who let loose a kangaroo in the ring!?"
      "The kangaroo is ignoring John Cena! He can't see John Cena! Cena is just as confused as we are!"

    • Donnie Diddle
      Donnie Diddle Month ago +31

      @Anonymous 73 lmao "The lion is not a combatant but he is there" "For entertainment"

    • Anonymous 73
      Anonymous 73 Month ago +15

      That’s kind of what the Roman Gladiators did

    • john wrath
      john wrath Month ago +1

      Toss an angry gorilla or two midfield at random points in the football/soccer/whatever game. I would watch the fuck out of that. Keep moving or you get your arms ripped off by a pissed off silverback? Slap that on pay per view and you bet your ass I’m watching.
      Also why just sports? Any show could be spiced up with an 800lb gorilla. I’ve always wanted to see the contestants of the bachelor murdered by an endangered species. Cooking shows? Political debates? Angry 🦍 makes it way more watchable.

  • zjay
    zjay Month ago +278

    "skill issue" has to be the funniest death screen ever

  • The whale
    The whale Month ago +104

    Clash looks like one of those arts you did where you had no idea what you were doing but it turned out really good. The game looks super interesting

  • Alexander Maxey
    Alexander Maxey 2 months ago +171

    Hey there! I was the lead developer for Knights of the Kitchen Table. It was made as a school project over the course of a year, and we threw it out there to see if it stuck. Thanks for the love and showing it off!

    • Jon Cain
      Jon Cain 25 days ago +1

      @Костадин Аролски lol yeah look at that guy giving his opinion on the internet

    • Костадин Аролски
      Костадин Аролски Month ago +1

      @Martin P lmao, ok mr game critic

    • Martin P
      Martin P 2 months ago +11

      i think its absolutely amazing for a school project. When i first saw the UI i was like ok checks out but man the swamp level? you should definitely polish this into the big game it can be

    • Statueteeth TV
      Statueteeth TV 2 months ago

      It looks like combat magic

    • Alexander Maxey
      Alexander Maxey 2 months ago +15

      Might come back to polishing it up and adding more content if it gets enough popularity 😉

  • StealthGamer 87
    StealthGamer 87 2 months ago +2890

    “I don’t have any dice”
    “then I’ve already won, I get to hit you first”
    “One of those sentences is true” is oddly the most badass thing I’ve heard in any recent game

    • neon
      neon Month ago +1

      He sounds like Walter White, except he's actually cool.

    • McBehrer
      McBehrer 2 months ago +2

      right, that was the thing that is true. He gets to hit first, but that doesn't mean he's already won

    • StealthGamer 87
      StealthGamer 87 2 months ago +1

      Question how to do submit a souls like request? I’d like to see pineapple try mortal shell

    • Zack Fakename
      Zack Fakename 2 months ago

      And he sounded like Jiraiya when he said it too

    • executioner_ecgbert
      executioner_ecgbert 2 months ago

      His voice reminded me of George Clooney

  • Gurtington
    Gurtington Month ago +69

    9:53 i feel like the dev came up with the name Warden Gamsey, while he was watching hells kitchen and made an entire game around it.

  • Shadow325
    Shadow325 Month ago +19

    The art style and sound effects in mandragora were really impressive, I didn't expect such impactful sounding combat from an indie game

  • Dima Keller
    Dima Keller Month ago +12

    Clash actually looks amazing. Gonna give it a try for sure

  • CMiller1334
    CMiller1334 2 months ago +27

    Man I absolutely loved the Zeno Clash games. Don’t even remember where I learned about them. Thrilled there’s a new Clash and that it looks so wild

  • Camelotsmoon
    Camelotsmoon Month ago +11

    Clash: artifacts of chaos just seems so weird that it's oddly good... idk how to explain it lol. 4:39 idk why, that scene just threw me off so hard, but I guess I can relate to it lol. 6:31 It's like old school corpse runs. Lmao, 7:00 it takes the best of what dark souls has to offer.

  • 0rbital
    0rbital Month ago +50

    I have to say that the microphone based damage in Weird RPG is pretty awesome. I don’t know how it’d hold up thru a whole game, but innovative idea anyway. 👍

    • QuesoCookies
      QuesoCookies Month ago

      Could be fun in a magic game where you have to say the spell you're casting. Would probably still need to be a supplemental element where your basic spells you can cast innately. Those old Harry Potter games where you had to trace the spell pattern in the air to pass classes is what I thought of first. Something like that.

    • Jade
      Jade Month ago +2

      My partner plays games by freaking out until they die or succeed. I could see that making them very successful

    • Subspicion
      Subspicion Month ago +2

      I mean it's a good item for streamers or youtubers who do have to talk a lot but likely not good in a normal players build.

  • shardinhand
    shardinhand Month ago +5

    first games character design is brillaint, fights look a bit awkward but decent and could be improved via patch, looks like a solid game over all, just a but buggy with landscape colission on knockdown. that does need a fix asap.

  • Jedi John
    Jedi John Month ago +2

    Man my only gripe I’d see with the first game would be the bit of jank and the over the shoulder camera, with a game focused on melee combat and multiple enemies, a more pulled back camera would be a great idea.

  • Rabid Llama
    Rabid Llama Month ago +11

    Wow - at 30:10, the big boss has animations to keep the lantern on a stick in the background, even when he turns around to face left.

  • TizianHenerMusic
    TizianHenerMusic 2 months ago +601

    Hey Pineapple,
    Composer from Path of the Faoladh here. I'm happy that you liked our game (and the music). Love your dumpster diving series. 😀

  • Noah Sample
    Noah Sample Month ago +4

    Clash is so fucking funky and creative. I really hope the design artist and devs get more opportunities

  • Jeff Talbot
    Jeff Talbot Month ago +6

    Would love to see your opinion of the game "We who are about to die" if you havent covered it already. Solo Dev over the last 7 years and I gotta say super impressed with what they were able to achieve!

  • xEn3my
    xEn3my 2 months ago +7372

    May this series never end

    • Terry
      Terry Month ago

      Well you better get on adding fuel to the fire.
      [We don't have unlimited souls like games]

    • Daikaen
      Daikaen 2 months ago

      @KawakazΣ Going to second this. UNSIGHTED is an *EXTREMELY* good game. The time limit feature can also be turned off for those that just want the battle and exploration

    • Niles Rodriguez
      Niles Rodriguez 2 months ago

      Best ongoing series on Clip-Share fr fr

    • Beutimus
      Beutimus 2 months ago

      Hear Hear!

    • selmo!
      selmo! 2 months ago


  • Key To Bay Humble I Say

    clash: artifacts of chaos looks awesome. reminds me of the outer wilds

  • Mandragora
    Mandragora 2 months ago +793

    Hey, thanks so much for including Mandragora! It's great to hear what you liked about the pre-alpha and what you think needs more work. We're always taking feedback into account and our team is still working hard on all aspects of the game, especially regarding combat mechanics - so hopefully you'll also feel an improvement the next time you play! :)

    • David Turnbough
      David Turnbough Month ago

      @Hadestown enjoyer I literally came to the comments to see if anyone else noticed the blatant copy of Yorick lmao.

    • Dooper dooper
      Dooper dooper Month ago +1

      Even if Pineapple didn’t like that one boss’s mechanics it biting his head off was still metal as hell.

    • Melchior de Launay
      Melchior de Launay Month ago +3

      The game looks truly gorgeous on every aspect (animation, vfx, sounds design, art direction), but I didn't need to play it myself to see that the gameplay looks kind of stiff and rough. From what I see the biggest trap for this game is definitely the old classic "beautiful indy game from outside but empty shell in reality ". I sincerely hope for your success and I will keep an eye on it tho.

    • Hadestown enjoyer
      Hadestown enjoyer Month ago +4

      What is yorick doing there ?

    • Derrick Franklin
      Derrick Franklin 2 months ago +5

      Would've never heard of you guys without IronPineapple but your game looks amazing! I have a soft spot for 2d rpgs

    GUS.Y. ROSA Month ago +4

    Wow this Mandragora looks insane!

  • Just Have Fun Dude
    Just Have Fun Dude Month ago +3

    hey guys, just so y'all know, i got interested in weird rpg and played a bit, today i opened and went to have some breakfast, left the game open for 20-30 mins in main menu, when i came back i feel hot as hell, my pc was at almost 90°C and my gpu use was at 100%, so yeah, maybe the game got popular with this video and they did something shady, or maybe it was like that from the begginning, but just, don't play, i guess

  • TheOneBearded
    TheOneBearded Month ago +8

    The trailer for Clash was the first time I watched a youtube ad and went "hmm, let me check this out" in the years I've been watching videos. Wishlisted immediately.

  • Is that a Morguito?
    Is that a Morguito? Month ago +1

    If blind fate came to xbox, I would definitely play it

  • KAI
    KAI Month ago +1

    How sad is it that a game made in two weeks has a way cooler design for Rat King boss than Dark Souls 2 did.

  • Sad-Os the eggnog
    Sad-Os the eggnog Month ago +1

    warhaven could work if they make their gameplay like battlefield1 , sort of simulating war, but their combat shouldnt be like for honor

  • aember_
    aember_ Month ago +7

    Clash is giving me big Absolver vibes. I played Zeno Clash 1 and I loved it, definitely keeping an eye on this!

  • Cyranek
    Cyranek 2 months ago +2

    may the soulslikes keep coming in

  • dick balls
    dick balls Month ago +2

    Just wanted to say, every time you upload one of these i watch the all the previous videos. the content is just that good

  • Eclipsa
    Eclipsa Month ago +4

    The first game has a great animation

  • Nakna_ankaN
    Nakna_ankaN 2 months ago +1621

    I'm a big fan of this video series and with this being episode 16, a future video idea might be to go back and list the best games you've found while dumpster diving and do a follow up on those that seemed promising, but were still in development to see how they turned out.

    • BlowFish
      BlowFish Month ago

      Agree a best of would be great.

    • S Engelhard
      S Engelhard 2 months ago

      Might also be nice to take a look at the better known soulslikes, like Nioh etc. to compare them to Souls. Still way too many people that never gave anything not made by From a chance

    • PrinceEdwardIII
      PrinceEdwardIII 2 months ago +1

      i would LOVE a "Best Of" video.
      give us a top 5 best games, a couple honorable mentions and like a few fun categories like "weirdest game", "best art style" etc

    • BofferPuf
      BofferPuf 2 months ago +1

      @Regal Pixel King that's a damn valid point mate.

    • MarielCarey
      MarielCarey 2 months ago

      ​@GameDevYal they're numbered in the description

  • H J
    H J 2 months ago +91

    Clash has some of the most intriguing art direction I’ve ever seen, absolutely stunning, hideous, and gorgeous. Simultaneously.

  • mokajones74
    mokajones74 Month ago +4

    Holy crap that intro is incredible. There's an Easter egg in every scene 🤣

  • Enosh Starcrod
    Enosh Starcrod Month ago +1

    The knight of kitchen table game seems similar to battle chef brigade

  • ErQueeZy
    ErQueeZy Month ago +1

    this first game, i love the dev. deff getting that on steam :D

  • Raphael Magalhaes
    Raphael Magalhaes 2 months ago +376

    Bro the " Grandpa is dead
    -yes 🗿" had me dying 🤣

    • S Bock
      S Bock Month ago +1

      @Raphael Magalhaes thank you!

    • Raphael Magalhaes
      Raphael Magalhaes Month ago +8

      @S Bock 4:40 sorry I should have thought of this

    • S Bock
      S Bock Month ago +1

      Where is it? Pls time link if you shout out things

    • True 0.0
      True 0.0 Month ago +5


  • Pierce
    Pierce Month ago +1

    Dude that intro animation is fire

  • Cruxis1712
    Cruxis1712 Month ago +10

    bruh the voice acting and music of that first game were awesome

  • Dredgen-hawk 517
    Dredgen-hawk 517 Month ago +1

    Does anyone know the voice actor for the orange guy at 4:15? He’s actually awesome for being in a steam dumpster diving episode.

  • XM Gaming
    XM Gaming 2 months ago +871

    I actually worked on Knights of the Kitchen Table as a sound designer, it was a student project at the college I went to. I made background music they didn't keep so nothing I made ended up in the final game, but it's still surreal to see it here!

    • Junkey McKrat
      Junkey McKrat 2 months ago +3

      I was finishing my last semester while you guys were working on this! Was kinda shocked to see a project from our tiny lil gamedev program showing up here

    • Shannon Hammell
      Shannon Hammell 2 months ago +2

      That's pretty cool!

    • Nightweaver20xx
      Nightweaver20xx 2 months ago +1

      That was a neat little game to see, very funny (and punny).

    • mylastaccount gotbanned
      mylastaccount gotbanned 2 months ago +1

      @I'm the captain now like really badly

    • mylastaccount gotbanned
      mylastaccount gotbanned 2 months ago

      @I'm the captain now eh maybe but i think you just suck

  • Don't Care
    Don't Care Month ago +5

    “American! Let’s go to C2!”
    Warms the heart

  • aasd koaskdasddad
    aasd koaskdasddad Month ago +4

    You should try "in celebration of violence", a souls like roguelike

  • Lucas Hoffmann
    Lucas Hoffmann Month ago +1

    why don't you talk about games that you enjoy besides souls like ? it will be interesting

  • CarelessCritter
    CarelessCritter Month ago

    If you havent tried it I highly recommend curse of the dead gods, it’s more rouge like than souls borne imo but it has dodge rolling parrying and resource management

    • Jul Row
      Jul Row Month ago

      He played through it actually in an episode!

  • Gypsum Generation
    Gypsum Generation Month ago +1

    Mandragora looks genuinely promising

  • Precursor News!
    Precursor News! Month ago +1

    Check out Maximo: Ghosts to Glory if you get the chance. It’s more reminiscent of Ghosts and Goblins but it was so hard it introduced me to the world of difficult souls-like games. Great PS2 game if you’re ready for some pain

  • Dweezil Bubbadown
    Dweezil Bubbadown Month ago +2

    I think your next steam dumpster diving should be a recap of all of the games that you said you were going to keep an ion that you were only playing the demo.

  • Thunders
    Thunders Month ago +3

    The attempts at cross lingual communication were oddly quite charming.

  • Sir Pemberton S. Crevalius
    Sir Pemberton S. Crevalius 2 months ago +1042

    I lost it at Warhaven's radio chat dialogue in the *medieval* game setting.

    • Jesse Gauthier
      Jesse Gauthier 2 months ago

      @poika22 dude who tf cares get a life

    • poika22
      poika22 2 months ago +2

      @Jesse Gauthier There's medieval armor next to samurais next to catboys in castles next to world war trenches next to modern industrial mining equipment. There are barbed wire fences in settlements from the ancient times lit with torches.
      All with widely varying levels of fidelity and that "everything is shining because graphix" look of pre-bought assets that need to "pop" on the store page.
      If you can't tell any of this, that's a you problem.

    • Jesse Gauthier
      Jesse Gauthier 2 months ago +2

      @poika22 it looked pretty consistent to me idk wtf you're talking about

    • poika22
      poika22 2 months ago +4

      @Jesse Gauthier It's going for the "whatever pre-made assets we can buy" aesthetic. There is no consistent art style.

    • ChefOfTheTrash
      ChefOfTheTrash 2 months ago +2

      @Yourson Isold the sprinting animation is pretty sus but I wouldn’t count the long sword stance since that can be excused as it’s a correct stance for the weapon

  • 『 』
    『 』 Month ago +2

    Pine, Little Witch Nobeta (the game you covered in episode 4) just got released as a full game

  • Tikurai
    Tikurai Month ago

    I don't know if that should give me hype or depression, that Ark 2 will be souls-like (in terms of combat)

  • P R
    P R Month ago

    Damn, good animations.

  • Yeti Kitchen
    Yeti Kitchen Month ago +4

    Dude! That first one is totally inspired by Zenoclash! I really liked that game and the story. It's a shame that there were only 2

    • KunBrecken
      KunBrecken Month ago +8

      this game is 3rd zeno clash game. what are you talking about my dude

  • Jack-EXZoltジャック・エグゾルト

    The first game just radiates with God Hand energy with Oddworld Odyssey aesthetic . And the voice acting is actually good.

    • Jom Jim
      Jom Jim 2 months ago +1

      @jacob norris Yeah the animations and voice acting were surprisingly great. It’s really just the frames between animations that look janky. I’m gonna play it and hope it improves .

    • jacob norris
      jacob norris 2 months ago +5

      The animations are also genuinely just really damn good. Like the attack animations may genuinely be the best i've seen from indie.
      And incidentally, good attack animations is one of the best parts of the soulsborne games (save for DS2).

    • Ryan Anggoro
      Ryan Anggoro 2 months ago +3

      It's interesting game
      As martial art fan it's cool game but I don't like how weird the characters is 😂😂

    • Creepo_J
      Creepo_J 2 months ago +1

      I want more of it

    • Nonis
      Nonis 2 months ago +3

      That's right, it really has Oddworld vibes

  • Zac Clark
    Zac Clark Month ago

    Please play Biomass! Super sweet art and just a nice general experience.

  • Fuzzy Terror
    Fuzzy Terror Month ago +2

    Where is the conclusion to the egg? You show an invincible egg man then cut to something further along.... how did you kill invincible egg man?? How can I trust a review when it is deliberately hiding such important information?

  • jack Foxx
    jack Foxx Month ago

    I wanna make a game good enough for 8 mins of one of your videos

  • Inconspicuous
    Inconspicuous 2 months ago +1

    What about moonlighter, its game that has a roll. Its probably one of my favorite games.

  • James Coyne
    James Coyne 2 months ago +670

    The first game is really impressive and the art style is so cool. I’d love to see a big budget game come from that developer with that combat and style

    • Omega
      Omega 2 months ago +11

      @Stavi_Deluxe Damn, I have both Zeno Clashes but I didn't realize they also made Abyss Odyssey. So yeah, they're pretty solid overall.

    • Stavi_Deluxe
      Stavi_Deluxe 2 months ago +31

      ACE team are pretty Goated imo, their games often lack polish but are really cool, i play them all; the only dud has been Sol Seraph. I would recommend you give Zeno Clash 2 a try, it's defo their most polished attempt, (it's only real flaw is that it's a little short) or Abyss Odyssey, though A0 combat is just not quite there, feeling a little floaty but it makes up for it in superb art, style and a pretty addictive structure.

    • micah lindley
      micah lindley 2 months ago +22

      Looks like an Oddworld game.

  • Paradox8493
    Paradox8493 Month ago

    Technically, pretty much anyone is allowed to do anything, as long as they don't get caught.

  • shardinhand
    shardinhand Month ago

    would foregone or unsighted count as souls like?

  • La Ropasucia
    La Ropasucia 2 months ago +14

    Dang, that "updating level data" moment in Blind Fate was one of the coolest moments I've ever seen. A shame about... everything else in that game.

  • Invisibleguy1313
    Invisibleguy1313 2 months ago +7

    I feel like that blind mechanic would work really well in a game, but as like a level gimmick rather than a "This is always the case" type deal. Like a Cyberpunk game where your cyber eyes get hacked or something like that. Just feels like a bit much to have for the whole game imo

  • TheBasketBall13Freak
    TheBasketBall13Freak 2 months ago +367

    For a steam dumpster dive, 90% of the games were really good quality. This series is amazing!

    • sethescope
      sethescope Month ago

      it's like dumpster diving in the rich part of town sometimes lol

    • Vinícius
      Vinícius 2 months ago +5

      Also he plays lots of games out of Steam for a series called Steam dumpster dive. Not that I'm complaining though.

  • No Sleep Jones
    No Sleep Jones Month ago +2

    Clash reminds me a lot of skyrim for some reason

  • Michelle Franklin
    Michelle Franklin Month ago

    Great stuff! If you haven't tried Last Hero of Nostalgaia, you should give it a go!

  • Brendan
    Brendan 2 months ago +10

    I love so much that there is a whole team of people out there so fervently dedicated to making mutant animal punching games over and over.

  • Martin Hloch
    Martin Hloch Month ago

    Warhaven looks like a child of for honor and battlefield

  • JoCat
    JoCat 2 months ago +2570

    boy I hope mandragora gets some good work done on it, the style and animation is gorgeous it'd be a shame if it continues to suffer mechanically

    • Biouke
      Biouke Month ago

      @Testa cals I don't really blame them either. Over reliance on vector animation just bugs me a bit.

    • Testa cals
      Testa cals Month ago +1

      ​@Biouke I am fine with it if it's done by a indie dev considering they don't have that much resources

    • Biouke
      Biouke Month ago

      @Testa cals You don't get the same results. Look at many indie games from the past few years, particularly chinese games, you can tell it was mostly animated with Dragonbones or similar software, it often looks robotic and clunky. These tools are great to save time but in the end it's just stretches and rotations, I wouldn't use it to fully animate foreground characters. It really shows.

    • Testa cals
      Testa cals Month ago

      @Biouke I don't see the point of hand animating everything if other methods are much more effective and get the same results

    • UnreasonableOpinions
      UnreasonableOpinions 2 months ago +6

      It's in pre-alpha, it's literally a demo to get the kickstarter going. At this point they're putting at least an extra year into dev time, which is more than enough to tune bosses.

  • Viktor Hrubý
    Viktor Hrubý Month ago +1

    Warhaven animations are 100% ripped from For Honor. Played A LOT of that game and from what I can see in this video, I immediately recognize Warden and Nobushi walking and attack anims. That shit is sus as hell

  • E. W.
    E. W. 2 months ago +72

    The mechanic of having your skeleton find your corpse in Clash is very similar to the game Mortal Shell. That's also a Souls-like and currently on sale btw. I think the devs even said they were trying to do their own twist on Dark Souls or something like that. Otzdarva did a playthrough when it was released.

    • DefinitelyNotShepherd
      DefinitelyNotShepherd 4 days ago

      @W tried it and was bored shitless ngl...

    • Silver 3clipse
      Silver 3clipse 2 months ago +4

      @W it has seperate environments, it’s a very good game but has its moments

    • W
      W 2 months ago

      I've heard mortal shell doesn't really have any varied environments and that it was mostly just inside a forest or some shit

    • Winston White
      Winston White 2 months ago +7

      He's covered it on this channel, I'm almost certain. (Otherwise I wouldn't have commented.)

  • Adam Cox
    Adam Cox Month ago +3

    I think you should try the demo for Jrago the Demon Slayer. A buddy of mine is working on that game.

  • Turkish Bomber
    Turkish Bomber Month ago

    Nocap this is my favorite youtube series for a long time now... I could watch this videos everyday but i have to wait :'(.

  • LuiSsc
    LuiSsc Month ago

    In the next episode i recommended you Hellapoint really funny and alternative souls-like game with online co-op

    MARS AETERNUM Month ago

    Warhaven is like For Honor meeting battlefield

  • Ragneos
    Ragneos Month ago

    I had heard of one of these, I'm gonna need you to make another video to make up for that.

  • Khraag
    Khraag Month ago

    20:10 Mario Bros. is a great souls like game then, but I think life is strange is the better of those souls game, ... maybe tied with Myst.

  • Your Pal Kindred
    Your Pal Kindred 2 months ago +479

    I love the design of Clash. You can really tell they let their artists get as creative as they want and I really appreciate that

    • Jean Michel Jarre
      Jean Michel Jarre 2 months ago +7

      Yea, y'all have to play Zeno Clash 1 and 2, same fever dream of absolute creativity, I love these games!

    • Louis Claudel
      Louis Claudel 2 months ago +17

      I played Zeno CLash one Xbox360 more than 10 years ago and boy, what a weird trip it was.... in a good way. Phenomenal artistic feeling of "Malaise", almost felt like a colourful nightmare sometimes. That studio is really cool.

    • I Love Cats
      I Love Cats 2 months ago +9

      Even as someone who sucks at soulslikes, even the star wars one, I am tempted to give it a try as the design is so awesome

  • The God Emperor of Mankind

    30:25 that's straight up Yorick from league

  • RJ Spiteri
    RJ Spiteri Month ago

    Omg, in that first game, Mammoth stance makes you fight like Captain Kirk!

  • n1mand
    n1mand Month ago

    27:30 sure this is intentional!He is headless, he cant see!!!

  • Joshua Slawson
    Joshua Slawson Month ago +1

    I knew about the first devs because of Rock of Ages a stupidly hilarious game

  • xef
    xef 2 months ago +12

    The Clash game looks like so much fun tbh definitely gonna keep an eye on it

  • Cartoon Critique
    Cartoon Critique Month ago

    Still can't believe he's up to 17 of these.

  • EricNStuff
    EricNStuff 2 months ago +52

    Zeno Clash is one of my favorite Indy game series. Thanks for showing the new game off, looks very promising.

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    • Mimic Mey
      Mimic Mey Month ago +2

      I used to be obsessed with the first one when I was younger, hearing about it again just sent me into a nostalgia trip

  • Wendigo
    Wendigo Month ago +1

    Dude someone else who has heard of Zenoclash. I thought it was a fever dream when I was younger.

  • AmaurysAClymene
    AmaurysAClymene Month ago

    OMG the new intro had me rollin'

  • imillnotsick420
    imillnotsick420 Month ago +7

    The blind fate concept seems dope af imo, some bigger company should do something like that and actually put the time in to make it good.

  • Joeri Spek
    Joeri Spek 2 months ago +3

    I fell in love with Clash: Artifacts of Chaos. That game is something else

  • 300-I.Q. Prower
    300-I.Q. Prower Month ago

    are you like, contractually obligated to include at least one heartbreakingly bad game with every video because consider that fulfilled by the blind samurai game if so

  • 黄健朗
    黄健朗 Month ago +1

    have you ever try this game?The Last Hero of Nostalgaia.This seems to be interesting

  • Bek Corvus
    Bek Corvus Month ago

    Weird RPG genuinely uses stolen assets

  • 2ley
    2ley 2 months ago +9

    First one was actually kind of fun, it is lacking in a few departments and certainly needs more polishing but potential is there.

  • Karminevt
    Karminevt Month ago

    caretaker from mandragora is literally just Yorick from lol

  • Crungle McBungley
    Crungle McBungley 2 months ago +438

    That weird RPG stuff is actually the most unhinged, creative use of an RPG I could think of. That's unbridled creativity at work

    • Petar Lazić
      Petar Lazić Month ago +1

      @Just Have Fun Dude GPU usage being at 100% while in game is normal though

    • Zeemanhuismerk
      Zeemanhuismerk Month ago +1

      I can't find it on steam

    • Just Have Fun Dude
      Just Have Fun Dude Month ago +10

      i got interested on it and played for a bit, today i opened the game and left to have breakfast, after around 20 mins of the game on the main menu, my gpu use was at 100% and my gpu was at almost 90°C