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Galaxy S23 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera Video Test Comparison

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • The start of my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera review starts with the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Galaxy S23 Ultra video test comparison first! If you want to preorder or by a S23 Ultra check pricing here: howl.me/ci2K0PnZhNu
    Buy iPhone 14 Pro Max here:
    The Galaxy S23 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro Max camera test is the most requested video so I wanted to break these two up. Photography will be a separate video coming soon. What do you want to see in my Galaxy S23 Ultra review? Do you want to see a Galaxy S23 Ultra unboxing?
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  • Danny Winget
    Danny Winget  Month ago +289

    WAIT A MINUTE did Samsung beat the iPhone in video or does the iPhone remain king of video? Does this make you want to buy a S23 Ultra now? howl.me/ci2K0PnZhNu

    • Bigm970
      Bigm970 Month ago

      @Remy Roland iPhone colors look washed out.

    • Luci Iron Paw
      Luci Iron Paw Month ago

      s23 with gimbal 8k would look really good. caught myself preferring samsung this time

      ABHINAV VARDHAN Month ago +1

      S23 ultra is a far better phone than iphone 14 pro..i realise a biased tone in the reviewers narration towards the iPhone. I don't think iphone holds any better at the current moment against s23

    • Agung S
      Agung S Month ago

      The different android flagships phone from iphone are video smooth n stabilization, and now its slighly the same, thinking move to s23u (or maybe huawei 60 mate pro )

    • Keeps
      Keeps Month ago

      😂😂samsung grenades fanboy

  • Devo
    Devo Month ago +1698

    The Samsung definitely has improved over the S22 Ultra. Very impressive honestly

    • George Azzopardi
      George Azzopardi 4 days ago

      I dont know how DXOMARK RANKING gave the s23 ultra in 11th place that's ridiculously right ??

    • Antares Qlapard
      Antares Qlapard Month ago +1

      Ofc the first comment is going to be about someone compromising the Worst ones through comparing it to the last generation

    • aldeen1982
      aldeen1982 Month ago

      @Raphael Santiago Did I say that? No! But what was the comparison in this video about? Think again.

    • Raphael Santiago
      Raphael Santiago Month ago

      @A K oof now i see why youre here. Youre 40 and currently in the middle of your midlife crisis.

    • 梁易龙
      梁易龙 Month ago


  • Vaibhav Sabar
    Vaibhav Sabar Month ago +713

    I think Samsung has stuck the right spots this time! Bigger sensors, bigger stability, and better processing together are bringing a lot of difference. Honestly, I think Samsung is finally working the iPhone here and has inched it out with a win this time!

    • Stephane D
      Stephane D Month ago

      @Minh Thọ not catching up. Their last phone was 12 months ago. They just followed the cycle thats it. The 14pro max should compete with 2023 phones since it was released almost year end 2022

    • Ali Toma
      Ali Toma Month ago

      @Top Doge yes but they are getting worse in some ways not better

    • Top Doge
      Top Doge Month ago +2

      In what world y'all live? Samsung has been consistently producing superior devices for years, not just "this time"

    • RcNeil
      RcNeil Month ago +1

      😂😂😂😂 in which galaxy did the 23 win the iPhone in video, super saturated garbage, sensor is not even big 😂😂😂😂😂😂 only fanboys will this phone iPhone is king in video all day, and for android id buy oppo find x5 pro over Samsung any day. I hate cartoon looking photos 😂

  • H Boxer
    H Boxer Month ago +729

    S23 ultra shockingly beats Iphone. I was so shocked at how good the stabalisation was and how detailed it was. Well done Samsung. I have already pre ordered my s23 ultra

    • thewonderofyou1
      thewonderofyou1 29 days ago

      ​@Sneakninja123 dxomark thought the Samsung was better at video too

    • username
      username Month ago

      @Rodolpho's Tech channel Bruh wtf is your channel. Reviewing your friends phones. You haven't held a current top flagship in your life

    • mud buron
      mud buron Month ago

      It would be a super iphone killer if they freaking brought back SD Card!

    • Danny Arkhipov
      Danny Arkhipov Month ago

      @Ankit Paudel Already no

    • Ankit Paudel
      Ankit Paudel Month ago

      @Danny Arkhipov in photos yes, in videography, not even close

  • QuitePossiblyLucky
    QuitePossiblyLucky  Month ago +56

    Both have their pros and cons for sure. Samsung's camera will definitely improve with an update. Can't wait for my S23 Ultra to arrive!

  • João M. Vchak
    João M. Vchak Month ago +355

    I prefer vibrant videos over the natural ones, so for me Galaxy S23 Ultra is the best!

    • Keanu Erskine Cationg
      Keanu Erskine Cationg Month ago

      @xShinobiXx no, night lights are supposed to be colorful because of the colored lights not unless if you're color blind.

    • MR Azh
      MR Azh Month ago +2

      @Windows Videos not natural. Are u blind? S23 ultra is more natural than iphok.

    • Florin Arjocu
      Florin Arjocu Month ago +2

      There is nothing "natural" about thst gray ugly night sky on iPhone. I think it does an artificial lighting, for me even the lit buildings at night don't look natural at all.

    • Bart Simpson
      Bart Simpson Month ago +2

      ​@xShinobiXx Then why does every content creator adds luts to their videos??? True to life!!!....Its like Canon vs Sony here, where everyone praises Canon pink skintone and complain about the "yellowish" sony..But u know who is the king of compact mirrorless video cameras..

    • buschiization
      buschiization Month ago

      @Gary Tabar Jr. oh ok didn't know that. thanks for correcting me!

  • Justin Theng
    Justin Theng Month ago +79

    To me, image/video details is more important than anything else. Saturation, shadows, brightness...etc... you can easily adjust those with software editing or software updates, but if your image/video is blur and not sharp, there's nothing you can do about it.

    • Sonny Cruz
      Sonny Cruz Month ago

      @Nurul Holil I'm thinking the S23U is better when it comes to image detail in both photos and video, which is surprising. And one of the main reasons I have one on pre-order. 🙂 I hope it doesn't disappoint.

    • Nurul Holil
      Nurul Holil Month ago

      so, wich one is better ?

    • VerveTech
      VerveTech Month ago +9

      Yeah. That's exactly what I told others. Colors can be adjusted and most content creators do color correction using their video editing apps anyway so the detail, less lens flares, noise reduction of the S23U is more important than anything else.

  • Rui Araujo
    Rui Araujo Month ago +200

    iPhone 14 pro user here, good job Samsung !! It looks amazing, we need this kind of competition so companies push each other

    • Jonathan Montalvo
      Jonathan Montalvo Month ago

      @Jim apple also needs to be more aggressive on hdr for pictures.

    • Jim
      Jim Month ago

      as an iphone 14 pm user as well, yea samsung really did amazing this time. apple really needs to step up on the 15 but the one thing i really hope they fix is the glare

    • Mythical
      Mythical Month ago +2

      @liquidalloy it was worse in their previous flagships. The transition is much smoother now. So definitely a step in right direction

    • ATMaui
      ATMaui Month ago +4

      @liquidalloy the iPhone glare is really bad though

    • Eulehund99
      Eulehund99 Month ago +1

      @liquidalloy true and they should work on having the same colors on all lenses, but I guess it kinda compensates with portrait video and steady video on the S23U in night time.

  • Eruptic
    Eruptic Month ago +475

    It honestly looks incredible. I was honestly getting ready for another S21,S22 dissapointment in the video department but the processing power and new sensors and ois system really improved video. I've never seen you crop in a night time video and the Samsung phone having the better quality and even noise reduction. The saturation should be an easy fix and knowing Samsung they will address it immediately.

    • TaLo
      TaLo Month ago

      @patachumon me too. Samsung colors in videos look much more pleasing to me.

    • Ofis Blagoevgrad
      Ofis Blagoevgrad Month ago +5

      @Food Kart You're also blind

    • Thomas
      Thomas Month ago +3

      @Kavan Shetty hahahaha what...? You'd give the iphone pictures even more unrealistic color ? 😂🤦‍♂️ Iphone users really don't know what a good picture looks like

    • Thomas
      Thomas Month ago +9

      @Food Kart hahahaha what???? Did you even watch the video???? The S23U easily won. 😂

    • Kavan Shetty
      Kavan Shetty Month ago +5

      @I'm getting Old yea same , its more of what i would share . I'd normally think of editing iphone videos such that colours popped out a bit

  • Tyler
    Tyler Month ago +228

    6:50 wow. In those night time shots, you can certainly see a huge difference in the quality that the S23 Ultra has over the iPhone. That’s crazy.

    • Maxi Voika
      Maxi Voika Month ago

      is 4k vs 8k ...that is why

    • Joe
      Joe Month ago

      S23 ultra OIS(optical image stabilization) is amazing~!!

    • massivebeatzz
      massivebeatzz Month ago

      no - not at all...It is a draw with slight benefit to iPhone

    • 丂卩乇乇ᗪㄚ
      丂卩乇乇ᗪㄚ Month ago

      @flying Aviator815 what's with the outburst excuse
      it certainly takes more storage but looking at the 48mpx photo (the photos) and 50 for samsung we see more iphone user suffering because 100 mo a 48mpx photo is huge
      of course it's not everyone who takes 8k video

  • Mike Stevens
    Mike Stevens Month ago +11

    Wow, I didn't expect the S23 Ultra to be this competitive with the iPhone 14 Pro when it comes to video, especially at night. Although not in every single case, I feel like this video shows the S23U to be superior in most of the scenarios tested. Looking forward to mine arriving next week!

    EUGENE Month ago +218

    The fact that the S23 ultra's video is doing this good from launch is amazing. Especially since by now I believe the 14 pro max had a few updates

    • RogueRemus
      RogueRemus Month ago

      @KFX I've never had an apple smartphone, only samsung or sony, there are forums full of people pointing to this problem I'm not the only one, but think what you want I don't care

    • Johncena Moirangthem
      Johncena Moirangthem Month ago +4

      @RogueRemus are you talking about the times when samsung didn't even introduced OneUi? And the downgrade of camera performance of note 9 may be because of the addition of new features which the device isn't capable of.
      And here we're talking about enhancing updates of a newly launched smartphone. Every company does that, tweaking minor bugs.

    • RogueRemus
      RogueRemus Month ago

      @Johncena Moirangthem s4 slow down s9 last update camera worst, front camera focus.

    • Johncena Moirangthem
      Johncena Moirangthem Month ago +2

      @RogueRemus you ever heard samsung phone getting worse from updates?

  • Matlhari Baloyi
    Matlhari Baloyi Month ago +5

    So far so good with the 23 Ultra. Outside of the richer colours/contrast in the night videos it's very good. I think to the regular person on the street they'd even prefer that look over the more neutral colours on the iPhone. Patiently waiting for the full camera test.

  • Ezenwa Joseph
    Ezenwa Joseph Month ago +613

    Props to him for being the first youtuber to test this out!
    I can never miss your video bro, keep the good work going!

    • 0x1977
      0x1977 Month ago +1

      @Gilbert Galvan yeah, I was surprised too, I’ve never seen such a fast release

    • Pudin
      Pudin Month ago +4

      @Dani Death that first impression video, not a camera comparison video, everyone's released first impression video a day ago but no one have camera comparison yet till today

    • Gilbert Galvan
      Gilbert Galvan Month ago

      @0x1977 That fast? It's not out until the 17th of February here in the US.

    • Dani Death
      Dani Death Month ago +1

      he wasnt first.. marques brownlee and mrwhoistheboss had already released a video a day ago on the samsung 23 ultra.
      Samsung nailed it with this one, to my eyes it won all categories, iphone look so washed out and shaky.

    CYV AND COV CHANNEL Month ago +105

    Overall, I think the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is worth considering as a flagship smartphone for work and entertainment. Samsung's innovation is always impressive.

    • leraé
      leraé Month ago +1

      Apple fanboys in the replies clowning themselves

    • Dreamlike Moments
      Dreamlike Moments Month ago +1

      what innovation ? S21 Ultra on steroids?

    • Alexander the Great
      Alexander the Great Month ago +1

      Whats the innovation here?

    • MrLoose26
      MrLoose26 Month ago

      it'd better be a flagship it costs an arm and a leg

  • Ram Hruday
    Ram Hruday Month ago +328

    oh man! samsung nailed it this time. S23 Ultra looks and captures fantastically. honestly i didn't expect the night videography to be THIS good. thanks for the comparison. been waiting for this.

    FOOBSIE Month ago +7

    S23 without a doubt. Just wait until they get a few updates and get a little better color in the day time. The stabization and the control of the lens flair is impressive, something that wasn't even brought up.

  • Treasure M
    Treasure M Month ago +398

    I am absolutely shocked by how good the S23 Ultra is damn!!!

    • deanicuss
      deanicuss Month ago

      @BarabbaLibero still is though in most situations isn’t it.

    • Gta lovers
      Gta lovers Month ago

      @BarabbaLibero are you blind kid

    • Bảo Quốc
      Bảo Quốc Month ago +2

      @romahnae haha emotional damage

    • MukuL JaiN
      MukuL JaiN Month ago +8

      @BarabbaLibero also when wasted money on 14plus+

    • BarabbaLibero
      BarabbaLibero Month ago +30

      @romahnae Apple user when iPhone hasnt the best camera:

  • PT GL
    PT GL Month ago +35

    8k looks useable and 3x video looks good. Definitely much better. I will take the s23u over 14pm here.
    Considering I used to take 90mm video occasionally will be glad at the more stable one.

  • Shivam Sikka
    Shivam Sikka Month ago +158

    Samsung's 8k night video blew my mind
    Just few updates
    And it will be 10/10

    • Simona Sisi
      Simona Sisi Month ago

      @massivebeatzz Samsung S23 Ultra or Iphone 14 pro Max buy?

    • massivebeatzz
      massivebeatzz Month ago

      nice! I ordered mine. Didnt expect it to be close to iPhone 14 Pro - but happy that it is.

  • Robert Charron
    Robert Charron Month ago +200

    If the Samsung S23 Ultra was $300 more expensive than the iPhone 14 Pro Max I would still buy it for its cameras (photos, videos) and everything else. I much prefer the photos of the S23 Ultra here in your awesome comparisons. Thank you for pointing us to the obvious.

    • Swadaeel
      Swadaeel Month ago +2

      I don’t know why he said the iPhone looked so great. It doesn’t.There’s a lot of grainy iPhone videos. He totally ignored it saying how impressed he was with the iPhones quality, which it was not good. He is biased and it shows. People just need to start going to local retailers and testing phones themselves.

    • GuruGuru Hara
      GuruGuru Hara Month ago

      @Pudin people who create this comment already have a good phone i think

    • 12345 54321
      12345 54321 Month ago

      Isheep , I mean Samsungsheep

    • Pudin
      Pudin Month ago +1

      @GuruGuru Hara can you call, texting, map navigation, social media etc using real camera and put that in your pocket ? Do not everyone need a real camera to take a decent or good photo/video for everyday carry

    • player
      player Month ago +5

      @GuruGuru Hara Everyone can walk around with a device small enough to fit in their pocket that does everything from calling, gaming, watching and taking pictures, however no one wants a big bulky camera that doesn't fit in a pocket, can't call, text, game or stream videos.

  • Mr Music
    Mr Music Month ago +923

    Honestly the Samsung video looks better, after the updates it will be absolutely unmatched

    • Kirk House
      Kirk House 23 days ago

      ​@Sheb J,jeje Clip-Share supports HDR10+ but not Dolby Vision

    • Carlos E
      Carlos E 29 days ago

      ​@Mr H Man So you're saying because the iPhone uses a 48mp lens compared to a 200mp lens, it is automatically better for being the I underdog in specs? Ridiculous, and totally contrary to anyone with some tech knowledge knowledge knowledge

    • Carlos E
      Carlos E 29 days ago

      ​@Thomas Getachew Samsung phones recieve android updates for longer then Google pixel phones, if you know what that means fanboi..

    • Dogukan Darkin
      Dogukan Darkin Month ago


    • dhe'Dude
      dhe'Dude Month ago +1


  • Kastjell
    Kastjell Month ago +5

    Stabilization 4k - 8k, Photos are phenomenal, plus there is also the fact that the background noise is eliminated much better with the s23 ultra

  • JagerKing
    JagerKing Month ago +167

    s23 at night is just more juicy and pops more with better contrast. It sets the scene and makes the video exciting and cinematic

    • DirtyDirtsGT
      DirtyDirtsGT 5 days ago

      It's a bit too red but looks better imo. So dramatic and fitting for night time

    • SimplCup
      SimplCup Month ago +4

      And it's noise reduction is incredible in comparison to other phones.

  • little meow
    little meow Month ago +14

    Im starting to think that when the S24 comes out, a new video king would be crowned. What an improvement made by Sammy on the S23 Ultra 👏

  • Sola Awodiya
    Sola Awodiya Month ago +116

    Yeah its a bit too saturated but honestly, I prefer the video of the Samsung overall. I'm shocked by how much detail I see in the video than the iPhone and I think iPhone is slowly losing the video war. Samsung S23 ultra is a win for me 😍❤

    • Blood Raven
      Blood Raven Month ago +3

      you can tone down saturation in video edit if you want. but that lacking details on iphone this won't be get by editing.

    • monster concord
      monster concord Month ago +2

      @BUSY BEE 🐝 even on 4k. He showed it and then it's cool to have the 8k as an extra even if it's not going to be needed. Samsung has just spoiled his consumers with more than enough features that they could have rolled out in 2 decades. Im sure smart phones wouldn't have been this advanced if not for samsung. They keep innovating and pushing others to do more.
      They are not perfect but they are the most innovative smart phine brand in the world imo

    • BUSY BEE 🐝
      BUSY BEE 🐝  Month ago

      Thats 8k vs 4k not 4k vs 4k

    • arvandvarahram
      arvandvarahram Month ago +2

      @Visionary Tech yes, just select the filter cool or frosty before taking the video.

    • Isaac Genesis
      Isaac Genesis Month ago

      @Visionary Tech I think it looks better like this no need to tune down

  • Ezenwa Joseph
    Ezenwa Joseph Month ago +134

    After all the critics criticized the S22 series, the S21 series and the S20 series, Samsung finally said "F$ck is let's win it then" and brought out a beast which climbed into it's own Galaxy and it's the Galaxy S23 Ultra! 😌

    • Remy Roland
      Remy Roland Month ago

      @Haste Adventures You're tripping

    • Johncena Moirangthem
      Johncena Moirangthem Month ago

      @FF MDE yes it's indeed a huge update. I just saw the battery drain test video and OMG it blew my mind 🔥 the performance, the heat control.. just amazing

    • FF MDE
      FF MDE Month ago +2

      @Mac lol dude its a huge upgrade, starting from the processor to the great camera or the latest and the only Qualcomm X70 5G modem with an AI intergrated and so many other features

    • James Carter
      James Carter Month ago

      So you're saying samsung released the Kraken 😂

    • onomono1999
      onomono1999 Month ago

      @Mac The S21 was a successful phone, much better than previous ones, the S21 and S22 were also almost identical with minor upgrades. It's minor upgrades almost every year.

  • CraigDIGz
    CraigDIGz Month ago +79

    S23 ultra definitely did better. Better details, stabilization, mic and dare I say it, I preferred the night video too. Atleast we know it will better handle lens flare. I cannot believe 8K was that good at night

    • SimplCup
      SimplCup Month ago +3

      @Davout It's not failure if it makes the video look better. And i don't understand what red filter people are talking about, Samsung just looks more saturated and contrasted which in my opinion makes the video look better. It looks red because there are many red things in the scene and they are nicely colored on Samsung, when the image on Iphone looks a bit dull and too bright. Of course it's probably not how it looked in real life, but this video is about comparing the whole camera system of Samsung and Iphone, including AI possibilities of their cpus. If you don't like it, then there's switch off for AI functions in settings. Or you can shoot in pro mode, or use expert RAW to shoot videos without auto-processing.

    • Davout
      Davout Month ago

      @SimplCup Yes this better atmo is due to Samsung completely and utterly failing to reproduce colors correctly. It literally put a red filter and called it

    • SimplCup
      SimplCup Month ago +5

      @Davout Iphone had a lot more noise in darker areas than the Samsung, you can clearly see it when the author of this video shows the close up of the sky in night mode. Also Iphone for some reason tries to overbrighten (i hope that word exists) the video, so it looks a bit strange, the samsung's video looks a bit more natural and has better atmosphere in it. Aside from that, we also should consider that the author compared Samsung's 8k 30 fps video with Iphone's 4k 30 fps video in night light, 8k is pretty hard to render, so Samsung might do a little bit better with 4k and FULL HD. In my opinion Samsung surpassed Iphone in video.

    • Gabriel Eichembergue
      Gabriel Eichembergue Month ago

      @Tofu well i saw other vídeos and pics at night and didnt see that noise, lets see when he really launch and we will had a lot of vídeos and comparisions, its a lot of avance, but i'm thinking if i really gonna upgrade my s22u, i was expecting at least a better fast charge. The cameras was outstanding, the processor os my its good enough for now. I think its better wait at least one more year to change the phone. Here in Brazil its soooo expensive, like 6 months of minimum payment

    • Tofu
      Tofu Month ago

      @Gabriel Eichembergue I think the noise and saturation just ruins the s23

  • EGOR
    EGOR Month ago +9

    I'm too shocked by the video shooting in the Galaxy S23. I am very glad that they improve night shooting, because the word "Galaxy" corresponds to this. Battery life, performance and cameras are amazing this year

  • Little Drummer
    Little Drummer Month ago +141

    Wow... just wow. When haters say there's not much difference between S22 and S23, this video proves otherwise. Just because they look almost similar doesn't mean S23 only improved little. This comparison shows the huge improvement of the S23.

    • mmrt
      mmrt Month ago

      @Gta lovers well samsung fanboys call themselves android fanboys. So I don't care

    • Gta lovers
      Gta lovers Month ago

      @mmrt you mean Samsung cuz Samsung fanboy are way toxic than any Androids brands fanboys i am redmi user and i am respect apple phones i use cheap redmi cuz i cant afford it but i am happy with it

    • mmrt
      mmrt Month ago

      @Gta lovers which is why nobody buys expensive android phones 🤣 because 99% of android users are poor and have cheap phones 😂🤣

    • Gta lovers
      Gta lovers Month ago +1

      @mmrt newest samsung phones cost more expensive than iphones so only rich ppls afford them and i hate that

  • Peter Svan
    Peter Svan 17 days ago +1

    Very impressed with the S23 ultra's 8k video, even at night. Thanks to its great stabilisation, very usuable.

  • Hamed
    Hamed Month ago +67

    8K video is crazy 😳
    I was planning to buy iphone 14 pro max
    But this video changed my mind

    • Kofi spy TV
      Kofi spy TV Month ago +1

      Hey buddy incase you upgrade I'm available for the old device 😊

  • Blessindisguise
    Blessindisguise Month ago +43

    Wow, the clarity is insane on the s23 ultra!! This is what I've been waiting for! Usually camera features are brought over but you can't update sensors and chip with updates. S22 ultra your time might have come sooner than I thought!

  • Dannnnnn
    Dannnnnn Month ago +30

    Wow, Samsung did a pretty good upgrade. I am amazed by their zoom technology.

  • cablemotion
    cablemotion Month ago +1

    Woah, the S23 has incredible video especially at night: better stabilization, better portrait mode, better lens flare control, and better detail!! I'm feeling very good about switching from iphone to the S23 Ultra! Thanks for sharing this comparison!

  • Travis Strickland
    Travis Strickland Month ago +126

    Definitely impressed. S23 Ultra looks 🔥🔥🔥. They both are great but I already knew Iphone had some of the Best video. Pics I would go with Ultra and pixel last couple years. But now Ultra Video is comparable to the best and maybe the new Best. 🤔 great video

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith Month ago +2

    I am an iphone 14 pro user, and i do know samsung is a big competitor but still lacks behind, the 14 pro had no camera updates so far, and i do know that that 48mp sensor has some potential but it's good to see that samsung is getting better and better. Amazing video danny.

  • Oscar
    Oscar Month ago +119

    Samsung has many video image setting options that make it look more professional. You just need to know how to adjust the colors. There are many configuration options. After saving the video, there is a setting that increases the sharpness of Samsung's native video.

    • Fuzer
      Fuzer Month ago

      @Richie not the best sony can beat it and so can xiaomi

    • Benjosh D
      Benjosh D Month ago

      @Marlon Johnson Exactly

    • Leon
      Leon Month ago +1

      But that wasn’t the intention of this video. Like he said, this test only shows what the cameras do out of the box with no additional settings used.

    • Richie
      Richie Month ago +12

      Yes, I agree for professionals. Most average consumer would prefer a point, click, and shoot type of camera phone experience with the optimization and tweaks baked in the camera. The S23 Ultra is a beast and probably the best video camera on the android side

    • dzeksvb
      dzeksvb Month ago +7

      Point is to record in default options. Like 99% people do.

  • Lee Lanzini
    Lee Lanzini Month ago +28

    I’ve always used iPhones. I can respectfully say Samsung did amazing with the S23 camera! Like wow! The video shows it all. Down to the night time and colors. Great comparison

  • yılmaz önal
    yılmaz önal Month ago +61

    there is a huge difference in night mode between s23 and iphone 14..s23 is very impressive at night shoots

  • Ma Reya
    Ma Reya Month ago +17

    that stabilization in S23 ultra 🔥🔥🔥

  • Gabriel Candela
    Gabriel Candela Month ago +13

    Great video man! Something you should try is the warm and natural mode in s23 ultra. I think they are only used if you don't want the colors of your camera saturated.

  • William Maverick
    William Maverick Month ago

    a true generational improvement. Night time video had always been Samsung's weakness, great to to see it finally addressed. And the 8K video is shockingly good and stable omg.

  • Dimitris Jk
    Dimitris Jk Month ago +49

    Thank you Danny for your effort! Samsung always provide patches to improve the cameras. So we need to keep it in mind..

    • NYC_Goody
      NYC_Goody Month ago

      @Dimitris Jk I'm chill. I just felt like clarifying it because of the pointless back and forth between people on which phones they use.

    • Dimitris Jk
      Dimitris Jk Month ago +1

      @NYC_Goody I didn't say that for him, but for the others! I follow him for a long time now. Chill

    • NYC_Goody
      NYC_Goody Month ago +1

      He's a tech reviewer. He knows, dude. But his job was to review both as they were at the timing of filming. Has nothing to do with what it can be.

  • Ezenwa Joseph
    Ezenwa Joseph Month ago +37

    The joy that filled my heart when I saw the unveiling of the S23 series ❤, it's priceless!
    It is a huge upgrade over it's predecessor the S22 series!

    • Rocko Wilson
      Rocko Wilson Month ago

      “The joy that filled your heart ❤? That’s some next level fandom right there. 🫤

    • Stel
      Stel Month ago +3

      but yeah now that they have global snapdragon it's good for everyone

    • Stel
      Stel Month ago +6

      Od1sseas s22 ultra also had 45w charging lol

    • Mac
      Mac Month ago +11

      No it isn't a huge upgrade, the s22 ultra is a fantastic phone, its only slightly better than the s22 ultra

    • Vic
      Vic Month ago

      It feels more like an incremental upgrade from the S22 Ultra.

  • David Zeller
    David Zeller Month ago +2

    If Samsung gets the red saturation under control, I think they'll be totally solid. The shadow crushing in some scenes, oddly weren't as prevalent in some other reviews.

  • 김삐리릿
    김삐리릿 Month ago +3

    in Over All feature with 4K, iphone is wining natural and auto focus like mirrorless lens camera feeling is just wow. However, although the contrast could be annoying, 8k on s23 is very tempting feature for the semi-pro videographers including myself. I hope Adobe Lightroom and Premier handle the over contrast on S23.

  • Rangga Wiratno
    Rangga Wiratno Month ago +99

    Wow this is huge improvement, I hope it's also brought over to the S23+ cuz that's the one that fits my budget 😂

    • Boomyrang
      Boomyrang Month ago

      @Ali Exalted the night 8k was a wow they could have brought this out years later and they didnt

    • Saldito 91
      Saldito 91 Month ago

      Sepertinya orang Indonesia ni ada di sini...

      BOSEN NGANTOR Month ago

      @Faris Hakim I think samsung flagships tend to hold the re-sale value better these days, especially the Ultra variant tho. Note 10, Note 20, S21. S22U they're barely drop its price, even S22Ultra is basically still hold its price for the past 6 months, not dropping a lot at all

    • Om Singh
      Om Singh Month ago +5

      @Ali Exalted same cld be said of the iPhone or the pixel or the oppos etc.

  • Elias Dzansi
    Elias Dzansi Month ago +1

    The S23 Ultra just looks a little better to me, plus I noticed the videos had better (higher) dynamic range. That's not to say the video from the 14pro plus was bad. It was good too. I know this is very subjective but I also kinda prefer the portrait video from Samsung.

  • Derek Ant
    Derek Ant Month ago +51

    A someone who has the S22 Ultra and the 14 Pro Max this is impressive! Finally 4k portrait mode video and while the transitions are still smoother between lenses on the Pro Max this is A LOT better.
    Finally an Android phone seemingly on par with video 👀

    • Remy Roland
      Remy Roland Month ago

      @Ofis Blagoevgrad Samsung has never been better than Apple. Even this comparision shows Apple is still superior to the washed android camera.

    • Properso :D
      Properso :D Month ago +1

      How are the transitions smoother? They almost look identical

    • Ofis Blagoevgrad
      Ofis Blagoevgrad Month ago +2

      I don't know waht you'e talking about, Samsng has alwyas been beter thna apple

    • Florin Arjocu
      Florin Arjocu Month ago +2

      Even better in (more than some) some situations.

  • _THANU__ BRO_
    _THANU__ BRO_ Month ago +31

    Danny always delivers Quality content 🔥

  • Proton Linhas
    Proton Linhas Month ago +1

    Parabéns para a Samsung,suas câmeras são ótimas.

  • JhIn - Gamer
    JhIn - Gamer Month ago +26

    Man the 8k on s23 is like a movie for real , even the colors

  • cxvxcbcxn
    cxvxcbcxn Month ago

    Cool, can't wait to see what the hardware is really capable of with some software updates! I think apple is still ahead in the camera section, but it's loosing it's lead. :D

  • Gao
    Gao Month ago +26

    Samsung video was already better with selfie camera, but better in low light? Now *that* was unexpected 😱

  • c
    c Month ago +79

    sometimes s23 and sometimes 14 pro max looking better . but mostly s23u looking better . interesting and good job.

  • MarcelH
    MarcelH Month ago +8

    Let's just say - I'm happy that I pre ordered the Samsung S23 Ultra. Software updates can only improve the quality even more.

  • daniel ngwe
    daniel ngwe Month ago +1

    Honnêtement chapeau a Samsung il s'est vraiment amélioré ça donne envie d'avoir un S23 ULTRA, la qualité de ses vidéos en journée comme de nuit sont incroyables surtout la nuit ou j'ai été vraiment surpris, les couleurs sont très agréable a la vue 👌🏾.

  • YACINE ⵥ
    YACINE ⵥ Month ago +10

    Well from the footages that you’ve showed us i think that the Samsung is better then the iPhone this time and I’m really impressed by the 8K videos and the stabilisation

  • Krister Robles
    Krister Robles Month ago

    I already have a Samsung S23 Ultra and agree that it is a fantastic camera phone. Best camera I have ever tried. Had an S21 Ultra before and this is a big difference. Better or worse than the iPhone is probably more a matter of taste. Never owned an iPhone myself though...

  • TVerencio
    TVerencio Month ago +19

    watching this from my 14 Pro Max, and I agree, S23 looks better. can’t wait to see how it performs after updates ✨🫡 great job Samsung!

    • Asdf01_X
      Asdf01_X Month ago

      @Last Name S23 is blurry ground 0:53

    • Last Name
      Last Name Month ago +1

      S23 looks washout lol

      IE ADARSH S Month ago +2

      After updates 💥💥

  • Jiwan Lama
    Jiwan Lama Month ago +7

    S23 Ultra’s colors look very accurate to real life and a pro camera. Apple always with that very unnatural tomato orange hue which some people simply die for idk why. Also the lense flare at night is a nightmare in iPhones. I so regret spending 1400€ in 13PM last year..

  • Iustitiae Pervenit
    Iustitiae Pervenit Month ago +11

    S23 ultra is the first phone to be at the same level of video quality as iphone, sometimes even better. Still the cinematic mode is better on iphone, but finally an Android user has a good phone to buy. Switching between lenses in video is finally smooth, but still not so smooth as iphone. But I am really amazed of the pictures and video quality.

    • andyH_England
      andyH_England Month ago

      That sets the bar high for Apple's 2023 release, the iPhone 15 Ultra. It is clear the S23U beats last year's iPhone 14 PM.

    • KFX
      KFX Month ago +1

      Samsungs gonna crush iPhones on the photos so same level of video quality as iPhone makes Samsung even more incredible to me.

  • Chris Hallas
    Chris Hallas Month ago

    Think the sensors on the S23 are showing massive capabilities but I think Apple wins on the software side. Hopefully with some updates Samsung can bridge this gap quickly

  • Jedi
    Jedi Month ago +3

    Thank you for the detailed comparison. But I do prefer details over noise reduction on Ultra!

  • Eric Xavier
    Eric Xavier Month ago

    I actually liked the Samsung colors more. In wonder how pro video stacks up now that the sensor is bigger and stuff like saturation and contrast can be manually dialed in.

  • kandem
    kandem Month ago +25

    My s23 ultra will arrive tomorrow. Its impressive how Samsung has upgraded the cameras. Enjoy!

  • Roger Huston
    Roger Huston Month ago +1

    For me, both are so good that for 99.99% of people either are great. For content creators, those trying to do more than take a picture of their kids, I think both are perfectly workable. Both have strengths and weaknesses that people would have to adjsut to.

  • i Frankenstein
    i Frankenstein Month ago +1

    Sammy has done really really ok this time
    From smoother lens switching to much better stabilization the S23 ultra at launch is definitely better than the iphone 14s at launch

  • ThunderTiger0801
    ThunderTiger0801 Month ago

    The 23 lineup looks amazing this year. They just need to tweak the colour grading towards the natural side a little

  • Yadmeister
    Yadmeister Month ago +2

    Great comparison, Danny. btw we would like to know the file size of the videos when recording:
    how much does it save in the internal storage drive if you record 4k/30fps or in 8k. For Samsung 23ultra.

  • PeanutButterKeys
    PeanutButterKeys Month ago +1

    I personally love the Samsungs video. Cause what I'm used to with the Samsung phones I've had, the videos look far too bright in low light, making me want to use the pro video mode so it looks more life-like and less like a "phone camera". To me, especially compared to the 8k on the Samsung, the iPhone was too bright in a lot of the dark scenarios, especially that last one with the screen.
    Also, a personal thing for sure, the red tone at night looks nice cause I generally dislike a yellow tone in my photos and videos. Definitely seems like a worthy upgrade from the Note 20 Ultra!

  • neelsn007
    neelsn007 Month ago +3

    Amazing comparison as always. Looking forward to your review of the other models too

  • Joseph Bastin
    Joseph Bastin Month ago

    I honestly had given up on videos on Androids! Kind of accepted that I will always have to use pro video mode to capture videos to get a somewhat acceptable quality.
    But right now, I love the video quality shown in this video; extra contrast and vibrance. I hope they don't change that! I know the iPhone is more realistic but I don't mind the dramatic colors on the Samsung.

  • [insert Name Here]
    [insert Name Here] Month ago +2

    I'm just interested to see Sonys new sensor tech in the iPhone 15 ultra along with the purported periscope zoom module that may be variable.

  • sopnir ahmed
    sopnir ahmed Month ago

    If the ore released software is doing such great then I could only wonder about the final software man! It's a huge improvement and I preferred it in most scenarios!

  • Pedder Tech
    Pedder Tech Month ago +6

    Always brining the fire with these camera comparisons. Thank you

  • distinctive creature
    distinctive creature Month ago +1

    To be honest I kinda liked the Samsung's night video quality, impressive details, great shadow details, and the reddish tint isn't bad it's more pleasing to my eyes.

  • Mayank Pratap
    Mayank Pratap Month ago +22

    I honestly liked s23 ultra's video better in most cases.

  • Charles R
    Charles R Month ago +2

    Man excellent video as always I was waiting for you and Floss's video most of all yesterday. Both cameras look great but Samsung took the crown from Apple, I'm sure they'll do it to Google but we'll see. Night video and pictures look phenomenal especially in 8K. Wow!!

  • Jayce NXS
    Jayce NXS Month ago

    I'm a photographer and want my color to look as natural as possible. As a long time Samsung user, I honestly prefer the iPhone video. I hope this is fixed or some options are added to kill the saturation. Considering I'm in the market for a new phone, can't feel good about getting the 23 ultra till the saturation is handled.

  • LMA Tour
    LMA Tour Month ago

    In my opinion I thought the Galaxy S23U improved a lot in cameras. It's insane. Good job Samsung.💪😍

  • JM In The Mood
    JM In The Mood Month ago +3

    Interesting! I use android for picture taking and iPhone for video shooting. Looks like i'm finally using one for both. 😀

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee Month ago

    The performance of S23 Ultra is really impressive. I think this is the first time ever that an Android smartphone beats iPhone in video shooting.

  • G C3
    G C3 Month ago +19

    S23 Ultra took the win for me.

    • le iési
      le iési Month ago

      Le s23 ultra sera le meilleur photophone de 2023

  • Maureed
    Maureed Month ago

    The only problem is the skin tone and the consistency now. But the rest, the improvement is massive. I'm very impressed. Good job Samsung.

  • Kian Meng Lee
    Kian Meng Lee Month ago

    Thanks Danny, Great Effort. Bringing the 2 kings side by side. Samsung definitely improved and making a decision each is better is very challenging. Image stabilisation, Samsung is King at the moment. It has a mechanical stabilisation if I correct. Colour science, IPhone is King. Low light noise I believe iPhone will be advantage because it has 48MP compared to 200MP from Samsung. Samsung 8K is impressive with the details, therefore it is a different category.
    Happy to see both kings are very good. To us consumers there will be balance in the “force” hahahaha overdose from Star Wars. Have a Great Day Danny and Everyone. Cheers.

  • Klaus E.
    Klaus E. Month ago +2

    Wow, that's strong from Samsung. 8k is really impressive. Especially at night and with movement. I suppose if you cut a photo from the 8k video, you also have a very good quality. With the Iphone it sometimes looks a bit very post sharpened. Now I'm just happy to have pre-ordered an S23U.

  • Brandon W
    Brandon W Month ago

    It will be interesting to see how Samsung provides patches and improvements until the iPhone 15 comes out.

  • Menilson Filho
    Menilson Filho Month ago +3

    Dude, for me S23 Ultra wan this battle, and I can't imagine how good it will be after the software update!

  • Shiena Dyl Cabuga
    Shiena Dyl Cabuga Month ago +18

    What a phone! I may have to let this model pass, My Note 10+ still gets all the work done for me, it is an old one but still kicking.

    • Visionary Tech
      Visionary Tech Month ago

      Why not trade it in or sell it then get the latest and greatest S23 Ultra?

    • Jids Hazrodin Mamaluba
      Jids Hazrodin Mamaluba Month ago +2

      It seems you’re following jerryrigeverything’s phone philosophy: “if it aint broke broke, don’t fix it”, what this simply means, if your phone still kicking, keep using it until it dies down”.

    • M ML
      M ML Month ago

      Have the same phone but an update a year ago broke the camera. Any video with panning motion is choppy. Purely a SW issue that hasnt been fixed nor will it.

  • arvandvarahram
    arvandvarahram Month ago +2

    Thank you for the video. A very good first comparison. Impressive how quickly you made rhe video.
    The colors at night are better on iPhone. As you pointed out, it will become better on S23U after updates.
    Almost every single night video clip on iPhone had noticeable lens flares. An absolut deal breaker for me.
    S23U's stabilisation is so much better. Just wondering whether the standard stabilisation of S23U is so good that the super steady is actually no longer needed. A comparison would be good.
    The 8K on Fold4 without cropping is already much better than that on S22U, but S23U takes it at night on a complete new level. Just tested again 8K at night on Fold 4, but no, there is no competition to S23U - just impressive.
    And of course: no pause button and no switching from rear to face camera on iPhone are deal breakers, unless you have time for putting constantly videos together.

  • Juke
    Juke Month ago +1

    Hey nice review, thank you. I prefer the noise with those much better details instead of having a washed out smear. I hope Samsung won't change their mind, the picture quality is much better this way.

  • My Name is P
    My Name is P Month ago +1

    Yes! These are the videos I've been waiting for! Big thanks for this, Danny! 🔥

  • Abhishek Mukhopadhyay

    Stellar job by Samsung really. They were nowhere close to the iPhone until the last generation and now they're breathing down the neck. Even went ahead in certain cases. Oh and also, I understand that the night time 8k video wasn't accurately coloured but damn it looked good!

  • Rhey Lewis
    Rhey Lewis Month ago

    Last year's iPhone still beats this year's Galaxy in video performance, but the gap is narrowing. Great video as always!

  • Cellunlocker.net
    Cellunlocker.net Month ago +8

    Great video comparison! Was wondering how the S23 Ultra is compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

  • Brandon Smyth
    Brandon Smyth Month ago

    Es increíble, como el s23 Ultra se comporta en video, hace ver una bestia es vídeo como lo es el iPhone con debilidades, como el efecto gelatina en pleno día, situaciones que antes no había notado.

  • PixelData
    PixelData Month ago +1

    I'm very excited for this one. Based on other vids I've seen, the S23 Ultra has had huuuge improvements

  • little meow
    little meow Month ago

    I actually like the noisier look during night time on the Samsung. It looks more natural and the details are well preserved and not washed out like the iphone. Honestly, a bit of noise is also a good thing.