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Ronaldo's SICK Bluff ♠️ Best of Shark Cage ♠️ PokerStars

  • Published on Dec 8, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Ronaldo is a legendary soccer player and moreover: an amazing poker player. In the Shark Cage he had some sick bluffs against Tito Ortiz and Sam Grafton.. Will he be able to outplay them?
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Comments • 891

  • PokerStars
    PokerStars  2 years ago +117

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  • Ii
    Ii Year ago +1083

    "Ronaldo show more football skills playing poker, then some footballers playing football today. "

  • Gustavo Yanaguizawa
    Gustavo Yanaguizawa Year ago +763

    Do nada brota o Ronaldo jogando Poker profissionalmente na gringa nos recomendados do Clip-Share... Esse rolê tá aleatório de mais. Kkkkkk

    • Mohammad Bayat
      Mohammad Bayat 4 months ago

      Yeah I believe it is all fake
      They are inviting footballers
      Give them money
      It is all advertising

    • Gambling Gioia
      Gambling Gioia Year ago

      @Lucas Rodrigues muito mal kkkkk

    • Eduardo
      Eduardo Year ago

      Saporra de yt ta5 tipo Ronaldinho Gaúcho e seus rolés aleatório.

    • ana leticia ramos
      ana leticia ramos Year ago

      jogando muito mal por sinal, pqp kkkkkkkk

    • Jorge Costa
      Jorge Costa Year ago

      Ronaldo no PokerStars
      Ronaldinho no PrisonStars

  • J H07
    J H07 Year ago +205

    He is by all that know football in his prime almost unplayable. Absolutely the best player of his time.

    • kostas kostas
      kostas kostas 4 days ago

      hands down and he never manage to get on his prime , sadly

      HEYYO PERFUMES AUTHENTIC 3 months ago +1

      @PetarplayBulgaria💫 compare their status, strength, speed, acceleration, finishing, shot power, shot accuracy, dribble, technique, ball control, play making, vision, body balance, height, and wtf? you do still think Messi is better??? you can see R9 crushed, yes, crushed, domiated the defender, he attacks them, not only play around

    • Nor Priest
      Nor Priest 10 months ago

      Doesn't matter.
      Ronaldo Brazil > messi

    • Bundy
      Bundy 10 months ago

      @Noway0ut yeah he was

    • Bundy
      Bundy 10 months ago

      @Make Up Professional that are team prizes dummie

  • Barbarian Rager
    Barbarian Rager 14 hours ago

    It would've been a sick bluff if he actually pulled it off

  • Yusni5127
    Yusni5127 2 years ago +1267

    At first glance I thought, "Wow, he kinda looks like Ronaldo."

    • Qusai A
      Qusai A Year ago

      same lol

    • lulz Sec
      lulz Sec Year ago

      Bro he is Ronaldo

    • A
      A Year ago +8

      George Dale came up with that all by yourself eh?

    • George Dale
      George Dale Year ago

      Ronaldo? More like Fato

    • Tandra arisandi
      Tandra arisandi Year ago +3

      @Yusni5127 yeah, cause he fat lol

  • WillyDiBa
    WillyDiBa Year ago +128

    That was actually an incredible call by Tito, so many hands beat him there and he still called.

    • Azizy101
      Azizy101 4 months ago

      @Yeeeaaah Mayneee 🤣

    • Yeeeaaah Mayneee
      Yeeeaaah Mayneee 10 months ago +1

      @Aynes as tito would say “it’s survival of the fitness”

    • Aynes
      Aynes 11 months ago +11

      More like moron play.

  • Roberto Gaspar
    Roberto Gaspar 10 months ago +19

    Ronaldo !! Absolutely my favorite player of all times! Nobody did what he did! Winning a WC after 2 ending career terrible injuries’ …the real GOAT!

  • Jon
    Jon Year ago +821

    Have no idea what’s going on because I don’t know how to play. I stayed because of Ronaldo 🐐

    • Jiren
      Jiren 10 months ago +2

      @Rain of Khandaq watch him on utube greatest attacker of all time

    • Jiren
      Jiren 10 months ago +1

      same i love him to bits

    • Julian Assange_is_in_Danger
      Julian Assange_is_in_Danger Year ago +2

      @Rain of Khandaq What a shame.
      Ronaldo Nazario made our childhood a true wonderland.

    • l_a_t_i_n_o_
      l_a_t_i_n_o_ Year ago

      I’m 666 like

    • Rain of Khandaq
      Rain of Khandaq Year ago +6

      I don't even know Ronaldo, i'm just bored.

  • José de Anchieta
    José de Anchieta Year ago +23

    Brilha muito no PokerStars!

  • Douglas Mayer
    Douglas Mayer Year ago +118

    He attack,
    He scores,
    But most important: HE BLUFFS

  • Pisando Flechitas

    De todas formas sigue siendo EL FENÓMENO..!!!

  • Hermes Cavalcanti
    Hermes Cavalcanti Year ago +1

    RONALDO......Brilha muito no poke

  • b0rge VIPER
    b0rge VIPER Year ago +21

    My childhood HEROI The greatest football player in my eye.

  • Artur_Rx
    Artur_Rx Year ago

    Realmente ele é um craque em

  • Alber Junior
    Alber Junior Year ago +9

    Do nada Clip-Share recomendou kkkkkkk Poker parece ser complicado, mas é daora quando você aprende a jogar, não gostava, mas depois que aprendi jogava direto (Foi a mesma coisa quando aprendi Xadrez)

    • Mar Azul Porto
      Mar Azul Porto Year ago

      O meu pai senore trouxe o poker pra minha vida, ele jogava pokerstars Online em 2010, muito foda ver ele

  • Vitor Gabriel
    Vitor Gabriel Year ago +131

    nem manjo de poker, mas vim aqui torcer pro Ronaldo, brilha muito no corinthians

  • juraci soares codeiro junior


  • ruka
    ruka Year ago

    Brilha mto no poker

  • Renato Oliveira
    Renato Oliveira 10 months ago +16

    Ronaldo interview at the end of a soccer game: "I went on attack and made my move"
    Also Ronaldo interview at the end of a poker game: "I went on attack and made my move"

  • Sunny Mishra
    Sunny Mishra Year ago +1

    He looks more like a poker player than a Footballer yet he is the GOAT

  • Guilherme Silva
    Guilherme Silva Year ago

    Ronaldo tá andando muito com Ronaldinho, rolê aleatório

  • The In-Famous El Guapo

    The real GOAT, El Fenómeno

  • Elliott A
    Elliott A Year ago +209

    “Maybe he overplays his hands because he couldn’t use them when he was playing soccer”😂😂😂

  • Óðinn
    Óðinn Year ago +4

    I've never seen Tito so calm :)

  • Lu cas
    Lu cas Year ago +1

    Se tem Ronaldo fenômeno concerteza vou assistir.

  • William Morris
    William Morris Year ago +60

    Who knew that the best striker of all time was also a great poker player?

    • dede nugraha
      dede nugraha 10 months ago

      best possible bluff is 2 pair vs opponents that have quad🤣

    • Jaafar Alaoui
      Jaafar Alaoui Year ago +1

      he lost, he bluffs... means that he take a risk by showing that is going to win and that he has a good card but in really he has only shitty cards...

    • Marcelo Vieira
      Marcelo Vieira Year ago

      @ClaudeMagicbox well, he indeed have money tho 😅

    • Namisan WS
      Namisan WS  Year ago

      Yeah he is the best

    • ZA-JA
      ZA-JA Year ago +1

      He plays shit

  • Scooby-doo
    Scooby-doo 10 months ago

    Ronaldo is my favorite player from the childhood. The best footballer ever after Messi.

  • The Loving Tolerant Left
    The Loving Tolerant Left 2 years ago +45

    Imagine sitting on a table with this legend the Real Ronaldo..

    • John Brown
      John Brown 10 months ago

      No R9 just won 2 world cup? Will CR7 exchange 5 ballon d'or against 2 world cup?

    • Mekorn Freaker
      Mekorn Freaker Year ago


    • The Loving Tolerant Left
      The Loving Tolerant Left Year ago +2

      @hoke atme no sorry sir. Brazilian Ronaldo...o fenomeno...best.ever.

    • hoke atme
      hoke atme Year ago +1

      He can be the real one. Cr7 is the best one.

    • Esteban
      Esteban Year ago +5

      Not even Ronaldinho took his place and you talk bout CR7 lol

  • atanildo santiago

    No par de A o Ronaldo demorou pra apostar, se tivesse dado o ALL in rápido certeza q o adversário desistiria.

  • Zlasan Automobilismo Virtual

    Foi Blefar, tomou que ate roncou. Tito Ortiz foi muito corajoso e esperto ao bancar a aposta do Ronaldo

    • Anderson Santana
      Anderson Santana Year ago

      Aparenta ser que Tito olhou para as cartas do Ronaldo, quando ele levantou as cartas. Eh facil fazer, se vc levanta as cartas de uma maneira errada, vc pode expor-las facilmente. E eh o que o Ronaldo faz.

  • Mr. Ditkovich
    Mr. Ditkovich 10 months ago +3

    If you're an MMA fan, you knew Tito wasn't going to win 😂

  • Vicente Neto
    Vicente Neto Year ago +2

    Se ele não tivesse dado 2 check, e tivesse betado , teria mais chance de passar esse blefe. O check foi o que deixou o Tito de orelha em pé .

  • Dark King 313
    Dark King 313 Year ago

    That bluff looks sick at one moment when you have so much lose, there is nothing to lose anymore

  • Tim Guo
    Tim Guo Year ago

    love this guys both in and outside of the soccer field

  • 陳先生
    陳先生 Year ago

    Woo, Ronaldo playing poker with Tito on the same table ? I don’t think there’s anything better and funny than this ....

  • Seymour Johnson
    Seymour Johnson 2 years ago +40

    Huh, so not only is Tito a master wordsmith, but can also, apparently, play poker.

  • B K
    B K 2 years ago +192

    About the only smart thing Tito has done in his life.

    • Monke Brained Fish
      Monke Brained Fish Year ago

      I see youre a man of culture as well

    • Merenmollier
      Merenmollier Year ago +5

      Don't underestimate Tito, the moment Ronaldo stopped playing with his card he knew he was bluffing...

    • chazbritt6
      chazbritt6 2 years ago +6

      That's Huntington Beach City council member Tito Ortiz to you.... 😂😂

  • Filipe Proativa
    Filipe Proativa Year ago +1

    Ronaldo, brilha muito no Curintcha

  • Blitz Cank
    Blitz Cank Year ago

    Wow Ronaldo still cunning even on poker table field.

  • Eric1009
    Eric1009 Year ago +1

    To be fair, outsmarting Tito "Lemme tell you how your feeling right now" Ortiz isn't the hardest task in the world.

  • Раул Тамудо 23
    Раул Тамудо 23 10 months ago

    This is the real Ronaldo and it will always be that way ! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    • Antonio
      Antonio 10 months ago

      What "real Ronaldo" mean? Is that because he is older one?
      If we are looking at who is better one that is CR7 for sure.

  • No Name
    No Name Year ago

    This guy is a legend


    RONALDO! Brilha muito no.... porkerstars!

  • MOiAM
    MOiAM Year ago

    God damn Sam! You gave it away with your face expressions when you saw the quad flop! Also when you said “this is literally one of the best moments of my career!” If I was in place of Ronaldo I would’ve folded way early.

  • Doc James Burton
    Doc James Burton Year ago +16

    I love how the cards are never random on shark cage lmao. They always do the AA for the big star with KK for the better Player... And another smaller pocket for good fun lmao

    • Dennis
      Dennis Year ago +24

      Or maybe you're watching highlights, and all the shitty hands don't end up in the highlights.....?

  • Mohammed Omer
    Mohammed Omer 10 months ago

    Ronaldo, aka El Fenomenon (The Phenomenon), is the real GOAT of football.
    Risk taker in his nature. Its what allowed him to ploughed straight through the best defenders in world of football and score most amazing goals.

    BIG WORLD Year ago +2

    RONALDO 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🙏👍✌

  • Kung Fu Kenny
    Kung Fu Kenny Year ago +1

    Tito Ortiz... One of the Greatest Poker players.... of the night!!.. 🤦‍♂️😬🤦‍♂️

  • Hudson vitor borges

    Não sei quem é pior, o cara com um Bluff totalmente aleatório e imensamente arriscado, ou o outro com um par horroroso em mãos peitar um all in, com uma mesa q poderia ter diversas possibilidades contra!

    BASTYK Year ago

    Ronaldo looks like one of my friends in those casual clothes. He was one of the best football players of all time with Zidane. I wish we could see CR7 and Messi play together like they did in Real Madrid :)🤔😉

  • Saban Vurucu
    Saban Vurucu Year ago +34

    Ronaldo played in the past against Wordclass Defender, that shows he are the greatest 9 of all time!💪

    • Erick Castro de Carvalho
      Erick Castro de Carvalho Year ago

      Your logic is flawed.

    • Krifalox
      Krifalox Year ago

      Damn i just looked at him and thought to myself, heh...he looks like R9

    • Carrier Bateman
      Carrier Bateman Year ago

      I wasn't a fan of all these stuff people post online saying I've fixed numbers that will help you becoming rich 💰💰💰till I came across a genius in the game , I was shock at first I thought it was a prank he played but it was actually real...his game is fixed and hasn't failed since I started playing it 💯💯💯 I recommend you all to him on insta Hacks_bill201

  • F U2
    F U2 Year ago

    Good guy really down on earth beside he was a superstar

  • WMILAN83a
    WMILAN83a Year ago +20

    Ronaldo is like the universe: in everlasting expansion

    • emanuele ioria
      emanuele ioria Year ago

      @Leonardo Carnniel it means nothing: you can't produce fat from thin air. Fat people are fat because they eat too much

    • WMILAN83a
      WMILAN83a Year ago

      @Leonardo Carnniel *hypo

    • Leonardo Carnniel
      Leonardo Carnniel Year ago

      Ronaldo has hyperthyroidism

    • ZA-JA
      ZA-JA Year ago +1

      Why ? He used to be way fatter in the past , looks good here

  • jose guite
    jose guite 10 months ago

    Ronaldo plays like its a Football...In Football it is 1/10th of a second reaction and in Poker its just time and time

  • Vinícius O. Sena
    Vinícius O. Sena Year ago +2

    Já tava quase indo dormir agora tô aqui vendo o Ronaldo jogando poker kkk azideia

  • D S
    D S Year ago

    O cara blefou um all win sem ter sequer nem um parzinho na mão kkkk se funcionasse ia ser god

    EMANO Year ago +5

    eu sem sono na madruga ai do nada ronaldo jogando poker kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Gabbe E
    Gabbe E 2 years ago +538

    "like finding a meaningful relationship by swiping right" haha this guy finally naild a joke

    • Gabriel
      Gabriel Year ago

      Not a joke, this is straight up fact

    • Davide Nateri
      Davide Nateri Year ago +5

      7:30 Ronaldo's hand folds easier than the futon is supposedly keeping me from having a girlfriend

    • Beckett Tucker
      Beckett Tucker Year ago +1

      Sets are lining up like the gang plank of Noahs Ark, one of the best lines ever.

    • Gabbe E
      Gabbe E 2 years ago


    • FactualClips
      FactualClips 2 years ago +58

      What do you mean finally? That dude cracks hilarious jokes constantly.

  • Thomas
    Thomas Year ago

    incredible the tranformation of Ronaldo. I could see him in the pedestrian zone and never ever realised that this person could be one of the best football players ever. Congratulation, I think he won his anonymity back....at least outside of his neighbourhood.
    Keep healthy

    • Angri Yanto
      Angri Yanto 10 months ago

      Dude he was one of the best player ever existed, he was dubbed the phenomenal of football. Back then, he got the dribbling skill like messi and quick tricking speed like CR7, a completed No.9 Striker.

    • ZA-JA
      ZA-JA Year ago

      It's the hair , others go bald when they age he does the reverse , bald when young hair when old

  • Lucian Daniel
    Lucian Daniel Year ago

    For sure he has more tells at the poker table than on a football field...This guy was so great,I wouldn't call him so blunt "Ronaldo" for sure

  • Law Jr 89
    Law Jr 89 Year ago

    Que blef foi esse fenômeno

  • ChanCeNecK
    ChanCeNecK 3 months ago

    Yeah, sick bluff with that set of aces! 👍

  • It’s_ Kritics13
    It’s_ Kritics13 Year ago +1

    When Tito loses and the guy who won doesn’t want the game to end 😂

  • Dan Raiders Warriors Sharks Giants

    That was a great bluff but Tito betting the river seemed wrong it was just inviting the best hand to raise you or a bluff.
    I just wonder how many pros would of bet that river grated Ronaldo looked weak on the river.

  • Fume
    Fume 11 months ago +3

    Hearing “Ronaldo” from UK commentators brings back memories.

    • calamorta
      calamorta 10 months ago

      Don't you hear that all the time now that Cristiano Ronaldo is back? They also call him Ronaldo

  • Zaman Modiri
    Zaman Modiri 2 years ago

    I Play all day no quads against 2 pairs but when Ronaldo is in the table all is different!!!

  • J.A.E.
    J.A.E. Year ago +434

    this should actually be called "Tito Ortiz makes insane call"

    • Bas Kooij
      Bas Kooij Year ago

      @L. J. And how many of those are checking the turn and check/raising the river? He represents nothing. Though the bet with 66 on the river is baffling to me as well.

    • L. J.
      L. J. Year ago +6

      @J.A.E. yup easy game ... when you can see the cards and it's not your money on the line. Hands that had Tito's pocket 6's beat:
      1 of 3 Aces
      1 if 3 Queens
      Any of the 4 Fours
      Pocket K, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 5, 3, 2
      So 19th to the nuts for all your chips.
      I do believe he had a good read... still not sure it's a winning play long term.

    • Vlad Moseev
      Vlad Moseev Year ago

      Yeah I also thought about that.

    • Free Soul
      Free Soul Year ago +1

      @Abe why? I can also reasoning with the winning card hoping the call...and would be coherent after a check... inception bluff...the ronaldos bluff check-allin with nothing 🤣🤣

    • Rezheen10
      Rezheen10 Year ago

      @J.A.E. Lol.

  • tiagoyp
    tiagoyp Year ago +11

    eu não entendo nada de poker, eu só vim pra ver o ronaldo jogando e eu tenho certeza que eu não fui o único

  • Nicholas Padilha
    Nicholas Padilha Year ago

    I was wondering when would Ronaldo do his fast running towards the goal and scores... 😜

  • Patryk Rogacki
    Patryk Rogacki Year ago

    The real one and only Ronaldo 👌

  • G F
    G F 2 years ago

    Ronaldo entertaining as always.

  • Metz
    Metz Year ago

    Amazing read by tito, good effort ronaldo

  • The Man with No Name
    The Man with No Name 7 months ago

    Don't like Tito but that was damn good Poker playing on his part. Never try to beat the cards, but beat the man. Ronaldo gave himself away with that tell

  • TeamDogFan
    TeamDogFan Year ago

    I don't know is he good poker player, but he is the best football player I saw in my life.

  • Aditya Sutomo
    Aditya Sutomo Year ago +1

    9:38 Tito is a fighter 😂 he will not runaway.

  • Kokminfo Official
    Kokminfo Official 10 months ago

    No doubt, his finishing skill is 99

  • Vas Ban
    Vas Ban Year ago

    Doesn't matter if it's live on or online table, pokerstars will give multiple pockets!

  • Bruno Coutinho
    Bruno Coutinho Year ago

    The GOAT

  • Jacob Webster
    Jacob Webster Year ago

    If Ronaldo didn’t have the live tell that bluff was played perfectly

  • X Shanks X
    X Shanks X Year ago

    that was a really hard call by Tito.

  • Ronnie BX
    Ronnie BX Year ago +1629

    These guys have no idea the Goat is infront of them, not just some shitty celebrity from Hollywood lol

    • Bright
      Bright 10 months ago

      But cr7 is way better

    • Da9el88
      Da9el88 10 months ago +1

      @hoke atme you cant have seen ronaldo play in his prime! he was called the phenomenon for a reason!

    • Borsov Igor
      Borsov Igor Year ago

      @Glenn tito is a jerk he doesn't know 2+2=?

    • President UwU
      President UwU Year ago

      He is the alpha ronaldo

    • Aref Eshghi
      Aref Eshghi Year ago +1

      @Stalker He suffers from hypothyroidism, that's why he is over weight.

  • Gabriel Almeida Silva

    eu so olhei a thumb e cliquei no video pra comentar que o cara parecia o Ronaldo, mas o cara é o RONALDO

  • Ghostface
    Ghostface Year ago +1

    “Maybe he over play his hand cause he couldn’t use it in soccer” 🤣

  • Alex Mor
    Alex Mor 10 months ago

    Imagine making Tito Ortiz seem like the smartest guy in the room

  • 8Jallin
    8Jallin Year ago +7

    Este es el verdadero, el único, el original y el "melhor" Ronaldo!!!!
    El de Portugal es una princesa.

    PARMEGIANO Year ago +4

    "Não se faz uma Copa do Mundo com Hospitais". A conta chegou.

  • Helmy Kimmy
    Helmy Kimmy Year ago

    When Ronaldo Teach Soccer Like Art...

  • satisfymychaos
    satisfymychaos Year ago +2

    tito ortiz and ronaldo at the same table..wow

  • Anas Moukrim
    Anas Moukrim Year ago

    He hit him with that step over feint cut to the right

  • Paulo Victor Correia

    It was funny! Haha

  • Casimiro Germano Filho

    "We got a real celebrity here"
    Tito believes they are talking about him! And taps.

  • Dingus
    Dingus 11 months ago

    “As rare as finding a meaningful relationship by swiping right” 😂😂

  • Snuffle bunns
    Snuffle bunns Year ago +2

    Imagine losing to Tito Ortiz

  • Alberto Hernandez
    Alberto Hernandez 10 months ago

    El mejor delantero que he visto.

  • cristian chan
    cristian chan Year ago +1

    the phenomenon....... 👏👏👏

  • Robert Luengas
    Robert Luengas Year ago


  • StereoChimps
    StereoChimps Year ago

    Ronaldo the best play of all time in hos generation

  • Eduardo B.Silva
    Eduardo B.Silva Year ago

    Wtf só eu que não sabia que o Ronaldo jogava poker?

  • Da9el88
    Da9el88 10 months ago

    The phenomenon!