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THE NIGHT SHIFT: buying my dream car with $200,000 cash


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  • Will Is way too tall
    Will Is way too tall Year ago +1565

    Mike is the only guy who can make a sponsor promo sound entertaining

    • DD
      DD Year ago

      You must of not heard of Harry mack

    • TaylorHound
      TaylorHound Year ago

      Internet Historian is the goat at ad reads

    • Lochlan Stark
      Lochlan Stark Year ago

      You must not know trap lore ross

    • Brody Taylor
      Brody Taylor Year ago


    • A Wolfe
      A Wolfe Year ago

      Best sponsor promoter

  • Michael Welbeck
    Michael Welbeck 2 months ago +20

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Car discussion. Thank you for creating such a fantastic video. Three weeks ago, I paid cash for my new car. I'm feeling very proud of myself and my accomplishments as I watch this strange video. I'm overjoyed that I made wise financial decisions that will improve my life for the rest of my life.

    • Jack sean
      Jack sean 2 months ago

      @Michael Welbeck It is unquestionably eye-opening. He explains why you should not purchase a Car. And why you should buy it if you like the Car and are serious about it. Particularly in today's market.

    • Lizzy
      Lizzy 2 months ago

      Nice comment; I'm not going to pass up this life-changing opportunity. Thank you for providing this vital information.

    • Bernard
      Bernard 2 months ago

      In terms of Carlee Lyn Rose, I believe she is a competent professional guide. I've read numerous positive reviews about her services on the internet.

    • stephen Carl
      stephen Carl 2 months ago

      @Michael Welbeck OK I'll contact her right away, thank you.

    • Lopez
      Lopez 2 months ago

      @Michael Welbeck Sir, congrats. Your story has touched me deeply. I hope to one day be like you. This fills me with joy.

  • YourownMusic
    YourownMusic Year ago +30

    Well done I respect it

    • россия
      россия Year ago


  • MSN❤️
    MSN❤️ Year ago +129

    The fact that Mike bought his mom a car first and then got him one .... Respect my G ❤️

  • Justin Patterson
    Justin Patterson Year ago +3

    Proud of you brother you've come a long way. You give me the courage to to keep fighting. I have cancer and I'm in crazy debt but im not letting it hold me back im still fighting and thanks to you and your content you keep me fighting.

  • Ellisa P
    Ellisa P Year ago +974

    The fact that he has a lot of money, and dresses like that. ICONIC

    • LWB
      LWB Month ago

      He got it from Adam Sandler

    • Bb Bbb
      Bb Bbb Year ago +1

      That’s because he’s a nerd and doesn’t know how to dress 🤣🤡

    • Mayra Carolina
      Mayra Carolina Year ago +1

      ^ literally abouta say that, gives me adam sandler vibessss

    • willie patino
      willie patino Year ago +21

      That's how you gotta be! "These niggas they think that I'm broke, until I pop out with a million" shoutout dababy for the wise words

    • majinchrxs
      majinchrxs Year ago +65

      adam sandler

    RAIVAL Year ago

    You the man mike! You deserve all this after everything you’ve been through!

  • John Bute
    John Bute Year ago +2

    Love to see your hard work pay off. Your a true inspiration!

  • Royce D'Silva
    Royce D'Silva Year ago +3

    Congrats Mike You Deserve It For All The Hardwork You Have Put In

  • jossette fisher
    jossette fisher Year ago

    That’s amazing!! Good job 💪🏽💪🏽 keep going mike!!

  • JSenaycustom
    JSenaycustom Year ago +2

    Mike you truly are an inspiration for so many of us. Just got your book and I can’t wait to read it. Much love homie

  • HomeWRLD645
    HomeWRLD645 Year ago

    So awesome! Congrats Mike you deserve it❤️

  • Jesus Nuñez
    Jesus Nuñez Year ago

    Congrats Mike, you’ve earned it bro. Let’s keep working hard

  • Lauren Olivia
    Lauren Olivia Year ago +63

    Mike’s ads are literally the only ones I don’t skip through because I genuinely enjoy the skits

    • Ichabod Crane
      Ichabod Crane Year ago

      I was skipping through and went back to see what happened. 😂

  • Kasen jaye Lewis
    Kasen jaye Lewis Year ago

    Extremely happy for you mike your proof of dream big work hard and get where you want

  • elizalde650
    elizalde650 Year ago

    Respect what you do entirely & how you continue to spread your positivity all the time. Your a rare breed Mikey I swear ✊🏾

  • Sbtavo
    Sbtavo Year ago +4

    It’s amazing how this comes out right when someone gave me a life lesson that is exactly what I’m relating too.. congrats Mike! 💪🏻

  • The Rambling Gamer Guy

    Congrats Mike! One of the best entertainers man. You’ve killed it.

  • 1liljay
    1liljay Year ago +2974

    Claim your “here within an hour” ticket right here

  • Garrett
    Garrett Year ago

    Congrats Mike! You deserve it!!

  • Gaven Burke
    Gaven Burke Year ago

    Hey I've been watching your videos for a while now an I'm amazed an impressed at the success you have achieved. With your friends am family supporting you an even when they didnt. Watching you get your dream car an takimg a second to give a bit of motivational speech after. Really showed how humble you are an really spoke to me. I doubt this comment with get seen as there are 1000s but I wanted to just say thank you for taking 10 seconds to tell everyone that we can do it. That we can be where you are now. It really spoke to me as I'm kinda in a bit of a sticky spot but as always working my way threw it. An watching you on the night shift an hour other content has helped me threw some of the toughest times in my life. While tryna get clean an get a job an work towards my goals. A lot of that motivation comes from you an your content. I hope you see this. An I hope it can make your day a bit better by me saying thank you even tho I know 1000s of people do a day to you. But regadless thank you an rock on cant wait to continue to see your amamzing content!

  • Andrew
    Andrew Year ago

    Congratulations my guy. You earned that shit bro and you deserve it.

  • Ole Tlale
    Ole Tlale Year ago

    The respect I have for you bro🤝♥️you keep showing that even the lowest point in life, its still possible🔥🔥keep inspiring the world bro, keep being you

  • Erin Renee
    Erin Renee Year ago +41

    That overtime has really been paying off. Congrats Mike on all your hard work. Sweet ride

  • Aaron Ross
    Aaron Ross Year ago

    MIKE you a real one homie, glad to see you gettin what you deserve! Noone knows what its like to be a addict enless youv'e been there. your inspiring man!

  • High Tied
    High Tied Year ago

    Love when you get deep bro we need more of that for the people who really going through it right now. Even when life is going good it’s nice to hear it

  • Connor Bradley
    Connor Bradley Year ago

    congrats man, proud of you and your growth

  • Nick Longo
    Nick Longo Year ago

    Still inspiring ya boy and the people, love it dog congrats and keep it up forrrr fuckin sure 💯🤙🏻

  • Yeezy
    Yeezy Year ago +194

    It makes me so happy to see Mike spending money for once...

    • desynch
      desynch Year ago +3

      lol thought the same thing.

  • WonderingAboutThat

    That ending message when you were in your car was inspiring, thanks Mike, I needed that reminder tonight. Wishing you well brother!

    • Sidd Devtara
      Sidd Devtara Year ago

      true, the day logan moved into the maverick house he also made same type of motivational video

  • Xander Linde
    Xander Linde Year ago +50

    I’m currently in a sober living apt , lost my job a few months ago , on unemployment. Your content and book and everything else inspires me. ❤️ you

    • россия
      россия Year ago +2


    • Armando
      Armando Year ago +4

      Best of luck bro keep your head up

  • killaD
    killaD Year ago

    I love this mike so proud i look up to you

  • Zoey Zee
    Zoey Zee Year ago

    Mike! You’re inspiring af!!! Thank you for being authentic brother!

  • Matt Clemons
    Matt Clemons Year ago +24

    Watching in my 1998 explorer in recovery and this hit me bro. Congrats and thank you for being a relatable asshole. You are the man Mike.

  • RolandB Jr.
    RolandB Jr. Year ago

    Congrats bro!
    You deserve it. Stay safe.❤🙌🔥✌👌🤘💪🤟👍😎

  • Anshul Rawat
    Anshul Rawat Year ago +1

    Keep grinding Mike 🙏❤️👍🏼

  • Grampa Jacks
    Grampa Jacks Year ago

    Love you mike. Big inspiration for me brother, good wishes for you dawg 👍

  • Dylan Fragomeni
    Dylan Fragomeni Year ago

    Congrats mike! Happy for u man, needed that advice, means more than u know for a celebrity to relate to other people, enjoy watching u brother.

  • Corey Daniels
    Corey Daniels Year ago +6

    It's people like you that keep me motivated... thank you. The pandemic ruined everything for me... I never gave up... I only worked harder found a new passion and I'm slowly getting back to normal... thank you again.

  • Erhan Osmani
    Erhan Osmani Year ago +201

    This is literally the only channel who’s sponsorships I don’t skip lmao 😭😭

    • sck
      sck Year ago

      I do

  • Jacob Hurst
    Jacob Hurst Year ago

    Mike really gives me hope, his past and where he came from he really made it. Respect

  • Antonio Garay
    Antonio Garay Year ago

    Congrats bro!!! Much love and respect

  • assbalonkerful
    assbalonkerful Year ago

    Can always rely on Big Mike to deliver! Had me creasing when yous was in the car 😂😂

  • rawr !
    rawr ! Year ago

    So cool @bigMike
    You deserve it 👏 you have come far and it's good to see you succeed 😎👍

  • Jeremy Wood
    Jeremy Wood Year ago

    Man idk why I always come back to watch this things mike you give me hope man you've sent your book to me and all already when I get to where I want to be man cant wait to meet ya man give me a few more yrs god willing

    INDRHIRA Year ago

    Congrats Mike. You deserve it brother. You've come a long way. Enjoy that beauty. I Wish that one day I can get to do that. I hope you read this comment. I'm struggling and that little speech you gave me just hit me in the feels. I'm fighting that whole addiction thing. Past it kind of. I just don't know how to move forward. Again I hope you read this comment.

  • Ali Asghar
    Ali Asghar Year ago +1

    mike is one of the most underrated youtubers and i absolutely love The Night Shift

  • Mano
    Mano Year ago +46

    Mike is a perfect example of someone that got from being a literal addict to buying dream items and writing a book. You can do it too❤️

    • AliceintheWonderland
      AliceintheWonderland Year ago

      @Omar Vazquez more so because of Lana

    • billy BA
      billy BA Year ago +3

      He said he was in the corporate world and successful before logan. But then he said credit score was shit and had no money. He says one thing one day and the opposite the next day. He's a clout chasing yes man. He says whatever you wanna hear or whatever makes him look good in that cituation.

    • россия
      россия Year ago +1


    • Omar Vazquez
      Omar Vazquez Year ago +3

      Pretty much thanks to Logan, I don't think he would have been able to do that without him

  • RatelX
    RatelX Year ago

    Thanks Mike, you said many things that hit home..thank you for being an inspiration..

  • Adrian Sanchez Hernandez

    Congrats mike!!! So happy for you brother

  • Ryan Carlson
    Ryan Carlson Year ago

    Mike, I just want to say how proud I am for you. It's been fun watching you change your life around and grow so much over the years. Best of luck on everything, you're an inspiration for many people. Keep grinding bud!!

  • pandaz
    pandaz Year ago +654

    bro mike has been my inspiration for months. i’m dealing with so many of the same struggles that he has overcome and i stride to have a winning streak like mike 👍🏻 love you bro hope to talk one day

    • Jamie
      Jamie Year ago

      @joejoe fasho Ecstacy is cool.

    • Dawn Fizzle
      Dawn Fizzle Year ago +3

      What a loser to be inspired by a manipulative loser who rode the tail of a real winner to get where he is....eeek

    • Nick Lindemann
      Nick Lindemann Year ago +3

      Maybe one day Logan Paul will become your best friend too bro

    • AliceintheWonderland
      AliceintheWonderland Year ago +4

      Don’t want to be mean but tbh so you guys think all the views he’s gotten is because of his hard work...? I mean wasn’t there a person he had in every vlog that got a lot of views?

    • Bradley Walker
      Bradley Walker Year ago +1

      Teas gone cold I’m wonderin whyyy

  • SC_Shemar
    SC_Shemar Year ago +7

    It’s about time you enjoy the fruits of your labor. You came from a dark place, changed your life around and worked your ass off so you deserve EVERY bit of it. Me and all the fans are glad to be a part of this journey and can’t wait to see what you accomplish next.
    Congratulations Mike

  • Adrian Sanchez Hernandez

    I hope whatever problems life throws at you later, you overcome them just how you've been doing. You're such an inspiration to all of us. Much love to you brother

  • Abe A
    Abe A Year ago

    Seeing Mike win & the shit he’s dealt with in life - it’s inspiring & motivating to go get it ! Thanks man. Needed this 🙏

  • Josh Johnson
    Josh Johnson Year ago

    You deserve it Mike. Hope you have continued success and happiness. 🙏

  • Charles Willis
    Charles Willis Year ago +4

    Goin on 6 months clean.. just finished your absolutely amazing novel that relates so much to me and my life and the dark, deep, lonely, hole/place I was in with some dirt “things” only god and only him will ever know. You and your such an inspiring book helped save a youngins life. Can’t thanks you enough Mike. Stay up and be safe out here. Love man.

  • RobertGucciTv
    RobertGucciTv Year ago +18

    Your a good youtuber mike i like your personality

  • Jonathan Barker
    Jonathan Barker Year ago

    Yo mike you just blessed that dude forreal you’re it man straight up respect

  • remexist
    remexist Year ago +1

    Damn mike thanks for the advice really needed to hear this because where I'm at in life right now its scary but you saying just keep on going. no lie it made my day thanks for the advice. 🙏🏻 😊

  • Bearforce
    Bearforce Year ago

    Evan always makes the vlogs hilarious

  • Vivec Reigns
    Vivec Reigns Year ago +1

    As an addict myself, you really had me smiling at the end. Very happy for you Mike, so glad you escaped this life, if you can even call this a life. Love ya bro

    • Vivec Reigns
      Vivec Reigns Year ago +1

      @king I watched, I liked, but I didn't understand the words lol. Sounds nice tho!

    • king
      king Year ago +1


  • Mark Zelinski
    Mark Zelinski Year ago +3

    This is motivation. Fuck yes Mike. Good things happen to good people. You deserve everything.

  • Jake
    Jake Year ago

    Man your such an inspiration bro keep going up

  • Matthew Brand
    Matthew Brand Year ago

    Congratulations Mike. No one deserves it more!

  • Nathan Williams
    Nathan Williams Year ago

    I stg mikes little sentimental talks are amazing, love watching your streams! True inspiration!

  • nikebird13
    nikebird13 Year ago

    Love this video! Evan tricking the body guard made me cry laughing 😂

  • Avan Wood
    Avan Wood Year ago +139

    Mike gets a new 200k car
    Mike: "so its been a little while since we've had a clothing drop"

  • iR3dyPlayZz Official

    Hey Mr. Mike, congratulations on the new ride my man! You earned it so enjoy.

  • It’s TACO
    It’s TACO Year ago

    Hey man thanks. I’m not in a dark place or anything. I try to enjoy my life as much as possible and never complain. One thing I’ve learned is that no one can do anything for me and that If I have to do something then I must do it on my own no matter how. Love your videos. I just leased my second car today. I work at ups. I live paycheck to paycheck for sure because I love spending money but I know when enough is enough. Would love to get a car like your range one day. For now I’ll stick with the cheapest lease off the lot till I can get something I truly want.

  • LexiYoga
    LexiYoga Year ago +6

    I’m so inspired by you.... you really turned yourself from having nothing to having it all... You just never give up and keep going forward no matter what obstacle comes along the way... I’m so motivated by you to grow my Clip-Share channel and have massive success.

    • россия
      россия Year ago


  • East Texas Fishin

    Respect to mike hes earned this

  • YourPokeDude
    YourPokeDude Year ago +18

    I needed that little intermission of Mike talking about hardship, work ethic, dreams, and goals.. stay blessed everyone

  • Sam Gouchian
    Sam Gouchian Year ago

    You are a kind Big Mike 💪💪 my biggest inspiration for real! Keep up the positivity brother 👏💪💪🙏

  • 55 Vic
    55 Vic Year ago

    Congrats mike keep grinding its good to see you where your at knowing what you came from

  • mel
    mel Year ago

    thank you for that speech ! it’s nice seeing that other side of you. CONGRATS!!!🍾

  • Christiam Brito
    Christiam Brito Year ago +25

    I love this type of mike low key. He is just playing around having fun and joking.

  • Adann 35
    Adann 35 Year ago

    Congrats mike I really enjoy your content and you motivate me to do and be better.

  • Ian Singleton
    Ian Singleton Year ago

    Your sentimental moment really hit home for me today Mike. Needed to hear that. Glad to see you doing well bro.

  • Nick Stenseth
    Nick Stenseth Year ago

    You deserve it bro, you made my day countless times and even my friend got to meet you just recently, his name is denis, idk if you remember, but he was flown out for free, and just hearing you got up instantly, in the middle of eatting, to go take a picture with him, was ultimately heart warming, and i wanted to let you know how much thats means to me Mike!❤️ keep on the grind man🥶💰

  • Lukas Jasper
    Lukas Jasper Year ago

    Appreciate you mike, the last part of the video really helped ❤️

    DRHONEYBEE Year ago +1

    Glad to see mike doing more vids he should do more out along with more products

  • Lord OH
    Lord OH Year ago

    Kudos to Mike he's come a long way


    Such an inspiration bro! Much love to you bro! Keep up the grind, mine starts now because of your words! Promise you'll know me in the years to come !

  • YroGaming
    YroGaming Year ago

    Congrats man keep it up

  • gamacole
    gamacole Year ago +183

    "i hope that if you are watching the video today you're in a dark place"
    thank you mike

    • bruh .
      bruh . Year ago


    • Tejasva Rawat
      Tejasva Rawat Year ago

      @Mike Majlak Vlogs what do u mean

    • Jimmy Palmer
      Jimmy Palmer Year ago +2

      @Mike Majlak Vlogs damn

    • Mike Majlak Vlogs
      Mike Majlak Vlogs  Year ago +62

      hahahahaahahaha you know what i meant lmfao

  • Raphael D'C
    Raphael D'C Year ago

    Motivation! Well done Mike 🙌

  • Billionaire Blunt Boyz

    love the positive speech towards the end! just what I needed after getting home from working an overtime shift

  • Hector Quiroz
    Hector Quiroz Year ago

    Thanks for the message mike! 🙏

  • Lenny
    Lenny Year ago

    You deserve it keep grinding 🤞🏽

  • Andrew Snover
    Andrew Snover Year ago +31

    For someone who makes a living interrupting a podcast he certainly lives a good life lmao

  • Brad Knight
    Brad Knight Year ago

    I needed to hear the message about staying on the grind today, thanks brother

  • Dan
    Dan Year ago

    i thank you for making me motivated always!

  • Reinis Rudzāts
    Reinis Rudzāts Year ago +1

    Yes he have money to spend but I think this is first video where someone bought a car and have not spent 15 min to flex on it. Look how cool is this , how cool is that. Look at the wheels , look at the engine... i respect that and this definitely shows us that you are a nice person.

  • Shablé
    Shablé Year ago

    Proud of you Mike, congrats on gettting your dream ride

  • Space Duck
    Space Duck Year ago

    Love that you use this crazy life to show that anyone can be there.

  • Dillyn Van Rooyen

    Yo big man, been watching your vlogs nonstop for the last week, friend suggested it becuz i was lacking motivation, a 18year old law student and yeah thanks, this video and the others from day 1 has been crazy cwl, anyway, let me get back to watching the rest of your crazy awesome videos. Keep it up big man🔥 btw from south africa, if you ever wnna have a crazy vacation, south africa has sick vacation spots

  • Justice Dyer-Fletcher

    Congrats mike, well deserved!

  • Josiah Schmidt
    Josiah Schmidt Year ago

    Not gonna lie, I thought this was clickbait. But boy am I proud you finally got a dope ride mike! Well deserved!

    CHAR - ZZAN Year ago

    I see that it's hard for you to be real with people. ( Making it short and simple ) But as a man to man, that was some real shit. thanks for being honest bro. I look up to you