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General Petraeus: Give Ukraine counter drones to beat Russia

  • Published on Jan 6, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • "Maintaining the US tanks is very, very challenging, the consumption of fuel is just staggering."
    Providing Ukrainians with cutting-edge counter drones could be more effective, says General Petraeus, former Director of the CIA.
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  • Hugo Desrosiers-Plaisance
    Hugo Desrosiers-Plaisance 8 months ago +188

    General Petraeus has been an amazing source of commentary and constructive criticism since Putin started this war. As a Canadian, I'm glad we have experienced commanders like him as our ally.

    • Mark
      Mark 8 months ago +7

      Agreed -- Slava Ukraini !! 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦

    • Ron M
      Ron M 8 months ago +1

      He's a great knowledge resource!

    • James Alexander
      James Alexander 8 months ago +1

      @Bamboozy foh

    • Bill Bob
      Bill Bob 8 months ago +2

      Wow another bot

  • JB
    JB 8 months ago +10

    Just yesterday I was pondering the real value of high maintenance tanks in battle. It seems that cutting edge drones would be much more effective, and much cheaper to operate as well as maintain. I'm glad to hear the honorable General Petraeus say drones could be more effective. Thank you, sir.

  • Margaret Lamb
    Margaret Lamb 8 months ago +232

    Thank you General for your service and agree with your comments. Ukraine needs weapons that can go a further distance than what they received. We can't let the terrorist country win! Slava Ukraine 🙏 🇺🇦 💙 💛

    • Robert Blake
      Robert Blake 8 months ago +3

      Ukraine needed all that 6months ago and multiple x10! So..what the problem is? War feeds dollar. Just a business,nothing personal.

    • David Welch
      David Welch 8 months ago +4

      Your support ensures the war continues and you can be proud that no Ukrainian will be standing when it is all over!

    • Jade Doak
      Jade Doak 8 months ago +11

      @David Welch utter nonsense.

  • It’s me
    It’s me 8 months ago +24

    Thank you for this interview. 👍 let’s give Ukraine what they need to win! 🇺🇦

    • E T
      E T 8 months ago +1

      They're going to lose.

  • Charles Mouse
    Charles Mouse 8 months ago +151

    Everybody with any expertise is consistently calling for greater support to Ukraine's war effort, everyone with any expertise is warning of the consequences of allowing this war to drag on longer than it must or worse letting Russia win in any way at all. Even I can see the lessons of history and understand human nature.
    How is it our politicians are so unwilling to help properly? How is it they won't see what is apparent to everyone else?

    • Jan van der Meer
      Jan van der Meer 8 months ago +7

      Good question

    • L Farrell
      L Farrell 8 months ago +1

      As is ever the case …..cost . And a reluctance to dig deep into their OWN stockpiles.

    • Steveofthewildnorth
      Steveofthewildnorth 8 months ago +9

      Primarily, the difference between how military people and politicians think. For military minds, it's a series of problems to be solved and objectives to be gained, both tactically and strategically. That's much more straightforward than politics. Politicians on the other hand, particularly in the western democracies, have to convince their constituents that spending billions to support Ukraine is a good idea. Electorates can be very fickle and an elected official's prime objective is getting reelected. Thus the caution. Unnecessary caution in my mind, but that's how democracies work. Politics makes my head hurt, so I don't envy them, but I do get it as frustrating as it may be.

  • James Rauch
    James Rauch 8 months ago +45

    Thank you Times for having some of the greatest military minds on your program recently. I always appreciate hearing from Gen Petraeus. Like he said.. give Ukraine what they need to outright win this war. Germany really needs to step up.

      SONOFAGUN 8 months ago

      No cares what ur opinion is 😂

    • Tommaso Turek
      Tommaso Turek 8 months ago +2

      Great mind? Try Col. Doug MacGregor for facts.. not cia baloney.

    • Steen Romme
      Steen Romme 8 months ago

      ​@Tommaso Turekyes. Didn't petreaus plea guilty to mishandling critical information? And was fined.

    • ThePierre58
      ThePierre58 8 months ago

      @SONOFAGUN I do along with 25 others!

    • Greg Iles
      Greg Iles 8 months ago +1

      Germany loves being on the wrong side of history

  • Eino Siirila
    Eino Siirila 8 months ago +18

    I really appreciate to hear from someone that can actually tell the truth and tell what has to be done and save money for what we give but also offer equal defense and quality and still save money and, just saying I wanted to say that I believe what I'm hearing right now is bye far the most important and truthful analysis I've heard and you should probably be running this SHOW!

  • Goatmeal Cookies
    Goatmeal Cookies 8 months ago +439

    Better late than never? We need to support Ukraine to the absolute maximum. They are shedding their blood for the future of the world's freedom from tyranny. Slava Ukraini!

    • Bill Gibbard
      Bill Gibbard 8 months ago +16

      More and more supplies are moving into Ukraine every day. Logistics take time.

    • Billswiftgti
      Billswiftgti 8 months ago +3

      now you care xD sheeple

    • Gambry Dew
      Gambry Dew 8 months ago +4

      @Bill Gibbard And expertise that Ukrainian soldiers sadly don't have.

    • Me off my meds
      Me off my meds 8 months ago +6

      The worlds freedom keep reaching and buying the proverbial BS.

    • Natalie Turko
      Natalie Turko 8 months ago +13

      @Gambry Dew And you know this how, bot?

  • William Rendall
    William Rendall 8 months ago +41

    What a direct hit, have no mercy "Victory To Ukraine", God Be With You.

  • Halfdan Ingolfsson
    Halfdan Ingolfsson 8 months ago +26

    Petraeus makes a lot of sense, pointing out that while the M1 Abrams might be a superior tank, it is impractical to operate unless you are a superpower with all the infrastructure needed, BUT - if handing 5 or more M1's over to Ukraine to prompt Germany to supply their more practical Leopard tank to Ukraine, JUST DO IT! If Ukraine can successfully operate the M1s they will, otherwise they will simply park them and concentrate on operating the to-them more practical Leopards. Just quit this "I-refuse-to-be-first" game.

    • Ganiscol
      Ganiscol 8 months ago

      He didnt say the Abrams is superior. The M1 has been using the same Rheinmetal gun that is in the Leopard 2 from the beginning. There are differences in protection level from variant to variant, but it should be clear that neither the US nor Germany would provide their latest versions anyway.
      The main point of argument is certainly the powerplant: Its always been a curious concept to run the Abrams on a gas turbine as far as fuel economy and required maintenance goes. Whereas the Germans have been using a multi-fuel (it requires at least 60% Diesel and the rest can be anything else that burns) Diesel engine with the same power output of 1500HP and made sure it could be replaced in no more than 20 minutes in the field. Everything about the Leopard 2 powerpack makes more sense in comparison to the Abrams, the armament is the same, they can fire all the same munitions and thats why he justifiably says its the better option overall.
      The biggest problem is: Germany only has a little over 300 Leopard 2 of various variants in service... they are understandably not to keen to give them away.
      Its also interesting that he (and most everybody else with expertise) doesnt even talk about British or French MBTs. Its always about the Leopard 2 and while Ukraine would take anything they can get, its the number 1 on their tank wishlist.

    • spackle9999
      spackle9999 8 months ago +1

      What if we give Germany 300 Abrams and Germany sends 200 Leopards to Ukraine? Now Germany doesn't need to be worried about being understrength and can use the Abrams until they can replace them with new Leopards if they wish.

    • Walterwaltraud
      Walterwaltraud 8 months ago +2

      @spackle9999 good and bad idea - why go away from one size, one kind, simplified logistics as the country that produces them actually. Germany had 3000 - 4000 MBTs at the end of the Cold War and gave away or destroyed 3700 of them. Which is the number in M1 the US has in RESERVE only. So the easiest solution is actually to tell Poland, Bulgaria and Romania to get rid of their old stock (over 1100 Warsaw Pact or based upon these) tanks to Ukraine and take the US reserve. Leaves the US with 70% of their reserve for other conflicts, but German tanks are needed for training and defending Lithuania. It's that simple.

      EhEhEhEINSTEIN 8 months ago +1

      @spackle9999 I was under the impression that this is almost exactly what we're doing with Poland and was a large part of why they were comfortable sending a heap of soviet era tanks to Ukraine very early on. Saw some articles about a month ago that Poland was looking to buy a batch of 250 and another batch of ~120, plus a bunch of bridge-mobile things, tank recovery vehicles and a few other categories. Warographics put out a good video about Poland's near-ish future military aspirations yesterday, highly recommended!

  • Frank Clark
    Frank Clark 8 months ago +60

    General Petraeus is a proven military leader who knows what is needed to win on the battlefield. Yes give Ukraine the weapons and support to drive Russian occupation completely out of their territory. Salute to General Petraeus for his service in defending freedom and security for the American people. Slava Ukraine 💪💪🇺🇦💪💪🇺🇲

    • Christine McClymont
      Christine McClymont 8 months ago +2

      Totally agree. Just got to convince the politicians.

    • TheGaymo
      TheGaymo 8 months ago

      It's a quite limiting self belief that those convicted of some light treason are disqualified from career progression. Hopefully General Petraeus can put that behind him and in future have more of a role than providing comments in the media. Iraq was a different war and a different time.

  • ulfpe
    ulfpe 8 months ago +138

    Loosing this war is by FAR more expensive then a stockpile of semi retired weapons

    • Nikolai Fegel
      Nikolai Fegel 8 months ago +3

      What nonsense....

    • Patrick C
      Patrick C 8 months ago +3

      We had no business over there, we should have remained neutral and out of it! Petraeus sounds like a war mongering loony...

  • Gregory Marsh
    Gregory Marsh 8 months ago +49

    I enjoy listening to the perspectives of both guests and chat room participants. Thank you to all for the scintillating conversation!

    • Gregory Marsh
      Gregory Marsh 8 months ago +1

      I was listening to a Russian blogger who fled the country. He is 23 years old and not interested in fighting for the former Soviet Union/Russia. I believe his Clip-Share channel is "Sanctioned Ivan"...his perspectives were interesting. I wonder how many others express the same views in private?

    • Doris Shanks
      Doris Shanks 8 months ago

      @Gregory Marsh Yes I watch him too but also watch Inside Russia with Konstantine, not moved to Uzbekistan for deeper analysis from the perspective of a Russian who spent 9 years living in the US and is not fooled by Putin.

  • 77thTrombone
    77thTrombone 8 months ago +37

    The voice of reason. No passion, no gimmicks, no platitudes, no evasion or dodginess. All questions answered. This is what flag/general officers should be-and nearly always are-about.

    • Corey Ham
      Corey Ham 8 months ago

      If the USA M1 Abrahms tank is so difficult to maintain and consumes so much fuel, then what the heck is the USA military doing with such a piece of weaponry. Should they not be or have developed a much better tank then.

    • Bill Bob
      Bill Bob 8 months ago +1


    • trisha wilson
      trisha wilson 8 months ago +1

      @Corey Ham The Americans do not need to send their Abrams tanks to another country for repairs. They can do it themselves. In Ukraine that is necessary. Also, in Ukraine there is uncertainty that the engines, railways and bridges would be able to cope with the transport of such a heavy vehicle, should it need to be exported for repairs.

    • 77thTrombone
      77thTrombone 8 months ago

      @Bill Bob what, me?! Ok, sport.

    • 77thTrombone
      77thTrombone 8 months ago

      @trisha wilson correct.
      1. Q: Why would the U.S. have it? A: for the same reason the U.S. Navy continued to buy P-3 Orions that they never requested for so many years. For the same reason the U.S. Air Force has been unable to stop operating the A-10 Warthog, despite repeated plans to do so. Because of congressional pork. The most successful military programs involve the most Congressional districts. This answer is a little cynical, but there is some truth to it.
      The Abrams would be a *white elephant* gift for Ukraine. You cite infrastructure risk (which I've heard elsewhere.) The general cited operational cost and maintenance effort (which I've also heard cited.) Diversity is not always a good thing. Give Ukraine Abrams, and:
      They need to double the size of their tank repair depots.
      Worse, the Abrams side (of the depot) has to be strong enough to support this behemoth. It's no good cracking the floor when the first customer rolls in.
      Turbine engines are lighter than diesel's, but the lifts (hoists) needed for wheel and axle work have to be stronger.
      I don't know, but if Abram's threaded fasteners are in inches, then the depot needs to at least double the number of socket sets on hand (tools _do_ break occasionally.)
      Entirely new outfit of turbine diagnostic equipment, requiring it's own maintenance chain.
      Etc, and all of it pulls maintenance resources from UAF's common base of "diesel tank" maintenance in the middle of a full scale war.
      And OBTW, the armor is classified.

  • Leonard Lackey
    Leonard Lackey 8 months ago +168

    We cannot afford to lose the opportunity to rid the world of the menace of Russia. We have never had an opportunity like this and cannot fail. We should do whatever it takes.

    • fasx56
      fasx56 8 months ago +20

      Leonard Your comment is one of the best thought out statements on this channel. If the West can bring down Russia economically and a clear failure on the Battlefield it will be the most valuable strategic victories we could ever hope for and a great blessing for the rest of the world.

    • MARIE
      MARIE 8 months ago +8

      Very well said

    • Billy Kotsos
      Billy Kotsos 8 months ago +7


  • andrew strongman
    andrew strongman 8 months ago +6

    M1's might be difficult to maintain, but they are probably the only modern Western tanks available in large numbers. They also have an engineer variant to recover any damaged or broken down vehicles. Repair facilities in Poland could be used to repair M1's sent back from Ukraine, just as Germany repairs and returns their Panzerhaubitze 2000's.

    • Brad Modd
      Brad Modd 8 months ago +1

      they run on jet fuel not diesel, this is the main logistic problem, not repairs

    • andrew strongman
      andrew strongman 8 months ago

      @Brad Modd That only means they would need additional supplies of jet fuel. Some of their T-80 variants run on turbine engines requiring the same fuel. Ukraine has pretty robust logistics so fuel wouldn't be that much of an issue. They also have an operational range of around 200 km's (off-road) before needing refuelling. The Leopard 2's off-road range is only 20 km more.

    • Ballooning*On* Mars
      Ballooning*On* Mars 8 months ago +1

      @andrew strongman Good point. According to Wikipedia the range of a Leo 2A7 is 500kms. It did not occur to me that this would be the range on the autobahn...

    • jd190d
      jd190d 8 months ago

      @Brad Modd No, the M1 can run on jet fuel, diesel ,gasoline and marine diesel. The engine can use any of them. I was a tanker on the M60 and we only used diesel. The M1's can use about any fuel. Look it up, you will see.

  • Jay D
    Jay D 8 months ago +48

    The General makes a number of really good points, and want to extend my gratitude for his service and input. Russia has shown the world how important NATO is to preventing an escalation over borders in Europe. Pres. Trump was wrong on this one, but understand his dismay at the time. NATO has brought many lazy countries into how important its role is. I am grateful to the US, UK, Poland, Germany, France, and all the other countries who are participating in aid to save lives. Much Love and support from Canada. Slava Ukraine...

    • jack burgess2
      jack burgess2 8 months ago +1

      >>"Russia has shown the world how important NATO is to preventing an escalation over borders in Europe."
      On the contrary, Russia has shown how important NATO is to _creating_ an escalation over borders in Europe.

    • Bruce Kliewer
      Bruce Kliewer 8 months ago +4

      President Trump was right on NATO members needing to pay their fair share of the commitments they made and he was right on the Nordstream II pipeline funding Russias war machine. What exactly was he wrong on concerning NATO and Russian oil and gas dependency by Europe? Some people think Trump was anti NATO, but I don’t think that was his issue. His issue to me was propping up Putin for Europe to get rich, while the USA funded the NATO defense against Putin. He viewed that as the USA getting the shaft.

  • Daniel Starczewski
    Daniel Starczewski 8 months ago +90

    Poland delivered more armoured vehicles than any of mentioned countries. 200 - T-72 at least.

    • Itay h-cohen
      Itay h-cohen 8 months ago +31

      I think Russia donated even greater numbers ;)

    • Yak Sei Minus
      Yak Sei Minus 8 months ago +5

      True because Poland feels the heat and could be next after Ukraine

    • B D
      B D 8 months ago +9

      @Yak Sei Minus No possible way that russia attacks any NATO countries. They have been almost completely destroyed by a country that didn't even have a military last year.

  • Bobbie Campbell
    Bobbie Campbell 8 months ago +126

    Ukraine needs long range arms to protect its territory. The USA and NATO could help benefit the Ukrainian military by supplying these, especially with them bombing a hundred missiles in a night across the country! God Bless Ukraine! ♥️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🇺🇦

    • Ted D
      Ted D 8 months ago +2

      They should’ve been provided a long time ago and this war would be much more closer, to being over.

    • CooCooKaChoo
      CooCooKaChoo 8 months ago

      Just send body bags

    • matt smith
      matt smith 8 months ago

      Needs but not getting

  • Eddie Mack
    Eddie Mack 8 months ago +36

    I feel that we should give Ukraine offensive drones because Iran has provided russia with them. This is a no brainer, why isn't anyone talking about this?
    2nd, people keep saying that ukraine will have the patriot missile system, but does anyone realize that this is months away? As well as the Bradley fighting vehicle.

    • Bill Gibbard
      Bill Gibbard 8 months ago +3

      Ukraine has used their own home-made drones to strike military targets inside Russia. The west providing equipment that strikes deep inside Russia, including drones and aircraft, increases the likelihood of a nuclear war. So, for now, this is not on the table. Note that general Petraeus did not mention providing Ukraine with aircraft.
      But general Petraeus made a good point about supplying equipment able to attack all of Crimea. He also made good points about supplying older but useful systems in Ukraine and donating low-cost systems that are both useful and in plentiful supply.
      The implication that I got from general Petraeus's talk was that a better ground attack capability for the Ukrainian military fighting in Ukraine was the way to go. Ukraine can defeat Russia militarily on the ground, in Ukraine -- if Ukraine is given more ground-fighting capability. Following this strategy, Ukraine would be given what it needs to win on the ground in Ukraine without greatly increasing the risk of nuclear war. No one can win a nuclear war.

    • Oneshothunter
      Oneshothunter 8 months ago

      @Bill Gibbard
      Well said! 👍

    • Eddie Mack
      Eddie Mack 8 months ago

      @Bill Gibbard I totally agree with you, but on 1 point. If Iran is sending attack drones to russia in order to strike deep inside Ukraine, then Nato needs to do the same.
      Also, no one is saying exactly when the bradley vehicles will arrive. These need to be there next week.

    • dericof
      dericof 8 months ago +1

      Announcements are made after the training and deployment decision. Ukraine probably already has Patriots and Bradleys ready to go

  • george georgakopoulos
    george georgakopoulos 8 months ago +12

    In Times Radio we trust

  • Judith Campbell
    Judith Campbell 8 months ago +8

    Thank you General Sir Petraeus for your service and your ongoing support for Ukraine. As a Canadian I'm so glad to have you on our side. We appreciate your time and help with the mess that the dictator Putin has brought to the free world! Bless you Sir. Thanks TR for all you do!

  • Nick
    Nick 8 months ago +10

    Thank you for having the general P on the show. Missed his analysis

  • Patsy Smith
    Patsy Smith 8 months ago +10

    Thank you America for helping Ukraine with the drones. They desperately need them. Thank you Times for the updates. Much appreciated it. Ukrainians remember you are not alone. God be with you always.

    • HIMARS M142
      HIMARS M142 8 months ago

      Thank you for support! I don't understand why we can't get all of the weapons needed to win fast in this war..

  • Lars Ronæs
    Lars Ronæs 8 months ago +26

    Ukraine knows best what they need the most, and they have proved they know how to use what we give them to good effect.
    Give Ukraine all that -we can- *they need* (then find a way to do it), and *now.* The sooner the better, for Ukraine, and for us.
    Slava Ukraini! - Heroyam Slava! - Stay safe!

    • Lars Ronæs
      Lars Ronæs 8 months ago +2

      Lost Cause Medical, civilian, infrastructure etc. aid, weapons, ammunition, money for hospital workers salaries, etc. etc. etc. And "your fckn money" will be paid at home in much higher number if you don't supply this to Ukraine, simply for your increased defense budget you need if Ukraine doesn't win this war. The money you spend on Ukraine now don't go into anyone's pocket except your own, as money you are saving. The more you give - the much more you save.

    • Lars Ronæs
      Lars Ronæs 8 months ago +1

      @Beebscalicor If you can't see the comment and (as I normally do) rightclick on "@Lost Cause" and open (in new tab?) the channel, try to Clip-Share search "Lost Cause channel" - but you still won't find it.
      Instead do this, and sorry I can't give the link. Open a black page, in the adress line write:: "www" and "." and "youtube" and "." and "/" and "@uglymane187" and "/" ...that should bring you to the well hidden Clip-Share profile. Lost Cause, an empty (or info hidden) account with no info at all, was created in may 2008 so this troll has 15 years of experience. I wouldn't be surprised to find Lost Cause in the comment sections of the US presidential election back in 2016.

    • Lars Ronæs
      Lars Ronæs 8 months ago +1

      @Pele 10 Oh, hi Pele 10, long time no see. I thought you got mobilized, how did you avoid it? Is Prigozhin still paying you too little?

  • Szybka Akcja
    Szybka Akcja 8 months ago +15

    All my life Russia considers itself the best in the world, I hate them for it. They attacked Ukraine and they blame Ukraine for it, I just pray very much that Ukraine will defeat them. Regards from Australia. A very good episode.

  • Marshall Mintz
    Marshall Mintz 8 months ago +16

    Russians have stood tall and proudly told the entire world "WE AIN'T TOO BRIGHT NOR ARE WE VERY BRAVE"

    • Christine McClymont
      Christine McClymont 8 months ago +3

      Nor are we well-equipped and lead! Low maintenance and morale as a consequence.

  • luis
    luis 8 months ago +12

    God be with the Ukrainian soldiers, truly fighting for Freedom.🙏🏻

    • Charlotte 66
      Charlotte 66 8 months ago


    • marshuswp
      marshuswp 8 months ago

      Amen! Slava Ukraini from Canada!

    • Charlotte 66
      Charlotte 66 8 months ago

      Yes!! Let Zelensky and his friends get away with the loot!!

  • Liz Hunter
    Liz Hunter 8 months ago +147

    Please just give them everything and anything they need to put a complete stop to all this madness and get rid of Putin as well!!

    • Bill Bob
      Bill Bob 8 months ago +2


    • Johan Stinson
      Johan Stinson 8 months ago +5


    • Sunny Wynn
      Sunny Wynn 8 months ago +4

      @Bill Bob you are the bot bob

    • Rob
      Rob 8 months ago +4

      That's easier said than done. As many things you have to think about. You have to remember you don't want certain weapons to be falling into enemy hands. Russia would be more than happy to know what type of armor the m1 Abrams uses. Also as the general alluded to, they need weapons platforms which are easy to use and easy to maintain. Many American platforms require tons of maintenance and years of experience to operate. That's something Ukraine can't afford right now.

  • r s
    r s 8 months ago +68

    Now this is a man that knows his stuff

    • J
      J 8 months ago +5

      He’s was probably the most intelligent person at the CIA and what happened to him was all political because he knows what he’s talking about

    • r s
      r s 8 months ago +7

      MSD Group Spending 5% of the military budget to destroy over 30% of your foe’s military in a conflict where you have no boots on the ground is an incredible return on investment!

    • r s
      r s 8 months ago

      @J yup! He was a smart guy for sure

    • r s
      r s 8 months ago

      MSD Group what has that got to do with the Russian army killing civilians in Ukraine?

  • Joseph Blogs
    Joseph Blogs 8 months ago +24

    A large jet powered hunter drone could perhaps be large enough to intercept and clasp onto incoming drones, then give them an EMP shock to destroy their comms and electronics. At that point they then attach a detonator, then carry them to a dump zone 9 say 1 KM x 1 KM ( farm field ) and release them and then explode them in their dump zone at say 100 metres above the ground and then return to base for refuelling.

  • tyrannosaurus in f14!
    tyrannosaurus in f14! 8 months ago +11

    Thank you General Petraeus for explaining the differences in the Leopard 2A5 and M1A2 Abrams tank platforms.

  • thedustyhead
    thedustyhead 8 months ago +9

    General Petraeus , Yes Yes and Yes !!

  • Hmoob Mekas
    Hmoob Mekas 8 months ago +3

    My question is why do we have to announce to the world everything we provide to Ukraine?

  • Tom D
    Tom D 8 months ago +4

    For the $ spent in Ukraine, it's reduced the Russian military capability more than all the $Trillions spent over the entire cold war did.

  • Elrico Farmer
    Elrico Farmer 8 months ago +31

    Whatever it takes to win and beat back the Orcs!
    Ukraine 🇺🇦 must win this war!
    Keep fighting, WE 🇺🇸 support you!

  • Justice 4 all
    Justice 4 all 8 months ago +11

    What a great mind, General Petraeus.

  • Joseph Blogs
    Joseph Blogs 8 months ago +32

    They need high speed ( 250 kph ) hunter drones with about a 10km range. Thousands of them. Something Ukrainians can also build with minimal training. They can use AI vision, heat seeking and radar ability direct or indirect via ground stations.

    • Vroooom+
      Vroooom+ 8 months ago

      Build with minimal training? Great idea but might need some serious rules to stop them taking out the wrong stuff.

    • Joseph Blogs
      Joseph Blogs 8 months ago +2

      Yep of course, however they can be pretrained based on the 3D Visual specs for each given enemy drone type. This can be done in a AI simulator first. That's how they do it nowadays, to get the AI up to speed quickly. There would not be much else up in their air at the time also, other than more enemy drones. Plus rules like don't detonate below a certain altitude etc... It would use multiple sensors to confirm it has identified the correct drone type. i.e. like AI vision, thermal heat signature, sound, speed, etc... I think they could get a pretty accurate indicator using multiple sensors. All sensors translate to data that can be handled by the AI engine.

    • Joseph Blogs
      Joseph Blogs 8 months ago +3

      You an always add a human in the loop for visual confirmation as it approaches the target drone.

    • Gregory Marsh
      Gregory Marsh 8 months ago

      @Joseph Blogs you post intriguing perspectives...thank you.

  • Shadrack Apa
    Shadrack Apa 8 months ago

    I agree with you general, drones played many many important tasks or roles in front lines just need few modifications to electronic warfare's and maybe much cheaper than supplying tanks and amoured vehicles

  • gary w
    gary w 8 months ago +1

    Leopard, perhaps, but not the two. The real issue with tanks is vision and target control, so there's actually no need for too advanced of a tank. Just tanks with the upgrades would be fine. The same goes for fighter jets. You need simplicity of maintenance, the ability to see twice as far as current Ukrainian jets can see, and the ability to shoot twice as far, as well. Once that is accomplished, you have parity, regardless of armor, speed, what have you.

  • Ukrainian Patriot
    Ukrainian Patriot 8 months ago +1

    Thank you, General Petraeus. Ukraine and many other countries are beholding to you.
    And thank you, Poland, Estonia, Latvian, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Hungary, the former states of Yugoslavia, Turkey, and many more, we thank you all. Obviously the USA, the UK, France and all of Free Europe (because Belarus is not free--good people/bad government). You know what Muscovy is.

  • undertow
    undertow 8 months ago

    Warfare is changing so fast with so much new capabilities and countermeasures. There is incalculable value for military planners to witness there usage on a modern battlefield. Now we’re gonna see how the bradley performs in a modern battle field with drones.

  • Travis
    Travis 8 months ago

    He’s really been great thru this whole conflict

  • Ben Andersson
    Ben Andersson 8 months ago +37

    Give them everything, Russia must lose fast. Cant let this go on forever

    • s buckle
      s buckle 8 months ago

      Yeah I’m sure your opinion is going to make the difference.

    • Des smith
      Des smith 8 months ago

      Nah keep going nato, watch it come down

    • Brad Graystock
      Brad Graystock 8 months ago +2

      Actually Russia already is losing quickly considering the turn around in just 10 months against a much smaller armed force.

  • Mensam Lucerna
    Mensam Lucerna 8 months ago +1

    As far as anti drone defense goes Norway has just developed a cheap Kamikaze drone that can attack and knock down enemy drones like a heat seeking rocket, meaning it doesn't need to be operated by a person, it's also fairly cheap since it's built with stock parts that are the same as in mass produced civilian drones. It's called Svale, the Norwegian word for the bird Swallow.

  • Gawk Thimm
    Gawk Thimm 8 months ago +5

    Leopard 2 tank operators; Austria, Canada, Chile, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey, estimated total numbers built; 3,600.

    • Marshall Mintz
      Marshall Mintz 8 months ago +3

      Give Ukraine 10% of those and the Wagner will cease to exist.

    • Gawk Thimm
      Gawk Thimm 8 months ago +1

      @Marshall Mintz I have been reading the details of the wiki page on those numbers, I would estimate that 20% are in long term storage and would require extensive maintenance, when you compare individual nations total number of tanks and how many is in active service.
      But even just of everybody committed to supplying a minimum of 2 or more + extra spareparts and training it would quickly ad up.

  • George McAulay
    George McAulay 8 months ago +29

    In Ukraine Russia faces 43 million troops. And around the western countries are training thousands more Ukrainian volunteers up to a high standard and kitted out I'm decent helmets and flak jackets ready to join their countrymen . They are beating off Goliath and 🇺🇦🇦🇺

    • jack burgess2
      jack burgess2 8 months ago +1

      >>"In Ukraine Russia faces 43 million troops"
      The present population of the territory presently under the control of the Kiev regime is less than 30 million.

    • righthandstep5
      righthandstep5 8 months ago +2

      @jack burgess2 wrong comrade

    • Kaz590
      Kaz590 8 months ago +1

      @righthandstep5 Ukraine had a population of around 44mil before the invasion. They have had about 10mil leave in the first few months.

    GEORGE WILKIE 8 months ago +3

    I had the good fortune to meet General Petraeus when he addressed US ARMY RANGER SCHOOL GRADUATES at their Graduation ceremonies. I'm proud to say that my Son graduated alongside the General's Son. I am also a US ARMY combat Veteran (505th PIR 82nd Airborne Division). I was in awe of Gen. Petraeus's Military and educational background. I was amazed to find out that the General actually has two PhD Doctorates as well as a slew of other Academic honors. The Gen. has also been in heavy combat and has been decorated for his actions under fire. Allow me to also add the General's humility and approachabilty was also quite impressive. Though I was not of Officers Rank (I was a Staff Sergeant E/6), the General treated me with respect and as a true Brother In Arms. As I remember this Warrior General, I often find myself wishing that maybe someday he may consider running for High political office.
    As General Petraeus was an Outstanding Military Leader, I am certain that he would also be an exceptional political Leader. All I can say is, Thank God our great American Nation has superior men, such as General David Petraeus.

  • Ron Morrison
    Ron Morrison 8 months ago +1

    We must support Ukraine as long as they are willing to fight for their independence!

  • K Cuzz
    K Cuzz 8 months ago +11

    I agree with General Petraeus . . . Give Ukraine the weapons that will truest help them win!

    • CompressorDoc
      CompressorDoc 8 months ago

      Why so they can be used against us in the next conflict?

    • CompressorDoc
      CompressorDoc 8 months ago

      And do you think that Ukraine is just gonna turn over those weapons when the wars over?

  • Virreal World
    Virreal World 8 months ago +1

    It's always nice to hear from an American General that did NOT try to overthrow our democratic governance.

  • Greg
    Greg 8 months ago

    The war in Ukraine could be used as a test of certain tech that needs some real life test data. Yes, there are issues but some of those could be worked around.

  • Greg Chapman
    Greg Chapman 8 months ago +53

    This guy is a war genius ,give Ukraine the big stuff now

    • Tom D
      Tom D 8 months ago

      At least let them get the next level of gear now, they have the Russians on the run, let them finish the job. Predators, not Reapers will still do the work, and another 20-60 HIMARS with the improved munitions could end this stalemate in Donbas and Luhansk and open up Kherson and Zaporizhia and start the freeing of Crimea. For that they will need yet another boost, more HARM, Harpoon, Paveway and maybe even some aircraft.

    • Rob Surname
      Rob Surname 8 months ago

      @Tom D Ukraine has no chance and the West do not actually want them to win. Some areas in former Ukraine have voted to be part of Russia now anyway

  • John Hudson
    John Hudson 8 months ago +22

    Politicians need to listen to Generals with regard to Ukraine 🇺🇸🇺🇦

  • HKim0072
    HKim0072 8 months ago +8

    UA is paying with blood and NATO is gaining valuable intel on battleground strategies.

  • Kim
    Kim 8 months ago +44

    Leopard 2 are definitely something Ukrainians should have gotten a long time ago. Not going to mention all the reasons to why Leo 2 is a good choice for UA.

    • Necromancer
      Necromancer 8 months ago

      But not 2A4. Ukraine need upgraded leopard with reactive armor because a lot of atgms there.

    • Walterwaltraud
      Walterwaltraud 8 months ago

      Germany has 320 total, 240 operational. The US has 3700 (!) in stock only, which they could easily give to Eastern European NATO members for their T72s, PT91s and TR85/850s. That adds up to 1100 tanks which are fully compatible in maintenance, gun size (well, mostly)... and should have been started mid March.

  • Chuck Kottke
    Chuck Kottke 8 months ago +4

    It's true that the US has spent a lot to help Ukraine, 50 billion dollars is a significant amount of money, but we spend 1,640 billion every year on defense, we have a 21,000 billion dollar economy just for comparison, highlighting what 21 Trillion dollar looks like and how insignificant spending 50 billion dollars on Ukraine is by comparison. We, as a nation among free nations, should be sending more to Ukraine, as a matter of empathy for our fellow men and women fighting for freedom, and as a check on the spread of totalitarianism globally. Examples of free prosperous democratic republics right on the border of Russia will affect outcomes with Russia as well, since the people there will see by example what better options they have if they strive to change their country internally.

    • pamela cassise
      pamela cassise 8 months ago +1

      I feel putting billions helping a country stay a democracy, stay free, and stop Russia from expanding is worth every penny. We spent over $2.3 Trillion on the Afganistan war and lost American troops too, which is much more costly and for what? We have strengthened NATO tremendously and shown all other authoritarian regimes just how strong democratic countries are, how united, and how living with freedom is the most powerful and influential driving force in human beings. Money means nothing if you are not free, so we must back Ukraine more and send those evil regimes running away in fear.

  • Robert Wysocki
    Robert Wysocki 8 months ago +1

    I thought they were also using special electromagnetic guns to bring down some enemy drones earlier in the war.

  • John Hudson
    John Hudson 8 months ago +4

    Thank you for your service and excellent advice.

  • Maria VM
    Maria VM 8 months ago +6

    Generals Petraeus and Hodges are our American pride. They are brilliant.

  • N Sierra
    N Sierra 8 months ago +1

    Russia is about to find out what a huge economic and technological advantage can do in war.

  • Lew Pearson
    Lew Pearson 8 months ago +1

    Small drones can be used to deliver ordinance and also for recon. Perhaps 1 drone person per squad.

  • marshuswp
    marshuswp 8 months ago +2

    General Petraeus is 100% right! Slava Ukraini from Canada!

  • chaosXpert
    chaosXpert 8 months ago +7

    I see a lot of people complain about the USA "leading the West", but the General talking about German politicians begging for the USA to provide 5 Abrams will get them to provide dozens of Leopards 2's just shows how much no nation in the West wants to take the lead. I think it was France stepping up to provide the AMX-10RC that finally broke the ice on heavier vehicles like the Bradley and Marder. NATO capabilities aren't the issue. The issue is that leadership in the West is sitting around, nervously wringing their hands. But it's ridiculous. As others have already pointed out, if Putin wants to escalate, he'll find an excuse to do so, just like the Christmas "ceasefire". General Petraeus and General Hodges are really the men to be listening to on this kind of stuff. There's no excuse to not provide these small-diameter bombs for the HIMARS. The longer this war goes on, the more people will suffer and the more damage there will be. The USA has had this annoying tendency in the past 40-50 years of being afraid to commit to victory. War is the consequences of the failure of diplomacy. You cannot get any worse than war. So why not just rip off the band-aid and get it over with? You need to commit to victory or your just prolonging the suffering and destruction.

    • Nikolai Fegel
      Nikolai Fegel 8 months ago

      Ukraine also attacked NATO territory, claiming it was Russia and calling for a third world war...but your rockets have gps....So it turned out they were Ukrainian missiles/American...sylenki's answer...hupsala

    • Nikolai Fegel
      Nikolai Fegel 8 months ago

      Russia wanted to go to the capital of Ukraine and simply take it, he came with 5 tanks on the first day...Wanted to solve it as peacefully as possible, but Sylenskij said no, I'm not giving power to Putin and that's why there was war...The Ukrainian people shouldn't have suffered. They only do it so that Sylenski has the say instead of Putin...

    • Walterwaltraud
      Walterwaltraud 8 months ago

      @Nikolai Fegel someone from the troll farm... where do you live?

    • None Gone
      None Gone 8 months ago

      It's what happens when you let ministers with absolutely no clue on defense, cut the defense spending for years on end.

  • W A
    W A 8 months ago +10

    Great interview.

  • Kathleen Austin
    Kathleen Austin 8 months ago +4

    Thank you for your service!!! Russia must be stopped by all means possible!!! I pray for all the Ukraine people for a end to this senseless war!!!🇺🇦🙏👍💪

  • InfoScholar
    InfoScholar 8 months ago

    This guy said, in an interview, the third day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, when asked, when will Kyisv fall, he responded, "The Russian military will never take Kyiv." So, listen to this guy. He is the man.

  • stuartgraca
    stuartgraca 8 months ago +1

    There may be the argument that it is better now to supply all possible weapons because the result of an extended war will cause depletion of stocks and no win scenario. If Ukraine is capable of a large scale attack , and that may be the concern of NATO , then it is better sooner than later and they could regain their borders to the East and fight a longer battle for Crimea by cutting the Crimean bridge and getting back their air supremacy .

  • Rusudan Datukashvili
    Rusudan Datukashvili 8 months ago

    Thank you General!

  • Luigi Riccardo
    Luigi Riccardo 8 months ago

    General Petraeus has a good insight of what Ukraine needs and what works for an effective offensive success for Ukraine before Russia tries anything.

  • Raymond Fleet
    Raymond Fleet 8 months ago

    You can never put a price tag on a human life

  • Legendary Infortainment
    Legendary Infortainment 8 months ago +3

    I could listen to the sweet lullaby of General Petraeus' analysis of current opportunities prevailing in Ukraine for any duration, he is one very fine officer indeed and speaks the purest of simple reason.Though I was a swabbie, I'd certainly follow his lead if needed, commanded or not. Many thanks.

  • Bob Mathieson
    Bob Mathieson 8 months ago

    Please bear in mind the fact that Germany has assisted and surpassed every other country in Europe in contributions to Ukraine. This is despite ongoing criticism by the media and certain politicians to the contrary. From here in New Zealand, Danke Deutschland!

  • Marcus Antonius
    Marcus Antonius 8 months ago +2

    Great Man. Like you Mr Gen Patraeus 👍
    Its a desaster with finding weapons here in Germany. And providing UA in time.

  • J Bouchard
    J Bouchard 8 months ago +6

    Thanks Times Radio!

  • Rob the accountant
    Rob the accountant 8 months ago

    Well Said General, me thinks its time to expand the department you use to lead. 1,000% we should also discuss the legal framework for eliminating spies that utilize hit teams on foreigner targets this discussion has to happen.

  • Robbieinch1
    Robbieinch1 8 months ago

    General Petraeus is so right,
    And again his knowledge of these weapons+ his obvious expertise is incredible,
    Ukraine can and will defeat Putin's evil regeime with this type of help.
    He says it as it is
    Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • Huub Velthuis
    Huub Velthuis 8 months ago

    Letsgo Allies! greetings from the Netherlands. Thank you General Petraeus! Slava Ukraine!

  • World Today
    World Today 8 months ago +23

    Ukraine 🇺🇦 needs more modern weapons and equipment now 🇺🇦
    Victory to Ukraine 🇺🇦 🇬🇧 🇺🇸

  • stuartgraca
    stuartgraca 8 months ago

    There is a huge difference between wars with 10,000 to 25,000 and what is happening in Ukraine were you probably have 500,000 each side , so 40 tanks for an example ,is not going to change much even though they may cost 60 million dollars , its the same for air defense systems, covering so many large cities abd country wide electric grids , there is a need for hundreds of systems and remember a lot of cities and towns are being shelled each day .

  • tonupharry
    tonupharry 8 months ago +36

    Nato tanks and armour in storage while ukranians fight and die poorly equipped for us is a disgrace.

    • English colonialism civilised the world.
      English colonialism civilised the world. 8 months ago

      They probs just wouldn't be able to use most of them let alone fuel them.

    • Greggan!
      Greggan! 8 months ago +1

      People are welcomed there to fight, or with any halp you can provide - yes you too.

    • Tom A
      Tom A 8 months ago +1

      How much did you donate?

    • Bill Gibbard
      Bill Gibbard 8 months ago

      More equipment and supplies are coming. More is in the pipeline. It takes time to give orders and move all this stuff. Ships are needed to get equipment and supplies across the Atlantic. With all the logistics involved that could take a couple of months. It could take months longer if orders have to be given to suppliers and stocks have to be manufactured. Logistics takes time.

  • Steve Thompson
    Steve Thompson 8 months ago +29

    The responsibility and restraint that the Ukrainian’s have shown with the weapons they’ve received so far, I’d be comfortable giving them tactical nukes.
    Talk about a deterrent!

    • Bill Gibbard
      Bill Gibbard 8 months ago

      Would you be happy with putting a nuclear weapon in the hands of a child? You don't even know who you would be giving the nuclear weapon to. You are talking foolish nonsense.

    • Brad Graystock
      Brad Graystock 8 months ago

      Talk about WW3

    • Natalie Turko
      Natalie Turko 8 months ago

      @Bill Gibbard Are you insinuating that Ukraine having nuclear weapons would be like handing them to a child? Ukraine has shown courage and amazing military skills, in record time. Ukraine had nuclear weapons after the Cold War, but surrendered them to Russia as per the terms of the Budapest Memorandum. Big mistake, as it would have been a significant deterrent to a Russian invasion. Russia promised, in this agreement, to respect Ukraine's territorial integrity. Guess what? They lied.

  • Bill Granddaddy
    Bill Granddaddy 8 months ago +4

    GREAT interview!

  • Kagisano Peace Tamocha
    Kagisano Peace Tamocha 8 months ago +10

    Now the General is speaking

  • eaglesnest1940
    eaglesnest1940 8 months ago +1

    I watch colonel Douglas McGregor channel who has been in the battle Field as a tank commander .
    Also Scott Ritter channel is great informative viewing you don't see this on MSM.

  • Alus Mark Maliwa
    Alus Mark Maliwa 8 months ago +2

    Best wishes from PNG 🇵🇬.

  • Nemrac
    Nemrac 8 months ago +7

    Thank you! 💚
    Greetings from Austria!

  • Patrick B
    Patrick B 8 months ago

    I agree 100% with General Petraeus, we must give Ukraine all it needs to beat the aggressor. After all, Ukraine is not just defending itself, but its also fighting our war, defending our values of international law and order.

  • Csonra Csonra
    Csonra Csonra 8 months ago

    The easy he pronounced leopard as layopard just blows my mind

  • A Smeekens
    A Smeekens 8 months ago

    Good job!

  • Paul Matthews
    Paul Matthews 8 months ago +1

    If Russia can make civilian infrastructure inoperable, then Ukraine should be able to do the same to the Russian army at the least

  • Gayzenon
    Gayzenon 8 months ago +11

    ❤Ukrainian ❤

  • Randy Hergenrether
    Randy Hergenrether 8 months ago +3

    Where are the Mig-29's that were going to be given to Ukraine thru Poland months ago? Maybe Ukraine will miraculously find the Migs on a rural airfield somewhere near to Kyiv in the next week or two?

    • buravan15
      buravan15 8 months ago

      Thet were actually given to UA, they bombarded the SNAKE ISLAND 🏝️... After that, they never lasted another week in the sky.

  • Bill Rosmus
    Bill Rosmus 8 months ago +1

    The Leopard 2 is much better than the Abrams. In combat capabilities the Leopard 2 is every bit as good as a modern Abrams tank. The fact it was built based on Germany's WW2 experience where their tanks were not practically maintainable in a war zone, is what makes the Leopard 2 much better than the Abrams. The Leopard has been built with maintainability as a major requirement. You can swap a power unit in a Leopard in an hour, and then fix the broken one elsewhere. And then there is the fuel economy; way better in the Leopard.

  • Adrian Belkin
    Adrian Belkin 8 months ago

    The US Gov. should listen to General Petraeus!

  • Cosmic Code
    Cosmic Code 8 months ago

    22 billion? He is a general and he is not aware that USA and EU given up to 100 billion or some since last year. Astounding.

  • Dieter Ziehe
    Dieter Ziehe 8 months ago

    Now I understand, that US has a ferderal reserve on fuel for very bad situations. In former time I thougt it is only for compensating rising fuel prices in case of rising crude oil prices. Best regards and thanks to the US for the helping out, becaue Europe is unable to give Ukraine enough military hardware to fight against the russian conquering of European land . Dieter from Germany.

  • Rafael Ernesto Rosabal
    Rafael Ernesto Rosabal 8 months ago

    9:00 Best question ever!

  • Bikeaddict
    Bikeaddict 8 months ago +8

    Note to wet politicians “Give the Ukrainians what they need and do it now !)

  • Kevin Martin
    Kevin Martin 8 months ago +1

    Thanks for the tip, General. I'll buy shares in the company too now.