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How to make a simple wire clamp!!


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  • Brandon P
    Brandon P Month ago +897

    You’re great, thanks for sharing. This really is better than the 87 cents I was saving all year for my hose clamp

    • pandymen
      pandymen Month ago

      I have lost braincells watching this. It may have been due to the beer that I'm drinking, but it's more likely this video.

    • Kenneth Smith
      Kenneth Smith Month ago

      hahahaha 🤣

    • Vivecmanshe
      Vivecmanshe Month ago

      A brain, of which no one else can provide you.
      You can get hose clamps way cheaper than that. Bundles of them are comically cheap.

    • nowonmetube
      nowonmetube Month ago

      87 cents hose clamp? Source?

    • P47
      P47 Month ago

      For all the work and it can be used again. A spool of wire costs less than the equivalent in jubilee's.

  • Alden Rogers
    Alden Rogers Month ago

    Might work for a week, then falls off after you move the hose around a few times that will inevitably bend those week prongs.

  • Samael Sandalphon
    Samael Sandalphon Month ago +209

    I'll remember this the next time I work hourly.

    • Agustus Farnworth
      Agustus Farnworth 28 days ago +2

      This video now makes sense it’s a how to guide for the hourly wage plumbing!

    • Dennis Bonville
      Dennis Bonville Month ago +1

      Lmfao for real!!!’

  • Oscar Antonio Flores Duarte

    Excelente idea para apretar una manguera a un tubo.

  • Jon Schick
    Jon Schick Month ago

    That’s incredible!

  • Señor Latino
    Señor Latino Month ago

    I heard pliers and tie wire work pretty good

  • Señor Latino
    Señor Latino Month ago

    I heard pliers and tie wire work pretty good

  • Dan Duvall
    Dan Duvall Month ago

    Wow how innovative. I think I'll just not be cheap and go to Autozone and buy a whole set of them that will last me a couple of years.

  • Lucario
    Lucario Month ago

    Very entertaining, thanks

  • Chadwick Heine
    Chadwick Heine Month ago +106

    *Replaces door hinges with wire clamps
    Job well done 👏🏻

  • Anurag Gupta
    Anurag Gupta Month ago

    Wow we usually get iron tightener they rust...this is copper... Nice work... Wow

  • Leonardo Lantelme
    Leonardo Lantelme Month ago

    Muy simple, solo me falta casi todo 😂😂😂

  • Tony The Truck Guy
    Tony The Truck Guy Month ago

    Just buy a $1 clamp from the hardware store 😂 Some of these “life hacks” I tell ya.

  • Jessica Cooper
    Jessica Cooper Month ago

    The last time I bought hose clamps they were almost $2 a piece, now if u made that thing and could actually find it everytime u needed it, it may eventually be worth ones time to make it. But I lose my phone at least twice a day, so to the store I shall still be going cause I lost the extra clamps I bought the last time. Lol

  • Goffeez
    Goffeez Month ago +6

    My favourite part was when he showed the “simple” part.

  • Live Streaming
    Live Streaming Month ago

    I’ll just buy a scents of clamps than stressing my brain cells. 😂

  • Donny Williams
    Donny Williams Month ago

    I want to get into fastening things other then a nut and bolt , welding so on and so fourth

  • DubYa
    DubYa Month ago

    If I ever boarded an airplane with a bad hose in my carry-on bag, and the airplane crashed on a desert island with not a hose clamp around for miles... Awwww dang it. Even in that situation it would make absolutely no sense...

  • Amy Suggs
    Amy Suggs Month ago

    That one bolt cost more than the clamp would have.. why?

  • Андрей Андреев
    Андрей Андреев 2 months ago +15

    Это тот случай когда легче найти тески, болгарку, дверную петлю, болт с гайкой, медную проволоку, сломать мозг чем взять хомутик и затянуть😂

    • Владимир Цыбульский
      Владимир Цыбульский Month ago

      Да , кому эта хрень нада ?

    • ASinov
      ASinov Month ago

      Главное не метод, а результат. Не в этом случае!

    • NKN82
      NKN82 Month ago +1

      Эту проволку можно затянуть и просто плоскогубцами или даже одной отверткой.

  • Eli
    Eli Month ago

    i love crafting!

  • Андрей Галин

    Very simple...

  • Elida Julian
    Elida Julian Month ago


  • Joe Williams
    Joe Williams Month ago

    That is really cool

  • Ivan King
    Ivan King Month ago +3

    Pretty sure Gronk invented a hose clamp just after he invented the wheel.

  • C H E
    C H E Month ago

    Im going to make all my own nails and screws now too!

  • たた
    たた Month ago +6


    • chrispow
      chrispow 26 days ago

      Yo pensé lo mismo Taka por qué dime tú eso no está sujeto como debería ser

  • Ohmed Kizerz
    Ohmed Kizerz Month ago

    Oh definitely that's so much more simple then a drive to home depot or 2 minutes on Amazon...

  • Степан Овчинников

    Проще это сделать вязальным крюком для проволоки.

  • Mathew Underwood
    Mathew Underwood 2 months ago +197

    It is so much easier to have all these materials rather than a $.10 hose clamp! Thank you so much!!!

    • João Texerinha
      João Texerinha Month ago

      ​@Chubbs Anthony

    • Mr. Meeseeks
      Mr. Meeseeks  Month ago

      @Chubbs Anthony Get bent and learn to properly wrench.

    • TerribleDuck
      TerribleDuck 2 months ago +1

      ​@Chubbs Anthony bot located

    • уеаr2023
      уеаr2023 2 months ago

      you fool...в ядерную войну не будет хомутов за 0.10₽ ....))))

    • Chubbs Anthony
      Chubbs Anthony 2 months ago +2

      With 1.3 million views on a simple video, EFF your 10cent hose clamp

  • SKYGuy
    SKYGuy Month ago

    I could have done the same thing with a pair of vicegrips

  • Ken Booth
    Ken Booth Month ago


  • Viper Critical Ops and More

    Cant you just use a zip tie?

  • Jacob McGavin
    Jacob McGavin Month ago

    This is would be super cool in like a sema car😁

  • D-Easy
    D-Easy 2 months ago +9200

    “I don’t have $3, but I got an entire weekend and ALL the power tools!!!”

  • Samir
    Samir Month ago

    50p hose clamp out of £2 worth of hardware, a dremel, a hammer and wire cutters + about 20 min to make it

  • Shiva's Chimera
    Shiva's Chimera Month ago

    Love the V brand.

  • spark lights
    spark lights Month ago

    genius 👌👍💯

    II D3ADB1RD II Month ago

    So I just need 7 other tools and items that I need to buy from a hardware store to make the simple tool I could’ve bought from the hardware store

  • Uber Owl
    Uber Owl 2 months ago +36

    What a great idea considering how incredibly cheap copper is at the moment. Though I am kinda surprised that he didn’t use gold, since it’s an even cheaper material

    • rigman031977
      rigman031977 2 months ago

      ​@Uber Owl gold on the other hand would be a cheaper alternative, IF cheap is referencing a poor choice of material for the task at hand...

    • Uber Owl
      Uber Owl 2 months ago +1

      @Craig Sharpe the wire he uses as a clamp (which btw a whole pack of cost like $1.29) is made of copper and the price for copper is going through the roof right now.
      It’s so incredibly idiotic to use copper for anything other than it really needs to be used for, due to how expensive it is.

    • elderpebler
      elderpebler 2 months ago +2

      @lawrencemacd63 what do you think the wire is made out of bruh

    • lawrencemacd63
      lawrencemacd63 2 months ago

      What’s copper got to do with it 🤔

    • Craig Sharpe
      Craig Sharpe 2 months ago

      ????? Copper prices??? Not sure what your saying but....

  • I alrea
    I alrea Month ago

    love it

  • Andrew
    Andrew Month ago

    For a second I thought you were going to make a Batman symbol out of that nail head

  • Mitchell Patterson
    Mitchell Patterson Month ago

    Oh boy will this guy be excited when someone introduces them to hose clamps.

  • Masen Stephens
    Masen Stephens Month ago

    Absolutely not don't do this unless you are only doing it temporarily that copper after being worked like that becomes brittle and will snap after a short time

  • Unique
    Unique Month ago

    There are instruments called adams plier n universal plier

  • Andom Andom
    Andom Andom Month ago

    sangat bermanfaat 👍

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson Month ago +1

    I'll never buy a screw clamp again. JUST KIDDING YOU !!!

  • Joseph Carrdus
    Joseph Carrdus Month ago +49

    I’ll remember this for next time I run out of zip ties all I need to do is go to the hardware store to buy some bolts which I don’t have and an angle grinder and spend my weekend messing on with a hinge. And just like that! I’ve successfully replace a 2 cent piece of kit which takes much less long to put on and is very widely available!

  • SA4
    SA4 2 months ago +7

    Yes since hose clamps are very hard and expensive to get when compared with angle grinders, door hinges, etc

  • Kalin
    Kalin Month ago

    Hose clamps are like 50¢ basically everywhere and are already premade! No power tools needed.

  • helotouchdown
    helotouchdown Month ago

    I'd be behind this but you wasted copper on it. Might be useful if you did this a lot and used steel wire, and didn't want to keep a box of 300 different sized clamps around

  • Jaseem
    Jaseem Month ago

    فكره بسيطه بس عملعا رائع

  • Justin Julian
    Justin Julian Month ago

    Simple isn't what I would call it. I guess its simple once the tool is manufactured lol.

  • 青木康太「インディゴ」

    Love to see the content (and fanbase) for FunkFPV continues to grow steadily

    • Gaming Rockstar
      Gaming Rockstar 2 months ago


    • Leeroy Jenkins
      Leeroy Jenkins 2 months ago

      he is out lord and saviour

    • Dursun.X
      Dursun.X 2 months ago +1

      🤘🏻 Magic Pliers brigade reporting for duty!

    • Dominic Malfara
      Dominic Malfara 2 months ago +2

      “Look at this goofy fuckin thing”😅

    • John Easterling
      John Easterling 2 months ago +8

      Hahaha, I was just thinking "can't wait to see this on funkfpv"

  • Harry Hwt
    Harry Hwt Month ago

    Ah yes spend 10 dollars plus time to save 2 dollars for a set of clamps I get this is good to know if the apocalypse happens but there's easier ways to make those clamps

  • Хельга Батьковна


  • g robles
    g robles Month ago

    Solid 👌👍

  • Dynomantar
    Dynomantar Month ago

    How to spend $7 making something that costs $3.

  • Will Hutton
    Will Hutton 2 months ago +6

    I was surprised how precise he was able to use that angle grinder! Good work man!

  • J S Grimes
    J S Grimes Month ago

    Nice! Great job if you got the extra time to over think a clamp, extrat hardware to destroy.
    Should this be flagged/reported as spam or misleading?

  • ララちゃん
    ララちゃん Month ago +54


  • Bud Greenleaf
    Bud Greenleaf Month ago

    The easiest and most inexpensive way to make wire clamps is to pop your butt in your truck and drive to a hardware store

  • uttam singh
    uttam singh Month ago +1

    I don't know Why does Clip-Share recommend this video?
    I am never gonna do this even if I learn this by the video.

  • Br1ght
    Br1ght Month ago

    If you’d actually showed instead of just editing I’d be glad

    EAGLEREŞ Month ago


  • Matt
    Matt Month ago

    I need to start with finding those supplies first

  • John B
    John B Month ago +1

    C-clap is like, not even a whole dollar...

  • HVAC Life
    HVAC Life 2 months ago +5

    Those wire clamps work great. I have some that have been under pressure for like 8 years and they are still holding well!

  • Bekjon Jaloliddinov


  • mbshick
    mbshick Month ago

    Wait. So it requires not just a hinge, but a bolt that’s the right length and fits the hing perfectly and a wing nut that matches the threads on the bolt? It’s clever, but who is this video for?

  • коммунист
    коммунист Month ago

    И зачем когда специальные фиксаторы продаются по 5 копеек за штуку?

  • Josef Kohl
    Josef Kohl Month ago

    Good idea...

  • Kyle Gates
    Kyle Gates 2 months ago +4600

    I swear I lose brain cells every time I watch one of these, and I don't have many left.

    • Everyday Sollers
      Everyday Sollers 12 days ago

      @Imozart0341I or in my case, my husband 😂

    • Imozart0341I
      Imozart0341I 12 days ago +1

      You have to do something in the garage when trying to get away from your wife.

    • Deverson Batista
      Deverson Batista Month ago

      Deve ser por causa da maconha

    • Everyday Sollers
      Everyday Sollers Month ago

      Comment of the day for me 🤣

    • Rick Ramirez
      Rick Ramirez Month ago

      Then you better stop smoking that craps 😎

  • Adam 熊さん
    Adam 熊さん Month ago +816

    When you watch so much FunkFPV that you finally get one in the wild.

  • John Wade
    John Wade Month ago

    Why not just use vice grips and save yourself a lot of work? Just saying…

  • Donlookatme
    Donlookatme Month ago

    I just know that guy who tells simple facts about tools is gonna roast this vid soo fucking hard.

  • Yubelka Lopez
    Yubelka Lopez Month ago

    you should know what we do with some pliers.

  • yesteryear gears
    yesteryear gears 2 months ago +5

    They actually sell tools for this exact purpose of making wire clamps. They have many uses not just for a hose. These tools are quite expensive so this is actually a pretty nice tool

  • 하린 0v0
    하린 0v0 Month ago

    ??: 이상하당... 이정도면 간단한뎅...?

  • Simple creations
    Simple creations 22 days ago

    Wow what a great invention sir...thanks for sharing, that's gonna be a useful one...God Bless...🙂♥️😉

  • BOA-SGT_REAPER Livestreams

    The parts are more expensive than the proper part required for that job lmfao why you didn’t just by an adjustable o clamp

  • JAM
    JAM Month ago

    Now this is called simple in sarcasm

  • Errr Rus
    Errr Rus Month ago

    Зачем просто, когда можно сложно.

  • Em comunhão com o criador

    Muito bom, gostei!

  • MinkMink
    MinkMink Month ago

    how to ruin a perfectly good hinge and bolt with only 300$ worth of tools

  • Алексей
    Алексей Month ago

    Для критинов у которых нет 8 руб чтобы купить специальный хомут.. это видео как раз пригодится

  • Joe Mac
    Joe Mac Month ago +712

    I'll remember this the next time I want to buy $300 in tools to make a $1 part. 👍

    • Subtle Name
      Subtle Name 28 days ago

      @John Tillman come on mate, if you can grind and Mig weld an old door hinge then you're not in the bush. If you're not in the bush, use the right tool for the job. Right too for this job is a hose clamps and not a roll of copper wire.

    • John Tillman
      John Tillman 28 days ago

      the point is oif your building something you already likely have tools.....if you don't have tool of your own then unlikely your trying to fix anything yourself, you'd be the type to call someone else. This is for people that fix their own stuff which apparently isn't you

    • Akun • 10 years
      Akun • 10 years 28 days ago

      You don't have angle grinder and a vise clamp? poor you

    • Beyond Backwater
      Beyond Backwater 29 days ago

      A grinder, nail and wire.. $300?

    • Subtle Name
      Subtle Name Month ago

      @Dizastermaster So you're saying that everyone with a $300 disk grinder already has hose clamps or... they just inherently don't need them? I'm confused...

  • Darkness
    Darkness 2 days ago

    Ah yes one of my favorite simple wire clamps!

  • The Angel
    The Angel Month ago

    Estoy segro q si tiene una maquina de disco para cortar. Debe de tener un alicate para apretar ese alambre. A eso le llame tiempo y piezas perdidas. 🤦‍♂️

  • Sean Robinson
    Sean Robinson Month ago

    Copper wire 20 cents, hinge $4 bolt $1. Wire clamp 50 cents. Seems pointless to me.

  • C Watson
    C Watson Month ago

    Or, just buy a 25 cent hose clamp.

  • Dominic Difuccia
    Dominic Difuccia 2 months ago +71

    Welcome back to another episode of making something in a way that costs more and takes more time than just going to the store and buying the thing

    • Ryan O'Keefe
      Ryan O'Keefe 2 months ago

      Welcome back to another comment from someone that doesn't realise there is a world outside of their own, where stores are not open on weekends and are often hours away.
      Most of these videos are complete garbage, but this video shows a simple tool being made that completes a job quickly and easily... You then use the tool on the next joint that you need to clamp... They KEY here is that its a TOOL to tighten the wire clamp.
      Once the tool is made, you don't need to remake it every time you want to clamp something.

    • vedo94 x
      vedo94 x 2 months ago +1

      I didnt even know a tool for this existed.

    • Terence Jay
      Terence Jay 2 months ago +1

      I've got to stop watching these because at the end of each one, I say 'Oh FFS...'

    • Fringe Wizard
      Fringe Wizard 2 months ago +4

      Yep. It's like when I realized taking apart bad palettes aren't even worth my time because the recip saw blades cost me too much and wear out too fast so I become more selective in what palettes I take for my projects and sometimes just buy the wood for some parts I need.

  • Robby V.
    Robby V. Month ago

    People don't get it. Hose clamps are shit compared to this. They only bind in one area of the circumference.....this is far superior.

  • Thiago Vasconcelos Araujo

    Bem simples!

  • Mesran Hobbies
    Mesran Hobbies Month ago


  • Stephen Tyas
    Stephen Tyas Month ago +10

    I love the sound effects.I wish I could get those sounds when I was working.

    • Karl Westerhoff
      Karl Westerhoff 26 days ago +2

      Lmao especially the check mark sound when completing tasks. I’d get so much done 😅😂

    • Static Klingon
      Static Klingon 26 days ago +1

      You’re not working fast enough!

  • 불곰
    불곰 Month ago +85

    "자 이제 뭐가 간단하지 말해줘"

    • Mtlover
      Mtlover Month ago

      걍 넘ㅇ가😂😂

    • 10번타자
      10번타자 Month ago

      ​@루네아 내 말이 .ㅋㅋ

      KRACKER ALVAREZ Month ago

      La Arepa Paisa es más simple.

    • J2
      J2 Month ago

      한국은 저런거 필요없이 뺀치만 있으면
      손기술이 좋아서 더 잘만들어버림

    • JC Guerra
      JC Guerra Month ago


  • sandeep dhiman
    sandeep dhiman Month ago

    Innovation are future growths

  • DonkLord
    DonkLord Month ago

    Bruh does no one know what hose clamps are for?

  • Алиса Сармат

    Испортить петлю , чтоб закрутить проволоку , это не по нашему....