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Dehydrated fruit is tasty and nutritious on our long-distance outdoor adventures!

  • Published on Jan 21, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Many recipes on our website: thruhikers.co
    Music by @tellyourstorymusicbyikson

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  • Joshua Parque
    Joshua Parque 2 months ago +13055

    Dehydrated applesauce specifically is so underrated. It’s like the candy of dehydrated fruit and just so good

    • Jons LG
      Jons LG 4 days ago

      I'd love to try it.. though I do question dehydrated foods "lower weight" value, considering you have to carry more water to stay hydrated on a long hike, since you took all the water out of your food lol

    • Pamela Rose
      Pamela Rose 4 days ago

      Kinda taste like a fruit rollup but better 😂

    • Nathan
      Nathan 4 days ago

      ​@JC Green or if you make the applesauce from whole apples. It's actually not that hard (:

    • Don't reply to me
      Don't reply to me 19 days ago

      ​@M E dude doesn't know what malnourished means 😂

    • Alex McCart
      Alex McCart Month ago

      ​@M E compared you they probably do look like that.

  • Juan Fernando Sarria Betancourt

    Pro tip: if you weight the food before dehydrating it, you can add just enough water to bring that exact amount of water back and it'll taste perrrrfect

    • Debra Westbrook
      Debra Westbrook 2 days ago

      Yes! I know nothing about dehydrating food, but this is essentially what I was taught in chemistry in highschool.

    • Cami
      Cami Month ago

      @crooks they might not use as much water as the fruit initially had. Also so much easier to pack fruit leather than jars of apple sauce

    • SilentWolf20
      SilentWolf20 Month ago

      @crooks ​ their already carrying water so it doesnt matter honestly what this guy is saying is that if you measure the water weight beforehand then you can add that exact amount of water and again they are already carrying water for themselves and to rehydrate food so it doesnt matter it could actually save weight if they optimize it correctly and they will have access to water frequently

    • John L
      John L Month ago

      That's precisely the reason I never opted for dehydrated foods in the military, and stuck with the disgusting MREs... You don't save any weight at all if you carry the proper amount of water to rehydrate the food, or to digest the food after eating it dry.
      The benefit is really just that it's smaller and takes up less space in your pack. The negative is that it adds extra steps, time, and equipment (like a bowl, stove, and water to clean them) for eating. Not only did I not want to deal with that, but the prep time and clean up time was impractical for military operations. For regular people, it's a choice of convenience vs taste. For "work", 90% of the time it's better to not use dehydrated foods.
      The only time we ever used dehydrated food was in Arctic Warfare exercises. We boiled snow for water, so it actually was lighter than regular foods. Plus, at extreme low temperatures at sea level, regular food would freeze in your pack

    • Boredom
      Boredom Month ago

      @crooks mostly about storage space my guy not weight 😂

  • AmericanPride
    AmericanPride Month ago +347

    sometimes i forget these guys have an actual house and dont just live in the wilderness

    • CJ
      CJ Month ago +1

      Thisnis adorable

    • Kasey H
      Kasey H Month ago +5

      🤣🤣🤣 SO TRUE!

  • Starr Wilson
    Starr Wilson 2 months ago +13597

    The planning and organization involved in your journeys are immense and commendable. Thanks for sharing. 💜🙏🏽

    • Maureen Dadivas
      Maureen Dadivas Month ago +1

      It's impressive coz i know they plan all their meals, prepare it, and have their friends and family mail it to their target location at a specific targeted date.

    • Xenobyte
      Xenobyte 2 months ago +1

      Gotta bless everybody in the fukin internet right?

    • Generic furry name
      Generic furry name 2 months ago +1

      Legit just the water out of it get your shit together not that Impressive

    • Krystle Furst
      Krystle Furst 2 months ago +2

      Love you

    • TyM
      TyM 2 months ago +2

      I just eat lembas bread that some elves gave me when I go on a journey.

    SAURABH KASHYAP Month ago +446

    Its traditional in India, we make it from Mangoes. Its called Amavat ✨

    • mesiroy1234
      mesiroy1234 27 days ago

      It isn't dehydrate food just pure sugar??

    • deadly panda1236
      deadly panda1236 Month ago +2

      @GreyPunkWolf atheists as soon as religion gets mentioned: ackchyually🤓

    • dxya
      dxya Month ago

      omg yes I love the mango chewy stuff:)

    • Moe Ron
      Moe Ron Month ago

      Amavat or amaskiny?

    • Sriram MBA
      Sriram MBA Month ago

      It’s not really like that but the concept of is kinda same

  • Kasey H
    Kasey H Month ago +46

    You two are the reason I want a dehydrator now!

    • ClimbOn
      ClimbOn 15 days ago

      ​@saish tari in sunlight? Outside? Like where flies live?

    • saish tari
      saish tari Month ago

      There is literally no need for that dehydrator. Put it in sunlight

  • Mikopotato95
    Mikopotato95 2 months ago +6254

    The transition from cooked fruit leather to dehydrating apple sauce happened so fast for me it made me think you were dehydrating the same apple sauce you just hydrated and this poor apple sauce would be trapped in an endless cycle.

  • Mason Dahr
    Mason Dahr Month ago +5

    It always makes me happy to see ppl out and about.. I miss hiking.. or being peacefully alone in the woods for days or weeks at a time.. I remember a point in my life when an old Black Bear Sow was my neighbour that minded her own damn business (provided I cook and eat in a separate area from where I bed down)

  • Sam Newman
    Sam Newman 2 months ago

    I love making homemade fruit leather, I use all kinds of fruits not just apples. It’s always delicious.

  • Parham
    Parham 2 months ago +491

    Fruit leathers are actually a very popular snack in my country. Definitely try this with peaches and plums or green apples. It's very delicious

    • Parham
      Parham 27 days ago +1

      @mesiroy1234 I don't know what happens in the process but it's never like 100% sugar. It doesn't even taste sweet. It's sour

    • mesiroy1234
      mesiroy1234 27 days ago +1

      Isn't just pure sugar fruit is already half sugar if you take out all the water is 100% sugar

    • Parham
      Parham Month ago +2

      @Ertuğrul KARABALIK interesting. In iran it's called Lavashak. Pastil in iran is someting else (something like gummy bears)

    • Ertuğrul KARABALIK
      Ertuğrul KARABALIK Month ago +1

      @Parham we call them pestil and make them with plums mulberry and Cranberry in turkey

    • emelia
      emelia Month ago +2

      lavashak is so yummy

  • Win Win
    Win Win Month ago

    Reminds me of those dehydrated mango sheets their delicious

  • Dee Hoffman
    Dee Hoffman 2 months ago

    Learning so much from both of you. Where are you headed next? Have you done the PCT or Appalachian?

  • Rain N Moon
    Rain N Moon 2 months ago +1609

    I absolutely love when you guys post videos of dehydration recipes. I could watch those for hours.

    • Liza May
      Liza May 2 months ago

      They're really cool ideas I never thought of, especially rehydrating things

    • Home slice
      Home slice 2 months ago +7

      @Josh Roi they have shown recipes in lots of other videos. So 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️right back at ya!

    • Rain N Moon
      Rain N Moon 2 months ago +16

      @Josh Roi And if you watch their channel, they have a couple of videos with dehydrated recipes, like whole meals. :) Go watch them then you'll know what I mean.

    • Josh Roi
      Josh Roi 2 months ago +3

      It’s not a recipe… it’s literally just cooking it or using another process to remove all the water from it. It’s one ingredient. A recipe takes multiple ingredients… 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • drella
    drella Month ago

    I was just thinking about y’all recently and paid attention to the fact i haven’t seen one of your vids in so long! hope y’all are doing well

  • Martha Linn
    Martha Linn 4 days ago

    I love dehydrated fruit as a snack. It’s delicious without all the added sugar or anything😁

  • Juan Alfonso 羅培煥
    Juan Alfonso 羅培煥 2 months ago +258

    God I LOVE this channel, you guys are so lucky to have each other

  • White_ Chan
    White_ Chan Month ago

    thats an georgian snack your making I love it!!

  • F. Chris Liuzzo
    F. Chris Liuzzo Month ago

    I love dehydrated fruit!!! Especially in roll up form

  • Hot Rod Mercury
    Hot Rod Mercury 2 months ago +71

    I just love the texture of fruit leather, you get that burst of flavor and the texture is fun to eat

  • Bhanani
    Bhanani 7 days ago

    I love fruit leather, I've never thought to make my own 😊

  • Macie
    Macie 2 months ago

    thats actually a really cool idea! thank you!

  • Jourans
    Jourans 2 months ago +422

    My stepmother made dehydrated apple sauce when I was younger, and every time I went to school all of my friends would ask me for some, since it was so good. 👍

    • ItzDorax
      ItzDorax Month ago

      @cannibalisticCat I did smart one

    • cannibalisticCat
      cannibalisticCat 2 months ago

      @ItzDorax watch the video

    • ItzDorax
      ItzDorax 2 months ago

      How do u make it?

    • Limes
      Limes 2 months ago +2

      ​@Pie Squared OK I won't.

  • MattSCX
    MattSCX Month ago +1

    The perfect loop doesn’t exis-

  • Carbonated Mayonnaise
    Carbonated Mayonnaise 2 months ago

    Do a tutorial on dehydrated water.

  • Kiki Shorts
    Kiki Shorts 2 months ago +54

    I would love to try using the dehydrator feature on my air oven, watching your adventures has really made curious!

  • Katelynn Lydon
    Katelynn Lydon 2 months ago

    You turned it back to regular apple sauce!!!!! That is awesome!!

  • Infinite Timer
    Infinite Timer 2 months ago +1

    Does it still taste good? because if so, I’m freaking doing this!

  • FR
    FR 2 months ago +111

    Lavashak!🤤 It brings back my childhood memories of living in Iran😊

    • Rozhan🧋✨
      Rozhan🧋✨ 2 months ago

      I was literally thinking of that. Oh my God I miss it so much

    • Alice
      Alice 2 months ago +1

      IKR that's exactly what I was thinking

    • Noor Alshehabi
      Noor Alshehabi 2 months ago +5

      We have it in bahrain we get it from Irani coldstores, supermarkets it tastes amazing

  • Ej Moreno
    Ej Moreno 2 months ago

    I need this for my diet

  • mixedmediaartgirl
    mixedmediaartgirl Month ago +1

    You guys are just so refreshing

  • Russell Jackman
    Russell Jackman 2 months ago +29

    You kids are GREAT!

  • Zyanid Warfare
    Zyanid Warfare Month ago

    I appreciate the perfect loop, dehydrated foods are fun too
    Same with freeze dried food, freeze dried icecream bars are oddly satisfying to eat because it’s eating icecream but it’s not cold yet it still melts

    XMLRS Month ago

    My grandma always made these whenever she would come over, I miss them since we got rid of our dehydrator

  • Jordie7
    Jordie7 2 months ago +24

    It’s like your own home made fruit roll up! That’s awesome !! 💯

  • Nicol Pang
    Nicol Pang 2 months ago

    What a great
    Loop video too!

  • Elena Salvatore
    Elena Salvatore Month ago

    this is smart. wish we knew this earlier before hiking and camping in a mountain.

  • TappedMaple
    TappedMaple 2 months ago +3

    Your hair is looking great!

  • Jesse Midtdal
    Jesse Midtdal 2 months ago

    I just could never do this. But you go!

  • pike
    pike 2 months ago

    Phew, thought my headphones weren’t working from the beginning 🤣 Anyways, love your guys’s travels!

  • Glockness monster
    Glockness monster 2 months ago +10

    Dehydrated mangos was a lifesaver as a snack in the boundary waters. After hiking about a mile with gear 3/4 my body weight and being tiny while going through tough mud and it gave me a surprising amount of energy back and restored a bunch of energy!

  • Kaf Kollectif
    Kaf Kollectif Month ago

    Oh wow I never thought of rehydrating it! That’s so cool

  • Lusha Wang
    Lusha Wang Month ago

    we call this “ttu lavash” in Armenia which means “sour lavash” cause the traditional one is made of sour plums, love these ❤

  • Belinda Marie Cree
    Belinda Marie Cree 2 months ago +109

    Obsessed with the phrase fruit leather 🍎

    • Max Schneider
      Max Schneider 2 months ago +1

      Once you hydrate the dehydrated fruit leather you can lather the former fruit leather onto a pancake. Nice!

    • 7eddii
      7eddii 2 months ago

      Damn vegan Ed gein over here 🤣

    • Erin
      Erin 2 months ago +1

      @DaisyAppleJuice we made it up here in NY in kindergarten. I’ll never forget it, it’s so delicious

    • Belinda Marie Cree
      Belinda Marie Cree 2 months ago +1

      @daisyjuiced5630 how cool! It sounds delicious, I'd love to try it. I work on a boat so love the idea we could enjoy it as is or rehydrate and enjoy food we otherwise wouldn't have space for 😊

    • DaisyAppleJuice
      DaisyAppleJuice 2 months ago +4

      We were served fruit leather as a snack in our schools in the Southern US. It’s so tasty. Sweet and Tart. Strawberry was my fav.

  • LitAfuseiCantStop
    LitAfuseiCantStop 2 months ago

    I’d love to know what dehydrator you guys use

  • Pices Q
    Pices Q 2 months ago

    Oh, this is one of the specialties where I'm from. We use mango, and it's simply called Mango Sheet.

  • Joe
    Joe 2 months ago +5

    If a bear catches up to you guys y’all can offer him a sheet of apple sauce

  • Serena
    Serena Month ago

    Mmmmm I love chewing stuff like this, now I’m hungry lol

  • Hippy
    Hippy Month ago

    I wonder if dehydrating and rehydrating foods has any impact on its nutritional value, super cool vid! Love the natural fruit leather !

  • Red Crown
    Red Crown 2 months ago +79

    And we use dehydrated water and it weighs much ligther than usual water almost 99%. We dont even need to carry it while walking miles in the dessert

    • Harsh Yadav
      Harsh Yadav 2 months ago +2

      ​@Pie Squared we won't 😂

    • Pie Squared
      Pie Squared 2 months ago

      Don’t click my profile😂

  • LuckyLiar...
    LuckyLiar... 2 months ago +1

    When I was little my mom started giving me dehydrated applesauce as a healthy, mess free snack and I've loved it ever since. Lately we've been blending other fruits into it to try other flavors and they've all been really good. Sadly our new puppy chewed through the dehydrators cord so no applesauce fruit leather for me anytime soon 🥲

  • Lester Abastillas
    Lester Abastillas Month ago +1

    legit thought that "dehydrated" in chemistry meant it was thirsty lollllll. same case for hydrophobic

  • Jenn Hernandz
    Jenn Hernandz 2 months ago +6

    You too are literally my goal in life like the effect that you guys are a couple and you can do all these amazing hikes because I have no other word for what it is cause it certainly is not a walk a walk is something that you take quickly y’all are literally hiking across the damn countries and that’s impressive because if I tried to walk 2 miles from my house to a store, I would have to lay down and take a nap so the fact that you guys can walk as far as you do is just fucking phenomenal you guys rock

  • Painfall
    Painfall Month ago

    what i didn't know you could do that, that's genius

  • InspirationalSmiles
    InspirationalSmiles 2 months ago

    Awesome!! Great idea for fruit snacking and light packing! 😆

  • Lorene Knight
    Lorene Knight 2 months ago +5

    You guy's are amazing!

  • 3gg0x
    3gg0x 4 days ago

    That looks so good omg

  • My Thoughts and Me
    My Thoughts and Me 5 days ago

    I remember fruit leather I used to buy at sprouts (formerly farmers market)

  • Catch42
    Catch42 2 months ago +9

    Please make a dehydrated meal cook book! Would buy that in a heartbeat

  • Cora Blah
    Cora Blah 2 months ago

    I want a freeze dryer soooo bad I hate the price of them lol

  • angel nuka
    angel nuka 2 months ago

    I love fruit leathers!

  • Pugthug
    Pugthug 2 months ago +8

    Does anyone know what type of dehydrator that is? Love that its compact and black!

    • Pugthug
      Pugthug 2 months ago +1

      @w ev Thank you so much! Bee in looking to purchase a good dehydrator! 😍

    • w ev
      w ev 2 months ago +3

      Excalibur, they have different sizes and I think that’s the smallest .. I have the same one and I love it. It comes with plastic type screen for each tray. You just need to purchase the black grill mat and cut it to size if you want to dehydrate any sauce or soup

  • Brie 🇺🇦
    Brie 🇺🇦 Month ago

    Well…I’m making a massive batch of this tomorrow….

    ♡KUROMII♡ 2 months ago

    Reminds me of labashak!! It's a delicious sour snack

  • Anjanette Dickerman
    Anjanette Dickerman 2 months ago +5

    I loved that as a child, my mother use to make that and we felt like we had candy and my mother was happy we ate fruit

    • Kitten Mimi
      Kitten Mimi 2 months ago +1

      That's wonderful and so creative!
      Also I can't stop thinking about how many children didn't actually hate fruits and vegetables, they just hate it because it's prepared in a boring way
      Like I'd hate it if someone force me to eat flavorless boiled cauliflower
      But roasted cauliflower though, sign me up!

  • Slasher whor3
    Slasher whor3 Month ago

    Have you tried dehydrated strawberries? It's very delicious 😋

  • Chloe Godfrey
    Chloe Godfrey 2 months ago

    That’s genius!

  • bitconnect!!!!!
    bitconnect!!!!! 2 months ago +22

    This is that family that gives you an apple on Halloween

    • Caesar M
      Caesar M 2 months ago

      Why give an apple if fruit leather are times lighter and delicious!!

    • Mark Lamoureux
      Mark Lamoureux 2 months ago

      100 percent 😂

    • Justin Adams
      Justin Adams 2 months ago


  • John Evergreen
    John Evergreen 2 months ago

    Where’d y’all get that dehydrator at? I need one for specific reasons

  • GioniPoni
    GioniPoni 2 months ago

    What’s the Location of the 3rd clip? Looks amazing!

  • Ma Rie
    Ma Rie 2 months ago +7

    Will the nutritions remain during the dehydrating process?

    • William Pereira Gomes
      William Pereira Gomes 2 months ago

      I'd rather just bring packets of sugar and some water

    • Caesar M
      Caesar M 2 months ago +1

      ​@Thomas P.3 - 5% nutrient loss due to low heat during the drying cycle and the gentle air flow, this translates to minimal loss. This means that there is less than 5% nutrient loss on dehydrated food on ANY size portion . vs. 40% - 80% in canned or frozen.

    • Thomas P.
      Thomas P. 2 months ago

      ​@Bobby Brownso it does affect all the vitamines! As all vitamins in fruit are water based. Its basically useless Apple leather

    • Bobby Brown
      Bobby Brown 2 months ago +1

      It really only significantly affects water content

    • what would GG Allin do?
      what would GG Allin do? 2 months ago +3


  • Prince Mehra
    Prince Mehra Month ago

    Same dehydrated mango sauce is also very popular in India I'm from Punjab and when we visit to hilly area usually to go to shrines on the way we find those and it really tasty but also a bit sugary 😜we enjoys it and i also want to try apple one too 😄

  • Beatbonjon 1
    Beatbonjon 1 2 months ago

    How cool do more videos on what u can dehydrate please 🙏

  • Magdalena Sacco
    Magdalena Sacco Month ago

    I really want a dehydrator one day.

  • Neill Wylie
    Neill Wylie Month ago


  • Toastito.
    Toastito. 2 months ago +1

    I thought she pulled it out of a printer at the beginning 💀-

  • Marco Konst
    Marco Konst Month ago +1

    Ngl this is probably one of the best travel tips I've ever actually received

  • Andrew Gonzales
    Andrew Gonzales Month ago +2

    This is a couple right here I’m jealous of the true love they share

  • Digital Mania
    Digital Mania 2 months ago

    Love this more then I should

  • Tugba Gundogdu
    Tugba Gundogdu 2 months ago

    This is called "pestil" in Turkey. Sometimes it is filles with nuts, tahini etc. So good !

  • Sage
    Sage 2 months ago

    Y'all making me want to get a dehydrator now

  • Idk
    Idk 2 months ago

    I dehydrated raisins. They’re amazing

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 29 days ago

    That actually looks super good

  • seline B
    seline B 2 months ago +1

    Your wife is so beautiful ☺️. The relationship you guys have seen so amazing. Imagine having someone who enjoys the same things you do! 🙌 #Goals

  • Beemer WT
    Beemer WT Month ago

    Wish I had a dehydrater because I would totally do applesauce. I love fruit leather.

  • Lauren Sparks
    Lauren Sparks Month ago

    I think I may start doing this cause I actually hate the texture of fruit I feel like maybe this would be easier to eat lol

  • Viggandren Gounder
    Viggandren Gounder Month ago

    For some reason this was so satisfying 🙂

  • Amit
    Amit Month ago +1

    Idk how I stumbled here but do this with mango. It is extremely popular here on India. Spread it a bit thickly.

  • Crystalina Bacteria

    You are an amazing couple👍♥️

  • Joshua Mendoza
    Joshua Mendoza 2 months ago

    The timeliness brought me back thankfully lol

  • Sonia Loves
    Sonia Loves 2 months ago

    please put a link for your dehydrator!!!

  • Elizabeth Harttley
    Elizabeth Harttley Month ago

    Have you compared dehydration vs freeze dried? Weight or nutritional differences

  • ♦OGGIE♦
    ♦OGGIE♦ 2 months ago

    Man that De-hidrate apple sauce rip is just so satisfying

  • Packle-Tackle
    Packle-Tackle 2 months ago

    my 8th grade science teacher did this with a bunch of different fruits for a school snack, I got to try it and it tasted amazing. She had so much of it and it was delectable.

  • Lady Nyx & Leigh the Tree

    My mum does something like this! She purees pears, peaches, apricots, ect and mixes certain ones together and dires it and it tastes so good

  • Jackie
    Jackie 2 months ago

    I love fruit leather and dehydrated fruit😍

  • I'm Adequate
    I'm Adequate Month ago

    this is genius!

  • scarlett holloway
    scarlett holloway 2 months ago

    What dehydrator you guys use ! It looks perfect for my kitchen !!

  • Asper
    Asper 2 months ago

    Fruit leather is my absolute favorite I need a dehydrator

  • Coy Phish
    Coy Phish 2 months ago

    Fruit leather is so much fun to eat

  • MrWarCat123
    MrWarCat123 Month ago

    That’s actually pretty cool 👍