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Asteroid City - Official Trailer - In Select Theaters June 16, Everywhere June 23

  • Published on Mar 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • ASTEROID CITY takes place in a fictional American desert town circa 1955. Synopsis: The itinerary of a Junior Stargazer/Space Cadet convention (organized to bring together students and parents from across the country for fellowship and scholarly competition) is spectacularly disrupted by world-changing events.
    ASTEROID CITY is only is in select theaters June 16, everywhere June 23.
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Comments • 2 157

  • Dio Alonso
    Dio Alonso Month ago +10039

    Just when you don't think it can get more Wes Anderson, it gets more Wes Anderson.

    • erakfishfishfish
      erakfishfishfish Month ago +153

      His doubling down has gone exponential

    • Fuhgeddaboudit
      Fuhgeddaboudit Month ago +136

      This is definitely one of the most Wes Anderson movie ever made

    • Daniel Betekhtin
      Daniel Betekhtin Month ago +93

      When does Wes Anderson's Wes Andersonness become pantomime of Wes Anderson

    • Jon Ragnarsson
      Jon Ragnarsson Month ago +91

      I swear, I think Wes is trolling us now.

    • Kojisan1
      Kojisan1 Month ago +16

      Sorry but at some point we're gonna have to stop saying this.

  • Jacob Jones
    Jacob Jones Month ago +3587

    This just goes to show how respected Wes Anderson is in the industry that he can get that line up for one film.

    • David Adams
      David Adams Month ago +37

      Just as Hollywood’s crème de la crème clamored to be in Woody Allen’s films, although I can’t recall any director other than Anderson who stacked all of established Hollywood in each film.

    • Sufjan Smith
      Sufjan Smith Month ago +36

      I love his cinematography style. Every scene worth a wallpaper lol. There is a thing I don't like though: the changing aspect ratio throughout the film

    • Dylan
      Dylan Month ago +11

      He has a $20 million dollar budget and go that major of a cast.

    • Joe S
      Joe S Month ago +24

      @Sufjan Smith It worked well for Grand Budapest. Aspect ratio reflecting the era it took place was pretty cool IMHO

    • Rupert Smith
      Rupert Smith Month ago +12

      @Dylan that just goes to show there doing out of respect for him and love rather than money
      That is a true filmmaker

  • onlythingicouldthink
    onlythingicouldthink 14 days ago +139

    I love that Wes Anderson continues to use his friends over and over in his films. Watching his filmography is like watching all these actors grow up or grow old. i think its beautiful.

    • Josef Engelhardt
      Josef Engelhardt 2 days ago

      The actors who collaborate with Wes the most are
      Bill Murray x9
      Owen Wilson x8
      Jason Schwartzman x8
      Tilda Swinton x5
      Willem Dafoe x5
      Jeff Goldblum x4
      Edward Norton x5
      And Adrien Brody x5

  • Symbolic Studies
    Symbolic Studies Month ago +752

    I'm not the biggest Wes Anderson fan but I love the fact that he's continuing to evolve his style. Would love to see what his movies look like in another 20 years.

    • Hydr0genCz
      Hydr0genCz Month ago +10

      underrated comment:D.

    • findlay
      findlay Month ago +1


    • Paul Green
      Paul Green Month ago +5

      Lol you think society will still exist as it does in 20 years just going to see a film. That's funny.

    • Symbolic Studies
      Symbolic Studies Month ago +16

      @Paul Green People may not "go" to the movies but they'll watch at home. You think Disney, as an example, will stop making movies in the next 20 years? Good luck with that.

    • Ricky Spanish
      Ricky Spanish 25 days ago +4

      Can't tell if sarcasm or serious haha

  • Boat
    Boat Month ago +559

    God I love Wes Anderon's style so much. One of the true artistic voices out there along with Tarantino and a few others. You just feel it in your bones that it's them when you watch a trailer, before even a few seconds have gone by.

    • B C
      B C Month ago +39

      It’s kinda a parody of itself at this point, there’s no other director whose style is so restrictive, all-encompassing, and un-real. characters with flat affect? check. symmetrical shots? check. pastel colors? check. and etc… like the twee, hipster equivalent of the marvel franchise. or david lynch if he spent his youth in portland and continuously refused to try anything new

    • Tommy
      Tommy Month ago +13

      out of all directors...you name tarantino...

    • Smaher
      Smaher Month ago +16

      @B C ​ Your brain seriously hasn’t worked in decades if you’re actually calling having a style restrictive for being a style, being “all encompassing”, and not being real.

  • Jim Alden
    Jim Alden 8 days ago +77

    I have seen every one of Wes Anderson's films, and he never disappoints. They are truly bizarre, but in an enjoyable, likable way. The sets, colors, dialogue, camera angles....brilliant and unique. There is a REASON every big Hollywood name wants to be in his movies!

    • oflightz
      oflightz 6 days ago +3

      100%. I'd say some are slightly more forgettable as opposed to his top films which stay etched in your memory (Moonrise, Life Aquatic, Tenenbaums etc) but never bad, never even mediocre. Always at the very least a good, enjoyable experience that lifts your spirit.

    • Mackie Lunkey
      Mackie Lunkey 4 days ago

      I do think Isle of Dogs is a bit disappointing compared to his other works, but it’s because I didn’t quite resonate with the characters as much as I should. It’s still pretty good though.

    • kityhawk2000
      kityhawk2000 3 days ago

      ​@mackielunkey2205 I liked that but didn't like the French Dispatch

    • Mackie Lunkey
      Mackie Lunkey 3 days ago

      @kityhawk2000 I LOVED French Dispatch! But I can see it not being for everybody.

  • Cawlun
    Cawlun Month ago +10723

    Imagine your movie being so stacked that you forgot to add Margot Robbie and Edward Norton in the trailer

    • Andrew Lopez
      Andrew Lopez Month ago +929

      and Willem Dafoe

    • alex b
      alex b Month ago +875

      and Bryan Cranston and William DaFoe

    • Nick C
      Nick C Month ago +495

      Maybe they are the aliens.. so they aren't being revealed yet

    • Jatin Kathuria
      Jatin Kathuria Month ago +351

      Did I miss Jeff Goldblum?

    • Chris J. Films
      Chris J. Films Month ago +205

      And Bill Murray

  • suaryps
    suaryps Month ago +579

    it's crazy how he always take the actors on his world and made them look like they were always from there

    • Sickest-NoSCOPEZandWEED-420
      Sickest-NoSCOPEZandWEED-420 Month ago

      Concrete and who tells the costume designer what costumes to design?

    • Masketta Man
      Masketta Man Month ago +1

      ​Concrete It's a group effort; no one person/role does everything on their own. The costume designer/director comes up with designs based on input and feedback from the director (among others). If the director doesn't like it then they go back to the drawing board.

    • Daddy
      Daddy Month ago

      Yeah, that's part of the cinema industry...

  • FiveDay
    FiveDay 7 days ago +68

    Wes always nails one thing: The mundane awkwardness of a normal conversation. In a way, I think everything about his style of filming (the angles, pacing, color palate) is built around setting the tone for these moments. We see and feel the uncertainty of one spoken word to the next, and we smile, as we see ourselves.

    TAMAL D Month ago +68

    When there is a whole pack of Hollywood stars in a movie yet everyone is talking about the Director you know that's a living legend right there.

    • BackStageFootage
      BackStageFootage 6 days ago

      My sister is that type to only recognize actors but she just texted me that she saw this Wes Anderson trailer at the theater and it made me feel so proud that she recognizes the name now, back then she would’ve said a weird movie you’d probably like 😂

    • David Fitzgerald
      David Fitzgerald Day ago

      A true auteur

  • Nimex Draconia
    Nimex Draconia Month ago +922

    Just wanna say, as somebody who works at Kodak, I'm so thrilled to see Wes using our film!!

  • itslexiegrace
    itslexiegrace  22 days ago +70

    I love the filter they add on all of their movies. It adds a cool effect like a retro summer or something. Love it

    • gt6808
      gt6808 15 days ago +6

      It’s not a filter, it’s mostly color coordination in terms of props, sets and costumes. Some Color correction too, but it mostly comes down to building a world.

    • oflightz
      oflightz 6 days ago +8

      @gt6808 lol no it's not a filter, it's to some extent what you say but it's actually mostly him using the kind of vintage film stock and cameras and high-saturation film processing that those "filters" in the photo apps are meant to try and simulate.

    • Andrew
      Andrew 4 days ago

      @oflightz yeh the saturated colors make me wonder if it’s push-processed

  • Nabeel Mirza
    Nabeel Mirza Month ago +3451

    Wes Anderson's style is so distinctive that one can tell from the thumbnail it's his film.
    I am glad we have like entire hollywood in this.

    • zanejpeg
      zanejpeg Month ago +13

      Its not his style, go watch some French new wave films

    • Aleximose
      Aleximose Month ago +96

      @zanejpeg every atistic thing is inspired by something else but it dose'nt mean it's not his style

    • Laurence White
      Laurence White Month ago +11

      I hate Wes Andersson.

    • Mattstak
      Mattstak Month ago +24

      @Laurence White whyd you click on this video then😭

  • Jee Eun Jang
    Jee Eun Jang Month ago +200

    Wes Anderson’s the only artist we go crazy for as his films become more and more like instagram filters

    • BAGA1990
      BAGA1990 Month ago +28

      Or are Instagram filters becoming more and more like Wes Anderson films?

    • P T
      P T 2 days ago

      No! Instagram filters are becoming more and more like movies shot on Kodak film.

  • David Emanuel Rosini
    David Emanuel Rosini Month ago +258

    My favorite part about Wes’ movies is how well he knows and uses his actors. That last scene with Jason Schwartzman was hilarious.

  • Joe Cooper
    Joe Cooper 6 days ago +12

    My favourite thing about Wes Anderson films is despite the whimsical, almost childlike nature of their aesthetic there is a dark melancholy that permeates throughout the story. Really makes the buttoned down emotions of his characters sing

  • Alfred Piper
    Alfred Piper Month ago +175

    Jason looks great in this. Very different character to most he’s played. CANT WAIT to see this in theatres. Such a brilliant cast. And huge! So many amazing talents. Probably the largest known cast he’s ever worked with

  • John Gill
    John Gill Month ago +13

    Words cannot describe the excitement pulsating through my chest right now. This is the type of movie that you pause at every frame to absorb as many details as your eyeballs will allow.

  • AustinMcConnell
    AustinMcConnell Month ago +1394

    Looks out of this world.

    • Eamon Kelly
      Eamon Kelly Month ago +9

      Most certainly!

    • Awenok
      Awenok Month ago +14

      The color palette is so good

    • Breaking_Bones_
      Breaking_Bones_ Month ago +1

      Yes! shooting it was soo fun

    • Scotty The Apologist
      Scotty The Apologist Month ago +6

      Wes anderson should adapt spaceship day .

    • Richie Rich
      Richie Rich Month ago +6

      @Breaking_Bones_ Were you an extra or a part of the crew? I can't imagine how fun the shoot was!

  • Doc Colour
    Doc Colour Month ago +158

    Half way through the trailer I actually had to force myself from watching any further. I already know I'm gonna love this film. Wes Anderson movies are always such a visual treat! Can't wait to see this in the theater, huge fan.

    • Breaking_Bones_
      Breaking_Bones_ Month ago

      Yay!! thanks!

    • Havok211
      Havok211 Month ago

      Why would you not want to finish the trailer then?

    • kai vasey
      kai vasey 21 day ago

      @Havok211 some people me included like going into stuff blind makes it more worthwhile

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    Amazing to see Maya Hawke as a teacher in this one (compared to her other part as Robin on Stranger Things). Also a huge bonus for me was Steve Carell (my favorite actor). Even though he may not have a big part in the movie (as far as I see in this trailer) he nailed those few lines he had giving those General Mark R.Naird vibes (form Space Force).

    • Joe Kerr
      Joe Kerr Month ago +1

      Miss bill Murray tho

    • BruhMaster69
      BruhMaster69 17 days ago

      @Joe Kerr If it makes you better, but he was very close to being in the film, but he had COVID before he could film and he got replaced with Steve Carell

    I AM KABLAM! Month ago +12

    I bet so many well-known actors are just excitedly waiting for Wes Anderson to call them and ask them to be in his next movie. They always look so fun to act in.

    • M.Syauqi Abdurahman
      M.Syauqi Abdurahman Month ago +1

      I mean
      Coming into the set of a Wes Anderson fipm feels like a fever dream.

  • MrAnderson
    MrAnderson Month ago +408

    We simply need a chain of Wes Anderson theaters - showing all his movies every day of the week. 🎥

    • Yeezus
      Yeezus Month ago +10

      Nobody needs that

    • Justin Green
      Justin Green Month ago +21

      I rebuke you Yeezus, you keep those negative thoughts at the door...Yeezus.

    • Yeezus
      Yeezus Month ago +2

      @Justin Green its not a hit on wes andersons filmography… just saying realistically nobody actually really needs that👽

    • ZanFear
      ZanFear Month ago +1

      They're all on Disney Plus anyways...

    • Mr. Lightning Bolt
      Mr. Lightning Bolt Month ago +1

      ​@ZanFear that depends on the region of the world your in i think. I live in the states and D+ only has Isle of Dogs. No Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, Royal Tenenbaums, Life Aquatic, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Moonrise Kingdom, Grand Budapest Hotel, OR French Dispatch..... then again a lot of those are R and D+ still has very few of those types of movies on there lol.

  • HamburgerTime
    HamburgerTime Month ago +86

    I swear Wes Anderson’s movies just keep getting more Wes Andersony

  • Diego Perleche
    Diego Perleche Month ago +1239

    This cast is a thousand times impressive and better than the one in Amsterdam did a year ago, and another because it's Wes Anderson, what did you expect?

    • BruhMaster69
      BruhMaster69 Month ago +30

      Ironically, Margot Robbie was in both

    • Attobrah Prince
      Attobrah Prince Month ago +5

      Amsterdam wasn't good

    • BruhMaster69
      BruhMaster69 Month ago +4

      @Attobrah Prince I didn't even bother watching it

    • yokeleng leng
      yokeleng leng Month ago +1

      ​@Attobrah Prince did Wes Anderson make a movie in Amsterdam?

    • SimiX
      SimiX Month ago +14

      @yokeleng leng no, he was talking about David O. Russel's "Amsterdam" from 2022

  • Reckoner
    Reckoner Month ago +162

    Scarlett just looks ridiculously beautiful. Plus she's always amazing playing slightly detached, aloof characters - which is basically everyone in a Wes Anderson film.

    • The Wise Owl
      The Wise Owl Month ago +7

      She’s overhyped.

    • Clever Girl
      Clever Girl Month ago +6

      @The Wise Owl lol, k...

    • The Wise Owl
      The Wise Owl Month ago +7

      @Clever Girl She is not the pinnacle of beauty imo. Many seem to think so and I disagree. She's a great actress though.

    • Niklas Lachmann
      Niklas Lachmann Month ago

      Love the Minnesota? accent

    • Jishinima Tidehoshi
      Jishinima Tidehoshi Month ago +1

      @The Wise Owl I feel like she's always playing the same character lately.

  • Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders Month ago +155

    Every scene is like an arthouse photo from the mid 50s.
    I cant wait.

    • GamePapa
      GamePapa Month ago +3

      Check out The Grand Budapest Hotel while you wait. The main story revolves around a painting, so naturally Wes Anderson made every single scene look like a painting.

  • Hersheyshore
    Hersheyshore Month ago +6

    This screams Wes Anderson and I love it. What an amazing cast, can't wait to watch this!

  • Jacob Valentine
    Jacob Valentine 3 days ago

    I adored the part where Owen Wilson said, “Wow” as Bruce Willis single handedly blew the asteroid in two.

  • Wackaz
    Wackaz Month ago +18

    Just like Once Upon A Time In Hollywood in 2019 and Licorice Pizza in 2021/2022, what a perfect summer film to treat us with this year. I can't wait to watch this in a cinema basked in the heat of the summer air - it is always one of my highlights of a summer to watch a film in the cinema at least once.

    • Kevin Dublin
      Kevin Dublin 15 days ago +1

      But both of those films were kinda meh, weren't they? Mildly interesting late entries in great filmmakers' careers that doesn't compare well against their best features. Fun to watch a single time and then barely remember they exist until someone else mentions them. Guess they can't all be gems. I'm sure I'll enjoy it while it's on, going in with such low expectations.

  • Cass Films
    Cass Films Month ago +687

    This is exactly how I wanted this movie to look

    • ryan dozier
      ryan dozier Month ago +12

      Like a Norman Rockwell?

    • Rob the Vagabond
      Rob the Vagabond Month ago +13

      It’s such a radical departure for Wes Anderson..

      CELEB ALERT! Month ago +14


    • max allen
      max allen Month ago +23

      Dude same. Finally getting some vintage 50’s alien vibes

    • Mike Edward
      Mike Edward Month ago +2

      The same as every other Wes Anderson movie?

  • Matthew Ryan
    Matthew Ryan Month ago +19

    I love how you know it’s Wes Anderson before the trailer even says it. Such a genius filmmaker

    • widM
      widM Day ago

      He's genuis cause he uses the same repetitive style over 20 years?

    • Matthew Ryan
      Matthew Ryan Day ago

      @widM well. His style is awesome. Nothing wrong with celebrating it??

  • noogai223
    noogai223 27 days ago +4

    I thought we'd never get that much sub bass in a Wes film. Dude's keeping it fresh with every one and that's why I'm such a fan

  • Salvatore Anzalone
    Salvatore Anzalone 8 days ago +1

    I love how in the first or second frame, you’re instantly able to tell it’s a Wes Anderson film.

  • Shaun Layne
    Shaun Layne 17 days ago +4

    I am a Wes Anderson fan. He never made a bad movie (my favorite of his movies is The Royal Tenenbaums) and honestly, this movie looks enjoyable. I might want to watch it at the theater when it comes out

  • Michael Allan
    Michael Allan 8 days ago

    ❤Another master cast, another masterpiece I can’t get enough. 🎉

  • millions of marks
    millions of marks Month ago +376

    If I had a gazillion money, I would pay wes anderson to recreate all the iconic movies like aliens, titanic, fight club, the exorcist, jurassic park, harry potter, matrix, etc. just to see his version of them. That would be a blast. Lol.

    • heimdal8
      heimdal8 Month ago +36

      SNL did a sketch (with Edward Norton) about what a horror movie would look like if it was directed by Wes Anderson.

    • Random Dude
      Random Dude Month ago +4

      @heimdal8 And it's incredible!

    • Bev
      Bev Month ago +5

      And less good than SNL but still cute was Conan O'Brien's Star Wars Audition by Wes Anderson with Han Solo at Mos Eisley

    • MegaSilverBlood
      MegaSilverBlood Month ago +8

      Ive always thought that he could make the perfect live action Scooby-Doo movie, and Im not like a super fan of Scooby-Doo, I just think it would work

    • Boat
      Boat Month ago +5

      Wes Anderson's Star Wars adaptation, where the Sith and the Jedi fight a bit and talk out their personal problems and leave on a melancholic note whole smoking cigarettes

  • sophie O'Kane
    sophie O'Kane Month ago +18

    I love Wes Anderson's style, it is so satisfying and distinctive from anything else.

  • Perennial Lachrymosity
    Perennial Lachrymosity Month ago +28

    Wes Anderson once again demonstrates his ability to wrangle half of Hollywood into one of his films. It won't be long before he makes an ensemble equivalent to that of Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer, Robert Altman's Gosford Park and Charlie Kaufman's Synecdoche, New York combined.

    • James Rawlins
      James Rawlins Month ago +1

      or back in the day before Woody Allen wasn't reviled

  • Argonaut121
    Argonaut121 2 days ago

    I laughed more in the 2 1/2 minutes of that trailer than I have in any full length comedy in the past year. And it just LOOKS so damn cool.

  • Brandon McHugh
    Brandon McHugh Month ago +30

    "Im a widower, but dont tell my kids"
    Has to be the best line of dialogue ive ever heard.

  • bozziovai
    bozziovai 4 days ago

    Always refreshing and relaxing. That's the vibe i always get with his movies..

  • Rafael Chacín
    Rafael Chacín Month ago +95

    When it comes to Wes Anderson’s movies is pure Cinematic Art.

  • White Walker
    White Walker Month ago +4

    Within several seconds watching the trailer I knew this is a Wes Anderson movie. His movies has a unique style of its own you can't miss.

  • This is my resting face

    Love the color pallette. Definitely needs to be enjoyed on the big screen.

  • Mr. Lance E Sloan
    Mr. Lance E Sloan 12 days ago +1

    I'm waiting for a Wes Anderson movie in which the characters refer to Wes Anderson. It would not be merely breaking the fourth wall, it would be… indescribable.

  • Jeong Min Oh
    Jeong Min Oh Month ago +256

    Is this trailer hinting that Margot Robbie and Edward Norton are going to be the aliens?

    • Windsor Copywriting
      Windsor Copywriting Month ago +34

      Bill Murray will be an alien in an uncredited cameo

    • Cristina Jara
      Cristina Jara Month ago +19

      And Willem and Jeff

    • kino :)
      kino :) Month ago +23

      @Windsor CopywritingMurray was going to be Steve Carrell's character but had to drop out due to COVID. Sorry.

    • Richie Rich
      Richie Rich Month ago +19

      @kino :) He recovered and later joined the set even though they had filmed most of his original character's scenes. So he is most likely going have a cameo role.

    • TighelanderII
      TighelanderII Month ago +5

      @Cristina Jara I wish that Jeff could play Dr. Who

  • Jonathan Pinzon
    Jonathan Pinzon Month ago

    I’m surprised Wes Anderson hasn’t done Sci-Fi yet. Now he really needs to do horror.

  • GW
    GW 10 days ago +1

    This appears to be a Wes Anderson love letter to the 50s, like Moonrise Kingdom captured the early 60s....both written in his signature style. A pitch perfect example of late 60s iconography would be Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood." If you were a kid in the 60s you might be awed at how much these directors get right. Not just period details, but the feel of the times.

  • Sagittarius
    Sagittarius Month ago +12

    It's bizzare to see this trailer. I started to get interested in Wes Anderson's films when I saw some fanmade edit of Moonlight Kingdom around week ago. And I think that recently I became quite captivated by this kind of style of making movies. This fascination started pretty quickly and rapidly and even yesterday I was wondering what next Wes' film would look a like... So, it's a weird thing to discover the next day that there will be his newest film in June. I always have been told not to look for some signs from the uniwerse, but still it feels like this coincidence is too strange to be completely real.

    • fck off
      fck off Month ago +3

      Enjoy. All his films are top notch.

    • Horse Outside
      Horse Outside Month ago

      Tickets to the premiere are in the mail.

  •  Remini Crush
    Remini Crush 26 days ago

    I can only imagine what a Wes Anderson Sci/fi movie would be like..😮

  • B-Dub
    B-Dub Month ago +21

    This looks like Wes turned the mannequins & fake town in the Nevada (nuclear bomb) Test Site from the 1950s into a movie. Love it! 😊

  • Nick97
    Nick97 Month ago +2

    I always enjoy a good Wes Anderson film, this came out of no where and I’m just excited!

  • Nick Owens
    Nick Owens Month ago +25

    Jason Schwartzman hasn't been a lead in a Wes Anderson movie since The Darjeeling Limited, cool to see him playing a new kind of character for him.

  • NatoGaia
    NatoGaia Month ago +1

    Wes never fails making such distinct-looking movies. Like a mix of Looney Tunes. I'll need sunglasses to watch this, the colours really pop😎😅

  • Tak
    Tak Month ago

    Man, Tilda Swinton truly is one of the greatest method actors of all time. She nailed it as one of the little girls.

  • Andrew Clark
    Andrew Clark 3 days ago

    Another Brilliant film from Wes Anderson...YES!!!!! I love the saturated colours, the quality of the screen play and quality of the actors

  • Steven
    Steven Month ago +53

    Can’t believe it’s only a couple months away, very hyped!

  • noodlessurprise
    noodlessurprise Month ago +17

    There’s always an excitement to an Anderson Trailer, it’s feels comforting but slightly jarring but you know it will never disappoint.

  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson Month ago +5

    Shouted to the high heavens when I heard my late Grandfather's song 'Freight Train' was chosen for this trailer! Makes me even more excited to watch this (inevitable) masterpiece.

  • Michał Ślusarski
    Michał Ślusarski Month ago +18

    One thing I people don't talk about enough is how Wes titles his movies. Each and every title is a linguistic masterpiece, that just rolls off the tongue and also perfectly depicts the style and theme of each movie.

  • Paska
    Paska  Month ago +14

    As a graphic designer, I can say the color grading of this film is such a pure masterpiece! Kudos to the team.

  • ShitManTheSupaHero
    ShitManTheSupaHero Month ago

    LOVE it before watching it and even these comments blessed my eyes with some joyful tears ❤ All the cinematography Gods bless Wes Anderson! 🙏

  • marquonuk
    marquonuk Month ago +9

    Love it. It's like a prequel to Fallout. What's not to like? :-)

  • jack worse
    jack worse Month ago

    Watched the first twenty seconds and thought: 'No! No spoiling today.'
    Can't wait. Looks exactly as I expected it to look, which in this case is a wonderful thing.

  • Paul Andrew Dunne
    Paul Andrew Dunne 5 days ago

    Started watching this and thought 'Cool! Another director is using Wes Anderson's style this could be good!' ...30 seconds later: 'Actually it's just Wes Anderson at it again!' Awesome. The man never stops.

  • K. Brodeur
    K. Brodeur Month ago +5

    the mechanisms for his dialog and soundtrack/fx stop and go with deadpan acting are just super fun. 10/10.

  • Max R
    Max R Month ago

    I’ve watched this trailer 20 times at least. I can’t wait to watch the full film!

  • Ashish Horo
    Ashish Horo Month ago +54

    Oscar for best production design confirmed

  • Starman Friday
    Starman Friday Month ago

    God I love Wes Anderson. I would pay $100 to see anything he directs

  • Simon Mackness
    Simon Mackness 4 days ago

    The colour palette and art direction are impeccable.

  • oliath
    oliath Month ago

    When a trailer is so good you stop watching the trailer because you know you just want to wait and watch the entire film without a single story point, character or image spoiled.

  • Zeke Lucente
    Zeke Lucente Month ago

    I can’t wait! The first wiff I get of a new Wes Anderson movie and I’m waiting in anticipation. This is what gets me back in the theater.

  • Thisaru Anjana
    Thisaru Anjana Month ago +1

    I love the cinematography this movie has. Looking forward to this one. ❤

  • L3ah
    L3ah Month ago +11

    14 year old Wes Anderson fan here! I've seen all of his movies multiple times, and I can't even begin to explain how excited I am for this one. My dad introduced me to Wes Anderson when I was still pretty young, and since then I've really grown to love his movies. Moonrise kingdom is literally my fav movie of all time, closely followed by The Grand Budapest Hotel, and The Royal Tenenbaums. I also LOVE Fantastic Mr. Fox. Okay I just love all his movies. Anyways I'm super excited to see this one!

    • Tani Sokoya
      Tani Sokoya 26 days ago

      It's actually great to see someone of your age so passionate about a film director!

    • zitronentee
      zitronentee 14 days ago

      Welcome to the club

    MYCHOL XANDER Month ago +1

    I love it already! It looks so beautiful!

  • Robinbuckley:3
    Robinbuckley:3 Month ago

    I’m here for maya hawke’s performance ( it will be amazing as always ❤️😁)

  • Barbara Fox
    Barbara Fox 3 days ago

    The most Wes Anderson movie since the last Wes Anderson movie.
    I loved Grand Budapest Hotel and The French Dispatch. I imagine I will love this one, too.

  • Mr Spec
    Mr Spec Month ago

    I wish his movies would release everywhere. They’re so good

  • Ramecide
    Ramecide Month ago +1

    I swear even if there's no dialogue Wes's movies can tell a story

  • apierce5
    apierce5 Month ago +15

    Love seeing that Stephen Park is in this. Underrated actor!

  • lee
    lee Month ago +3

    10 years later and this film is still a classic!

    SHAI BULLARD Month ago +1

    Wes Anderson's films are so absolutely interesting 👍 I love his style it's so different from everybody else

  • Ozkan Yuksel
    Ozkan Yuksel Month ago +1

    At first glance I said to myself "This is absolutely a Wes Anderson movie" and I am glad not to be wrong 😊

  • Daniel Buonsanto
    Daniel Buonsanto Month ago

    Another amazing cinematic masterpiece by the amazing Wes Anderson!

  • c_luise
    c_luise 6 days ago

    Wes Anderson saw the memes about his style of cinematography and decided to lean into it even harder. I respect that.

  • Los
    Los Month ago +22

    “How Wes Anderson would you like this film to be?”

  • John Winner
    John Winner Month ago +42

    I’m so happy to see ‘Gabe’ from Eighth Grade playing the son of Jason Schwartzman’s character… he was fucking fantastic in Eighth Grade and he is perfect for style/world of Wes Anderson. Not to mention he totally reminds me of a young version of Jason Schwartzman, on par with Rushmore, it’s perfect casting. I think we’ll see him in more of WA movies in the future

    • Aristou Meehan
      Aristou Meehan Month ago +4

      Lovely lovely guy - was really great working with him on this. His name is Jake Ryan, he’s very awesome.

    • John Winner
      John Winner Month ago +2

      @Aristou Meehan Yes I should have taken 2 seconds to google and use his actual name hahah but wow that’s so cool that you worked on this movie, congrats!

    • Steve James
      Steve James Month ago +4

      he's actually worked with Wes before. He played Lionel in Moonrise Kingdom.

    • John Winner
      John Winner Month ago +2

      @Steve James damn it. Now I feel like a fool. Lol regardless tho it’s cool to see him in a bigger role with Wes Anderson

    • Grongo
      Grongo Month ago +2

      @Steve James he was also in isle of dogs.

  • Aidswayz
    Aidswayz Month ago +6

    Been looking forward to seeing something about this for a while now. Heard about the cast and it being an original Wes Anderson movie last year and here it is

  • Famespear
    Famespear Month ago +1

    Nothing better than a new Wes Anderson film! 👍

  • Jonathan Karel
    Jonathan Karel Month ago

    Great cast. Definitely gonna see this one in theatres

  • J T
    J T Month ago

    wow. what a cast. and so wes andersony. love the feel to this, will have to see it!

  • The Argus
    The Argus Month ago +18

    The whole movie is a postcard. Amazing.

  • Joyce Baskind
    Joyce Baskind Month ago

    Wow! This looks like a really cool movie! I think that I'm going to actually risk seeing it in the theater when it comes out!

  • Louise Robinson
    Louise Robinson Month ago

    You don’t understand how excited I am that we have another Wes Anderson instalment!!

  • Bruh Lol
    Bruh Lol Month ago

    Oh my gosh a movie with Steve Carell my heart is going to explode

  • Riain Rising
    Riain Rising 29 days ago +1

    It's fitting that Anderson has joined forces with a Coppola. An American Zoetrope cinema member and a Texas born Gen X auteur writing a film together receives 100% of my approval. Only Tarantino and Altman can reel in a cast like this. Looking forward to it.

    • NMS
      NMS 28 days ago

      ??? Wes anderson has been working with the Coppola family for years. Roman Coppola is a producer and Jason Schwartzman has always been in his movies

  • Ryan Ulinski
    Ryan Ulinski Month ago +7

    This looks so colorful! I must see this. Especially if it's made by Wes Anderson.

  • MythCat127
    MythCat127 19 days ago +1

    Wes Anderson is literally the best director out there

    ZTHEGREAT Month ago

    I can tell this movie will be filled with gems