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Becoming GOD In Spore Was A Mistake - Spore Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • The Spiffing Brit
    The Spiffing Brit  2 months ago +6761

    *oh my where did all the different native alien species go... They must have just disappeared. No warcrimes detected at all!*

  • megamaniak27
    megamaniak27 2 months ago +13950

    This video is the perfect embodiment of the phrase: ''You can’t truly call yourself “peaceful” unless you’re capable of great violence, if you’re not capable of violence you’re not peaceful, you’re harmless"

  • PuzzlingToma
    PuzzlingToma 2 months ago +2164

    The consumer of tea is unironically the coolest looking space ship i've seen in a spore video

    • daddy7860
      daddy7860 Month ago

      Looks like a Reaper

    • Albion
      Albion Month ago

      @bpotato pataton nobody said he created it.

    • bpotato pataton
      bpotato pataton Month ago +6

      But he didn't create that ship, he took It from the sporopedia 👁️👄👁️

    • Dazz96
      Dazz96 Month ago +2

      @Big 9 Thanks for mentioning Terashd I love watching his videos

    • DrSNAFU
      DrSNAFU Month ago +13

      It looks.... Vorlon, which terrifies me even more.

  • Zargark
    Zargark Month ago +869

    Can’t believe that it turns from a survival game to a space management game like stellaris.

    • The Dutchinator
      The Dutchinator 23 days ago

      @Frocco Thank EA for that, they killed Maxis, the production company that made Spore. They're not sorry and they'll do it again

    • BurningFyre
      BurningFyre 25 days ago

      @jam no i think he was doing a whataboutism. Like, you cant call this game bad because another bad game exists. Which is still wrong, but not comparing the two.

    • jam
      jam 25 days ago +1

      @BurningFyre did he just compare this game to battlefront 😭I been laughing for 20 minutes straight

    • BurningFyre
      BurningFyre 29 days ago +1

      @Stettafire yeah ill get right on that

    • Stettafire
      Stettafire 29 days ago +1

      @Bophades Modern warfare hardly counts. Awful corporate garbage

  • Square
    Square Month ago +602

    I remember as a tween spending months curating the perfect specimen in spore. Then grudgingly campaigned against the grox just to get to the center of a Tootsie pop. Only to now witness a true master at play lol.

    • Point-Five-Oh
      Point-Five-Oh 24 days ago

      @Limulus polyphemus Speedrunning to the center is actually kinda easy. If you stay as a military species, your ship will have enhanced HP and energy. Just buy a few recharges and some repair kits and once you get access to like 2 of the upgrades for your travel distance, you can just click your way to the end. Doing it the intended way is the hardest part. You were meant to have several planets and several different types of spices generating income for the empire and you were supposed to do a bunch of other things, but why bother when you can just click to the end.

    • Limulus polyphemus
      Limulus polyphemus Month ago +2

      I played this sooooooo much as a kid and I still have never gotten to the center of the galaxy without cheats

    • UtubefukU
      UtubefukU Month ago +5

      Use Omatic to set your "Staff of Life" permanently at 99, allowing you to instantly terraform all planets in the galaxy forever

    • Square
      Square Month ago +6

      @Springtrap’s Grin Enough to write a lil peep song.

    • Springtrap’s Grin
      Springtrap’s Grin Month ago +2

      How many licks did it take??

  • Marcus Sherlock
    Marcus Sherlock Month ago +76

    The tribal stage was (to my own personal surprise) my favourite. As for the space phase, what I really wanted to do was become a race of esoteric genetic engineers. Unfortunately I encountered a bug in my game in which using the creature editor on a life-form in the space phase would, upon exiting the editor, cause the planet I was visiting to immediately explode. I mean, free planetary destruction for a civilisation archetype that lacks it, but my dozens of friends and allies would invariably declare war on me and my new and wonderful new life-forms would go extinct in their first minute of existence.

    • Obi-1 Kenobi
      Obi-1 Kenobi Day ago

      Just like qu from all tomorrows

    • Cosmo Cat
      Cosmo Cat 8 days ago

      So glad I’m not the only one who loves the tribal stage. That and the civilization stage have always been my favorites, but I feel like everyone seems to hate them for some reason

  • Alexander Sergal
    Alexander Sergal Month ago +196

    Your creature was really good at penetrating enemy defenses. Even the most un-impregnable fortresses couldn't hold up to the true power of your creature.

  • ohiorushbaby
    ohiorushbaby Month ago +273

    Back in the early 2010s I was super into Spore and completed the game legitimately. I had to max out my stats and badges, but as a result I had a fleet large enough to take on the Grox and destroy their planets on the way to the center of the galaxy.
    Never got around to using the Staff of Life, I don't remember if that was a later edition or if I missed something about it.
    Wish they would give Spore a re-release.

    • UtubefukU
      UtubefukU Day ago

      @Joshua Spath
      Elysian Eclipse.
      Also, take a look on "Thrive". It's an open source free game. Since it is developed by volunteer programmers for free, up to now it still only has the cell stage - but oh ho boy, what a cell stage it is. Give it a try, you wont regreat it, it brings the cell stage to a hole new level of evolution

    • Anarcho snowflakist
      Anarcho snowflakist Day ago

      @Joshua Spath I'll look it up thanks, there's also a smaller game called adapt by slug disco (small indie studio) which is basically a newer version of the game

    • Joshua Spath
      Joshua Spath Day ago

      Look up eclisian eclipse. Not sure if I got the name right. But it’s on steam and it’s a game that aims to be “the spiritual successor to spore”. No where near done but it looks good thus far.

    • UtubefukU
      UtubefukU 4 days ago

      @Anthony Ortiz
      Omatic? Well, consider it the "Cheat Engine" of the 1990's. Buy hey, it still works perfectly, and it's far easier to use.
      It's a cheat program, just download it from Google. Im... Im old. I used to use it for cheating very, very old games. You just put the value you wanna cheat, for example, Staff of Life (42), change the value, for example using 2 or 3 of it, type the new value some 3 times and voilá, you can type in the new value you want it to have. So, just set it to 99 (and click in a small buttom to lock it).
      By the time you get the Staff of Life, I dont even consider it cheating at all, since there's nothing really to do in the game anymore, so I just use it to fool around, seed tons of planets and upbring new space civs from Monoliths just for fun, and then I ally them and fund their new emperial expansions... At that stage I like to play the "Precursor race" of the galaxy.
      Give it a try!
      (Or you can also use Cheat Engine, your call. But Omatic is so much easier)

    • Anthony Ortiz
      Anthony Ortiz 4 days ago

      @UtubefukU What is Omatic?

  • Jacob Chavera
    Jacob Chavera Month ago +224

    This man is single-handedly keeping the stock images industry alive.

    • CallMeSilver
      CallMeSilver Month ago +6

      Him and "I Go By A Lot Of Names" are doing god's work

  • Denny_DamnsonZA
    Denny_DamnsonZA Month ago +12

    I beat Spore once ages ago. I took the full military route. God was it painful. I got planet destroying weapon and auto guns that would shoot enemies attacking me while travelling. I went into every single Grox planet between me and the core and dropped the planet killer on them. It took ages and was not rewarding at all.

    • Comm Scan
      Comm Scan 20 days ago +4

      Honestly surprised you didn't start a campaign of climate warfare, terraforming Grox planets to destroy their colonies then claiming them for your own.

  • Six hat Zac
    Six hat Zac Month ago +279

    As a Fellow Tea Drinker I can confirm both Grimsby and Skegness are "biological Deadends". Had me howling.

  • LivingDeadGurlXXX
    LivingDeadGurlXXX Month ago +46

    This game was just amazing. It was soo fun. The DLC was fun too. Too bad they don't remake this game. With a new plot etc. I'd love to play...

  • ZumoDePapaya
    ZumoDePapaya Month ago +14

    You did well by giving yourself good wings and feet before tribe but missed some stuff. Basically your only goal before tribal stage is to get best feet and wings, random omnivore mouth, most charms possible and charge and spit. Should also attempt to befriend some strong species to get 3 apex party members, as they will become your pets in tribal.

  • CptVodka
    CptVodka Month ago +74

    9:30 seems like it's even teabagging the enemies. It's the power of tea.

  • heartlessmushroom
    heartlessmushroom Month ago +12

    "You are, consequentially, evolutionarilly going to die"
    That line was raw.

  • Min Song
    Min Song Month ago +37

    Him: you guys probably hate the tribal part
    Me in my mind: the 2nd stage and the tribal stage are my 2 fav stages

  • OHM-968692
    OHM-968692 Month ago +22

    This game is actually so good! Definitely deserves a part or remake!

    • OHM-968692
      OHM-968692 Month ago

      @czudntknw Awesome to hear that! Will check it out!

    • czudntknw
      czudntknw Month ago +2

      The original creators have been working on a new game, without Maxis/EA this time. They're still working on the first phase though, so it'll take a while before it'll be finished. It's called 'Thrive', available in early access on Steam.

  • CWG Prism
    CWG Prism Month ago +32

    I didn’t even know this game had other stages I always just go full aggressive the whole time

  • Flygoniaks
    Flygoniaks 2 months ago +1223

    I want to point out something VERY funny Spiff glossed over: Allying with the Grox causes _every other empire in the entire galaxy_ to declare war on you, even the empires you haven't met.

    • Termina
      Termina 14 days ago

      @New Guy I think that may be a glitch, the wiki says the Grox should never attack you if you somehow manage to ally with them

    • Termina
      Termina 14 days ago +1

      @Osama Mahmmod apparently the Grox aren’t supposed to attack you if you ally with them according to the Spore wiki, so maybe it was a glitch

    • AD Tillion
      AD Tillion 15 days ago +1

      @Paul-Stelian Olaru No, if you want to conquer them, you have to manually take over every single planet. Otherwise you have to keep doing alliance activities to keep them from falling back into hating you.
      However, if you do conquer their last remaining planet, they disappear from your entire game, so best to not save afterwards, or else your future games will not include any Grox quests.

    • Paul-Stelian Olaru
      Paul-Stelian Olaru 15 days ago

      @AD Tillion Ah so you don't just gain their entire empire like what I understand of the other ones from this video?

    • AD Tillion
      AD Tillion 15 days ago +2

      @Paul-Stelian Olaru It’s usually the planet closest to the centre. However, there’s nothing special about it in terms of diplomacy/conquest. Anything you do on any of their planets will work. Once you take the homeworld over, the next closest planet becomes the new one, just like with any other species.

  • Robert Booth
    Robert Booth Month ago +5

    Honestly when i played spore i thought the first 4 stages were my favorite and the space stage was annoying just because there was too much going on. I dont want to have to save planets from ecosystem destruction shits annoying

  • TheOrangeGalen
    TheOrangeGalen Month ago +4

    Technically have beaten Spore before. Found a wormhole that took me pretty close to the core, but straight in the middle of Grox territory. Couldn’t do the 1 mission they offered me because I had to go through their territory and they started blasting. Eventually had to cut a swath through the Grox until I could make a mad dash to the center. So I just need to find Earth and kill the Grox.

  • dean mckellar
    dean mckellar 2 months ago +236

    Congrats Spiff, you have literally manifested an entire civilisation into the meme of "I am going to defeat you with the power of friendship and this gun I found."

    • Rattvisa
      Rattvisa Month ago +1

      @DataDemon Gaming or the "bomb" part of "friendship bomb"

    • DataDemon Gaming
      DataDemon Gaming Month ago +6

      That gun being the Grox lmao

  • DubiousN00B
    DubiousN00B Month ago +16

    This is absolutely terrifying and hilarious.

  • Esdras Kuhn
    Esdras Kuhn 2 months ago +1692

    Angry alien: "You broke the convention!"
    Spiff: "Do you have any idea how little that narrows it down"

    • B JAD
      B JAD Month ago +1

      Wtf is this thread

    • Richard Brooks Shnee
      Richard Brooks Shnee Month ago

      @Zedix Remove what is between the commas and the sentence is still a grammatically correct sentence that conveys the same general, yet slightly less detailed, information. The parenthetical comma.

    • Zedix
      Zedix Month ago

      ​@Richard Brooks Shnee I believe you have made a small grammatical error in your comment - the comma should be behind 'that' rather than in front of it.
      Thank you for understanding. Have a joyful day.

    • Jarold Scott Williams.3rd
      Jarold Scott Williams.3rd Month ago +2

      Spiff: "Is it a crime if no one told me it was? And why is it really all that wrong? Let me just test it on you, and then you can tell me how you feel about it afterwards. You're perfectly fine with it? Great! A gift of tea? For me? Oh how kind."

    • TheDragonMCA
      TheDragonMCA Month ago

      @MawDaws your mom

  • sucram
    sucram Month ago +6

    every time i watch one of your videos i feel like i’m in a stanley parable simulation. thank you for the content.

  • Choknm2
    Choknm2 Month ago +3

    I remember playing this 7 years ago, this brand back so many memories

  • TG37returns
    TG37returns Month ago +7

    I feel like every spore video I have watched has a British narrator witch makes it 1000 times better

  • Justin Barnesson
    Justin Barnesson Month ago +4

    This is of the first pc games i played like 18-19 years ago still love it wish they wold make a new one

  • Hugh Hephner
    Hugh Hephner Month ago +9

    I spent weeks trying to defeat the groxs completely to realize that you had to download a mod to be able to get to one of the star systems it was unreachable so I never completely killed them off but I almost did

  • anonymous-77
    anonymous-77 Month ago +17

    Heya, I don't know if this is true, but I somewhat remember befriending an alpha and finding an epic of the same race; that was green relations as well. So after some dancing, I had an Epic and an Alpha following me. Might have been a dream but who knows!

  • B. Robertson
    B. Robertson Month ago +3

    Played Spore when it first came out... Made it to the Space Stage and almost immediately lost interest. Didn't know there was a true ending.

  • Griffin Hatchling
    Griffin Hatchling Month ago +2

    I loved this game, I even made a gryphon once, but I had to finish the cell phase as omnivore to get the beaks later.
    Maybe I'll get it again once it's on sale.

    • MalborBoss
      MalborBoss Month ago

      Fyi its on sale right now on steam for 2 dollars :)

  • Joseph Escott
    Joseph Escott Month ago +1

    I remember the hype of this game, and when i bought it and played it, i was so disappointed in myself. I kept playing and playing, hoping that maybe the last stage was where the game really began, and it never it, it just ended.

    • KuroNetwork
      KuroNetwork Month ago

      Yeah, EA buying Maxis bascally killed this game. You can see the detail being removed as you go through the stages.
      Maxis had several games and when Sims took off EA said dump everything.

  • LemonatoR32
    LemonatoR32 Month ago +1

    I beat Spore once by buying a bunch of heals and just brute forcing my way past the Grox.

  • NoName
    NoName Month ago +2

    i've beaten spore ages ago.
    Used the same save & exit to reset cooldowns glitch, but with another ability. Electromagnetic wave or so it was called. Disabled all defenses on a planet.
    What can i say, i just enjoyed bombing some cities.

    JDLENL Month ago +2

    of all the horrific glitches like ghost ships or infinite eggs in tribal stage in this game you chose...resetting cooldowns

  • William Johann Weinschütz

    I've playied SPORE for 15 years none stop and thats the freacking first time I see the actual endding!

  • Grove332
    Grove332 Month ago +1

    Easiest way to win the space stage is to beeline for the galactic centre just ignoring any ships that may try to attack

  • Timo Hess
    Timo Hess Month ago +2

    When I played this I thought it ended with the space civilization somehow cause I couldn't progress further

  • Red the Raider
    Red the Raider Month ago +1

    when I saw the spaceship I almost spit my drink and thought it was another evolution and The Spiffing Brit just became a eldritch horror

  • Sansy_Selam
    Sansy_Selam Month ago +1

    I Didnt Knew Reaching To The Galactic Core Was The End Of Spore. I Just Rushed To The Core While Grox Was Attacking Me And I Made It Out Alive

  • Dylan
    Dylan Month ago +2

    The moment spiff said "name it something to encourage evolution" I immediately thought about Chernobyl...

  • YeetMstr
    YeetMstr Month ago +152

    I remember doing a religion run the first time and exploiting it in the same way.
    First run I ended up getting the "Rolling Thunder" Achievement and asking myself "Isn't that how you're supposed to do it?"
    I finished it in like under 20 minutes

    • Sasha Is Weird
      Sasha Is Weird Month ago +20

      @CoolTemmie99 It’s an achievement for beating the civ stage MUCH faster than was intended.

    • CoolTemmie99
      CoolTemmie99 Month ago +5

      What does rolling thunder do?

  • Brandon Love
    Brandon Love 2 months ago +100

    I love how as you said “don’t ask what we did with the other species that lived here” your captain gave a creepy little smile lmao 24:20

  • Stoneworks
    Stoneworks 2 months ago +2421

    Spore was my childhood, glad to see you coming around to break it

    • ☯Zen☯
      ☯Zen☯ 2 months ago +1

      Pretty sure it was your mom that broke your childhood

    • Maurony
      Maurony 2 months ago

      @Stoneworks! Fancy seeing you here.

    • Taylon
      Taylon 2 months ago

      @Dpb756 *you're

    • dukeofthedance
      dukeofthedance 2 months ago +2

      @Michael Simao Mine was Echelon and Labyrinth on Commadore 64

    • Jeffington122
      Jeffington122 2 months ago +2

      @E E

  • Osowiec
    Osowiec Month ago

    I use the same stratege, but to dominate the grox. But the randoms events are a pain in the ASS. They sometime happens in the otherside of the galaxy

  • Justin BentRails
    Justin BentRails Month ago

    I never allied with the Grox in order to reach the center of the galaxy. I just got as close as I could, and using the fastest ships I could build, and hauled ass before the Grox could attack me enough to destroy me.

  • Houser
    Houser Month ago +4

    I honestly didn’t even know spore had more than the tribal stage. I’m shook

  • WaqManime
    WaqManime Month ago

    This proves that there must be God, you had to literally control the creature for it to evolve.

  • SinnerD2010
    SinnerD2010 Month ago +2

    The most evil part of this plan, The Didgeri Doing! 🤣

  • DatMystery
    DatMystery Month ago

    Now give a try to the hardcore mode, exterminate the Grox. Quite fun when you go for full aggressive route

    • Comm Scan
      Comm Scan 20 days ago +1

      Then there's super hardcore, maintain an outpost in every possible solar system.

  • Andreas Lahmberg
    Andreas Lahmberg Month ago +4

    Lets call it.. The Great Replacement. The game simply timelapsed the decades of new rockets ariving and reproducing at a higher rate.

  • UtubefukU
    UtubefukU Month ago

    Oh, I already knew about the clothing in tribal age. And yes, carnivore, predator, pacifist and religious, it's the most OP set for the space era.
    In the Cell Era, keep the initial "tube" mouth all the way - that way you can keep eating fruits despite being a carnivore cell and predatory creature! You basically remain as an onivore! And the tribal stage gets even easier, with your tribe being able to collect fruits or hunt/fish. Be sure to take the best mouth, best feet and so on to maximize your attributes - all of them, poison, claws, mouth, for attack, but also the best for all the social attributes. And the tribal clothes will slighthly increase those.

  • Damien McGirl
    Damien McGirl 2 months ago +130

    I want to point out that in the animal stage, if you gather different species then progress, you'll start with pets in the tribe stage. You can start with the max pets immediately

    • Mr. Meow
      Mr. Meow Month ago +2

      as a challenge i like to try to gather the rogues and have them as my bodygaurds/pets in the next stage

    • TentaclesMod
      TentaclesMod Month ago +2

      @Damien McGirl right. It's been a while since I last played Spore.

    • Damien McGirl
      Damien McGirl Month ago +11

      @TentaclesMod actually they don't revive if they die, they revive with you when you die. So it's best to gather 3 rogue creatures (that 250 HP is god tier even in tribal stage)

    • TentaclesMod
      TentaclesMod Month ago +12

      @Jed Bex Whenever you befriend a species, you can invite them to join your pack. They even revive with you if you all get killed.

    • Jed Bex
      Jed Bex Month ago

      How do you gather other species?

  • SminceSmeat
    SminceSmeat Month ago +94

    I’ve only watched the first 2 minutes but I’m gonna guess you’re gonna go zealot. I love how OP that archetype is, and it’s my go-to, especially when the cooldown on fanatical frenzy resets when you save and reload. The amount of spice you can get from converting T3 homeworlds is insane.

    • Reno
      Reno Month ago +6

      I will say Diplomat is better than Zealot in some scenario
      Zealot is the better Offensive Build due to the Red and Green Consequences
      While Diplomat is more Support oriented build since you need Green and Blue Consequences

  • Ray Muniz
    Ray Muniz Month ago +1

    Never even played spore. Just watch anything you put out.

  • Tyler Wilson
    Tyler Wilson Month ago

    Why have I never picked this game up? I’m going to have to play this now.

  • Curtis Alcock
    Curtis Alcock 2 months ago +872

    I always thought becoming allies with the Grox was impossible, they always seemed to completely ignore any attempts. Thank you for showing me the true path becoming a vengeful and truly malicious God.

    • CoolTemmie99
      CoolTemmie99 Month ago

      @Mister Incognito you also have to do 9t near them, but not on them

    • TedTheSoap
      TedTheSoap 2 months ago

      @Abe Buckingham Before I met them, I had done a ton just expanding and learning about the space stage. Fought some hostile empires, and I found an easy strategy to beat them. I can't recall too much, but I either used bombs or pulse cannon in a driveby on each city on a planet. Of course, it turned out even easier to do it to the Grox. However, the sheer amount of planets and their recolonizing power made it take a dedicated day or two just to going to each system to make sure they were wiped out. I did end up achieving it, and then the next time I allied up with them.

    • Curtis Alcock
      Curtis Alcock 2 months ago +1

      @Eric Lamb yeah, that's what I and probably pretty much everyone did.

    • Eric Lamb
      Eric Lamb 2 months ago +1

      @Curtis Alcock I forgot to mention, they can also give you an ally ship to help you fight, but they aren't particularly stronger than any other ship so not really. Actually, just jumping through their planets quickly is much easier than trying to befriend them, but it does mean having to grind for the strongest ship. You can also terraform a few of their planets and take them for yourself to give you refueling bases, but at that point you may as well just befriend them.

    • Abe Buckingham
      Abe Buckingham 2 months ago +1

      The Grox will start to hate you more the moment you meet them so it's important to choose that moment for when you're ready to ally them. The easiest way to get them to like you is breaking the Galactic Code but it's not required. You can bribe them and do mission just be sure you're ready to start them the first time you encounter the Grox!

  • NOUR
    NOUR Month ago

    A brit talking about religion: *cries in athiesm*
    Me, a religious person: here we go again

  • -
    - Month ago

    I did many things but never tried the insta religion thingie... the planet burster was too epic haha

  • Celestrius
    Celestrius Month ago +65

    I love how the first few minutes of game play every species around looks like they're part of the stabby Boi series

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt Month ago

      Well they're the strongest for a reason

  • Pancakeslol
    Pancakeslol 2 months ago +57

    Spore is one of those games that is just burned into my brain.
    Ever since I played spore for the first time as a child I have to play it at least once a year, usually around summer or Christmas.
    Its been like this for over 10 years, and I will probably keep doing this into my elderly days.
    Spore is love spore is life

  • Fantastic Dan
    Fantastic Dan 2 months ago +423

    My favorite thing to do in the space stage was to visit alien planets and raise the water level up to max, then lower it again. It wipes all the life off and you can take over freely. You get those terraforming abilities before any of the super offensive abilities.

    • Brody
      Brody 13 days ago

      @Empress Davrox that’s interesting. Too bad it doesn’t matter. Spore is dead, and we’ll never see another game so ambitious (got my eyes on that new game based on spore, but with all of the development hell it’s gone through, hopes are tempered.)

    • Empress Davrox
      Empress Davrox 16 days ago

      @Adrobiel I tried that and it turns out the planet it retains it ‘civ stage style’ cities which produce much less spice. Only when you find an empire already there and its the capital do they have more than 3 ‘space stage’ cities, and even they produce less spice.

    • Empress Davrox
      Empress Davrox 16 days ago

      @Brody Cities on capital planets actually produce less, so it ends up rounding to almost the same production. You DO get more storage however!

    • Comm Scan
      Comm Scan 18 days ago +1

      @Adrobiel What I often do is find empires with purple spice home planets, then buy their home planet. Combine this with archetype ability refreshing and cash injection and you can take over a good chunk of the galaxy very quickly.

    • B JAD
      B JAD Month ago

      @findout and generous

  • smellyfishbucket
    smellyfishbucket Month ago

    youre legally required to keep making spore videos

  • Brysn
    Brysn Month ago

    I have beaten spore, once, and it took me way more than 5 days

  • UtubefukU
    UtubefukU Month ago

    I've allied the Grox, I've went to the center of the Galaxy by fighting them thooth and nail, I did it all.
    I once began the ultimate purge of the Grox. But they have thousands of planets, and I didnt have as much patience.
    Use the simple cheater O'matic to turn your 42 Staff of Life into permanent 99. After that, just simply Terraform every single one of the Grox worlds (they die instantly).
    But it's so boring to keep receiving distress signals from your worlds suffering ecological disasters or being attacked by the Grox (or others) when you are thousands of parsecs away.
    But anyway, I created a massive galactic empire spamming thousands of planets, and with hundreds of allied subject species - all of which I "enlightned" myself (using Monoliths, I never allied with anyone that I didnt upbring myself).
    I became the powerful precursor race of the galaxy, the seeder of life, terraforming every single floating rock around.

  • Cosmic Turtle
    Cosmic Turtle Month ago

    Definitely ran this strat back in the day

  • Rich Jenkins
    Rich Jenkins Month ago +1

    I almost want to go back and play this again. Almost!

  • Johann Hauptmann
    Johann Hauptmann Month ago

    The "Gym lad" part killed me

  • Artimus Protensor
    Artimus Protensor Month ago +1

    The Scientologist Civilization: grants you access to the Lawyer Hut and allows you to subjugate rival tribes by means of the Bizarre Exploitative Contract tool.

  • BaZingaJones64
    BaZingaJones64 Month ago +1

    Thank you Spiff I was battling suicide until you posted another Spore video

  • C.Q. Cumber
    C.Q. Cumber Month ago

    i like the spamton music playing in the background as you slowly become spikier and spikier, really shows that you’re gonna be a big shot 8^)

  • Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij

    This is the VERY FIRST game in the 2000's that everyone left in the draw

  • Capers Simmons
    Capers Simmons Month ago

    So the Kett from Mass Effect Andromeda had the winning strategy all along.

  • Gnordlan
    Gnordlan Month ago

    I've beaten it multiple ways, enemy of grox and ally.

    DANIEL Month ago

    Wow.. just wow. I learned so much from this! Damn.

  • InsertNameHere
    InsertNameHere Month ago

    1:19 this joke feels in really poor taste, considering how much of an issue it is that people don’t trust nuclear power, using fossil fuels instead, and how by making fun of Chernobyl you’re really kicking Ukraine while it’s down

  • Varpaaton
    Varpaaton Month ago +1

    RCE:"The strongest shape"

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    Akku 4 Month ago +2

    Now... its time for Spore II

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    Sean Williams Month ago +1

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    Jacob Owens Month ago

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    Ignacio De Mello Month ago

    I literally used to play exactly like this when i was 10

  • Biggy Brolunch
    Biggy Brolunch Month ago

    Alas, Spiff, you haven't finished Spore until you also wipe the Grox from the galaxy. 😏
    I've done it. I'm stupider for it. Ask me anything.

  • Rafael Alódio
    Rafael Alódio Month ago +36

    I only finished Spore once, despite playing it hundreds of times, the space stage is a real grind.

  • DFTS- ILLusionz
    DFTS- ILLusionz Month ago

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    amazing video i have never finished the game

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    Alenthas Month ago

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  • Hawkeblade54
    Hawkeblade54 Month ago

    Yes I beat spore once by planet busting my way to the core. I did a spice trade empire until I had the money to just start nuking the grox I came across

  • RobbieRobbo
    RobbieRobbo Month ago

    I actually have completed it before, I just bum rushed the center of the universe and that was that lol

  • Light Sab
    Light Sab Month ago

    "Religion is overpowered" History in a nutshell

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    Verundanir Month ago +50

    Glad to see someone covering spore. Thought everyone had forgotten about it

  • Lightning Point
    Lightning Point 2 months ago +561

    Cell Stage: Primordial Bin Knife
    Animal Stage: [the sound of thousands of comments being auto-hidden very rapidly]
    Tribal Stage: "Are we the baddies?"
    Civilization Stage: Metal Gear Solid 3: Tea Drinker
    Space Stage: Totally not the Imperium of Mankind
    [EDIT] I've just now thought of a joke for Civ stage.

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    The spiffing brit: religion is peace full
    Me : ummmm ever heard about a crusade?